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V4L. .
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t "W. ,. "
May Call a Special Session
If th.e People Dena$$!d It.
Kind of
The People Are Waiting Ilfr? Mie Chief
Executive to
Governor Lord huu all along exhib
ited a disposition to ncccdc to the de
mands of the people In the matter of
calling an extra session of the legisla
ture. He said today that 110 direct
request for a special session had
reached him. Upon thta It can bo
prcdloted that he has not as yet deter
mined to call an extra session, and
will not, unless formal demands arc
made by the people Oregonlnn,
Jan. 23.
Vriie above paragraph in today's Or-
egonlan Ir most Important. It is tho
first formal utterance of tho Governor
of Oregon to the effect that he Is in
favor of an extra session of tho legis
lature to pass reform measures, prem
ised upon the hypothesis that thcro In
a call for such an extra session froih
tho people.
The challenge is thrown down in tho
Oregon Ian editorially that the reason
the governor will not call an extra
Mfiaion-is that he is unwilling tapart
with alleged large unconstitutional
emoluments. In legal parlance, this
brings the issue squarely before the
people. The governor Intimates that
ho would call a special session to pass
reform bills, If tho people demand It.
TheOregonlan says ho will not do so
on account of his Interest in unlawful
The Issue cannot longer be avoided.
Tho crisis Is now upon the Republi
can party, and It must be faced reso
lutely, fearlessly and Intelligently.
The Journal Is opposed to a special
session with a domand coming ns it
did from the old Portland ring politi
cians; but TnE Journal to not op
posed to a special session called in tho
Interests of the people. The Jour
nal believes uovernor Loru is an
honest man, and wants to give the
people relief from extravagant legisla
tion and excessive and improper ap
propriations milde by tho last legisla
ture. That kind of a legislature tho
people of Oregon would hall with joy.
That kind of a special session could
relieve tho people of several hundred
thousand dollars taxation for this year,
and a quarter of a million dollars in
etato and county taxes next year.
That kind of a special session tho
people of Oregon demand. All they
need is an opportunity to express
themselves in favor of it. A special ses
ion demanded by the Portland ring pol
iticians, called for political purposes
and to carry out political schemes,
the people do not want. Tho people
want atnecial session called purely
for business purposes, to lop off useless
commissions, to abolish unnecessary
offices, to cut down extravagant sal
aries and to wipe out appropriations
for institution that should not prop
erly bo supported by tho state. Such
a special session the people
want, and want badly. As tho
executive of this state, Governor
Lord sees and knows the whole situa
tion in which the people of Oregon
find themselves. That situation was
Jwcll described in the governor's mes
sage to the legislature. Tho struggle
over the senatorshlp made it Imjofr
Bible to carry out the suggestions 1
j L .1 .... mi,. iu
then made by the governor. There is
now so such obstacle in the way.
a special session
' -' j
People W'arilt
v. , M
Governor Lord can how call a .special
session, place the whole situation be
fore the people nndj tho legislature,
lay before them suggestions for re
trenchment arid e'ednomy of such a
specific character that no member of
the legislature could misunderstand
tho purposo for wslch ho would be
called to Saleti'u .Taio people aro con
fused by tho choi&cs and counter
charges of ,ihe nljrcnt factions of
which the.-lastiSSoiubly was com
posed. ,Th&& factions would not ex
1st in thercxtrtv Session If tho call
to duty was mnddo plain that no
man "thoughlicbo a fool or a way far
lug man could err therein."
Tho governor should specify about
what he thinks should be done. A
great deal has been suggested in
tho nress of tho state, and thcro Is
abundance of material fur a business
reform session toojyork upon. Follow
ing uro propositions, that the pcoplo
all understand:
Abolish the railroad commission.
Abolish the state fair appropriation.
Abolish tho district fair appropria
tions. Abolish tho state board of equaliza
tion. Abolish the olllcc of attorney gen
eral. Put all state officials on a salary.
Put all fees collected into tho
state treasury.
Fix the salaries of all clcctlvo
otllcers in state and county to take
effect Immediately on expiration of
tho terms for which thoy aro elected.
Cut oil nil appropriations afStato
UnivciDltyand normal (schools.
