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l:'Jtr:WJ"''4fil '' I
Swiss Feather-Weight Sailors
Only 50 cents at
Mrs. S. C. Reed's.
Children's Trimmed Sailors
Only 25 cents at
Mrs.S. Reed's..
Ladies Pretty Trimmed flats
Only $l.oo at Mrs. 5, C. Reed's.
Children's Pretty Trimmed Hats from
50c to 5)1.oo at
Mrs SC Reed's
Chicago Sailor Hats, Assorted
Colors, for. 19 cents at
close out at from 25cts to $1.00 oach garment;
' ' worth three times the price at MRS.' S. O, REED'S.
Gowns, worth from $1.50 to 3.00, will close
them out for from 50cts to $1.00 .at . .
Parlor Stand::-
From $1 to $25 at
-Keller & Sods
Our $3 60 stand' is a beauty.
; axt rtrnnzr UATwivr r .itv
April 17, Tuesday, Marion county
Horticultural Bocloty.
May 4. FridayRepublican county
convention at Dallas.
Bkautiful Balesi, At a meeting
of tbo Balein board of trade at the
Willamette parlors yesterday afternoon
tbo lata addition of 5000 illustrated
pamphlets of the city, recently pub
llshed by tuo E. M. Vulto company,
WA? accepted and ordered paid. This
Is, by the way, a beautiful work of art,
and a credit to the city. Buch adver
tising will bo read and treasured by ull
who rooelvo It, Arrangonionts have
boon made to dlnpoio of tlio books at
10 cents aplooo or (8,09 per hundred,
which Is actual cost. They can be had
by applying to A. I. Wagner, tho secre
tory. o .
Tub New Fashion. A Cottngo
Grove Leader man Bays that these iiw
fangled double deoked shoulders that
tho ladles are wearing makes It Itnpos
nlble for a near-sighted man to know
"whether ho Is trusting a woman or a
load of hay. If the craza continues,
norno of our narrow-guago walks will
have to tako tho middle of tho road.
Famous Pictures, Cherrlugton
Bros, are now making their best pic
tures at special prices, tho Y, W. O. A.
tumu, uunnimnuuiuBi
fx' towards catubHshlnff tho
of a uuBinetw uouso in the
aMMJMuimy. and the (rood-will aud
. wver w lmve boon Bhown Indicate
that tkom who havo dealt with us
jvw m eminently sati&fled vrith
iwt,I mm ofiVrlng my entire
at coax.
m Commercial St, 'STd'tgKC
Tjib Road Convention. There Is
In sesalou at the court house this after
noon tbo third convvntlon In the Inter
est of Improved rondo In Marlon coun
ty. These meetings have been the
source of much good for future roud
improvement. The subscription list
circulated by tbo committee for eleven
iplles of Btone or gravel road has .been
liberally slgued, nearly 100 ottlzens
having pledged themselves to pay (5.00
per mile. Others have slgued more,
mill not a fpw will sign smaller amounts.
Willi tho aid of the county It Is expect
ed that the (10.03 per tulle can b
A Outincj. It Is stated by the
managers of tho Btoamor Altona that
they havo decided to make regular
Sunday trips between this city, and
ndopondence, for the purpose of giv
ing the peoplo,espeoially those confined
to business through the week, an out
ing, or pleasuro-rlde. It Is assured
that thbse who ayall themselves of
these Opportunities will receive contin
uous attention by tho officers of that
Road Taxes. Salem proposes to
have her road taxes this year. To that
end W. A. Moores Is engaged In mak
ing a copy of tho city tax roll from the
assessment book ou II lo In tho coun'y
olork's office. This will bo used by the
city engineer and street commlasouor,
W. J. Culver, lu making his collection
of road taxes.
Guardian Awointed. J. W. Har
ritt has been appointed guardian of
Doll F. aud' Frank II. Harrltt, minors,
agod 10 aud 13 years' respectively. Each
of these children has property valued
at (333.
In Hulk. Catsup of the most deli
cious flavor, and highest grado. Bring
your pall aud try a quart for 25 couta.
Save tho prloo of packing and bottle,
aud get n belter artlolo. Jo, Clark.
Av Last, Tho loug expected ship
ment of shoes, Including the newest
styles and beat makes, has arrived at
The Palace. Tho low prices will as
tonish you. Call and see.
