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The Atxcclattd Prssi U1II7 Joaisi! ty rastt.
Hs pperi sent beyond lime paid Jof.J
VOL. b.
NO. 191
Has Her
Lifo Lot Ont
by a
For Jealousy or llor Monoy-Cut-Tliro
it Escnpos.
A moat cruel nud bloodthirsty mur
dor was commlttod Friday night about
8 o'clock, In otio of thollttlo Chinese
tonomentB on Liberty street, between
Court nud Btnto. The murdered wo
man is MaggloToJo, a Japanese nged
21, who has lived In Balem far Bevcral
years amoug tho Chinese, and tier
Blayer Is probably a Chinaman.
Whon flrst found she was lying on
tho floor and weltering In a
pool of blood In tho little front room
behind tho store, when Chief of Police
Dllley nud Patrolman Bort Savage
burst Into the room. They raised her
up and tried to got her to tell who her
assaiiunt was, but sho was uuablo to do
moru than uod her head in assent when
asked If It wore a Chinaman. Bhe had
wrapped a cloth around her throat and
clutobed nor nook with her hands, but
tho blood was spurting In alldlroctlonp.
Sho had n small saolt of money
clenched In one hand. Tho other was
badly cut from her ellorts to giaBp the
assasseiu's knife. On tho left side of
her neok was a long nash from behind
hor oar to tho front of her neck, aud
another on tho right elilo of tho neck
that cut the Juglar vein and windpipe.
Death was inevitable and ensued in a
very short tlmo.
Tho Jap woman wusqulto a charac
ter in her wny. Bho was called Maggie
T0J0 among her class. She has been at
Balem about threo years, and has never
been In the police courts as a defend
ant. On Monday she was intending to
movo to bolter quarters, expecting to be
confined iu a month or six weeks. Bho
bad ovldoutly been sitting at u table
writing, whon tho assassuln camo up
from behind and pulled her over back
wards. Bho wroto a fair band, aud was
addressing cards. As a very pretty
Jjp girl she had attracted the attention
of sovoral Chinamen, and probably the
who has killed nor out or Jeai-
ousy. Thero was no evidence that
person had been outraged.
A hatless Chinaman lleelug In great
hasto waB eeon on tho alley on Court
Btreet by Schuyler Klghtllnger, also
by David Bcott, Jr., hostler In tho
Basov stables, and later by two persons
in North Balem. Scott attempted to
ton the man but ho drew a weapon
and bcott did not relish attacking an
armed man In tho dark. Chief Dllley
and Patrollman Imtourelto went, out
In nursult and traced what thoy
belloved was tho fugitive, to a house on
tho Fletcher plate. When aroused a
man came to the door madoabreak
and dashed into tbe brush. Several
shotB wore fired after him but he flew
as on wings, and for the tlmo escaped
our vigilant police
At 3:30 a. m. Policeman Latourette,
Bert Bavago and Jas. Culver, went out
to the Fletcher place ou the Sllverton
road about five miles from Balem for
the purpose of continuing tho search.
They found the houso vacant where
Chief of Pollco Billy flrst flushed tbe
supposed murderer. In a house 60
yards west of the house flrst searched
they found two Chnamen,tbeoulyCht
uamen In that part of the country.
They were brought In and will bo held
to appear at tho prcllmlutuy-triul. Oco
of tho Chinamen arrested had a ban
dage over his head, but It proved to be
from a cut received about a month ago.
These Chinamen are not believed to
bo connected with tho murder but are
held as witnesses to prove the Identity
of the other Chinamen on tho Fletcher
pluco In tho hopo of getting an accurate
description of tho man who did the
killing and resisted tho police there.
A Jouhnal reporter who went over
tho grounds today on the Fletcher place
and It Becms tho pollco made a bad mis
take In attempting to arrest n white
man, whoso house thoy had mistaken
for a cblua shack, and who in turn
mistook them for burglars.
Tho pollco camo to tho Fletcher
place betweon eloyen and twelve o'clock
and got ono J. A, Herndou, a renter
on tbe Fletcher place, out of bed. lie
camo to tho dour, and seelug three men
two of them armed, ho started back,
thinking them burglars. As ho wont
tooloso tho door one of tho police
stepped up and ho pushed him back
when the otner policeman hit him on
tho head with a revolver, cutting a
gash over his skull, leaving It open
about an inch, which bled profusely.
