Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, October 03, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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    f J-- JFT-"f!
aflVJCHlNt OAJL'JLTAJi iJ.qinfcJSJAL, tfttfiBDAY, OOl'OBEB 0 1898.
, yTWcrnw ""!
Notli (ii'Ajw.meiil fur thulm
pi'otvm.Mit of Commercial street
and a part of Ferry, State, Court
mid Centre h( roots.
WjftjoJ Jr U - il "erv that the Mm3nt
initio Ir Urdj nucu Ni ISO for (ho I -up ove
mrnttfitill'ltb m I fUdhitnercl..l street b.
tvrtVJ th" nor h eifd oftiB bridge hcm-nSouih
All'l reek uml tucnoifh side ol Ctnue strtet.
All thn pun nHt i .-ml fjniirlAtret -t."-en
til Wi imil'f Hr iHirt-rt.HOttUie east side of
Ki int street, n f tl nl part ot Ferry slrm be
leun l lil fit Liberty strretniid the
eat md-'O t rout street, nil that part of Ctntrp
street b' tween t li west dido side of Commer
cial street! and th. weHlsldq,i.i Kront street. In
now due and puvablenttue office oliba City
Treasurer in United isnttn cold and sliver
cein: and unless paid witliluteii d yd ff mi
tbe ante nl this notice, tne Ciimnlon v,uifli
will order warrauUi for the oolite Iho thircn
, . , HUM Ato'D
uov oiock ho. 50, owned bv
II. Htapleton . ...
Lot No. 6 In blocn No. 61, owned by
(322 61
IxitNo. 4 in blootcNo.fil. ownai or
inoviKJU uiUU uo
321 8i
J. I. Thompson j,t '
Lot No. 1 In block Wo. 60. owned dy
W.A.Cusick JLi ' '
Lot No. 2 in block No. GO owiicd'by
Thus. Johnson, ...
LotNo. 8, aDdimtrlpnrijlud U&Outr
of the north side of lot No. 4. In
block No. 60, Halem, Oregon; ex
cept a strip of lind 25 feet wide off
of the north side ol lot No. 3, scld
toE. F. arkhurut. owned by H.
W Cottle
Beginning at the northeast corner
or bloon "49, balem, Ore: tbenco
soiith'Tly alng the block llue4i
feet; ihence westerly parallel with
t he n orth line of the block 120 feet;
th'-nce northerly parallel witn the
eat line or the block 45 reet to the
' ' -k; th-nre
easterly along the north lneofsatd of ue
ei iniiiif, owned by the First
Nitloani Bank of salem, Oregon,
Ix-gluniKgat the norsbwe-it corner
oilotJvu. l.Iublnohta bock No
4U,-alem. Oregon; thence south
erly Blong the alley lu said
block 7 SS feet, th'-noo aterly
Parallel wau Chemeketa hi reel,
JOi feel; thence northerly along
tnaem llnjot blook No 49,226s
feet; thence westerly par.tllol to
tho north line of Ba.d block. 128
leet; thence northerly 4" feet to
the north lux of the b'ock; tbence
uy Mis. a A Wheeler
All that pirtlou or Jam! In irfits No.
land 2 n block o 49, Halem,
Oregon, described as follows,
Beginning at a point 2268 loet
HOiuli of tbesoutheast corner ofllie
building lio.c Known a the I' it
National II ink, and running
southerly alnu the east lluitof
the Moo SBJMteet then e west
erly, pitaliei with 'he south wall
of tho bank building, lh5 feet to
the ahey In said blocs; tbence
northerly along saHnlley 22 68lcet,
thence easterly 165 feet to the
pliceof beginning, owned by fci.S.
AH th upirt on or tract of land in
Lot No. 2, In block No 49. Ha era.
Or., described as follows, to-wll;
lie I nlntr at) a point 45.10 feet
south of the southeast cor er of
the building known as the First
N tl'inal Hank, and running
siu'ne'Iy along ihe west line of
Co nmeicla street225sfeet;thence
westerly, parallel to the fcouth
wail of the bank building, 185 feet
to tho alley in said b'ock; thence
northerly ulong the alley li 58 feet
thenoo easterly 165 feet to the
place of beginning, owned by W.
