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VOL. 8.
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Wal(b This Space
r t .
Real Sacrifice of a
first-class .stock,
TAIN a Defeat.
The Spanish Forces Are Worsted
Over in Cuha.
Havana Jan. 2. An engagement
between Spanish troops and Insur
gents has taken place at El Estantc,
of Alfonzo XII, not far from the
frontier of the province of Hnvann.
Tho general supposition Is that tho
Spaniards were worsted.
dritisii invaders whipped.
London, Jan. 2. A dispatch to tho
Exchange Telegraph Company this
evening, says Dr. Jamison has been
severely defeated by the Uocrs before
Johannesburg. Tho same agency adds
that tho news is continued, and tho
Secretary of State for tho Colonies,
Chamberlain, lias been summoned to
the colonial otlicc, where a conference
will bo held tonight. It Is added that
tho defeat of Jamison Is such as to
compel hlni to retreat across the
Tun Hague, Jan. 2. Tho minister
of tho Transvaal republic left hero for
Bcrljn in order, it Is believed, to
make strong representations to tho
German government on tho subject of
the invasion or tho Transvaal republic
by tho forces of the British South
Africa company.
Tho Globe says:
A. rumor has reached London that
Dr. Jamicson hasarrlved at Johannes
burg and a cablo dispatch has reached
here from Pretoria which saysa rising
lias occurred at Johannesburg. It Is
added that 1100 more armed men be
longing to tho British chartered corn
pays, crossed tho frontier yesterday
and that President Kruger is determ
ined to defeat the Invaders hx force of
arms. A conflict between tho Boers
and the EngllsJ is expected tomorrow.
It Is stated that President Kruger
has telegraphed to Colonel Secretary
Chamberlain pledging his government
that the Boers shall temporarily
adopt a passive attitude toward Dr.
Jamicson's force, on its arrival out
sldo of Johannesburg. Tho Important
feature of this arrangement between
Mr. Chamberlain and President
Kruger Is, that all responsibility for
tho hostility will rest with tho
Chartered South African Co.
Berlin. Tho Vosslsho Zcitung
says: The action of Dr. Jamicson can
not bo tolerated. It Is tho duty of
tho German government to immedi
ately take energetic Bteps to protect
endangered German Interests and at
the same tlmo thoso of our kinsmen,
tho Boers. It is impossible to protest
too stronglyagalnst tills act of vio
lence on the part of the British.
Frankfort, Ky., Jan. 2. A con
ference of leading Republicans was
held In the ofllco of Governor Bradley,
and tho "Bradley boom" for president
was started. This was tho theme,
and the toasts to tho governor were
full of happy New Years and wishes
for his political preferment In tho
year 1800. Hearty congratulations
and best wishes were extended to tho
governor as tho Republican candidate
for president of the United States by
40 prominent Republicans fromevery
congressional district In Kentucky,
who called, by agreement, on that
official last night. It can be stated
with accuracy that before tho .New
Year was an hour old every person
present at the meeting had pledged
himself to do all he could to elect a
Bradley delegate from Kentucky to a
national convention at St Louis, and
to work In every way possible to
secure his nomination.
New Yonir, Jan. 2. A dispatch to
tho Journal from Constantinople says:
Tho army reserves at Moosh, Sat-
dls, Aleshgerd and Bltlls have been
called out. The Armenian bishop at
Erzeroum was arrested Monday and
sent to Constantinople, no is accused
of taking a leading part In the agitation-
against tho government. His
arrest has much excitement In Erzer
oum, and the otllcials there have
taken measures to prevent dlsonto
Fink Weatiieh. Tlin Xnw Yonr
jhas been ushered In with beautiful
The U. S. Gov't Reports
Khnw tfnvat Flntslrirr OntuiiAf
ite. iwpffar to " otters. ,.v.
Boston, Jan. 2. Further Investiga
tion Into tho case of Mrs. Davidson, of
San Francisco, charged with wrong
doing by tho Rev. Charles 0. Brown,
of that city, brings to light the fact
that Mrs. Davidson did onco llvo In
Boston, nnd that she had an Interest
ing career, In which sho managed to
get considerable money from one per
son beforo sho loft tho city. In 1800
and 1801, Mrs. Davidson was a mem
ber of Nchcrulah Boynton's Congrega
tion, at the Union church, and later
became a prominent member of the
Tremont Temple congregation. At
the tlmo she was peddling starch, and
by hcrcloqucnco alio sold a large stock,
with good profits. Many friends,
among whom was Mrs. Sarah J.
Stevens, an old lady about 80 years of
age, became deeply Interested In Mrs.
Davidson and her alleged religious
work. Mrs. Stevens had considerable
money Invested in bonds, and when
these were called In and paid Mrs.