At this Herndou took fright and run
out tho back way, hiding in the brush,
and dually esoapiug to Curtrlght'a
house near by, where he was cleaned
up and remained over night. He had
only ,hla pants and hat on, uud the
pollco evidently mistook him for a
Chluaman and had a Hlrugglo with
him, and flrod three shots at him. Jack
Horndon has lived thero slnco March,
has a wife and 'two children, who are
away on a visit, The China shack
tho pollco woro looking for is betweon
Curtrlslit's and Herndou's, and
threo Chinamen live there, Hong, Bam
aud Jo. Hong Is the man who was cut
In a iliut thereabout a month ago by
another Cblnaman. Hong aud Sam are
tho men now under arrest. Bam aud
Hong aro partners In Fletcher'a hop
Frauk Moorcs, ono of Balem 'a wheel
uion.wlillo on hie way homo last night,
found the scabbard to be a elx-looh
dirk, the discovery of which will lend
valuablo assUtauce to the pollco offlcers
Iu ferreting out tho guilty party of last
ulgbt'a dastardly work. Whllowulk
Inc along tho south side of Court street
hn noticed something lying on the
crossing of the alley betweon Liberty
aud High Btreet. Wishing to know
what It was ho picked It up and took
It homo with him. This morning,
when he heard of last nlght'a murder
Moores at once came down town and
Continued on fourth pje
Convention Declaro for Geld aid
Whole Town Turns Out to Wd
coino Old Liberty.
. r)b
Thero are Indications of a crlsls.ln
tbe Northern raoltlc receivership
aflalrs. Tho Jurisdiction of Judgo
Jenkins of the Mllwaukoo federal court
successfully assailed, and
English CollcKoAthlotcs TakoOno
Second Plnco.
1 r I mpii" J fcfCM
e. Jrtrr
fjmitEU- .--.
should be all right afoot ran in lother
ways. With tbem good shoes ore
everything. Everything good In ft rt
wearforboyBia Bbown In our RM-t
elock-Bhoea for Bchool, for work, for
play. Bhoea for all occasions and kinds
of wear except short wear. All our
.,.. r lnnc wear, and long wear
Bhoea aro invariably the cheapest. ,MW
re ant to be hard on Bhoefl.and accoru
Inclv their Bhoea must be aaapieu iu
rough usage. There's economy u
raring shoes with plea ly of wr In
tbem. Get your boys'.Bhces of us ana
e&Ve money.
d d 2
LXJ - C w -
fe L CO S fi d
3 :. bs c u
j- sV llli r
tf 2 . 2 S
(f) S o
S3 ' S 8
1 i r rJ
J J, ; m R w
Boston, Oct. 5. Tho Massachusetts
stato Itepubllcan convention uaot to
day, 939 delegates being present. Tbe
platform adopted declares for protec
tion of nil Industrie, nays government
should not permit freo coinage silver
at any ratio not established by internal
national agreement, advocates legisla
tion to protect tho metalllo money ro
servo from concerted attacks of specu
lators and demands matntainanoe of
the Monroe doctrine. Governor Green
nolge was unanimously nominated for
governor. Hon. Roger Woloott was
nominated for lieutenant governor.
William L. Ohn, secretary of state,
Edward B. Shaw, treasurer, and Re
ceiver General John M. Kimball, audi
tor, Hosea M. Koowltom, attorney
Old Liberty.
PETEnsnrjHO.Vtt., Oct. 6. The trolu
bearing tho liberty bell arrived hero
today and was met by a vast crowd
which continued to Increase nntll tho
entire town appeared to havo turned
out to do homago to this national bis.
torical relic.
.it- 1 - - -
Vtabort, sharp Juatfee. v
Chattanooga,-Teuu., Oct, 6. Neal
Smith, a negro who committed rapo
and probably murder upon tho person
of Magglo Henderson, at Cole City, was
takcu from jail last night by about ISO
men, and riddled with bullets.
Smith confessed ana was mutilated
In a fearful mnnuer by tho girl's father,
Wrcoam Henderson, who subsequently
cut on" tho ncgro'a ears. He waa solzeu
and held wbtlo one of the crowd
pounded his Angers oft Joint, by joint,
quo Uogor at a time, until his hand
waa a ehapoless mass of bloody Jelly.
