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Daily Capital Journa
L.IL.-11 -Tt
MONDAY, JAK. 27, 10Ort.
uMtona and Ramona
I'ortlnml. OiS m.
Salem, 7:45 a. in.
Independence, fiijon m.
lyno m. m.
10:15 "
6Kt in.
CiTFieiglil nctivel up to 10 p. m.jQ
cU iliif. tctjntor tervtce
and cheap
f flirt
Agenl, Salem.
'':. a ' '.- !'.
Sousa's Concert Band
The Finest in the World,
"I consider Kousa lolny tlio tircatcHt
tmnilinasttT llvlni?." M)or .1. JJ.
Pond, the Brunt Lecture MnuuBur.
"Let 1110 lienr cordial toslliuony lo
tlio excellence or Housa's bund, xwl
Ills masterlv leaderslilp of It." Dud
ley Hack, tho Brent nunjiotcr.
Tlio effects Soma can produco wllli
Ills band arc wonderful." Alex Lain
lxrt, piano vlrMHo. and Bead of tlie
iScw York CoIIcko of Music.
Extracts from the Great Papers
Now York Herald: It Is a new mm
tuition to Bear such music from a mil
itary Band.
Nnw Vnrk Tillniiin: Koua's band
seems to have fairly jumped Into imi
ular favor.
New York Werld: 1 11 lone tlie piece
was as soft and smootli as If played on
muted strings.
Now York Times: It Is simple Jus
tice to say that Sotma's Is the licst of
our concert bands.
Tim Hiilwcrlut Ion llsl, Is irrowlnir
dally. If you desire to hear tlie won-
iiernii uanu, pui your iiiiniu uu ine
mihwrlptlnn list at
Pattons' Book Store
N. ll.-Ilurloy went to Harrlsburg
It. 1 Taby went to Uoseburif this
C. H. Whltteakcr went to Cottage
(Jrovo this morning.
M. lvllfijcr, the Hnlcin brewer, was
a Portland visitor today.
it. A. Slicpard, of II rooks, was at
tlio court houso Katurday, 011 public
Alduruian IllramSmlth went South
this mornlncr and will visit Albany
and Lebanon.
Mrs. It. A. .Miller returned to Ore
Kon City this morning after a visit
with Salem friends.
F. W. Settlemelr, thu Woodburn
mirooryman, was a Bulem visitor Sun
day, returning home this morning.
.1. K. linker, local mnniiKcr of tlio
floodalo Lumber olUco In this city,
transacted business In Woorihiirn to
day. Jnmes Mclntyro, of Oregon City,
spent Kumlay with Kaleni friends, re
turning home on tlio Salem local this
8. A. Itobblns, a typo of the Silver,
ton Appeal, Is assisting his uncle, K.
C, Hansen, thu liveryman. Ho says
tho Appeal under Mr. Wnrnlck, Is
doing well.
The Ideal Panacea.
Junnw L. Francis, Alderman, Chi
enifo, says: "l rcKiml Dr. King's Now
Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for
Coughs, Colds and Lung Complaints,
having used It In my family ror tlio
lust llo years, to the exclusion of phy
ttlclnnV prosorltlt Ions or other prepara
tions," llov.Jolm llurgus, Keokuk, Iowa,
)rtte: "I have beon 11 Minister of
tlio MethiHllst Episcopal Church for
lifly years or more, and have never
found anything so lienotlolal, or that
gave mo such speedy relief as Dr.
King's New Dlwovery." Try this
Ideal Cough llemedy now. Trial Hot
ties freo at Fml A. Legg's Drug Store.
From Live Dry Goods People.
..i!Vnturt ou,1 m.iUo yr WW to fur-
ml t,lu mo of Ki,,i ' vicinity
with n better store to trade In than
Kho satisfaction to our patrons, to.
jlevlnirilmtii well-wtlstled cum Wine?
Is our W advertisement. We keen
clean, reliable uiorvlmmllhOSMich L'oods
till ri'fll.lliimirl 1 I. ....... 1 .... , "" I
hi """ nicuitvivvs. nils Tear
will carry a better stock thu never.
