Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, October 05, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 2

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xsvfijSiim OAJia-jUL. uUOiAli, THTJKSDAT, OOTOBEE 5, IWd.
'Capital Journal Publishing Company,
I'ostonlce Blick. CointereJal Street.
Ually. byovrler, pr month.
Dally, br mall, per 7f.
Weely,8 pge, per year,
- L&J
fc'eeretary TrVluo Isjp receipt of -a
copy of the AdelufilS, Australia, Adver
tiser, containing a late letter from Chi
cago with tbe following about Oregen:
jfot merely are splendid facilities af
forded at the'WorldVfalr for studying
frthta of many lands and many climates
and a -variety of proe3fles conuected
with tbe Important-industry of fruk
nreservatioQ. bat tlie tfresence .of ex
perts from variou states and couutrie
in charge of the exhibits, all of wboti
are keenly eager to impart iniformulloi
In regard to the districts whence tltej
nail, enables tbe interested visitor t
pick up many Important facts an,
many useful hints for future guidance
la the displ ty of ripened fruit, the sev '
eral states of the American Coufeder
ation with reputatious in this line o
enterprise have vied with each other t
make a great show, while several othe
states ha'e unexpectedly turned up a
the fair with truly iniguitlcent exhl
Among the exhibiting states are Ore
gon. Colorado, Miwouri, Washington
Montana, New Mexli-o, Florida, III!
uois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa
Maine, Michigan, New York, aur
California. Of these Oregon makes
an exceptionally grand display, justi
fying a "hit of blow" in the form of
amusing Inscriptions tellliug the world
that "there are two bites to a cherry it.
Oregon." and similar wouders. Aj
plea are shown weighing 3 pounds
pears weighing over 4 pounds, cherrier
measuriug3 inches iu circumference,
and peaches considerably larger than
cncket balls. The apples are unexcell
ed for size, Oneness, flavor.and keeping
properties. Tbe evaporatiou of apples,
peaches, and apricots is largely followed
in the state, the use of this form of pre
served fruits increasing by leaps and
bounds throughout the United States.
The Jouunat, dispatches yeMerda
ahntvMl nn prmrmnna vnlmtif. nf nlrpii.
II latlntr medium, seventeen hundred
thousand mlllions.or an average of over
$ 25 per capita. This Is all good money,
worth 100 ceuts on the dollar receivable
for all debts, taxes, customs and dues
of the government. It should be
noted that a little good money will go
a great ways In business Wo recently
saw a check for $21 dollars ttuvt had
tblrteeu endorsements. It. paid $21
thirteen times before It was cashed at
the bauk It was drawn ugtlnst. For
the past two mouths an individual
check would hardly pass from hand to
hand. It could not be sent from Salem
to Portland. As times are improving
the capacity of money to pay deLts Is
increasing. Of course, Populists will
deny the correctness of the above gov.
eminent statistic, and refuse to believe
In auy statistics but their own. Uncle
Bam has Issued the above amount of
money, and it is somewhere in the pos
session of his subjects. To hatextent
they will make good use of It rests witli
II u btoppcd the Cubic.
William Datum and Joseph Mitten
dorf, strangers from St. Louis, wero see
ing the sights in the west bottoms last
night. Not boing used to the ways of o
big city, Mittendorf fell from a eable car
and was slightly bruised. lie takeu
to the- Fifth street power house, Dainui
following. Wbifb the doctors wore at
tending to Mittendorf his compauion
with the swear word imtno wauderwl
around the rKwor hona3u1fl fajlinto tl
cable conduit. IIo wMghnlWho pounds
and consequently knocked the ropo from
tho drum and for a fow miunti-a stopptd
thd whole Fifth street cnWIu s atom. Ills
escapo from death was narrow, but as it
was ho was hardly hurt at all. Kansas
City Star.
Take- my advico mid novor draw
caricature. By tho long pmctico of
it I have- lost tho enjoyment of bouu
ty. Iuovorseo n face bin it isrtu
tortod, and novor havo tho sntiafiif
tion to behold tliv liuman face tlivinu.
