Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, December 22, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 4

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0,000 ft
To be Sold at
Our lease of Btore room expires Jnne 1st, and we want to
ulose our entire stock by that time. Remember our stock is
ill new and desirable. Dress Goods, Laces, Lace Curtains,
Embroideries, Hosiery, Kid Gloves, Si k Gloves. Umbrellas,
Muslin, and Wool Underwear, Fans. Corsets, Table Linen,
Napkins. Towels, Ladies' Misses' and Childrens' Shoes, &c.
P. 8, Jackets Regardless oi uosi.
The Palace
December 11th, 1893?
Delight your friend wltb a pretty
picture and frame.
KJSLLE c sours
am the neonle for style, good work
manship and reasonable prir-ps.
Local Dates.
Dee. 22. The Inventors. Benefit
for the McGee Babies by Amateur Ar
tists, Dee. 22, 23. Prof. Chapman lectures
on English literature, Y. M. C. A.hall.
Jan. 1. Y. M. C. A. recoption.
Jan. 20. By Perkins comedy.
Special bargains for this week In
towels, table c oths. hundkerchiefs,
hosiery, and in fict everything at THE
FAIR, 108 Court stiea.
O. P. DABNEY, Prop.
Cobrkot. ''The Joubnai. Is not
the governor's organ. When asked for
his opinion as to the resolutions of
Balom grange yeate day, he declined to
flvo any. The opinion in full was
giyon the same day to another papor."
Thus waileth the Joubnai,. Neither
is the Statesman the governor's organ
not even his melodl n. But if you
don't take the Statesman you don't get
the newB." Statesman, You, don't
get the opinions of the governor that is
truo.ln any other paper than the States
man. As for new, the subject was
exhausted long ago. The governor only
repeats hlms.-lf. There is nothing new
about him.
Was Not a Candidate. The state
ment made In this morning's Democrat
that Dr. T. L. Golden has been a candi
date for the Balem postmasterhlp is not
correct. The Doctor had a petition to
the resident, to which he bad about
two hundred signers, including s nue
of the bo-t business meu in the city.
Thl petition was never forwarded lo
Washington, ns his other business In
, terests preyented him from pushing
, his claims to perfection. Thus It can
readily bo seen that Dr. Goldou was
not a caudidate, which fact he sub
stantiates by showing the origluul peti
tion eti(l in I''8 possession.
Puntiio Schools. All the sohools
close tod iv for tho holiday vacation.
There wera programs in each sohool of
tho city, and miuy of the rooms had
beautiful Christmas decorations of ivy,
evergreens and mistletoe. Loucolu
Bohool made up a purse and
eontrlbutlon for tho poor aud needy,
not havlag participated in tho Thanks
giving day douatlous. School begins
again Jin. 2d. Supt. Andersou, Mis
R.T.Smith and Lillian H. Gwynuo
have numbers on the program of the
State Teachers Ass'n hold nexi
week at Portland, which will also be
attended by other teaohers.
Took Letters. At the prayer
meeting of the First Congregational
church last night about eighty mem
bers asked for aud wero granted letters
of withdrawal from thochurob. This
is the conclusion of the controversy
over Mr. Corwin and probably settles
the dispute that has so long disturbed
the church for all time. The retlrlug
members will probably scatter among
other evangelical churohes.
Read the One Cent Jouhnal.
Red mountains of Alaska by V. D.
Knockabout Club in the Woods.
My Days mud Nights on the Battlo
FWds, by Chas. Garleton Collin.
Three Vasear Girls in South America
Chatterbox lor 1893.
Little Ones1 Annual.
Day ot Chivalry.
Tfce Nursery,
Paaajr Beok.
BfowalM' New Book
Or? Goods
Cost or Less
jsveryuung must go uyJUuo
D, G. & S. Co.,
Hon. Thos. Shordlan of Roseburg
was in tho city yt-sterday.
Hon. B.F. Bonham Is quite 111 at his
home In Highland.
Hon. W. A. Lample of Helix was in
the city yesterday.
Maj. D. C. IPherman went to Port
land this afternoon.
Judge Galloway returned to Portland
this afternoon.
Bert Miller, local editor on the
Woodburn Independent, was in town
O. M. Maxwell of Portland, and H,
B. Miller or Grants Pass were among
those registered at the Willamette last
Prof. Chapman arrived this afternoon
from Eugene, to deliver his lecture on
English Literature, at the Y. M. C. A.
this evening.
