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yeMjsu oajpitaIj- jdiritiJAJj, SATtmiA,ioOToBEfi r, .1893,
Ho Drnti rnralle.1 "Cett;eii Physical
Science nml Revelation Tho Surpassing
Wonder of tho nDopths of the 'ben An
Kloqnrnt DIrour.
Brooklyn, Oct. 1.' In his sermon this
forenoon in tho Brooklyn-Tabernaclejfaa
in many other disccmrs"ea, Rev. T. Do
Witt Talmngo took his hearers and read
era through an untried region of thought
and found a Bubject for "most practical
gospelization in "The Garden? of the
Sea." Tho text selected wa Jonah' ii,
5, "Tho weeds were wrapped, .about my
"Tho Botany of tho Bibb;-, or, God
Among tho Flowers" ia a faHCiHating sub
ject. I hold in my haud-a'book which I
brought from Palestine, bound in olive
wood, and within it are pressed flowers
which have not only retained their color,
butitheir aroma. Flowers from Bethle
hem, flowers from Jerusalem, flowers
from Gethsemane, flowers from Mount
of Olives, flowers from Bethany, flowers
from Siloam, flowers from tho valley of
Jehoshaphat, red anemones and wild
mignonette, buttercups, daisies, cycla
mens, camomile, bluebell8,-'ferns, moss
es, grasses and a wealth of flora that
keep mo fascinated by tho hour, and
every time I open it it is a new revela
tion. It is tho New Testament of the
fluids. But my text leads us into an
other realm of tho botanical kingdom.
Having spoken to you in a course of
sermons about "God Everywhere" on
"Tho Astronomy of the Biblo; or, God
Among tho Stars;" "Tho Ornithology of
tho Bible; or, Gocl Among the Birds;"
"The Ichthyology of the Biblo; or, God
Among tho Fishes';" "The Mineralogy
of the Bible; or, God Among tho Ame
thysts;" "Tho Conchology of the Bible;
or, God Among tho Shells;" "Tho Chro
nology of tho Biblo; or, God Among tho
Centuries" I speak now to you about
"The Botany of the Bible; or, God In
the Gardens of tho Sea." Although I
purposely take this morning for consid
eration tho least observed and least ap
preciated of nil tho botanical products of
the world, wo shall 'find the contempla
tion very absorbing.
In all our theological seminaries where
we make ministers thero ought to bo
professors to give lessons in natural his
tory. Physical science ought to be taught
sido by side with revelation, It is tho
samo God who inspires tho pago of the
natural world as the page of tho Scrip
tural world. What a freshening up it
would bo to our sermons to press into
them even a fragment of Mediterranean
seaweed! Wo should have fewer ser
mons awfully dry if we imitated our
blessed Lord, and in our discourse, like
him, wo would let a lily bloom, or a crow
flv. or a hen brood her chickens, or a
crystal of salt flash out tho preservative
qualities of religion.
The trouble is that in many of our
theological seminaries men who are so
dry themselves they never could get
people to come and hear them preach
are now trying to teach young men how
to preach, and the student is put between
two great presses of dogmatic theology
and squeezed until thero is no life left
in him. Give tho poor victim at least
one lesson on tho botany of tho Bible.
Thnt. WHS nn awful ulunco thattho rec
reant prophet Jonah made when,
dropped over the gunwales of tho Medi
terranean ship, ho sank many fathoms
down into a tempestuous sea. Both be
fore and after the monster of the deep
swallowed him, ho was entangled in sea
weed. Tho jungles of tho deep threw
their cordage of vegetation around him.
3omo of this seaweed was anchored to
tho bottom of tho watery abysm, and
some of it was afloat and swallowed by
tho great sea monsterso that, while the
prophet was at tho bottom of tho deop
..f. i, wn lmrriblv imprisoned he
could exclaim and did exclaim in tho
,nwia nt ,nv text. "Tho weeds were
imniuui nivMif. iviv head."
