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WIi. tf.
.NO. 14
' Here it is, mama ! '
Krausse Bros.
are leaders in their line, and are making
some big reduction, arid odds and ends and
single pair lots we will follow the crowd
and call in at 275 Commercial street.
X No Trouble to Show You Through and Give Prices. 2
Hardware, Tinware, Barbed Wire
Blacksmith Supplies, Stoves and -Machinery at
Examine our large and complete stock. Always prompt aitd
courteous treatment.
v Can save you moneypn Underwear
'Vliosieiy, Hboysr clothing, table linen, e
overalls, gloves, tinware. Keep your
eve on THE FAIR.
of the Willamette University.
Modern method. 'Up to date. Same as In the eastern and Lurnpetn Conseryatosies
None but the best is nood enough for beginners m well as for more advanced pupils.
b W. C. HA.WLEY. President
H. A HERITAGE Vocal Director
EMIL L. WINKLER, Instrumental Director.
But that cuts no ice with the $15,000 stock of
men'tf and boy's clothing and furnishing goods
that must-be sold
f " f "
All-wool, double-breasted, wide velvet collar, extra long, mack
intoshes, that are being sold everywhere
for $8 and $10, we offer for
$6,00 ,; ;
We liave cheaper, but ask no more than $10 for suits that
you pay from $10 to $20 for at other places.
Our stock of boys' clothing is most complete, and no rca
sanable offer will be refused.
Oome in and see for yourself at the same old place
" sit? s- "
257 Commercial Street.
W. ?. ALLIN,
The Shoe Store they
all talk about where
you can get just what
you want and do not
have to pay the two
prices, either, as
s ry?
" "
Agent Mortgagee)
The -Supreme Court Judges
Will Promulgate;
!RnVnrfiH. f
Reported. S...
Coi.i'MiiOfl, .Iiiii. 15. J. II. Foraker
was today fonnnljyelectcd United
States senator for Ohio, to sueccod
Calvin Bricc.
Dis Moinks, Iowa, Jan. 15. The
Democratic legislative joint caucus
today nominated W. L Babb for
United States senator. Senator
Allison lias no opposition in Die Re
publican party.
Washington, Jan. IB. Tho lienr-,
lng regarding the receiverships of the
Northern Pacllio railroad, which be
gan yesterday before Supremo J ustlqcB
Field, Harlan, Browcr and Drown,
sitting In chambers, was continued
today. The Justices asked several at
torneys to 'prepare such orders as they
might wished to have promulgated,
to be submitted to them at a future
meeting, which the Justices would
hold for consultation.
Philadelphia, Jan. 15. Conven
tions were hold by Republicans In
five congressional districts In thlsclty
today. At each two delegates to the
national convention at St. Louis
were chosen. Of ten delegates, four
men are chosen on nntl-ndmlnlstrn-Hon,
or Quay's ticket. The other six
arc announced as "comblno"delcgatcs.
In this district the Quay followers
bolted and held a separate meeting,
electing State Senator Elwood nnd
Henry Clay, dclegntcs. The case will
probably have to be settled In the
In thclirstand llfth districts reso
lutions twero unanimously adopted,
Instructing the delegates to vote for
Thomas D. Rocd.
Annapolis, Jan. 15. First Joint
ballot for senator resulted:
Republicans-George L. Welling, 28;
Charles T. Wcstcott, 10; A. L.Dryden,
8; Philip Goldsborough, 17; James L.
Mllllken, 8; Sidney E. Mudd.l; Robert
B. Dixon, 1.
Democrats Jno. Wattcr Smith, 21;
nenry Page, 0. No election.
a city hank fails
Minneapolis, Jan. 15
bank, n state banking Institution, sus
pended payment this morning, pend
ing examination. Capital WOO.OOO;
deposits, at last statement, December
31, 1895, wcro $523,001. It Is claimed
depositors will bo paid in full.
CniOAao, Jan. 15. A bill was filed
in the superior court today by Charles
Pope, John B. Wilson and Freeman
Preach, stockholders, asking that a
receiver bo appointed for tlio Calumet
Iron and Steel company. The plant
at South Chicago Is one of the largest
in the country. It has a capital stock
of $2,200,000. The complaint asserts
that the company has a bonded In
debtedness of $400,000, a 'floating in
debtedness of $280,000, $54,000 being
back taxes. The plant is In posses
sion of a new corporation under lease,
which the court is csked to set aside
as fraudulent.
Forty-Eight Hours Storm.
