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Programme of the Fall Bess'ion at
Salem This "Week.
Over the Christening of the Warship
Greatest M 01 no
aery in
307 Commercial Street.
fc City.
Going offl of Business
Everything Miist Go.
25'oer cent off on all Lamps and Toilet-Bets.
o,j F H i Dishes and Glassware.
; " Tens aud Spices.
5, .. it Bottled Goods, Preserves, &e.
JT i. .. ti canned Goods and Baking Powders,
jfl ii i. ' Package Goods, Soaps, &c.
,5 it Coffees, Sugars, &c.
B-Come early, as wo will not stock up lu any line after it is sold out.
SROAT & 6ILE, Burke Block, Below Postoffice.
The presbytery of the Willamette will
hold its fall meeting at the First Pres
byterlan chnrch In Salem during three
days this week beginning today, mere
will bo quite a large attendance of min
isters and elders. A number or ladles
from different parts of the state are also
The program far the session Is as foleows:
Monday Presbytery will convene
nt 2 o'clock at the First Presbyterian
At 7:30 in the evening the retiring
moderator, Rev. E. J. Thompson of
eorvallls will deliver the opening ser
Tuesday The regular session of the
presbytery opens at 0 o'clock.
Devotional exercises at 11:30.
Adjournment 12 to 2. At noon the
ladles will serve a luncheon for the
presbytery in the parlors.
During the afternoon the meeting
will proceed with the regular work of
the presbytery, adjourning at 6 o'clock
There will be an all day session of
the Ladies' Presbyterian Missionary
toeiely, and in the evening the pres
bytery will meet with them. To this
meeting all are invited. The program
will be by the ladies.
Wednesday. Presbytery meets at
9 a. in. and will adjourn soon there
after. The synod meets at Eugene on Thurs
day and will be lu session several days,
the delegates from Salem to the synod
are Rev. Hutchinson and John Moir.
Sun EcL.rr8B.-At 10:30, Oct. oth
the smoked glasses were in great de
mand to get vlewa of the eclipsed sun
as It escaped at times from the clouds
of (lying Oregon mist. Computations
I show tbat the eclipse was llrat notice-
"Thero Isn't a particle ofgallautry able from Mount Hamilton at 10:21:30
about the Cleveland administration," . m pttcifiu standard time at 10 (leg.
said Governor Peunoyer to a Journal 47 mju. north of the sun's west point,
writer this morning. "This Is the sec- and eDU- ut 12:50:33 p. m., nt 12 deg. 41
ond time It has put Its foot In It and mln. east of the sun's south point, At
committed an eggreglous blunder In a galem the contacts occurred a minute
matter of state etiquette," said the pros- illter than at Mount Hamilton. Sim
eut occupant of the executive depart- nar)y f0r points east and southeast of
ment referring to the action ofBecre- j,j.0Unt Hamilton the contacts took
tary of the Navy Herbert lu desigua-' piuce iater. At the time of the great
ting Miss Ruth Dolph to act as god- e3t eclipse the moon obscured the
mother at the christening ceremonies of southwestern halfofthesun forobserv
the battleship Oregon. I ers lu Oregon. The day being cloudy,
"It is a piece of impertinence on the there was a noticeable darkness caused
(1 Goods, Old Chestnuts and Old Bones.
part of Herbert to name anyone" con- j by the eclipse,
tlnued tue governor. The secretary 01 .
h r.o..r Una fn fin with tile! OREGON
..,n ,i, ,hin i t.nrnwl montusof June, July and August the
over to the United States. That ship
Pacific. During the
nr.arailr.n nf tlio flrpirnn Pnnlfln railway
Don't Pick Over None
You can get nice, clean new
goods, ALL WOOL, Home
Made and Home Prices
is still the property of Irving M. Scott was unprofitable and the court during
proprietor of the Union iron Works, these months increased its indebtedness
wV.,vnannrtr.nnimiit until the Unl-' in addition to interest on certificates,
m .. w .. w. . -- - - 1 rr... I .n
etc, ?H .-ao.-ll. AUB receivers oiaro-
inents to the court, for the months of
- IF -
You are going to build or make any Undof
improvement, call on the unuer 'guou
material. We have a complete stock, and are
redr to supply any prepared contract, sewer
work, (trading, etc.