This was dono because ho In tho otrug
glo to BUbduo Miss Honderson ho had
bitten oil ono ot ono of ber Angers.
Each man their took a turn at shoot
ing at him until whon hn died he must
have had four or five pounds of lead In
him. Ho was literally shot to plocea
uud tbe bloody pulp, which ouly an
hour beloro bad been smith, wan put
Into a hastily prepared pi 10 of brush
wood and buruod until not a scran of
bono romalned.
Missionaries Bafo.
Washington, Oct. 6. United
States Minister Ternll has oablod Sec
retary of tho Navy Herbert ns follews:
"Thero has been tranquility at least
forty-elgbt hours. Klamle Pasha was
appointed grand vizier. Dreading tho
InAueuce in distant province? of recent
event', I have renewed my demand for
efleotlve protection of missionaries.
A Bad Tire.
Foiit Collins, Col., Oct. 6. The
Colorado Milling & Elevator Com
pany's Aour mills aud elevator burned
early today. The loss Is estimated at
12S,000, partly Insured. The Are la a
heavy blow to one of the town'a leading
A Noted Virginian.
Wabainqton, Oot. 6,-General Ma
hn. I Htuadllv crowInK weaker and
unable to take nourishment. It la
feared he will not live through tbe
night. m
Cuban Cyclone.
Havana, Oct. 6.-Uurlng a recent
cyclone In the province Plnar Del Bio,
10 persons were drowned, eight miss-
Meals ouly 26 conU and tbe very best
at Strong's
Save money by buying your aboea at
the Palace.
Make Balem a better home market
Porcelain Baths 209 Com'l btrewt.
Or. Price's Crea Baking Powder
WtA'm PIr Hlbbrt.ft- Mf"-"- '
bavlncc been
bis recclvera, Oakes, Payne and Rouse
having beeu called to rendor an ao
count of their trauBaotlona. Judgo
Hanford of Seattle, surprised the
wbolo fraternity of corporation looters
by refusing to recelvo their realisations
and summarily removed them from
offlce. Judgo Hanford had ordered
them to mako theft flnal report to him
October 2. Aa they had never complied
oven with tho formality of making
monthly reports to Joukln's court, thoy
supposed that Judgo Hanford'B order
was a mere formality and paid no
attention to his order to appear aud Hie
their accounts. He has removed them
and summoned them on a chnrgo of
contempt. Their attornoy, ono O. W.
Bunn, camo across thocoutluont In a
special train to appear and tender their
resignations of tho great trust they
have betrayod in tho most Insolent
manner since nearly two years ago,
and ho bad the temerity to appear be
fore Jndgo Hanford aud say that It was
not tho lntentloq or tho old recelveVs to
Alo a roport ou (.uj day Bet. The ques
tion Is, are our federal courts mere
dummies for corporation swindlers ta
optrate behind? j
It la a faot worth no lng that nearly
all tho Uulteit .States senators from
Washington, Moqtaua, aa woll aa ex
ponatora and congressmen wore present
lis counsel for tha. rotton receivers or
th"e Iwaltrupt corporation, and the
judgOBern8to bojthe only man who
represouiou iuo psypiu. i""ju "
to eay to ono nf them: "1 will
direct the clerk myself in tho prepar
ation of that ordor!j Tho lawyers and
stockholdora whfuiavo been at work
for a long tlmo "to bring tho rovton
rocelverBhlps of tho Oakes, Payuo,
Rou outfit to Justice aro delighted
over tbe manly stand of Judge Hanford.
At last they havo found a federal Judgo
who will not bo bulldozed. Payuo was
nothing but a tool of Vlllard. He was
a Milwaukco ward politician; then
postmttstor.theu In coutrol of tho Great
Northern PaciAo railroad through
iiwiun.Tnnklns. who beam all tho car
marka of being- pliable and corrupt
politician In tho haudaof tho corpor
ation wrookers. Brayton Ives Bhows
that there was collusion from the
beginning In the appointment or mo
recelvera Just removed, and Judge
Jenkins was probably R political
creature of tho sarao powere that make
a dictator out of Bucb men aa Puyno.
