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25o. A MONTH
The Auoclatsd PtcuDiHy JyituU' by trull.
No rpf icnt liojfoti t tlm uid tor
VOL. .
no. tft
lliiiMiallj Heavy Rains
Past Week.
era; second, due to tbeexpeusoof pick- late rains; in mauy sections the loug,
Tho Local ami General Proiluco
PoiiTl.ANi), Bopt. 18. The govern
ment ropoit for WeHtorn Oregon for the
past week Is na follews:
Woather Rain has fullen almost
overy day during tho past week, being
heaviest in Douglas, Josephine, Coos
and Curry counties, where It has
amounted to over two Inches; In other
counties from 1 to 1 iuchea have fal
len. The rnlnfull for tin? month to date
exceeds the average amount for the
month, Aud In places Is tho heaviest on
record, excepting September, 1893.
There ban been no wind accompanying
t to rain. Tho temperature during the
d y hourH has been lower than during
tho preoeoding week by from 0 to 12
degrees, It ranging from 64 to CO de
gree; tho nlghi temporuturo ranged1
f otu 42 to 64 degrees, which was ul
ui-jst Identical of the week preceding
Tho heaviest rainfall occurred on Wed
nesday, tho 11th, Inst, on which day
no BUiifthluo was recorded. On tin
othor days of the week tlu-ro was n
greater or less amount of sunshine,
though Idrliclent in amount. Tho at
mospliero Is now entirely cleared of
Crops Tho grain crop Is entirely out
of the reach of damage from the rain,
but damage has resulted to tho hops,
Undor tho most favorablo climat'c
clrcumituncea some bop yards would
noHinve-lflKstrplcfced, duo
tug and low price ot hops; third, tho
presence of lice In the yards and conse
quent poor quality of the hops. These
drawbadks, in a limited degree, where
the ontire hop area Is considered, have
been materially Increased by the un
favorable weather conditions; hence
the cause of the expeslou, damage has
been done by tho rains. The dumage
Is not so much in tho direct as in the
indirect wav. The rains bavn delayed.
I m - -
j discouraged and prevented tho pickers
from working. The direct damage to
tho hops must yet be done. If tho
woather should become mora favorable
which appears to bo probable, from tho
mlddlo of tho preseut week, aud if
with the more favorable weather there
should be a cool, dry wlud, there will
be little direct damage to the hops, for
they will then dry out before tho mould
can materially aflect them, Borne
mould Is uow, prevent on the bonsfbut
It no nuro Bhould occur, the direct
damage will be very small Indeed. Of
course In those yurds already nllected
by mould Ihere Is danger of Its being
Increased very rapidly. So, also, those
with lice In them; warm, rainy weather
Is favorable to tho development of tho
lice, and those yards already lousy will
most likely have a material Increase in
the number or lice. In the cleuu
healthy hops there will bo found little.
If any, damage done. In many seo
tlouB picking was commenced before
the hops were thoroughly ripe, hence
tho fact of the rain delaying the pick
lug will most likely result lu benefits.
Tho rains have lojurod tho prune
crop to a slight extent by causing the
prunes to break open. This dumago Is
not of material extent, but that some
loss will bo caused thereby Is nit quest
ioned. Tho shipment of peaches, ap
ples, pears aud prunes by tho 'car and
train load contluues. Tho season has
been very favorablo to fruit lu general,
aud as a result much activity now pre
vails In shipping and In drying,
Tho rain has been of benefit to late
norn and to lato vegetables. Tho early
dry eenBou proved 'o be Injurious to the
potato crop. The rains have beeu
beneficial to grain and to the ranges
and has put the ground lu good con
dition for fall plowing.
The heavy rains, bo early In the bp-
sou are rerv unusual, and It li reason.
able to presume that a period of fair
weather will prevail. Tho rains have
not beeu caused by the pure winter
type of storms, aud until theso types
aro shown, longer periods of fair weat
her will prevail, than wheu the winter
type of btoriss occur. The summer
typo of weather condltlous has disap
peared us is shown by the southerly
path of the last two areas of high pres
sure which passed eastward, and this
shows the disappearance of tho sum.
mer-weather type. It Is more than
probable that from Wednesday fair
weather will prevail for Borne time.