Post-master Gilbert's commission
has expired and following are named
tw possible successers: A. I. Wagner.
Leo Wills, D. J. Fry, G. Stelner, T. B.
Walt, M. Rowley, Barney Simpson.
Dr. T. L. Golden and D. F. Wagner.
Judge Wm. GalloWay of Yamhill
county is quoted as saying that Yam
hill, Washington, Polk, Marlon and
Linn should be put on the same plane
as regards taxable valuation. That Is
true it they are not disproportionately
raised above all the rest of the state.
A perfect day in .December. Miss
Helen Edes bus recovered from a recent
attack of the grippe Friends of the
kindergarten will be glad to learn that
Mrs. of Chicago who lectured
here in July 1802 will ugaln como to
Sx'em this coming spring. Albany
kindergarteners are also arranging to
h ivtt her lecture. "Tho Inventors"
tonUht by tbo Salem amateurs for the
McGee family. admission re
duc-d to 25 oent A marriage llceusn
is out for MiZ. E. Rjunlugton and
F. M. Hrdiwttle One drunk got
teu days before Recorder Edes this
morning Will our beautiful wluter
on I without snow ? It Is doubtful
The city stono pile Is ripe
Salem R'd men held their semi-annual
eleutlou of eflloers in their hall in
S ate lustiratice building last evening
a id elected the following otlleers;
pnphet, W. d. Low; suohem, H. G.
K I idret; 8. 8., D. L. Ashbaugh; J. 8.,
H. D. Pitton; O. of R., Geo. A. Burns;
K. ofW., Jos. Biuiugnrtner; truitees,
F, C. B kor, II. H Cmvou and S. W
I'hompaon.. Weather forecast- Sat
urday rain, Bllghtly cooler Albert
Jessup came down from Eugene today,
to spend the hoi Idaya C. B. Irvlue
Is at Portland, closing up tho world's
fair business with tho executive com
mlttee Bert Miller, of the Wood
burn Independent force, was in the
city today No appointment Is ex
neoted to be made in tho caso of the
Salem postofllce, until after the holi
days. Our reed rookera and fanoy work bas
kets have arrived. Come nud seo them.
The most sensible presents for Xmas at
Keller & Sous.
A Stamped:. Tbe past fow days
there has been a regular crush at Silas
Jnnos' candy establishment on State
street for thoso superior fresh holiday
hwcots. Poiple will have the best.
Vacation, SaoredJIe irt Acadaroy
pupils wero dismissed today for the
holiday vaoatlou. Many took tbo
trains for their homes.
Those Oueamb. At The Spa when
put up in their e!oant bixes inako the
finest Christmas presants to be had,
Hiy for Sale.
500 tous of choice hay for sale, most
ly timothy. Will be sold in parcelH to
suit tho purchifer by It. M. Robertson,
Albany, Oregon. 12 15tf
Straight Goods.
We are hero not to be undersold In
any line, G. W. Johnon & Son,;
Mufti m. iiflkfc. eloves. fusnenders.
- - - - , .--fB.-- , t ,.
i.- ......i t... fa mn nnii'
bo' olol'bluf, omprluB B'astteld'a
line of holiday goal', a.l useful aud
very aootyUb.e piestnls. 2t
Transportation Notes and Comments.
The steamer Modoc came up last
night, with a small lot of freight for
Salem. Sho went on to Uorvsllis, aud
will return here tonight. Tomorrow
she goes below. She will take from
her wharf here about 400 boxes of ap
ples, and from Llucolu two carloads of
dried fruit. Both shipments are con-
singed East.
The steamer Altona came up yester
day, arriving at 3:90 p. m. Now that
the Hoag is tied up, she is easily
the fastest boat on the river. She
brought up several tons of freight and
a number of passengers for Balem and
Independence. She returned to Port
land today; will be uptomorrow night,
und will lay over Sunday at Independ
ence, returning to Portland Monday.
The steamer Elwood will be up to
night, and leaves for Portland in the
morning, at 0 o'clock.
The Oregon Pacific boats, Hoag
and Three Sisters have been
tied up at Corvallis. That Com
pany having given up the river
business for the present. Their river
ofilces have alt been closed. The agent
here received notice yesterday, to
close his accounts and file his final re
port with the auditor, at Corvallis.
This he Is now doing. As soon as out
standing bills are collected, and one or
two small matters adjusted, the office
here will bo closed. Tne company will
still hold their leaso on the U. P. dook,
at the foot of Trade street, and it is
hoDed by the officials, to soon have
their boats back on the river. G. M.
