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Bvftm'k& capita!) jomij&b, thuiisday, December 7, is.
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S3BM sua g 1 TM .
Capital 'Journal Publishing Company
l'osto:flce Mock. Commercial Street,
- Editors.
pally, by carrier, per mouth, JO 61
Dolly, by moll, per year, 3 00
Weekly, 8 pages, per year, 1.0c
Wondrous Boauty of Soon-to-Disap
pearAWMte City;
Chicago, Dec; 2-rJpeoial correspond
once. Since over-ayear uyo the words,
Chlcag6tand world's1 fair became ay
nonyiuouaj-und-iu inuat iustauces ex
pressed the sauio meaniug. Cbicugi
waatnu Mecca, and1 -the world's fait
was tbesanctined eli riue towards wbloi
the face of every true American, wa
turned. No creediuli preferment hov
ered oyer the holy nhrine. The Jew
and' the MuhoinmeUin, the Brubuili
from Aula, the Buddhist from f udn
audalliho other shreds ufdeuomiua
tlonal associations came together t
oiganlze tbegraudedtoliuruh the world
over conceived, the brotherhood ol
Although this greatest object was no'
fully accomplished, great strides have
been taken to alleviate the udost stub
born obstacle which barred the road to
general tolera luu.
While the Inside of the world's fail
buildings are presenting a chaotical uh
peot, the best of the graud exposition
8i.Hl stands untouched. The bulldiugi
aro there yet, and with Charles Dudley
Warner we call it, "an ideal of beaut
never before created in one square mile
of this earth."
H Madam Blank detcribed it as an "il
lusion akin to a mirage,"
Mr. Noah Brooks said', "the casket
excited more admiraMon than the gem
It was built to hold."
. Mr. H. O. Bunner said: "The archi
tects of the White city were better than
moatof the llviuz or dead architects of
the old world."
John Burroughs spoke of the fair
buildings as tho "Architects Dream."
Mrs. Custer calls the White City a
Boone of enchantment, "an Arabian
night In the nineteenth century."
Kate Fiold said, "it Is the shrine at
whioh I worshipped for six mouths."
Octave Thanet puts it as "the poetry
of architecture." D. 0. Glllman Xvaa
most impressed by tho buildings and
their environments. Washington Qlad
den looked on tho whole as a dream of
Harriet Monroe dwelt on the boauty
of the ( o irt of Honor,
Agnes Reppeller saw in the fair a
true laud of enohautmout.
W. J. Rolfe was most impressed by
the grandeur of tho main buildings.
Thousands of others were awed into
silent admiration, and would not ex
press au opinion
Indeed this was tbo first world's fair
in whioh the buildings represented the
finest part thereof. Now the question
is, shall these building be preserved ?
or oven can they bo preserved ?
Wo say yes thoy could bo preserved
by great expense and endless presever
ance. The hundred of acres of ourved
roof, exposed to the mighty storms,
that sweep oyer tho lake might suo
cumb sooner than we anticipate. It
Will bo a costly exporimeut for Chicago
or even for a private company to try to
retain the Whlto City. Lot her go, she
has ssrvod well, for the purpose she was
orectod,' but do not let her sink into the
category of being an olephaut on
baud, A. F. Hokkk, Bit.
An overwhelming majority of tho
peoplo Qf.this stato aroIu favor of lion
ct)tfoy))r4iuent aud lftfulljf Informed
and aroused aro uualtorbiy opposed to
auy-uml-jall sohomes) to divert public
funds in au unnecessary,, unlawful or
Improper manner. If any of these tax
reform-tt.rtlclea.have bvou prejudicial to
auy.prvseuM publlo olllcinl ur any as
plraut' topubllo oMcOj It Is the cold
fuots?ua to the- condition of our state
that make them' so. It is certaluly
not Individuals 'Knit Jouunaii is after.
Yt,.Unvroan any reform ho se"iired in
our Btato adalra, how cui reduutloua bu
brought about, extravagance curbed, or
reforms promoted without lopping oft
eouie drib's profits, or Interfering with
Nome orio'd ppiltloal schemes.
Tbe'icoudltlOiiB In this state aro not
favorobo' tq nuaktair oil any of the
great'ttlx burden. Iteturiis from nearly
every'OOunty'In the state ore lu aud
BhowMhftt uudor the now assesiiuout
law Uneaok. county millions of per
gountaproperty havo escaped taxation
this VeUr. that formerly were taxed,
Thkwns!frpra twenty to thirty per
ewltfaara.f.tJxeittr a be transferred
te,HHilAtate,jTUo-ttin,'imt of real ea
UtttiiiisKlastfif.Ordgau.laistnall and the
gr$itft6ftartiU. tax will be shunted
tiftMlMfarniintf lantli A9J we have
bowu, not over one-twentieth tho area
of Oregon Is Improved agricultural laud
and this will bear the greater share of
the Increased taxes. What will tho
farmers of tho state do to relieve the
strain that must come upon them for a
number of years unless there Is a
What can tho taxpayers of tho sever
al counties of the state do to make ef
fective the necessity for reducing the
expenses of government In Oregon at
tho next election? They will have to
elect a new legislature, a new board of
state officers and with them a new gov
ernment of all state Institutions. By a
curious fiction the control of state instl
tutlons is not kept with the legislature,
uor uuder olllcials appointed by it but
is devolved upon tho state officers
elected by tho people. The governor,
treasurer and secretary of state, and
stato superintendent of schools, an of
fice not created by the constitution, a re
in charge directly of all the statd Insti
tutions except the soldiers' home'now
bjildiug. As such they are responsible
to themselyes only. Among other
tasks of the next legislature will be the
election of an United States senator
and providing for the state census
which must be taken in 1805.
