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VOL. 7.
NO. 98.
"Nothing Kits
as His Skiin," Next
to that is
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Industrials Capture an
Engine and Cars.
Leaving Union Pacific Officials
- in the Lurch.
Great Northern Railway
Completely Tied Up.
Portland, Or., April 28. The "in
dustrials seized an engine at Trout
dale and started east this forenoon.
Portland, Or, A prl 28. Bheffler's
army at Troutdale today seized an en
t!ine,and attaching it to a freight train,
started eastward at 9:42. When a -special
train, containing General Manager
Dickinson, of the Union Pacific,. Gen
eral Superlntendendent Baxter, and
other officials, arrived at Troutdale,
on tbe way to this city, the indus
trials immediately detached their en
iriue.and coupling it to tbe train which
they seized yesterday, started East, at
the rate of forty miles an hour.
United States Murabal Grady, who
was also on the train, telephoned bis
chief deputy here to secure an engine
and come to Troutdale for the purpose
of conveying himself and the railway
officials to Portland. When last heard
of tbe industrials bad passed the .Cas
cade Locks. JBrlgadlet-GoneraLOtis
has ordered troops at Walla Walla to
intercept tbe industrial train at Uma
tilla, Troops left Walla Walla at. 2 p. m.,
and should arrive at Umatilla at 4:30.
Tbe industrial train Id In charge of
the company's engineer, who was
forced to remain with the engine.
United States Marshal Grady is In pur
suit of tbe Industrial train, on a special
engine. He Is about one hour and a
half behind them.
The Coxeylto train is expected to
reach Umatilla at 0 o'clock.
Portland, Or,, Ariril- 28. Marshal
Grady has a warrant for tho arrest of
General Bhefller and men.
Vancouver, Wn., April 28. Two of
the Fort Walla Walla cavalry troops
have been ordered to Intercept the cap
tured train at Umatilla Junction. If
unsuccessful, tbe troops at Boise bar
racks will await thn train at Nam pa.
Portland, Or. April 28. When last
beard from the train had passed' Hood
riven. They were proceeding leisurely
and handling all tbe IMon Pacific
way business. Tho train' is being run
by the company's engineer and train
! " II
At Tacomd and Seattle.
Taooma, April 28. Tacoma's branch
Coxeyltes started this afternoon for
Puyallup, where tbey will meet the
Seattle army. The Seattle contingent
inarched out of Kent at 5 o'cleck: this
morning. Both armies will spend
Sunday at Puyallup, where it is
thought they will make an effort to
capture a train.
The California Army.
Sacramento, Cal., April 287 Eleven
hundred and Blxty men of the
California Industrial army, second reg
iment, landed at JNew Hope this morn
ing, and walked to Walnut Grove.
They are headed for Bacramento. Tnree
women are In the party.
Teams Furnished Kelly
Stuart, la- April 28. Kelly's army
began its march to Dea Moines today.
The cltlzeusdfBtuart were liberal in
.hoironntrthnttons. and 41 teams were
furnished forthe tranportation of tbe
Only Olffea sad Hardtack.
ii .TOirPHtatiiun. Mdi. Anril 28.
Since ThonJay Coxey'a commonweal
em have eatin naught save coflee and
hardtack. "We rely upon tne puoiic
to support this movement" ld Cbxey.
for. McKlHley Acts.
Coiajxbvb, April 28.-GOV. McKIn
ley has idered battery H to prepare to
go to Mont Sterling to clear tbe Balti
more andOhlo freight train of Calvin's
Coxeylte. ,
CoLuyncd, Ohio, April 28,-Tbe
troops arrived at Mount Sterling at
12:10 p. m. At 1 o'clock tboy mounted
tbe cars. Galvln's mon scrambled off,
and the train moved away. No shots
were fired.
Holding Oa.
Mount Sterling, O., April 28.
Galvln's men aro still holding onto tho
Hogan's Capture.
St. Paul, April 28. The two train's
on the Northern Paclfio, delayed by
Hogan's tramp train, arrived here.
Tbe passengers, say when Hogan
reached Forsytbe he sought the station
agent, Baying:
''See here. Mr. Agent, I want ' an
engine to carry, us on East"
"Certainly, Mr. Hogan," the agent
replied. "We will do all we can for
yon, step right into my office."
Hogan followed him and found a
deputy marshal waiting for him. A
revolver was thrust under his .nose.
He yielded, and sat down a prisoner.
His men patiently waited on tho' train
and presently along came Col. Page's
troops. The train was silently sur
rounded, and before the Coxeyltes
knew what had happened a cordon of
soldiers was about them and they were
prisoners. !