Jonah was tho first to record that thero
are growths upon tho bottom of tho sea
as well as uposjand. Tho first picture
I ever owned was a handful of seaweeds
pressed on a pago, nud I called them
"tho shorn locks of Neptuue." These
products of the deep, whether brown or
green or yellow or purplo or red or inter
x,i.f f mnv fnlnrs. are most fascmat-
x ti,v ,.r distributed all over tho
;m., nwl from Arctic to Antarctic.
That God thinks well of them I conclude
from the fact that ho lias made 0,000
Rtiecies of them. Sometimes these water
plants aro 400 or 700 feet longnud they
cable the sea. O110 specimen has a
growth of 1,500 feet.
On the northwest shore of our country
is a seaweed with leaves 30 or 40 feet
long, amid which the sea otter makes
his home, resting himself on the buoy
ancy of tho leaf and stem. The thickest
jungles of the tropics are not more full
of ve"ctation than tho depths of the sea.
There are forests down there and vast
prairies all abloom, and God walks there
u ho walked in the Garden of Eden "m
thecooloftheday." Oh. wbatentonce.
inent. this subaqueous world! Oh the
God given wonders of tho seaweed! Its
Srtbptoca to u palace of ciystal. Tho
cradle that rocks it is the storm. Its
SSvei. a sarcophagus of beryl ndP
Phire. There is no night down there,
j.ui.v. , thebot-
Thero ar$ creamy . -- --
tho eea; thebopgorgeously upholstered
castles of tho? Almighty in tho under
world! Thq'author of the tdxt folt the
pull of tho hidden vegetation of the
Mediterranean, whether or not he ap
preciated its beauty, as ho cried out,
"Tho weeds wero wrapped about my
Let my subject cheer all those who
had friends who havo been buried at sea
or in cm- great American lakes. Which
of us Luught upon tho Atlantic coast
has not had kindred or friend thus sep
nlchered? Wo had tho usels horror of
thinking that they wero denied proper
n sting place. Wo said: "Oh, if they had
lived to como ashoro and had then ex
pired! What an alleviation of our trouble
it would havo been to put. them in somo
beautiful family plot, where we could
havo planted flowers and trees over
them." Why, God did better for them
than wo could havo done for them. They
wero let down into beautiful gardens.
Before they had reached tho bottom thoy
had garlands about their brow.
In moro elaborate and adorned place
than we could havo afforded them they
wero put away for the last slumber
Hear it, mothers and fathers of sailor
boys whose ship went down in our last
August hurricane! Thero aro no Green
woods or Laurel Hills or Mount Auburns
so beautiful on tho land as thero are
banked and terraced and scooped and
hung in tho depths of the sea. Tho bod
ies of our foundered and sunken friends
are girdled and canopied and housed
with such glories as attend no other
They wero swamped in lifeboats, or
they struck on. Goodwin sands or Deal
beach or the Skerries, and were never
heard of, or disappeared with tho City of
Boston, or tho Villo de Havre, or the
Cymbria or wero run down in a fishing
smack that put out from Newfoundland.
But dismiss your previous gloom about
tho horrors of ocean entombment.
When Sevastopol was besieged in the
Anglo-French war, Princo Mentchikof,
conunandintr tho Russian navy, saw that
the only way to keep the English out of
tho harbor was to sink all of the Russian
shins of war in tho roadstead, and so 100
vessels sank. When, after the war was
over, our American engineer, Gowan, de
scended to tho depths in a diving bell, it
was an impressive bpectaclo.
Ono hundred buried ships! But it is
that way nearly all across the Atlantic
ocean. Ships sunk not by command of
ndmirnls. but bv tho command of cy
clones. But they all had sublimo
burial, and the surroundings amid
which thev sleep tho last sleep are moro
imposing than tho Taj Mahal, tho mau
soleum with walls incrusted with pre
cious stones and built by the great mo-
nf TniUn. nvnr ins empress, lour
departed ones wero buried in tho gar
dens of tho sea, fenced off by hedges of
Tho greatest obsequies over known on
tho land wero those of Moses, where no
one but God was present, ine suu
nnrr. nf tlmt entombment is in
book of Deuteronomy, which says that
the Lord bnried him. and of those who
havo gone down to slumber in tho deep
the samo may bo said, "Tho Lord buried
them." As Christ was buried in a gar
den, so your shipwrecked friends and
those who could not survive till thoy
reached port were put down amid iri
descence "In tho midst of tho garden
thero was a sepulcher."
