Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, January 20, 1896, Image 1

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VOL. .
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France Fears Our Monroe
Hearings to Begin on the Pacific
Funding Bill,
Washington, Jan. 20. The. rich
gold discovery In Forty Mile creek,
Alaska, belongs to the United States.
The 141st meridian of longitude has
been accurately determined by an
employee of the British government,
and properly marked at certain places.
General Duuleld, chief of the coast
survey, says it shows that but 1G
miles of the creek as the bird filcs,nnd
25 miles as water lloats, Is In the
British territory, and in this portion
no gold has been discovered. All re
maining portion of the creek is in
Alaska and belongs to the United
Paris, Jan. 20. Eclaro today com
menting upon the suggested additions
to the Monrbo doctrine, remurks:
"Docs the American government
think it is strong enough to appropri
ate in Its own intorest one of the two
hemispheres, and forbid Europo from
having access to at least half of the
world? If It pushes its extravagant
pretentions to this point, the only
thing that can happen will be that all
Europe will arrive at an understand
ing by which they will close their
ports to American ships, a measure
which will mako America ask for
mercy wlthfu "a "'week" Why docs
America assume an attitude she can
not maintain?"
Washington, Jan. 20. Senator
Dayls of the senate conimitteo on
foreign relations, today reported
favorably on tho resolution enunciat
ing the Monroe doctrine. Tho reso
lution went to calender. Gray an
nounced that tho report was not
Washington, Jan. Tho houso
committee on Pacific railroads today
decided to begin hearing next Mon
day, preparatory to framing a plan
for the adjustment of the debts of the
Central and Uulon Pacllio roads to
the government.
Bayard's Unfortunate speech.
Washington, Jan. 20. Tho presi
dent has sent the houso his reply to
the resolution calling on him for In
formation as to what ho had done
about tho matter of the speeches de
livered by Ambassador Bayard. Ho
transmuted copies of tho two speeches
in full and also copies of letters .from
Bayard, explanatory of them. No
action was taken by the president on
tho speeches except to notify Bayard
of tho action of tho house.
Floods and Land Slides..
Sacramento, Jan. 20. llailroad
trafllc has received another hard blow
this morning when four hundred feet
of track wero washed out at Dunnl
gan by high water between that placo
and Willows. Trains on the Oregon
road are delayed by landslides on the
Shasta division. Rain is falling
heavily la the mountains and valleys
and all the streams are swollen.
National Republican Committee.
St. Louis, Jan. 20. Timothy E.
Byrnes, of Minneapolis, was elected
sergeant-at-arros of the National Re
publican convention by a sub-committee
of the national committee to
day. ' Dont Foroet That tho New York
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Children Cry for
Pttchr'9 0ft!'Ja.
The Turkish Indemnity.
New York, Jan. ll).Mfcp-itch to
the World from UostotraiwB;
A naval officer whAtjJhas Just re
turned from Washington says:
"There is absolutely reliable author
ity for tlie statement J,bat the ad
ministration has preparefl a plan of
campaign against Turkeylo force the
government of that country to comply
with tho demands ofythe United
Suites for Indemnity for Jloss of prop
erty and for the future protection of
Americans within her domain.
The authorities do .Jot deny this
statement, though thoy have not
hesitated to say that iw! orders what
ever have been Issued tojtlie vessels of
tho navy for carrylngVhls order Into
effect. Upon excellent? authority It is
stated that tho department of state
recently entered Intowjrrcspondenco
with tho foreign powersand that none
of them will Intcrfero.fc
"The plan, as I understand it, con
templates a naval demonstration
against Turkey and perhaps an occu
pation of one of its cities, it has In
view the concentration of practically
tho entire United Slates navy In
Turkish waters. T 10 leal reason
why Real Admiral Bu ice's Heel lias
been held at Hampton roads, instead
of sailing about Christmas time, as
was the original intention, Is because
tho authorities have considered tho
dispatch of tho fleet to Turkish
waters. The Asiatic squadron lias
also been considered and there, arc
ponio officers at Washington who bc
llovo that it is on the way to tho
Mediterranean,! the Asiatic station,
usually so prolific in movements, has
not been heard from in several weeks.
Tho Newark, in South Atlantic
waters, was also talked of.
"Tho United States would be nolo
to make an imposing dcmonstatlon
against tho Turkish govornmont, for
tho Turkish navy could not act
effectively agalnstyt. It la qulto anti
quated, and could easily lib- blown off
tho seas by tho United Statos vessels.