Portland, Jan. 15. The snow
storm which began early this morning
is still raging. The snow has now
( reached a depth of four Inches. The
street car traffic is greatly hindered,
there being a complete stoppage on
some suburban lines. Weather bureau
predicts storm will continue for forty
elgbs hours.
Rt L. Steele will start soon for Yn-
quliia where- he rocs to visit a son.
.Tolin Johnson and wife spent tho
holidays at Portland visiting among
friends and with Mrs. Johnson's par
cntHjvho live there.
Mli Susan Plenard who has been
staying at E, W. Bnughman's for
somolltmc, will go to her homo near
Gcrvflis soon.
A"dwclltng is being erected on tho
Vatulileavo place. We have not
learned who tho occupants will be.
Epwprth League has again decided
to hol'tl Its meetings at 3:30 p. m. in
stead 6f at 0 o'clock, as has been tho
case- omnte.
Profetsor Myers gave his pupils a
spclllpH school last Friday evening
A nWi
as largely attended
nber of the nconlc of this
place ntend thellterary society which
meets life Central Howell on Saturday
The si
plaint the residence of Geo.
as largely attended by the
oplo who enjoyed themselves
and conversation until mid-
lu glllllQ
The grunge at tills place met last
Saturda3nd Installed onlcers. Tho
usual dinner wns spread and enjoyed
by the members nnd Invited guests.
JH(lgj,Bi3o and others were speakers
There V?j8 a creamery meeting held
at AumsYlllo Monday afternoon and
It wnVcfcbfacd there would boa cream
ory built ntld would bo ready to bo
oporatcd bjUhc 1st of March. Chas.
F.,lleln lUiu D. E. Swank are tho
principal sjfock holders,
There Is going to bo a hard times
social at tills place Friday evening.
The Indies and gentlemen are to dress
in hard tlmcssults. There will bo a
prlzo glvcnlo the lady and also to
the gcntlcnan who has tho most pov
erty sufl of Iclotlies on. Mush and
milk mid doughnuts will comprise
tho supper, h
There wasa social danco given at
Mr. Traver's ljomo Tuesday evening.
The protracted meetings that wpfo
to bo commenced Saturday rilght
were postponed until next week on
account of tho ill health of Rev. Knnu
Our ilrst copy of tho Marlon County
Record printed at Aumsvlllo was a
bright, nowsy paper, and was highly
appreciated by all.
O ur school Is In line progress. Prof.
Goen as principal, and Miss Aldorson
as assistant arc giving entire satis
The New York Band Speculators
Knocked Out.
If Issued Will Bo Sold to
tho People.
New York, Jan. lf. Members or
tho government bond syndicate re
ceived In tho mall this morning u
circular letter from J.P. Morgan &
Co., releasing them from their com
mittment to furnish tholr pro rata of
$100,000,000 in gold, and a second $100,
000,000 If desirable, taking payment
in the four por cent government
Tho reasons given for tho disso
lution of tho syndicate are that the
syndicate contract called for a bid for
"all or nono," and therefore Morgan
was unwilling to mnko a bid under
the present circumstances as ho might
seem to press for consideration by tho
secretary of the treasury the throw
ing out of smaller bids made in good
faith under tho publlocall. Morgan
Is satisfied that thore is no quostlon
as to tho success of the loans.
Sunk In a Pog.
Dover, Jan. 15. The England
steamship Cosbar, of Barcelona, has
been sunk In colllson with the German
shin Nerus and 13 of her crew wcro
Insane. Two commitments were
made to the asylum today, as follews:
Mrs. Athena Andreans, aged CO years,
MMind attack, of Clifton Oregon.
Daniel Davenean, aged
10 years, of
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powdw
Tho British Government Will
Protect Americans,
How He Is Closing Up the Venezu
elan Question.
London, Jan. 15 Mr. Wlltz nnd
other friends of John Hays Hammond
the American mining engineer, a
incmper of tho reform committee of
Johannesburg, under arrest there on
a charge of high treason, called upon
the United States embassy today.
Wlltz had a long Interview with Unl
the States Ambaudor liayard. Tt Is
understood dial Wlltz declined the
United States was Inadequately rep
resented In the Transvaal and urged
another appointment.
Secretary Olncy's Instructions re
garding the request to bo mado to the
government of Great Britain topro-
vide for tho protection of Americans
in the Transvaal, was communicated
yesterday to tho secretary of state for
the colonics, Joseph Chamberlain,
who Immediately said: '"We shall bo
very glad to use our good olllees In be
hair or the United States." Shortly
arterward a brief formal note wns re
ceived by Bayard, In which Chambor
luln, In most kindly terms, repeated
the ithsurauce that Great Britain
would do whatever was possible to
protect Americans In tho Transvaal.