' .1., i
Tiik A. P. A. It may make some
pooplo look pale, but compared with
balem steam laundry linen, they would
sUll paw for Beuegambtaus,
' ' ' a .I.
Wood, Wood. The Balem Improve
ment company is supplylug hundreds
of families with their superior fuel, at
the lowest prices.
Come hear a talk about "A Bquaro
Man)" by J. A. Dumtuett, at the Y. M,
O. A. hall, at 4 o'clock Sunday, April
Don't forget that Strong's reatauraut
serves tho best meals lu the city. The
freshest dalutlea always on their bill of
ill mnmwm ... p .n i...i i, m
Peculiar to Itself.
tit Atttlitniitlv AiiiWiu.riil Iiar 1 faml'ii
Barsapanlla boeo that many leatflugclt
sens from all over tho United States fur
nish testimonials o cures which seem
almost miraculous. Hood's Baruim
rilla Is not au accident, but the ripe
rnil i nfliiiliiHlrv mid atudv. It iMWseoa-
w merit "peculiar to Itself."
lllKKl'tt 1'IIIS cure uhuovu, biub ueu-
ache, ludlfiwitiou, bHlloaea, Bold by
rv . aiil-l.u- ...-...... ..I.L !... I
Tho Salem Horeemen's Association
rushing for That End.
The Oregon breeding and speed 'asso
ciation held their regularannual meet
ing in Balem yesterday and the follow
ing officers were elected for the coming
year: Geo,; Collins, president; W.J.
Irwin, vice president, Jap Mlnto, sec
retary;!!. B. Lamport, treasurer; W.
Claggett,E. S. Lamport, Geo. Williams
and F. N. Derby, directors.
An assessment of (2 50 per share of
stock was levied for tbo purpose or pay
ing up a few claims that were not
allowed last year and a committee con
sisting of Messrs. Collins, Claggett and
Mlnto was appointed to collect the as
A committee was appointed to confer
with the Independence association as
t dolts, and will report to a meeting
to be held next Monday.
u. j ' i
At Aurora.
There was a largo assemblage of
Aurora people Friday to witness Ibe
closing exercises of tbo publio schools.
A plcnio dinner was served in the large
room of the primary .department from
tho well filled basket? of the good wo
man of this town, who are justly
fomed for being cooks par excellence.
All declared tbat uch a dinner was
never served before, ' aud there was
en ugh left to fill the vacuum in several
Goxey's armies If they had happened
along. After dinner Prof. Barr, Mr.
C tie of the Board, and Mr. Day of the
Wood burn Independent, delivered ad
dresses to the assemblage. E. Hofer
d Ilvered an educational address at the
o use. Prof. C. W. Barr principal, and
Miss Birdie Cole ussistant, have been
conducting a largo and successful school,
teaching some of the soieuces besides
the regular English brauches. Chris.
Cole and Fred Will received diplomas,
the.firritever Issued from the Aurora
graded schools. They are also the first
graduates In Marlon couuty nnder the
pjmpleto system of graded schools in
troduced and established ull over the
county by County Superintendent
Grubam, Tho present school bqard
are Curls. Zimmerman ohatTmau, J.
P. Cole and Honty Kraus.
In tho evening the Aurora Republi
can club bold its second regular' meet
ing. Mr. Btophen Smith, as president,
presided. This Republican stronghold
shows signs of glvlug an Inoreased
majority for the wholo county and
state ticket. There, will bo some inde
pendent voting as usual, but few men
are going to throw away any votes on
side Issues. The restoration of pros
perity and economlo reform in state af
fairs. Tho od homo of Jobu Knight
and Loronz Eblon, the two leaders on
tbo Republican county tickot, will
make itself felt in tho June election.
Resolutions of Respact.
At a meeting of the Insurance under
writers of Salem, held at tbo office of I,
the Statu Iusuranco company ou April
12th, 1804, a committee of five was ap
pointed to draft suitable resolutions on
tho death of George M, Beeler to be
presented to his family, and a copy to
bo published In each of the dally papers.