Seattle, April 28. The northwest
ern Industrial army broke camp soveu
miles from tho city, and marched
through the rain and mud,atong White
river valley, towards Meeker Junction,
where the 8eattio branch joins the
main line of the Northom Paclfio
Governor McGraw ordered three Seat
tle companies of militia to be ready for
the field in heavy marching order at
7 o'clock this, evening, and they are to
go to Meeker to prevent tbe seizuro of
Oakland, April 28. The Oakland
and Sad Francisco detachments of the
second regiment, Industrial army,
which had been detained here left on
the steamer Alylra for a trip up the
Sacramento river. Their destination is
said tone Newhope, near Sacramento,
and it Is doubtless their purpose to en
deavor to continue the journey East.
The Situation in Oregon.
Troutdale, Or., April 28. Tho in
dustrial army was quiet oU day on
account of the rain. About 5 p. m,
they were notified by friends In Port
land, by telphone, that a freight train
had left, when they made preparations
to move and when tbe extra freight
arrived the army was all on the track
ready to take it. The train pulled up
to the station and did Borne switching.
Marshal Grady read tho order from tbe
court to the army and asked them If
they Intended to take this train, and
they answered "yos, they were going
to Washington."
Tbe engineer cut off his engine and
pullod out for Bridal Veil, leaving tbe
arm? In possession of tbe train. Tbe
army is still holding the train but
were much chagrined when it dawned
on them that they had been fooled.
The train was composed of empty cars.
Marshal Grady went to Bridal Veil
and will there communicate with the
department of justice before taking
further steps. No attempt was made
to dislodge the army last night.
The industrial army Is still in pos
session of the freight train here and
have notified tbe company tbey will
not allow auotbor frleght, going east,
to pass, but will not Interfere with
mall trains. (The East bound passenger
train, No. 2, was not molested. Sheriff
Kelly and several deputy marshals ar
rived to protect property,
Vaxjparaiso, Ind April 28-Elghty
Valparaiso business men have each
subscribed from (2 to $10 to assist
bands of comraouwealera if tbey come
to Valparaiso.
Tacoma, April 28 Gen. "Jumbo"
Cantwell announces that the Tacoma
contingent of tbe army will move this
afternoon after a street parade.
At tbe city limits, wagons will
be In waiting, be says, to transport the
army to Meeker Junction ten miles
away, where tbe Seattle army will be
Halt Lake, April 28 A special
from Helena to tbe Tribune, says the
830 men captured by uoi. rage are
still- held under (military guard. It U
understood oBly tbe leaders will be
brought to Helena and that the rank
and rile will probably be turned loose In
mall detachments. The governor
looks to ttie federal authorities to take
care of the prisoners,
Tie ktt Xortbera Tie-up.
Bt. aul, April 28. No trains have
moved ob the Great Northern today.
Tbe tkuD of 4405 miles of track In half
a dozen staUal complete. Tbe roads
In this city are tMing the Great North-
ra track far terminals, and a.
allowed to switch with their own
crews. President Hill claims to ".have
plenty of men ready to work. He said
today bo would make no movement
uutil he wa? ready to start a train
through to tho coast,
Oreat Northern Sympathisers.
West Superior, Wis., April 28.
The employes of the Eastern Minnesota
railroad, have gone out In sympathy
w'.th the Great Northern strlgera.
Track Torn Up.
Minneapolis, April S3, The track
Is torn up two miles east of Devils
Lake, N. D., and the Grand Forks
train is held there.
Cannot Movo Freight
8t. Cloud, Minn,, April 28.
Another attempt to send freight west
proved fruitless this afternoon,
Alas, to Late.
Washington, April 28 Twenty-one
private pension bills passed tbe house
today. Hepburn, , of .Iowa who has
been barrasslng the Democratio side
dally for a week, to force action on
these pension bills, finally succeeded
today, through the aid of Plokler, of
South Dakota, who baa been acting
with him, aud the bills were passed.
The beneficiary of ono of tbe bills, an
old lady of 00, totally blind, the widow
of a soldier of tho 'war of 1012, haddled
since her bill ' was reported from last
Friday night's session.
When it was read and about to bo
placed upon Ita passage, Taylor, of In
diana, interrupted by saying: "Never
mind, Mr. Speaker, that bill can be
laid aside; the old lady Is dead."
Breckenridge Appeals.
Washington, D. U., April 28.
Judge Bradley overruled tho motion
for a new trial of the Breckebrldge
Pollard suit. Breckenridge'a counsel
gave notice of appeal.