Powers, agent in this city, has "several
month's back salary due, but the com
pany will only pay him one month
now. He expresses himself as feeling
perfectly sure of getting his money, re
gardless of how Judge Fullerton may
act, next Tuesday, All river employes
have a lieu on the river steamers, and
they are worth four or flvo times the
amount of claims against them. Mr.
Powers and wife will leave town to
night, for the country, where they will
speud Chrlsimas. They will return
Tuesday next, and Wednesday he goes
to Corvallis, to turn over his books aud
accounts to tbe company.
Prof. Chapman's lecture tonight
promises to be of unusual interest.
Hear him at the Y. M. C. A. rooms to
night. Safe, Quiet and Effective.
The valuable curative properties of
Allcock's Porous Plasters are due to
the employment of the highest medio
aland chemical skill. I hey are purely
vegetable, and in ingredients aud
method have neyer been equalled; safr
quick aud effective in their action;
tney do not burn or blister, but sootbt
and relieve while curing, and can be
worn without causing pain or iucou
venience. Do not bo deceived by misrepresenta
tion All other so-called Porous Plasl
era are imitations, made to sell ou the
reputation of Allcock's. Ask for All
cock's and let no solicitation or expla
nation induce you toacceptasnbstitute.
Turkoy-,Turkeys. Finest in
town -cliuii,ut Davison's mar
ket, 04 Court street.
Christmas Concert and Ball.
The "Elite" orchestra will give u
grand concert and lull at the Reed on
Christmus night. They willbeas-isted
tiv our best loeal talent, including Mist.
Maud Purr, Mr. Chas. lortl aud others
The orchestra is preparing some excep
tionally Uno selections, and no one
should miss the opportunity of bearing
this, as It will be one or tne lineal
musical programs ever produced in
Salem. After the concert, there will be
a social dance given until 12 o'clock
AdmiHslou has been placed at 25 ceutc
ttowu stairs ana ten cents ror tne gal
The New York Racket has had a full
house for a week post, both of goods,
and customers. They can't help seeing
the low prices of their holiday goods, 50
per cent, saved on almost everything.
Work boxes, toilet sets, shaving sets,
games, picture books, silk handker
chiefs aud mufllers of all kluds and
sizes, dolls, toys and almost any kind
of useful articles, that might with pro
priety be presented to almost any one.
Call and see for yourself. Prices awaj
down. eod-w
To Wed. License was issued today
to Miss May Schiedler aud Alois Robl.
Insane, Fanule Thomas, a woman
of the street, was comtn tted to the
asylum today. Hhe lost her reason
from too free u-e of d ugs.
Blind School, Christmas exercises
at the Oregon Bind lustttut wero
held this afternoon. The students re
ceived presents and eom will spend
the holiday vacatl n at their homes.
Foothall, The game tliht was to
been played between Willamette and
Capitol business coll ge was put ofTou
account of rain. They will put up a
rib breakiug game one of theBe days.
No Court, Judge BUobelor has
been laid up for several days with la
grippe aud no malef.ictors liae receiv
ed seuteucos at his I auds.
Peuuy Christmas tree ornaments at
The Spa, 114 State street. W. T. Stolz
xarraoum owaiers ana cnoioe aa-i
mackerel, at Clark & Eppley'a
Superior oraugea. lemons, lg, datea
and ananas at Claik Jt Eppky'a,
Local Correspondence from
in tho Valley.
Last Friday closed the fall term of
school with an enrollment of 142 pu
The dauce given at Smith and Jones'
ball last Thursday night by tho danc
ing club, was well atteuded.
Prof. Davis, assisted by the members
of his vocal class, will give an enter
tainment ou the 29.
It Is reported that a social will be
given at the M. E. church on New
Year night.
A social dance was giyen last Friday
evening at the resldeuce of Mr. Archie
Llbby's, about 3 miles north of Jeffer
There will be a People's party meet
ing at Smith and Jones' 'jail on Friday
afternoon and eveuing, Dec. 22ud,
Sergeant Campbell, of the 38th Illin
ois Infantry, will give a puuararaa of
the Civil War on Tuesday night, Dee,
22, at the M. E. church.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Johnson and
family of Scio, aud Mrs. J. C. Jobuson,
nf Salem, were tbe guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Looney last Saturday and
Mrs. T. Fruits three sisters visited
with her Saturday.