Tho committee adopted the follow fellow follew
ing: - Be It resolved, That in the death of
George M. Beeler, who died on the
evoolug of April 10th, 1804,thore passed
away a member of our fraternity,, who
ou account of his sterling qualities, had
our entire respeot nnd esteem, as woll
as our admiration for his ability as an
Ho was a man of unusual merit; large
hearted and generous; a good citizen; a
faithful husband; a tendor-hearted,
father, and was houored by his follow
Wo, his fellow-members of his chosen
profession, shall miss his genial face
from our midst, and wo hereby tender
ourslncerestaud warmest sympathy to
his faithful and loving wire and family
in their bereavement.
H. W. Cottle,
John Q. Bozoth.
John G. Wkiout,
J3v P. 8ialdino,
U. D. Gauhikuson,
Ploasure Ride.
Steamor Altona will make two round
trips between Balem and Independence
Buuday, April 15, leaving Balem at 2
p. in, and 6:30 p. m., leaving Inde
peudouce at 1 p. nu and 4:80 p. m.
Thcae trlpa wlU uot be made ir weather
is stormy . Round trip 60 cent?.
Tax Extknbion. Tho couuty court
of Multnomah county la, considering
whother or not It can extend the time
of paylug taxes. ' It Is claimed by some
that this power is lodged with the
herltr. and that ho may at any time
after the first Monday lu April return
all taxes not then paid as ttoliuqueut.
Tho county oJtirt boa referred tho ques
tion to eouuscl who win tuorouguiy
examine the question and report Boon.
It is understood the time will be ex
tended for some time by the court in
cate it has the power.
i m i
University Ohavki The enter
tainment Tuesday evening, at the Uni
versity chapel will consist wholly of
vocal wuslo with pnjhestra. It will do
the moat lutereattug of auy local euter
talumeut of the season. Come and see
Dr. Epley and Earl Sharp represent
David aud UoUnth.Tlta cantata of Ruth
is well rehearsed, and the parts will be
exceptionally ealertalnlug.
Tuesday April 10 was the eigl teenlh
birthday of Miss Nellie Bell. Qnlte a
number of her many friends gathered
at her pleasant home on Falom
Prairie and made tho evening paes
very enjoyably to her as well as all
present. The aflulr pioved a genuine
surprise. At the usual hour lefresh
ments were served and were dhcussed
with a hearty good will.
At a late hour the guests departed
for their several homes. Mr. John All
wood, fn behalf of tl e young m.-n
present, spoke a few very appropriate
Words thanking Mr. and Mrs. Bell for
the kind hospitality shown a", and
wishing Miss Nellie many b ppy re
turns of the day In the future Thise
p'eseutwere: Miss Fannie Bell, Miss
Irma Moulding, Miss L ura Jack, Miis
Florence Bell, Miss Orpha . Jack,
MlBsNellle Bell, Miss Anna Partcb,
Miss Bessie Gesner, Miss Pearl Partch,
Miss Maud DuBoIse, Miss Myrtle Du
Bo1sp,.MIss Eoiir.a Pickens, Miss Jesble
Gesner, Miss Vira Hall. Messrs, Dave
Miller, John Allwood, Ethelbert Miller,
Ben Miller, Morris Mpgeson, John
Miljer, Chas. Homer, Smith Miller,
John Techenberg, Dave Grlger,
Clarence Beaver, Frlsby Mauldlng,
John Hosteler, John Bowerman, Ullsls
Gesner, Frank Gesner, Charles Rams
den, Lee Weaver, Claude Jack, John
Hirley, Earnest Partcb, Claude M.
A most unique and pleading enter
tainment was glveu last evening at
Cbannlng ha)l. The first part of the
program consisted of piano and vocal
H0I03 by Mrs. W. A. Djnton's pupils,
who did admirably well and reflected
great credit on her. The second part
of tho program was a beautiful cantata,
entitled "Grandpa's birthday." The
cantata was exceedingly good, every
thing dovo-talllng together as natural
us- life. The characters were imperson
ated in perfect style, and Miss Ama
Strong played little Maud as good and
as perfect as any one could. She spoke
her words clear and distinct and with
much feeling, and her little solo called
forth great applause.
George Bun sung bis little solo with
much feeling and effect. Miss Grade
Rlneman, as Muy, was very winning
and played her part well. In fact all
the characters were well taken and it
would be an exceedingly difficult mat
ter to find a mure talented and better
trained company. Much credit la.due
Mrs. Denton and Carl Denton for .their
untiring work iu training and bring
ing out tho Cantata in so perfect a
manner. The entertainrnen. wes
given lor mo ueueut or ine onurcn.