N1 Ladue and T. Ford
That portion or tract of land in Lot
N". 2, In block 49. Baleru, Or., dos
crlbedai beginning nt a poIntb78
feet south of the sou beast corner
of the building known as the Flist
National Bank and runnlngsoutb
uily along Commercial street 7.75
f"ei; Ihence westerly parallel with
fie smith wall of said baukbullding
1G feet to the alloy In mid bloca.
thence northerly 7 "5fe-tiilong the
alley; thunoa easterly to the place
of beginning, owned by 13. S. Lam
pirt.vV.N. Ladue, r. Ford, John
ll"ehe. a A. Wheeler and B.
Beginning at ihe southeast corner
of lotNo 2, In blookNo 49 Salem,
ur . theme wesleily along the
south line of said lot, lbSfeet to the
alley; thence north along iheailey
45 3J feet; thence easterly pirallel
with Uhemeketa street, lto feet to
tbe east line of said blosk; then -e
aoutherly a'ong the cam Hue of
said block 45.30 feet to the place of
be;lHiilng, owntd by John
Commencing at a point l.l.04 feet
nmthofthe southeast corner f
lot No. 31u block No 49. Salem,
Or. tbence north along the east
line of said block 23G0feei; tbence
wester y ut rlgh' atule with com.
tnerclaUtreet 183 leet to the alley;
thence toutherly along the alloy
28 50-feet; Ihence easterly 165 fret
totbepUcaof beginning, owned
byJ.o. Hrowu-..
Beginning at a point 11.0831 feet
south of tne northeat corner-of
lot 4 In block No. 49, Salem, Ore-:
tbenee north along ilneastllneo!
eatrt block 21.16 feet; tpence west,
erly at right angles with said east
line 105 feet to the alley: thence
south ulong the alley w.16 jeet;
theoce easterly 165 feet t'i the
place of beginning, owntd by A.
A starkey.. ---
JJelnir a fraclkal part of lot 4, in
bl e't 49, balem. Or , described as
jollows; Beginning ata point on
the east line of said bloct 60 feet
noitlierly Irora the wutbeastcor-,
nar ot ald block 49; thence along
tbe east due In auolheriy dl e -lion
21 feel; thence webterly at
right angle with sad east tine of
block 49, 165 Itet to tbe alley;
thence loutberly along the alley
21 feet: thence easterly lttifeetto
the place of beginning, owned by
K. s. Lamport . -
Berluuingat the noutheus'.'coracr
of biock No. W Slom, Ora-.tbencj
north aloiig the eatltne oUald
Diwk 21 feel; thenio wot, para'ld
with Court stroet, 18 Ictttothe
lley ; thanue south along the a ley
aifiellotbe Miuth line of ald
IjiocK; t hence east aloug said snut h
lino to tbe pUce of beginning,
uned bv W. It Anderson.
AlsolotNo 4,block49.aalem.Ore.
LotNo HlnbtockNo iJ.rialem.Ore.,
owned byE.C' Palton
il 'ginning at tbe corner or
bloik NO. 48, in Halem, Ore,; tbence
westerly along the north llneof said
bloo.,105 feet to the alley; thence
fcoutti aiong the alley 27 60 feet,
thence east, para el with Court
mrret, 165 feet to theeast line ol said
IjIock; theuce uortb aloog sld east
lne27J10fe-t to the pUceof begin
ning, owned by A. Bulb- --
Beginning ata point on th eastllne
oruiocK48ln oalem, Oregon .7.60
feet south pf tho northeast corner ol
B-.H olock; theuc south alo 'g the
block line 270 feet; theuce we.t
raraiM with Court street 105 ft
iitboi'ey;thencenor'h aougthe
alley 3Z6U leet; thencwea t pa-al el
...i... ....,- nrit 1&5 feet to tbe
292 00
408 77
113 71
102 77
79 45
37 41
37 41
37 41
13 1'
76 96
43 04
41 17
16 99
270 21
244 63
place of beg nnlng, Owned by M.
