Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, November 16, 1895, DAILY EDITION, Image 6

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By the lumo or single piece Clothing for
Men and Boys, The greatest opportu
nity. The Lowest Prices, The best
goods ever offered,
Geo. Collins wan a purtlntid visitor
Joseph Meeker roturned today from
Professor Z. M. t'arvln returned thlo
morning from Albany,
E. F. I'arkhurst returned tills morn
Ing from eastern Oregon.
K. 0. Herreu, the hop buyer, Imd
business In Portland today.
W.Townsend. toucher In tho Lake
Labluli district, Is In Halem.
G.W.EppIer camo down fromMarloli
on tho early train this morning.
Deputy Sberlfl E. E. Cooper trnu
aoted ofllolal buslnea lu Woodburn
Dr. It. Cartwrlght visited patlonts nt
theChemawa Indian Training school
this morning,
MoKlnloy Mltohel camo up from
Qervala this morning and wilt return
this aftoruoon.
Altornoy W. T. Slalor went to Al
bany this morning and will return
this afternoon.
E, M. Knlgbtllugcr, mauagor of tho
dopot machine shops, went to Corval
Us this morning.
Mrs. J. 0. Walton, of Albany, re
turned home today after n short visit
with her mother.
M. H. Ollhortiu.ii, n hot) buvor rep
resenting Holman & Co., of Han Frnu
oisco, is lu the city.
MUs Meda Ilolmnu returned last
evening from an extoudod visit with
her sister at Italian.
drover 1. Terrell, Wm Bushco and
John Irylno, of Moharaa, were down
to witness tho football game.
Mrs. 3. K. Robinson, of Turner, who
has been the guoat of Sal o in relutives
for a few days, returned today.
Mrs. W. M, Coburn, who hus been
visiting In Pnlouse, Washington, for
several weeks, returned homo today.
J. T. Apperson, of Oregon Clty,camo
up to Halem this mor nlng. Mr. Ap
person Iiuh resided In Oregon City
slnco 1665.
Messrs. II. B. Gilo and T. II. Bruce
and Misses Kolly, Mnltlo MoNury,
Laura Hhaw, nnd Mary Van Waguer,
wont to Woodburn this morning to
attend tho Marlon county Christian
Endeavor convention now In session
nt that city.
W. H, Farmor, sou of Itev. J. P.
Farmer, roturned today from tho cast,
bringing with him n brldo. On Wed
nesday of this weok ho was united In
matrimony with Miss Ada B.JohtiBton,
daughter of ono of tho leading mer
chants of Cheyenne, Wys.
Rev. Broulette has accopted a call
extended to him by the First Presby
torlan church of this city nutl the
Presbyterian church of Gervnls. Ho
has taken up his residence nt OorvalH
and will preach his first sormon uuder
tha call ono weok from noxt Sunday.
Rev. B. formorly preaohod nt Myrtlo
Polut. Woodburn Independent.
"Will soon bo horo. Buy your undorwear now
whilo tho assortments tiro comploto. Novor
did we bbow fcut'li good values in underwear as
wo have this fall, and tho prices aro wonder
lull' low. Ask for any kind you wont. AVo
havo undorwear for men, women and ehildien.
drosses. Wo
WHMMHH you. Then
warm and stylish. Wo will
53 bkok silk
partment. Biry your dress from us.
P f (ITU IMP ,lts nnc fuv,H8mn tfoods. Latest style,
ULUiniliU popular prices. Seo our mon'.s and boys'
HHaBHaMMHHIBovorcoats and mackintoshes. Best to bo
had for tho money. Big values in chil
dren's suits from 2 up. Jtfow pattorns.
jlSTFino values in jaokots and capes in wrap dopartmont.jEg
Tao OiBh Try Goods, Clot hlngjand Shoe House, Comer Court nnd Liberty
Thh 8. P. Pay Cail-TIio Southern
Paolflo pay enr passed through Halem
this morning, coming from Albany
and bound for Woodburn to catch the
local, having mndo tha trip up the
cast brunch from Woodburn yesterday.