Under this system executive control
it lust and the ordinary 'checks aud
balances necessary to secure economical
government are wanting in Oregon.
The governor cannot hold a check
upon any department of state because
lie is on so many boards with the heads
if other departments that they could
and often do retaliate. Those boards
ire ho numerous and powerful that they
control the state legislation and in a
large measure shape the legislature and
seujre the appropriations for the difler
ent institutions, us they appoint their
heads and control their patronage. The
state government as a result is top
heavy aud almost beyond control of the
people who have so unwisely created iti
By vicious legislation the state oficeSi
aside from governor, have become ex
ecutive ofllces. Thoy control more
patrounge, dispense more power and
public funds than the governor. State
superintendent of schools s more an
'xecutlve oillue, a greater department,
has more machinery, more offices to
give out, than governor in Oregou
it virtually controls through tho BtatitA
b tard of educatiou Half a dozen state
institutions. The governor's office has
been magnified by legislation into mem
bershipof half a dozen boards. Instead
of being an executive olllcer to exercise
supervision, he is himself on these
boards that dispense patronage, man
age politics, and virtually audit their
own accounts. This is the greatest ob
stacle In the way of lessening the bur
dens of taxation in Oregou. There, are
no adequate influences to hold down
tho tendency to increase expenditures
and appropriations because state offici
als aro virtually compelled to exert
themselves to Increase them by a per
nicious system as above shown.
By the state olllcials being on these
b)irds, aud responsible directly to no
o le bat themselves, tho independence
of overy state olllcer Is distroyed. If
t io people wore to elect never so fear
le s and Independent a man to a state
olll se, under this system, ho would bo
tied hand and foot. His efficiency
aud political future would depend on
his standing in, There can be no doubt
ttiat this system is extremely profitable
to those whoaroconueeted with it, and
that, perhaps, honestly too. Another
stato institution was recently put uuder
the management of one of these boards
that had hitherto bcdi managed by a
highly honorable board of private cit
izens, Immediately a bill passes to
purchase a large tract of laud for a new
site, and erect a now institution.
Three stato officers each got a liberal
allowance added to their salaries, where
private citizens had served free gratis.
Is it auy wonder that a gentleman
holding one of these positions says he
cannot atlord to tana the otflce of gov
ernor, "since the stato pays bo small a
Bulury." The governor only gets from
$3500 to $3800 a year In Oregou for
working three days in tho week. The
rest of the time ho oau oouduot a largo
private manufacturing business. If
one of our pilltlclaus oauuot afford to
bo governor at that price, It simply II
lustrates tlieoiiorui'His prollts now so
cured uuder tho present system. There
is no doubt but that the "system"
should be abollshod.
Nervous Dyspepsia.
Senator James F. l'ierco,
of New
vorK, writes:
"For the past two years I have suf
fered very iiiueh from au aggravated
form of nervous dyspepsia. 1 have re
sorted to various remedial agents, de
riving but little benefit. A few mouths
sluee a friend of mine suggested the
trial of Allcook's Porous Plasters. Fol
lowing the RUggeHtiou, I havo been
using the same with the haiipiot ef
feets. To those similarly ufllleted let
mo suggest the manner of their ue, I
place one over my stomach, ono over
the hepatic recion, and one on mv
back. The elleol Is excolleut, From
the day I commenced their use have
been slowly but suroiy Improving, and
am quite ooutldeut that by continuing
I shall again bo restored to my accut
tomed health."
Economize in Paper,
Clean newspapers, tied in bundles of
100, t cut, lor salo at this ollloo at
llfteen cents a buudlo. A heavy straw
wrapping jniper, large aheets, two cents
a vounil. Next door to the postotllce.
NoNU Birri'Kii The Utlliuau coal
rVemtnt Co. 'a yards, is the best fuel
in Salvm.
The old city council has virtually
closed Its labors. At the next meeting
there will be a formal transfer to the
uew city council.
The Journal renews its demands'
of last year for reductiou of city ex
penses and placing the city upou a cash
basis. Salaries are still out of all pro
uortion to the inconiej and , should be
reduced. When a laborer gets a small
warrant it should commmd ready
cash. If the city has fuuds lying in
any bank for sixty days or more, that
bank should pay for the use of them.
The city marshal now gets a salary of
$1500 per year and fees in various ways
of nearly as much more nut of justice
court business. There is not a profes
sional man in the city makes as much
clean cash. Other departments must
be cut to fit the c'.o'ti. The council
should lay aside personal friendships
aud deal with the conditions as It finds
thorn from tbe standpoint of a cold
busiUes8pro position.