"Thoro nro only two creature,"
Bays tbo eatttoru provorb, "that can
Bunnouut tlio pyramids tho eaglo
mid tho biiuil. Ilonce purbevornnco
can Bometinuw equal gonitis in its tv
hW 15 Port.
"XkRVobecuairrcnt sufferer from
TerfilU Lltvr nml i-Nioiikti. Su'i'V
ihlHtr I noilUjirccUltljiouuHlX
ww is fz, Bans
JOl"' RE " I
t can wow Mrrct any ltfitl offootti
mo or liu h livuilncliu. nml lrviculu
tHinrtoen iioiimlu lu ttolclit."
W. V, tiCUVi.TZil, ColuiabU, U, C.
The theory' thatcyclones can only
occur iu hot weather is nearly exploded.
The" Loulslanacyclone has surpassed
al others In extent rf Its fatality and
destructionand has come at a time of
year when the heated term cannot be
saidjtojiaye brought it about.
The question arise?,are cyclones grow
ing more frequent Iu occurence, and
are they to be heard from at all times
of the ear? It U certain that they are
heard of more ofteu than formerly, aud
are attended with greater fatality.
This may be due to tbe fact that popu
lation is growiug Iu denslty"and facili
ties f.,r gathering news are much mbre
The Jouii.VAii baii thenly com
plete telegraphic .account of this great
storm and had it before any other
newspaper-iu thecity Further details
of tbe great storm are-given today.
jBhymelVith Reason.
To'eeus the number, who wonM dire to
Of all tbe UN th it ft -sh It heir to.
To near the half u c 'Uld uot bar Ur,
And In ely man hs hi" sh ire. t o.
She'd hive nonie less If she'd repair to
Or. Pierce'e Favoritp Prescription. For
"run-down," debilitated aud over
worked woiueu, it is the best of all res
orative touic?. A puteut specific for
til those chronic weaknesses and dU--use
peculiar to women; a powerful,
general, a- well as uter ue, tonic and
it-rvine. It imparts yignrand strength
to the whole system. It promptly cures
weakness of tbe stomach, nausea, indi
rection, bloating, debility and sleeplees
less, in either sex. It Is carefully com
pounded by an experienced physician
tnd adapted to woman's delicate organ
zition. Purely veeetableand perfectly
harmless iu any condition of the system
be only medicine for .women, sold by
druggists, under a positive guarantee of
atlsfaetion In every case, or prlce(?l.C0)
The kicker objects to whatever doet
uot yield him a s-ilary or a proflt.
The postofflce at Eugene has been or
dered removed into the Masonic build
ing by the department officials.
Times are, not too hard to majry If
you can And a widow with a bank ac
count who will have you.
With all Its railroad tracks the only
use the public will ever have of State
street is siuoe it is improved,
The Journal reaches five thousand
people every day in the week but Sun
day and hence is a good advertising
But for our lluely improved streets
our city would present the appearance
of Strlngtown or a large edition of Mud
holeville. It would be a joke on Cleveland if
after forcing his repeal bill through
both houses he should get free coinage
of sliver as a result after all.
The state board of railroad commis
sioners, does not believe in wasting
time. They have just finished inspect
ing the S. P. road, and have inspected
as many as thirty miles in tblrty-oue
minutes. llarrisburg Courier, That
was u valuablo Inspection. It shows
that the Southern Pacific has solid
tracks and can make good time. It
also shows that the commissioners are
uot afraid to risk their lives at a high
rate of speed.
Hood's Cures
Xrs. O. II. Titus
" Evory Doso Holps Mo
When I take Hood's Sarsaparlila, and I
think It tho best medicine for the Mood.
My six-year-old boy had sore on his feet,
caused by I'OInon ivy. They became
so largo and KUnlul be could not near his
shoes. A weeK afler I began giving him
Hood's barsaujrllla the son besan to heal
and when he had taken two bottles ha was
cured." Mas. a H. Titus, 8 Gibson, ra.
HOO0'8 PlLLS " portly Trouble, cd
not lut 11" or CTlc Try a bai, c
Reduction in Price of Gas.