If Judgo Hanford does bla duty he
will give Payne, Route aud Oakes oach
a teim in the peuitontlary for the way
thov havo conducted tho receivership
of this great property that the govern
ment and tbe neo'plo of tho Uultod
States havo auob au onormouii Interest
in. Ives ahow that lost year $200,000
was paid out in attornoy feeB ulouo on
tho Northoru PuclAo,and no ono knows
bow many hundred thousand to tho
receivers, their strikers nu corrup
tlonlsta. A full showing of what la
dono with tho mlllloua or uoiiurs ro.
celvrd aud disbursed by such a rail
road would opeu the oyea of the people
to the inlciultlea practised lu tho uamo
of justice in tue leuerai couria. x.
would bo seen that inatead or llitlr
affording protection to tho peoplo to
who pay the fares and frolgbta, these
courts aro largely the oreaturea of the
politician lawyera who mado the Judges
and who In turn aro rewarded with
ouormoua fees. Iu ouo Instance where
a law Arm were attorneys for threo
railroads, one became congressman,
Ho got anew United Status dlstrlul
court created, ouo partner became
udge, theotbor became clerk aud tbo
congressman represented all three
corporations at Washlugtou.
All Orccon peoi'lo remember the
rniin tirbrt a few years ago mado by
Senator Dolph to buvo ula brother
mdn (Bderut ludne to nuccesd ine late
Judge Dottdy, although 1U0 aiau pro
nosed to All that great Jurist's seat on
tue bench waa auout. a miru-raie
lawyer. A light was made on him by
a small newspaper aud lie waa defeated.
Theu tho political boi of Oregon was
nronosod and a general protest went
i) n from tbo people and President
Harrison appointed Judgo Gtlbtrt, of
Portland, 'inero Uut never beeu any
direct evldeuce that Judges Oilbertor
Hanford were mere dummy Judges
fctuok up to deceive the pubilo uud lor
corroporation whjuijo- . " ""
selVM behind. If Judgo Hanlord will
nr .uiel Prtyne-oial 10 muko u
.i,ninff to the oublic Of tbe receipts
.ml ilthoursemeuta at their bauds aa
receivers, and matte Receiver Burleigh
show every mouth bow uiuoti wouey
la taken In and how mucu U paid out,
be will render a great public service.
Gets a Sentence of Fifleea Years
for Wife Marder.
Portland. Oct. 6. W. E. Ella
worth, recently convloted of poisoning
his wife, was sentoucod today to fifteen
years imprisonment and to pay a Ano
of one thousaud dollars.
Americana Win.
MAnhattanfikld, N. Y., Oot. 0.
Tho athlctlo games between the Bons
of Ell and Cantal, scheduled to take
placo here this afternoon, promise to
bo very Interesting. Tbo recent de
feats which English visitors met with
on land and water havo stirred up the
Cambrldgo men and Captain Horan
declared his men would do their best
to turn tho tide of HI luck this afternoon.
In tho 100 yard dash Richards of
Yalo, Arat Burnett; of Yale, Bocond.
Tlmo 10i seconds. In the 120 yards
hurdlo, Cody of Yale, Arst; Pllklngton
of Kings oollege, second. Time 10 wo
ouds. In tho 800 yard run, Rlohards
of Yalo won; Lemlroof Trinity ball,
second. Time 80 2 6.
In tbo hair mile run, Horan of Cam.
brlugo won; Crane of Yalo second.
Time, 2:02.
Putting 10. pound shot Hlokorlsk,
Yalo, won 42 foot 2 Inches.
Highest of all in Leavening i. uwu.
Damon and Pythias.
This great historical drama to be
given under the ausploea of Central
Lodge No. 18 Knights of Pythias and
directorship of Prof. Win. Rasmus In
honor of tbe grand lodge meeting to be
held In this city on the evening of tbe
Oth and 10th lnut'Is the II nest of his
torical dramas. Tho Spokane Chrontole
speaking of Prof. Rasmus dollneation
of tho character of Damon 1m com
parison with Ward, James, O'Nell and
other adorn of national reputation
says: "Ills conception of tho part la of
tho very boat, his acting In tbo senate
scene of tbo second aot being especially
line: Not eudulgluglu the slightest
degree or ranting but perfectly natural
yet extremely dramatic. Tbe Calanthe
of Mrs. Win, Rasmus la ono that can
not but win the heartiest words of
praise. Tho balanco of tho oast la made
un of the very best local talent, and
tho Kuluhts of Pj'thlfts assure tho
pubilo a raro dramatic treat."