At tlm Halem depot Horaur Alexander,
Earl Jlnopengarner and ono other,
whose namo could not bo learned,
boarded tho car ngaiast the conductor',
orders, and were carried to Brooks,
from whotico they hud to pay their
furo back to Sulm. This Is considered
by some of tlm employos as n very
good oltoon tho boys. The pay cat
wub attached to the south bound local
this morning.
Undkkwhiteuh Meet. A muting
of tho of the members of tho North
west Insurance association was held In
this city today, nnd It waa resolved to
take no action In regard to taking up
policies of tho "Stato." Tho matter Is
loft entirely with the various com
panics and tho local boards. Tho Salem
local board paeBod a resolution that If
it was agreed to by tho companies
their agents shall bo allowed to tuko
up policies of tho "Stato" and allow a
pro ruto return premium up to an
amount not oxceedlng 60 por cent, of
tho original premium, and Insure a
policy for a full term.
Painful Operation. Last March
Mrs. E. Fallon, of this olty, ran a silver
into tho thumb of her right band, and
from that slight Injury blood poisoning
Bet In, affecting hor wholo band nnd
leaving tho third nnd fourth Augers
crooked nnd stiff. Yesterday Dr. W.
B. Morse administered anesthetics nnd
performod nn operation which will rer
dor Mrs. Fallon's Angers straight nnd
capable of belug used. Tho llngeru
were cut aud tho knuoklos broken.
Salvation Ahmy. Grand furowvll
meetings of tho ofllcors In charge, Cap
tain Dais and Lleutouaut Moys, on
Saturday nnd hundny, Novombor 10,
17. Meetings commence on Sunday nt
7 a. m., 11 u. m, nnd 8 p. in. nnd 8 p.
m. Everybody come nnd say good
bye to the ofllcera who have worked
faithfully lu your city for tho past six
months, and also come to And out the
now ofllcers.
Hoi1 IIouaK BuiiNfl. This morning
about 8 o'clock tho hop houao of O
Greeu near Lincoln, took Are und
burned to tho ground. Mr. Green ban
his hops stored in tho warehouse at tho
river, nenco tho crop Is saved. It is
not known what was In tho bulldlug
but tho structuro was fully Insured
through tho ngoucy of C. D. Gabrlolsou
of this city.
Killed By a Fubkiht. Yeator-
day morning an extra south bouud
freight trulu ran Into n bnd of sheep
ni-ur Brooks, killing about 80 of them.
Quick Deliveuy. No extru charge
for peed. Lockwood messenger boy
ride bloycleB. Bluo box, Ring up.
Gehmam Instructions In the Gor
man language by competent teacher,
Inquire nt StoluetM drug store, tf
Aro tho leading fashionable fabric for winter
havo somo choico stylo3 for
como the storm sorcres, hne
serges, soloils and choviots, all
give away a
dross in our dross goods
Mitt AiuierffilLWjl ttixih Arl
mini kmi,
a showing OP III PER CENT
'An Urn Mot (Jain nittl Net Awoto of
Tho ntinunl election of directors and
auditors and stockholders of tho tin
Inn Jlnlldlng and Loan Association
wan held atthblr olllco yesterday, from
'2 to U p, in. nnd irsulted In tho ro
oleolloii of tho onllro board. At tlio
nice ting held at 8 p. in, a goodly num
ber of stockholders wore present and
more Interest was shown In tho work
of tho association than for sayornl
years past. A committee of II vo stock
holders contesting of C. 13. Roblln, J.
H. While, D. C. (Sherman, M. H. KklH
and J. A. Baker, wan np pointed to lu.
vcstlguto tho matter of several Import
ant changes lu tho by-laws, whloh wero
suggested by the secretary. After somo
discussion of the work done by tho as
soclatlon during tho year nnd of Its
future outlook, tho meeting adjourned
to meet at 8 p. in. on Monday, Nov.