OHICAOO, Sept. 18 -Wheat, cashj 6
Nkw Yoiik. DepU 18.-Hllver, KHa lead.W au
Han Kuahcisco, BcpU 18. Wtfeat, 91)0
W moI 4 Irrgou, choice, && 10c; lu (trior , 7c;
Hopd-UiioUbleaHSOJ. . .
l'otntocs-Korly Komi, 603 Wc: Uuibaofc7So,
tu s-MlltlUg, UViJl.05
I'onTl.A.sli, Hept. 18. Wheal, valley, 47r,
Wnllu ttuha,4lc.
Klour rortiutid, i.85i HenUm county, J1.H5;
eraham.nbl; superfine. -7 6 par Dbl.
oau-Wuiie. litftae: milling, i2Va,:Mc; hi?',
23331c; rolled. In Imk. I j.763UU); tmrrcls, I3,W
4,U,V2i; cases, 8 US.
Potatoes- NrfW Oregon, 35&x bu.
Hay -0od, tiiiV.lS per too.
Wool-Valley. UetliM.
Mli:Uins-ltrau, Il0.50i Khortfl, 112.50; chop
itwii, HftallTpcr tou; cuickuu wucul, bOjiJper o.
Hides Br on, salted OU lbs SXv, undcr.u) Ibi.
vquiuo. kurv,f ifciui, .vaum v
Hops .Nomlual at 4c,
llUHer VI
fancy Uatr
A Millioii-poltkr Loss at Indian
ajntlii Indiana.
Great DunuiKO
LIV8 Lost.
and Si'veral
rr. !Vai7
ItQlbv, lair tuBOOd, 1WW,
liutier Oregon laury creamer;
inov unirv.
common. 7o
fhrcio-oiegon full crua, 10(311 .
Kggs uri'KOU, 1U0IIU (lor uux.
l'outtry-culcaou. per de: duokn
$anX-Ji.M ctxne, fJ,00(it.(W, turkoji, UresseJ,
tfo'f Topsteers, 2:io per B; lair to good
Btecrn,2i;aiac; cow,!i;aKoi dressed beer,
Mui'tnn Bost beef, tl.7SiS.00; choloa ewes,
Hogs i-holco. heavy. t,60aS,74;. light and
leaders, S.1JJ0: dreod, 4c V B. , .
Veal amul), choice, 6u", largo, 3uo
iNDIANArOLlB, Bept. 18 -Via.
long distance telephone. At 0 o'clock
this morning a tire broke out lu tho
live story building on Washington
street, between Meridian and Pennsyl
vania, occupletf by RiHtmau,
Bchlelghtcr Jc Leo'. It spread Immedi
ately to a ttoneVutldlng ou theeuBt,
occupied by tlio Iiidlaun Nutlouul
bunk, theuco to th'e Uultcd Kttes and
American expreBsljulldliigs. The tiro
waB communicated to tho five story
Western Uulon Jbulldlng, fronting
south ' Merldlau etrtet. Kastman,
bchlelgnter A. Le. ll,tt I iitilii Na
tional banlc and Express otllceR luvc
beeu entirely destroyed. I.ons Is estl
muled at thl9 hour nl about n million
doll tw. i
Oyclono In Indiana.
Dctiioit, bept. 18. A special to tho
tJyenlng Nowb tels of a oyolone that
spread over qulto apportion of the stato
last nlRbt, Port AuBtln reports the
heavleVt storm fiver known there.
Damage was' dono to buildings and
three lives Jt lu Iumo township. At
8aud UeHoif nearly every building was
Wheat-sac v bu.
finti i)n22Ur: new 18o,
... ii.Uft .Iimi UFjufinh I mninv.
Klour. la wholesale lou, JifiO; retail, I2.H0:
II ay-
(r. InnllllllV
to eecure cash for tho payment of pick- vegetublea will not be improved by tho
.. 5,Wa8.00; timothy, tlM.
Klour. la wholesale lou, run; retail, x.w;
bran. buU tU.W; sacked. I12.U); ihoru, SIlMOa
Itou; cnop leoaiUiw!."",
Hogs Unsted, .tyia. , -, ,.