Mrs. Wm. Blanton is ablo to resume
her nauslo lessons again.
Miss lone McCIard spent Sunday in
Shaffer & Shaw sent a crate of fine
hogs and two orates of sheep to Port
land for Christmas meats this week.
Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Clard drove to
Salem Tue3day.
Shaffer & Shaw are authorized agents
for the Wells, Fargo & Co's express.
Mrs. M. L. Jones and little Gertrude,
went to Salem Saturday.
Mrs. Betty was a passenger to Ger
yals Saturday.
Mr. Chapman's son and family vis
ited with his parents last week.
Mrs. 8. Ramp has been sick the past
Geo. Hower is still confined to his
T. J. Clark and wife spent Sunday
on Howell Prairie.
Ira Arnold was the guest of B. W.
Looney Saturday.
Mr. Newson moved out west of town
last week. He and R ibert expect to
teud a crop of hops next season.
Crusade Day.
The National Superintendent of
Evangelistic work calls upon all W. T.
U.'s to observe Satuiday Dec, 23rd, at
Crusade Day. In loving obedience to
t lat call the Salem W. C. T. U. will
hold an "all day" prayer-meeting be
ginning at 10 o'clock aud lasting until
4 p. m. All Christians arc cordially in
vited to meet-with them at their hall
on Court street. Subjects ot prayer?-:
From 10 to 11, Praise; from 11 to 12,
Humilatlon and Prayer; from 12 to 1,
Social hour aud lunch; from 1 to 2,
Around the Camp fi e; from 2 to 3,
Memorial Service; from 3 to 4, A Look
Up and On.
For Christmas Week.
Have finest line of single decorated
pieces and pets of porcelain, bisque tig
ures, aud imported Chiua wure ever
shown in tbe city. Am closing out a
large assortment of dolls. Have a full
line cf candles, nuts aud fruits. Will
meet any cut of any cash store iu Ha
lem on staple groceries. Johu G.
Wright, Pioueer Grocery.
A Life Man. Geo. Caldwell, aged
abwut 19 years, was today brought to
the peuitentary for life, hiving mur
dered a man last Juue. His father,
Chris H. Caldwell, was sent up for
lire in 1887, for ki.llug a raui In the
same couuty.
Ducks, Ducks.
market, t4 Curt street.
The choicest mixed nuts for the boll
days, at Tho 8pa, at very low prices.
Purest cldar vinegar made by our
selves J. A. Vau E.tou, Try it aud
you will use no other.
Oecse, Weoio.
loads ot them i-lioain; at
Davison's market, 94 Court
An immense assortment of holiday
dry goods, uew and desirable articles,
going on likq hot cakes, at the Ladles'
Bazaar, Insuranco block.
Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair.
Tke enly Pure Cream of Tartar rowder.No Ammonia; No AUm.
XhU ia Millions of Homes 40 Yar the Standard
County Justice.
A Gervals Justice court case req'iired
tho presence of Attorney Goo. G. Bing
ham and Deputy Prosecuting Attor
ney A. O. Condit Thursduy, Geo. B.
Miller and Bert Brown bad a disagree
ment in regard to paying some money
and jBrowu retained pdssesslon of a
curt belongiugto Miller. Miller then
commenced action accusing Brown ot
the larceny of the tart. Tho case was
tried before a jury and fhere was a
large attendance among the cltlzeus.
The jury returned a verdict of Hot guil
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with Local Applications, as they can
not reach the seat of the dlsea"o. Cat
arrh is a blood or constitutional disease,
and In order to cure It you must take
luternal remldles. Hull's Catarrh Cure
is taken internally, and acts directly on
the blood and mocous surfaces. Hall's
Catarrh Curo Is not a quack medicine.
It was prescribed by one of the beet
physlcausin this country foryeers, aud
is a regular prescription. It is compos
ed of the best touics known, comblued
witli the best blood purifiers, acting di
rectly on tho mocous surfaces. The
perfect comblhation of the two ingredi
ents is what produces such wonderful
results iu curing Catarrh. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props,
Toledo, O. Sold by druggists. Price 75o.
State Tax Board.
The board will be in session untilSatur
duy noon aud adjourn over till Tuesday
next. President Lonsdale went home
today. He has not been feeling well
for some time aud needB a rest. Repre
sentatives of the Clh district were heard
today. Clerk Pierce and Senator
Blackmau addressed the board.