Salfm Improvement Co.
Social Club. As an evidence of
the fact that the social season, for the
coming winter, is about to be inaugur
ated in Salem, the announcement is
made that the Willamette Social Club
will meet in the Willamette Hotel par
lors, at 7 o'olock, on Friday eveulng
next to reorganize for the coming fall
and winter mouths. This call will be
hailed with delight by the favored few
who last season participated In the
weekly gatherings of the club, as well
time, were
led States takes it off" his bauds. He
uever asked Herbert to name anyone,
aud It was at his request that I desig
nated Miss Daisy Alnsworth, of Oak
land, Cat., to name the ship."
Oakland, Oct. 0. Captain J. C.
Alnsworth said in regard to the report
that the secretary of the navy had ap
pointed a daughter of Senator Dolph to
christen the battleship Oregen:
"There must be some mistake in this
matter, for Governor Pennoyer of Ore
gon has sent a communication to my
daughter, which she now has, In which
he has invited her to participate in the
ceremony of launching the Oregon
11 l
Two drunks and disorderlies were
before Recorder Edes this morning and
received the usual sentence The city
is full of the usual court attendants,
though at 0 a. m. when Judge Burnett
went on the bench there was hardly a
quorum of rural attendants present
Mrs. Dr. Davison is spending a week at
Lebanon The home of Private Secy.
W. A. Muniey was blessed Oct. 7th by
tho arrival of a son -Prof. L. B.Bald
win of Phllomnth college, who occu
pies the new United Brethren chapel
on Mission street, reports continued in
terest iu tho work of that new church.
Frank Cross has gone to McMinn-
vllle to study dentistry with Dr.
Wright Chief Low of the Are de
partment, Councilman Olmstead and
Newt. Ferrell returned Saturday after-
June. Julv and August, are as follows
June, earnings, $21,833 10, expeuses,
$25,617.41, loss $3,784.21; July, earnings
$16,840.21, expenses $23,581.07, loss $6,
641.36; August, earnings $16,367.61, ex
peuses $19,238 51, loss $3,870.00.
Woodburn Assignment. The in
ventory in the assignment of Charles E.
Hudelston of Woodburn was filed with
the county clerk Saturday. The deed
of assignment was made September
29th to B. F. McLoney. The inven
tory includes a dozen typewritten pages
of manuscript but no total is given. It
If comorises stock of a hardware store
IU UIB UlCUU, j.. v. ..,,.. v, w.
there has been any change in the pro- aua a long usi or oook accounts, xue
An ImmenBO Calendar
Before Judge
as those, who from time to
their houored guests. While the pro- noon rrom their timber claims about
irnim for the cemlut: season has not yei seveu tulles this side of alt. Jetlerson
i..n ni.iiinaH dUII it. in wife to nreulci
many pleasant evoulngs are In store for
thoBO who may attend, and It Is to be
hoped that every member of the club
will be present at tho meeting Friday
evening and assist In making It a suc
cess. The Athenians. Insurance hall
witnessed an attendance of nearly 23
youug men Baturday night who organ
ized the Athenian literary society that
is to meet once a week ou that oveniug
during tho winter. Onlcers elect are:
N. J. Judah, president; C. E. Rouliu,
vice president; C. B. Brown, treasurer;
A. Lee, secretary; Ohas. McNary, ser
geant at arms. President Judah read a
lecture on cranks, and Del Dlnsiuore
delivered a recitation and in all a vory
agreeablo lltorary program was con
ducted. Constitution aud by-laws
were adopted and a committee ap
pointed to fill an interesting program
lor next Saturday evening. Tho young
men of this city who are not attending
college aro not going to abandon liter
ary culture
Lebanon. A Journal representa
tive, who is also Colonel of Oregon Di
vision Bona of Veterans, U. S, A.,
spent tho day at Lobauon and addressed
the associated patriotic orJers lu the
evening. Libaunu has tho roputatlou
of being tho liveliest little town iu the
v loy an 1 what wo saw Saturday corn
firmed that oplulon not a littlo. It
was crowlod with peoplo from the
farmln reg on of the rich prairie about
the forks of tho Sunt linn, aud the
writer ba promised to visit that city
aoonagaUaul wrlto up its industries,
ii i ii i '
New Roof. Tub Evangelical taber
naclo in East b'aloiu, which Is serving
temporarily until a church can be built,
has Just received a new shingle roof at
the hands of E Ait Fisher aud a few
dovotloual brethren. The cloth roof
was no longer sutlleleut to protect the
growlug congregation and Sunday
school at tbat mission. Rav, Fisher is
doing some good pioneering work In
tho eastern part of the city,
l m
Pab Excellent Get your reserved
seats at F. 8. Dearborn's for thu enter
talnniout Friday, Oot, 13th, 60ceuts.