:;.S .4
aeglnnl eon Uia easl line ofi block
A, Balem. Oregon, said point being
V feet south oi the northeait c-.rper
of said b ock; ihence west Prl'I
with curt street. 165 feet to tbe
alley; tbence north ilong the alley
U feel: tbe oe east paralUl With
O nrt klreet. 165 feet to tbewt line
offaldblo-k; thence south along
kaid east line ti Itet to the place of
beg.nnl e owned by Aram utruug-
Belnnlugat Ihisoutbeast corner of
lo No a lu block . Halem. Oregon;
thence north along tbe east llnof
sld blo-k. Ul leet; thence west par
ul, el with Court street, Itt leet to
the al'-ey. tbence south along Ihe
Alli-y W leet. to the utfiwe-t
corn' ot lot i In said block, theoce
east along the lot line lfc5 feet to the
Blaodof b g. nnlng, owned by A.
a.h ., .
Ue lnul'gutarlntJJOfinorthoj
the jutheist earner of lot 3 In block
U. caiem, Oregon; thsnee north
abjngtbe block loetolbenorlueaM.
comer of ald lot 8;tbence west at
right angle 105 ft tolbe alley;
theuees-mth along .aid alley U a
point. VM ft n'Ttholtbe south;
vrt corner of said toVbeore eat
lUfeett.ith place ot begluplng,
owed bj W. Urejrnaan and li Unj
"" .
glODlnf at a polnl on the eut liaa
10 70
110 30
ollow In block 41, 8tiem, Oregon,
the same being 7.60 fcot Mirth of the
soutliCAntcorfctrolsnld lol.l thence
south along tald mst lino 2 feel:
tbeni'e weal parallel with Htati
street 165 feet to tbe alley; thenco
north al mg th t alley 25 ei( them e
eal 165 fee to It he piaic ol bagin
nlng, owned by llaryta .letou....
Iijt Nil. 4 lu ij o k 43 Malem, Oregon,
w; i'.iiik i.. lei-bun oi inu norm
side of a-iid lot 4 extendluK lis entire
le gib, owned Iw Kilen Jlinm,!',
II lioorw, a N. .Mo re. Kertha
JIoo i, Cri le HooroH, V. L. Mixrtn
and oiiy .Mlllei'. 416(7
LotNo 5lublocko. 4s, saiem, Ore
gon, owncl by H. I"
All oi lot 8 In bio K47, nlem Iimcuu"
pxcnptlng 61 leet the eist end.
owned by I'tios. Jury and tLol'ily
ol Halem; owned b S T Nonbcil t 182 89
rwent-nluofeet otloftbemst end of
ljtN" lu block 47, laleni. nrciroii.
own. d t thel'lty of em
Lot No i lu block No 47. owned b J I.
67 35
minim, t. i; imuimv mi, 4. u'
Church ' ' ..
413 77
rhenorili thl d oflot r.o- in block 47.