It Is certain that some decisive stroke
is being considered. In any event,
there is occasion for believing that tho
department will Increase tlio European
squadron by tho Now York and
probably two othor vcssols. Tho
transfer of Admiral Bunco's flag to
the Maine, is regarded In this con
nection as significant "
In Recoiving Robatos and Draw
backs on Freight.
Vwo Santa Fe Officials Held Under
CmoAao, Ja.n. 20. In tho United
States district court today Judge
Grosscup handed down an opinion on
a motion to quash indictments of tho
Santa Fo Railroad company's alleged
violations of tho lnter-state commerce
act. Tho Indictments were upheld In
part and quashed In part. John A.
Henley, general traffic manager of tho
Santa Fe, and ox-President Relnhart
wero adjudged to have been properly
indicted on two counts. Those counts
set forth that the two officials violated
tho act by giving rebates and draw
backs. The indictments against Isaac
Thompson, a Kansas City shipper,
and Maager Jcnnklns, of tho Ham
mond Packing company, wero quashed.
These dccislonl aro in effect that a
shipper could not bo held for violation
In accepting a rebate, and is the first
legal interpretation of that part of
the inter-state commerce law making
shippers equally liable with carriers,
to violation of tho law In discrim
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Tha U. S. Gov't Reports
fcw Rfl Baking Pmve
Deal" Between Them for the
Transfer of Cuba.
Militia to Bo Placed in Readiness
for the Field.
Tallahassee, Fin., Jan. 20. Sen
sational stories were afloat here last
night. Governor Mitchell, at the
request ot the war department In
Washington, has ordered Adjutant
General Houston to see that the Flor
ida military be placed In readiness to
tnkc In tho Held at a moment's notice.
Tho governor, It is reported, will call
the militia together today. In
the meantime, tho adjutant-general
is quietly Issuing orders. Similar
requests, It Is reported, have been
sent to tho governors of other south
ern states. The story has become
generally known and is causing much
excitement throughout tho south
Governor Mitchell and Adjutant
Geueral Houston were asked In re
gard to It, but they refused to talk.
General Houston has been In his
office all day, and has sent telegrams
to all battalion commanders in the
state. Major Turner, of Jacksonville,
commanding the First Florida batta
lion, has received several messages'
from General Houston. Tho battalion
commanders nt Tampa and Pensacola
have also received messages from
General Houston.
It is stated, as coming from tho
executive offlco, that tho Washington
authorities have reason to bollevo
that a deal is ponding between Spain
and England for tho sale of Cuba to
tho latter; that tho United States is
preparing to resist tho transfer of tho
Island, and that tho (lying squadron
Is coming to American waters to bo
ready for tho war with tho United
States which will lnovltably follow
an attempted cession of Cuba.
Dispatches from various cities in
Florida report that tho troops aro
gathering nnd that the war fovor Is
higher now than tho day after Presi
dent Clevaland's Venezuela message.
Washington, Jan. 20.--A flatdo
nlal Is given at tho war department
today of the report from Florida that
tho secretary has requested tho gover
nor of tho state to put Florida's troops
In readiness to take tho Held at a
moment's notice.
The president has no constitutional
or lawful authority to mako such a
request and It Is said there Is no emer
gency that would Justify calling out
tho Florida militia on account of
Cuban affairs.
Salem Republlan club meets tonight
nt Lafore's hall to hear report of coni
mitteo on selection of 41 dolegatcs to
state club convention,
The Yow Park Republican club
Saturday discussed the question of
primaries and on motion of Robt.Hal
ley tho member of tho county central
commltee from Yew Park precinct,
is requested to uso his Influence to
Bccure tho holding of open primaries,
with Judges and clerks, and with del
egates elected by ballot and list to
bo made of each person voting thereat,
and primary to bo open long enongh
toglveallwho wish to take part a
chanco to vote. A well attended and
harmonious meeting was hold, with
a good attendance of farmers.
The South Salem McKinley Re
publican club are getting ready to
hold a meeting as soon as Committee
man Macy can secure a hall.
The Lincoln Republican club holds
Its regular monthly meeting and to
elect delegates Saturday, January 25.
In Canada's Commons.
Ottawa, Jan. 10. Tlicro was a
wild sccno in tho houso of commons
when Mr. Kenny, conservative, of
Halifax, accused Wlldred Laurlcr of
being an annexationist In disguise.
Mr. Kenny read from a Boston paper
what purported to bo n report of a
speech delivered by Mr. Laurlcr at a
banquet In Boston. Tho report mado
Mr, Laurlcr say that the time would
come when Canada must bo separated
from England.
