Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, November 15, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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B.M. B0IS. Y ii AmBT.
legal Uteiifc "'"
A Glorious Act of Right
ing Wrong.
mm goes.
That is the Verdict of the Admin
The Queen Restored Without
The Qaaen Probably Restored.
Washington. Nov. 15. Althoucb
tbe state departmeut expected to hear
nothing from HawMl until Saturday,
It is generally antlolnated that every.
thlug is settled In the Islands, that tbe
restoration of the queen his been ao
comnlished without bhodsbtd. It is
understood that Minister Willis' in
structions are to provide for the promo
tion of tbe people, who were Instru
mental in forming the provisional
covernmeut aud that the queen shall
grant amnesty to all engaged iu her
overthrow. The grouud on which this
position is taKeu, is that Minister
Stevens led them luto revolt, and thai
this government therefore is bound to
protect them to tbe extent of assuring
An Act of Justice.
Washington, Nov. 15. An official
of the administration, who is acquaint
ed with all i hat has been done about
Hawaii, and speaks by the card as to the
sentiments aud cpiulous of those who
have brought about tbu chauges,said to
an associated press reporter today. "The
action of the a imlnlstration will go
down in history as oue of the glorious
acts of the United States righting of
"But if this restoration of the queen
has to be malntalutd by force of aims,
would It not subject the administration
to severe criticism, even If the Justice of
restoration were acknowledged?"
"That feature of the attalr I do not
feel "at liberty to discuss," he replied,
and then went on to say that the theory
of the administration was this: "Tbe
provislonaj government was established
merely to exist until the Islands were
annexed to United Btates. The United
Stares has refused to annex the islands
and tbe provisional government has
This statement is explanatory of the
understanding that Minister Willis has
two sets of credentials, one to the pro
visional government and another to
the queen. Tbe provisional govern
ment will be recognized until tbe treaty
of annexation Is rejected, when It Is
Bsaiimcd it has ceased to exist and the
old status is naturally resumed. Min
ister Willis will bring to the provision
al government the first official lufor
matlonoftbe rejection of annexation
Huvintrmade this known to f resi
dent D )le, It is assumed the provisional
government would have no further
standing or existence, and Minister
Wills would then recognize tbe gov
ernment of the queen, aud that would
end the matter. In other woras, me
administration's position Is, that this
g .vernment has not thrown down any
Koven m'-', but merely upon one gov-er-.m.nt
ceding to exist, it recognizes
the o!d lelme.
drover Wrong.
-..... n v.v. in In an Interview"
JeffUU-ndler of Mlurl. an eminent
Uwver. Bid tnai -wievemuu -
more rfcUt to Inquire into the methods
bl which the provisional government
wWabllsbedSn Hawaf, and to uw
the military power of the United Btates
ooverthrjVtbat government, than to
dwtroy any other government whose
at71:" r.tntul aacred ted to the
U Btaies -ud Wl.
,7nvemment when be took the oatu
ranS-r W Tor tw. y&ffWZ "tf
te-ssw YEARS OLD
0,0lIIOW""- I- pjlJUMllWr-
.. . ...nvinVU PUL
A Democratic Protest
Portland, Nov. 15. Under the cap
tion "Dawn Despotism," the Eve
ning Telegram editorially says this af af af
terneon: "Crush the one man power."
The editorial further says that Cleve
land Is guilty of usurpation In suspend
ing the Geary aor, the purchasing
clause of the Sherman law and in using
patronage in securing tne passage of
the repeal bill.
Ho Is now guilty of gross violation of
the constitution, iu declaring war on
the proyislonal government of Hawaii,
without the concurrent action of con
gress. "The danger which confronts
the nation Is not Imaginary, It is act
ually real, Impending despotism."
The Cabinet a Unit.
Washington. Nor. 15. It has been
learned on good authority that the cab
inet is a unit in its endorsement of
Cleveland's plan for the restoration of
Qu.'en Lilluokalanl. This fact devel
oped ater the conclusion of tho cabinet
meeting today. The Hawaiian ques
tion wsstht ohlef topio of dlscusslou..
The meeting was attended by all the
members excopt Secretary Smith, who
is in Georgia, Seor-tary Morton re
mained with the president after ad
ournment, and it i presumed took
luncheon wlih him. After the close of
the meeting yesterday a reporter was
Informed by a gentleman who partici
pated In It that nothing would be made
public on tbe Hawaiian question, as to
the result of tha meeting or otherwise.
Everything Still Friendly.
Washington, Nov. 15, 3 p.
Minister Thurston of Hawaii, baa not
demanded his passports. His relations
with this country are still, to all ap
pearaucea at loast, most friendly. The.
fact that this Is so after tbe conference
ho had with Gresham yesterday. Is
considered significant that relations
b -tween the Hawaiian legation find
state department remain undisturbed.