Halem, Orcinn. being 27 70t-et fiont
on Commercial street, Niidezt?udlng
the same width ba k to tue alej,
uwueuujrjfU vv ignu ...-,
tne central oue-thlra of lot. xhii. 2 in
block No 47, alem, Oregon, being
27.70 feet (ronton Coiuine clil Mtreei
am extending the same width back
to tbe alle, owned bv Jno,ewsouie
rhos iuth one third oil it No Slnhlink
47, B.ilem, Oregon, beln2.6u leet front
on Commercial street and extending
the same width back to the alley,
owned by J. 8. Kuluht, Addle 1'la
mrmdnn, J, J 1'lamondoo, M. A. Pla-
45 82
45 82
Beginning at the northeast corner of
tot no-d in block 47, HUem, Oregon;
thence south along the block line -1.60
feet; thence west par llel with Ferry
street, 16) feet to the alley; thence
n rlh along thejilley 2U50fd t; thence
east to the place of beginning 185 feet
owned by J. 0. Thorap.nn 42 45
Bezlnnlugata point on the east Hue
of fol 3 In block 47, -tal'm Oregon,
which point is 3 60 feet south of then
e corner of Bald lot No 3: theuce south
aloug the lot Hue 2350 I eel; theuca
west parallel wltn Ferry street 165
feet to tne alley; thence north along
tha nllc '.3 50 feet; thence east 16
i ara uepiuLeoi uegiuuing, uwnea
by K C Small , 42 23
Beginning at a point t-0 16 leet nonh of
lbs soul heist corner of block No 47,
Salem, Oregon; thenco north along
the hoik line 22.UUlfeet thence east
parallel with Ferry "treet, 165 feet to
the aliey.theme south Jlongthealley
22 OS .3 fet; thence east 185 icet to the
place of beglnnl-ig, owned by K
Thompson 39 91
paid, 81 17; bal. S.I3.77,
Beginning at the southeast comer of
block 47, In Bilem, Oregon theuce
no thalomi the block linn 80.16 feet
tbenodwest parallel with Ferry street
165 feet to the alley; thence south
aloug tbe alley 80-16 leet to tbe south
lino of the block; thence east along
said soutli lino lb5 feel lo tbe place of
b glnnlnsr, owned by (loo. H. Turner 347 71
LotNo. 6 in block No 47, Salem, Or.,
owned d r noriucui
197 48
Lot No. Sinbloik 40, Salem, Oregon,
wned by theSon'heru Pacific Kill
road Company 193 48
Beginning at the cornerot
block No. 48, Salem. Oiegon; thence
west along the north llneof the block,
165 leet to the adej; theoce so th
along tbe nlley 66 feet; thence : st
4750 fet: thencu north 4) p t ind
1UJ lncue: tbence east 117 6.x to
tbeieast llnciot tbe olocRjtheace north
22.125 f et to the place of beglnutng,
owned by F. K. Miller 214 30
Be 'Inning 11 tn point on tbe 11st line ot
blk 48, Halem.Orezon, 43.125 leetsouth
ot tho nortueast corner o said block;
tbence west parallel to Ferry street
117.50 feel; thencesou h parallel with
Commercial street 22 K7ft fee ; thence
east 117 60 leet lo the east line of bald
block; thjnce north aiong the said
east Hue 22.t75 leet to tbo p ace of be
ginning, owned by J. C. Johnson and
S T. Ulchardson 41 49
B ginning at the soutneast corner of
lot 2 lu tilo-k 48, H-tlera, Or; tbenco
west par iliel with Forrv street to the
alley; thence north iloug thealley SJ
feet; theuce east 105 feet to tbo easl
llneof olock U: tbence south along
the, block lino 83 feei to the place of
beglnatng. own d by lid lllrsoh . 164 S
Be Innii g at tbe nortneist co nerof 1 it
3, In block 46 S-ileni, Oregen: tbence
wet lOifeet ttbenilj: tnenceboulh
along the alley 25 eet: the ceeiistiG!
leet- 10 th east line ofthn block;:
thence nor h along f-abi east lluo 25
feet to the place of be,'lunln, owned
be Kd Uirsch 60 96
Beginning at a point on tbe ew-t, liuo
01 blk 4H,rialem,Or .10 feet north ol tne
southeast corner of lot 3 In si U block)
then e west pii-allel with Trade str- ei
115 leeti tbeu.e no th p rallel with
Commercial street t950 fecii thenca
ea l 115 leet to tho east lluo of tho
blocli thence south Sftbt feel to the
plaoa of b g nulng, owned by V. K.
Burke , 73 01
Be 'Inning ai th southeast corner of
otSln block 40. Halem, or; ihence
iinrth along the blook liu- 10 feeti
theuco west parallel with Trade ktte l
60fecti theace-outh '.2 50fo I; tbonce
east pari le with tbe north line, 60
feet o the eatt Hid of the block;
thenco nonh W60 feet to the place f
beglnulng,oued by J.Chapma 1 and
l. Hmpson..... .... 47 15
Beginning at lha southeast cornerot
bio k 40, Sa tin, Oregon; thence uoith tho block line Hi le t; tbenca
west at right nnele with Commero al
treet. TO leet! thenco uoith 22 60 feet:
thence west 65 reel; tbenceuorth3Ai
feoi; tbence west 60 reet to tho alley:
tbeu e south aiong tho alley 124 reel
to the south lino of the block; tbence
castaloigtnosouih line 'boleeitothe
place 01 neginning, owueu uy nw
Smlhem I'aclfldlt It Co.....