.... ..I..... ... .... a til umiurw
f mm ., .. V' 1 "U'""" I f i OU bU
...... ,., ,,,u wwii l IlilYO IO 1U
pr cos to cover other ixwilo'i
debts. Our new spring stock of
's Uid
anclBeoiUBiiT. v",,,,,
iVitit tutii rn..t.. .i...i
Skw mule Dty QWU' Nothing and
Local News
of Social and Fiaternnl
MIssIIem: WoodruT went In Port
land tills monilni:.
Mrs. It. A. Mlllrr, of Orogonrity, U
the guest Of hTJlstcr, Mrs.GcorgeA.
Mrn. 31. L. Lane was a inwoiior to
Portland on the steamer ltutli, this
Horn, to the wife of Mr. William
Merrltnan, at the family home In (Jor
vals, on January ll, I8i:,a girl, weigh
ing eight and one-half pounds.
The many friends of Ml Winnie
ro.nniiuirtdtn. nf Albany, imvc lior a
very pleasant birthday pprty on Tues
day evening. A delicious lunch was
served and tho evening was fl)KnL In
games and pleasant converse.
Miss Minnie Sauvaln, of Salem, Or.,
who has been a guest of her sister,
Mrs. E. A. LymK East Nineteenth
and Elsworth streets, left last Sun.
day morning for home. On Friday
evening, before her departure, a initn
Iwr of her friends gave her a farewell
party. The evening was pleasantly
spent with music, games, nnd recita
tion'. The features of the evening
were a sermon ou "Old Mother Hub
bard," by Mr. Oeorgo Cameron, and
Miss Kdllh Curry's charming rendi
tion of the recitation, "The Open
Switch." Refreshments were served
at a lafe hour. Sunday Oregonlan.
Miss Lenora Ehlen, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. L. V. Ehlen, celebrated her
15th blitbday on Friday last by invlt-
Inir several of her friends to spend the
evening nt her home, where she enter
tained them In a very pleasant man
ner. Fine music was enjoyed and a
nlco luncheon served. Those present
were Emma, Ida, Itena, Milton and
Ernest Ehlen, Jllanch and La Verne
Ivjititncr, Malh'l ISransou, Ella Itlne
man, Maude and Zulu Kline, Pearl
Sponcubcrg, and Alice and Holcrt
Van Eaton.
Saturday night a pleasant surprise
party was given C. T. Doty at his
home on 20th nnd Marion streets, that
lwliig his .'lOtli birthday. Afler a sea
sou of games and social converse a
dainty luncheon was served. A beaut
iful present was given Mr. Doty, after
which tho guests dispersed, Those
enjoying tlio pleasures of the evening
were: Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Doty, Itov.
and Mrs. I. I). Fisher, Elta nnd Cora
nnd Hester Fisher, Mr. nnd Mrs.Al
vln Day, Mr. nnd Mrs. Major Dennis,
Mr. and Mrs Smith, Mr. nnd Mrs. C.
F. ltoynl, Mrs. Itedmou, Mrs. Uowen,
Mrs. White, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Miss
Minnie Illchtcr, Mrs. Ada Smith, Miss
Lillian Ilowcu, Miss Lena ltoynl;
.Messrs. James Davis, James Hcrrcti,
Carl and Jacob Ehret and Walt Mlze.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Wnlto cele
brated tholr2flth wedding anniversary
lust evening at their beautiful homo
ou State street. Iloccurlng on Sun
day, only n very few friends outsldo
the family relatives were Invited.
Tho early hours of the evening were
spent In lively conversation a:nd at
about 0::w a cholco and bountiful
lunch was served and appropriate
toasts given. After the wants of the
Inner man had been amply satisfied,
and while the guests were seated at
tho table, Mr. It. P. Holse, Jr., being
called upon made a few well chosen
remarks, which were well received.
Mr. Werner Hreyman then read mi
original poem, prepared for tlio occa
sion, which received a warm applaus.
Mr. C. Hyron Moores was then called
ou, and rescinded with an Interesting
and well prepared pajwr, prefacing Its
reading by tho remark that It had
cost him tho loss of tho morning ser
vice at his church, a statement that
for a moment seemed to cast n siimimv
of gloom over the aMiiiiiv i..r...
natelynll recovered in time to boar
of the early courtship of tho host and
iiusu'bs.as wen as tlio larger portion of
his contribution, which was In 11
more serious vein, andiui'iiiim-iv ,.,..
proprlate. Mr. Moores tlnlshed with
ft round of nimlausc. Tim iu ...
then called upon for a humorous read
lug, and ho selected the laughable
"WIO Clll Doutschnr .!... li......