It has always been a mystery what was
tho particular modo by wmen ueorKu "
Cookuian, tho pulpit orator of the Meth
odist church and the chaplain of tho
American congress, left this life after
embarking for England on tho steamship
President, March 11, 1W1. The ship
.,.. nmrn.l in nort. No one evor
, i.i !.,. nmi nn hoth sides of the
ocean it has for 50 years lxen questioned
what became of her. tint tins i kuuv.
about Cookman-that whether it was
iceberg or conflagration midsea or col
lision ho had moro garlands on his ocean
tomb than if, expiring on land, each or
his million friends had put a bouquet
on his casket. In tho midst of tho garden
was hi3 6epnlcher.
But that brings mo to notice the nils-
noraer in wis juuuumu vr. -tho
text. Tho prophet not only made a
mistake by trying to go to Tars lush
when God told him to go to Nineveh,
1..... i.m,in n tniRtako when he styled
as weeds these growths that enwrapped nn tho dav ho sank. A weed is
something that is use ess. Itii
thing you throw out from the garden.
It is something that chokes the wheat.
It is something to bo grubbed out from
m tho cotton. It is toraething un-
sightly to tho eye. It is an invader or
the vegetablo or floral world.
But this growth that sprang up from
the depth of the Mediterranean or
floated on its surface was among the
St beautiful things that ; God .over
makes. It was a water ;.lant known a.
tho red colored alga and no
fVntll tno IOOUI Ol
of onr city rookeries, and when tho poor
woman was nsked if sho sent her child
dren to school sho replied-. "No, sir, I
never did scud 'cm to school. I know it,
they ought to learn, but I couldn't. I
try to shame him sometimes (it is my
husband, sir), but he drinks and then
beats me look at that bralso on my
face and I tell him toseo what iscomin
to his chiluren. Iheres l'eggy goes
Eellin fruit every night in those cellars
in Water street, and they ro nells, sir.
Sho's learnin all sorts of bad words
thero and don't get back till 12 o'clock
at night. If it wasn't for her earnin a
chillin or two in them places, I should
starve. Oh, I wish they was out of the
city. Yes, it is tho truth. I would
rather havo all my children dead than
on tho street, but I can't help it."
Another one of thoso poor women
found bv n reformatory association, re
cited her story of want and woo and
looked up and said, "I felt so hard to
loso the children when they died, but
now I'm glad they're gone." Ask any
ono of a thousand such children on the
streets, "Whero do you live?" and they
will answer. "I don't livo nowhere."
They will sleep tonight in ash barrols, or
under outdoor stairs, or on tho wharf,
kicked and bruised and hungry. Who
cares for them? Oncoinawhilo a city
missionary, or a tract distributor, or a
teacher of raecred schools will rescue one
of them, but for most peoplo they are
only weeds.
Yet Jonah did not moro completely
mibrepreient tho red ulga about his
head in tho Mediterranean than most
ptoplo misjuugo these poor and forlorn
and dying children of tho street. They
aro not weeds. Thoy are immortal flow
ers. Down in tho deep Bea of woo, but
flowers. When society and the church
of God como to appreciate their eternal
value, there will be moro C. L. Braces
and more Van Meters and moro angels
of mercy spending their fortunes and
their lives in tho rescue.
Hear it. O vo philanthropic and
Christian and merciful souls not weeds,
but flowers. I abjure you as tho friends
of all newsboys' lodging houses, of all
industrial schools, of all homes for
friendless girls and for tho many re
formatories and humane associations
now on foot. How much they havo al
ready accomplished! Out of what
wretchedness, into what good homes!
Of 21,000 of tlieso picked up out of tho
streets and sent into country homes
only 12 children turned out badly.
