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Gov, Altgeld Refuses to Assist
(ho Authorities.
Open Battle Willi Winchesters
and Trouble Increasing.
Springfield, Ills.. May ii-5. Gover
nor Altgeld today received a telegram
from Sheriff Dowell, of Williamson
county, saying that three hundred
miners from Murphysborough, many
armed, had arrived at Carterville tula
morning and encamped within half a
mile of tbe St. Louis and Big Muddy
coal company's works, threatening to
destroy them and kill tbe manager
and superintendent. Governor Alt
geld declined to send any troops.
The Miners' War.
Centra lia, Ills., May 23. The
Duquoin miners at 3 o'clock this morn
ing crept stealthily up to the Centralia
mines. The first known of their ap
proach was a fusilade of bullets against
the minecompany's office. Fortuuate
ly the guards were a short distauce
away. They returned the fire, and the
assailants fled. As far as known no
oue was hurt. At 0 o'clock troops ar
rived, and the town was put under
military guard. News reached here
from Duquoin that 600 more strikers
endeavoring to steal a ty-ain would
come. At Breeze the strikers are pre
paring to march,
A Mob of Coal Strikers Marching
the Officials Out.
Cripple Creek, Pa., May 25. A
train, bearing one hundred and fifty
deputies, reached Victor about 10
o'clock. Four hundred miners imme
diately surrounded the deputies, and
fighting began. It is not known
whether any are killed. The deputies
finally sought shelter in an Indepeud
euce mine shaft bouse, whence they
were driven, and they are now in the
hills east of tbe mine.
Hundreds of miners, armed with
Winchesters, are patrolling the roads,
The Annie Lee Bbafthouse, as well as
the Strong, has been blown up. Part
of the mob is now on the way to Vic
tor and Pharmacist mines, and after
blowing up tbe shafts there they In
tend to proceed to Summit. At Sum
mit and Bull Hill the miners have a
barricade of logs, and are plentifully
supplied with explosives.
1 p. m. Eighteen or twenty deputy
sheriffs have surrendered to the strikers
being told if they surrendered
their rules and side arms
they would receive no personal
Injury. They are being marched
to this city under a strong
guard, but it is a question if they get
here safely.
The latest news from tho scene of the
struggle is that no shots were fired. It
is reported that Superintendent Mc
Donald, of the Strong and Anna Lee
mines, was shot.
Cripple Creek, Colo., May 25. A
wagon load of powder was backed up
against the shaft house of the Strong
mine by strikers today and exploded.
Several men were In tbe shaft house a
short time before, and whether they
got out alive is not known.
Colorado Springs, Col., May 25.
Sam Strong has Just arrived from
Cripple Creek and corroborates the re
port of the shaft house of the Htroug
mine being blown up, and says there
were eleven men In the house, a
majority of whom were killed.
All Quiet.
Uniostown. Pa., May 25, At tho
Washington Run planU, where tho
battle occured yesterday, all la quiet
Rains Disperse Them.
Con.nkllsville, Pa., A cold rain
lout ntrrlit illaneraed several moba and
averted bloodshed over the muddy
Mines Abandoned.
Laballe, 111. All the coal com
panles have abandoned their mines
Exonerate Kyle and Hunton.
Washington. May 25. The senate
bribery Investigation oommlttee ban
sent the testimony taken, relating to
the attempted bribery of Senators Kyle
and Huaton, to the printer and ex
pwU a report to the senate within a
few days. It la understood that tbe re
port will entirely exonerate Senators
Hunton and Kyle In the matter.
Washington, May 23. The report
of the senate committee to Investigate
tho charges of an attempt to bribe sen
ators to vote against the tariff bill, was
submitted to the senate today. The
report, after reoiting Buttz's profler f
money to Senator Hunton and to Fen
ator Kyle, says: "Your committee 19
abundantly justified in stating tbe fads
then establish by tho evidence, not
withstanding the denial of tho charges
by W. Buttz, that there Is no evidence
of the truth of Buttz's statement to
Senatar Kyle and to Eppa Hunton, jr.,
that tho sydleate had raised a sum to
be used for the purpose of de
feating tbe pending tariff bill, or that
there was an agent of such syndloate
in Washington, or that there was
money In Washington for thut pur
pose," Free Barb Wire.