1 m
Halom and Eastern Quotations Cor
rected Dally.
OiucAoo,OcU6.-WUeat,eiuU MJicj Dee.
NKW Yobk, Oct. 5,-BUver, Mcj lead, WJ0.
BAW KuAMOlsoo, Wheat,, 91X1
Wol-UrtKou,cbolce,D0l)o; lniorlor, tKgrto;
Iloiw-Uuotiibleat46o. , . .,
l'ouuxM-J&.riy iUo..U)QWa; IlutbanlM75o
u -MIUinK. VV4I.0J
1'outlank, Oct 6. Wtieul uncbanged.
WulUi nulla, 4lc .... .....
Flour foruund, J.47 UeaUin oouaty, 13.75;
Bwiui,Jjia;uprHu,J.6prtui, , ,
0i-wnil. , rey, MitU, roUod, In bags,
S.7xAW, tNirici, ww0j omen, 11.79.
1'uwuM-Niiv Orguo, (WfliWo tu.
lUy OooU, iiV Upvt voa.
wool Vmiy.lu4lfa. ...... .
MIUlun-Uruu, iilWCi ihorU, 112.50; chop
lii .lJifilA imp uiu! rvH HOa nera.
niuo.-tff.ou. Muled, oj id biOx uuder.W lbi,
7yijo .U.p puiu, nv7iO,
Jluix ounmi unu. .
iiuiKr oickju luuoy crcimery, MAZiUr,
Cuujy d4ir,i7Kftoo; Iklruiuod, lttlV,
(jUeoo-creou mil ere.'", lOSllo.
fc;-JiOJl J74 1. ,do.
fuulury wuioeu.. H.UatA pr doi; duoki
tiMUvtUli gouM, f3,uwd.U, turksyn, llv
o.tVoputii,2y4iaptrti loir to good
ur,aHjai ww,i-Xo; dnt4 ixxf,
u.lun-Uit bed, JUJaXOO; cbotos ewea,
1 TMiUE flrtMitd. 44).
iil U'ulu. neary. H6oa!l,7S; light and
uet,U.,dreiea, $. ,. .
VtMi ouiuii, cnolce, tut,, titrge, Sato t .
WhukU-WHiVoa. MB
lUi-l)iei. cheat. 13,405.00; tlrnotliy HO.
loar.iuwUoiw. lou. SiM-, reutl, txspj
bran. buU ViJ, imckad, HIMr, horla, ,flW
UCW, cuop loua. lli.WuU.W,
-'Sunday Balom Baptists dodlcata a
new and enlargod houso of worship.
Thero Is hardly a throe-month passes
by that this city of ohurchos does not
opon a new or Improved houeo of roll
glous worship. This speaks woll for
our city, aud is a just causo of prldo to
any community. Thr Journal be
lieves In churches and schools. This Is
a trlto saying, but in tbo case ofa mows
paper It Is almost a matter of business
to say so, and lo baok up tho saying
with a contribution. Bo not a church
goes up that Tub Jouhnal as an intel
ligent newspaper does not cheerfully
gl7o to tho extent It (la ablo. From to
16.00 to (26.00 baa gono into overy new
ohuroh erected In tho county and we
believe It to bo a good business Invest
ment. Churches moan homea and
families, lhe church Is supported by
tbem. It may get support from popu
lation othor than households, nut we
may say cburchca aro composed of
families, and families aro tho baokbone,
tho Bubetanco or tbo community.
Families read newspapers and Christ-
Ian families aro tho bone and new of
society and tbe state.
