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ThomuS 0. lMalt ltm'ives
tlio "ninst prominent republican pos- m
Blblllty," the Times says:
"Ilia acta and speeches are those uf
an bonest and earnest Btatesmau."
Important. Political Notts
oi' Jhnl):iy.
Baiiatoqa, Sept. 17. Cliauncey M.
Ddpow and Thomas 0. Piatt are both
conspicuous In tho Republlcau tte
oouvoutlon, which was called to ordei
at 12:30 today by Charles W. Hacketl,
of tho state committee. When Platl
entered tho hall there was a tremeud
ous uproar. Mon were standing on
tho seats and cheetlng vociferously,
while the baud played "Hull to tbi
A resolution was adopted endorsing
the nomination of Governor M irton
and expressing tho hope tha bin niuui'
in-iy be presented t the National He
ptthllcun oonveullon for llrnt place on
tho pretlde ntlal ticket.
Presidential Fossibllitlos.
London, Sept. 17. Tho Times In
the course of uti editorial, says, speak
sng of presidential pessibilities:
"After the Wilson turlll bi'.l com.
promise, Mr. Cleveland was the mosl
discredited man in Atuerlcau public
life, and tho sweeping republlcau vic
tory In November appeared to shut his
gate as a democratic lender. Curiously
enough, the teoond dlfl-'rence In his
paity saved his repuiatlou. He has
been sound on tho silver question all
tho Ume,andtbe -result'ofthe-oourage
and tenacity he has displayed is to
Improve the prosppciH of his party In
the coming campaign."
Harrison, town red, as it were.
Ah regards ex. President
7L - m
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A Pension Question.
Washington, Sept. 17. A member
of tho National Council of Adminis
tration of the G. A. K. boo been called
to discuss the question whether a
pension granted to a dlsabltd Boldler
becomes a vested right, or Is It subject
to rovlsiou or cancellation at tho option
ofsomo oftbo officers of the govern
ment. Political Gossip.
Washington, Bept. 17. Benalor
Vest Is said to have left tho ranks of
the advocates of free coluagu of silver
at 10 to 1. It Is almost assured that
iho president will appoint Hornblower
supremo judge in Jacksou's place. Hill
will no lunger oppose IiIb continuation.
Who Thoy Are.
Under the head "Who They Are"
tho Albany Herald prints the follow
ing this morning concerning two
prominent young men of Salem: Latu
last oveulug two apparently geuulnu
cowboys rode Into tho city, haying
came from Junction since 6 in tho
morning of that day. They sported tho
genuine costume la Its full pharaphor
nalla, Including genuine gauutlot buck-
skin gloves with all tho oruamenta
tions known to the best Indian urt.
Inquiry developed tho fact that they
were B. G. II I recti and H. D. Pattou,
two of Salem's brightest young men,
who had been on a horseback excur
slou taking in the promldent points
cast of the mountains, Including the
Indian camps and returning by the
McKenzle route. Thoy had brought
in a band of horses with them,
for what purpose it was to
decide, possibly they Intend to start a
horstllt-sh cauulng establishment ac
Salt-ui. All tho same they seemed to
have scooped whole gobs of fun on
their trip aud were the porsonlllcatlou
ri.olMi Inllllltv nnil linntut In hnvn
bushels or-fun. TtflSy pwaeu through
three feet of snow in tho vicinity of
tho Threo Sisters. It was their Inten
tion to ride into Salem about Wednes
day noon, and they will probably ere
ato an uproarous sensation, paint the
Prosecution Tracing the Move
ments of Prisoner.
Froccnliugs of tho
Trlnl Jlntl
lor i bees U where you ct tbe best U lit, tyle
and quality. Clothing that doan't nt la un
sightly, but ahoea that don't fit are both un
subtly and ralnlnl. Avoid unalghtllnesa and
.Uljooinfortby setting shoes that look well snd
eel comfortable becauaethey flt perfectly and
will wear well became iuperlor In quality.
Ourladle' ahoea preat tlie acwe of dwlr
ability in every poiUcular.wllhpiiceamore
attractive and rallies sweater than ever. We
have a very extonilve line ot low ahoea, w
every Uateronbe aulted at small figure
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Behl in. nUuou, i ael "ffiVoJ.Ya.SK purt' to atu mi a
Ban Pbancibco, Bept. 17. Tho de
fense Is trying to break dowu every
witness of the pn,secut(on. Aseaoh
testlfleR a long and apparently purpose
less examination by defense ioIIowb,
the solo object being, It Bfems, to en
trap the witness Into some uulmport-
ant contradiction. TIiuh tar they have
beeu unsuccessful.