Washington, May 25, The sur
prise of the day was the acceptance by
the finance committee of an amend
ment oflered by Allen to place barbed
wire on the free list. Several Repub
licans opposed It, but did not carry
thelropposltlon tothe extent of demand
tug a record-making vote upon It. An
intimation from Hoar that free barbed
wire was to be the price of Allen's vote
for the tariff bill was Indignantly de
nied' Power's amendment to include
other classes of fence wire was defeated
after which the following rates were
Duty on Lead.
Washington, D. C, May 25. Sen
ator Hill has notified Senator Dubois
that he intends to move to put lead ore
on the free list. Dubois and Teller con
sulted tbe members of the finance com
mittee who assured them they would
defend the duty of of a cent per
The U. P. Problem.
Washington, May 25. Represen
tatives of the Central Pacific railroad
have given their views on the Pacific,
railroad bill, introduced by Riley, of
Pennsylvania. President Huntington
spoke on tho difficulties encountered in
organizing and building the road.
The Impression that the builders had
been made rich was erroneous. When
the road was completed there were no
government houds left but very mau
A Portland Assignment.
Portland, May 25. The J. K. Gill
Co., wholesale and retail dealers in
books and stationery, made an assign
ment yesterday afternoon, for the ben
efit of their creditors. The HabllltieH
are about $130,000. Assets are bolievid
to be in excess of liabilities. Gill & Co.
were the heaviest dealers in books and
stationery in the Northwest, nnd have
been in business here for twenty-flvi
Victoria's Anniversary.
Victoria, May 21. A three days
carnival and celebration of the queen'
birthday opened yesterday, with the
city crowded as It has never been before.
Visitors from all parts of tho province
and Puget bound are here. The regatta
this afternoon was witnessed by 20,000.
The baseball match for the champion
ship of the northwest Pacific coast was
won by tne eeauie Ainieuo oiuu.
Square Democrats.
Evansville, Ind., May 21. The
first district Democrats at Rockport to
day re-nomiuated Congressman Taylor.
Resolutions denouncing Hill, lirlce
and Gorman as Benedict Arnold
Democrats, also demanding that sugar
be put on the free list, and that the In
come tax be returned as it came from
the bouse, were adopted.
Protecting Their Property.
Denver, May 25 All employes of
the Rock Island railroad, wbo run
through Llucolu county, are being
worn In as deputy sheriffs at Llmon,
aud armed with repeating rifles. They
will resist any attempts of the Denver
commonwealora, now numbering six
hundred, to steal a train.
France Begins Suit.
Chicago, Ills., May 25. A suit for
1100,000 was begun In the United Slates
circuit court this afternoon by the
French republic against the World's
Columbian exposition, for damages to
Goods In the manufacturer's building.
1 BL. -- -
Recorder Edes this niornlag gave one
hobo his walking papers.
Oar Grandmother's Way.
Was to steep root aud herbs aud use
It every night We can do the same
by ulng Park's Tea. Nothing acts as
nrouintlv and without discomfort.
ftulaplll nor a cathartic but moves
tbe bowels every day.
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Dr. Price' Cream Baking Powder
Wor U' Fair IU(btt M4 I an4 Diploma.
Ho Thanks Them for Assisting
the Government.
A New French Cabinet Now He
ing Organized.
Birmingham, May 25. Lord Roso
bery, speaking at tho complimentary
breakfast, said the borne rule bill con
tained many defects, but the liberals
would make every possible attempt to
solve the difficulties. He requested tbe
support of the people in dealing with
questions affecting the house of lords.
He thanked the Irish parliamentary
party for coming to tho assistance of
the government in a critical division.
A Jew Baiter Whipped.
Vienna, May 25. Two men at
tacked Deputy Kaiser, a notorious Jew
baiter, in tho street yesterday nnd
lashed him with a leather whip. One
of them was arrested. The affair made
a great stir among tho newspapers, aud
was discussed yesterday in tho reioh
stag. The New Lino to Australia.
London, May 25. Huddart, promo
tor of the Cauadlau Pacific mall routo
to Australia, said today in an interview
that tho British government had not
promised to grant a subsidy to tho new
line, but he was very hopeful It would.
He expects to put shlpjou tho new Hue
as fast as built. He will sail Juno 1st
for Ottawa.
Settled Their Differences.
Buenos Ayers, May 25. A corres
pondent at Rio telograpbs that Presi
dent Peixoto has sent a messago to con
gress announcing that the differences
with Portugal have been amloably set
tled. A Sorvain Conspiracy.
Belgrade, May 25. Tho authorities
have discovered' a secret cartridge fac
tory, aud that millions of cartridges
tiayo been seut to the interior of the
kingdom. The radical leader, Rauko
l'rjaslc, has beon arrested.