Another Carpetbagger,
Washington, April 28 Tho presi
dent has nominated J. Govan, of Ark
kuusas.sgout at Tulalip Indian agenoy,
Washington; John S. McNeil, Colum
bus, Ohto.
The Blythe Estate,
San Francisco, April 28. A new
appraisement Is to be made of the
Blythe estate, which the supreme court
finally awarded to Florence Blytne
Hlckley. The appraisement is neces
sary to determine the value of the
property whloh passed Into tbe bands
of Public Administrator Freese, who
was granted letters of administration
upon the death of James 0. Pennle,
former administrator.
Exhausting the Goal supply.
Philadelphia, April 28. At tbe
end of the first week of tbe coal
miners' strike but one mino is pperat
ing east of Alleghanies. That mine Is
near Oceola and employs one hundred
men. Tne supply or coal Is last be
coming exhausted.
Murderer Hanged.
Fayettville, Ark., April 28. Sam
uel Vaughn was hanged today for the
murder, of John Gage in September,
1891. He bad to be carried to the gal.
lows and held up while the noose was
adjussed. His neck and windpipe were
Officer Killed.
OUAnA, April; 28. In a fight with
thieves at Missouri Vaf ley, Iowa, today
tho city marshal was killed, and two
other people were desperately wounded.
Henri Oeademaed.
Paris, April 28. Anarchtet' Henri
was this afternoon convicted and. sen
tenced to death.
From Oheawa.
Mr. Wm. Goodrich had quite a u ar
row escape for his life Friday, A
young stallion, which he was leading,
attacked him and caught him by the
left thigh and shook him like a oat
would a mouse, until a mB,who beard
tbe racket, ran nearly hundred yards
and beat the horse off with a club. Mr,
Goodrich hi considerably bruised, bat
no bones broken. The animal k a
vicious brute, but be has sever attacked
Mr. G. before.
The new MperiBleadest at the school
here has sot put in an appearance as
yet, and Mr. Dixoa l Mill la charge.
There are eely about half as caaay
scholars as last year.
Thefe was sows Peoples frty speak
lug at tbe Ka4ser seated hows last
night. Messrs. Weeks, Jory aa4 Mey
er, candidates, and Mr. Clark, a blb
priyate, spoke oa tbe issues of the day.
Lto a small crowd of weows. A yeww
man, who should have kaewa better.
made bluesl premlaeat la tbe aM
enw, by talkls Md staeaplag bis Jeet
while tbe nsabew wew a Mm
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
thus showing the laok of. good sense.
But by the time he gets a little hair on,
his face, ho will probably know better.
Extracts from an Address by
After reading tho text "Awake, De
bora, awake," Rev. Rollins announced
as bis subject "the Emancipation of
Women" or women In politics.
Civilization Implies government, In
this country tho voters aro responsible
for tho government bo it good or bad.
If men In office feather their pests at
tho expense of their constituents tbe
latter are responsible. Lot them put
others in their places.
In the earliest times "might made
right," tbe strongest was chief. Some
ono was king. At length thinking his
blood wan bluer than others he talked
of his divine right as king. This prin
ciple our fathers repudiated iu their
struggle with England. Yet this prin
ciple of the rule of tho strongest bos
and yet dues determine the presont
status. Yet these same objectors are
willlug to let women bend over a hot
stovo to cook their dinners, black that
same stovo and do the family washing,
torubblng, etc Others urged If women
vote tboy should share all of man's re
sponsibility, serve on the police force
and In the army and navy. But not
all men are capable of filling these po
sitions, only suob as aro physically fit
so women who are fit for places in tbe
army or navy wUl find them as easy
and agreeable as those they now
Woman Is especially fitted for politi
cal life. She is by bature prophetic,
.quick to seo, quick to act while man
Is slow and conservative. History
shows their fitness. Witness Zouoblo,
Boadicea, Queen Elizabeth and Vic
toria, .the latter's reign the pur
est and noblest ever known
of womon. Man Is stronger. He
pleaded for tho enfranchisement ol
women, She has been forced to oboy
laws in whose making she has had no
voice, this is.'unjust. Holding property
in her own right she must pay taxes
but can say nothing as tp how the
money shall bo spent, this too regard
less of tbe tocsin of the Revolution
"No taxation without representation,"
Women are now permitted to study
in our schools and universities and, to
obtain any. degree their brothers can.
Far more girls than boys graduate from
our high school. Theso girl students
are thoroughly familiar with tho his
tory of our nation and loyal to tho
heart's core, yet if they present them
selves for registration as voters they
are refused, though Ignorant foreigners,
but a.twelve months here and unable
to read the 'ticket they cast, aro ac
cepted without hesitation.