Life Is Misery
to many people who have the taint of
serofula in their blood. The agonies
caused by tha dreadful running sores
and other manifestations of this disease
are beyond description. There Is no
other remedy equal to Hood's rjareap
arilla for scrofula, salt rhaum and every
form of blood disease. It is reasonably
sure to benifit all who give it afair trial,
Hood'd Pills cure all liver ills.
Prices Current by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Salem, December 7, 4 p. m. Office
Daily Capital Journal. Quota
tions for day aud up to hour of going to
press were as follews:
Apples 30c to 60c. a bushel.
Veals dressed 4 eta.
Hogs dressed 6 to 7.
Live call Its H t 2.
Sheep alive $1.60 to $2.00.
Spring lambs $1.50 to $2.00.
Salem Milling Co. quetes: Flour
in wholesale lots $3.00. Retail $3.40.
Bran $16 bulk, $10 sacked. Shorts $17
$18. Chop feed $17 aud $18.
45 cents per bushel.
Oats old, 38 to 40c, new 25 to 30o.
Hay Baled, new $8 to $12: old $10 to
$14. Wild in bulk, $6 to $8.
Barley Brewing, at Salem, No. 1.
05 to $1.00 per cwt. No. 2, 70 to 85 ctii,
Wool Best, 10c.
Hops Small sale, 17 to 18Jo.
Kirgs Cash, 25 cents.
Butter Best dairy, 20: fancv
creamery, 25.
Cheese 12 to 16 ots.
Farm smoked meats Bacon 12;
hams, 13; shoulders, 10.
Potatoes 30o. to40o.
Oulous 1 to 1 cents.
Beeswax 34o. Caraway seed, 18c.
Atilbe seed, 2Go. Ginseng, $1.40.
Chickens 5 to 8 ots; ducks, 8o; tur
koya, slow sale, choice, 10c; geese 6 to 7c.
Grain, Feed, etc
Flour Standard, $2.00; Walla Walla,
$..16; graham, $2.50; superfine, $2.25
per barrel.
Oata New whlte,35cperbu.;grey,34c;
rolled, lu bags, $8 250.60; barrels,
$0.767.00; cases, $3 76.
Hay Best, $10 12 per ton.
Wool valley, price nomlual.
Mlllstuffs Bran, $16.00; shorts, $15;
ground barley, $18; chop feed, $15
per ton; wholo feed, barley, 70 cib. per
cental; middling, $2328 perton; brew
ing baric, 0005b per cental: cnlckeu
wheat. 8().U0 per cental.
HopsOld, 10 to 16c, new 10 t 0.
Hides green, salted, GO lbs. 3o, un
der 60 lbs., 23; sheep pelts, 1000c.
Buttor Oregon fanoy creamery. 80(3i
32c; fancy dairy, 2527jo; fair to good,
2022o; common, 16 to 17o per lb.
I'lieese uregou, iu(a)i2j; Young
American, 15o per pound; California
14c; Swiss Imp., 8032; Dom-., 1820.
Eggs Oregon, SOo per dozen.
Poultry Nemlual: chickens, mixed.
$2 003.60 per dozen; ducks,$3 6004.50
geese, $0.00; turkeys, live, 12c;
dressed, 15c
Beof'-Top steers, 2Jo per pound; fair
to good steers, 2o; Nol cowe. 2o; fair
cows, lie; dressed beef. $3 60M5 00 ner
100 pounds
Mutton Best sheep. $2: choice mut
ton. $1 752 00; lambs, $2 002 25.
Hogs Choice, heavy, $5 005 50;
medium, $4 5(l5 00; liuttt aud feeders,
$4 505 0(1; dressed, 10 50.
Veal $3 005 00
Wool; Oregon Eastern choice, 10
l2o; do Inferior, 80o; do valley, 12
Hops 10 to lOo.
Potatoes En rly Rose, 25S5. Bur
bunks, .2540c.
Easily. Quickly,
Pcrmantnll; Rutered.
n J all lho train of t1I
troiu early t-rrori or later
eiMUM, Ue rcaulia ut
oierwoik, tlckueis,
ror.lo rulltriitb.
uev hpmit ami iyn
given u ry organ auj
pnillon of Iba body,
rcn. PxlluralmpoulUa.
J.IOI rcreiencra. Book,
explanation and proUta
Sir. and Mrs. IT. O. Jltchanioon
of Slloam, N. Y.
Husband and Wife
Both Cured by Hood's
Catarrh, Kidney Complaint, Heart
Fulluro, Liver Troubles. .
"I think It my duty to voluntarily toll
'what Hood's Sarsaparilla has done for my
self and wlfo. Last spring my wife wav in a
very bad way with kidney complaint; felt
Miserable All the Time
and could hardly get around the house. She
began to tako Hood's Sarsaparilla, and in
one' week showas Improving, when she
had taken but three bottles of Hood's Sarsa
parilla slio was cured of that dreadful dis
ease. As for me, I was troubled with Ca
tarrh, Heart Falluro and Liver Complaint.
Suffered so Intensely that
I Could Not Sleep
at night, nor get nny rest through tho day.