The beat entertainment of tho season.
Mlsa Brown's first nppearauce before a
Baku audleuce. Look out forprebs
Called Mkktinci. A meeting of
the directors of the Auxiliary of the .
M, V. A. is desired next Tuesday after
Boou Oot. 10, 3 o'clock, In the Y. M. C,
A. parlors, By order of chali man.
Tbefttwatcaseof ilrstclaw cigars In
tke olty draws the smokers to Lunn &
Biwofca Capital drug store, Holmau
Dr. L. M. Hensell of Brooks, Is in
the city. No more shade trees should
bo killed about our city parks by guy
wires Col. Mitchell, of Portlaud,
was a Salem visitor today. Hon. P.
H. D'Aroy went to Marlon this morn
lug, Thos. Sims is InStaytpu today.
Architect Knightou came up from
Portland thUmorulug. Mrs. Powell
Reeves Is lu the city today attending
court. Attendance at the Mechanics
fair, Portlaud, is said to bo very small,
owing to hard times aud bad weather.
Now we know where all this bad
weather comes trom the eclipse today.
A Bad Fall. Mrs. Chapman, who
lives with her daughter, Mrs. T. B.
Jackson, on Center street, bad the mis
fortuno to fall down a short llight of
stairs last evening, and seriously Injur
ed herself. No bones were broken,
nud she Is now resting quite comfort
ably, although she was badly shaken
Local Union. The executive com
mittee of tho Salem Christian Eudeav-
ov unlou will hold a session In the Bap
tist church parlors on Wednesday even
ing, Oot. 11th, at 8 o'olook. The presi
dents and vice presidents of all the C.
E. societies and Epworth Leagues lu
the city are expected to be present.
A TitiFLK Late. This would seem
rather late iu tho season to buy fruit
cans, but owing to tho great rush at
their store, which is acknowledged
headquarters, Clark &. Epploy have
been forced to import another largo con
signment. These must bo sold, aud
the low prices must do It.-
The Southern Pacltlo has placed the
price of round trip tickets, good for 10
days to the Portland exposition at (3 35,
including one admission to the exposl
tion. Tickets on sale Mondays, Wed
uesdays aud Fridays only. tf
Court was called at 9 a-m. and the
calendar was gone over, a great many
more cases being settled or continued
than usual.
District Attorney McCain Is present
and the trial of the 14 men bound over
us hop rioters will consume most of the
time this week. T. B. Southwlck and
G. G. Gans were appointed court bail
iffs. Ell Burkeholder wus appointed
grand jury bailiff.
53. W. L. Wade vs. W. W. Hep
burn and N. M. Hepburn, action for
money. Judgment by default aud or
der to sell attached property.
50. Annie Grosse, vs. Henry Grosse,
Divorce. Demurrer argued and sub
mitted. 60. John Savage vs. T. H. and
Arthur Wilson, action for money. Set
tled and dismissed.
01. J. D. Carter vs. Chas. M. Philips
and Cora M. Phillips, action for money.
Judgment aud order to sell property.