Uvu Cattle-HJo-
Hiicep i.ive, now.
Wool lies t,KKc
Hopa-llent, i7c.
Ksub Cash, 100.
liiitier-UotaAlrr, itlSl fanoy creamery
ooeese 10al2)o.
varva. Hmoked Meats Buoon.dc; hami ll;o,
shoulders, 7o.
l'otaioc new,oji uu.
Onions 2c ......
Poultry Hrollersi7c; hens, 80; dunl,.tt7o.
Torkevs-UiHo. . .
llartletl Dears S5o bu.
Apples WaSftj OU.
l'eachei ll.Vbu.
1'lums-aVi bu.
Jubtlco Court."
The caso of the state of Oregon vb.
Billy Tom, a Blletz Indlau, lor assault
with Intent to kill, upon ono, Isaacs, n
Grand Ronde Indian, was called In
Justice H. A. Johnson's court at 2
o'clock this afternoon, and will prob
ably not bo concluded until lftto this
afternoon. Wrn. Kaiser Is consul for
the defondant. while Acting Proeecut
Ing attorney D. C, Bherman conducts
the prosecution. A number or wit
neses are being examined pro aud con.
Tho Palace shoes are good. If.
At prices that will surpris ) you.
Cull and see our now quarters.
riii ""Wi Jf sxALEY, PRINCIPAL.
School in oonUnuous seul.u Bt"d?.yui puwu?' to attend a
will My tUose who expect to PW SrrSor buslneii training may be had
Cinw. WllSge oner, live courses:-
Business, Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship and English.
This isfr's'.Uvely the only
!uPi;SmlMar, -a---
LTablets, Oil u oin, xu. .-, .- . . for
ra0tThe SS: Xtih A save you money.
Thonaragraph In yesterday's JoUK'
NAL which eald "ex-Gov. Fletchorand
Frank Toevs, of the Dally Post and
Independent, are Republicans and re
pel tho Inference that the publish u
PopulUt paper," was not strictly cor
reel. What we Bhould have Bald Is that
"ex-Gov. Fleloher and Frauk Toevs
deny that tho Post Is a Populht paper.
They nay that It is purely Independent
In politics.
""iTftiT foT Warrants.
N tlco Is liortby given that 1 have
funds in baud to pay all outBtuudlng
warrants and ucciueu miciw. i
S...:.i., 1 lfiOl.und that luterest on
same ceaaes Irom this date. uiin.o,
Treasurer Marlon County, Oregon.
September 7 1605.
City Warrants.
Notice Is hereby given that I have
funds appllc&ble to tbe payment of all
warranu of the city of Salem drawn on
the "general fJiid." aud eudortd be
fnra June 22. 1896. Also warrants
numli red 2487, 2483, and;2469ltudorml
n the 22d. lutbrest will cease on eald
warrants from the date of Ibis notice,
warrant BwAFFOllD,
City Treasurer.
Bttlem, B?pt. 7, 1895. 0 7 lOt
i - '"
. ... t tutn4 nf lha kid-
neys. It will oertainlv be relieved by
Parks Bute Cure. That headaobe,
backache and tired fellng come from
the same cause. Aak for Parks' Bure
Cure for the liver and kidneys? price
$1.00, sold by Lunn A Brooks. 19-4
more or Uwi damaged. Near Kludo
two children of Rjlc'iurd Tott woro
killed by falling timbers. Others woro
. -- -0tber0a8altle8-- -
MlNNKAi'OLis Sept. 18. The west
bound passenger train of tho Boo lino
leaving bore, met with a serious acci
dent near Anuandulo, Minn., about
noou. By tho spreading of the rails,
the two rear coaches wero ditched.
Miss Kutlo Hansen, of Elbow Lake,
Minn., sustained Berlous Injuries, and
13 othor passengers, Including W. D.
Washburn, Jr., a son of tho ox-senator,
were more or leas brulBed.
Cleveland, Bept 18,-Mra. Henry
Nolan tried to start a lira with kero
sene today, pouring oil from the cau
Into tho Btovo. A terrlflo explosion
followed and almost In an Instant Bhe
was enveloped lu llames. Bho suc
ceeded In getting out of tho houso with
oue child, Willie, who was aoverely
burned. A child, Henry, was dead
when found, Mrs. Nolau will die.