Mr. Laurlcr Raid ho had not been
correctly reported. Still, ho believed
that Canada was attaining tho rank
of a nation.
The conservatives here hroko'lnto
howls of dissent. Mr. Laudcrkln, lib
eral, shouted that Canada would soon
bo as great a country as England.
The liberals responded with cheers,
and after some further debate, quiet
was restored.
It was noticed that the French
Canadians remained silent. Mr. Lnn
gler, one of their leaders, said:
"Wc are well satisfied as things nro
now, but If our religion Is not given
protection of tho law, wo will do
something more than cheer and shout
across tho floor of parliament."
Mr. Langlcr would not elucidate his
Mr. McGlll has given notice that
Monday next ho will nmvo that, In
view of the threatening aspect of for
olgn affairs, the house desires to
assure her majesty's government and
tho peoplo of tho United Kingdom
of Its unalterably loyatty and dovotlon
to tho British throne, nnd Its convic
tion that, should the occasion unhap
pily arise, no othor part of thoempiro
than tho Dominion of Canada would
mako moro substantial sacrifices and
attest tho determination of her maj
esty's subjects to maintain the
integrity and honor of her maj
esty's cmplro Invlolato, and this houso
reltoratcs tho oft-ropcatcd dcslro
of tho peoplo of Canada to
maintain tho most friendly relations
with their kinsmen of tho United
Galls on tho Govornmont to Give
Secretary and Corps of Assistants
Washington, Jan. 20. At a meet
ing of the Venezuelan commission
today tho fact was mado .known that
n letter hud been directed to tho sec
retary of state by tho commission, re
questing him to call upon tho govern
ments of Great Britain and Vonozcula
for all information In support of their
respective positions on tho boundary
dispute. Secretary Olney acknowl
edged receipt of thlslotter, and stated
that ho carried out out tho wishes of
tho commlslon but up to today's meet
ing no answer had licon received from
either government addressed.
Senate Proceedings.
Washington, Jan. 20. Tho Antl
stives men today uiged immediate
voto on tho frco silver substitute for
tho bond hill, soylng t honoured not to
debate it. Tho silver men prefor to
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Lord's ARMV.-A"dolegatlon of th
Salvation Army from Corvulllsarrlvcd
in tho city today and with tho Salem
delegation leavo for Portland tomor
row to attend tho farewell to division
commander, Major Morton.
Hugh McKcrson, aged 77, from
Umatilla county, and James Marnoy,
aged 74, from LaGrande, wero received
at the asylum today.
WkatheiiJForeoast.-For Tuesday
rain, stationary temperature.
Hightit of all ia Ltavtabg Power. Latert U. S. Gov't Report
The Future Full of Appro
Enthusiasm Displayed at tho Close
of tho French' War.
London, Jan. 20. The Berlin co
respondent of the Times, In the course
of u long special article, recalling tie
splendid enthusiasm of the victory of
1871, says:
"Can It be said that tho heart
the German nation responded yestc -day
with tho same enthusiasm, .
that, in ninny minds the splcudi I
memories of the past were not to bou
extendent dimmed and Inarrcd I.
disappointed expectations and tinea,
"Tho death of tho two emperors has
mado room for a sovereign of a
strangely different typo, of whom nil
that can bo said safely Is that In this
year of ills ago, and tho eighth of his
reign, his chief characteristic is his
Tho correspondent then proceeds 10
refer to tho absence of Prlnco Bis
marck, tho King of Saxony, tho Grand
Duke of Baden and Gen Blumcnthal
from tho fotes, and reviewing the
Internal troubles and menacing out
look abroad, he says:
Fow Germans can look forward
without apprehension to tho Issue to
the great conflict upon which It is
universally. felt tho destinies of this
young empire still hang. Between tho
lines of tho leading articles, one may
read oven today soinothsug of tho
disappointed weariness and uneasy
rcstlcashcss which Imvo cast ovor tho
glorious momorlcn of tho past the
shadows of tho anxious future
Tho appeal is to aid hint in binding
the greater German cmplro across the
sea. Though formulated at Satur
day's banquet for the first time in
such linprcssivo and emphatic form, It
probably possessed tho kaiser's mind
font long time, and probably fur
nished tho key to Germany's recent
action In China and tho Transvaal.
Yesterday's ceremony was Invested
with every clement of n spectacular
pomp,but oven In tho moderate papors
complaints aro made.
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