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"275jCommercial st.
How is it that you
are now getting in so
4 '
many nice gooas in
Endorses the- Old Omaha
lese hard times ?"
"Whyf my dear sir, we are selling
fern every day and the trade have long
ice learned that anything neat and new
f the shoe line can be found at
Denied by a Vote of 97 to 54
tho Convention.
No Trouble to Show You Through and Give Prices, X
dware, Tinware, Barbed Wire
Blacksmith Supplies Stoves and Machinery at
line our large and complete stock. Always prompt and
courteous treatment.
of the Willamette university.
Jerri methods. Up to date. Same as (it the eastern and European Conservatories
Rbut the best is good enough for beginners as well as for more advanced pupils,
u. v. iwnvt.u.Y. rrciiucni
R. A. HERITAGE. Vocal Director
EMIL I,. WINKLER, Instrumental Director.
odale Hiuibv Company
Lrd on Twelfth, and. Trade Streets
tcep tho most complete stock of common, dimension nnd finished lumber
,nnd sell on tho most favorable terms. Lath and Shingles
hir-stock Is made at our own mills, of thebest lumber In the state.
Willamette Hotel.
luced rates. Management liberal. Electric cars leave hotel tor all public buildings
wits of interest. Special rates will be given to permanent patrons.
Col.Oluistcad presided over tho con
ference to hear plans for party organi
zation. The morning was spent on
routine business; a complete scheme
of organization was adopted. Tho I
committee on platform now reported.
Mr..W. S. U'Rcn or Mllwauklc read
the platform. Trior to this General
Weaver of Iowa and J udgo R. P. Holso
of Salem were invited to tho platform
and each got a hearty reception from
the convention. Tho reaffirming of
the old Omaha platform was received
without a murmur or hand clap. The
proposal of a union for all reform ele
ments Into n national party, was
loudly applauded. So was tho refer
ence to state reforms. Tho plank op
posing all appropriations for sectar
ian purposes got a big hurrah. Tho
limited referendum In sJLnto affairs
was loudly applauded. Against fish
traps and flshwhcels was not well re
ceived by tho Eastern Oregon men.
A delegate moved to adopt. King
of Baker amended: to adopt by sec
tions. Lost. On question of adop
tion, a delegate moved to striko nil
after tho word "obligatory" in the
state platform after tho word "refcr
erondum." Tills was tho provision
giving tho people tho limited referen
dum in local nnd state matters. It
was Mr. U'Rcn's pet Idea. Various
points of order wero made, but Dr.
Kent of Douglas was allowed to ex
plain his objection.
Ho showed It was an effort to pledge
members of tho legislature to do
things which thoconstltutlon forbid
tho legislature doing.
Tho national part of tho platform
was adopted.
nr. uuten now proceeded to ans
wer Dr. Kent. Tho committee on
platform had labored all night and
had carefully considered tho constitu
tion of Oregon, and tho platform gavo
tho people all tho rlglitn to pass on
legislation that could possibly bo se
cured. Under this plank 10 psr cent
of tho voters could, by signing n peti
tion, compel tho legislature to unb
uilt any important question to them.
Dr. Kent now renewed his objec
tion to tho last clause, making it
binding on a succeeding legislature.
Ho parted from his friend U'Rcn on
this point. No legislature could bind
its successor. It would not bo mor
ally binding. If wo carried this state
without tho referendum, tho party
would bo at the mercy of tho office
suckers just like tho old parties. Ills
friend Weaver had suggested all de
tails bo left out. Cut off all after tho
words Jnltlntory and referendum. It
would avoid confusion and would not
put tho party on tho defensive. Mr.
U'Ren said referring matters to a
vote of tho people was only copying a
Republican Idea. That party had re
peatedly referred Important matters
to tho people, like the question of freo
bridges iu Fortland.
Tills convention could not do less
than tho Republicans had done. It
was time the members of tho legisla
ture obeyed tho -voice of tho people
instead of thopeoplo obeying them,
No matter could bo referred to tho
people because the next legislature
would bo Republican and Jo. Simon
would Ira president of the senate and
ho would permit no reform legislation
except for partisan purposes.