Davidson learned of the amount of
ready cash held by "her friend, and per
suaded Mrs. Stevens to loan her $2800,
on a note at 4 iter cent, to enable Mrs.
Davidson to start In the dressmaking
business. The note was payablo In 10
years. Soon afterward, wanting more
money, sho persuaded Mrs. Stevens to
loan her $2000 more, also on n 10-year
note, but this tlmo at .1 per cent.
Mrs. Davidson wcjitto Chicago In
1893, and from thcrejto San Francisco.
Uor payments ot the Interest ontho
notes, It is sald.-haVe been few and
far botween.
In connection wjlh dealings with
Mrs. Stevens and Appeals for remit
tances, she has written very ilowcry
letters. Tho following Is an extract
from ono of tlicm:
"Of course 1 cannot bo unmindful
of my obligation to dear Mrs. Stevens.
How I would like to come in tills
afternoon and bring some ripe straw
berries, so plentiful In tho markets
hero now, and now oranges and fresh
llowers. The weather Is cooler toduy
than usual, but like many of our
June days back East. .Still I like the
cost best, will? Its sunw ond cold
winters, becauso I love thepcoplo best
there, There Is so much evil
hero, and excitement to dis
tract tho mind. I will inclose $50,
and to make tilings as I onco spoke of
doing, I will send you moro next
month, and, with God's help, may I
prove my gratitude to flio dear loving
friend, as jvell as to our Heavenly
Father, who helped mo in my hour of
"My love, God knows is In my
heart for you, and begs to express
itself according to tho means of his
grace, who will bless you for your
kindness to me."
Tacoma, "Wn., Jan. 2. Tho Chinese
have again been driven out of Tacoma.
This morning tho two Chinese em
ployed by Thomas Rlggs were put on
a train and sent to Olympla, Riggs
Is tired of tho agitation and sur
rendered uncondltionrlly,
Auscondinq Waiter. On Tuesday
last O. J. Roberts was given a position
as waiter by Jack Hlllsbury, pro
prietor of tho State strcot ten-cent
lunch counter. He was paid for ills
days work, and told to bo on tlmo tho
next morning foranothcr. According
to his usual custom tho proprietor tho
next morning placed a small sum of
money In the till to uso as "change"
during the day. Roberts worked
until nearly noon, when ho took ad
vantage of his employer's absence and
disappeared, and examination dis
closed the fact that his "change" and
morning's receipts wcro also missing,
Tho pollco olllcors are looking for him.
Boys Captured. Two of tho re
form school runaway boys, Mootiey
and Bonnet, wero captured between
Woodburn and Ilubbard yesterday
and returned to the school. Copplo
was with them, but escaped. They
wero following the railroad northward.
Deaf Mute Admitted. Mrs. J. L.
Stalker, of Sllvcrtou, lias applied to
havo her six-year-old son, Arthur
Stalker, admitted to tho Oregon
School for tho deaf mutes. Judgo
Hubbard lias recommended his admis
New Yoric, Jun. 2. Ex-Senator
Miller said tonight that governor
Morton has authorized his friends to
state that ho has "consented to become
a candidate for president of tho
United States.
Children Cry for
Pitcher' Castoria.
Shatpers Several Buildings and
Kills Many Men.
Another Street Car Strike On
in Philadephia.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 2. .fust before
1 o'clock, In tho basement of a build
ing, at 30!) North Second street, occu
pied by tho Anchor Peanut Company,
an agency of tho Excelsior Fire Works
Co., exploded with tcrritio force, shat
tering the building, burying sevnral
persons In tho ruins. Tho building
was also set on lire. Those injured as
far as known, at tills writing are:
Frank Hogcr, cut about head and
face; Will Brondcmoidcr, cut head on
face and body; Christ Kraft and 1.
Dlort, cut about head and face. Three
alarms were turned jn, nnd the lire
men and other willing workers are
now subduing the Humes and march
ing In tho ruirs for t lie dead and
Tho business houses of the Little &
Becker Printing company, tho Stand
ard Wlro company, Lovlson nnd
Blytlie, stationers, wcro Involved and
some employes in all these stores are
supposed to Imj wounded. Among tho
men In tho Little & Becker placo a to
Frank Samuels, Henry Green, James
nallowcll and Hugh Allpn. They
were cut more or less badly obout tho
head and Hying glass. At 1:30 two
men wcro located in tho ruins by lire
men and clfortH are now being made
to get them out. It Is not known
whether they nre dead or alive.
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 2. Tho
men have been canvassing tho con
ductors and motormen regarding
another strlko report sentiment,
nearly unanimous In favor of n strlko.
