Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1896-1899, January 10, 1896, Image 1

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VOL. .
.4V WtMHt'
flere if is, marna I '
are leaders in their line, and are making
some big reductions, and odds and ends and
single pair lots we will follow the crowd
and call in at 275 Commercial street.
Road Machinery and Agricultural Implements,
I.ateit Improved Goods and Lowest Prices.
NV Coiner State er.d Liberty streetii, is:: SALEM, OR
v v Can save you money on Underwear, v
' hosiery, boys' clothing, table linen,
overalls, gloves, tinware. Keep your
eve on
3 & J
of the Willamette Oniuersily.
Modern methods. Un to date. Same as in the eastern and European Conservatories
None but the best is good enough for beginners
But that cuts no ice with the $15,000 stock of
men's and boy's clothing and furnishing goods
that must be sold1 '
" " -f ,
All-wool, double-breasted, wide
intoshes, that are being sold everywhere
for $8 and S10, we offer for
L f- - k
We have cheaper, but ask no more than $10 for suits; that
fou pay from $10 to $20 for at other places,
Our stock of boys clothing
fsonable offer will be refused.
Oomc in and see for yourself
" &
257 Commercial Street,
s s fc " s
The Shoe Store they
all talk aboutf where
you can get just what
you want and do not
have to pay the two
prices, .either, as
as well as for more advanced pupils,
v. u. iiawl&y. rresiaenc
R. A HERITAGE. Vocal Director
EMIL L. WINKLER, Instrumental Director.
velvet collar, extra long, mack-
is most complete, and no yea-
at the same old place.
W" s
Agent Mortgagee
Shows a Willingness to Ar
bitrate on Venezuela,
And the African Situation Becomes
More Critical.
London, .Inn. 10. The movement
In favor of arbitrating the Vonezcr.
lan question with the. United States
Is growing day by day. There Is a
decided change of sentiment there.
The unbending antagonism to arbi
trate the Venezeulan boundary dis
pute which was at first shown In high
circles, hns almost completely dlsap
pcaied, and matters look much more
satisfactory than they have at any
time since the dispute commenced.
Ciiicaqo, Jan. 11). A special to the
Journal from Washington says:
"Tim entMirt tl.t.t 1,- TI..L l,.l. .. w.
strengthening their outposts In Ven
ezuela and advancing Into Venezuela
Is true. I have myself received today
a private dispatch from there corrobor
ating It," so said Congressman Living
ston, of Georgia, this afternoon. Ho
Q"I cannot show you the dispatch; It
Isnprlvatc. You can, however, rely
on It. I called on tho Vcuczuelan
minister this morning and asked him
to uso his inlluenco with Crespo to
keep back the Venezuelan troops.
Should they advance It would precipi
tate a conlllct at once. That would
render our Venezuelan commission
useless. Wo would bo controlled to
back up Venezuela, and we would
bo plunged Into war at once."
London, Jan. 10. The most Impor
ant development In South African
speculation today is the fact that In
spite of all denials it Is now belloved
in many quarters that there Is somo
truth In tho rumor that Great Brltlan
has purchased Delagoa bay from
Portugal. Ah It Is announced that
tho government of tho Transvaal has
demanded, among other things that
Great Brltlan forego her right to ob
tain possession of Dclngoa bay, and as
Germany may look upon this as a
move which will seriously threaten
the future of the Transvaal situation,
If the report Is true, matters will be
come more critical.
JonANNSiiuna, Jan. 10. Twenty
two members of the reform committee
Including Colonel Rhodes, a brother
of Cecil Itholes.SlrDrummond Dunbar
Lionel Philips and Dr. D. Sauer
were arrested at their club last even
ing, on charge of high treason, and
convoyed under an escort to Pretoria.
Perfect 'quiet prevails here. Tho
populace Is Indifferent. Tho Ultland
ors are disarming.
London, Jan. 10. Tho chances of
war between Great Britain and Ger
many are looked upon as remotc,thcro
being a decided tono of back down In
the utterances of the German press
toward Great Britain.
The Pall Mall Gjizetto says: "Stops
were taken In tho highest quarters to
obtain by family Influence a full
explanation from Emperor William,
and the communications which
passed have done more than anything
to bring about a change of tone In the
German olllcial press toward Great
Britain. German iiew8papcrs,ofllclal,
scml-otllcial and hostile, are tumbling
over one another In their anxiety to
explain that tho tension of relations
was tho fault of England."