Ono man's vote had defeated a con
stitutional convention in tho last
legislature. The town of Buckley,
Wn., hud adopted this .plan. It was
practical and feasible.
Senator King, of Raker, now op
posed tho report. Tho committee on
platform had 6truggledall night until
they reached tho tariff question and
then all went home. Laughter. IIo
objected to going before the peoplo on
tho Initiative and referendum in tho
little bill. IIo got an amendment be
fore tho house to striko out tho word
'Obligatory" nnd mako It "optional."
Jeffries of Jackson now made a
strong plea for harmony, to lay down
all differences ns to details open to
differing construction. Ho favored
the optional method. Tho best Popu
list brains In the stnle were hero nnd
they differed on this. Then how
could tho peoplo understand it? They
were standing nt a crisis in .the pon
tics of tho state nnd nation nnd har
mony must prevail. A compromise
on this must bo mado or failure was
before us. Tho young mani plead for
simplicity of context. Long plat
forms had killed more than ono party.
Mr. Ward, of Portland, now sjMiko
In opposition to King's motion. An
effort was mado to adjourn Jmt It was
voted down. Jy
Mr. U'Rcn now moved thq previous
question. i
King's amendment to strike out
"obligatory rnrm" was carried by a
rising vote.
Dr. Kent now renewed h s demand
for a short platform. U'Rni made a
spirited plea for the right of petition.
It was a xacrod right of Mm peoplo
and this convention had n right to
vote down tho right of tho'jicoplo to
ask by petition for local And state
legislation nnd to have flint right
respected. Applause. j
Itcprcsentatlvo Young, Tif Raker,
now arose ana snm a nurricnno was
sweeping over tho land nml If thoy
wore shrewd mariners they would sail
into aiharbors of victory. I o wanted
no long platform. ;
U'Rcn mado tho sharp r tort that
the thrco men opposing his reso
lution were already members of tho
legislature. Laughter. L
A rising voto was ordered in Kent's
nmendmont. Jeffries counted IKS.
U'Ren counted 70. A now count wns
ordered. It showed 07 votes. Thoso
who stood by tho right of petition
were counted ns 54. The right of
petition wns snowed under.
Mr. U'Ren Jumped up nnd declared:
"Tho Clackamas Populists may as
as well resign from tho ticket after
what you have dono. Tho Republicans
will sweep tho county." y
Tho report lis amended was adopted.
A resolution against corporations
grasping mineral lands wns added,
and tho convention adjourned for
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Pleads the Cause
United Reform.
of a
The Peoples Party Candidate for
tho Presiooncy at Salem.
Will Bo Shot.
Paris, Texas, March 27. At Roggy
Court Ground, Choctaw Nation,
Charles Holmcs.a full-blooded Indian,
has been sentenced to lw shot loday
On November 2, Holmes went to tho
house of ills Kou-ln-lnw, Wilson Katla-
tubbl, living near Sprlngtown, nnd
while ho and his wlfo wero in bed
asleep, crept Into tho hottso with an
axo and then forced his wife to go
with him, threatening to kill hor If
alio escaped and told what had hap
pened. Holmes wanted to plead
guilty, but tho court would not allow
him. Ho has refused to tako nn ap
peal as he wants to die.
Dress Rehearsal.
NkwNork, March 27. The dress
rehearsal of llerr John Most's theatri
cal troupo takes place today. It will
open at tho Thalia Theatre tomorrow,
Tho arch-Anarchist Is tho backer nnd
chief actor of the "Freo Stago of Now
York," started in Imitation of tho
Theatre Libre of Paris and the Frcle
Rtichneof Rcrliu and Vienna. The
opening play will bo "Tho Skinning
of tho Robber Knight." Most says
ho can act consistently In this, us ho
has been advocating tho "skinning"
of monopolists for years.