Pass a precinct assessor law and
county attorney law.
Make care of Insane chargeable
upon counties.
Such a call for a special scsslon,that
wouiu leave no room ror politicians to
wrangle or juggloor evade the issue
would bo n call to duty for every true
Republican In this state. Tho gover
nor in making such a call. and making
the issue so clear and sharp that no
member of the legislature could for
any partisan purposo evade tho ro
sponslblllty, would meet with a re
sponse In the hearts of tho taxpayers
that would niiiko him their idol and
he would becomo tho real leader of
the people.
Governor Lord cut looso from tho
old ring politicians on tho senatorial
question last winter, llo has paid all
ids political debts If ho over owed them
any. Ho Is In a position to take tho
side of tho pcoplo fearlessly on this
Issue of economic reform. If ho will
send out a ringing call to duty, por
traying the distress of tho people in
us trtio colors, nnu assigning tuo
proper responsibility to extravagance
in stato ami county govori
neonlo will rally to his sum
people will rally to his support with a
unanimity and a determination that
will not Ikj misunderstood.
It Is useless for tho people of Ore
gon to bo compelled to wul t until all
the rascals die or until tho people
elect a better legislature. Tho good
men in the, last legislature aro good
men still and Bomo of tho wrong
doers show signs of repentance.
Governor, place tho situation before
tho pcoplo without fear or fuvor.
Call a business session of tho 'legisla
ture. Tho tlmo is rlpo for action.
The people will endorse such a decis
ion on your part to give them all the
relief in your power, and you will
have dona your official duty.
In 48 hours tho people of Oregon
will bo at your back, and bosslsm
and boodle politics will have received
a death blow. The people want a
loader against tho selfish organization
within tho party to rulo or ruin. Tliero
was never such opportunity for a
public man In-thls state to distin
guish himself as tho friend of the
people. Tho people know you have
the courage of your convictions and
they would hall with Joy your actions
In the contingency ns their friend
nnd saviour in these times of distress.
enable tho true
their pledges, ana moso wno reiuseu
todoihelrduty when the opportunity ,
8 offere(j them would be cast Into
outer darkness where they belong.
Thoy Have Concluded a Now
Propose to Close up
Reciting the Terms of the Berlin
v Treaty.
Madagascar Becomes a French
London, Jan. 23. -A dispatch to tho
Pall Mall Gazette front Constanti
nople, dated yesterday, says an
offensive nnd defensive alliance hits
been concluded between Russia and
Turkey. The basis of the treaty Is
declared to bo on tho linos of tho
Unklarskclcssl agreement of 1833, by
which Turkey has agreed, In the
event of Russia going to wnr, to close
tho Dardanelles to tho war ships of all
The Pall Mall Gazette correspond
ent says tho treaty must soon Ikj
abandoned owing to tho rcfusaLof tho
powers to recognize it. IIo also says
It Is probablo that Franco will bo In
cluded In tho new alliance. Com
menting on tho dispatch from Con
.stnntlnuplo announcing the -signing
of tho treaty between Russia and Tur
key for offensive and defensive pur
poses, the Pall Mall Gazette says:
"Wo regard tho news as true, and
tho result of tho treaty Is tho Darda
nelles Is tho southern outpost of Rus
sla and Turkey Is Russia's vassal.
Wo presume tho British government
will protest against tho treaty for all
It Is worth."