Tn tho last CO veara ii number that no
man can number of tho vagrants havo
been lifted into respectability ana
usefulness and a Christian life. Many
of them have homes of their own.
Though ragged boys onco and street
:-i ,,. nf tVih lipml of orosnerous
fniniltna honored on earth and to be
glorious in heaven. Some of them havo
been governors of states. Some of them
aro ministers of tho gospel. In all de-
TKirtments of lifo tllOSO who wore
thought to bo weeds havo turned out to
The sublimo be flowers. Ono of those rescuou mus
the from tho streets ot our cities wruw w
another, saying: "I have liearu you aru
studying for the ministry. So am I,"
Mv hearers. I implead you for the
newsboys of the streets, many of them
tho brightest children of tho city, but
wi, nn nhnnrn. Do not step on their
ham feet. Do not. when they steal a ride,
cut behind. When tho paper is U cents,
onco in awhile give them a 5 cent pieco
and tell them to keep tho change J like
tho ring of tho letter tho newsboy sent
back from Indiana, whero ho had been
sent to a good homo, to ft New York
newsboys' lodging heuse: "Boys, wo
should show ourselves that we are no
fools, that wo can become as respectable
as any of the countrymen, for Franklin
and Webster and Clay were poor boys
onco, and even George L,aw unu vuu
derbilt and Astor, And now, uoys,
stand np and lot them see you havo
got tho real stuff in you. Come out
hero ami raako respectable and honor
able men, bo they can say, 'There; that
bov was once a newsboy.' - My neun
en as to maka a channel, and Ireland has
become an island. Tho islauds, for tho
most part, aro only tho foreheads of
sunken continents. The sea conquering
tho land all along the coasts and crum
bling the hemispheres, wider and wider
becoino the subaqueous dominions.
Thank God that skilled hydrographers
havo mado us maps and charts of the
rivorn nml lakes and seas and shown us
somelliiug of tho work of tho eternal
God in the water worlds.
Than'.: God that the great Yirgiuian,
Licuu'iiant Muuir, lived to givo us "Tho
PhvKienl Geoitraphy of the Sea," and
tli it mm of geuius havo gono forth to
Bti.wv the so called weeds that wrapped
about Jonah's head pud havo found them
t.o bo coronals Of beauty, and when the
tido receded these scientists havo waded
down and picked up divinely pictured
leaves of tho ocean, tho naturalists, Pike
und Hooper and Walters, gathering them
from tho beach of Long Island sound,
and Dr. Blodgett preserving them from
the shores of Key West, and Professors
Emerson nnd Gray finding them along
Boston harbor, and Professor Gibbs
gathering them from Charleston harbor,
and for nil the other triumphs of algol
ogy, or the science of seaweed.
Whv confine ourselves to tho old and
hackneyed illustrations of the wonder
workings of God. when there aro at least
fivo great seas full of illustrations aa yet
not marshaled, every root and rronu
and coll nnd color and movement and
habit of oceanic vegetation crying ui :
"God! God! Ho mado us. Ho clothed
us. Ho adorned us. Ho was tho God of
our ancestors clear back to tho first sea
growth, when God divided tho waters
which wero above tho firmament from
the waters which wero under tho firma
ment nnd shall bo the God of our descend
ants clear down to tho day when tho sea
shall givo up its dead. We havo heard his
command, nnd wo havo obeyed, 'Praiso
tho Lord, dragons nnd all deeps.' "
Thero Is ncreat comfort that rolls over
upon uh from this study of tho so called'
seaweed, und that is tho demonstrated
doctrine of a particular providence.
When I find that tho Lord provides in
tho so called seaweed tho pasturage for
tho thronged marine world, so that not
a fin or scale in all that oceanic aqua
rium suffers need, I conclude ho will feed
us, und if ho suits the alga to tho ani
mal lifo of tho deep ho will provido tho
food for our physical and spiritual needs.
And if ho clothes tho flowers of the deep
with richness of robo that looks bright
ns fallen rainbows by day, and nt night
makes the uudorworld look ns though
tho sea were on fire, surely ho will clotho
you, "O yo of little faith!"