Setr.t,Mwhlch was read In a verv effect.
lvo manner and oviit.,i v. .,,
laughter. Miss Jessie Ilrovniini n..,
favored tho guests with two piano
solos, which wcn BMiiv nm .1
taken altogether, the occasion was
viwoi peculiar interest and iiimhi.
and tho jwrtlng guests earnestly e.x
pressed tho bona Unit, m.,,,,- ...
of tlio day would lie sjwred the host
.iu niKMees. .Mr. and Mrs. Wnlto
mnw ceicoraieil tivnrv u-i.ti.,
and in Mm ti v......
who Mere warm nersoiini rri.,wK. 1
Kuostii in tlio early years of their
wedded life, have iwssed away.
Sauum Soitooi. DisTmcr.-The
ltMU mwu lU llsAJU2lhlM l.
rouuB tMuar.-Ono drunk cot tu '
") and four tnmi also got
y and four tmuu .ic. " .
Supreme Court Sends
Eastern Orogon,
It to
limpr UCATT RFVFRsFn tiltnt tholnstnncdof it) very Individ
JUDbt htWII I rfLVLHdLU aIWlcnclvllor property rlghtsnro
, ministered, or unii, ihiimiv iimiin nvif
Question of Construing tho Construct bcinp applied to legitimate pur
tution Again Avoided, ; IKe" llon of thc ttM,nn,e
This is a suit to enjoin W. P. Lord,
II. It. Klncald nnd Phil Metschnn, as
a Mato board, from carrying into
effect certain legislative acts for con
struction of a Branch asylum In East
ern Oregon.
Tlie complaint recites that relator
and other citizens are taxpayers, that
the board arc bound to expend large
sums under this net, wlilcb expendi
tures plaintiff nllcges arc unlawful
and repugnant to the constitution, In
Mm sum of aiGo.eoO: that the proposed
expenditure of plaintiff's money afore
said would be contrary 10 me consti
tution in that said Institution would
not be at the seat of government of
the state but over .'MK) miles away.
Plaintiff, argues that It would cost
more than $100,000 more than If suit
able provision for the same purpose
wctc made at the capital, and that
the annual cost would lie fr0,000 more
thnn at the capital.
Therefore plaintiff prays for an In
junction to restrain defendents from
using money of plaintiffs for this pur
Defendants demurred to the com
plaint, but demurrer was overruled,
and defendants answered. A trial
was had upon the Issues Joined result
ing 111 a decrco In accordance with
prayer of Plaintiff Tnylor from which
defendant appealed to the supreme
court, which decree Is now reversed
and Injunction dissolved, opinion by
Wolvcrton, J., says when this case
was In tho court Insfore, the court
held that :i private Individual could
not have public officers enjoined from
using public funds unless It could be
shown that some civil or property
rights tvere being Invaded, or In other
words that the Individual was going
to get hurt by the transaction. It
was decided that ho should lie required
to show that the location of the
asylum in Eastern Oregon would bo
attended with greater cost than If
constructed at the capital, thereby
Increasing the burden of taxes. It
was also held the state stood In no
different relation than tho private in
dividual. Decisions are cited to sup
port these views
It Is contended that relator will be
damaged by the location at Union
under the rule but wo cannot concur
with this view. Tlio theory of relator
Is that If this injunction is crantcd
the insane will be provided for nt tho
Cottage farm without new buildings
etc. Hut who can say that the lecls-
laturo would not build tho branch and
employ another superintendent nt tho
Cottage farm. "Tho matter is of
such vital and publlo concern, nnd at
tended with such diverse and depend
ent circumstances and so wholly and
peculiarly within tho province of tho
legislature to devise tho ways and
means that it would bo but a conject
ure at best to attempt to determine
In advahco tho result of Its delibera
tion lu this ropect."
"Hut It is now contended for tho
tlrst time that this Is a suit by the
siaio in tnc right of prerogative in
cident to sovereignty; Hint It was In
stunted by tho law olllccr of the
state lu the Interest of the whole peo
ple and being so Instituted, tho high
prerogative powers of government are
set In motion, etc., etc., nnd author
Ities cited.