Pauib, Jan. 23. It lsannounccd to
day that by a treaty signed January
18th., Madagascar is declared a French
Following Is the full text of tho
resolution prepared by tho senate
committee on Foreign Affairs:
"Whereas, Tho supplementary
treaty of Herlln, of July 13, 1878, be
tween tho Ottoman empire, Great
Urltalu, Germany, Austria, France,
Italy nnd Russia, contains tho follow
ing provisiens:
" 'Tho subllmo porlo undertakes to
carry out without further delay tho
ameliorations and reforms demanded
by local requirements in the provinces
inhabited by tho Armenians, nnd to
guarantee their security against tho
Circassians and Kurds; It will period
ically make known tho steps taken to
this effect to tho powers and will su
perintend their application; tho sub
lime portc having expressed tho wish
to maintain tho principle of religious
liberty, to glvo it tho widest :opc,
tho contracting parties take note of
this spontaneous declaration; in no
part of tho Ottoman empire shall dif
ference of religion bo alleged against
an Individual as a ground for exclu
sion or incapacity as regards tho dis
charge of civil and political rights,
ndml&slon to tho public service, func
tions and honors, nnd tho exercise of
tho different professions and Indus
tries; nil persons shall bo admitted
without distinction of religion to
glvo evidence before tho tribunals;
liberty -and outward exerclso of all
are assured to all,
jjjq (jt $ UOVt KepOrtS
. , ,, JT .,
kQW Royml Dsklng Pmvthf
j, mnmM JJ sKiwlwfc
nnFr ffuLi
at no hindrance shall bcXoffefed to
their hierarchy organization of the
va rlous communions, ur to the relation
with their spiritual chiefs; tho
right or official protection by the
diplomatic and consular agents or tho
powers in Turkey is recognized both
ns regard the above-mentioned per
sons nnd their religions, charitable
and other establishments In the holy
places; and
"Whcicrns, Tho extent nnd object
of tho above cited provisions of said
treaty arc to placo the Christian sub
jects of the porto under the protec
tion of tho other signatories thereto
and to sccuro to such Christian sub
jects full liberty of religious worship
and belief, tho .equal benefit of tho
laws and all tho prlvllegosnnd In:
munlttos belonging to nny sbbjects of
the Turkish empire; nnd
'Whereas, J$y said treaty the
Christian powers parties thereto,
having established under the consent
of Turkey tholr right to accomplish
and secure tho above recited object?.
Resolved, Hy the senate of tho
United Slates, the house of represen
tatives concurring, that It Is tho im
perative duty, In tho Interests of
humanity, to express the earnest hope
that tho European concert brought
about by the treaty referred to, may
bo speedily given Its Just cITccts in
such decisive measure's ns shall stay
the stay the hand of fanaticism anc.
lawless violence, nnd ns shnll assun
to tho unoffending Christians of the
Turkish omplro all tho rights belong
ing to them as men and Christians,
and as beneficiaries of tho explicit
provisions of the treaty above recited
"Resolved, further, That tho somite
of tho United States, tho house of rep
resentatives concurring, wjll support
tho president in tho vigorous nctloi
ho nuiy tnko for the protection of
American citizens In Turkey nnd to
obtain redress, for Injuries committed
on. persons or properties of such citi
zens." The Chase Stock Company.
"1'itwn Ticket "10" was produced nt
tho opera last night nnd proved to be
one of the very best performances yit
given by this favorite company. Miss
ChiiKo ns Mag, the pawn, gave us a
most delightful pleco of comedy act
ing, keeping tho house In a contlmu 1
roar of laughter. Tho entire con
pany appeared to great advantage In
all tho roles assigned them. Mr
Chas. IT. Smith received the $10 on
tho first call. Tonight Damon &
Pytluis will bo tho bill; It Is tho fav
orite play of tho company and ex
changes say that thoy glvo a per
formance of tho great play fully equal
to that of the famous Wardo and
James combination. Mr. Hayes will
bo tho Damon, Mr. Clinso the Pythian,
Mr. McClure tho Dlonlslus, Alda
Gardner tho Hermlono nnd Miss
Chase will bo seen as Calanthc. The
company carry special scenery nnd
correct historical costumes and those
who remain away from tho opera
hotiBo tonight will doubtless miss a
rare treat. Llttlo Coquette" will
1m repeated by special request for tho
Saturday mntlnce. Tho handsomest
lady and tho homellst man will also
receive presents tomorrow night In
addition to tho $10 given awny each
Chicago Storm.
Chioaqo, Jan. 23. A sleet storm last
night and todny resulted in cutting
on uiucago trom iciegrapnio com
munication with all other cities, wires
I wing rendered practically worthless.
Ho twee ' th's city nidcommcrclnlctin
t rs in th o.'tp essdlsp itches Hccmcd
to bo practically abandoned.
Two Lives Saved.