As soon as I lay down, my heart would beat
so hard that I would have to get up. I had
very severe palm in the amnll of my
back and noises in my head like a flock
of black birds all singing at once. So you
see I was hard up. I also experienced bene
fit from Hood's Sarsaparilla within, a
week after I began taking it. I have im
proved rapidly and can now sleep hotter
than I havo for a year, can eat and not
bloat as I used to. Wo praise
Hood's Sarsaparilla
for wo think there is no medicine Hko It."
Henry C. and Mary: U. IUciiauusok,
Slloam, Madison County, N. Y.
HOOD'8 PlLLS are purely vegotal)le,care
fully prepared from the best Ingredients.
a movement or the bowels each day, U ntoesiary
.or health. These pills supply what the system
Iso'ti to make It recular. Cure Headache, brighten
the Eyes and clear the Complexion better than
sosmeUcs. They act mildly, neither srlpe nor
token as other pills do. To oonvlnse you of their
nerlts we mMl samples free, or full box 2&o. 8cld
iverywhere. Bosanko MedLCo., Phlladelphls. Pa.
Hold hy Rtixken A VhiiKI.vim.
of Denver, has opened Dress-making
Parlors in theEldridpe block, in the
rooms formerly occupied by Mrs. Baker
aud guarantees
A Pttrfect Fit or No Pay!
ll-22-lm J
Orape Vines for Salo.
I have prorogated several thousand
good strong two-year old grape viuep
forspttlngout, assorted varitles, suit
able for culture in Oregon. 25 cts each
$2 (K) per dozen. E. Hofer, Halem, Or.,
Journal office. d w
The Cheapest. Have the Daily
JnuKNAL left at vour office or resi
dence. Only 50 cts a mouth. By mall
25 cts a month.
Leave orders
6, Halem, Oregon.
E. W. HADLEY, Receiver.
b. b. Willamette valley..
LeavcB Han Francisco, Nov, 5th, Mil) and 23rd
Leaves Yaqulna, Nov, 0th, 19th, and 28th.
For freight and passenger rates apply to any
ageut or purser of this noinpany.
It. E V UH ' A ti Y, Gen'l Supt.
G. M l'O YVEUS, Agent, Balem Dock.
The drui; and medicine firm hereto
fore doing business 'under the style of
Smith & Kleiner, have this day dis
solved pnrtuershlp by mutual consent,
Dr. J C. Smith retinue The business
will bo continued by Leo Stelner, at
tbe old red corner stand, where all
uiii and accounts are to be settled,
Salem, Dee. 1st, 1803.
J. O, Smith, M. D.
If you want work that li pleasant and profitable,
send us your addrcu immediately. We teach men
and womeu liuw to cum from SS.OO per day to
S3.000 pur year without having hud previous
experience, aud furulsh the eniploymvut at which
they can make that atnouut. Nothing dilheult to
learu or lliat requires much time. The work U
cosy, healthy, aud houoruble, and can be done dur
iufuaiiiuv or ct ennig, Ntlil lu ) our own local.
Ily, wherever ou lite, llio result of m. few
noura' work often equuls a wwk'a urarea.
e hare taught thousands of both sexes aud all
Jits, and many hate laid foundations that will
surely bring tlieiu tidies. Some of the smartest
men In this country owe their euecess in life to
the start gireu them while la our employ years
go. Vou, reader, may do as well: try It You
cannot fall. No capital neceaaary We fit you out
With something that la now, solid, and eum. A
book brimful of advice la free to U. Help your,
elf by writing for it to-day not to-morrow.
Delays cos Uy.
E. C. ALLEN & CO.,
Box 42p
GLr c"t
A Until rle,
Alphonso, king of Arngon, attend
ed by several of his -courtiers, colled
at a jeweler's to inspect eomo of his
wares. No sooner hnd ho loft tho
shop thnn tho proprietor camo run
ning after hint and complained that
ho had been robbed of a diamond of
great value. Tho king returned to
tho shop and ordered n largo vessel
filled with bran to bo brought and
placed on tho counter. Ho then com
manded each of his courtiers to in
sert his hand closed and then with
draw it open. Ho was the first to
begin, and after all had had their
turn ho asked the jeweler to empty
tho vossol on tho counter. By this
means tho diamond was recovered
and nobods.waa disgraced. Lecture.
Us for Asylum Supplies.
Oregon state insane asylum Invite sealed
proposals for furnishing' at the asylum
near Salem, Oregon( the following hud;
Slles for the six months ending June
), 1891.
1 doz. each Yt. . H. X. 1V4 and 2 Inch
1 doz. each li, , 14, 1. and 2 Inch
1 doz. each and Inch Keystone
1 doz each 1, l'fe and 2 inch flange
1 doz. each , , 1, IVi street ells.
1 doz. each and inch Buckets.
1 doz. each '4, and 1 Inch plugs.
2 doz. each and Inch compression
bibs, finished.
2 doz. each and Inch compression
hose bibs, finished.
100 feet each of , , , , 1, and IVi
inch black pipe.
100 feet each of , and 1 inch galv.
V4 doz. each Yn H and Yt Jenkln's valves
removable disks.
1 doz. each and 1 inch Jenkln's valves
removable disks.