It is scarcely possible that orders can
havo been given to restore tbe queen by
force, while the department of state Is
still sec-king to maintain friendly rela
tions with tbe legations here.
"Tlo-BrirglarB Shoot-
Chicago, Nov. 15. Thomas Prunty
was shot and killed, aud two of bis
children, Sadie and Peter wen? wound
ed by burglars, who entered their house
last night. Tho burglars escaped.
Cleveland at New York.
Nkw York, Nov. 15. The Evening
World says President Cleveland unex
pectedly arrived hero early this morn
ing. Hecamealone, and the object of
his visit Is a ravslery.
More Vesseij jf or Hawaii.
Vallejo, Cai., Nov. 16. It Is, said
on good naval authority that the Ran
ger and Mohican, now at Mare island,
are being made ready for sea and will
be ordered by the secretary of the navy
to proceed direct to Honolulu to report
to Admiral Irwin and relievo the Phil
adelphia, which will roluru to Mare
Island. The plan Is to Increase tbe
number of marines In Honolulu and
give Minister Willis a larger force at
his command. Tbe rumor wascurteut
tonight that Minister Willis, in going
to Hmolulu, was the besrer of orde s
to Admiral Irwlu from I be secretary of
the navy, directing that In the event of
the rejection of President Cleve'and's
ultimatum to tbe provisional govern
ment, or any uprising, Admiral Irwin
would dispatch the Adams to the Unit
ed States with any special communica
tion that Minister Willis might require
to i-end for the Information of the
Washington authorities. Admiral
Sberrlt, who was Heen on the matter,
smiled aud said that while such a course
was probable he bad no knowledge of
Heavy Fire.
Fbugiis Falw, Minn., Nov. 16.
The Pro " ur mills and elevator, with
forty thousand bushels of wheat, tbe
cooper shop, wareuouse, auu mnjo
amount of stock burned this morning.
jOMOiie nuuureu mousauu uouara.
State of Ohio, City of Toledol s
Lucas County,
Frank J Cheney makes oath that be
Is the settlor partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney tc Co., doing buslunm In the
city of Toledo, county aud state afore
said, and that raid firm will nay the
sum of one hundred dolUis for each
,ud every cim oi caiarru mv iu"'
n,irw! bv the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to bcfitre me ami sulwcrlbed
in my preenw, this Otb day of Decern-
Ler. A- I . 1&M
j Sea i-
Notary Public
Hall'H Catarrh Cure U taken Internally
nd uets dlretstly tbe liltMxUnd m
oous suffices to the system. Send for
UllmonUf, free.
Shall Thoy Becowo Full Flcrig d
Ono Effect of Restoration of
tho Qnccu.
Provisional Officers Not Aliens.
Chicago, Nov. 15. A Dally News
edltoiial Bays: "Careful Inquiry reveals
the fact that not a slugle person identi
fied with tbe provisional government
of Hawaii Is an alien. Every one Is
either a native or naturalized citizen.
Dole, the president, Is a native; bo are
Dauen, minister of finance, and Smith,
attorney-general, Vice-President Hatch
aud Minister of Interior King txo nut
urallZed citizens. When Secretary
Gresbam calls those men and other
connected with the revolutionary move
ment allous, be blunders woefully. H
might as well say that all except In
dians are aliens In this country. II
there ever was t justifiable rebel Ion,
that of tbe proporty-ownera in Huwai
was Justifiable The queen and her
court wdro thoroughly corrupt. Mis
rule was tbe order of the day, revenuen
wero Bquardered, and to replenish the
coders it was proposed to legalize gum
bllng and make Honolulu the head
atiartera of the most clirautlo lottery in
It bo world. The deposition of Queen
Lilluokalanl was an act whioh tbe
whole world applauded, yet President
Cleveland aud his secretary of state pro
pose to uudo tho good work and pav
the-wuy for another reign of vice and
corruption. Tnelf course id this mat
ter is not merely lmpolltlo and undemo
cratic; it is disgraceful."
. Effect of Restoration.
Washington, Nov. 16. The fear of
tho friends of the 'present governmoni
of Hawaii Is that Minister Willis will
push President. Solo for an immediate
decision to tb demand for the prompt
surrender ofOla authority on tbe
ground that tbe provisional govern
ment Itself put tho limits of duration
upou its own autboiity and that the
limit expires when It is decided there
Is no chance for uunexation to the Uni
ted Btates. There have been rumors
from the state department that the
United States has not entered upon an
uttempt to restore the queen without u
thorough understanding with all the
foreign powers, and it Is said the gov
ernment has received assurances tbal
no objection will bo raised to Its plan.