25th. Following nro tho annual re
port of tho secretary, treasuror and
Balance on band Nov. I, 1894... $ 472 18
Installment terles No. 1 7,613 50
2 2,020 00
3 1.496
4 1,43000
5 550 00
6. 571 00
7 1,024 "o
ti ..... 55 00
445 81
Interest, cash.
" nnlil In arlvflnpe fi.nTC K6
Expense fees 31700
Fines paid 9 3 60
Loans repaid 2,60800
Rent 84 50
Dills receivable account 5054
Total $27,81899
Mortgage loans , 17,107 89
Paid on withdrawn stock 9,191 83
Expenses 873 65
Real estate 455 07
Balance on hand 187 55
Total $27,81809
First mortagage loans $126,578 34
uuo irom senes ao,
124 00
396 00
2 00
237 00
to 00
137 .jo
13 00
40 91
Ij8 95
Interest due...
Fines due
Expense fees due
Real estate
" " under sale
JJ "Ml
r ,.
2.40O OO
',3" fo
Total 53i.37i 20!
617 shares, pay in 72 mouths. .
193 " " 56 ..
in " 44
112 " " 35
43 " " 20 "
40 " " 14 "
112 " " 9
22 ' 3 "
.$ 44.424 00
, lo.HoS no
4,88) 00 1
3.930 00
, S60 GO
, 644 00
' CO 00
Due membcrson cancellation ... 2.061 ic
Unearned interest, paid ndv 32,020 41
Netearnlngs 28,77531
Total , $131,37' 20
'Bl p.B
"TJI.UI5 bd
1,8S M
ua US
ia ei
ui 11
1 78
p. III.
21 67
13 B7
1 41
21 41
11 00
t 00
77 67
67 b7
41 61
li 41
0 47
a,77A at 1 7
Number of shares loaned upon ns follews:
Series No. 1 177
Number of loans made during the year 20.
Highest number of months int. bid 92,
Lowest " " ' " 70
Average ' " 78.85
Total number of shares Issued 1
Series No. I, Nov. 1st, 1889 1000
mat, 1st, 1091 ..,,.., 309
Mar. 1st, 1892 300
Dec. 1st, 1892 201
Mar. 1st. 1894 ot
Sept. 1st. 1894 6.1
reh.1tth.1S95 112
JlHt received from tho EusS
A pretty lino of aitistie tabU.
r . . m
Call and seo them.
12U Stato streot,
1 nib
tmefmqmi "''
1WH jIlMfltfffi ftntl MtUftl!
A4m VLW. 1
"im itt 1 , , , , , 1 , 1 1 , .
I1I1111 iiiiiiiiiinllili
J , .
1 ..MM
i , tint
riMi , , . , , .
MTTBiftf in I'trr . . . .
IWil , , ,, JB(Ji
Hffmff of I, L Psiiemiti tftMff,
. .. wwii lift,
l!i . itmm Inn mtmtt ,
HBfrog fiHT .11 I870I
rotiil, . ,,., , , , , ,, ,i,i 1 . 1 , )lH RJ l J
WsfMnufwId Jiirtng ff 6y jH
IUI. oil linhtl Nov, (it, (8o) Iff? Si
Tntli ,,.,, $t H-11
AVUlim BfOT,
siiiilsiil lliillrtliiuniid Umii AHMiiiH Ion
(Jrntikmknh-Weyimr fliidlwrs Ug l re
iyfl llisl MelMVti examined (lie rexirt of
I'aill II. Sffiflt, neuelAf, snil I, L I'lttlMMin,
Ireoiurcr, fer the year ending Uclohsr 31,
1895, li.iva eoiiip.ired Hum wlili tli book o(
lite fl4oelniln nmt fiml ilim correct. Wc
have nlto csrnnliieil (he wnr lelalmi; to
lomi made diirtti die jnt ami find client
executed in proper form ami filed with the
iccrqlury, lteeclhilly submitted,
Slcnotl, T, 0. Darkrk,
Arch. V.. Croshv,
M. LSkiki',
ttiisliicgfl Increasing and New Hoatn
On tbo r.iver.