It Is believed that another big tie-up
will be ordered to begin tomorrow
mumlng. Eugene V. DcJm has been
sent for.
The proprietor of tho Touchetto
mill near Walker, appeared bofore
Judge Wheeler, In Eugene, Monday,
and pleaded guilty to dumping saw
dust in tho river; $25 was tho lino.
W. B. Lawlcr was In Albany from
Gates, tho other day, and reported 11
feet of snow at tho summit. Ho says
most of tho machinery Is at the mines
but some of it Is on tho way and hard
work Is being experienced handling It.
Tho first time Sam G. Brown escaped
from tho county jail In Roscburg, it
cost Douglass county $100 to capture
him. Ho had not been convicted
when ho wnlkcd out of jail thon, nnd
It doubtless will not bo -such un easy
task to tako htm, now that ho Is un
der scntenco to bo hanged.
Hon. M. A. Miller, of Lebanon, was
In tho city Tuesday.
J, It. Wyatt returned Tuesday from
Chiof of Pollco Leo went to Inde
pendence yesterday.
Timothy Wandcl nnd wlfd, who
have been vjsltlng friends In Eugene,'
have return6d home.
Ilnrry Saltmarsh, of Portland, Is
spending a few days at Portland.
Miss Llllfd MoHarguo has returned
from a visit with friends lu Salem.
Mrs. J. A. McFcron and children nro
visiting relatives In Brownsvlllo.
Mrs. W. W. Rowcll returned Tues
day from a visit to California. Sho
was accompanied by her cousin, Mr.
Vivian Hoxoy of San Rafael.
School Superintendent A. R.
Rutherford and Prof. Hiram Tyrco
went to Portland Tuesday, to attend
tho mooting of tho state teachers'
Mrs. L. Bllyeu is visiting lu Albany.
ArchloRIco is visiting at Cottage
Mrs. J, W. Christian is Improving
Hon. C. II Baker, of WnltcrviUe,
was In town Tuesday.
Attorney Young Is homo from n trip
to Corvallls and Portland.
Mrs. John O'Brien and daughter re
turned to Albany yesterday.
Tuesday marriage licenses wore Is
sued to J. Walter Smith and Lena J.
DoVauys Scott Lltidley and Lena 15.
Attorney Geo. W. -Klnsey returned
yesterday from Junction
Dr, and Mrs, D, A. Paine, accom.
pan led by their daughter, Miss Carrie,
returned Tuesday to Salem.
Sheriff Johnson yesterday sold to
Mrs. II. E. Sladden a tract of land
near this city belonging to Wnllls
Brown for $13,000.
iAt Home. Monday evening Mr.
nnd Mrs. William K. Scarborougn gave
a very pleaxant At Homenttholr resi
dence In honor of Dr. and Mrs. D. A.
Paine, of Salem, and those present en
joyed a most delightful evening, par
ticipating In that fascinating gamoof
games, whist, as well as partaking of
an excellent lunch. Those present
were; Dr. and Mrs. D. A. Paine, Dr.
and Mrs. T. W. Harris, Dr. and Mrs.
F. W. Prentice, Mr. and Mrs. J. S,
Lockcy, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Church, Mr. and Mrs.James Hoffman,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Hoffman, Mr.nnd
Mrs. I K. Peters, Mr. and Mrs. L. G.
N. B. Avery returned today, from
Oakland, California.
Mr.nnd Mrs L. D. Burgh went to
Albany Tuesday.
A marriage llcenso was Issued on
tho 27th nit. to .1. A. Howard and
Luolla Jones.
Born. December 20, to Mr. nnd
Mrs. Wm. Warner, a son."
Constantinople, .Tan. 2 Accord
ing to a dispatch f mm Orfali, Asiatic-
Turkey, thoro wero fresh outbreaks
there Saturday and Sunday,
In reply to tho demand of. United
States Mlnlstor Terrell, Uiq Turkish
government ordered tho vail of Al
eppo to furnish an escort to Miss
Shattuck and tho tlirco natives
teachers from Orfah to Alntnb.
Terrell has recolvcd information
which shows that all the missionaries
In Anatolia nre safe.
Tho Turkish government lias given
an evasive reply to the offer of the
representatives of tho powers tome
dlato with the Zeltounlls. The am
bassadors resent tho stnnd taken by
the portc, and tho dragomans arc
urging the Turkish otllcials to accept
their offer. No definite Information
Is obtainable from- Kcitouu, although
It is bcllovcd tho place Is holding nut
against tho Turks, nnd the latter aro
sufforlng severely on account ot tho
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-- - v '' " ' ' "" ";'. ....
iiiTiil'Tn)iiintifnii-rminini mm
The Venezuelan Pkauk Commis
sion or Five
Senath Has Taken No Action on
the Bend Rim..