Great Brllalu unquestionably wolcomet
tbo restoration of Lllloukalani, and the
prospect of the early accession of Prlu
cess Kaiutanl as tho best bopo of tbe
government Is distinctively Iu British
By the convention in France in 1843
England agreed to refrain from evei
annexing tbe Hawaiian islands, oi
taking them under her protectorate,
but she never ceased to try to lufiuence
thecontiol of tbe local government to
her Interests. The restoration of tbe
queen will affect the United States In
terests in the Pearl river harbor, tbe
exclusive rluht by which the United
State used this harbor was the recipro
cal consideration grunted for the free
eutry of Hawaiian sugar into the
United Stales, but tho general free en
try sugar auder tbe .McKlnley law
worked an abrogation of the special
advantage enjoyed by tho Hawallatis
aud they bold that the right of the
United States In the Peurl river has
terminated by It. Home disappoint
ment Is felt In administration circles at
tbe expressions of publlo opinion
against the Hawaiian policy, but there
are no Indications of the wavering of
Tbe Hawaiian Incident la attracting
much attention in commercial circles,
aud congressmen still iu tbe city evince
a lively Interest in It. It Is already ac
cepted as Inevitable that the matter
will come up In congress as soon as the
session opens. From all Indications
tim (ttvlalnn will be on strict party lines.
The Republicans take Cleveland's ol-
Hon to be a reflection on Harrison's ac
tion In the premises, and will doubt
less attack blrn therefor. Tbe Demo
crats expect this, and are preparing to
be put ou the defensive. Congressman
Hilt, ex-assistant secretary of state, has
come out in condemnation of the move
ment to restore the queeu.
Congressman Springer, of Illinois,
however, says he Is In thorough accord
with tbe administration on tbe ques
tion, and believe that if, as be says, tho
queen could not be overthrown without
the aid of the United States marines,
she should be restored. DdtnocraU be
lieve that at the opening ofoongreeu
Cleveland will send in a meiuuL'O in
which be will make publlo many facts
hltberlo unknown to this rauutry,
which may put the esse Iu an entirely
n.iw liuht. This Is oioectt-d. eatn-clally
In view of tbe foot that Commissioner
Ulount's report hss never been given
out. Springer l opposed toaunexmlon.
t.nt ..vm it ( the duty of the United
HUU to asxure the Independence of
Hawaii, and to mnkelta twusoofwar
for any otnef oauari w auewpv uuvk
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report 1
Honduras Ready i Figkt Nicn-
Important Dispatches From Oth
or News Centers.
London, Nov. 16. It now appears
tho government consulted both the
Coal Mlneownerb Aesoclat'on and tbe
Miners' Fed- ratios before asking them
to send dologatea to a conference look
ingto a Bottlomont of the great coal
strike. From this exchange of views,
Gladstone learned both sides are ready
to accept any proposition which they
consider roasonab e,
Mancuestkr, Nov. 16, Tho miners'
conference this afternoon decided to
tccont tho proposal of Gladstone to
meet the mlueownera.
Honduras Means War.
La Liukbtad, Salvador, Nov. 16.
Letters bavo been received by the gov
oruuieut officials here denouncing Nica
ragua for harboring Houduran refugees,
A request is made that Salvador Inter
veue in behalf of Honduras or assist
the latter republic In a war against
Nicaragua. Honduras also advises that
war be declared against Nicaragua on
the slightest provocation, whuther or
not an alliance be entered Into, News
hub also been received that Investlga
tlou shows the steamer Costa Rica was
iu pursuance of positive orders issued
aud reiterated by Proddent Vasquez.
A Crisis Ib BpalH.
London, Nov, 16. A Utter from a
Spanish ugent of u great commerclul
House of this city says tho coudltlon of
iflalrs In Spain is decidedly critical.
Public confidence Is at tho lowest ebb.
The govern moU&and army olllululs are
in a state of panto and the army is no
torlously disaffected, owing to tho fact
of its pay being In arrears. The Melllla
disturbances havo not diverted tho at
tention of tho people from the Barcelo
na dynamite oulrairo, which has furth
er Inflamed tbe public against tbu gov
ernment. This I causing muoli alarm
and may load to tbe mist serlout con-
tequuuees. Ramsdeu, tho British con-
ul at Santiago, now In Loudon, has
reoelved a telegram assuring him of the
pacific condition of Cuba, nay I tig the
report of a revolt comes from the Cuban
parly In Florida.
Will Control Railways.
St. pKTKiiunuiio, Nov, 15. As a
stragetlo measuro to secure entire con
trol of tho principal railways In Russia
In the event of tbo mobillzUlon of
troops, tho government has decided to
avail lUolf of the clause in the conces
sion acquired from the private company
which built the roads and pay compen
sation In the sum of $600,000,000. Tho
roads run from St. Petersburg to Mos
cow, from Bt. Petersburg to Warsaw,
and from Moscow to NluJINovgorod,
In Favor of a Monarchy.