63. J. F. Beggs, vs. F. B. Mize, ac
tion for money. Same order.
87. J. W. Beatty vs. T. F. Goodrich,
action for money. Withdraws demur
er and pays $5.
The petit jury was called and nearly
all were present.
Following grand jury was drawn:
R. O. Hawley, Henry Warren, Peter
Feller, Edward Dupuy,J. H.Zlmmerle,
James Coyle, M. H. Cralk.
The lawyers are mottly young men
and as flue a body a3 ever faced a
judge In this county. Judgo Boise is
still the JNestor ot tue oar anu pays
close atteutlou to everything that la
There Is an unusual criminal docket
and the grand jury has the usual num
ber of personal fplte work cases before
it. As a rule that class of justice court
cases do not receive much atteutlou
and there ought to bo some way to pre
vent their ever comtug to circuit court.
gram I have never heard of it, and I matter will come
iwllfive mv daughter will be there. I curt this week.
Know that Irving M- Scott has placed
a tugboat at her disposal and I consider
that act as final."
It looks very much as though the
governor of Oregon had again caught!
the federal administration napping and
brought it up a round sharp turn.
Governor Peunoyer certainly has not
forestalled Cabinet Minister Herbert.
The latter simply had no rights in the
matter to be forestalled,
before the circuit
The Docks. The Oregon Pacific
boat line has leased the U. P. dock at
the foot of Trade street, for use this
season. Their own dock will be taken
to Independence, aud the steamer El
wood will continue to use the same
dock with the O. P. boats for the present.
i Jp
Busines gentleman (panic stricken)
honest, industiious, refined, agreeable,
strictly temperate, would interest re
spectablp. intelligent lady 38 to 48 years
ueediug competent business assistaut,
town or country. Address
Dbeweb C. Iverson,
d w Portland, Ore.
Christian Church News.
Revival services at the Christian
church continues with increasing in
terest. The meetings on both Sunday morn
ing aud evening were well attenaeu. Grape Vines for Sale
Elder Smith's discussion In the morn- t uave nnjpojjmed several thousand
ing was founded on 1st Timothy, 1st g00(j 8trong two-year old grape vines
chapter and 5th verse. Now the end j for8etting out, assorted varities, suit
of the commandment is love out ofa!a(je for cuiture in Oregon. 23 cts each.
pure heart, ann or a gooa conscience g2 0q per drzen. E. Hofer, Salem, Or.,
Is one of the best things the towu ever
had, but there Is ono place lu towu
where the peoplo all center for greeu,
dried aud cauued fruits, aud that la at
Van Eaton's old reliable grocery.
Bin Fhuit Wanted. The Oregou
Fruit & Produce compauy will ship
several boxes of largo wiuter pears and
applea to the world's fair Oct. 10th, and
want all persons who have any good
specimens to bring them In.
and of a faith uufelgued. The sermon ' j0UKNAI, oillce.
in the evening was on the "Parable of
the Prodigal Son." There was one ad
dltion to the church at the morning
service by relation aud at the evening
service there was three additions and
one coufession of faith in Jesus the
The Oregon ministerial association of
the Chrisiau church will convene here
on Tuesday aud continue in session
durlug the days until Friday. The re
vival services will be continued by El
der Smith. Song service at 7:30,preach
Ing at 8 p. m. A cordial invitation Is
extended to every one.
d w
J. A. Laughead, of Baudon, foreman
of the government works at the mouth
of Ciiquillo river, was iu the city over
Sunday, the guest of his cousin, Coko
Wm. Bagley, now of MoMluuville,
spent Suuday iu the city.
Mr. Pogue has returned from a trip
to Eiktou.
i E. Meeker, the hop king, of Puyal
up, Is In tho city today, visiting his
agent, Mr. Templetou.
A. N. Gilbert Is at Portland.
Miss Ada Breymau of tho world's
fair commission is at Portland,
Mrs. Walt. Pugh went to Portland
A large delegation of Salem people
took advantage of the Southern Pacltlo
excursion rates to theExposltlon today.