In tbe absence of tbe president some
fuu was indulged in. An advertise
ment on the back of a letter addressed
to tbe member from Clatsop, setting
forth the Increasing wealth and great
resources of that couuty caused much
Members of the board spent some
time today discussing The Jouknal
editorial of Thursday. There wub an
error, in that article, in saying that the
board raised all town property thirtj
per cent. Only six counties were raised
30 per cent on town lots, but tbey in
elude Marion, Multnomah and all tbe
counties having largo interests in town
lot, property, except Lane and Clatsop
They could not well raise Clatsop Jots
when they are under water. In six
counties town' lots were raised twentv
percent, in seven they were ten per
cent, and in nine counties no raise on
town lots whatever. Tbe correction
not. important because tbe great huH
of town lot values was in the counties
raised thirty per cent.
Fresh Crabs, Oysters AH
kinds of nli at Davison's mar
ki't, !4 Uourl street.
Shoes were never so cheap
as now at Krnusse Bros.
Strained honey, clear as crystal, the
lines! in the wot Id at Van Eaton's.
Try it aud be satisfied.
The United States Will Take Ac
tion in tho Matter.
Washington, Dec. 22. It is not un
likely that some action will be taken by
this government to prevent Captain
Julius Rhodes from involving the Uni-,
ted States, through his enlistments of
men for tbe Brazilian army. Captain
RUodes is a pension attorney in Wash
ington, and is now In Elmira, N. Y ,
engaged in securing soldiers for Pelxoto
some time ago he began enlistments In
Washington, and now claims that be
has secured 155 recruits here. In an
lutervlew published this morning, Cap
tain Rhodes is quoted as saying that
Adjutant-General Ruggles, of the Uul-
ted States army, told him "there was
nothing contrary to neutrality laws In
my scheme." General Ruggles said to
da: "What I did Bay was that he must
conduct his enlistment at his own risk
and that the United Spates could not
guarautee'bim protection. Aud also
advised him against carrying out the
The persistence with which Captain
Rhodes is pursulug his recruiting has
attracted the atteution of tho govern
ment, and while his action is no viola
tion of neutrality luwe, as it would lie
if he were securing enlistments tor the
Insurgents, the present critlca aspeU
of atiairs iu Brazil makes it necessary
for tbe United States to be exceedingly
careful in its po Icy of noninterference,
aud Captain Rhodes, accordlug to in
formation obtaine J today, may be re
quired to desist
Slaiigbf er?d at Cost !
The Largest assortment ever brought to Salem.
They Must Go
in the next 30 days!
C. D, Gabrielson,
.Resident Acent
Have 15 years cxperloncf ; lor over eight yers a-RlHtunt secretary ol State Insurance Tom
pany oi Oregon. Temiorary office Htetrnr's Xied Comer Urutr Store. 'HUtT, KKL1AB1..R
AND lilHEftIi Wulcu Is shown by the fiua t 'at this corn pa nv has done the largest bunl
ness of any Foreign lniurnnco company on tbo I'aclflo coast In 1892.
All Mixed.
Ab usual tho reporters were muddled
in their reports of the assessors' con
vention. The York resolution was as
Resolved, That we, tbe assessors of
the state of Oregon, believing it to be
the best interest of the masses of tbe
people of the state, do most heartily
recommend that the next legislature as
s -mbly of the state enact a law, provid
ing for the deduction of indebtedness,
where a corresponding credit is assessed
and providing for tho assessing of mort
gages, and for collecting tfxes on the
This was rejected. It was not offered
by Assessor Colli n as twice published.
Mr. Coffin oiler ed no resolutions what
Ask YourPriends
Who have taken Hood's Sarsaparilln
what tbey think of it, aud the replies
will be postlvo in Its favor. Simmy
what Hood's Sarsaparilla does that tells
he story ot its merit. One has been
i-ured of indigestion or dispepsia,
.mother finds it indispensable for sick
headache or tiilioustiess, while others
report remarkable cures of scrofula,
catarrh, rheumatism'saltrbeum etc.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable.
Cash, Prices for Christmas Week.
Dry granulated RUgar$5.25 a sack.
Extra C sugar 4.75 a sack.
MuHCulel raibius, uew crop 5 ots. a lb.
Candy we are almost giving away.
Fine line of decorated china at half
At the Postofllce grocery.