Omaha, Bept. 18.-A Bp' clal to the
Kee from Dodge, Neb., Bays: This town
Is almost wiped out by 'fire. Forty
business houses have burned with con
tents, and as muuy residences. The
damago Is over $100,000. A llorco wind
was blowing at tho time. Muny accl
dents occurtd du.lng tho lire. Tho
property was well insured.
Vancouvkii, B. 0., Bept. I8.-J0I111
Molded, an employe In the Hastings
mill was struck in tho groin. by a splin
ter thrown from a saw. He was fear
fully Injured and died a few hours
later In the hospital.
Memories of Obicamauga'a Bloody
Chattanooqa, Tetin., Bept. 18
Not since tho bloody battle that
occurred here 33 years ago, have there
been bo many people In this region.
EftlmalPH as to the size nf the multi
tude vary from CO.OOO to 100,000. At
daylight people began to move towards
Chlcamaugs, and from that lime on
until tho afternoon trains and electric
cars reminded ono of those leading to
tho World's fair at Chicago. The
orowds were well handlea.
The first evout today whs thudcdlca
Hon of tho Michigan Blalo monument
ou Bnodgrass hill, tho point at whloh
Governor Rich delivered bis address.
In the northeast corner of Kelly's
Held the mouuments of Wisconsin
wore turned ;over to the government
at 11 o'clock. Tho veteran corps took
possession of Bnodgrass hill as soon as
thorn) from Michigan had llulshed.
Geuerttl Aqutlla Miller roadea.Bhort
mid ro.HH formally turuliiK the monu-
mints over to Governor MoKluloy,
who lu turn received them and trans
ferred tlioni to the national govern
meut. Tito Illinois mouuments were
dedicated on the slto where Widow
Glenn's houso stood during the battle.
It Is a few hundred yards southeast of
the famous "Bloody Pond.' It was 80
named becauso Its waters were red
with human blood after tho buttlo and
people living In tho vicinity Bay sluco
that terrible day animals huvo refused
to drink tho water. Govornor Altgtld
made an address, turning the monu
ments over to tho government.
Exercises nttcudaut upon the trans.
for of the Indiana mouumeuts to the
government took placo at.Llttle Hill.
Hon. D. R. McConnell made an ad
dons, turning the mouuments over to
Governor Claudo Mallnws, who re
sponded. The army of tho Cumber
laud hold Its tlrst business session this
morning. Tonight there will be a
Umoctlng at a big tont where General
0. F. Manderson, of Nebraska, will
deliver tho annual address.
Various Silver Societies
Now York Republican lctotnnd
Chicago, Bept. 18. Leaders of the
various free-silver movements were In
session at the Auditorium, endeavor
toagrco upon some plau ofuvlty of
purposo and action. They represented
a dozen different organizations of bime
tallic forces, aud throo of national
nhnrater tho Rlmotnllto League, the
nimtnllin Union and the national
silver organization originating with
the Memphis convention. Judgo Mil
ler, president of tho last named organi
zation, presided. General A, J. Wur
ner reprrseuted tho Bimetallic League,
aud Colonel Merrill, of Montana, the
f Bimetallic Union. W. 11. Harvey
advocated the consolidation. Judge
Miller was tbo principal advocate of
separate organizations.
Union of Forces.
Tho freo silver forces of the Uultcd
Btates will be consolidated and head
quarters established at Chicago. Gen
eral A. J. Warner will bo presldeut ol
tho consolidated body aud Edward B.
Light secretary. Thlsmuoh was agreed
upon at the conclusion of tho confer
eucoof tho silver leadors at the Audi
torium hotel last night. Othor details
of the consolidated organization will bo
worked out at tho session this afternoon.
Mat Ion.
Hop picking Is tho order of the day
notwithstanding the rain tho worrem
and children stick to the hop fields like
soldiers. A few dujamore will finish
tho picking here.
Itev. r It. Bcoll and faiullj ,of HeUla
MIIIh, were gucslM of W. J Hadliy tho
llrst of tho wtek.
Rov. B. F. Hluslmw and family, of
Sherwood, Washington county, bavu
been visiting relatives aud friends here
for tho last week.