21 sq. -feet 3 ply rubber packing.
10 lbs. each Yi and sq. llnx packing.
1 Jackson's llue scraper, 3 inch.
20 bushels charcoal.
100 Ihs. solder, Yz and Yi-
2 each extra jaws and nuts for 12, 18
and 24 Inch Stlllsons wrenches.
10 Ihs. Asbestes candle wick.
144 sq. feet sheet lead 4 rb.
2 doz. Sampson's battery cells.
2 doz. jtnd glass gage washers,"
2,500 yards cotton flannel, Nashau XXX.
1,200 yds. pequot A unbleached 45 Inch.
1,000 yards Mariners stripe.
tuu yards Lonsdale bleached.
1,500 yards pequot A sheeting, 36 Inch.
500 yds. Continental check flannel.
500 yds. glass crasn towelling, 18 Inch.
200 yds. bleached linen French towell
ing. u0 yds. blue denim.
100 yds. bleached sheeting pequot 9-4.
100 yds. Marsellis check, York Mfg.
6 boxes white stay binding inch.
12 dozen Turkey red handkerchiefs, 24
50 dozen Coat's thread, white No. 36.
12 dozen Coat's thread, black No. 16.
15 dozen Coat's thread, black No. 36.
12 dozen Coat's thread, black No. 16.
12 dozen black linen thread. No. 25.
50 yards table oilcloth, white.
12 dozen papers pins.
50 doz. prs. men's socks (half hose.)
1 doz. prs. men's gloves, Nos. 8 and
10, extra heavy.
15 dozen pairs suspenders.
100 yards silesla. 40 Inch. drab.
1 great gross men's pants buttons.
1 great gross pants buckles.
6 great gross men's shirt buttons, me
dium size.
12 great gross men's pearl buttons,
2 dozen corsets (assorted sizes; 20 to 30.
1 dozen thimbles, Nos. 9 and 10 closed
6 pairs Jean pants, 2929.
6 pairs Jeans pants, 30 30.
12 pairs Jean pants, 3131.
12 pairs Jean pants. 3333.
12 pairs Jean pants, 3332.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3331.
6 pairs jean pants, 3234.
12 pair Jean pants, 3533.
12 pairs Jean pants, 36 32.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3733.
6 pairs Jean pants, 37 it.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3832.
6 pairs Jean pants, 38 C3.
6 pairs Jean pants, 3933.
6 pairs Jeans pbnU, oS a.
?00 rbs. heavy .white wool yarn.
150 lbs. cheapest grade wool yarn, as
sorted colors,
200 rbs. Crown mills carpet warp.
IS 000 Iks granulaied augar, sxtra fine, dry.
12,010 lbs O O augur.
6.101B), rolled oats.
5.000 Bs cracked wheat.
S lv 6 corn meal.
500 tbs hominy, small cracked.
1,600 Bh. hominy.
6.00U fbd. rlcrt.
)S4. bluing;)
300 g tllons vlnegsr.
ziOuHllona N. O. molnsses.
1.0IO lb. corn staich, Onwego.
10,000 flu. Liverpool mlt.
40 tbs. Curb, eodu, A and II.
Sim tt, cream tuner. Fulgent.
SO gross safety ma.chtM (Vulcan).
1 bale broom corn,
3 dozens wu ak brooms.
85 dfzen ojMers, cans (A. Field's Cove).
iuuiuqu uiium'u ivhw vuue j
800 &-. soda crackers, XXX, furnished as re
quired. a 000 gallons syrup (Premium).
40 Sim candle iSturl) wax),
2 dozen Worcestershire nauce, In qts., Lee
aud PerrlnsJ l
2 0 tt4. gennea. .
100 Bm. ango
fiOttn Chlnn starch,
Oklttn. Hal .oda,
"5 dozen brooms.
'M) Iba po irl barley,
100 lbs. starch, glnas,
20 bo tea macaroni,
8 bnxes vermicelli.
60U Bm. cheese, crahston's or as good, fur
nivhedas rcqulieJ.
75lb mustard.
40 lba. black pepper.
SO lb, ginger
3J lbs. ulUptce.
1R dnz'n tea cum.
16 dozen tea axueers.
15 dozen quirt anup bowla,
2 d ii a 1 gul on p fhera.
3 duz n sou,, plate.
1 uozen bowla -i d pitchers,
1 iozn chamber pots.
1 d Z4ii bed pana,
1 dozen pint syrup pitchers.
UUiidu lantern glnne ,
8 dozen pint creum pitchers.
Sdozeuulucbdlnne pates.
2 doz n 7 nob pie platm.
8 dozen 11 loch vegetable dishes
iiliuiu luoh vegeta ile dltbej.
1 dozeu t-ugar bowls.
3rioxn 12 Inch patters.
Idoztu 11 luch-'platteru.-
650 barrels, more or lea, bwt roller process.
delivered hs required, f
bJnel Kf',ai more or lesa, dellveredi as
BOA. "
- 8,600 lbs. extia palt) aavon.
I.OOUIjs, Ivory
aiibs-ahavine. tncAkts.n. D. Wllltanu A
500 th Knglbh breakrMtj.rwn,'
1,000 lbt. uupoTored Jhpan, black.