And what fills mo with unspeakablo
delight is that this God of dopths and
heights, of ocoan and of continent
may, through Jesus Christ, tho divinely
appointed means, bo yours and mine, to
help, to cheer, to pardon, to eavo, to
imparadise. What matters who in
earth or hell is against us if ho is for us?
Omnipotence to defend us, omnipresence
to companion us and infinite lovo to en
fold and uplift and enrapture us.
And when God does small things so
well, seemingly taking ns much caro
with tho coil of a seaweed as the out-
branchiug of a Lebanon cedar, and with
tho color of a vegetablo growth which is
hidden fathoms out of sight as ho docs
witli tho solferino and purplo of a sum
mer Buneet, we will be determined to do
well all wo aro called to do, though no
ono see or appreciate us. Mighty God!
Roll in upon our admiration nnd holy
appreciation inoro of tho wonders of this
submarine world. My joy is that after
we aro quit of all earthly hindrances wo
may como back to this world and explore
what wo cannot now fully investigate.
If wo Bl:all have power to soar into the
atmospheric without fatlguo I think we
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shall h.ivo power to dlvo into tho aqne
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and tessellated B( a floor will bo nunc
ct'Bftibloiis now is to tho traveler tho
floor of tho Alliambru, nnd nil tho gar
dens of tho deep will then swing open to
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It is high tuno that Jonak finds out thut ma0 m0 believo that God liutli spread
that which is about him is not weeds, : or,t ull that garniture of tho deep morely
for tho polyps aim Crustacea vo iookui.
but flowers,
As I examine this red alga which was
And if tho unintelligent creatnres of
tho Mediterranean und tno Atlantic
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I.Y. 1:40 p. IB.
IV. 7K.
about the recreant prophet clown in tho pan lio Burrounds with such beautifnl
MntrTntipandenthH.when.intheworda1rsseaof the deep, what n heuven wo
of my text, ho cried out, "The weeds , may expect for our uplifted nnd ran
wero wrapped about my heaoy anu 1 uui
1.1 t.r..iiv tn further examine this sub
marine world, I am compolled to exclaim.
What n wonderfnl God wo have! I am
glad that, by diving- bell, and ''Brooks
deep bea Eouuding apparatus," and ever
i.....,..4ni imirhinerv. wo aro tcmiHtea
to walk tho floor of tho ocean and report
the wonders wrought by the great God
Riud v theso gardensof the eea. Easier
and easier fchall the profound of tho
ocean become to us, aud more and moro
its opulence of color nnd plunt unroll,
e8pecially as "Villeroy'e iarine
1. Am 1... iu.n constructed, making it
It comes from tno ioou v ,",""
beauty. Itisplanteu oy iv -;
It is tho star of a sunken firmament. It
is a lamp which the Lord kindled. It is
ft cord by which to bind whole sheaves
It practical suggestion. It is a poem a 1
whoso cantos aro rung by Yno good
ness. 'Yet wo all make the mistako that
Jonah made in regard to it and call it ft
weeu. , ... ,v that float me buhui-v. r-j --
"The weeds were wrappeu uuuuv .-,, , - for luyiU(( ovcn vue
ad." Ah, that is the trouble c wofGs working, in the great
ji.i ,iviLiit8 under the sea al
most as well as on the surface of tho
sea and unless God in his mercy ban
ishw war from tho earth whole fleets of
' i i.ina will vet far down under the
water move on to blow np the argosies
Bonied souls when we are unchained or
tho flesh und rise to realms beatific! Of
tho flora of that "sea of glass mingled
with fire," I liuvo no power to speak, but
I shall always bo glad that, when tho
prophet of tho text, flung over the gun
wales of tho Mediterranean ship, de
scended into tho boiling eea, thut which
ho supposed to 1h weeds wrapped aoout
his head were not weeds, but flowers.