JF rqni aud after Ootober 1st, 1803. the
, price of gua will bo us follews:
Less thau 600 cuUIq feet per month
f3.60 per KW0 oublo feet.
UvorftOO cubic feet per month f600
per 1000 cublo feet.
Special rate fur Jarge consumption
given mi application to
"Good ncwl Great nwr' be rati and held
The prieeiem lellwjR bis OMUtrvtehrd hand.
"Good new ami Kft! I nm nr brother's
Torn bus grown rhtt la yonder n cetera lend.
Bnt count hlrawif mr nnlem you l,re
Ills gathered vrealfh arm falthfal ke and
She took the letter, nd br pale, tliln cheeks
Flushed to the inonir; i' wom!ertnjrmrprie.
Then etowlypttlhcrcd the larp. Miter tears
In the dry ferer of lir liope1e eyes.
Too Jalel Toi lateT' rte cried, "such words to
fits mother cHl lienrtbroken yesierdny.
"Died of pure sreirftie s In thru bard tight,
AVWch ift he untMd wl MTtSrtyand woe.
To4 lalrf this b.fl hope, tod fl too Intel
It mStit bae bill her live a wk age:
Kay, had It only come but jaetenlay.
In Its sweet peace ho might have passed
And then her grief broke passionately forth;
She wept with youth's alwm.ou by hur dead,
nidle. filled with Keen reinonM. the r tranger
And. bitterly repentant, bowed his tiead.
Crylnin My fault, my lauit: i Knew your
And yet" for Idle pleasures dared to wait.
Two weeks ago, nlaI I had been here.
But lingered iu the city day by day.
By runny a folly lured. Oh, wretched manl
What to my friend and conscience can I sayT
What tearVcan cleansb my soul from this dark
What pra era restore the dead to life again?"
And ever since, the shadow of Hctnorse
Darkens the blory of hU manhood's prime.
Duty deferred to oruel wrong had turned
And made delay "as heavy as a crime."
Changed Love's sweet messenger to upratdlng
Whow h'.untlng cry was even "Late! Too
LIUIe C Barr in Kew York Ledger.
An I'.cllpse anil a Poem.
Apparently the usually accepted
epoch at which Archilochus, the
great satirist of Paros, flourished
must be brought down about half a
century. In one of the fragments
which alone remain of the works ad
mired by Horace, he speaks of Zeus
turning midday into night, av phe
nomenon so remarkable that he
thinks no one ought afterward to be
surprised at anything not even if
dolphins and laud animals should
change places. Au Italian astrono
mer, Processor ilillosevich of Rome,
has recently re-examined the ques
tion of explaining this by the occur
rence of a total eclipse of the sun in
the locality where Archilochus resid
ed, with the result that only one in
the seventh century before Christ
will perfectly correspond with the
circumstances. This was the eclipse
of April 0, B. C. C48, which was to
tal over Thasos about 10' o'clock in
the morning, and thus fixes the date
of tho poem. Notes and Queries.
Heroism ou the Stago.
"If you knew what agony ballet
girls suffer on account of their feet,
you would wonder how they aro ever
able to smile at an audience in the
way they do," continued tho doctor.
"The premieres, if they appear twice
tho same evening, invariably have a
chiropodist back of the scenes to
attend them between acts. It is
peculiar, but ballet girls get corns
under their great toenails. This of
course would prevent them from
dancing, but wo havo a way of treat
ing such things. Wo split the toe
nail down tho center and place cot
ton between this and tho corn. This
has to bo dressed after each dance. I
havo seen a preiniero dauseuse come
off the stago smiling aud fall down
in a faint as soon as she was out of
sight of the audience, all caused by
the pain in her feet." Pittsburg Dis
patch. The Queen' Secret Guard.
The queen of England is closely
guarded by detectives every moment
of her life. When sho proposes to
ride abroad, the information and the
probable route that she will take aro
at onco announced to her special police
by the equery on duty, and at certain
points all along tho road that she will
travel police are btationed and the
roads carefully watched All kinds of
queer iKioplo, lunaticn, cranks and ad
vonturcrs soek to gv.iu hur majesty's
attention, so that the utmost precau
tion i4 neccjjtrfiry ii) order to preserve
her from constant nnuuyuuuo if not
from actual danger. &m tSauuisco
A Mexican Iilol.