Mrs. Phmbo Thomas, of Junction
City, 111., was told by her doctors she
had Consumption nnd that there was
no hopo for her, hut two bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery completely
cured hor and she says it saved liar
life. Mr.Thos. Eggers, 13" Florida
street. San Prnnclsco, suffered from a
dreadful cold, approaching consump
tion, tried without result everything
else thou bought one bottle of Dr.
King's New Discovery nnd In two
weeks was cured. Ho Is naturally
thankful. It Is such results, or which
these arc samples, that prove tho
wonderful clllcacy of this medicine in
Coughs and Colds. Free trial bottles
at Fred P. Legg's drugstore.
Highest of all in Leavwtog Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
State Their Political Posltic 1
in Congress,
Republicans Favor
Section Generallv
Washington, Jnn. 23. In n speech
Senator Dubolsdellverctl in tho aonnto
today, In addition to advocating the
passage of u free colniigo substitute
for the bond blll,ouUlned the position
of Republican senators In tho silver
states. Tho senator said whllo he
cheerfully greeted tho Populist voU's
In the senate for the free coinage of
silver, ho could not accept tho Pofu
list leadership, that party being Irn
vocably committed to flat money wit :
unlimited Inllatton. Further silur
Republicans favored protection gcnei-
illy Including so-called raw materials,
uul particularly lead, wool and lumber,
besides tho vnrlous products of the
farm, plantation and rnnch.
Wabhinoton, Jan. 23. Fx-Presl-
'Jtmt Harrison arrived hero this morn
ing and took quarters nt tho Arling
.on. Ho will call on Prcsldont Clovc
.iind during tho day, to pay his
respects. IIo hopes to concludo hlrt
work before tho supremo court so at
to leave for Indianapolis tomorrow.
This visit to Washington is his lltst
slnco ho retired from tho presidency.
Washington, Jan. 23. Tho senate
committee on mllltnry nffnirs today
decided unanimously upon n favorable
report upon the nomination of Gen
eral Copplnger to Im brlgadlor-genoral.
no kkntucicv bknator.
Fiiankfoiit, Jan. 237 Tho seco-d
jallot for United States senator re
sulted ns follews:
Hunter 08, Blackburn r7, McCrcary
J, Carlisle 4, Wilson 1, Uuckner 2,
Bate J. Thcro was no choice Pjpu
list Edrlngton again voted for Black
junvwhllo Poor changed his voto to
WnaiiiNOTON, Jan. 23. Tho silver
:oufercnce today resulted In an aui
tinted discussion of tho financial situ
itlon and tho policy to bo puwucd by
bho friends of silver. During tho tils
uisslou considerable feeling was
trouscd by tho rcmnrks of General
tlatch of Missouri, who stated In
street that If tho Populists of Ken
tucky had dono tholr whole duty tho
jlectlon of Blackburn to tho united
Stntcs senate would not lw n matter
of doubt. The committee on resolu
tions, of which Senator Jones, of
Nevada, Is chairman, submitted 11 re
port, consisting of an unusually long
preamble nnd ending with the delar
atlen: "That above all other ques
tions of policy, wo are In favor of ro
storing to tho pcoplo of the United
States tho tlmo honored money of tho
constitution, gold and silver, not one
but both.
Former Chief Justice Dead.
Washington, Jnn. 23. Win. U.
Upton, appointed Justlco of tho su
premo court of Oregon In 1807, nnd
subsequently chief justice, died today,
aged 70 years. In 18(W ho moved to
Portland, Or., and held soveral pub
lic oillccs. Ho wns appointed second
comptroller of tho treasury In 1377,
and lived hero slnco that time.
He Was a Scottish rito Mason, nnd
leaves a widow and five sons, threo of
whom are prominent In Oregon poli
ties, to survlvo him.
The general report Is that roads in
Marlon county viru much improved
tho past year.
Timqs nro too hard for one person
or firm to hold over one public Jomco
or draw over one salary ai n time.
Tho Republican party has always
stood for fair wages, Justlco to the
people and to their servants.
Prepare to hold your cars! Tho
Oregon Poultry Journal will soou glvo
I. a third crow.
By tho way. what docs tlto Republl-
can party of Oregon owe Geo. Steel