121 75
LoU 1 and 2 In biock 45, Halem, Oregon,
mtmatt hv thn Hitlem Kiourlne Mills
VO, -- '
Alliflot71n bock 36 Bale n. Ore , e-
""' - M.3 jn
o pta strip v leet wiueimiuu umiu
sldeotsaiuiot, owned by the rnlem
Water 1 o - .
All Of lot No 8 lu bockN11.SH, naleui,
oreg in, and a strip of 'and 7 reel wide
orfol the iion h side oflot No. 7 111 said
block, owned b Kd.lllrson
Lo-No. 5IU blocK No 35. Ail'in, Ore.,
owneJ by H- K. Korrt, v. I. Ford, O. A,
Armstrong. J M.Ford F. M.Ford, L.
yLVa.a. l. Ford, p. m. luner, i. J.
Ford.J'll. FJid, 11.11. r ord and W,
Befinnlug'at'tho'sbuiiiweiit corner of
Jot No. 6, nblotkNo 35, Salem, Ore:
thence north along the blo.-k line 75
feel: thence east al light ajgle with
68 08
159 61
116 61
'nmmerdfli street. IU f'ei to tne
alley: thence south along the alley 75
reet: Ihence west 1'j5 reel to th place
..Hd Htt ..... lia 01
Lou No-7 and 8 in block 85 -weal. Ore.
owned by A Hu.h and W, H Lidd... 485 05
Lot No. 1 in block tt, na,'"". uruiuu,
owned by A Buh and W. .-i. Lidd
ItNo 4 In blonSI. halem, Oregon,
200 02
1. 100 03
Beginning at the touthe at corner of
easiut rlghi angie with Comm relal
stiee to the alley; 'hence nonh aloug
the aley 670 leei; tbence we.t par. !
lei w th Kerry street Vi ihe ea.tllue of
J?:. J...ii .irei. thence so-itb
atoigMldline67 601eeltotbeplac of
becinning oneloy I H lllrsoh -
801 Kl
ueginulngata paint br ;eet n-iriu oi
tnesouthwest corner of b'o k Ha
lern. Oregon, and o J tbe west llneof
laid Woe; tbence east at right ang e
with CommercUl street to thalb-yi
thenc-nttth .l-ug tbe alley llneSTk
ft; thence west to tbe west line of tbe
If .. n..nrv, iee. to tbe
pUce'of bealnnlig. uwoed by H,
-J 77
Beginning at a P lnt on th.eaii'iine ol
( ouimerrial slre-t 2075 feet north of
the southwest oornerui .i - -.
block 31. !"'. regon; thene e-t
al rgbt aiglei .wfb CommercUl
MmrflOi fret to the !"
noil 1 a'ong tbe alley 30 feeii
r,;i wost to OoinmereU! street!
tbenesoutb 30 b IMU. 1 1 01
iM-irlnulnc owned 01 K uusu
DegtiinlBcat tbt southwest corner of
"VI .7. d.i.m !. ititnrji nor h
61 01
1 hi ansiKa wim s ,....
rtet to the place
B ginnlnr B ee TV.ncbe ,oth of lbs
nonuwrt wrner ol 101 7. b k : . Ha
lem Or Oi tueno" mum . rr
iSeb". " aiilbialM with
o.nim- reul t' to ihe ad 'eore
MtthatoSg tue alley U "
tjaenewt be plare 01 beginning.