Grandna Farhhara who has beoa
suffering for sometime with dropsy, Is
Improving so far tuat no is on tue
streets again.
W. 3. Hadley has the frame of his
new residence up.
The Babbatb school convention held
at the Friends church on the 12th aud
10th Init. was a success. Although
soveral from other points failed to at
tend ou account of rain, whose names
wero on the program, was quite a dis
appointment tnd lu tbolr failure to at
tend were tbo loosers thereby.
Rov. and Mrs. Hawarth went to
Independence last Buturday. Rev.
Hawarth still carries hU arm lu a sling
Cotton Exposition.
Atuanta, Bept. 18.-Cotlon States
and International Exposition was form
ally opened today. President Cleve
land set machinery in motion by press
ing the electric outtoii uv uuu"
Fur cainm aud callars at Dalrymples.
noun iNUUBTitna. Deserve your
entire patronage and are entitled to It.
When In need of soap call for ours and
I accept none otnerz-Salem Boap &
Chemical Workes
New Luce Curtains at Dalrymples.
Mtaa Gertrude Kefgger. of Oregon
City, was lo the city today, a guest at
the Willamette
iu-. Prtef'a Citza Baklsi VavAt
j VwM'f IUr HlftltMt AwkA
A Close Friend of JJurrant Changed
HU Testimony.
Ban Fhanoisco, Bept. 18. In tho
Durraut trial today tho chief witness
was Geo. U. King, organist, and asso
ciate of Durraut about Emanuol
ohurch, On tho afternoon of April 8
King went into tho church to practice
a uow piece. After ho bad beon there
a few minutes Durraut walked lu.
Durrani's hair was disheveled; ho
was palo and agitated und looked III.
Ho had his coat aud hat ofl aud ex
plained his appearance by saying that
had beon repairing a leak In tho gas
pipes and that he had beon overcome
by gas. He gavo wltnesH CO cents and
asked him to go and get him somo
bromo-seltzer. Witness wont to a
neighboring drug store and made tho
purchaso as requested.
Everything that could be constructed
as injuring Durrani's oaso could only
bo extracted from King with tho
greatest difficulty.
King, under skillful questioning of
tbo district attorney, finally admitted
that 11 had been suggested to him that
ho change IiIh testimony. The sugges
tion had beeu made In tho county Jail
by defendant, In 0 111 cos Duarant's at
torneys by Attorneys Deuprey aud
Dickinson. This answer created a tre
mendous sensation. Deuprey excitedly
lumped to his fett and shouted the
wholo story of his endeavoring to
change testimony of witness was a
myth In the bralu of witness. But as
If to disprove Deuprey's remark, Dis
trict Attorney Barnes lod witness to
say that he (King) was a close friend
of Uurrant and anxious to see him ac
quitted. The Big Prlzo Fight.
Austin, Texas, Sopt. 18. Goyernor
Culberson, who was seen today In
reference to Judge Heart- opinion
favorable to prlzo fighters refused to
xpreas bis oplnlon,but from bis action
it Is evident that be will use force to
stop the fight of Corbcttand Fllzilm
mons notwithftiudlng tho'lecllon,
New York Republicans.
SAHATOfJA, Bept. 18. Tno stato re
publicans convention closed Us session
nftur following closely tho work map
pod out by Its leaders. It named this
tfoket for presentation to tho pooplo of
this stato lu November next:
For secretary of state, John Palmer,
of Albany: controller, James E. Ro
berts, of Erie; stato Treasurer, A- U.
Colvlu, of Warren; state engineer, G.
W. Adums, of Ouoldu; attornoy-gen-oral,
F. E. Hancock, of Oneida; Judge
of tho court of appeals, Colonel Ora E.
Martin, of Broomo.