ArchbUhu) Almijan has presented
the National nuuetun at tho City of
Mexico with a fctono head of tin idol
which nntil its discovery by some
Catholic mi&sionnriqs a short luuo
ago was still boiug wurwhit by the
Indians in tho state of Mwehw. Tho
lead was on a statue of immense
size covered with a crow diHVs hide.
The KuaiauK still retain their old
barbaric lovt uf i4miUH ml when
the oinprto shows herself the ib u
vision of uuuiutchtxl goiyafeuess.
Sho is ono of tho few moiuuvhb of
Europo who stall have a practice of
wearing n crown on grtut occa&ous
Eesllj. Quleklr.
Pcrnunentlj Rutored.
ud all tjb into fetlU
frouiMilj iinHitrlittr
exetM., ti. tiwlit of
oierwvtk. tlvkoett.
worrv.tie ruiLirwijil.!
d tupbtNii nd ma.
Slti" iu ory urfmn J
n- Ma (.( tbe Uxljr.
htmpl Bttur.ln.rtWt.
MO. t..Hutfinte.
xpUaoUoa uil pru(i
urrAW, n.v.
IflfiffDrfD ftfijfkl
ftn ltf cS a
JlpS5 te& !q
Dr. Hilts Uedleal Co Elkhart, Xnd.
Dear Sim: For 20 years I was .troubled with
heart disease. Would frequently have falllna
spells and smothering at night. Qed to sit op or
get nut of bed to breathe. Had pin in ray left
side and back most ef the time, at lut I became
dropM'-aL 1 was very nervous and nearly won
out. The least excitement would cause me u
with fluttering. For tbo last fifteen years I could
not sleep on my leftside or backnntU began taklnz
your fine Heart Cure. I bad not taken It very
long until I felt much better, and I can now sleep
on either side or back without tbe least' discom
fort. I havo no pain, smothering, dropsy, no wind
on stomach or other disagreeable symptoms. I am
able to do all my own housework without an;
trouble and consider myself cured
Etkhart, Ind.. lbS3. Mrs. Eumti Batch.
It Is now four years since I have taken any
medicine. Am in better health than I have been
In -10 yean. I honestly be- g . p ri
lievethat Dr. Mite' Hew fTI J W f JJ
JXtart Curo saved my Hie W 8
and modo me a well woman I am now 62 years
of aze, and am able to do a good day's work.
May 29th, 1S32. Mas. Elmiea Hatch.
Hold uy 1). J. Fry, druirgist, Salem
fi.iby cried,
Xlothor Mghed,
Dc-ctor ijscribt-d : Castoria-
Economize in Paper.
Clean uewspapere, tied In bundles of
100, uot cut, for pale at this offlso al
fifteen cents a bundle. A heavy straw
wrapping paper, large sbeets, two centf
a pound. Next door to the postofflce.
Prices Current by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Salem, October 5, 4 p. m. Offlc
Daily Capital Journal. Quota
tions for day and up to hour of going t
press were as follews:
Apples 25c to 35c. a bushel.
Pe ucbes 05c to 75 a box.
Veals d rested 4 J cts.
Hogs dressed 6"to 7.
Live cattle to 2.
Sheep alive $1.50 to $2.00.
Spring lumba $1.50 to $2.00.
Salem Milling Co. quetes: Flout
in wholesale lots $3.00. Retail $3.40
Bran $15 bulk, $16 sacked. Shorts $17
$18. Chop feed $18 and $19.
Old wheat on storage 44 cents. New
wheat 46 cents.
Oats-old, 33 to 40c, new 25 to 30c
Hay Baled, new $8 to$12; old $10 t
$14. Wild In bulk, (6 to $8.
Burley Brewlug, at Salem, No. 1
05 to $1.00 per cwt. No. 2, 70 to 85 cts.
Peas and beaue-8 to 10 cents a gallon.