There Is then a long discussion of
relator ami mandamus at common
law proceedings In this couutrv and
An extended argument follows to
show that the act was deliberately
pasMHl by tho legislature, approved by
tho governor, nnd that now the Judi
cal department called upon to prevent
Its execution. "Is It competent for it
to Interpol In tills proceeding ,m,i
restrain the executive department of
the stale V It may well bo admitted
that If the duty pertained to acts
which are merely ministerial in their
charactor.whloli call for no exerelsoof
Judguioiit or discretion, do not relate
to political or governmental matters
the governor or the state may, at tlio
suit of Interested parties, In a pro
ceeding appropriate for tho purpose,
bo compelled at tb imn,u e i.
Judiciary hi perform. Hut if It iwr.
tains to duties which ronnim i...
oxorelse of Judgment or discretion to
iKTionu, or to matter nnllri,.ni,,.,.i!
!f!!),?.!".0"tal '" tho,r ttm M tho
"w" "Breo mat tho oxmu.
ii in mojirit iwrAiyA.i...i - .. i
comnlinat departments of
frovcrnliicht nnd Is not utibjcct In nny
manner to tliolr direct fluncrvUlnu or
Moreover It I' nni flt Mini
tliew great Kiwp peilnliiltitf
to sovereignly which affect tln whole
people alike, mid none lew nor more
than tlm lost, should bo Invoked by 11
class or Haw, or body corKinil'. or
nn nircrwiMilloii ihureof lcs.t than tlio
' ' wholo state. Ktntc'olIliviN should not
lie subletted to the niltioyittire of a
not Invaded, who might conceive that
the laws were being Improperly ad-
branches of government Is argent! at
length and then It Is contended by
the court that this suit Is a more bill
in equity by a prlvatccltlzeii, A.C.Tay
lor as relator, and not of n district at
torney or attorney general its tho law
requires. It must be on the informa
tion of tho law officer of the state, or
It must lc dismiss! as a mere pri
vate suit, and It does not appear
that he instituted thcsult in liehnlf
of the state. "It Is not believed t lint
the mere. 'ifllxlng of his signature In
Bis oltU'Inl capacity to a complaint
orblll shown to be the bill of a pri
vate relator Is sufficient to impress it
with the functions and capacity of an
Information competent to put In mo
tion the machinery of the courts
wherebv thev will take cocnlzance of
questions pertaining to the high pre
rogative powers of the stale or affect
Ing the whole people In their sovereign
capacity.' '
The decree of thc court liolow Is
therefore reversed and the compalnt
dismissed. "This leaves the consti
tutional question still undisposed of,
and the fact thnt wc would probably
not declare the acts to be unconsti
tutional cannot affect or change our
duty In the premises. Courts will not
assume to pass upon a question of that
character unless properly before them,
and the case at bar -as presented not
being within our Jurisdiction to hear
nnd determine, it Is dearly not with
in our province to assume now to de
cide that question although of grave
public Importance."
The decision is 32 pages long Of
type written matter.
appeared in the case and took the posi
tion that Be was Interested as exec
utive, and appeared as a friend of the
court to prevent any undue encroach-
mentof the Judicial department upon
the executive. Thc court seems to
have taken stock in the position of
Its former chief Justice now governor.
Governor Lord's argument undoubt
edly had great weight with the court.
and the decision is for thnt reason
very important and signlllcant from a
public standpoint. It Is not likely
that this will end the matter in the
courts, and new proceedings will prob
ably bo begun to force a decision con;
struclng tho constitution.
State of Oregon, ex rel A. C. Taylor,
respondent vs. W. P. Lord, et nl., ap
pellant; nppcal from Mnrion county;
Judgment reversed and complaint dis
missed. Opinion by Wolverton, J.
J. J. Harbre, respondent vs. J. C.
Goodale, appellant; appeal from Lane
county; Judgment affirmed. Opinion
by Wolvcrton, J
W. T. Hume, district attorney, ap
pellant vs. Penumbra Kelley, et al.,
respondents; appeal from Multnomah
county; Judgment nnirmed. Opinion
by Wolvejton, J.
Willis Bros., appeallant vs. O. II.
Lance, respondent; appeal from Mult
nomah county! Judgment affirmed.
Opinion by M re, J.
John W. Brlghnm, respondent vs.