Thm Children Grow Fsf
on Scott's
fat fo o d s
make fat
They are
thin, and remain thin just in
proportion to their inability to
assimilate food rich in fat.
cott's Emulsion
of Cod Liver Oil is especially
adaptable to those of weak diges
tion it is partly digested already.
Astonishing how quickly a thin
person gains solid flesh by its use!
Almost as palatable as milk.
Prepared bj Scott A Bowp. N. Y. All drowliH.
Steamer flliona
Leaves Bolse'H dock Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays 7:80 a. m., arriving In Portland at
1:30 p. in.
KETURN1NG, leaves Portland Tuedays,
ThutHdaysatKlhaturdayat6a. m.
Fast t'me ror pasenger service; no way
landing frelKbt bandied.
HOUND IMP (unlimited) 12.00. One way.
For freight ratet and llck'U apply to Mitch
11. WrlKtil Co., Hotman bloen. g-im
of Denver, has opened Dress-making
Parlors in theEldrldge block, In the
rooms formerly occunied bv M. TtnUor
and guarantees
Uforfect Fit or No Pay I
Great - Christmas - Sale
or holiday goods.
HA'IS AND CAPS, NOTIONS of all kind.
-Bargains in Every Department-
Come where you can buy tbe best good for the leatt money.
Look at our window dtepkyt and
kii STORE,
niBIC most perfect flttlne truss made. Will
I bold a rupture where nil others havo
failed, For sale by J. U. Parrlsli, 4H Capital
street. 12-lb-tr
j fimilsh bids, orclve bo ds on anvjib.
Two or more bands furnished, J. Bchiewe Jr,
Turner, Or. 12-W Ituf
WANTED. situation by German slrlagrd
19 years, knows sumo English, lias some
xperleuoii at houseworlc. Jacob Hchlewo,
Turner. Oregon. 13-10-31
OK HALE. An unabridged encyclopedia
Brltaunlca. worth IM. at ereal redu tlon.
. L. West, tlectrln light station. 12 14 U
PAHEltH.- Portland, Sacramento, Seattle,
Tucoina andean Francisco papers ou sal
at Bt'suctt's, Postofllce Mock.
EAT MAHKKT. Opposite brick store. 8.
Haicm., Ufiiverea cneap. m-n-im
UHIsriA-N sciENCE-Llterature of aU
kluds ou sale at 826 liberty street. 4-6-ly
3 THIS PAPER Is kepton file at E. O. Cake's
. Advertising a ftoncy , Gl und 65 M erchants
xebange. Ban Francisco, California, whero
contracts for advertising can hn made for It.
FARM FOB HALE. A desirable farm ofl60
acres for sale on long time Town oropnrty
will be taken In part payment. Apply to Leo
Willis, In Opera Hoose Blook. 12-2 Hn
"Vlfilfrtro VffliAlhtti Intanrllnn iifltiniMll
nF tint a l-A .troiia wnlHnma 11 a a lnHl
h'obuow everyinwir, ana tnen let your mnj
Judemeiit decide whether or not you irntl
w uwvt w Mnj q TfOllAfUJC O UIO (IHUI
m hllV. Wm haVA litnlat n nolnla 11 ofl
wen sincuy on tne menu or tbeKOOd.' Hi
VOn Viftlt nnr lfnr vnn tvltl lolthnnt fll
w vm.ji v uuivi iiiniair i;i vJ"JU. t m
. - - . WH .. T..VMWMV H
lown with Christmas goods, a our prloetl
irerhe in. vmip frtAnrtB If innhla nnf
... .--" -"- - 1
IUO uuc,
Patton Bros.,
Christmas goods, btatlonery, Etc.
Agents for "Ol Nick." 08 State street
S. 0. V. MARKET,
365 Summer Streot.
LEWIri & PRATHER, Props.
Tbe best meats of all kinds sold a t
the lowest prices. Reliable goods and
quick delivery.
Infant, Connecting and Primary classes
every week day from 9 a. m. to
12 m, except Saturday.
MISS 0. BALLOU, - - Principal.
for tenchets' dally practice work from
0 a. m. to 12 m. in Kindergarten.
On Monday, Wednesday and Friday
from 2 to 4 n. m. Classes meet for
Btudyof Froebel Bystom. Mrs. P. S.
ivntgni, rrinoipal.
Meets Friday from 2 to 4 p. m. with
training class, conducted by Mrs.
Knight and Miss Ballou. For terms or
information apply at Kindergarten
rooms, corner Court and Liberty ttreets.
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