An established church with an estab
Ushed'pantor, Is entitled to tho support
of all Intelligent busluess and profes
sional mou, aa a matter of conservative
busluess Judgment. Tbe paBlor should
be a resident, a citizen, whoso llfo and
incomings and outgoings are part of
tho life of tho community. Ho should
be a man of somo means and abovo
small impcounioslticB, ablo to put his
services and bis oplulous abovo tbe
reaoh of of pecuulary bias, ovou of bis
supporters. Ho should bo an Indepen
dent man aud a business man. We do
not mean that he should put his torvlces
on a business footing or that ho should
put business before prlucl pics of rollglou
ho should not, but be should pay
bis bills, avoid jewing or doadbnatlug
because ho la a minister. Suoh a man.
peiformlng all hla duties sa a citizen,
preaching tho gospel, fulflllinac hla
mission aa a man ordained for a dlvlat
calling, he is entitled to respect, e
couragement nnd support. Woconfee
to baying llttlo use for a transient clww
called ministers, a majority of whom
leavo tho community nono the bettor
and tho causo or religion mucbdamg4l
for a year or two spent In Its servlot.
A minister who can live In a town
threo, Ave or ten years, and wear well as
a man, a neighbor, and a fellow christ
ian, Is entitled to bo considered almost
a holy man. It la n trying profession.
It is peculiarly trying In a con try
where there la scperatlon of chureit and
slate, and whoro respect finally attMbea.
only by reason of conduct aa a umii,
where tho cloth is no protection. But
in our country people learn all tu
moro to reBpcct a mauly man In the
pulpit, a man who docs not rely upon
tho sanctity of his calling to corapal a
ruspoct to which ho Is not otherwise
emitted. So wo welcome the dedica
tion or a now nud enlarged church and
the permanent Installation or a pastor
at Salem. May bis work prosper and
bis congregation flourish, Is the earnest
wish or all right thinking citizens.
Although we may not agreo on minor
details or bollef, all Americana can
unlto in tho spirit of liberality, tolera
tion and enoouragement that christian
meu and women nro over ready to ex
teud tooaoh other.
Tho wcathor forecast for Suuday is
Articles of incorporation wero filed
with the secretary of stato today aa
follews: Secret Society Hall Aasoeta
lion of Pendleton. CaplUl stock $3600.
Lot Llvermore, John Wattou and
James A.Howard,aro tbe Incorporators.
Also the Esst Side Water Supply com
pany, of Hood River. Capital took
200. W.F.JaQksou,IieviMiM.ralaB4
Virgil Wluchol are tbe lu corporators.
' w " '
Porcelalu Baths 200 Com'l street.
It's Going
To Be Cold
this winter. All the weather propheU sgree
on that point. So the whe woman will begin
now to look around for Cloaks and Furs and
Wrim. Tha rlpht lime 10 buy IDCll thine Is
before you need them. This gives plenty of
time to compare prices and qualities, and
olenty ot time to think the matter over and
mike up the mind, llelng suro before buyln
Is a good deal better than buying first an
finding out afterwards.
We are proud of our Cloak Department.
Fur Capes,
We will sell any of the samples sent us for
display during lhe fair at the lowest prices
ever known for such goods. Pilce range from
$13.50 to $60 aud Include the highest degreo
of perfection.
the leading athletic conet. Price J 1.50.
Just Opened
another lot of Fine Capes and Jackets
boude, aitrakan, beaver, pluth ana
far the prettiest line hereabouts,
number Is a leader from $4.50 to a
Dr. Warner's
Coral ine
give case, comrort and grace. Four mlllloa
women are today wearing tbem.
Don't put It off If your are going to buy lot
in fall or winter; buy now and g a waoi
by season's wear and comfort out of your cloths.
The Fair!
and 2 Lamp Chimneys Only 4c and
TTnderwear. Tauie i-iHBu,
No. 1
87v"e' VvenwTowellng,
a.rru.7,M u'ovc"
PiOtlOns u - i ,. rti .
And for Tablets ana awes never aw u"sy
Window Sbadea, Boap,
Oranlteware. BrooooB
BoyB Clnihlng, Matches
tSrPrlce our Goods
The Fair!
gjpp, B, ?o charge for admittance
Bbeep Uv,H40.
liopa await uwo,
Uutwr-ltoit dairy, 15039 fancy creamer
c'becM 1011)0. ' ,
yrm Sooua MeaU-Haooa.80; bama ll;o,
rouloets-Nsw, 30 V bo .
Dolon .
With largo hooks.
Evory pair
We are sole agents for this brand.
ALL "WOOL SUITS-Goaranteed to wea
to your liking or money refunded.
Working Suits,
$4, 46, $8.
Una complete.
new. "
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