A tbo vtlbttr seusnti upptoachiF.
litPini'FA ir.illlo nnil bunt movents on
tlif M.lMmel(e nro rapidly Increasing,
'lliolurgor draft sleainboaU uro now
putting in un uppenrauco nnd tho
river and bont news In the future
promises to bo quito interesting.
Tho river Ih ntlll rising und tho pti h
peols nro that it will reach u stao
sudlclent to oncourngo moro oxtonded
boating. At uoou today she registered
2 5 feet nbovo low water mark and a
ruleo of iieverul Inches Is lnoitcd for.
Tho river ruined nearly two feet at
Albany yesterday, while an equal ralto
wus noticed nt Corvnllls aud Hurt is
burg. This with tlio wutor from tho
Santlniu will doubtle milled tho stngo
of tho water at Bulum consldernble.
Steamer Wm. M. Hoag, urrlvcd in
tho city Frldny evening from Corvullls
nnd was lied up nt tho foot of titato
street. Captain J. L. timlth returned
to Corvullls on tho overland lust night,
uud will return with tho Beutlcy either
this ovonlng or tomorrow morning.
Tho two bouts will thou bo taken to
Portlund, probably Monday, when
they will bo thoroughly overhauled
and uccesaary repairs mndo preptepar
utory to the winter's work. Tho Betitly
will require a new hull while minor
repairs will bo mndo to the lioug.
Tho O. B. & N. Compnuy's boats are
also making themselves prominent on
tho Willamette aud will give the busl.
uess men and traveling public nu ex
cellent service The Gipsy loft Salem
last eveulng for Corvullls. Tho
steamer JJuoro loft Portlund last
evening for Corvullls aud she will bo
' f.illnu.n.1 In. tlln li' iiyl.lnli ...III
.w..f v iu mj ...w Awv.,w 11UIUU nil!
leuvo Portland at 0 u. m. Sunday.
A pemnuent schedule hus not yet
been adopted by this compuuy but It
la probable tho Elmoro uud Eugene
will inako two trips u week betweon
Portlund and Corvullls, connecting nt
the lutter city with tho Glysy, which
will mnko ns many trips each weok
' between Corvallla uud Harrlsburg
til tto river will permit when she will
go us fur up as Eugene, thus giving a
valuable river Borylco betweeu Poit
laud nnd tho head of navigation.
Tho Murdered Japanese Girl's Effects
Sold at Auction.
County Treasurer Mlnto conducted
uu uuotlou sule nt 1 o'oiock today, of
the porsoual effects of tho Jupanese
girl, tho lute- Miss Toyo Watuwube, of
Halem, whose shocking uud mysterious
murder was reported lu these col muni
somo weeks since. The proceeds of tho
sale, with (10.75 cash found In her
placo, will go Into tlio couuty treasury
to defruy tho expenses of tha Inquest
nud fuuerul, Insldo a gold lookot wus
tho pioturo of young Hopburu, to
whom she was eugaged nnd who lived
with her for somo time nt fSulem.
The articles wont very cheap as
somo peoplo nro superstitious about
buylug tho etlocts of a murdered
Ono of the treasures of tho s:ile was
an elegant album filled with the
pictures of her family, some lino look
Ing brothers, nnd friends, nil Jupnueae.
Thero was a gold watch, two rings,
toilet artlolea, Saratoga trunk, n wholo
kitchen and housekeeping outtit.
Thero wero two beautiful Imported
Jnpuueso silk dresses, six waists, gloves,
blaukets, bedding, comforters, pillows
etc. There wus ulso nn elogant scarlet.
wool, plush ucouohmeut wrapper, thut
had never bem worn, but had been
' prepared in anticipation of becoming a
I mother.
Trcusu.-er Mluto will carefully nc
count for the proceeds or tho sale.