Martin Q'llulan today testified that
on tho afternoon of April 3, ho Haw
Durrant aud a girl in u dark woolen
dress and leghorn hat. They crpsscd
Hartlett und Twonty-Beconn streets, go
ing toward Kmman'el church.
Slowly tiiu prosecution Is taking
Theodora Durrant up to thu Emanuel
Baptlet church door with Illaucho La
mont. Another long step was taken
Monday, and the two wero traced to
tho "Mlsslou" to tho comer of either
Valencia and Twenty-llrst stieets, or
Valencia mid Twenty-second streets,
If thoy left tho car at Twenty.Btcoud
street thoy were within 800 feet ol the
church door. Now tho next move in
the progression will undoubtedly be to
bring out tho testimony of Martin
Qululan, who says he saw Durrant and
tho girl at Twenty-second and Bar licit
streets. Then will probably como the
story of Mrs. Leak, who flaw them
enter tho church, and then the reluo
tant tale of Organist King, to whom
Dnrrant appeared flustered and heated,
and said ho had been overcomo by gas.
After lh!a there is Is still tbo pawn
broker's story of the attempt to pawn
tho dead glrl'a lings and tho other bits
ofcorroboratlvoovldenoe to bolster up
tho main case.
And after all that is ovor tho defuneo
will bcglu tho work of tearing tho
whole fabrlo to pieces, reuding the
chain link from link, proving inno
cence In the faco of an appearanco of
guilt, or of leaving tho whole caso be
clouded with doubt and conjecture.
Tho lawyers for tho defense, in tho faco
of all that Is piled up against them, are
easy and conttdont.
'We will clear him In threo min
utes," is an expression Bald to have
boon dropped by ono of thom.
Those who are admitted to tho court
room sit through the tedious hours in a
reeking atmosphere and hear little or
Moneaythey wero fairly well re
warded. They saw ono excitable wo
man, with a uerrnan accent, mepuuwu
from the witness chair and pilnt out
the defendant with a gesture thtt
would nave done credit to the most
thrilling of melodramas They also
saw a feeble old woman 'brought In, lo
cast her condemnation In tho prison.
er's face, to tell her story from the
brink of tho grave.
Hut It did uot disturb the prl'ner
Entosabod Miners Rowing Death Oor
" 1 tain Wioto to Fnands.
NkI ' Yi-RK, Bept. 17. A Hpeclal lo
the I erald from Vancouver It. C,
AU1 Ices received from the Australlnn
steam ;r Mlowern, says that thu bodies
of the victims of the Ktdnradn mine
dlsasti r have beeu recovered aller two
TheWn wero wrrklng h MoAver's
mine when Hie banking make to keep
of! tho river gave way, tilling the
outlet it tbe mine. They were ImpilH
omd Jlmost within bearing of the r
reecuirji. It took ixaolly 14 dujs lo
reach the dying men, aud In that time
all wcri beyond tbe need of assistance
Evidence of tho terrible Bufferings of
tbe poor fellows In their last momenta
wnre most heartrending. Believing
that thiw would bo eventually reached
by tho would-be rescuers, but knowlr g
that It would be tuo late, the men ei
, .! U .M
Asylum Hoard
tho Matter.
denlly held au autc-morlein council,
lor mosUof them wrote h tiers to frleuds
relatives from their living grave,
nd there wero evidences of Boleinu
Intercourse, before death ended their
terrible filtering.
All but ono of tbe men were found In
u naturally formed chaiubei, lying side
by fide liulelly, as If sleeping. They
wore peaceful expreeslous aud must,
before tleVh, have been lulled to sleep
by generated gas. By letters left they
had, however, beeu In conversation to
m.ihpr for 24 hours after their fearful
!..... Tim fill
of a victim,
linnrlsouuicnt. Tho following Is ono
of tho lot"torB, verbatim,
written in pencil:
"f am goltlug faint, no air. God pro
teot mo for the sake of my poor chil
dren and wife. Llzzlo, look after Hum
aud bring them up good. The momy
I have liiiiny box In tho bank Is to be
divided among thd llttlo ones. Make
the beHt of' what I have saved. God be
witli them. Klsu- them lor father'
sake. I forglvo my enemies. Lovo to
all that aro dear lo me. Good-hye, my
dearest children.
The messages wero written In tho
dark, and It took six hours to decipher
Dr. Bowlnnd Claims It Was Un Fotmer llcgimi'.