Paiub, Nov. 15. Dr. Conoecao, a
friend of tbe late Dom Pedro, was inter
viewed regarding the situation In Broz
II. He said lie believed Mello would
hoist tbe Imperial flig aa a result of u
victory of bis arms. Tbe republic Iu
Brazil, he declared, had hitherto only
been maintained by military dictation,
whllo the majority of tbe Inhabitants
of tbo country wero In favor of a mon
archy. A French Minister Xeilxns.
Paris, Nov. 15. (Jeurln, minister of
Justice, resigned today, in consequence
of the fact that his private reports,
which wore dropped by a messenger
boy, were published. Dupuy declined
to accept tbe resignation,
XoueXul Battens.
London, Nov.16. It 1 reported that
tbe torles are preparing an Irish home
rule scheme, which will be published
after the return of Chamberlain from
Hawaiian Affairs.
Washington, Nov. 15. Kx-Lf!
tenant Stanton, who Is regarded as
tbe ablest admiralty lawyers In m
country, makes the following su
tlou at the possible outcome of the
waltan situatien:
"A naval officer has a right to
oboy an order which ho knows to bV
legal, but ho assumes respenslblilt:
so refusing. If ou the trial tho orfae
shown to be 11 o al ho cannot be
lished: but In tho first Instance thai
Ilcor Is to obey the orderand throw fj
responsibility on his superior.
has a simple way of tylu.i Minli
Willis' hands if sharp enough. Al
has qot to do Is to h nd htm his,
ports and refuse to have any furt
dealings with htm. WI11U bee:
Immediately a private eltlsen, and
not legally give an order to a na
officer. It makes no difference if
has another set of credentials to LI
okalaul. The provisional governm
received recognition as a de facto
ernmont from foreign nations, aud n
aot by Willis as American minuter'
Hawaii after President Pols had sc
him his nassnorta would be lllenl. ii
takes two nations to make a mPuist J
Lord Baokvlllo West ceased to xj
mitten minister wuen tue s'ata ueos
mont gavo him notloe."
Monarchy la Brazil.
Nbvv York, Nov. 15. A prlyata fis
uie announces mat a mouarctiy w ptj
claimed in Brazil. Mello iisw holat
tbe Imperial flag,
Will Ship No Freight.
Ban Fhanoibco, Nqy, 16, There m
bo little or no freight sh'ppel
Hawaii by the Mouowal, the si
that sails noxt Thursday.
Wilder was seen regarding this, k
said .that so far no bills of hiding"
been presented to him for his vise,'
no freight can bo shipped to Hoaoli
without this formality, It Is appai
that thoro wilt praotlcally be no sbl
rnents mado to Hawaii by this stea
"It may be." said Mr. Wilder, "I
morohauta do not caro to risk tb
goods by sending them to a oiun
whore thoro Is a chauce for a reyi
President Winston, of the Sat
Banktug Company, with which t
provisional givernment has con
Ions, eald that no drafts on the Ha
allan provisional government bad M;
prewnieo to mm. u uucu a oue weti
presorted he would have cashed It,
The young Republicans of the Pi
coast send greetings to the young
publicans of Iowa and cougratul
them ou the splendid victory Jut
under the leadership of Frank D, Ji
sou. governor-elect or low. Twi
eeretary of state, he will bring tot'
office an Intimate knowledge nt mi ,
tails of that great state. He pos,
the ability of many older beads ai '
with the enthusiasm of tbe youni
blood will carry the grand old JIwr
eye state several, rounds higher up I I
ladder of Jams,
They won a grander victory M )
recent election than thow of Ota
With Gov. Boles, Diocratiti w
live In the chair, a man of gwatpof
larlfy personally, will a- muU aI
palgn on tbe part of (be ProWWOA'
party, and a bitter 'psnotial JUt
thclroandidats forgovwcf tbsyjWl
up SS.000 plurality for tb utln M ,
aud carry the IcgWatHre and ooan
tickets lu nearly tnrecfouctus f t
oountlea of tbe state. TM Clark
Brothers of the Iowa Stat Btgisisr
uausl led the light day and night, f .
Register f r the patt one hundwd d
contained not less than one tboua ;
editorials and paragraph bsarlng d
the eleollou and as a rtwult tb IVapu
llcaua marched to vletory 10t,(
stronger than wlthoui wc leadewh
OnkCknt Daily by ll. oaatfi
mouth. lo papers .eat mt Uom
'ltou0-rvtmt fWinWCllWCOW e(:doldbydruUUlT6 0