It Is learned that oluclal communi
cations have been sent to the United
States embassy today Indicating a
much better Htate of alTalrs regarding
The Belgian government, in .addi
tion to tho United States government,
has risked Great Britain to watch tho
Interests of Its citizens In the Trans
vaal. In cousevuenco of theso repre
sentations, Colonial Secretary Cham
berlain has wired tho governor nt
Capo Colony, Sir Hercules Robinson,
expressing apprehensions that tho
numerous aricsts made will dlsorgau
Izotho Rand Industrie, Inquiring
what the pslsoncrs are accused,
whether ball will bo allowed and
what are tho ponnltlcB for tho mis
deeds with which they are accused,
London, Jan. 15. Tho Globe says
It thinks the pacific complexion of
tho Venezuela situation Is duo to
Emperor William, adding:
"Tho moment tho German sword
rattled, Brother Jonathan ceased to
linger his revolver. Secretary Olney's
appeal regarding tho Transvaal,
coming from tho author of the en
largement of the Monroe doctrine, Is
an olive branch, Nor has reciprocity
In friendship been lacking on our
An editorial In the Times repeats
that the only part In tho Venezuelan
controversy, upon which England can
concede nothing Is the retention of
tho bona fide settled districts under
British sovereignty.
SirGcorgo Baden-Powell, who was
tho British member of tho Behrlng
sea Joint commission, writes to tho
Times suggesting that Great Britain
follow the successful Behrlng sea
precedent and Invite Venezuela to
appoint two representatives to meet
two British representatives and form
a joint commission.
Sir John Lubbock presided at a
meeting In London yesterday, which
passed resolutions In favor of a per
mancnt arbitration court, Tho meet
Ing appointed a committee on the
proposed movement, including tho
Bishop of Durham, Canon Wllbcrforce
Cardinal Vaughn, Dean Farrar, Lady
Henry Somerset and others.
Civil Suit. Tho civil suit of Kelt-
lluger vs. Chas. Smith, was taken
i under advisement by Judge Edcs.
WITHOUT prejudice. TheOrcgoiilanpubllsheslonglettcrs
Col. Alley IuhToI given up hls'from "l""l'cCorbcttdenyingtlmt
home In Lane county, though ho has ho ,uul 'liart or l,,tc1 l" ""
no doubt determined on a rotnovnl I 0 'x'1 " paaa by Jo. Slmoti
from Florence, tho fcinale-mayor
town. Col. Alley Is a lighter and a
stayer and cannot be eliminated from
politics. Tho way ho led tho roll-call
In the last, legislature in the ant I
Dolph campaign endeared tho oUll0' "(ll"l railroad that uses
man to the people of this district not
a little and they would hatotolcsoi
hltn. There Is some talk or Col. Alley
locating at Baker City. Wc hope ho
can get hold of a paper In one or the
larger towns or Western Oregon.
In the principal Salem market
dressed hogs arc hoisted up out of tho
farmer's wagons and then mounted
on a single-track railroad when they
disappear In the meat market and arc
hidden out of sight. "That's the
way," said an old farmer, watching
tho porkers as they wcro elevated nnd
slid away, "we elevate a man Into
public prominence. Ho gets a pass
over the railroad and that's tho last
wo hear or seo of him as a reformer."
The optimist has a hard tlmo now-a-days
trying to maka farmers look
chcorful. Ono or these was congratu
lating a Waldo hills farmer on his
abundant crops. But there wub no
good market, tho farmor replied. But
you have plenty to cat, said the
optimist. That's true said tho far
mer. "Wo mod to eat what wc
couldn't sell, but now wo have to eat
the whole cheese." Tho optimist took
a slldo towards the other end of town
and has not been seen since on tho
market place.
Tho Eugcno State Journal, Janunry
11, entered on Its 33d volume, and Is
tho oldest Republican nowspapcrln
Oregon. It is edited with ns much
freshness, ability and vigor as any of
tho youngor papers of tho state. Mr.
Klncald has been prosperous without
selling out his principles or his party
to any mercenary clement. For one
third of a century Its editor has con
scientiously hammered away In tho
interest of good government and for
tho development or Oregon. Ho has
rormed no alliances with tho corpora
tions or tho capitalists, as against
tho public, but alike enjoys tho
respect or all. Wo aro glad to seo
such a man In his mature years filling
an Important olllco, llko secretary or
It Is said ex-Senator Dolph Is quite
unbending, nnd growing Jovial and
disposed to bo "ono or tho boys," or
late. Tho country politicians who
visit Portland meet him about tho
hotels nnd clubs. Ho shakes hands
with all kinds and conditions or men.