Tne ilate lusiue ay'.um board hoa
been In tes-slun today nearly threo
hours trying to straighten out n dllll
culty lu striking batuuets in the book
keeping In the stale lusauo asylum ao
pnnnln. flunorlntendout Vaup If re
ported to havedlscovereil dlecrepancles
ofsoveral thousand dollars aud asks
that thoy bo straightened out befure he
nwimoi r sponlblllty for the cash ao
Dr. Kiwland is reported to tako the
position that tne dlsorepinoles belong
in forninr naiinuemeut and did not
oceur under hit regime
The bookjfepor under his admlulH
ration Mr, Jay 0. dmUU t at Prlaoo.
The .board has had a long and
earnest consultation but no faots wore
glvcu to the press up to 3 o'clock.
N' reporters wero admitted to the
sessions of the board and nothing
could bo learned up to that hour from
any of tho parties dlrcot.
Tho couferouco of tho board with
Bunt. Palnu and ex-Bunt. Rowland
lasted from 11:30 a. m. to 3 p. m., when
iho board held a brief prlvato confer
ence, but neither Gov. Lord, Treasurer
MeUchan nor Secretary Klucald would
say anything.
Dr. Rowland returnod to hlsfarm at
Noblo this evening.
Evangelist Yattuan to Speak fiero
Before He Rounds the Globe.
Iho Rev. Yalmati, of Now York,
who captured hundreds of' Balemltes
last spring by his mngnetlo personality
and forceful, pungent presentation of
religious boilers, arrived from Seattle
last night. Mr. YatniaD can spend but
the ono day in Salem as ho is on the
way lo San Fruuclsoo, wheuoo he sails
for Honolulu, to begin hla around-tbe-world
mlselonary-evaugollstlo tour,
embracing Hawaii, Australia, South
ern Africa aud other countries.
Ho preached at tho First M. E
church today at 3 o'clock.
In tho evening at the First Prcsby.
torlan church ho will deliver hla
stirring nddress. Tho mon whom he
thrilled and Inspired at Balem Inst
March in his addresa, "Bowing Wild
Oats," will uot fall to hear liliii. The
oveulug service will be a farewell ,er
vlco to Mr. Yatman.
Tno eminent divine's vUit hero Is for
tho sole purpose of holding a graud
reunion with tbe maoy converts aud
other vtaunch friends whom he gained
du'lug hla former stay of two weeks.
Ono week ago he delivered his farewell
address at Oceau Grove betore au audl
euce of 6,000 people. During the course
of his remarks ho wbb Interrupted by
tho presentation or an elegant sllU Hag
by tho Rov. Dr. 1. II. 8lokea,to carry
with him on his prenant world illusion
ary tour. This emblem of esteem Mr.
Yatman prizes as tho ninst sacred of
his treanurcs. "Itwasglyou tome,"
said tho doctor today "that my loyalty
to It might provo my loyalty to Christ
Tho only reply I could glvo was 4I
would die for tins Hag, and how much
more for tho banuor of tho cros?' "
On the white margin of the bountiful
flag is Inscribed tho tixt which will be
made tho clarion note of all his presort
ing. It Is taken from Detit. xxxl;8,
aud reads as follews: Tho Lord, Ho It
Is that doth go before thee, Ho will. be
with thee, He will not fall thee
nor forsake thje." Also u complete
history of tho trip will bo written upou
Iti foldB,
Tho greatest part of Mr. Yotiuan'a
work will bo done in Capo Colony,
Southern Africa. The reflex notion of
tho. young English MdAinerleanB
theroTinotTTTirna'tlvettTls very great,
aud tho Held adopted by him will bo
W. T. Peel, at Cervallfy
Aconite lj Mtefcfa.
A. Crank Attacks tho Officials
Deal With Grime.
The Ddalter of Tncoma's Hank
Arrosti'.d in Clielmlis.
AiIIiliiYltH Filed by rromlnoiit
Jluslnes.s Mon.
ill pay lh.e "n?.wrjmVuflMurieof butlneu twining roay u . ,.
5SS?nfflc5 K lITif tlU.r llae oi
Duaineia College oflera nve ouurB.-
uuaineia twin" .. ,
Business, Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship and English,
Thla Ja'r-lvely the only.
m......-."..'..-.......-. -a
Tor bargains fl
voar. Hoiieiy. Window Shades, 1". Eovfl. CothinK,
Tablets, C
)U 0 loth, U nme ,ul , x j.. - , for
Sra FaiSr z s j
much. He frequently smiled at ins
mother ddrlng tho day, as If amused at
the broken English ot Mrs. Voxel, or
pleased with the efforts of h's cross
examlnera The mother Binlled In
return but It Is evideotjtbat the show
log of the prosecution Is worrying her.
She looks woru. The few white hairs
an her head seem to bIiow more. She
Is thinner thnn she was. It it her
Bollcltudo Is moat shown In the In
creas of her attention to her n.
When the testimony seems most
damaging eue can hardly keep her
hands off him, One hand will con.
stantly steal up along his back, a cares
sing, Billcltous hand, as If ehe yearned
to take him to her heart and balm hla
woes as she used to when be was
! or. Prk' Cr Uv wkr
TAC0M4, Bept. 17.-W. . Allen,
tho mlHsIng president of thu defunct
bank of Tacoma, was arrested in Che.
halls this morning. He will bo
brought to Tacoma this afternoou Ho
Is charged with the wrecking tho bank,
In which this city had over a quarter
of a million dollars deposited.
Illinois Legislature.
BiMtiNaflBLU, Ills., Bept. 17,
Editor Kohceaat and a reporter, Tom
Cannon, of tho Chicago Tlmea-Herald,
appeared before tho Sangamon county
grand jury today aud related what
thev knew about boodllng lu tho legis
lature. The evidence was all In the
shape of aflldnvlU of prominent
Chicago business men who Bworo that
money was paid for the passage of
several bills.
Tho Gold Resorvo.
Wasiiinotok, Sept. 17. The truo
amount of tho gold reserve at the oloso
of buslucs Monday was $05,318,012
Hluco tho recent heavy shipments or
gold set In, tho government bus re
ceived a number of oilers of gold in tx
chatigo for uiites. Those como partlou
larly from banks In tho Northwest,
where email notes are lu actlvo demand
In moving tho grain crops. Other
banks, apparently disinterested, have
ollered gold in exchange lor silver cr
lllicates. Several of tho batiks ollend
gold suspected of being a llttlo under
weight, as it was stipulated that It
would bo rccoived at Its face value.
Some other conditions imposod by
Western bankn could not bo accepted,
but In all cases whore the government
can consistently do bo, tho oflera havo
been accepted.
Monday's statement of the condition
of the treasury shews:
Avallablo cash balance 182,722,311
Gold reserve 00,348,012
lluciinsTKK, N. Y., Bept. 17. Tbe
associated banks of Rochester shipped
to the aealutunt treasurer at New oris
1260,000 In gold, aud will accept In re
turu legal tenders. This action on the
part of the banks was taken lu the
hope that banka lu other parts of the
country may do IlkowUo, and from
their stock of idle gold turn over to the
national treasury an amount that will
ol!set the present shipments abroad.
among tho whlto population. To glvo
an Idea of tho Importauco of his out
lined work-, It Is only ueoessnry to clto
tho Instauoool Johauutsburg to show
the rapid Increase In population lu that
country, whlle tho monger missionary
faolllttos havoVemalned tho same. Five
yoars ago Johnntilsburg contained only
6,000 penplo, while now It supports a
population of oyer 05,000 houIh. It ib
the center of the gold mining district,
and Mr. Yatman Is authority fur the
statement that It was bore King
faolonion got his gold of Ophlr.
A choir has been eolectod aud Is un
der tho direction of Prof. Heritage, of
the university, and good niuslo Is
assured, Mr. Yatman will doubtless
bo at hla best and a great treat will be
enjoyed by all. Como early.
Staiimrd Anothkh Inman. Sun
day evening "Hilly Tom" ono of the
Slletz Indians employed lu picking
hops oppoalto Independence became
Involved lo a dispute with ono of his
own tribe. At this point a Uraude
Rondo Iudlau stepped up to make peace
when he was Blabbed With a packet
knlfa lu tho hands of "Hilly Tom" tht.
blade entering in tho left breast on tho
right Bide of tho neck nearly reaching
the heart and Jugular veins respect
ively. The wounded Indian was
removed to Independence and Ib lu a
precarious condition. The city mar
anal of Independence at once arrested
"Hilly Tom" and notified Shunt!
Knight thereof who last evening sent
Constable Wala acoompanled by Dep
uty Prosecuting Attorney A.O. Condlt
to get the man. "Hilly Tom" will bo
given a preliminary examination be
fore Justice H. A. Johuson at 2 p. in.
COKVAL.MS, Or., Sept. 17. Wl
Peet. caahlpr of tho First Wall
bauk, while suffering with dveti
entered a drug store this morning
took a doeo of aconite. He died
hours later. Ha thought he was tall
blackberry brandy.
Old Omaha Police do.
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 17. Tbej
premo court this mornlnx filed a d
ton lu tho Omaha lire and polios
mission oaso. Tho decision In substl
declares the net constitutional no
which tho new board was appoints!
A Sensational Protestor. -Dknvkii,
Colo., BepU 17. A
Hallon was created lu the prison
gress by a pape7on"polltlcHanderl'
written by Amos Q. Warner, prot
of economics and social science- al '
laud Stanford university: "If tbifc!
itself Is undor tho Itllaence ofci'
nals." Bald thu doctor, "how c
hopo to reforo criminals? Setting
thief lo catch the thief was the
tlmo doctrine Hut tho plau ol ael
tbo thief to reform a thief had
yet been dofendod. Tho represenU
of tho state, with which criminal
most frequently brought Into
Lare.poHeemeiirpolui Justices, !
Bherills dtipullra aud Jail keepers,
a shade, If at all, bettor than the
nals themselves. Tho hope of o
criminals larcoly lies lu the on
treatment In tho early Btages,"
Lonion, Sept, 17. The Standard's
financial artlclo aays:
"President Cleveland Is not likely to
let gold go to a premium in New York
during his administration, If a further
sale of government bonds can prevent
It. So, when tbo bond syndicate is
loaded up it will have another bc-bhuu
of ItMBOothlnx mixture."
Nkw yoiik. Hem. 17. urossman a
Good Batino, The Jouiinal
has been complimented with some
oholce Denny pheasants by Messrs.
Chas. Gabrlelsou, Itev, A. L. Hutchi
son and H. L. Hlack. Tho assurance
followa that they were not "caught" on
Sunday, hence they tasted very good.
Thanks, gentlemen.
This American comedy.dramai
presented ut Itod's last night
Inriro and appreciative audi
Frank W. l)con as Rhlnegoldjj
huppy German dude, to Jennie
mnn's nrotty blonde Irish girl.
comedy Is refreshing as can u
pure as a mountain stream. It i
tho least bit oyerdone and very I
t,ir a wnatnrn stock OOmDMUV. Q I
Haybrook, Ann Hlake and MaggM I
Mooney aro oloverly Imperaonaw
tho other ladles of the company
tnvim T.nzutte bv Mr. Scott, la vl
Ai.niurii for almost anyone, anc
much for most people.
Will Burress, aa Mlohael MoMc
tho Irish policeman, diaplaya
erreat ability, but ueeds more
tlous flnlsh. aa he Up." fro
hrntrtio verv easily. His makeui
hla nantomlnn are excellent.
G. P. Webster's heavy part l
In a manner very pleasing to tbe
Houclcault'a "After Dark"
rnr this uvonlnir by the taut
We must commend the eUi
nany for their careful and com
(Inns nresontatlun. The oroheatr
takes of the same general excel!
Frank Bacon, who U playlnc '
at Iteed'a Is one of the rielng
Mm iheatrtcal profession. He U
iHg for Rip Van Winkle aud baej
comnllmeuted with a peraonalj
niflndatlun by Joseph JeSerson.
uudeitsklng. It Is gratifying to ,
.nf tiia niuuu und exoelleni w
his evenly balanced company ie
dated at Salem.
res donee uear nywiiwi
Welder to Mr. B. L. Allred,
D. Holmau uftlclailng.
Seattle Fire. H ', eogHl0(, In gold ut
8katti.k, Sept. 17. A lire broke out ttie sub treaury for transportation
last ulght In the dry Uilu of Yesier
mill at Yeeler, on lake Washington,
and faned by fresh wind, destroyed
the whole mill, uearly 1,000,000 feet of
lumber, wharf, dry kiln, two box cars
loaded with lumber, one loaded log
trunk and live emitv log trucks.
LoesM about $76,000, insurance 116,000
Df . PrkV Ci-Mga Baking Pewtftr
WcM'i Mr Wajhtit Awr
Chicago Board of Trade Prices for
tbe Day.
Ciiioaoo, Sept. 17. Prices declined
during the whole of August, falling
from 78 to 01 a decline of 10J oonU.
Opeoid. HIiibMt.
Flueatookof kludergorten ohalr at Everybody reads TilR OK
Uuren & Hamilton'- furniture chair. 1 Daily.
neatubr'. (? 'M
Sy t. H
Highest of all in I.wvcmng Tow.
1 J ."- uov't Report