Wool-Best, 10c
Hops Small sale, 17 to 18c.
iirns uosn, 15 centa,
Butter Beat dairy. 25; fanc
creumery, 30,
Cheese 12 to 15 ctp.
Farm smoked meats Bacon 12 :
bams, 13; shmildera, 10.
Potatoes 25c to 40c.
Onioiis-1 j to 1 cents.
Beeswax -34c " Caraway peed, 18c.
Ause seed, 20j. Ginseng, $1.40.
Green, 2 etc: drv. 4 cts: sheen pelts.
25 eta to 40c No quotations on furs.
Chickens 8 cuj broilers 8: ducks,
So; turkeys,
elow bale, choice, 10c;
geese c.
Grain, Fred, etc
Flour-Staudard, $3.25; Walla Walla.
$3.2; graham, $2.75; supffflue, $2.50
per biuret,
Oats Old whiU',S3c per bu , grey, Soe;
roiieu. in iias, $o.ao0.60; carrels,
16 767.00; ca-rt. M 75.
Hay Bi-m, H012 per ton.
Wool Vttllev, prk-e unmiual,
Mlllstufls-BrbU, $17.00; shorts, $20;
ground barlev, $22(23; chop feen, $18
per tou; whole ftid, barley, 8085 per
ceutul; middling, $232S perteu: brew
in barlev, 0005o per cental: chicken
wheat. $1 10T.25 er cental. -.
Hopa-- Old, 10 to 10c , new 15 to 17.
Blltttr OrvM.mi fHtinvprpanin. 5713.
SO.-; fsnoy dnlry, 22125e; fair to good;
fornia, 3032 er roll.
Cheeoe Oregon, 12; Eastern
twins, 10; ug Auierlotn, 15o per
per pound; California flats, 14c
Kuga OrfKOti, Aio per dozen.
Poultry t'hlrkeuii.old.H 00; broilers,
larire, $l60(a,3 0.i: ducks, old, $4.00
5 00; yottng," f204.00; geese, $8.00
turkey, live, 14.!.
Wool; Oregon ISnstern choice, 10
13i; do inf, ilur. S0(K do valley, 12
Hopa 171c.
P. Koee, 2040. Bur
banks, 8035c
Oats-Miuiug, $1.S01.55.
Slngclo Cllne's Brucsy Self Introduction
Left tlio Social Arbiter Speechless.
Tho second Pullman car in tho Boston
special which pulled out of the Grand
Central station a few days ago had an
unusual share of distinguished people
aboard. Society was represented by
Ward McAllister. Miss Clift and Mr.
Bertschinan, sou of the Swiss consul
general; yachting was represented by
young Mr. Slater, who owns nearly half
of thesnburbs of New London; medi
cine was represented by Dr. Ferd C.
Valentine: the law was represented by
Assistant Corporation Counsel Sweet
zer; newspaperdom was iepreseted by
a reporter, and the stage was represent
ed by several members of the "Prodigal
Father" company and by tho Irish song
bird, Maggie Ch'ne.
Miss Cline had jnst returned from a
three weeks' vacation in the Catskills
and was as breezy and sparkling as the
summit of Kaattrskill mountain. Her
wealth of auburn hair was artistically
arranged, and sho woro all her dia
monds, including he companion to the
earring she lost at the races this sum
mer, which now shimmers on a lace pin.
She was going to Bridgeport to begin an
engagement with tho "legitimate" and
was so vivacious that her chaperon,
Mrs. Knight, had to utter a warning,
"Sh, Maggie," many, many times.
At tho particular request of her
friends Fh sang a verso of her new song,
"Yo, Heave, Ho," with which she is
Boon to delight the public ear. Every
body was charmed, with the exception
of Mr. Ward McAllister. That is to say.
he was not apparently charmed. He
may have been thrilled to his heart's
core, and he probably -was, but he called
up every bit of his breeding and main
tained tho conventional blase airof good
Just before the train rolled into Bridge
port some ono called Miss Cline's atten
tion to tho fact that the elderly gentle
man with tho soft, brown hat was the
social arbiter.
"Lord bless and save us," said Maggie.