The receipt of a dispatch from Pre
toria, announcing tho extreme de
mands of tho South African republlo
for the surrender of all British rights
and suzerainty, etc., over Transvaal
and Delagoa bay, however, has again
changed the complexion of allalrs.
Meantime there Is little or no abate
merit of the nntl-Gcrmnti feeling here.
At n meeting of tho London radical
federation hero today u resolulon was
passed demanding tho removal of
jrcmpcror iiiinui irnm me nriiisn
army and naval list.". j
A' baseless report that the oiileers of i
tho I'M rut Dragoons, In garrison at
Dublin, or which Emperor William
was made honorary colonel by Queen
Victoria, had burned his majesty In
ctllgy, was received with cheering.
Tho colonel of the First Dragoons
yesterday afternoon telegraphed that
there Is no ground for this story. It
Is said that before tho receipt of this
olllcial denial the German ambassador,
Count von Ilatzfcldt Wlldenhurg,
made representations on the subject
to the Marquis of Salisbury, asking to
bo informed as to the truth of tho re
port. At the foreign oillce yesterday utter
noon the dispatch spying that the
Doers demanded tlic'baushment 'of
Mr. Rhodes from Afrlcit and thonban
donmentof thorightsof Gccat Britain
regarding the Transvaal and Delagoa
bay were discredited on the grounds
that Sir Hercules Robinson, governor
of Cape Colony, In hldlspatches to
the colonial oillce made ho mention of
any such demands or indentions.
Nkw Youtc, Jan. Ol.-Un reply to a
, Jan. 01.4lii re
cablegram of Inquiry nstto the stories
sent from London that y'ecil Rhodes,
until lately premier of Capo Colony,
had started, or was about to start a
movement for tho organization of a
vast Independent republic in South
Africa, the World has received tho
following cablegram from Capo tewn:
'No truth in the report of tho
action attributed to Mr. Rhodes,'
Tho dispatches havo already told of
Mr. Rhodes' resignation as premier,
but the olllco Is tilled by one of his
lieutenants, and Londonvc6ntlhues to
gossip about Mr. Rhodes' dictatorial
attitude and -the possibilities of his
making use of It to separate South
Africa from the British empire.
Bkrlin, Jan 10. The rcichstag re
assembled and proceeded to discuss
tho bourse reform bill. Count von
jinnrtz, too agrarian render, in re
marks on the subject, referred to tho
Transvaal dispute, saying tho recent
energetic attitude of tho Imperial
government In defenso of tho interests
of tho German people and German
empire abroad met with universal
approval. This remark was greeted
with loud applause.
Paris, Jan. 10. Viscount El Rio do
Clvry, editor of Echo del Armco, has
been arrested on a charge of having
blackmailed the late Max Labandy,
who Inherited about $9,000,000 from
his father, a sugar-rcllner, three years
ago, and up to tho dato of his death,
a few weeks ago, lived tho life of a
January 7th, Count Ccstl was ar
rested hero on a charge of having ol
talned 1,000,000 francs from Labandy
by fraud, and a warrant was Issued
for the arrest of M. Balonsl, tho
banker, Balensl has since absconded.
His HabUftles amount to 0,000,000
francs Of this sum 2,000,000 francs
are said to havo belonged to the estate
of Labandy.
Berlin, Jan. 10. A dispatch to
the Frankfurter Zeltung, from St.
Petersburg, says the crew of tho first
class Russian steel cruiser Rurlk, 10,
023 tons, mutinied recently In the
harbor of Algiers, The mutiny was
suppressed by the French authorities
and 30 leaders of the outbreak are
said to bo on the way to Cronstradt,
where they will lo executed.
St. Petkrshurci, Jan. 10. Tho
Yokohama correspondent of tho
Novoo Vremya cables thut Japan has
offered free and unlimited auchorago
to Russian warships In all Japanese
harbors, with the view of diverting
Russia from her Intention of acquir
ing a harbor In Corea.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
Mow Royal Baking Pw4e
- TwOllty Spaniards Takon by
the Insurgents,
In Her Neutrality on the Cuban
Havana, Jan. JO. It is announced
that tho 123 wounded Insurgents who
were picked up ontho battlefield at
Lacoloa, are now In the Spanish hos
pital at San Antonia dc Los Hanos.
'Pint tru iiIlii nf T tni'k f '.! t .? 1 rt
miles from Havana, consisting of
twenty Spanish volunteers, has sur
rendered to tho Insurgents, 12 miles
from this city.
Frnncc Is Neutral.
Pahis, Jan. 10.--A decree lias been
gazetted prohibiting tho exportation
frotiLAFraneo or French colonies of
war-1k'e munitions Intended for Cuba.