1 obligatory form. IIo was willing to
. have tho peoplo pass on an any bill
k-x7-- tt OTr"C QT A"RT "FT umt iney wanica to ve Buumiitca
r-vOJLOXv-JrC. w L Jr.IZ lsx!"" to them. Ho was opposed to com-
i polling tho people to pass on every
B. C, Hansen, managbr.
rrioreeVmsed. .&tUfactioq guaranteed, Stable- back'of State Insurance block
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
A Non-Partisan Meeting.
Nkwaric, Del., March 27. A call
has been Issued for a non-partisan
muss meeting to bo held hero today,
to discuss tho election of delegates to
tho constitutional convention. Tho
call for tho meeting Is signed by S.
Mlnot Curtis, Jninca Hosslnger, John
Pilling, E. R. Frnzcr, R. M. Donnoll,
Dr. Henry and others, Democrats and
Hearing of Joint Traffic Association.
Nkw YoHic,-March27. Tho hearing
upon tho motion of tho United States
against the Joint Traffic association
will come up in the United States
circuit court today.
Children Cry for
Pitcher' Castorla.
Hon. J. R. Weaver, or Iowa, was
Introduced by 11. It. Ryan to an
audience last night that filled tho
Moor and gallorlc9. Ho talks as easy
ns ho breathes. Ills stage prcsenco Is
easy and prepossessing and ho always
warms up his audlonco to tho pitch of
harmony nnd cnthuslnm. On the
platform sat Nathan Plorco, K. L.
Hlbbnrd, T. J. McClcary, Row Harry
Wntklns, Judgo John Rurnctt, D. E.
Swank, John Rryapt of Linn county,
G. It. II. Miller or Clnckamns, Mcs
daines Ramp, T. W. Davenport, Mrs.
J. R. Stump, Miss Ida Harris, Miss
Ida Cox of Jackson county.
IIo got his first laugh out of:a -reference
to tho aged reformers who had
silver In their hair nnd wished thoy
had more In their pockets. IIo stated
that tho Whig parly had died wlill"
In power, rorgettlug Hint tho Whigs
passed awny when tho Republican
party wiped both It and tho Demo
crats out of existence under Lincoln
In 18G0. Ho argued that a political
party always passed out of cxlstcneo
when It no longer had n test of
membership. Tho Whigs nnd Demo
crats wero committed to tho pro
slavery Interest because- they could
either of them contain mombors who
wero for slavory or against It. Rut
tho abolitionists could stay In neither.
IIo charged that llkothe slaveholders,
tho gold power had captured tho con
trol of both parties ns far as their
machinery was concerned. Four years
ago tho triumphant Democracy had
gonolnto power but it was a barren
victory. Rut as he had predicted thoy
had .broken every promise they had
made tho peoplo and thoy had gono
Into power merely to stand Htlll and
Tho Domocrnts had simply adopted
tho Republican positions of tho past,
and there was not room for two Re
publican parties In tho United States.
Thoy wore too nearly alike Your
parties have no tost of politics and
tho money power had no test of poll-
IIo had been asked to dcllno parity.
It meant that there was to bo no more
difference In tho treatment of gold
nnd silver at tho mints than there .-8
between tho Republican and Demo
cratic parties on tho money question.
Grent Applause.
Tho general now introduced tho
calamity features of his lecture but
quit in time to prevent a general
stampede. IIo showed that tho big
Iowa corn crop of 1805 wns worth $-17,-000,000
less than tho Uttlo corn crop
of 1874, whon tho stato produced over
a billion bushels less corn,
wore those who undertook to
this on tho theory of tho law of sup
ply nnd demand. Tho.junn who had
very llttlo to demand It generally
took very llttlo to supply him. Thore
wns a great difference between de
mand and deslro or want. Demand
must bo backed up by tho ability to
buy nnd pay for It. Without money
demand was merely want and misery
and tho country wns full of It. Ho
showed that consumption of cereals
had fallen oil one-half In 1803 com
pared with 1885. Ho charged that
tho country was suffering from too
much money in tho banks. How to
get it out and get It Into circulation.
With an international money system
wo must como toun international
prlco lovel nnd nn European scalo of
Tho general told a number of good
stories at tho expense of Governor
McKlnley of Ohio, and his position on
tljo money question. Tho Populist
party was going into power and It was
going to restore constitutional govern
ment to tho peoplo of this country.
IIo said thoy wero going to restore tho
freo and unrestricted colngo of silver.
Great applause. Thopeoplo of Eu
rope would novor dump their sliver
Into this country. It was all coined
15 to 1, or 15J to 1, anil our coinage
was iu to l. it could not bo spared
from any European government to
send hero if the theory was true. He
read from the Republican campaign
textbook to show thnt there was no
possibility or. dumping silver In our'
country. Ho argued that tho only
fllcpnilllf. kll Alnni.ln..H iillt.AM .1.11n J
'"""" " iuiauwui ninui milium
In Europe under any circumstances
would lw the expense or shipment.
His nrguinont became very wenk In
this respect, because, ir the valuoor
the silver dollar Is not now main
tained by the gold reserve nnd by be
ing mado Interchangeable according
to law with gold, thou tho wholo
argument that tho single standard
depresses values rails to tho ground. '
Ho read tho Stanley Matthews reso
lution that passed the somite In 1875,
declnrlng thnt all bonds Issued by the
government or tho United States wore
payable lit gold or silver. Tho Clovo
laud administration should bo Im
peached and turned out or ofilco for
Issuing bonds to buy gold In plnco of
paying out tho silver lu tho treasury.
IIo closed with i peroration Iu de
nunciation or tho Cleveland adminis
tration, which ho denounced us in
famous, nnd robbing the unborn
generations by a profit or $10,000,000
on the late bond Issues. At times ho
was continuously Interrupted by
laughter and applause.
Widespread Disturbance Be
tween Factions,
Native Raldors After tho White
Ranchers In Neatepo.
Bay State Republicans.
RoaTON.Mnrch 27. Th oRopubllcan
stato convention met today with 1.851
dolegates present. Congressman Sum-
hoi w jHcuau wns marto pormanent
chairman, who In his address urged
the nomination or Reed ror president.
Tho platform adopted says tho pres
ent tarlll should bo replaced by ono
Trained on protoctlvo principles and
to restojo tho reciprocity policy or
.lames G. Malno; It Is entirely op
posed to rreo and unlimited coluugo
or silver, and any chango in
tho existing gold standard, ex
cept by International agreement,
opposed to tho unsound anddangorous
system or stato banks, supports tho
national banking system; says there
should bo a restriction or Immigra
tion; declares tho United States
should adhere strictly to tho Ameri
can principle of tho entire separa
tion of church and stato,
Appropriation or public money
ror sectarian schools should not bo
permitted: bclloves lu a foreign policy
at all times firm, vigorous and digni
fied; Mouroo doctrluo must bo always
upheld: sympathizes with tho Cubans
lu their struggles for Indopcndonco;
dcclnrcs a preference for Thomas R.
Reed for tfio presidency.
Tho following dolegates to tho
national convention wore chosen by
acclamatien: Henry Cabot Lodgo,W.
T. Murray Crane, Ebon S. Draper,
Chas. Gould Jr.
Whllo tho tellers wore countlmr Mm
ballota ror delegates ut largo, Sonator
Lodge, pursuant to n request or
unuirman iMccall, addressed tho con
vention. Ho said:
RuBJiKOW), Minn, Mnrch 27. Tho
filrst district Republicans elected
McKlnley dolegates to tho St. Louis
convention. This makes Minnesota
solid for McKlnley.
"Every right-minded man must
know that a freo silver bill will novor
pass congress. Tho day of concessions
Is past. Wo hnvo been very easy with
tho sliver men, but tho last fow
mouths they hnvo taken tho tariff bill
by tho throat, a bill which had no
silver question lu It, and strnnglcd It.
jiuiico wo musii iuko a
tho question-"
firm stand on
M. Kllnglcr went to Hubbard this
J. E. Murphy, tho tilo king, was at
Marlon today.
Hon. J. K. Wenthorfoid, of Albany,
Is in tho city.
Row O. R. DnvlB, of Woodbnrn, was
u tho city today.
Geo. W. Davis caniQ ovor from Lin
coln county today.
Elbcr John Parsons went south on
tho morning train.
Capt. J. T. Apporsou, came up from
Oregon City this morning.
Dr. J.C.Smith, of Jefferson, camo
down on tho afternoon train.
Mrs. W. E. Dunn, of Portland who
has been visiting tho family or Capt,
J, II. Lowls, went to Albany today.
Dr. J, L. Hill, delegate to tho
Populllst convention, returned to
Albany today, whence ho was called
by sickness in tho family.
Jutob Kloctsch, or Stay ton, was In
tho city this morning, en route to
Wisconsin, where lie will spend sovcral
months visiting with old tlmo friends.
John Knight went to Portland this
afternoon to perfect final arrange
inonts for tho organization of n lodgo
of Elks In this city. A party of tho
fraternity will como up from Portland
soon to Install tho now order. '
Capi: Town, March 27.-Dlspatclios
from Ruluwayo, Matabolo Land, In
dicate that tho uprising In that part
of tho colony Is very eerious. The
disturbance Is widespread, and Is be
coming hourly more alarming. Tho
revolt may spread to other parts of
South Africa. Natives nru rultllnv
farms and killing white settlors In tho
Mntcpo hills. Rumor has It that over
fifty nro slain.
London, March 27. A Pretoria
dispatch to tho Times says the situa
tion Is serious. Prcsidont Krugorhns
con-duded a now olfcnslvo nnd de
fensive alllanco with tho Orange
Freo Stato Presldont Stoyu, or the
Orange Freo Stato, nnd tho Transvaal
executive council strongly ndvlso
Presldont Kruger not to go to Eng
lannd. Tho Transvaal wants Its Inde
pendence guaranteed by England In
connection with tho other powora.
Tho Doers nro arming In tho Orango
Freo Stato and In Capo Colony. Tho
Influx of thu Germans has been
drafted Into tho pollco and Hrtlllery.
An editorial In the Times comments
upon tho gravity 6'f the foregoing,
facts, "which," says tho Times,"enia
nato from a trustworthy prlvato
source. If theso are truo, it Indicates
a powerful coalition against England,
Tho arming of tho Roors can liuvo but
ono aim. England, howovcr, will do
nothing by way or guarantco.or other
wise, to glvo a power tho right to in
torfcro with tho South African ropub-lie-"
Stage Htalion Robbed.
Pinom:, Cal., March 27. Tho stage
station was entorcd by thrco marked
men early this morning, Agent
Thompson was taken from his bed
room, ndjolng tho office, and was or
dorcd to open tho safe Tho robbers
secured W0 of railroad and express
monoyuud$70 belonging to Thomp
son. Thompson was taken to his
room, gagged, and tied to his bed.
Tho Btntlon is nn Isolntcd spot, nnd
has been robbed six or seven times
within tho past fow years.
A Plan of Merit.
Minnkavous, Minn., Mnrch 27.
Tho supporters of tho Plngreo plan
meets hero tonight. Tho organiza
tion will hereafter bo known as "Tho
Farm and Garden Aid Association of
tho City of Minneapolis." The Idea
of tho socloty is to place tho vacant
lots lu tho city within reach of the
poor for raising garden truck.
TeaciikiuY Mkktino. The princi
pals of tho Salem schools meet at tho
East building Saturday morning nt
10:30 for conference. Monday nt 3:30
p, m., there will ben regular teachers'
meeting for professional work, All
teachers should attend.
ItKMEMHEii The emigration moot
ing at the council chamber Monday
night, and bo euro to attend.
Rkmkmiiku Tho emigration meet"
Idg at thu council chamber Monday
night, and lo sure to attend.
Llttlo Jo Simon
In old Marlon.
wns sat on hard
Highett of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report