Bur; some say, there are objections If
womon cuter political life they will
loose their dellcaoy becomo lowered
"soil their wings."
Again, In courts of law, when wo
men have been accused of crime, judge
and Jury talk of giving a "sympathetic
verdict" Implying that woman Is no
weak she readily yields to temptation,
and because she has not strength to
resist, she should not bo too strictly
held to account "A cancerous libel on
Woman's present position Is one of
helpleskneee. All she can do now to
correct abuses Is to beg sos, husband or
lover to vote a desired ticket. Borne
years ago here la Bakm refined Chris
tian womea stood la tbe pouring rains
as the cabs et voters cause to (be polls
aod tried to Induce (beat to vote a cer
tain ticket. Thefe csbm saea depraved
debeuefaed,"ala! Is tbe eyes, animal
la tbe mouth," brutal throughout,
tbey easae to vote while tbe aofale
weeaea eeuld only eatreat. Much a
eeadltlea is an lueult to woeaea, and
through ber, If a wife to him whose
Bejae.ehe bean aud who ought iu
rightful indiffaatloa reseat It.
Woatea are seeded la politics as
Mrlflers. Wbta tbey occupy nkvees la
lefMMtlye balk tbe peeeeat eorruptloae
will eeaee. It is sew asserted that It k
te possible to lire a vlrtuoue life In
bueiaece aad peMtM. Woawtu's la
Jhteeee woaM ebBe this. Bribery
In bohalf. of tho liquor Interests with
her would meet Its just rebuke.
Presont abuses In legislatures can be
corrected and tho Ideal stand can be'
readied oaly by the infuk,n of new
blood Into tho legislature such as
womon alone can supply. Beeause o
tho nation's needs as well as for her n
sake the speaker urged women 6 de
mand and attain her divdely be
stowed equal rights.
Miss -Edith Frlzzell has been out
several days this week, occasioned by
the sio&ness aud death of her aunt Mrs.
E. C. Cross.
Rev. F. J, Brown and wife, Mrs.
Minnie Cunningham Brown were In
the city on a short visit this week, but
were too busy to visit at tho school.
The rogular semi-term rbetorlcals for
the academy students below tho third
year occured yesterday afternoon, tbe
last for tbe year and possibly the last
la the histdry of tho school, as a new
plan Is to be adopted noxt year.
Tho now catalogue for '01 and '05
goes to print next week. Several
ohanges aro to be mado In the work of
next year and quite a dlfferonb arrang
ment on the whole. Tho new dress Is
to be a cardinal cover printed In gold
The data has been fixed for the gym
naslum fvrhlbUlou ductus oouiujwuoo-
meut week, It will bo on Tuesday after
noon at 3:00 o'clock, The program will
be arranged In such a manner as to set
forth tho practical work of tho gymna
sium, with enough. funny work to make
It entortalniug,
A business meeting of the joint
Chrlstaln associations was held oa
Tuesday at 8 p. m. at which a com
mittee of six was appointed to get out a
hand-book. This the third one
put out. Willamette was tho first col
lege association of tho colleges of Ore
gon to put out suob a book, In 1882 and
1883; tbore wore four put out last, but
Willamette is still ahead with a book
of general Information and help cou.
corning tho school, which would de
credit to any school of high grade.
It was also added to the bylaws that
a regular "Farewell service" would be
hold at 8 p. m, each commencement
week Sunday.
San :Fhanoisoo, April 28. Wheat
May 1.07; December f 1.131.
CuiOAao, April 28. Cash, 67J581;
May 68168.
Portland, April 28. Wheat valley
83J86; Walla Walla 76 77J.
Tho best bread In tho city at Strong's
restaurant always,
"As old m
never oxcell
cd. "Tried
and proven
is tho verdict
of millions.
Livor Kogu-
Tl """ t ator 3 9
r0TTP'V(K-y Liver
AJOPi'Oi and Kidauy
raodicina to
( which you
can pm your
faith for a
oure.t A
raild laxa
tivo, a a d
purely vog
etablo, act
ing directly
on the Liver
and Kid-
noyB. Try it.
Bold by all
Druggist i a Ltynid, or In Powder
lobutaktfadryornadeiBtoa tcu.
"I bars um4 yww Wiiaoni Mvf r Ky tf
ilor nd can coiMliinoniJy wylf l, "
&toMxhYm7-l&u W. JAV1
, Taotv, Wiwbl Heine,
aravBMV vACKAam
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