There is a .detmnd to havo the enter
taiument reproduced.
w. . c. SOCIAJL,
There will be a social, followed by
dancing, at tho Grand Army hall,
Monday evening, April 10. Following
lithe pregram:
....Prof. MoLymaa'g Orchestra
- Miss Edna Knlgbt
Ulsi MoleCartir
,.-11 ru. I.lnn and Mitt Waun
....-... Mr. Dei Dlniimora
... Harmonica and Guitar
Vocal Holo..
Vocal Dnet.
Vocal Hole.
ddreu ..
rror. McLym&n
. . mimpm Davis' and Brown
HI km Mattle EouthwlOk
r. Ji iioier
NoTiOB.-r-The publio Is hereby noti
fied that Mrs. Geo. M. Beeler has been
appointed agent at Balem, Oregon, for
tho Guardian Insurance Company and
8un Insurance Office of London and
will continue under the firm name of
Goo, M. Beeler & Co. and act as their
successor. W. H. Rymond, special
Tho Home Boat.
Tho home boat Ehrood arrives up
Sunday aud Wednesday; leaves from
Corvallls down Tuesday, and Saturday
for Portland; built for 'Salem route;
patronizes Balem merchants; rats
always reasonable. F. J. Smith, agent.
Wharf foot of State street.
1 '
Low Steamer Bates.
Parties intendlnglvisttin'g the Mid
winter Fair should patronize the Union
Pacific Steamers, as this Company has
placed In effect from Portland the low
rate of (22.00 to San Francisco and re
turn, which Includes meals aud berth.
Full particulars cau be obtained by ad
dressing W. H. Hurlburt, A. O. P. A..
Union Paoltlo System, Portland. 1-20-tf
DOWNING. At Sublimity, April, 10
180l,fromoonsumpilon, Frank Down,
lug, aged about 22 j ears.
Deceased. wa a sou of Alex Down
ing and a uephew of Hon. Geo. B.
Downing of this city. His remains
were given burial at Staytou on Thurs
day, A youuger brother of deceased,
James, is lying at the point of death
from the same ailment.
Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair,
We only Jjue Cream of TvUr Powdcr.-No Ammonia; No Alnm.
U In Millions of Honwi-40 Vm the Standasd
Morning ervicts: Babtlsuial, rec
ceptlou of memlters Into fu'l lonreution
and c.minunlOii. In the evei lnj, ser ser
eon: "L t pitching his teut toward
Sodom." You re lnvlie 1 to he present.
J. M. Sbulse, 1 a-tor.
Rov. J. M. Sbulse will conduct the
services at 2:30 p. m.
No morning service. Evening ser-
ce at 7:30. In the absence of the pas
toi Mrs. Olive S. England will Bpeak
on "The GmIs 'and Mythology of
Scandinavia an i Germany."
Bishop W. T. Hogg, of the Free
Methodist chuicb, will preach In the
F. M. church Tuesday evening, April
16th. at 7.30. The BIsop is sti'l
professor in Greenville college
A minister's meeting will be held on
next Monday, at 10 30 a. m., at the Y.
M. C. A parlors, when Rev. J. C.
Templetonvwlll read a paper on "Tl e
Immortality of the Soul."
Preaching at 10:30 a.m. ana 7:30 p.
m, tomorrow at the W. C. T. U. rooms
on Court street. Sunday school at 12.
Y. P. S. C. E. at 6:30. J; Bowersox,
minister's meptino.
Association meets next. Monday at
10:30 a. m. Rev. J. C. Templeton will
read a paper on "The Immortality of
tho Soul." '
Corner of Center and Liberty. Ser
vices as usual. Preaching at .11 a. m.
aud 8 p. m. Sunday school ut 10 a. m.
Y P. A. at 71 p. m. All Germm
peple are cordially invited. A. A.
E igelbart, pastor.
Services tomorrow for preaching, the
pastor being iu the pulpit, at 10:30 a.
m. and 7:3) p. m. Sunday school at
11:50, and Christian Eadeavor meeting
at 6:15. Mid-week service at 7:30
Thursday eveuing.