What U left, If any, after paying tho
nlulnio nf I ln ami sii u rVf lea 'Psiiiixta
I family havo a right to redo?m within
' eix years,
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
iiiijim mi !; 111 i i;i tmm
Social ReuiuJ,
1 1 nltlMMAl ftH NMmilflrtflll llt' I
ii nmlfw! f'trt iw'ilmm rm. 1
& A. (Artrhf wpiil In twh Jf
Inrility. j
M, Wailr, of rvh tvid In Hrtlfin
)t, '. Mhid, it,, rplimml fsToifi I'ofl
Intid Inst nlglil.
Wiirnrr Mmyififii itliifiM'il frutii
I'orilnnd ytwitrdny,
llev, .nidi l'rmili wont to ifldc
imi dciifii yrstcrdiiy.
Mr. .Imiif It. CoIpiiihii l In fori,
htud vlslllng UumU,
I'n.f, I). W, Ywlff, i-f WfUMllmriii
was In MhIiiii txlcnliiy.
Mr. iiihI Mr, DlrisimiM', of I'nrtlHiitl,
arugii'Ktof Miiiiii rolrtllvt-fi
Thn Hnleni M'Kilitl club linn ciiriilled
moro new iiiwiiIicmiiihI sci'Iiim ilrKtlncd
to be 11 gH'iil rlh'Ci'M.
Mi'Jnr mil Mr. V, l' lloilitkln have
ri'iiiiniil Irom a trip In IChhUtii Ore
gnu nnd Washington,
Mrs, M, A. i'lnmondoii and dnugh
tir, Mlso Addly, returned Inst night
from a visit In l'orllniid,
Mrs. Kalnwatcr, of.IJayton, Wash.,
arrived In Haloni yestorday and will
visit with Mrs. Mol Hamilton.
Mrs. Frank Wlllmnu Is very 111 al
liar homo on Church street, but full
hope for her recovery Is entertained.
Miss Lucy Upson, nt Bacrumotito,
Oil., who for sovoral days has been 1
guest df Mr. nnd Mrs, Frank Hughes,
re:unid home. Tuesday night, on
nu'ouiil of tho Illness of her mother.
Toll 'Ihompsou, formany years nn
agent for the Htulo Iusuraueo com
piny, h In tho city. 12. L. Heed, clti
agent for the same company, fame ii
with tt If 11 from Portland lait night.
County School (Superintendent J
H. Grtiluini Is In Ijtaylou, attondlng tin
nuatilt and buttery caso ogultiBt Prnf
A. L. Hrlgir, principal of the school
then. Attorney John A. CnrBon U
al8 at tha' p ' oe, ncllng us counsel foi
Prof. Hrlgii,
Mien N'jntilc Wagner, daughter of
D. !'. Wjgner, who hus beon nn In
valid for two kiip, has sullered n re.
lapno nnd hor cot ditlon Is considered
Herlous. Miss Wagner hns mnny friends
who havo been anxiously hoping for
hor complete recovery, nnd all will be
sorry to learn that ho Is not 00 well.
Cupt. Jack Crawford, the cowboy
poet, who was a victim of the Lake
Ltblsh wreak, and w:ti bully shukon
up, will leoturo us one of tho stars In
tho Y. M. C. A. oourao nt Bui em next
Wedureday evening. He took his ac.
cldent philosophically nnd jokod about
his lujurleu. He remurked: "H II;
that's nothing compared to riding u
broncho." Ho was nble to travel In n
few days.
Do not bo persuaded into
the 8amo color and general appearance as flour. Jruro buck
wheat must bo dirk moro black than whito.
Our buckwheat is warranted pure. Price, 10 pound
sacks, 05c each.
We havo )ust received a car load ol Liverpool (not Cali
fornia) salt, and are prepared to quote very low prices on tho
same by tho ton or eaok.
Kings, Queens, Kuaves and 8pot
cards l Tho tlfty-two cards of living
whist are requested to bo present at
Guauulug Hall on Friday evening,
November 22, at 7 30 o'oiock, for the
llrst grand rehearsal with Miss Harris.
Tbo date Is cbanged from Saturday to
Friday to accommodate the gentlemen.
This Is n very Important practice and
every card must bo present. No visitors
admitted to rehearsals.