And am I not right in this glnnco at
tho botany of tho Biblo in adding to
Luko's mint, nnisa nnd cumin, nnd
Matthew's tares, nnd John's vine, and
Solomou's cluster of cntnpbiro, and Jer-
pmiah's balm, and Jobs uuirusn, anu
Isaiah's terebinth, and Hosea's thistle,
and Ezekiel's cedar, nnd "the hyssop that
springetli out of the wall," and tho "rose
of Sharon and lily of the vulley," nnd
the frankincense und myrrn anu cassia
D'AltOV & WNailAM. Attorneys 1 at Law,
lloomsl.U and 8, li'Aroy Hullding. Hi
iiata street. Special attention given to lusl.
ness In the supreme and circuit court of the
state. ' "-
TILMON FOH, Attorney at law, Balem,
OregoB. umee up stairs In Patton block
it J, UICIO Kit, Attorney at law,Aleui,Ore-
J UUl UlllWWIv. .. w
.1 .Attorneys at law. Office over CavtWl
National bank, Halem, Oregon.
TOHN A.OAIHOW,Xitorney at law, rooms
J and 4, Uusb bank building, Halem,Or,
Hotel Monterey.
Newport, - Oregon.
Located on tlio Heacli,two miles notth
of Newport on Cavo Covo.o beautifully
sheltered spot, wonuonui Bcouery, ucu
hnthlni. lino drives loCstK) Koulweutll-
Ar Hihi hnimfl. House now. rooms large
and airy, Finest resort for families or
Invalids. Open all winter. Terms
moderate by day or week. Intending
visitors can drop a postal card to New
port and bo met by baok.
John Fitzpatwck,
d-2-m Proprietor,
EHHlHg CHI'S oh Ogdeu Route
Second Class Sleeping Cars
Attached to all through trains.
vVest Side Division, Between rorliiid
and Gorvallia :
i5o a. m. rEv."
lt.h p. tn. I Ar.
1. -00 p.m.
At Albany ana Oorvollln connect
trains of Oregon laclo Ilallroad.
"JiiTp. mTi LvT I'orUand
7i2Sp. m. I Ar. McMlnnvllla Iv.
To all point In the F-asttrn Hiatus. Canada
nnd Kurope can be obtained at lowest rate
irom T, . ornnniiiw in ...
JC1. IIOUEIW, Aut. U. K. and llus, Ag't
H. KOEHL.KH. Manacer
DON HAM 4 HOl.MEH, Attorneys at law
I) Offloeln llmh block, between BUitt and
xun, un lAWHiucrcmi nw
Pitched nm flowers.
, 1. cnnioti nm children
rZ? li.f Ainnr.nnI. v for anything
nomo. --. vrr-- - - , Tfa
.."";:,.. 'rnnatriictea that, strewn but aw. f"V;. '"nw,iro called
romot -'--.-:" flrmMnBnt be- are wasnea P'l-- '-, a fho
along, thoy iuu """-'-,, rau0mufflns.
-a. ... i. titora f.fiiiaL3iiifcw - - w
sprem " ,"-"l ,nttar. The sea Takings 0:
'lTnfln thosea! We call those weeds wondera ,01 "-""- dovaJlUUonl
'""7 ".".... P5fnhl un on the aeep o" - --- -y t. n. w,,rIJ,
Oh. the inarvemui n. ... -.
These so called seaweeds are the pasture
, ,. ...a t... famca of the Innumerable
nnimab. of the deep. Not one species of
nn on
that float the surface. May such sub-1 which the astrologers brought to tne
ronngir i. " 0
the Mediterrnmwn.
And now I make tho marine doxology
of David my peroration, for it was writ
ten about 40 or 50 miles from the place
where the Kn of the text was enacted.
The sea is liw. and he inane It, unu uu
J Oollecilons mads aud promptlr remitted,
Muiphy block, cor. HUto and OonimercUl
1reU, Halem, Oregon. v-mt,
tendenU OOlce,
Ureymau block.
Architect and nu.erip
rooms t and liush.
but one in
Halem, Oregon,
l-OUUK, HUinographer sno ni
wrltest West equlppea lypewriun
;on. utw mm,
(Ntrthirn Pielfle B. R, Co., Uiim-)
Two Through Trains Dally.