A communion service at 10:30 a. rr.,
a' o an opportunity for persons to join
th church. 8unday school at 11:45 a.
m. Junior Eadeavor at 3, Y. P. S. V.
E. at 6:30 and preaching at 7:30 p. ir.
J. C. Templeton, pastor.
First quarterly meeting of Ewt Sa
lem mission will bo held at the Tabcr
uuolo today and tomorrow Preaching
th's (Saturday) evening at 7:30. Com
mmlon services tomorrow at 10:30 a.
at and preaching at 7:30 p. m. Sabbath
to 100I at 3 p. m. J. B. Fisher, pastor.
Grange hall, 128 State street. Sun
day services: Morning prayer meetinf,
7:30. Afternoon prayer meeting, 2:30.
Preaching at 3, subject: "Discemii g
tho Approach of the Second Advent.'
Evening 7:30, "Ruth's blessed resolve. '
Rey. W. Kellaway, preacher. AH are
Services at the usual hour tomorrow.
At 10:30 a. m. the pastor will preach a
sermou to tbe'young women. Preach
iiga'soat 8.30 p. m. Sunday school
at 12 m. Junior Endeavor at 3 p. m. Y.
P. B.C. E. at 0:30 p. m. The Song
8eryico has been postponed until Sun
day night April 22nd.
The Rev. Lawrence Sinclair will
preach on 8unday at 10:30 u. m. nnd
7:30 p. m. Morning sulject: "The
E-ryptlau Ovor Throw." Evening:
'.'The words of Christ." Holy com
munion at morning service. Sunday
school at 12 m. Service and sermon
on TburBdayat7:30 p. m.
M jrulng sarvlce at 10:30. By request
of the Y. W. C. A. the sermon will be
aldressed to young women. Evening
service at 7:30. "Mui's P.-esent State,
by Science so called, True Science and
tho Rlble,"belnir. tho second of the series
ot tnree. Sunday school at 12. Y. P.
a C. E. at 6:15.
HURPBiau. The pupils of Mies
Smith, a popular Estst Bilem teacher,
tendered her a happy surprise last
evening, at her home in Highland.
and nervous your wife Is, and you kaow that
Cartor's Iron Mil will relieve her. now why
w. ww m., nvvMV ,. u4 WU MOr M UUX?
., .... nMv.a ..vMn, ucMuui naq sieen
ff -n.a w.hi?.ha cowhand and feet, cni,t
fw and act like a well rereon. Carter's Iron
P1IU equalise the circulation, remove nervous.
nets, and give strength and reaU
A min'i vvlfa iIiahI.I Bit.-.- ft,., ii
r,iv. r.:v h..r".rr.vr. ;.,"onr.e.
rvvHHW .v..v Mu.-nim, uut UI(10UWCKiUa
ayibVtool " """ uunM
iMj' .
Prepared and guaranteed by tho
Decidedly superior u unpreijuivu miu. u.
John D Wallace, a native of Scot
land, yesterday declared his intentions.
to become a citizen Prof. t;napmau
gave his lecture on th "English
Drama" at the Y. M. O. A. hall last
evening. He also speaks tonight '
Woodburn Independent: Art Guiss
came down from Salem Friday after
noon for a few days visit at home
Salem people subscribed over $2,000 for
roid improvement on Saturday
Mrs. E. F. Osburn, Miss Helen aud
little Miss Margaret are home from
Corvallls Mr. and Mrs. Web.
H ilmes went to Portland yesterday,
whence Marlou county's Democratic
chairman goes to the Astoria conven
tion 500DOOODOOO'
"Many diseases
arise from one cause
blood impurity.
Purify the blood and,
thus, go to' tiie root
I of many maladies.
35 cents a box.
Building Material
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Cordwood &o..
&c. Offlee 150 State Street.
University Chapel,
Tuesday Evening, April 1T,'4
First part to consist of popular, hu
morous and chnracter pieces, Including
DAVID and Earl Sharp
and Dr. Epley, and first scene of Prof.
Purvin's Cantata of the Pioneers, clos
ing with Butterfleld's Grand Cantata of
ttUTH..... ....... ......Miss Sarceant
vh'f'sr-r-: MisAliermatt
,hrA' lne Shepherdess Miss Carpenter
KINO OK WO YB..::"-Mr. KundiS
AA.'VrV Broi.Parvm
AocompanUt mus Hubbard
Tickets at the Bookstores.