Now that tialem has ono of the most
fashionablo young men's olubs In the
stute, tho repututlou of our young men
for dressing in tbo pink of fashion,
will, no doubt, become more apparent.
To meet tho demands of the most
exacting, O. II. Lane, Salem's mer
chant tailor, always carries the rlohest
fabrics, aud at present has a Hue of
tho newest and finest suitings and
overcoatings ever brought to the state.
As a tailor, Mr. Lane ia an artist, and
ho employs only tho most competent
help. All work receives his persoual
Every Tuesday and Friday a largo
number or tho teachers, as well as a
few who are not, meot at Willamette
university .to receive instructions in
the German language, their Instruo
tress being Miss Minnie Friokoy. This
is an evidence of progression on tlm
part to tho teaouers and Is most com
mendable. The members of the class
are: Mrs. W. C), Hawley, Mrs, Gar
land, Mrs. M. B. Nichols and Mrs. R.
T. Smith, Metta Davis Alice Carey,
y,WHWwmtit tnimml HWIWiJSlPUlWlllirflB'WW'WillIJIWMWIW;
' ' HClMt ' -I- ,.
Wo havo rt'uuiiiifl lodfty a imtv Un i-r
Tlio Jail wo will rocjlvo .lliia Haiiflon, nnd nro ofTorinitr i!
gniiiu at very low flguron, K "
.Special HultiM lor II10 oomtiitf Wool? j
Cut lliirt out and koop It.
S. M. & E,
aarTRLELMiONE 112,
Room 14, Bush Bank Building, Sa'em,
(Joinmorciii! Union AHsunincc Co.
London and XiUiiciiHliii'o Flic inn, c0
Mvcrpool ami London and UIooc. Harf'ord Mrc In.s. (o!
llrini: In your State policies and have them written with lltllc or no lo to you,
Rose Moore, Corrla JJentley Carrlo
dhumaker, Carrlo Ilrudshaw, Eya
Dimmit, Mario Itockwoll, Inn Nichols,
Clara Frlnk, nnd Messrs. Krod Lock
ley nnd J. 0. Hull.
Every f.eut at tho Y. M. C. A. rooms
wus Jilted lust night, tbooccnslon being
the t retciitatlon of uu cnterlulnment
by the ladlex of tho Presbytorlun
"hurch, the program iwlng followed by
4 nertod of social converse, In whloh nil
InduUed heartily. Tho program con.
ilaledof numerous uud varied selections,
the llrst of which was uu Instrumental
duet by Misses Shelton nnd Wollor,
executed in n highly finished manner.
Tho rccitutlou by Miss Grucotiulter
and vocal duol by Mls Kelly uud Mr,
Colo wore w. 1 lecelvcd, m they do
ired to be. MIhs Hultor's complote
hrldul roMtumo rendered her rocltatlon
loubly Interesting. A very amusing
feature was tho character recitation
whloh represented a party of foreigners
ofdltlercnt nutlons assembled on the
deck of a steamer ust entering tho
New York harbor. They wero for tho
Iliet timo beholding tho statue of Liber
ty, and were expressing their opinions
and Impressions of "tho lady."
purchasing buckwheat that is of
Mies Ethol Hughes recited a difficult
selection In a finished and able manner,
her voice belug especially suited to
elooutlonary work.
Miss Lucia Cochrau executed a
dlfllcult Instrumental pleco In a fine
manner, and Misses Myra und Ethel
Raymoud sang a protty ballad very
Bwwtly. Tho most laughter provoking
number on the procram was tho read
ing, by Rev. A. L. Hutohlneon, whoso
assumed mirth called forth tho expres
sion of genuine emotion,
Miss Prlco recited gracefully, and a
laughablo tableau closed tho ontPrtaln
ment. Aserlesof euoh entertainments and
socials will bo given by different
ohuroh societies during the winter, and
ara a desirable addition to the social
sldo of the Y. M. C. A. The promoters
of this ono certainly deserved thanks
for tho pleasure bestowed upon those
Leslie M. E.-Services Sunday at
10:30 a. m., subject "Heaven." Sunday
sohool at 8 p. m., services at 7:30 p. ra.