1.43 nm
7,16a in
I Hll-BUI--"
I. Ashlaud. a
1 1. loam
'llckets sold and naggac checked through,
toallpolnisln ibeUntMBUUaandCaMAi.
CI0.0 oonnectlon mode in Chicago wltH all
trains going Kaat and rlnuth.
for lull Information apply to your nirM(
ttekctagentor JAB. O. VONU,
Bt"n"lass,an(tTkt.AgU.Ohlcao, IU
. . it. A.r..nTvnf 1- ..J tliu irv lulirl Oil. roinfi.
uvj - -i - . .. tlmin can be sparou irom iuo sv"v nanus iiw - v .-..- -.-,--..
ti,v nrfl snoken of as the tnein cau uw .nt(n nnd i ... .E..rJ,m ami bow downs lotus
the world. They are waifs. ?"",,;" nderneath the waves are knwl before the Urd, our Maker. For
?"." 'r;rvJrfcd with flora and fauna. Bunken U our Ood, ami we are uo iopie 01
diaries of imposing luster. The sea w -i . - They are flot.
feather is a lamplighter, mno ajeWm of the social sea. They jw n and Himaluyasof MV.'' Amen
o iHnp.ian. and hels surcnarfcea J ..! uftalone. or something Aipso" i Aoontinenti
wi eectricity and makes the deep """ or wroetluni
0'lKL.I.A HHEUMAN-Typewminn ano
h commercial stenography, " H.Oniy
block. Klrstchus work. Kates reasonable.
iTTa-11A.VH. lAlm I'nst OraduaU of New
yoVk.glvii'sptcu! attention to tbe dU
MMOtwoinrn and children, pose, throat,
lungi. kidneys, skin dlase and surgery.
I..,. fim s u, n a. m and 'i to 5 P " 7'lm
a IIIUJWNB, J.lh.!rhMietoiiMor.?r.
geou. uroc, Muiyu; i .-,
omni'icui streei.
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Iwiem. ureon. r " '"", -i
ons of evsry deMrtPllon. laimtee juji-
v-t-i ...stu tt,n lirhtninsr of the
The goronia flashesliko jewels. There
are ra anemones ablaze with light
There are the starfish and the woemfiab.
. oiii i-jinsa thev so powerfuUy wg-
Sest stellar and lunar mumtaation.
m. .t.- ,iinlL'ht lanterns of tne
tn I trod on. or
to decay. Nothing
but weeds. Miiey
ncketyhUirsof that garret.
Ap" i Acontinent
g,ve up Ainno - - ad Ameri.
ca. so that in tbe ag put men came on
'fli Dollar LocbeU
There has beon a variation invented
.: ZTL Entrland is to' the dollar locket. Wlwn the epnajf
are up tue "..,.-" thattDe- foot across irom ... -"f."'" .d ? !" i-i. inttasd of diwlodng the
Th!y.trer T ;Twer in summers whe ow . -- e ofone's very beet yonng man. a
1 nthHTaea not one blade of green w";;"."" -Jj-ejod with growths lwall mirror tstbre. so
when they see not , t How M as it once was covereu w ""...,. at be iuic very wntimental
t.and shiver iu .., or 0 the land. . . ., tM "" '"?, nni .tndvluif tl state) of
Sn. t&---l JssrjLS srsr r- ---,-Sff-i --pjey-iL-aaW.
ocean caverns; tuebo iu- -r B10. . , a butnowmncnoriijwi "- wif twi w
over the white A)rol ae de;, ffionary found in cm of land..but no
llluroloationa thre milw n ?5
eliUMa o
i'lloil. Architect, plans, speclflea-
lluus and supertnleurtrnMi lor ij
ol buildings, uiucw w w"
street, upstairs. ,
PitorKcnoN ijixjK HO. a a.o. u. w--nils
in their hsll In HtaUi ln.urac
building, ery Wednesday (an f
J. A- SKUWOOl). JUcordr.
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Hours tw city. jraWJW
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Kkavwh Bros,