Now French Ministry.
Paris, May 25. M. Dupuy has de
clined to accept the task of organizing
the ministry. M. Peytral, ex-mluister
of flnauoe In a radical Floquet cabinet,
has been summoned to the Elyseo.
A Portland Failure.
Portland, May 25. Tho J. K. GUI
Company, booksellers and stationers,
made an assignment yestorday to W.
B. Byers. for the benefit of all credi
tors, without preference. The liabilities
1125,000; assets, about $100,000.
Mr. Joseph K. Gill, president of the
company, and his brother John, vice
presidont, havo been idontlflod with
the business Interests of Portland for
many years. Coming to this city In
1870, thoy purchased tho Interest of
Messrs. Harris & Holman, aud thus be
came the successors In business of tbe
first book aud stationary store estab
lished in Portland. This storo was
originally started 40-odd years ago, by
A. R. Shipley, who was succeeded by
J. L. Parrish & Co., then E. M. Bur
ton, Burton & Harris and Harris t
The Tall Sycamore.
McMinnvillk, Or., May 25. Hon.
T. T. Geer has been holding a series of
meetings In this county, the most
effective the Republicans have had.
He spoke at MoMlnnvllle, North Yam
hill and Sheridan, and literally flayed
the Populist alive. PennoyerlsU' and
Coxeyltes' hides are hanging In every
precinct. Nothing can stand ten min
utes before his withering lire of facts.
Republicans need not be afraid to in
vlte any one to stand up before
him or ask him questions. Five min
utes Is sufllcient for him to parallze the
most blantant Populist extant. Repub
licans are feeling Jubilant since he
The United Presbyterians.
Ai.rany, Or , May 25. The United
Presbyterian assembly opened today
with prayer by the moderator. Report
of the general committees were read.
The church has 116,272 members and
D37 churches. Dr. II. E. Wallace,
becretary of the board of church ex ten
nlon, referred to the fact the first United
Presbyterian church In North America
was orgr.ulzed at Albany In 1854.
Hear Tbos. Tongue at B&Ieui
Thursday night,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Horr on Ponnoyer.
Portland. May 25. While In Port
land yesterday Roswell G. Horr's opin
ion of Peuuoyer'B campaign was drawn
out by the questien:
"What elfeot are Ponnoyor's speeches
"Penuoyor is meeting with largo au
diences, but the general verdict is that
his utterances havo driven very many
Democrats to vote tbo Republican
ticket, and that not a few PonuIIsta aro
dissatisfied with his course Time aud
time again I havo heard tho opinion
expressed that tho governor's campaign
work is costing his party many votes.
Ho has certainly solidified very mauy
Democrats against him by hiB abuse of
President Cleveland aud his advocacy
of wild, uubuslueBsllke schemes. Then
the inconsistency of his position secerns
to weukou his courso. Ho is generally
considered a man of groat wealth, anil
and yet ho goes about deuouuclng men
tor no other reason than that thoy
also possess capital. Ho claims to be
opposed to all trusts, yet throughout
tho stato ho Is rogarded as tbo head
center of the lumber combine which
enabled him to mako his money. The
general sentiment all over Western
Oregon Is that Ponnoyer is an able
man, but a complete demagogue and
consequently dangerous". My own
opinion Is that ho Is going to bo badlj
California Populists.
Sacramento, May 25. Tho Popu
list state convention has finished it
nominations, making tho complete list
as follews:
Governor, J. V. Webster; lieutenant
governor, A. J. Gregg; secretary ol
state, M. McGlynn; controller, John F.
Dore; treasurer, F. N. Bartonjattoruoy
geuerul, Louis Luokel; superintendent
of publio liistruotloii,N. A. Richardson;
survoyor-gonoral, L. F. Bassott; state
printer, Elgin C. Hurlburt; members
of congress, It. F. Gregsby.flrst district;
Burdette Cornell, second; W. A. Vann,
third; B. K. Collier, fourth; J. T. Rod
gors, fifth; W. C. Bowman, sixth; J. L.
Gilbert, seventh.
Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids will be recolved by the
county clerk for propositions to print
circuit court bar dockets, fur the June
term, beginning Juno 1, 1601, bids to
bo opened at 0 o'olook a. m. Juno 1,
1891. W. II. Egan
County Clerk.