Bublect"Hell.' '
German EvANQELioAL.-Corner of
Liberty and Center; streets-Btttner
uasior. ounuay Hcnool at 10 a. m.
Preaohlng at 11 0. m, and 7:30 p. m.
Independent Evancielical.-J
W. Bowersox, paator. Preaohlug nt
lOdO and 7:30 tomorrow. Sunday
sohool at 18, Christian ; Endeavor
0. P. Onuncjr,-Preachlng at 10:30
, 1 1 . 1,,.,
,,,..,,,,,,,, ,,
.DUIW.S (jO0)(S
. .. .H1.ANKHIH
. it,,,.,,.
It will Have you 111011,3,
a. m, and 7:30 p. m t t10 CuatH,.
land PreHbytorlnn church on 11,,,;,
trcet. Jt-v. W. C. Crawford, of p.irt
land, will fill tho pulpit mnmlng nl
oyoulng. Everybody weloiue.
W. C. T. U. Thero will he tueuwl
gospol temperance moot I nun nt ihi
VV. C. T. U. hull on Sunday, belmm
at 4 o'clock p. m. Talntng In Interest
free to all.
Ckntkai. Chai'KL. Sun-lay s.lioot
at 10 a. m., proiohlng at II a, ni, and
7:30 p. 111. In t'lo evo ilng llrst lectin
of asorleson "8rmona ot tho Acts."
Beforo coming read Acts '2: 1130.
B. Knight In charge.
Christian. Morning services it
10:30. Subject, "Wolves and bow they
com-." Sunday school at 12 m. Junior
Endeavor at -1 p. m. Y. P. B. 0. E. it
0:30. Evoniug sermon at 7:30, subject,
Y.M.C.A. Rev. G. V. Graunlswlll
give an address to men only, at 4 p. m.
Subject of address, 'Eden Restored."
Football Couoh Morse, of Bjrkloy, will
Hlng. All men aro invited to attend
this meeting,
St. Paul's Ei'iscorAU Dlylnt
services tomorrow at 10:30 u. ui. sod
7:30 p. m. Morning, "The Fame of
Ephrntoh." Evenlog, "ImmortMllr"
Sunday school and Bible class at 12
noon. Rev. Laurenoj Hluclali, pastor,
U. B. Chuiiou. Borvlces on tba
following Sabbath at tho U. B. church
In Yew Park as follews: Preaoulog it
11 a. rx.. and at 7:30 p. m., Babbith
school at 10 a. ra. nnd Young Peoplti
Christian Fndenvor meeting nt 0:30 In
tho evening. W. Reynolds, pastor.
TJnitv Ciiuitcrr. Services ot 103
a. m. nnd 7:30 p. ra., Sunday sohool it
11:45 a. m. Rev. W. E. Copeland
pastor. Subject ot morning feryle
"Hallowed bo Thy namo," subject for
tho ovonlng lecture, the llrst of 1
series on how tho bible was made, U,
"Tho Blblo not the oldost of fchcred
Finsr Bai'tibt Mornlnc service
at 10:30, toplo, "The victors and glory
of Mount Sinai," being tho second of
tho sorles on Mountain Victories, Sun
day school at 12 in. Y. P H. C. E. t
6:30, ovenlng services at 7:30, subject,
"Is there a personal devh?" Junior
Endeavor at 3:30. All are cordially In
vited to these services.
CoNaitEaATiONAL. Rev. W. C
KuHtner, D. D. pastor. Preachlog t
100 a. m., BUbJeot, "God Oar Home"
Sunday sohool at 12 m. Junior Kn
deavor at 3 p. m. Y. P. S. 0. E. at 6:15
p. m., subject, "Rejecting Cbrlstjlhs
Consequences," leader, Miss Anu
Goodnecht. At 7:30 p. m. the subject
of the sermon will be "Eternity." A
oordlal welcome to all.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Medal, Midwinter Fair.
(Most Perfect Made.
40 Yars the StindaKL,