Dynamite the Farmers'
Verona, Mo,
Bank at
Ride Out of Town With $9,
000 in Cash,
Monktt, Mo., Jan. 10. Eight
masked men dynamited tho safe of tho
Farmers' bank, of Verona, eight miles
cast of this city, early this morning,
and escagod with 0,000 in cash. Tho
robbers entered the city on horse
back, secured tho Nlghtwatchman
Hoover, bound him to a t tree across
tho street. They easily forced the
front doors of the bank, nnd In a short
time literally blow tho safe and vault
to pieces with dynamite.
More Colorado OolJ.
Bouldku, Jan. 10. Intense ex
citement prevails In this city over tho
new gold Melds situated at South
Boulder creek and Magnolia, and there
are rumors of riches being uncovered
by prospectors In holes not even tlvo
feet deop. Tho strike is alleged to
bo worth $100,000, and nu offer of this
amount Is said to havo been mado
and refused.
Frank D. Baker came down from
Walker's ranch, and reports that sev
eral sacks of quartz had been sent to
tho sampling works from tho claim
discovered by tho White brothors.
Tho gold was sticking out all over tho
quartz, and no accurate estimate
could be formed of tho valuo of tho
stuff, but It will l)e sold by tho pound
Instead of ton. Tho panuings mado
from the ore aro said to Iks wonderful,
as great rings of gold form around tho
pan with each test of washing.
The prospectors aro wild over tho
outlook for a great mining boom, and
600 men aro working night and day
In search of veins.
Tho now gold discoveries are on tiro
same mineral belt as the rich tellurldo
mines of Ballarat, Jamestown, Gold
Hill, Sunshine and Magnolia. In each
of these districts mineral has !cen
uncovered at tho grass roots.
The Tie Broken.
Fkankfort, K, Y., Jan. 10. Isaac
Wilson, a Democratic member from
Nelson county, Is dying. McCreary
has withdrawn from the senatorial
race, and Brown has been entered.
If Wilson dies tho legislature will no
longer he a tie politically,
The Mlowcm Safe.
Skaltlk, Wii., Jan. 10.A special
dispatch fiom Vancouver this morn-
lug says tho missing steamer Mlowera
was sighted by the steamer Warrlnioo
January 2, one hundred mlla- south of
Honolulu, All whs well.
I'fom McKerchat'n lU)tt.
IhtOWNHViUiH, Jan. 8.-Having
seen a statement, made by the Foxes
now In Jail at Albany for burglarizing
stolen at ('rawfinlsvlln, that my Into
son nnd the elder .Nfontgomery had a
dltliculty at a school meeting, I wish
to state that there Is not one word of
truth In It. My son and Montgomery
lived Indifferent school districts, and
never met at a school moot lug In their
lives, as Is well known here and in tho
district In which Montgomery lived.
I wish nlsu to state that my son had
Jjjt tho Montgomery from want for
somo time by furnishing them flour
when they could not got It nnywhoio
else, They were to pay him when
they sold their hops, so he called In to
their place ,on his nay homo tho
evening that he was murdered, as
they had sold their hops and were to
pay him.
So far as young Montompry Is con
corned. It is very painful for me to
mention hir name, and it makes hu
manity shudder to think of such a
fearful crime. H Is quite evident
that he has not told the truth yet.
Duncan M'kkhoiikr.
Movement of Bullion.
Nkw Yortrc, .Iuil. 10. London nu
thorlcson tho movement of bullion
estimate that shipments of silver to
Asia in 1W) amounted to .ciVi.OOO.OOO,
afalllng-olT as compared with recent
years. On tho other hand, exports to
tho continent of Europe Increased
X2,roo,oa over tho previous year.
Mexlcati dollars were in good demand
all the year in tho cast, and tho price
closely followed that of barsllvor,wlth
a premium of about 1 per cent In
favor of tho coin. Tho Imports of gold
at London were large, amounting to
.30,000,000, Including 11,450,000 from
tho United Stipes, to which, however,
3,275,00 was shipped; 8,200,000 from
South Africa, and 0,250,000 from
Australia, while India and China
shipped 1,300,000 to Loudon.