Admission - . . r Cents
fJt 1 v
Hardware, Wagons, Carts, Road Machinery
Latest Improved Goods and Lowest Prices.
N. W. Cor. State and Liberty Sts.. SALEM, OREGON.
S,. --. O I make a Specialty of fitting the Eye with Glasses.
t A fr -- ff I nave had thirty-five years' experience, which,
V.-- Vx 5 with my Freneh Trial Case, enables me to cor
rectly lit the Eye. There is no charge for my Bet
I carry a large line of Optical Goods and can fit your Eyes at one sitting.
W. W. MARTIN, Optician
ilarn and residence 2 hlock south of
Engines repaired. All kinds of Job Work neatly done
Wear Depot, Salem, Oregon. Correspondence solicited.
now exists which, recognizing
the importance of havingplenty
of milk on hand for cooking
purposes, has found that
?u-wfea Rnriien'c Prt-Tlfc
Evaporated Cream
fully meets its requirements,
and therefore highly indorses
New York Condensed Milk Co.
Dealer in Groceries, Paints,
Oils, Window Wlass, Varnishes
and the most complete stock of
ltrushcs of all Kinds in the
State. Artists' Matei ials,I ime,
Hair, Cement and Shingles and
finest quality of OICASS SEEDS
New Advertisements.
received u new und elegaut due of t lUldreaV
bonnets ana'lmts, ready made dresse., ladles'
kid gloves In newest shades from 95 cts 11 .
ward;"gloves Guaranteed and fitted at tho
couoter. Fast Black boss 10c per pair Our
motto, low prices. quick sales. First Kntloual
iiaub building, 317 Commeic al 8t. 4-1-at
Tir ANTED A glrLwho dan sew, to learn tho
Vt tailoring trade. Inquire ut30SCommeicl&l
street. " i 12 3t
ATS WANTED-Atthe watehouse foot ol
Union street. A. u. juumpureys, t'rop
QOUaK TO UKNT Corner Church andKer-
M ry 8ts,
inquire at 03 State street, A. B
-u u
UCK EGGd-Fuie white Ptkln Duck K g
jorsue. A. c. tiur cu, juukkaloiucb.
mHK most periect nttlng truss made. Will
1 hold a -rupture where all others have
lolled. For salo by J. U farrlsh, 401 Capital
sirv t. 1-Ma-lf
QAPEKS.- 1'ortland. bacntnlemo, Seattle,
Jf Tuoomannd stan Francisco pupers on saU
Kt Hennett'a, f ostolllco Uock.
CUKITIAN 8CIENCE literature of aU
klndson yaleat 32U J.lberty street. 4-3-ly
rnUIS I'ArKH Is kept on file at E. O. Dane's
L Advertising Agency, &1 and 63 Merchants
Exchange, Ean Francisco, California, where
contract for advertising can be made for Ii.
Wcodenware, Willow ware, and.
A choice new line of Syrups
Osborn & Harritfs
116 Court street.
Closing Out!
l,UUl Wholesale cost, 97 State street.
This paper must be all closed out In a short
time. Cull early and get the' finest and best
paper cheaper than ever will be sold again.
Lcgal.Blank JPublialievs
Bash's NewlBrlok.overitheJbank.Oom'l street
To euro Burns, Chapped Hands, etc.
No cure, Money Refunded.
To Milk Consumers,
Oregon School lor Deaf Mutes, )
Salem, Oregon. Uarch 30, 1881. J.
To Whom It May Cencern:
I have nluch pleasuee lu testifying that JTr.
W.N. lavage has supplied this instliu Ion
with milk lor the past two years. The milk
has been rich, swtet, clean aud lnvarlablj of
hrBt-class quality 1 heaillly recommend Air.
HaVuee tn th rnlmnnvA nt nnv tirlva'e fiini-
'Uy or publio Inhtltuliou In need ol a reliable
miiK supply. is. IKVINU, Hupt. 1 ''
- w k-P a " ufTruck
p'oatofllce. RYAN & CO,
of Hop
aud Cookiagtoves, Hoi
Ware, alj-plies, aud t hllieu
ni. rii.o c.,11 ln.e o
Plow Pdjuts.
Full 1im
Htove Extras.
t, i'i ',ir,UvIM.iitfili-