"Isn't ho nice? How I should like to
meet him!"
"Can it be possible that you havo nev
er met?' was tho astonished chorus.
"Never," said Maggie, with a stage sob.
"I throwed away my only chance when
I refused to sing for tho Vaudeville club
last winter."
"It's too bad that there is no one here
to introduce you," said Mrs. Knight as
the train slowed up. "It's such.a lovely
opportunity, and I'm 6uro he would bo
Oh, I don't know that it's too bad,"
Eaid tho song bird airily. "I'll just in
troduce meself, and he'll bo more than
"Maggie, don't j-ou dare," began Mrs.
Knight, but Maggie gave her luggage to
the raster and bore straight down the
aisle for Mr. McAllister. Sho caught up
his right hand from his newspaper and
Bhook ituntil her diamond bracelet made
an aureole about his soft brown hat.
"Mr. McAllister, I'm delighted to meet
you," said she. "You know me, of
course. I'm Miss Cline."
Mr. McAllister could not havo been
more courtly before her gracious maj
esty tho queen. "Miss Cline," said h
dexterously removing his hand to grasp
his hat, "tho delight is entirely mine. I
have always admired yon on the stage,
and now my admiration will be yours
in privato life."
"That's right," said Maggie warmly.
"I think us prominent people ought al
ways to be friendly. Good day."
"Good day," said Mr. McAllister as
ho sank into his seat. "Good day."
He never chauged his position from
there to New London, unmindful of Mr.
Bertschman's broad smiles, Mis3 CI ft's
suppressed mirth and the excited hum
of tho voices of tho others in the car.
But ever and anon his lips seemed to
frame those parting words, "Good day,"
"Good day." New York World.
A Desirable Chaperon.
Trotter Is- your mother a good
Rosalie Not a bit. Tho sight of a;
boat unnerves her.
Trnttpr tonrnpcfltM Fli rv-il1r.'
you persuade her ta chnperon out
jauiuug ifcuij l IUIJ1.
London's nrea is lartrer rhnn Saw
York, Paris and Berlin put together,
an area which may be represented
by a circle SO miles in diameter.
Sick Headache and wile all the troubles lncl
dent to a blltou ttata of the tjutm, such as
Dtoimws. hausea. Drowsiness, Distress arur
itii'.ta,aU'8Bi!,e-c tfhllethetrmolt
remarkable success baa been shown in curiae
Headache, yet dwrca'a Lrrrut Lrvta Pitxa
are equally valuable In Constipation, curing
and preventing this annoy ine complaint, while
they also correct all disorders of the stomach,
cumulate the lirer and regulate the bowels.
Lren U they only cured
che they would be almost priceless tA those
who suffer from thU distresslnr complaint!
but fortunately their pocJnedoes not end
here, and those who once try thetn will find
these little ptUs valuable In so many ways that
they wUl no be willing to do without them.
Hut after all sick head - wom.
Is the bane of ao many live that here U where
m,ou8TO )0- Our iJU cure
while others do not.
CxftTYit'a Ijiii r .. t... . ..
!aIM7S5?3r,oukB- One Of two piS mike
not enm or puree, but by their eeutl action
Ore for It Sauenmlun. .uik....,i
- J waw MMUT irsTV
aand do
dim KEUStZ CO, Kiv Tat
MU SaulS Sdlft
m -
On the label of every can is
Completed aud ready to wait on customers. Horses boarded by day or week
at reasonable prices. "Ve beep a full line of Truck", Dra.s and Express to
meet all demands. Also keep tbe finest Stallions in this county, for service.
Barn and residence 2 block south of postofflce. RYAN & CO.
If you would be clean and have your clothes done up in
the neatest -and dressiest manner, take them to the
where all workis done hy' white labor and in the most prompt
Liberty Street.
Lamoureux's Stables,
At the Commercial street bridge near Willamette Hotel. New stock and ve
hicles being added constantly. Only the best service rendered. NoBhabby
rigs nor poor horsts. H. L. LAMOUREUX, Proprietor.
& r 103
BURROUGHS State Street.