UJb Sloca.
SCO lbi. chicory
KS lbi . a week, more or leas, beat creamery,
.fci m, m,
if- ii jJ$V
You can use it for general, household purpose..
2,000 lbs. 8 edeHammnr.
COI'lhq per day, more or lesa, of beef and
mutton a required In eqnal parts ol fore
and hind quartan.
Fish a requlrod, glvlue price por pound for
furnlBblng the different kinds perfectly fresh,
and sound.
R dozen oil grain calf, 40 lba. to the dozen.
1 dozen call skins, 40 lbn. io the dozen
I dozen Imitation grain goat, suitable for
quarters, for shoes 13 to 24.
II dozen sheep aklnH for llntngaha ed. '
6 buckskins for lining,,
tiollgialned kip Bkins, average 6 lbs. each
1 doz. kip skins, average 5 lbs. each.
3 sides skirting 15 to 18 lbs. each.
COO lbs. Santa Cruz sole leather.l extra,
heavy No. 1, average weight 25 rbs. to
the "side.
1 doz. balls English shoe web.
12 yards .English shoe core 5 in. wide1.
1 oz. Russian bristles.
1 doz silk twist D.
6 spools linen thread, No. 25.
6 spools linen thread No. 35.
2 lbs. Harbours shoe thread. No. 12.
6 bottles leather cement' (Cub -brand.)
6 bottles rubber cement (Brazilian.)
3 doz. pieces shoemaker's- wax.
6 lbs. 1 oz. shoe tacks.
6 lbs. brass nails.
12 lbs. 6-8 brass nails.
12 lbs. 4-8 brass nails.
12 lbs. brass nails. -12
lbs. 8-8 Iron heel nallB.
12 lbs. Iron heel nails.
12 lb 0-t iron heel nulls.
12 lbs. Iron heel nails.
2 doz. Bradbury machine needles
(wedge point) No 4.
2 sq. feet rubber cloth for patching.
20 yards heavy ticking for lining,
5 doz. pressed pans, 8 inch.
10 doz. pint cups.
24 doz. table spoons.
t doz. wash basins.
6 doz. knives and folks.
2 doz. ladles. In two sizes.
1 doz. slop palls with covers.
Yi dozen wash tubs, small sizes.
10 rbs. beeB wax, yellow.
2 doz. dust brushes. .
8 dozen scrub brushes, with handles.
0 uuzen snoe DruBnes.
2dozen hair brushes.
1 dozen whitewash brushes.
Yi dozen kalsomlnlng brushes.
2 dozen shaving brushes. ,
ttoz9ii rrnxe- sii b ackmg T, Ml
3- uuzen boxes hair pins.-
3 dozen combs.
3 uozen papers needles Nos. 2.
3 dozen papers needles Nos.i 3.
3 dozen papers needles Nos. 4.
6 dozen papers needles Nos. 5.
6 dozen papers needles Nos. 0.-
4 gross safety pins.
6 dozen mop handles.
12 dozen mop rags.
60 packs playing cards-doublrf headetU
1 gross shaker piped.
200 gallons kerosene, more., or less, deliv
ered in tanks as required. ,
20 gallons Albany spindle.
10 gallons Albany cylinder.
100 gallons turpentine.
20 lbs. Albany compound No.- 3.
2 dozen bottles sewing machine.
200 lbs. parrafflne in 1 lb cakes.
1 case axle grease, H and L.
Mens shoes.
20 pairs No. 6.
20 pairs No. 7. ' i
20 pairs No. 8, ,
20 pairs. No. 9. .
Men's boots.
20 jpairs N,o. 7. '
1 doz. pr. rubber boots, sizes from 8
to 10.
20 pairs No. 8.
10 pairs No. 10.
10 pairs No. 11.
Men's leather slippers.
zu pairs no. o.
30 pairs No. 7.
30 pairs No. 8.
30 pairs No. 9.
30 pairs No, II.
20 pairs No. 11. .,,
10 pairs No. 12. -
Ladles shoes.
20 pairs No. 3.
20 pairs No. 4.
30 pairs No. 5. I
30 pairs No. 6. -
10 pairs No. 7.
Ladles carpet slippers.
20 pairs No, 6. ,
20 pairs No. 6.
20 pairs No, 7.
15 pairs No. 8.
10 pairs No. 9.
10 gross shoe laces.
3 gross pens, London Incandescent No, 4
2 gross pens, London Incandescent Noi (.
2 gross pens, London Incandescent No, 7
1 gross pens, Gtllotts No. 404,
1 dozen pen holders.
S dozen lead pencils.
10 reams Wedgwood letter paper, half
1 gross indelible Ink In bottles, Payson's
2 doz. bottles mucilage,- Santc-rds Uni
versal. DRIED FRUIT.
In barrels or boxes.
2,500 lbs. apples.
2,000 lbs. peaches,
1.500 lbs. prunes.
100 lbs. raisins.
1 dozen feather dusters.
1 doz. wash boards, best quality.
2 packages each 2, 3 and 4 lb tinned
1 pair 6 lb soldering Irons.