Electrlo Conductor Ham Sauvalue of
the Capital City Is at Portlaud for a
few days.
Crops The amount of winter wheat
sowu is sinull. Those who got some in
were fortunate, as now the grouud is
too wet for seeding and will soon be too
wet to nlow. There Is a general belief
that we are to have a surprise In shape
of some tine weather yet.
Lively Boating Season Promised.
If the following from the Corvallis
Daily News Is correct, there will be
lively boating on theWillamette this
winter: "We learn that there will be
seven boats ou the river this season
running up from Portland. The O. P.
company will have theHoag and the Sis
ters on the upper river, the latter prob
ably running up as far as Eugene and
the former to Corvallis. The company
will also run the Elwood from Portland
toSalem. Then thereare theAltotona,
Ramona, Toledo, Willamette Chief and
Manzanilla which will also run out of
Portlaud, the two former as far up as
Eugene nnd the latter exclusively for
the Corvallis flouring mills, while the
other two will carry freight between
points. Uuder these circumstances
boating will be lively on the river this
flood luck to von and (rood luck it will
i. . -7: -- -- . . fcii
loo io every wne who lane uuvuuuigo ui uui
Neither a horse-shoe or four leaf clover can I
Onrlng you nuch opportunities. iSee that!
Jyour cnuaren go io me oiaiesireei. uuuki
s.tore lor tneir scnooi supplies.
Patton Bros.,
JBookaellors and Stationers,
Legal JilanU Publishers.
Bush's New Brlck.over the bank, Com'l street.
Rates, $2.50 to $5.00 per Day
The best hotel between Portland and Ban
Francisco. First-clasa In all Its appointments.
Its tables are served with the
Choicest Fruits
Grown In the Willamette Valley.
A. I. WAGNER, Prop.
Governor Pennoyer came up from
Portland Saturday evening.
State Superintendent McElroy re
turned from Lane county yesterday.
The state printing office is working
on the 23d volume of Oregou supreme
court reports.
Tuesday is the regular time for the
school land board to meet.
Receipts at the state land office to
date almost equalled all of laatmonth'i
receipts and money is decidedly easier.
Clerk Davis was in Portland Hatnrdsj
and says business there is greatly improved.
Secretary of State McBrido arrived
from St. Helens last night on the ova
land, very much refreshed after b!i
stay at his country residence.
T. u. fliacaey, oi uaruiuer, utsuu -jsj
officer of the Port at the mouth of Um
Umpqua river, resigned some time ago.
Governor Pennoyer today appoint
Dr. J. L. Elwood. of Gardiner, to
the vacancy.
Tim nrpai.lfii.t. nf the United States it
not lu it with the private secretary rf
the governor of Oregon. Tho forma
has two girls, while the latter, wboisi
free silver man boasts oi iwo uoys.
Headquarters for all dally i
J. L. Bennett's post office block new I
stand, u
When vnu feel uncomfortable about j
the stomach, take Simmons Liver lie?
WOOD WANTED.-400 fine 2-year-old FPU
trees to trade lor wood. Good varleuti
inquire oi u. u. uemeuw
10 HI
School books reduced 20 per cent., at
Do not luin the stomach with chemi
cals. Simmons Liver Regulator Is
purely vegetable aud eflectlve.
UEID. To the wife of A. M. Reld,
Oct. 7, 1S93, a daughter.
"Why is Ho So Irritable?"
This question is often heard aud near
ly as often unanswered.
It la not otten remembered, as it
should be, that tho occasion of ill tem
per and irritability Is ofteu to oe fouud
iu the physical condition of the persons
allected. What Is the use of trying to
"harmonize" a mau whose liver has
gone back on him ? If a man Is tortur
ed with rheumatism, how can he be ex
pected to be allable and agreeable? Can
a confirmed dyspeptic bo expected to
be cheerful and always ready to tell a
fuuny storj ? The only way to remove
the difficulty Is to get at tna cause.
Dyspepsia, rheumatism, Impure blood
aud liver troubles yield to Hood's Sar
saparllla; this is why it is an effective
tranquilizer, a peaceful messenger, and
a preveutlve of domestic quarrels.