Demurer Filed. In tho easo of tho
Bank of Woodburn vs.lCrug Hunsakor,
tho dofendent today filed a demurer,
Han Francisco, May 25. Wheat
May 01; Dee. 11.03. New seller 03j.
Chicago, May 25. Cash, CO; July
Portland, May 25. Wheat valley
77J80; Walla Walla 75.
Memorial Obsorvanco.
The following Is tho program of the
union Memorial services to bo held at
the Methodist church at 2 p. m. on
Reading Scriptures, Rov, Messlck.
Prayer, Rev. Freelaud,
Address, Rov. Hutchlsou.
Prayer, Jtev. Rugg.
Hymn, "My Country 'Tls of Thee."
Benediction, Rev, J. M. Hhulso,
The choirs of all the churches aro In
vited to take part and aro requested to
meet at the M. E. church ou Saturdav
eveniug for practice at 7:30 prompt.
The Lent ol all way
To lengthen our day.
I to uie Pierce' Purgative Pellet, Blrl
For nine-tenths of the dUeuses of the
body begin with constipation or the
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mach aud liver, and are tho best laxa
tive known. Without racking aud
straining the organs, they open the
bowels and restore a natural and
healthy digestion. Uuequsled in dys
pepsia, constipation, biliousness, piles,
or auy of the resulting diseases.
Dr. Price's Cream Raking Powder
CeaUuu B9 AmmoU r Atuau
I. x
Hon. J. M. Brown, ofSilverton, was
in tho city today.
HcarThos. Tongue at Salem next
Thursday night.
Salem will havo four military com
panies out ou Momorlal day.
W. O. Westacott went to Portland
this afternoon on a short business trip
Street Commissioner Culver is In
Portland on n Hying visit.
The Georgia Mlnistrql company has
arrived In tho city and will perform
Hon. G. M. Irwin speaks at May
vlllo this nftoruoou and at Condon to
morrow. Joo. Woodford, of tho Perry Btovo
works, was in tho city today for a short
visit with his family.
T. II. Barnes, of tho Salem Land
Company, Is making an extended tour
inNobraskaaud other Eastern states,
Walt Low, Salem's or-chiof fireman,
arrived In tho city last ovenlug from
an oxtondod visit in the British posses
sions. Prof. W. S. Arnold, of Stlllacoom,
who is teaching In Pugot Sound Uni
versity at Tucoma, Is In tho city for a
few duys.
I. L, Putterson arrived homo lato
last ovonlng by team from Mohania,
where he heard tho first news of his
business being burnt out. He Is hard
at work bringing order out of chaos.
"First Votors," Attention I !
Tho "First Voters" club, of Salem,
Or., will meet at tbo office of W. J.
Culver, In room 7, Gray blook, this
evuuliig,at 8 o'clock. All members, aud
those who wish to Join tho club, are
requested to bo present.
E. B. Henry,
F. A. Baker, Chairman.
Election Ticketh. E. H. Flagg'a
ofllcolsat work printing; tho elcotlou
tickets. 20,000 of tho olllclal and the
samo number of samplo ballots are
being printed, and will bo out within a
Chinook salmoii,oystera, shad, crabe,
clums, halibut, aud all varieties offish
at Davison & Doty's Court stroot mar
ket. C, 13. Wolyorton, tbo stalwart Re
publican and candidate for supreme
Judge Is making a porsonal canvass of
tho stute, and from all sections comes
tho report that he Is dally gaining hi'
popularity. Tho peer of any jurist In
Oregon, upright and honest In all bis
transactions, thero is no reason why he
should not poll every Republican vote
In tho state, and not a few Democratic.
"As old as
tho hills" and
never oxcoll
cl. "Tried
nnd proven"
is tho vordicfc
of millions.
Liver Eogu-
irk """. lator ia t
JLJOf'f'C' ona 'Kidnoy
modicino to
I which you
Vtfctt Wtli TUU
faun, for a
euro, t A
mild laxa
tivo, and
TMroly veg
etable, act
ing directly
on tho Liver
nnd Kid-
noya. Try it.
Sold by all
Druggiflta in Liquid, or in Powder
to bo taken dry or raadointoa tetw
Tbo Klaff of IJrer Medicine.
"1 liave until yourHliiimoiiI.lvcrIttfnJ.
lator unit can cuiwcleaclotuly uy ill tut
klnir of all liver inetleliief I ooinlder It U
liiedlluoclietlii lUolf.-Glw, V, JAVH
bOK, Taoouitt, wtultltigtoa.
Va tho SUtup i rd ou wnnnnH