4W feet each and round Norway
10Q feet each 7-16 and H round Norway
75 feflt each x. lx. lVi flat
Norway Iron.
75 feet each 4xU. x. lxtf, lVitf fiat
Norway Iron,
10 feet each . . 1 octagon tool tecl.
10 feet each H round tool steel.
U ker each No. 3. 4, 5 front horse
shoes (Burden's light.
4 kee each No, 3. 4, S hind horse
shoes (Burden's light.
10 lbs. each No. 7 and 8 Putnam's horse
shoe nails.
5 lbs. each No. 6 Putnam's horse shoe
25 tbs. each No. 3 and 4 Sweet's Ameri
can toe calks.
10 tbs. each No. 2 Sweet's Ameri
can toe calks.
1 horse rasps, 14 Inch, Hitler's.
1 Iron saw handle for key-holo saw
with 6 saws, assorted.
2 each Morse twist drills H to 7-16 by
1-16 with S Inch shank.
30 tbs. each of , 1. IVi. 1. Hit z Inch
rounu neau. rivets k jnen
2 each 6 Inch and U
V4 dozen each H. V4. K and 1 inch of
Nos. 7. 8. 9. coDner be
belt rivets.
2 belt punches. No. 7 and 8.
l revolving punch wltn joui
iuu eacn ihxi-is. Zftxa
3xU. Z,xK and 6xV4 Inch
100 each lVtxft-lC audi axS-lt, maj-htnit .
lb, each V4 and K Iron washers.
10 lbs. each H and H WanU nuts,
In coffee, tea, 'chocolate andv In many
delicious beverages, Richness is added by
the use of the
Condensed Milk. For Moro than
Thirty Years the Eagle brand
has stood the test, has given perfect sat
lsfaction to the American people, and ha
had'an enormonst Export Trade". It It
-the 'Best; if goesitHe farthest and Is
Your Grocer & Druggist sell it
'. '.yf Vy n I' i '' mv w .i
400 feet
400 feet
Inch manllla rope,
inch manllla rope.
200 feet
I ...v.. ........ u. .VIV.
jcrews each, V inch No. 7 and
No. 14. IVi Inch No. 9 and n
i No. 7 and No. 6. l
incn manma rope.
2 cross
11. 2UncM
11. 74 Inch
i ids. Draas eacn, , ana Inch.
1 set Jennlng's brace bits.
1 set gtmblet brace bits.
V4 doz. compass saw blades, from I
Inch to 12 Inch.
1 diamond for cuttng glass, No. 1.
1 set bench planes, wooden.
1 hammer No. 7.
1 set Firmer chisels (Barton's.)
5 lbs. ' acld carbolic cryst pure.
10 !bs acid t muriatic commercial. .
1 lb nitric acid CS P. '
1 Tb acldfc'Ballcllier powdered..
1 lb acid tannic. '
10 lbs. aqua ammonia concentrated In
4 lb bottles.
10 lbs. ammoniamuriate powdered.
2 lbs. ammonia carbonate.
6 tbs. amntonUut bromide
2 lbs. antlfebrln (Kalle and Co.)
2 Its. blue ointment.
3 lbs. bismuth Sub. Nit.(Malllnchrodt.)
2 lbs. chalk prep.
0 lbs. cotton absorbant hospital.
1 tb calomel.
2 lbs. chloranodyne.
5 lbs. chloroform (Squibbs.)
10 tbs. i chloral hydrate (Merck.)
Vi lbs. ether In. Vi tb cans - (Squtbba.)
50 lbs. cpsom salts.
8 lbs.- elixir lodo-bromide of calcium,
comp. (Tlldcn and Co.)
5 lbs. glycyrrhlza comp. powdered.
1 lb golden seal powdered.
5 lb hematic syrup hypophosphates (P.
D. and Co.) .
V4 lb -Jalap powdered.
5 lbs. mustard ground.
1 tb opium- powdered.
2 gallons oil. castor (Baker's A. A.)
5 gallons- oil malaga,
H tb oil cloves, pure.
1 lb oil orange pure.
lA lb oil--pppermlnt pure,
lb oil lavender pure.
',4 lb oil bargamont pure).
2 lba. peristn sacch. (Falrchllds.)
1 tb pepsin (Boudaults.)
4 lbs. phenacetln (Bayer.)
25 lbs. potash- bromide bulk.
2 lb Potell 'ir p wl
2 lbs. i potash- chloratol- powdered.."
6 lbs. potash, iodide gran. (Malllnch
krodts.) 3 Tbs.- potash citrate gran. (Malliae
krodts.) 5 tbs, pyrophosphate of iron (Squibbs.)
Yt lb tartarata of iron and potash.
2 lba., soda- .boras, powdered
3 lbs. soda bromide.
1 lb soda hypophosphate gran.
2 lbs. soda phosphate gran.
2 lbs. solution chloride of Iron (Malllnc
krodts. 6 lbs. syrup hypophosphate compound
h 1 lb vanilla bean (Mexican.)
f lbs. sulfonate (Bayers)
Vi tb antipyrlne (Dr. Knorrs.)
30 gallons alcohol, SO per cent.
6 gallons glycerine pure.
20 lbs. vaseline XXX ref.