Nothing llko Blmmous Liver Regu
lator for pyspepsla aud Indigestion a
safe aud sure cure.
Increased Appetite
is one of the first good effects
felt by users of Scott's Emulsion
of cod liver oil with Hypophos-
pltites. Good appetite begets
good health.
cott's Emulsion
is a fat food that provides its
own tonic. Instead of a tax up
on appetite and digestion it is a
wonderful help to both.
Svntl's Emulsion ar
rests the progress of
Lonsuttipiion, jjron
chitis, Scrofula, and
nflirr thtvi 'titer rlitenses
by raising a barrier of
neauny 'iesn sirengti
and nerve.
Ppirdbjbcolt&Bowna.N Y. Alldrntclttt.
Manufacture Standard Pressed Brick-.
Molded Brick In all Patterns for Fronts
and supply the brick tor the New Balem City
liall and nearly all the fine buildings erected
In the Capital city.
Yards near Penitentiary, Salem, Or. 8-3 dw
TXTANTED-Puiihlne canwser of gooOi
VV dress. Liberal salary ante ipnuwi"
weekly. Permanent position. BK0W
OOtflU r-A NiiMinraman PnrllRnd.OrfSOD.
uuw w, .....j , 10-7 IB
OU trade. Ten acres improvtd, with i pej
co s. H A. Clark, on 16th street, BlerojOir I
gon. """
THIS PAPKIt Is kepton Hie at fi .
.Advertising Agency. MindBWJ
contract for advertising can be mad tor ft i
kinds on sale at 828 Uberty street fw?
Connecting and Primary Classes open
Honday, Sept. 25th,
Cor. Court and Uberty streets, opposite opera
For teachers and mothers will begin October
2d, at the same place.
For particulars apply to And ne doesn.t barn np half youi ' wg
fuel, when he un It. Make your coning; I
Mnq P S tniiT with him personally orlfaveoroerj si jj5
1VJ.KS. JT. O. JVNIQIIT, cigar store Oearboro's book store.lMbumio" j
IMnoti a1 ..i4 ... ...auv. ma Viw mull. ' I
4ituvii aunmuiauuicHuiB v "
WatervlUe, N.Y.
Office above Williams 4 England'! Urtl
ealem. Growers Invltea to can.
0 16-tf H. a WHITNAN, ATJ.
The Rustler Wood &
316 Commercial Street, Balem. . 0 , .
Only the Beet Btnck Bought, SMSF" Only the Best Meats Bold.
uooa service. Prompt delivery.
Tub Ohkapkst. Have the Daily
Journal left at youroflloo or rel.
deuce. Only 60 cts a month. By mall
25 eta a mouth.
Jehsuys. At 8barpe'a dairy are
kept aa lino a herd or Jersey cows aa
iou wish to see. That la why they sell
fcuoh excellent ml lie aud cream.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Sttadswi
kortii T salemd meaTmarket, CHEAPER THAN EVER
J. H. ALLEN, Prop.
The very best of meats at all times,
aud the best of service.
SifirOpposlte Wade's Store.
ftilt. Alatvant nAtf IftpketS
Quality and styles unsurpased.
Largest Gon in the World.
Is on exhibition at the great world's
fair. You ought to see It. This Is the
month of months to visit the fair, pleas
ant days, cool nights, delightful travel
ing weather.
Maximum comfort enroute to Chi
cago on the veotlbuled limited trains ot
the Chicago, Union Pacltlo & North
western line. Bee your nearest Union
Pachlo agent for rates or other informa
Uos. 12-9-tf
have made another big cut on the prices.
will be Bold at any price. Come In and pick on out, and take it away al 7" I
own price.
The beat in the world for children. Try tbem.
Storm rubbers a new stock just in.
MuMen'fl and yootk'a miU and ovecerU at coat,
R, G. OecMtt bMt la Uh wrkt.
-Jb n hLL. ,A $tMfa-- --
i -i . -JWAU m a.