At a club dinner tho other night ho
was even heard to tell a runny story
that was a shade oh color, which
quite took tho breath away from some
of his hearers, Old frosty with tho
stiver lcard and Icclwrg manners has
disappeared, and Dolph Is developing
into a sunny, genial, handshaking,
hall fellow, well-mot. Well, It's time.
A man is never too late to learn,
It Is told by a man who knows, or
ought to know, that tho Eugene Reg
ister is owned by the Camplell
brothers, who run tho Guard. Somo
will ask: how much money have the
Campbells got, to be able to own and
run two dally newspapers In ono
town? They pay no Income tax, but
are as saucoy and Independent nscan
bo In tho conduct or tho Guard, which
Is Democratic, while tho Register Is
Renubllcan. They will bo as bad and
unprincipled newspaper monopolists
as Harvey Scott, ir thoy don't look
Highest of all to Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov''. Report
Mlllil .In I .r.firv In i lin lnat 1nr.la1.tf ...
...... ..w. & ilH 1U.1V 111.11.111111',
with which the Morrison street
bridge and Stark street ferry wire
bought, But Mr. Corbett admits
that ho owns 100,000 stock In the
that bridge, and furthermore that
tho City andSubnrban Railroad com
pany owned tho bridge, which was
sold to the city ror 9150,00 nnd a leng
tlmo franchise granted the railway
company, while tho Stark street ferry
was obligingly sold on for old Junk,
Or course, he now condemns poor Jo.
Long for passing the bridge bond bill.
But poor Jo. Long was only an attor
ney undor Simon for tho O. R. & K
and doing his dirty vuirkln the house.
It should l)e remembered In all tills
kettle of fish, that about tho time this
bridge bill was up Mr. Corbett gave
his big dinner at the Portland. The
funny thing about It all is that Har
vey Scott, H. W. Corlwtt and Jo.
Simon Imagine theynrohonc9lcr than
other men and saints of roHtlcnl
Let's have a law authorizing bonds
for pormanent roads by tho next legis
lature. If, later, It Is deemed ex
pedient ror the state to contribute a
share or tho cost or such roade, In
order to help tho poorer and n.oro
sparsely settled districts, this may bo
provided ror by succeeding legisla
tures. Tho country ought to swear olf on
the bond habit before tho year Is
much older.
The second paragraph Is a good
roply to tho first. Both aro from tl.o
Salem Statcsmnn a few days apart.
Wo don't want good roads bacly
enough to bond the counties, or t! e
stato or tho nation. Good roads pry
ror thomsolvcs every year. Thoyccn
not be loft for future genentlonH to
pay for.
Some Good Men aro in Favor of Calling
the Legislature.
Orcgonlan, Tun. 15,
Tho extra-session talk has elicited
many uncomplimentary rcmarksabout
tho legislature as now constituted.
Ono man said teday: "I would not
havo any confidence In the present
legislature cutting down expenses In
any way If cycry member would sign
a written guarantee." Another busi
ness man, well known among poli
ticians, said: "Certainly wo need
such relief as could bo given by tin
oxtra session of tho legislature, but
what can wo expect. Look at tho
equalization board that has Just
adjourned. Tho members or that
board aro about as good as tho mem
bers of tho legislature, and thoy havo
not only Just bled tho state ror 310
per day each ror 30 days, and mileage,
but they hnd tho brazen oirrontry to
employ clerks nnd vote them 910 per
day each, and a page M per day. Tho
clerks employed cannot earn over $3
pcrdnyntanythlngcl.se, nnd tho em
ployment or a page was simply n
donation. Anil even tho reporter
lushed to give tho nctunl expenses or
that board. Secrotary Coalldgo really
received $1 10. I Iwllevo Coolldgo is In
session yet."
Representative Craig, rrom tho
Waldo Hills, docs not feel it Incum
bent upon him to defend tho last
session of tho legislature, nnd believes
much good might bo done by an extra
session. Before a cull is made, ho
suggests that correspondence bo
opened with tho members and a call
mado only upon pledges rrom each
Mr. Craig was ono of tho irost
faithful and conscientious monibcrt
of the legislature and thoro is no
doubt but that 11 majority of tho
lower houso would keep any pledges
thoy mado, oven at an extra session.
Mr. Craig has somo respect for tho
representative principle and n feeling
of responsibility to tho people. Ed. J.
J, 1 "3: