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mountains. Better than a letter from h me.
VOL. .
no. n
jj"They are marking everything at closer profits thnn ever.
Our "Star 5 Star"
the standard of good
them at prices below
One price to all and
tLjjTWr . '1S
Tiit "FAIR
Has cheap for spot cash, underwear of all kinds, tinware,
granite ware, wpodenware, baskets.oil cloth, hosiery, hats,
linens, calicos, clocks, notions of all kinds, bird cages
wagons, soap, matches, brooms, wash boards,
And most any thing you want,
IIM OP OH 18954896.
The University of Oregon, Eugene. Oregon, oflers tree tuition to all students. Young- men
can obtain board, lodging, beat and lbt in the dormitory lor JX60 per week. Roomers lur.
nlsh tnelr own linen. Young women a-e provided with board In private families at 53 per
weelc xemne women tfeslrln. board should address l-rof.John Htiaub, Eugene, Oregon, or
Becretarv Yountr Women's Ohriaiiau Association. Kugene. Uhe University offers three bac
calaureate degrees. Bachelor of Arts. Uaihelor of Boience and liacheli r or betters witn cor.
re ponding o ursea of study: Thd following Bhorter courses are also pflered: An English
i course, leading in two years to a ousiness diploma an 1 in three years to the title graduate In
English: An advanced couie for graduates of normal Bcbools leading to the degree master
of pedagogy; A course ol two yers for teachers of physical education leading to a diploma,
and the title director physio 1 education, -rne universuTcnarges au imiuouwiit. U'J..
which is payable in advance by all students. Students holding diplomas from .1 he public
'schools and those having teache;8' certificates are admitted to the pre.aratory department
without examination. Those desiring; formation regarding the preparatory department
should addrese the Dean.-N.UfJarregsn, Eugene. Fo. catalogues aud infjrmatlon address
U. II. Chapman, 1'reMdeni, or J. J waiwm.etcreuMO', jvuBtu,unuu. """"
108 COURT ST.,
itocks, Bonds.
rain and Provisions, ,in all MarlieU.
Quotations direct from Chicago Board of Trade at 15 minutes Intervals.
.nd All
23o LIVcrtu St. 'Telephone 41,
Boots and Shoes are
quality;. We sell
all camnetition
cash only,
A training school for teachers. Com
plete eight grade training dedartment
i.nd strong professional aud academic
The diploma of the school entitle?
one to teach in any. county in the state
without further examination.
Board and lodlng,!books and tuition
$160 per year. Beautiful and healthful
location. Noealoous. There j a a- good
demand for well trained teachers
there is an over supply of untrained
Catalogue cheerfully sent on applica
tion. Address
W. A. WANN, President.
Building Material.
.Federal Officeholders Censured
Say tho Democrats ot Illinois
Will Not Carry a Connty. .
Springfield, III., Aug. 13. Secre
tary of. State Hlnrichsen, chairman of
the democratic state central committee;
speaking of tho national conference of
silver men to be held at Washington
August 14, said that Illinois would be
represented by a large delegation of
tho leading and influential d'rriocraU.
The free-silver feeling is stronger i In
this state, he said, than at tho time of
the free-silver convention. The gold
democrats, he claims, could not carry
n single county in the state. A free
silver democrat, according to bis no
tion, would be named in the 18th
district to BUbceed Representative Be.
mann. Mr. Hlnrichsen roiorred
caustically to Mr. Cable, of Rock
Island, and United States Senator
Palmer. He said:
'tin regard to the attempt of Mr.
Cable to organize tho. gold forces in the
state, I am informed Mr. Cable belongs
to that class of men who in Illinois are
Dig in Washington and in Washington
are big. in Illinois, I am satisfied that
h.e and Senator Palmer and other ad
ministration men from this state have
uever fairly reported the true situation
tt the president We have only tone
paper in--Chicago calllntr. Itaelf demo-
nratlA nnrl 'tt. la Annirnllwl hu thft
, . .- .,
administration at Washington. As to
thafwimliiir ntcnl Innn In TlllnntaJTllinnln
7jHWMMa4.AMill-fnii-i1nlMKAflH n4lrtH
Will otiuu a liCO.OilvuA ucicniiuu vu iuu i
national convention, and on a free
silver platform we will carry the state
by 60,000 majority, while on a gold
platform we will be as badly beaten as
we were last fall."
Open Letter to Cleveland.
AUTUMWA, Aug. 13. B. B. Evans,
Cleveland's postmaster in his first
term, and who was appointed by Cleve
land consul to Nicaragua, is out in I an
open letter to the president scoring the
federal office holders for their undigni
fied action In the convention, bringing
the civil service rules into contempt.
In conclusion Mr. Evans says:
"The traditional policy of the Dem
ocratic party is for Washington to
keep its hands oft and let the people
(.manage their own auairs, wnemer at
the polls or in the nominating conven
tions. I believe in your integrity, Mr.
president, and that you earnestly de
sire civil service reform; that you will
not approve of tho indecency of the
men who, at Marshalltown, armed
with your commissions took advantage
of their places and triumphed over
their fellow Democrats, and then in
stinging words taunted them with the
humiliation of defeat. This letter is
of public concern, and with the hope
that your disapproval of such methods
will DO 80 expiesseu u u jiruvo a ico
son to th'oee who, temporarily clothed
in authority, would make your admin
istration rules a farce and Democracy a
sham in the sight of hoBest men,"
Italian Rioters.
Pitthbubo, Aug. 18. A hundred
and fifty Italians employed on tbe ex
cavation conduit in Alleghany struck
yesterday for an advance or twenty
five cents a day. Other men were
secured to take their places and today
tbe strikers tried to drive tho new men
from tbe work- Stones, clubs aud
revolvers were freely used and two
Italians bad their beads split opeu.
The mob was dlspersea Dy me ponce.
.H Mil II -H'ftt-
I Take No Substitute-
Gail Borden
Eagle Brand
Hi lwytxJ HMT fa tin !
.' - ------- J- - " -
Probably a Doufela Tragedy at North
Yaktoa. s
Noktii YakimAAuc 13,-Uharloa
McGonlgle, a man SO years "6U1, lain
Jail in this city; hla father U a corpse,
and Blacksmith Eaves is at the point
of death; all the result of an aspersion
of the character of Eaves' daughters by
young McUpnlgle. Tho shooting oc
curred late,, Monday nighty and the
coroner's -jury investigated, jit at the'
Mr.OontijIo ranch, sovon miles from
the city, and brought, in h verdict
charging the yonng man vith killing
his father. J
The factB are that Charles ilcUonigle
had told the neighbors tbaC, in his
belief, the Eaves girl were n3t virtu
ous, and had further ordered his
adopted sister to have nothing to do
with them. Ho had also caused to bo
printed in a local paper a sto'ryrefleot
tngupon the character of the' Esves
girls. Mr. Ewes, Sunday night1, drove
to tho McGonlgle ranch, distant some
two miles, to have a retraction. He
was accompanied by his wife rfnd one
of his daughters, Upon neaflug tfie
house he saw Charles MaGonJfte, and
called him to tlio gate. He oamo, but
said he would stand by an$ jetiark8
he had made.: ' The Eav'e: ikmtiy
alighted from tho wagou andSn'tered
the gate together. McGonlgle ran.
The Eaves people went to thV house,
knocked and were invltedlin. Tbe
wife and daubter entered, Mr; Eaves
remaining on tho stoop, in front of-the
door. He talked' a moment or.BOj said
he came to see Charles, and Mused to
enter, and stopped "off the stdfy. Old
man McGonlgle came around! the cor
ner of the bouse at this raonent.
Eaves approached him angufrbls
l hand on McGonigle'a shoujr iri a
friendly way, and sold he had?, come to
see why Charles bad circulated scan
dals about his daughters. A rifle at
the rear at this time cracked, and Mc
Gonlgle fell and died In a few minutes,
shot through the Intestines. Eaves
iledluto thefaonsenuVwiMUjisitSjL
the light. Charles a'dvaSeebT'to' tile'
bouse door, and, seeing Miss Eaves in
a room, said:
"What are'you doing there?"
He then fired at her, but she stepped
aside, and tho bullet struck Eaves in
tho groin. Eayea tires a small revolver
at Charles, but missed, Tho latter then
went to a neighbor's bouse and gave
himself up, saying he bad shot his
father accidentally.
McGonlgle was a man of 60, and
Eaves is 40. Tbe family of the dead
man testified that be said: "Eaves
killed me," bb be fell; but there was no
corroborative testimony to this effect.
In justice to tbeEaves girls,it should
be said that they are .quite genteel,
comparatively well educated, and have
always borne good reputations. Neither
famly has been here two years. There
is small hope of Eaves recovering,
Cuba a Republic.
New York, Aug. 13. Cubans in
this city are delighted at tbe news that
a provisional government has been
formed in Cuba, with representative
men as Us officials. Colonel De Quer
alta, a prominent Cuban patriot, said:
'The President elect, General Masco,
is a Cuban to the core ot his heart.
He is a native of Mauzanlllo and the
owner of vast property In Cuba. Gen
eral Maseo Is about 66 years of age
and bus. a record as a soldier. In tho
revolution of '08 to '78 he was com
mander of an Important division and
distinguished himself on the field.
Joaquin Castillo! who has been selected
as diplomatic ageut to the United
States, is well known In New York
and is extremely popular. All tbe
men selected for the new government
' are capable and brilliant Cubans and
! regard their elections as significant of
I a glorious epoch In the history of our
The Mobt Fastidious People are
pleased with the goods to be found at
MpCall Bros. Why, the good there
, would cause a king to smile, Our
I -i --..I. ku Il.iI invwliara.
yilixn vhu iw, ("
Of, Price's Cr ttefci Pw4r
Foffer lias
No Use
A Dakota Defaulting Treasurer
Pleads Guilty.
Emporia, Kas.,- Aug. 13. Senator
Peffer has written a lttter in which ho
declares against silver and cornea on
strongly for a ourrency based on land
values only.
A Beam Falls.
Chicago, Aug. 13. A bus;e iron
beam fell from tbe top of tho Coliseum
in coureo of ereotiou at Sixty-third
street near Cottage Grove avenue this
afternoon, Instantly killing Ham Kur
il ee and It. M. Neal.
' Big Thief Sentenced.
Pikbri, So. Dak., Aug. 13. Default
ing State Treasurer W. W. Taylor
pleaded guilty to embezzlement of
(307,023 24 in Judge Gafterey's court
today and will bo sentenced tomorrow.
Observations From a
Trip to
Paget Sound.
Seattle, Aug. 11. A goodly train
load left Salem as usual last Wesncs
day morning when we started out for
a short tour ofPuget Bound. Among
the celebrities on board woro Gov.
Moody and tbe Eugene foot racer. The
former executive of our atato was on
his way to Tho Dalles, and had in
charge a bright little boy from the or
pbans' homeat Salem, taking him to a
permanent home in 'Eastern Oregon.
Ttre-enrlnter. Mri PbllDOLjsratLvlindtr
-j- .-- , . ......,.,.-,.
the Washington penitentiary warden.
He was also beipg taken to a perma
nent home for an unexpired term of
two years at least.
Prof. Sara Drown was on board,
bound via tbe Canadian Paolflo for
Bangor, Me., whence she was called by
a telegram from her father to "come
home at onoe sickness." The un
fortunate young lady was starting out
on bor long Journey In the dark as to
who she was going to eeo, and did not
feel sure that she would return to
Mlas Edith Sbriver, of the Salem
steam laundry, war going to Seattle for
a much deserved rest and to visit her
sister, Mrs. Geo. Uerryhlll.
At Portland we met H. H. Itagan,
tbe popular Salem grocer, on his re.
turn from Indiana, whenco he bad
been called by the Illness ofbIs aged
mother. He had been at the old homo
only n hour when ho received a tele
gram calling him back to tbe bedside
of his wife at Salem. When in Port
land he did not know whether either
was alive. His distress must have been
At 3eatlle Salemltes certainly feel at
homo for there are scoies of Oregon
people located hero. The first dey
after our arrival we spent on the oppo
site side of Lake Washington and upon
our return found a score of cards at
our hotel, Including those of friends
from Oregon as well as the east. Among
the ones most prized were those of
Mrs. J. O. Wright and daughter, Mm.
Iloseuburg. As the next two days
were booked for an overland trip to
Bnoqualrnle Kallr, we were satisfied
with Mrs. Wright's company to the
"Old Homestead" In the eeulng and
a day programmed to see the dredger
and Seattle's beautiful parks, of which
I will writ later, A. V, If,
Maurice Blnford, oflhi? Northwest
Pacific Farmer, going to Ashland on a
wheel In the In tor wit of his psper,'and
to write up tho farm and fruit Interest
on the road, pawed through Kalam to.
day, Mr, Nlnforii txjjeot to be mob
Heavy Gold Withdrawals
Looked for.
Wasiirkitox, Aug. 13. The treas
ury yesterday lost f 1,660.000 In gold for
export to Europe, leaving tho reserve
about $1,800,000 above the hundred
million point.
Mr. Curtis, acting secretary, said he
had no'epeclflo information aud oould
not say whether tho sydlcato would
allow the $100,000,000 to bo encroached
upon or not. This heavy withdrawal
has given rise to a report that another
bond issue is impending, hut thero Is
no one in Washington who can speak
authoritatively on the subject or who
has any information not shared by
tho public.
The best opinion Is that the syndi
cate will not allow tho reserve to bo
oncroached upon until after October 1,
when, as generally understood, their
obligation ceases. But evon In event
of still further withdrawals It Is be
Moved that president Cleveland an.d
Secrcttiry Carlisle would see tbo reserve
reach a point below any that It has
yet touched beforo before they would
take any steps to recoup It by another
salo of bonds or purchase of gold.
The best Judgment obtainable hero Is
thero will be no bond Issue or extra
session of congress except in tho event
of heavy withdrawals which are not
looked for.
Todays statomeut ot tbo condition of
tho treasury shows an available cash
balance of ?i03 ,857,210. Gold reserve
Feaco In Brazil
New York, Aug. 18. Tho Herald
correspondent In Illo de Janeiro tele
graphs that tho peaco has been restored
iu Rio Grande, do Bui. A military
officer Is now on his way from Rio
Grande, do Sul to Rio de Janeiro. He
bears tho protocol containing the peace
terms which it has been agreed shall
ue offered' to congress for approval as a
dual settlement of tbe difficulty in
that state. '
The government of Brazil, in further-
auce ofah'Bmmrttt,'-tiM
asked the government of Uruguay for
a copy of tbe bill of health of the war
ship Barracouta, which arrived In port
from tho Montevideo Island last Jan
uuy. It is reported to Brazil that
when the Barracouta reached her an
oborage tho health offlcr reoelyed docu
ments signed by the doctor on board
tbo warship, who had been named
as health officer of the Island of Trlnl.
dade by the captain of tho Barracouta,
who looked upon tbe island aa British
terrltoy. No notice was taken by the.
authorities of Uruguay ot tbe fact that
Brazil claims Trlnldade island as her
own possession, The action of Uru
guay Is regarded by Brazil aa savoring
of subterfuge.
Confidence Restored.
Nkw Yokic, Aug. 18 Controller W.
K. Akerman, who 1b recognized as one
of the leading; financiers, of Ohicago,
retired from ofllco in that olty on tbe
election of a Republican mayor, "Con
fldeuce has been restored," he said last
uight, "and so far as I can see, noth
ing will happon soon to disturb it. We
sold eomo bonds recently to a Now'
York firm at a higher price than we
ever before received. The criterion of
prosperity Is a brisk retail trade. All
through tho West tho country mer
chant! are stocking their stores and
buying for a big trade this fall, An
other thing, too, shows that builness
men generally teal that the depresaion
has ended, and that Is the reason for
tho voluntary advance la wage which
has been made. Then, too, tbo crors
are going to (urn out as they nevtr
have. I should not bo surprised If we
hurvet 2,0?I0QQ,000 buthelaqf corn.
"ChlcAKO Democrats and the Went
would like to see Whitney at tho head
of the ticket, The republicans will
nominate Allison."
Highest of nil in Leavening rowcry Uu,t V.J, Gov't JUjJWt
ftrfVl Baking
I XV iSL Powder
A Cora mission Is to Ro Rained
Immediately. ;
tho British nml Chinrso
Washington, August 13. Advices
hayo been received at the state depart
ment that Mr. Denby is consulting
with the British and Chlnos author
ities relating to a full and completo In
vestigation of the riots at Ku Cheug.
A commission Is being formed aud tho
state deportment has given inductions
which will cause tho ministers to neg
lect nothing that will insure better
protection of the Interests of Ameri
cans at Ku Cheng. He will Also with
Co-Operation Admiral Carpnter, take
steps to prevent further riots and pro
tect American lu tercets should any
new occasion arise.
Will BuUd for Japan.
Ban Fanoisco,Auc 13. Irvlug M.
Boott, president of tbo Union Iron
works, which turned out the Olympla
and other crack American cruisers,
will soon go to Jupan to bid on ttio
coutracts fur building men-of-war for
the Japanese navy. Tho rccout uchlove.
meuts of American warships Is said tr,
havo impressed the Japanese strongly
and now that British Arms ara able to
underbid American companies only 10
per cent instead of 60 per cent as. form
erly, Mr.- Scott believes be will be able
to Beoure a number of contraoteu The
feeling of the J apanese government Is
shown in the following statements re
cently made to an American by tha
secretary-general of the imperial
"You arebundiug the BWlfWat Mi
most formidable cruisers known? Bb
sides that you have Invented an armor
plate far your buttlelhtps which Bub
sla has ohosen for hers, In competition
with all the armor plate In Europe,
Our government seeing all.theee
achievements and recalling tha fact
that America has twice revolutionized
tue nations of the world by her Infinite
capacity for Invention, first by creat
ing.tho ironclad aud then the turret, Is
strongly disposed to draw uoon Ameri
can shipyards for a part of Its navy.
Why snould we not depend upon you
for the best? Besides doing the things
I have spoken of tho United Seates has
built the finest clipper ships and tba
fastest yachto. Your country lsada
whenever she wants to, In naval con
struction, both of peace and war. Be
sides America buys so much of us and
Is our historic frieud and w,ellwisher.
For one I lncrly hope that American
ship builders will bldforourcontracts."
Mr. Bcott will carry letters, It Is said,
not only from tho eeorotary of tho navy
but from the Japanese minister at
Cfaiua Hsard From.
Washington, Aug. 18. The follow,
log cablegram, signed by thf Chinese
foreign office at Tsun Yatn, wm r
oetved at the Chinese legation today;
"No Americans were Injured la tint re
con t riot. Think several Englishmen
were. Flvo rlotora have been w
rssted. This Is the first official In fomwtlou
received at tho legation ooucernltig Urn
recant riot, The oftlcUUof lgttun
maintained strenuously that Um
Onlnetfo government will exwcfct
very effort to brlug the guilty te
rtMaHMtao.-!- i4iimiMwn "- ,Knv,titHaB - nmwi--f