owotdbyT Burrows - - --,
63 J7
lBczinninzattba nwwm "' -
I tu,lUa, Or 1 tbenee tooth alosf
itreet totbeilleyilbiee ata,o
the alley feet; thtnee west to the
west line of ths 61k, tbenee north 21
Of UVWluing.owooa
the blk line lm feet; thenos east nt
right angles with Commercial street,
168 fceltothinlleiittieuoeuoi.uerly
BlontheHiloy2x..j reel to th N. B
corner oflot 7j blk 31, iheboe west
Along theJol line 91 feet; thenca nun li
psrai el with C'omnie , in net lo the
north litioofftld biojk. thencs wpt
along U11 b.ock lluo 75 ioettj tue
Pi icnof bctflnnlnor nor .il I. v A tin li 911 IK
iieginning at, toe nor.beaai corner ot
lots, lilock3l.ialein Ongon; thenco
south along ill ea-t I1.1.0. wild 1 t
to the southeast corner the eof, llimice
we.t nloug thoioi i.iieOl i'e.t,th'ri e
north parallel with nmti nerclaletrra
to the no, ih line of Hi blk; ibente
ra9te'lralo'-g thtiorh I'neoruk
91 leet to p'niM r beg nuiLg,
byTlips ilcK.I'atto 1 7 91
Beglnnl galih northWn-t 1 oiler or
loll bkSI, -alem, Orou' Ih 11 e
east along ihe blk lti.e 2i6tl re;
thence boulh m iluhl angle ivl'li
Htate street 119 lo t ti I In s nth Hue
of 10' 2lii said b k; the -uo ulou;
tliclotllncSISItel t illieull y;thenoi
n rlh along tbo alley 119 feel tolt.o
place ol beglnnimr. owned by 0.
l'aulua 42 87
Beginning at a point on tbe nortd line
ofblk 51. Halem, Oregon; WJ 42 reet
west or the nort heast corner tnereof;
tbence wet along the blk llnalOGU
feet to a point 2iG feel east of tbe
niiey;ineuno seuin at ignt angles
wltu Mtate street 149 reet to the south
llneof lot 2, In said blk; tbence east
along tbe lot line 49.68 feet: tbenro
north 149 feet to tbe nlace of begin
ning, owned by 8. Ad iph . 82 43
Beginning at anoint 67 reet and 7 in
dies west of the northeast corner of
blk 34, Halem, Orefon; the ice west
alone the north line of the blk 21 feet
and 10 Inches; thence south at right
angles 149 leet to the sum line or tot
2 lu said blk; thenco catt alnnz the
lot lino 21 reel and 10 Inches; thence
norm 149 reet to thn plao'or begin
nine, owned byJ.O. Thompson. J,
lauore, Chas. timlth aud Lena
41 08
Beginning: at tbe northwest cornerot
blk 20. Halem, Oregon; tbence east
alonz the b.ock line 60 reet; thence
south at right angle 101 reet; theme
west 60 reet tbence nor h along tbe
block line 1OI reet to the 'Dlace of
beginning, owned by the City ol
Halem .
Beginning al a poiut 60 leet cast or the
northwest corner of blk 20, Halem,
Oregon, tnence east along tbe blk
line 30 feet; thence south nt right
angles with -date street, 143 feet,
theuce w.Bt 80 reet to the east llneof
Liberty street: tbence north along the
blk lino 2 reet; tbence east 60 feet;
tlionrann til It fltn nlnoA ni emirl,-
83 07
Ling, owned by Fred Hurst 46 62
Ueginulngata point 100 reet And 0 Inch
es eaM of the northwest corner or blk
at, naiom. Oregen: tueuce sjuib at
right angles with State street 14350
reet to the south line oflot 7, In said
blk: tbence west along the lot lino
20.10 leet; Iheucj north IMS feot to
State street; thenco east 20.60 reet to
the Dluceot beuluulnir. owned bv B.
Hteluernnd A BIoser
85 69
Beginning at a point 18 reet east or the
nortneast corner 01 1110 west nan 01
lot8, bis 20. Halem, Oregon; thence
easterly 23 reet and 3 Inches; thence
sout h nt right angles Htate street
to thi north line or Ferry slreei;
theme west 2.1 reet and 3 Inches to a
pol nt 18 reet east or the sout beatl cor
ner of tho West hair otlotS In sad
blk, th' nco north to tho place ot be
ginning owned by M.T lttneman 36 42
The east liall or Hid east quarter ot Iota
7 and K In block 20, Halem, Oregon,
owned by 1. Htroug, N. Htrong, A.