Washington, Jan. 2. The senate
finance committee adjourned today nt
12:30 until tomorrow. No action was
taken nnd no vote had. Tho bond bill
was discussed, but the tariff bill was
not taken up. Senators White and
Wolcott wero not present.
Silver men unanimously decided to
Insist upon nn amendment m the na
ture of an entire substitute providing
for tho free coinage of stiver, and
elimination of nil authority fnr un-
nnco bonds.
It Is authoritatively stated In behalf
of the Administration, that the Vene
zuelan commission will bo tho .bso
lute master of its own procedure,
llxlng the time nnd placo of its meet
ings, and determining for Itself
whether or not It sliall visit foreign
countries, what class of evidence may
bo taken Into consideration, nnd how
Interested governments may be repre
sented beforo tho tribunal.
This Independent notion Is deemed
necessary to sccuro, commissions' find
ing that degreo of weight and respect
unong other nations that enn bo nt
talned only through the knowledge
that tho liody Is free from any re
Uralnt or obligation to the lTnlted
States government. Our government
will occupy a status of exact neutral
ity In the proceedings.
Chicago. 'Jan. 2. Wheat, ensh 56c.;
New urfc, Jtn. a. Silver, G6fc; lead.
3 30
San Francisco, Jan a. Wheat, 98W.
. WoQL.Orfgnn, choice, 7G?Jloo; Inferior, 7
8c, Valley, 9 tic
Hops Quotable at 57C
Potatoes 25 to 40c iier sack.
Oats Milllne. 6f,&,jiA.
Portland, Jan, a. Wheat valley, 535
Walla Walla, 50. " 3i
Flour Portland, J2.60; llcnton county,
a 60: graham, Ja.aoj superfine. $1 per bbi.
Oats-White, 2224c; grey, 20Qftaijrolled,
nu, H$S-3St barrefj, 54.50 7,00;
cases, 3.75.
Potatoes., New Oregon, 35ioc per sack.
I lay . .Good, $58 50 per ton.
Wool. .Valley, itc; Eastern Oregon, 79C.
MliisiufU .Ilran. $11.50(313; shorts, $12
13 whop feed, ii2(ui$ per ton; rye. 75cprc.
HidcH. .Rrcen, salted 60 lb 44c; under
60 lbs 36c; sheep pelts. io($7oo.
Hops. .Oregon, 4 to 7c, according to qual
ity. Hutler. .Oregon fancy creamery, 35('l37Vi;
tnev dairy, irSaaJ; fair to Kood, 15C)I7XV
common, toe.
Cheese. .Oregon full cream, )Vioc,
Eggs.. Oregon, l82oper doz ; Eastern,
1 8c per do.
Poultry. . Chickens, $i.5ot3 00 per dot ;
ducks, $4po-t 50; geese, $6.oo7,oo; tur.
keys. eitc: dressed. lriac,
Uef,.Topsteers. ai3-5c per lb; fair
togoodMeers, 3ja 3.5c; cows, 3f3c;
ilreosed beef, 45c.
Mutton.. Ilest beef, H.qoQz 2y, choice
ewti, 1. 50(11)2 00; dressed, 4c.
Hogs., Choice, heavy, $3 ooj.4o; light
and erders; fa 75; dreued, 4c per In,
Veal., Small, choice, 5('oc; large, 340
per lb.
Wheat. .44c per bu., market firmer,
Oats .17c.
Hay .Haled, cheat, 14.50(5,00; timothy,
Hour .In wholeiale lots, 3.50; retail,
1 2 80; bran, bulk 9.00; aacked. "13 oo;
shorts, ll,ocn)i3.oo; chop feed, 12.00
VeaL.Drcssed, 4J4.
I logs.. Dressed. 3j. '
Live Cattle.. i;2,V.
Sheep.. Live, 200.
Wool., He t, i2lc.
Hops.. ilest, 45o.
KgB..Cash. 18c.
Uuiter. .ilest dairy, taiac; fancy
creamery, i;(?(2c
Cheese.. iuiaJ4c.
Farm Smoked Meals. .Ilacot, 6c; hams,
II ; shoulders, 7c,
Onions,. 3c.
Apple 35,4oc.
Poultry. .liens, 5c, rooters. Ji 80 per doz.
and not wanted; ducks, j.5o(hj.ro per doi.
turkeys, live 7c; eggs S2 cents cash.
Rheumatism Jtuns Xtot.
When there 1. lactic acid in the blood.
Liniment and lotion will be of,uo permanent
benefit A cure can be accomplished only by
neutralizing this acid and for this purpow
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Power, Latet U. S. Gov't Report
f Vsw gm