An Illinois Central Train Wrecked
at Mud Lake,
Engineer Heroically Saves a
Score of Llvos,
Si'hincikikli), Ills., Jan. 10. An
Illinois Central passenger train ran
into an open switch at Mud Lake,
seven miles cast of this city, this
morning. The engine and baggage
car were turned over. Engineer Shell
remained at his post, reversed tho
engine, and undoubtedly saved tho
lives of twenty passengers, nthorwlso
the train would have gone over tho
embankment and Into the lake. Ho
and tho fireman jumped n tho last
moment and received serious lultirlos,
AmtKBTED in Aliiany. Chief of
Police Dllloy today arrested Belle
Flestcr In Albany for stealsug a fur
capo from a Salem party. MMio girl
was In Salem, but went to Albany
yesterday. She wore the capo on her
return trip to Salem and claims she
bought It. She was committed to
jail this afternoon and will )c tried
Treasurer Arrested.
Tacoma, Jan. 10. -County Treas
urer Hedges was re-arrested this
morning on a second charge of using
county funds for personal gain,
Uucklon'a Arnica Salve.
The belt Salve In tlie world foi
wuue, oorcs, uiceri, sau luicum, fever
Sorei. Tetter. Chapped hind. Chilblains.
Druliei, Sorei, Ulceri, Salt Rheum
and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cure
rues or no pay required, it it guaranteed o
five perrect saiuucuon or money reiumied
t'rlce 35 cents a box.
For sale by Fred A 1
Highest of all in Leavening Power. .Latest U. S. Gov't Report
The stale Inmnl to levy tlio dm.
tax, composed tif governor, neitrut r
of state and state treasurer, have -termlned
the state levy forl8W as
merit at I and elgth-tenths mil,
Following arc the levies for the last
n I no years:
Lov.v llovei m-
iSfa' r!A nm,s .'
JgSO, 0. mills ,M.,,, (100,584 01
in K,,MI 9 758,500 011
1802. 7. mills 1,121 845 f2
l)3f 1,3 mills , . . . 022 782 2n
jHVnii? :.: 45rS r..
IHil... 4.8 mills HII3..T.W Hi
It will lo .seen that fur the period of
the eight preceding years, theavenigc
levy was about four and one-half
Each alternate year there Is a high
and low levy. This was the hlghyear
followli g a session of the legislature,
and the levy Is as low as could bo ex
acted. It Is cause for congratulation
that the state board found 103,35W.38
surplus or unexpended taxes of I8(K1 to
deduct front their estimates for 18M.
It Is to be hoped tho board has levied
no such surplus this year, to lie Idle
In the slate treasury. It Is believed
they have dono their work very well.
With tho reductions that are pro
posed to bo mado by tho city council
there Is somo hopo the city can get
along with an 8 mill tax, If this can
bo done, by all means let It bo done.
The streets, alleys and sidewalks
should bo kept In repair without any
drafts on tho general revenue. Tho
duties of street commissioner should
Iio confined strictly to tho poll nnd
and road tax fund, and his salary paid
out of that fund. If thcro Is no
money for street work In tho general
fund thcro should bo none there for
a thousand dollar olllcial, nnd accord
ing to tho mayor's messago tho olllcial
without funds cannot keep up the
Tho creation of n now ward with
two new aldermen will only Increase
city expenses. Beforo tho now ward
Is created thcro should bo given somo
reasons why It should bo done. So far
none havo been offered. At present It
looks llko a political scheme.
Seamen Saved.
Skattlk. Wii., Jan. 10. Pursor Mc
Donald, tho second mate, and two
Japanese sailors, from tho Strathnc
vis, who left tho disabled stcamor In
an oiien boat when off Destruction
Island, and who wore believed to bo
dead, aro In tho city. After leaving
tho Strathuevls thoy reached the Is
land, and were later taken on board
tho light-house tender, Columbine.
Tho Columbine at rived In port this
afternoon, with tho mariners.
Salary Grabbing.
Washington, Jan. 10. The com
mittee on rules reported In tho liouso
today, and tho rules wero debated sec
tion by section. Tho house refused to
adoptan amendment to tho rules pro
viding for deduction from member's
pay for absences not duo to sickness.
Receiver Appointed.
Aliiuqukuquk, N. M., Jan. 10.
Judge Collier today appointed Chas.
W. Smith receiver of the Atlantic
nnd Pacific railroad, tho appointment
totnkoeifect Fobruury 1st.
Catarrh in the Head.
It due to impure blood and cannot be cured
with local application. Hood's Sartaparlll
has curd hundreds of catet of catarrh U
caute it purifies the blood and in this way n
mnvti iho euuiu of lha disease. It !o bulldu
I up the system and prevents attacks of pneu,
r rnonii. diphtheria and typhoid fever.
Hood's Tills become the favorites calharl
with every one who (net them. 25 cettt'
1 - irtitarMiiir-'