Geo. L. Hlbbard, appellant; appeal
from Multnomah county; Judgment
affirmed. Opinion by Bean, C. J.
State of Oregon, c.x rel Tho Gcrmnu
Saving nnd Loan Society, appellant
vs.Gco. C. Sears, sheriff of Multnomah
county; Judgment affirmed. Opinion
by Bean, C. J.
Sovorlo Flbrl, respondent vs. Win.
Ladd. et al., appellants; ordered on
stipulation that appellant's 1 1 1110 for
serving and tiling their reply brief
HSE?1" ,x extended to Februarv 1.1.
A. II. Carson, respondent vs. C. v.
Itrctitner, et al., appellant: ordered on
ti....i.V.i '.:;""'
111111L. iiiiiimi'ii iiri
oiiiiiiitmuii iimi mo rcsiHiiHlcnt have
until April 1, 18041, tosorvo nnd Hie his
trior linmln
respondent havo
w..w M.IVMI (
Highest Honors World's Fair
Medal, Midwinter Pair.
tMot Perfect Uad.
Peml of Savoy.
Til- ( Iihso Slock Co. announced flat
urdny evening that tlicy would initio
one more "")k In 8alom, and tonlulit
llliii "The IVarl of Hrlvoy.!'
It l a high grade play, and will lw
rendered In their usual good fltylc -To
....)., ...... 1.1. 1,- wilt tm admitted free
lllm mn- inn; " " -- -
..in. ..!,. 1 rui-diiif. I Ickot presented, nnd
ninny lino proscnln will be given away.
a. . . III I . a. a.MlM III
A llnsli-llglll puoto win uo iiimiu vi
the audience, a t'opy of which will bo
i.rnannliwt to OVPrVOlU" III HlO linll
later lu the week. A Iwnellt play
will bo given for tho .Salem Hospital
011 Thursday evening. The Chase
company Is making a success ItfSn
lem, nnd deserves tlie goodSpatroringe
accorded It.
The Itii8.--Mcct tonight at 7:15
o'clock sharp. Important business.
When Itoby wm IcV, wo gave her Cwtorl.
When ho was ft Child, the cried for CMtorla,
When rfio becarao MIw, she clung to CortorU,
When the had Children, sho gave them Cartoria.
The Beds. Meet tonight at 7:15
o'clock sharp. Important business.
Chicago, Jan. 27 Wheat, cash GlJ$c.
New S'oilc, Jan. 27. Silver, 66c;lead,
3 3-
San Francisco, Jan 27 VI13at, I.12
Vnot..Orecon. choice. (77: Ice: Inferior 7
8c, valley, 9&1IC.
Hops Quotable at 4(5c.
l'otatocs 50 10 75c per sacu.
OjU -Milling. 80(085.
Portland, Jan. 27. Wheat valley, fx
Walla Walla, 55.
l.'1.iiv PirtNiul "ff nnlnn rnnnlv
.WM. . W. ...!.., -.J, ....... ..W.....J,
2.60; graham, $2 20; superfine. $2 per bhl.
uau wnuc, 23241:; grcv, iyyi-i iiuucu
in bags, 4.355-25. barreli, 4.50 7.00;
cases, 3.75.
l'otatocs.. New Oiegon, f3o(i5oc per sack
Hay. .Good, 5.5(.850 per ton.
wool. . valley, 1 icj rcastern Uif gnn. 7CB9C
Mlllstufli..Ilran, $ n,5o(u.l3.5u; 1ijii,i
l3;chopfeed,l2(5l5 per ion; rye, 75c p r 1
Hides.. green, salted 60 llx 5c; v It
60 Ibj 4(7i4c; sheep pelis, n(7oe.
$1,20 Fresh
The Union Bargain Store has
Ladies' Fine Shoes,
" v
This is a fine dress shoe, and is sold by some dealers as high
as high as S1.65, You cannot afford to buy
shoes without seeing us,
M, J,
1,000 Dozen Chickens.
What price will thev pav ? The hiah
est price ever paid in Salem, Don't be afraid
of bringing too much, as all can be taken
care of, Poultrv must be deliver nn VU.
3 or 4, Call and see
Our Patent Poultrv Car-
Must have poultry by that time,
Apples.. 40c.
Poultrv .Hens, ce rcvtii.r ", R r.. a.
nd not wanted; ducks, "2.5oj"co per doi,.
turkeys, live 7c; eggs 12 cents cash.