Recovers and repairs upholstered furniture. Long Experience In Ihe trade
enables me to turn out first-class work. Samples of coverings. No trouble to
srive estimates. State Insurance block, Chemektta street.
The West PrmfiDff ZoUsSHH
Special attention to mail orders.
303 Commercial Bt.,
Tie Rustler food Sn
And he doesn't bunt up half your wood, In
fuel, w ben he saws It. Make your contracts
with him personally or leave orn era at Veatchs
cigar store Oearborn's book 8tore,i36 Summer
street, or address me by mall. 6-H u
Deutscher Advocat.
Admitted to practice In all the courts.
Special attention given to German peak
ng people and busTneos at the countv and
tate offlcea. E. HOFEH, Notary fublic.
Willamette Unlveraitv. Knlpm. Or
School of music for piano, organ, violin,
staging, orchestral instruments, Harmo
ny, counterpoint, fugue, orchestration
aud higher musical composition, No
better grade of work doue west of the
Rocky mountains. Prices low. Seven
teachers. Next term begins Sept. 4th.
Seud for annual year book or address,
Z. M. Parvln, Mus. Doctor, musical
director, 8 0 2md&w
If you anticipate vibltiog the world's
frtlr. nr vnnr frlanHa I,, ftic V..?. ,.!...
advantage of the present opportunity,
no iud tain are uuw so JOW luey CUl no
figure In the expense. The Chicago &
..vnuncoiciu luunar unvc piaueu 111
service a solid vrstlbnled train, between
i uiuauu unu imicago, me famous
Wayner tourist cars, free reclining
chair cars and dining car "par excel
lent." With tbe accommodations fur
nlshwl.ratfs now offered, together with
the short time consumed in tnakine
the trip. It is within the reach of all.
For further Information, apply to any
ticket agent, or write
A. G. ItAKKEn, Gen'l AgU
72 WxHhingtnn street.
Portland, Or.
14. tJalcm. Oregon.
Hunting, Pic-nicinp, Camping, Mit.irur
Lumbering, or on a general outing? If
you afe do not fail to lay in a supply of the
ili Ell
Condensed Milk. If gives (he most deli
cious flavor to tea, coffee, chocolate and
many summer drinks. It Will keep in
any climate. You can use it in the place
of milk for general cooking purposes.
Your Grocerrand Druggist sell it.
the signature of Gail 'Borden.
First Class work. Reasonable prices.
Salem, Oregon.
Oldest, Highest and Most Extended
Institution of Learning in the Pacific
' Sixteeu courses of Instruction, from
Grammar, through Academic Bnd Col'
lege, to Theology, Law and Medicine.
Splendid Oourses for Training In
Teaching, Business. Art, Elocution
and Music. Beveral Post Graduate
Courses. Stronger and better than ever.
IfoTVomari'B College affords an ideal
home for young ladies with unsurpassea
facilities for their care aud traiumg.
The school year opens Sept. 4, 1693.
For Year Boob and all Information
relating to school management and
course of study, address,
Acting Pre., W. C. HA WXEY, LL. B..A .
For financial Information, address,
Sev. J. H. EOORK, Agent,
8-22-d&w Salem, OregoD.
On Improved Iteal Estate, in amounts ard
time to suit. Ho delay In considering loans.
Hoom 12, Bush Bank block. 11
St Paul, Harioa County, Oregon.
Conducted by the Ulster of the Holy Names oj
Jesus and Mary. The location oflW d all w1"
can be desired for healthful outdoor exert"
Mt. ffcul ran be easily reach d by botU on ins
Willamette, The bttildlnc 1 newandtuppuj"
wnh all the tnod.rn Improvements. J"
comse of study Is complete.
Stenography and Typewriting Tftngbt
Terms moderate.
For further pat Ucu aw apply to "WSSr
CflflS. WOLZ,
Proprietor of the
South Commercial RL, Salem.
All kind Fraah.uk3tand Smoked A!"
ana 8aiuvc.
Willamette Ue
rb DKuyjwv.
""C- '
,aiiMrir,1Mrt- MdsH stUVn -,
. ui. fclLH-Jfc, M A.