The platform demands enforcement
of tho Sunday liquor law, and tho ''pre
servation of the Babbath." It scores
tho democratlo administration for full
lug to defend tho rights of American
citizens resident or traveling in foreign
oouutrles, and for permitting foreign
countries to encroach ou the Western
hemisphere. Tho tariff ana tho hand
ing of tho deflclouy question by tho
lost democratlo oongrets reculyo con
demnation. A souud and stable cur
rency, giving tho people a dollar's
worth for a dollar, Is indorsed,
The return of prosperity Is hulled as
resulting (rem the election of a republi
can congress, iu giving confidence to
the people by ussurauco that further
tarlfl tinkering will be Impossible,
The ignorance aud the uuwlso policy
of passing an unconstitutional income
tax Is referred to, us well as tho favor
able record of tho republicans In con
gress In their opposition to that law,
Hop picking Is progrcbblug nicely
with but little slgus of tbo louse or
CljdeLafollett, of Mission Bottom,
has been furnishing wutermellous for
this locality lately. Clyde has an oyu
to business.
Miss Ida Harris bus returned to
Salem to take up her studies at tho
Wlllumetto university. .Success to you
Miss Iila,
P.P. Gouluttls hauling hli prunes
of which bo bus a fine vrop to tho dryer
near Balcm.
Mr. James Prunes la polo puller iu
tho Nowaomu hop yard.
Mr. James Freuchy finished his bop
harvest tho 17th.
M. L. Jones ami family attended the
funeral of Mrn. Jones' nnclo at Wood
burn today.
Flue weather for oho stato fair. Lean
to tho oars aud show our Eastern,
friends that tboy are not lu it. We
know whorefrotu wo speak.
We will put out blaoksailth .agalasi
any man lu America for oloao attention
to business. Ho is a hoover.
At times tho whlto toots nnke ua
think of days gono by whou tho boys
wore dressed lu blue. They are filled
with hop pickers uow though.
Latu potatoes are proving to bo Has.
Fall pasture will soon bd splendid.
At Iho Stato Fair.
Robert Scott of Mllwaukle writes:
"Hearing nothing about the barbecue
at Salem and tho fixing of the day on
which to huvo It as Pioneer day, I
thnuurht I would Jour tho memory of
our Btato Agricultural Society regard
ing the mattr. For my part ou tuat
day I would rather listen to short talks
by our old pioneers than to all the dis
cussions In the world between politi
cians. We farmers go to tho stato fair
to have a good social tlmo, and to learn,
Irom each other, and as fur us we can,
leave our politics at home, Bhould our
ritato Agricultural Society see lit, tet
them have some practical dairying
done ou the grounds, or somo leotures
ou tho best mode of dairying and farm
ing (for I do uot think there la a dairy.
........ m r.nnii. fill, wtln ..mi loam
11UUU "I IHimgi .,. wmi. ,...w ww -
Borne more; ami I kuow that souioof
our horticulturists do not know It all
yet). As tho fair Is going to last tit)
days, let us have a stock parade overy
day, aud at a time wheu most nf the
people cau seo It. Aud last or all, let
tho fair mauuk!ers oloso all entries ot
stock for premiums ut least tun days
before the opeulug or tho luir, so tuac
thev can net a catalogue printed giving
number of eutry, and names of all ani
mals una n.d, as well as breed aud age.
By dolug this, tho society will maka
money aud lbs dead sure men will gt
left, or ut&o bilug their tt ok to the fair
lu a thrifty condition.
Vest Still for Silver.
Nkw Youic, Sept. 18. in an Inter
view today Bouator Vest denies he left
the ranks of the freo coinage advocates.
Jus, R Davis returned this afternoon
from Shedds.
Architect P. II. Burggraf returwd
today from a busluess trip to Eugene
Rev. AV, C. Kantner left for Tlw
Dalles this afternoon where ho will
lecture before the Wasco county Y. P.
Mrs. II. A. Thomas and children
. ! .! tit lii ofrr ainvnit frtittt Vaus rft
IlkUIMWI IlilO HIVBIMWM aUU VV''Vtlr V f w .- - - - -
whore they have beon throughout the 8. C, E. couventiou tomorrow even
summer. 1 lug.
1 1 i-i,
jjwnsiii iiiuijiauu i' i1 '' jwa-ygw
Highest of all in Lcivcninar .r:. "v. ; I' 1 o't Report
iS P !,
Or. Prk' CrtMBST Powder
WorU'sPsI' "IjrHf M-4? ' V "tor
v-i,r"r- &??- '
4V.-.iirir wiw
,f n