J01" - 1 make1wE wce doinj pleasant
""" - "" oig wages aoinj pleasan
,oroc 0f nd y.111 Bly nd full patiiu
Ian tO ftll tlnr1mcr A..mx tz. .
'' 4tttUII
Mi M. A,
Stebbins, Lawrence, Mich.
25 3U
A WOMAN-With baby three months old
wants a posllpn to do general housework.
Enquire at C. W. Scriber's.South Salem, tf
WANTEDA bell-a farm bell,
formaton in Lock Box 368, Salem
Drop in.
I 3-3t
US, SA""-Ca 8raP typewriter, in good
repair. Does excellent wort. For sale cheap
Digger's law office, Push bank block. 22 "
WANTED-Man and wife to take charge of
T K1IIIU1I IlllllVn llnaka 1.
"" """"if, ur M w
P.ONPWi: CTlMn ..
leading hmu " 1 fj. .-""".quarter for the
cri.u. :.: .:?" i".0' ? wt. sub-
-"T" wW IUI (DC
1 14 im'
.: i. . "u nun larm at bunuv
side for a terra or thiee months or loncer and
board proprietor, Address X, this ofifce. To
Watch tliis space
5. M. & E. H. STOCK
267 Commercial street,
OPERA HOUSE (Third nnd
Chase 2C Stock 2C Company,
Wl" W
Monday, Jan, 27,
Ladies Free Night.
s .
The same pleasing price of admission, 10cf 20 and 30c
lteserrcd scats at 1'atton's Bros.' bookstore without extra charge.
Ten Beautiful Presents Given Away Every Night This Week
and Twenty on Saturday Night,
Amvals, $1,20
just opened some great bargains
Shoes -
Worth $1,50 for $1,20,
" "
Leave Salem February 5
WE DO NOT WANT-Uoys or loafers but
hQMi &; ? t0 a momh l0
Hustlers, btate and general agents. Salary
and commission. Racine Fire Engine Co.,
Racihe, Wis. 00141
...w v,u, ..an ODiain all neWspaper infor
mation from the press of the stati, coast and
v - "., xoniana. 12 aotl
CARl'E'l 1'Al'UU.Urge lot ol heav
Journal office. " v' v'au al
KjJ.-.ljrtl.nJ, bacramento. SeattleT
Taconja nnd FlancI$C0 a"
Miller's Postoffice block.
INSURANCt;.-J. N. Fertrison. a.ent tor
11 iern Assurance ofToro'ito, Phoenix of
afnd?2' New Zealand Insurance clmpanv
and the Una Life and Accident has
moved hi, office in rith the GloOTtl
Estate office, up stairs in post office build'
: iim"
cancer and all mi.,n,n. ji.. V.V' ,0'
wonder. " Add.. mB S " rktaS
160. Traiinr;V."rV
- --... U(;cnr, yjf.
no ct-.t ... .
for f&thcf announces
last Week of. OPERA HOUSE,
f- w w w-
Thc Dramatic Comedy,
"The Pearl of Savoy,"
The Salem
Woolen Mills Store,
The clothing busi
ness in Salem during
the past year has, in
a general way, had its
rough sailing, But the
Woolen Mills Store
has stood like Gibrak
ter and sold the most
and best goods, It's
home-made and all
wool sroodsi couoled
with square dealingi
has done that bus!'
ness and the intention
of the managers is to
put in a large stock the
coining season at
prices that will corres
pond with small in'
comes, and at the
same time the stand
ard of these popular
goods will be fully
kept up, and its many
friends and patrons
can rely in the future
on getting reliable
goods, the same' as ifl
the past
Dealer in eroceries, paints, oils
window class, varnishes, aflo
the most complete stoce ol
brushes of all kinds in the
state, Artists' materials, liflKj
hair, cement and shingles, and
finest quality of grass seeds,
W. F. R. SMITH & CO,
(Successors to Smith & Schindier.J
' rgpHorseshoelng a specialty. New sho
full set, $1.50. Only the best woik
Job work a specialty. Prices the lowest.
1,.. .... .. . , 1, fiii
omkcj a specialty 01 nne repair wuii
Thomas clocks, etc., 2 15 CommercUl Scrt"'
1 t ,4v.
i- jt-i..