EQ oz. quinine sulphate (K. and M.
2 oz. Junar caustic Dure.
1 oz. morphine sulphate (P. and W.
1 VI
1 e:
oz. sirycnnia suipnaie cryst.
oz. red Iodide mercury.
oz. yellow oxide mercury.
i oz.) meninoi.
Yt on. cocaine- muriate, t
1 lb ' sponges surgeons No. 1,
1 lb sponges carrluge-No. 1.
1 lb solution 8ubsulphate of Iron
1 gross phials 1 oz.
2 gross phials 4 oz.
1 gross phials 0 oz.
2 cross Dhlals -8 oz.
2 gross corks each No. 4, 6 and 8(taper.)
3 gross pill boxes assorted sizes No.
29. 30 and- 31.
2,500 empty capsules No 1 (P. D. and
2,600( empty capsules No. 2 (P. D. and
Soluble hypodermic tablets.
1,000 hypo, tablets No. 9 In cases 10
bottles each (J.rWyeth Bios.)
2.000 hypo tablets No., 46- In cases 110
bottles each (J. Wyeth Bros.)
200 hypo tablcts-Nd. !61i (J. WyethJBros)'
4 doz. cod liver oil Em. (Phillips) large.
1 doz. Davidson's syringe No. 1.
2 doz. Davidson's Byrlnge No. 2.
6 doz. camels hair pencils assorted.
4 doz, plasters Allcock's poms.
4 doz. plasters Wells strengthening.
2 w boxes plasters Meads adhesive (S.
and J.)
2 boxes Plasters silk Isinglass sur
geon's pink (S. and J.)
3 boxes -Plasters silk- Isinglass- sur
geon's black. (S. and. J.) . ...
2 boxes Plasters .capsicum 0. and J.)
3 lbs. pills c. c. Imp. gelatlh coated (P
D. and Co.)
200 pills aloln 1-5 grain (P. D. and Co.)
SOO pills alolne V4 grain (P. D. and Co.)
600 pills aloln comp. (P. D. nnd Co.)
200 pills C. C. gran, pink ST. (P.
D. and Co.)
100 pills t nux vomica pink, gran. 1-50
gr. (!, DJ and Co.)
SCO pills nux vomica Vi grain (P. v.
and Co.) .
200 pills.-ossafoctlda 1 gr. (P. D. and
Co.) .
200. pills aasafoetlda 2 -gr. (P. D. and
Co- . A
SOOjptlls emmereagogue gelatine coated
iaicii. ana it.)
300. pills aloes et Ferrl.'
l.tb fluid extract aconite root (P.
and Co.)
2 lbs. fluid ext.- buchu (P. D. and
(P. v.
2 lbs. .fluid extract belladonna
ana wo.)
5 lbs. fid.
and Co.)
ext. cascara sagrada (P. D.
1 lb fluid
ext. capsicum (P. V.
1 lb fluid ext. conlum seed (P. V.
and Co.) m
2 lbs. fluid ext cinchona comp. (P.
i id na. ext. aigltallis ". u. ana u
2 lbs. fid. ext, ginger (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fid. ext. icentian (P. D. and Co.) .
2 lbs. nd. ext. henbane- (P. D. and Co.)
6 lbs fid. ext. inecacauanhea. (P. D an
6 lbs. fid. ext. Jalap (P. D. and Co.)
6 lbs. fid. exu licorice (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fid. ext. nux vomica (P. D. and Co.)
1 lb fid. ext orange peel (P. D, and Co.)
2 lbs. fid. ext. rhubarb (P. D. and Co.)
1 tb fid. ext. seneka (P. D. and Co.)
5 lbs. fid. ext. senna (P. D. and Co.)
1 tb fid. .ext, squills (P. D. andCo.)
1 lb fid. ext. Squills, comp, P. D. and
6 lbs. fid. ext. sarsaparilla comp. for
syrup (P. D. na Co.) .
6 lbs. fid. ext.' wild cherry (P. D. and
C- ..
200 filter papers, round gray, No.
Dla. 13 Inches.
2 lbs. soda et potas, tart. ,
Samples may be seen at the office oc
the board. , Goods must be In accordsnee
therewith. and be In original packages
When (possible) The; right ito .reject any
6r all hl,! l uniNl . nl I v.rv TDf sup
plies will be required wlthtn ten days
notice of acceptance of bid. A copy
the advertisement must accompany each
bid., and the name of tha class of sup-
, b:
iiiea must bo on the envelope. -;
M mu.t In.lnit. 1t .ha llftmi nnd to
tals in run or the respective ciars, wu
exceptions of flour, meat and fish. Au-
.dlttng officers are prohibited from con-
I nrmlnjr accounts of purchases when tar
, advertisement does not contain , ,u"
and complete; description of the rtJlf
io ue purenssea. uias -win do opci.c" ;-,-
foun punthes. 'J o'clock p. m.. Tuesday. January t !
IS, IxVi? txvtj at4h,prn4l f thiJrd.r.Sailera. Oregon
carriage bolts. BVX,VESTkflENNOYEl.
nud -ur M.nnmH
Board of Trusties,
Wra, A. MVJW.T, qerij of U9fr