Strong and M 1. Kluney .-... 85 49
Beginning at a point 121 rpet 1.125
Inches east of the northwest corner ol
bill 20,8 Hem. Oregen: tlisnco south
nt right angles wit h Htate street to 1 h 1
Bouth line lot 7, In said block; thence east
erly along tho lot line 21.27 feet; thence
northerly to State street: thence nest alonsr
State street 21.27 feet to the place of begin.
lilng, owued by Annie M. I McCorniacK .
Bonnliiff at the northwest corner o( lot 1 in
blk 20, Salem, Oregon, thence south along
the alley to the southwest corner of lot 2 In
said blk; thence cast 40 feet parallel nltli
State street; thence north to the south line
of State street, thenoa west to the place of
beginning, ovtncduy P. II. D'Arcy
Dcirinninir at a nolnt 40 feet east of tho north
35 63
t 67
west corner ol Int 1, In blk 20, Salem, Ore.;
thenco south at right angles with State
street to tho soutli line of lot 2, in sattl blk;
thenco cost along the lot line 42 60 feet;
thence north parallel with thealley to State
street; thenco west 42.60 feet to theplace ot
beginning. Also lot 3, blk 20, S.ilem. Ore.,
owned by 0. I', Hughes and J Hughes. , 01 01
Sins t u.ill 01 lots I aud 2 In blk 2J Haiem,
Or.i owned by Tons liu .bard 111 18
Kist halt oi lot A, In bU 2, .Salim, Or ,
owned ny J. J. Murpliy and K. O.
Murphy .. 188 80
Wt n If or lo 6, tu b)K -.l,aiein,Or.,
owned by J s v eranl 15180
The east' naif of lot 4 lu b k No, 81, Sa
lem, Or. except ft-) ieeioll of ihe eaut
odd tuerjof. owned by U. W. Ur.y,
owned by die Fontaine 60 61
I'he wen, Halt nl lot No. 4 lu Ink 3:1,
Hiltim, r owned by -qutM Farrar,
J. F. Furrur, tl. K. Fauar, K. Far
ur ......... ... . . 127 9
lleiluulug nl tbe mutt'eas'. corner (
lot 5, blk 33, Halem, Or 1 ihrnue north
along ihe west line of ihe alley 6Of0
leet, 1 hence west parallel with Htate
street 47 81 reel; thence south 60.W reet
totha north liuoufHtateHtreeli tbence
cast 4731 feet ' hi pluoo of beuln.
nlng.owned by Jno, l'j ne and Oeo.
i'.iyue 83 08
Be.'lnulng at h point 91 leet easl ur
tbe soutli west corner or i'k 33,&lem,
Or : tbence nortn p.rallil with Com
mer lal -trtet 60 reet; thence east rar
nllei wli h Htate struei 11 08 reetit hence
fouthiVO reel lo tbe north line orHtate
street: thence weat2I.W reet to the
place of beginning, owned by J. J,
Murphy und t.C. Murphy. 18 37
Beginning on tbe south line nf blk 33,
Half m, er: 80 reel east or the south
west oornerol said blk theace north
parallel with commercial strect 60
feet: tbenon easl naratlol with Htaie
street: thence sou h 60 t li th"nco
west 14 roet to the place or beginning,
owned by F.J Frjer, J. J, Murphy,
'.j. j. niirpn
Dearborn. K.
K O Murphy, K, 8. Dearborn, ur,
Hozaith Kda llearbotn, Kate Dear
born, It 11. Dearborn, aad Mrs. II. A:
1) -a room
r-M 19 F J Freyer paid fK 91, bal due 17 80
Beglnn ng at a point 25f0 feel north
or the southwest corner or blk .14, Ha
letii.Or.t thence north a ong the blk
lne23reetitbencaeai.tatrightang e
wltbC'nraxierelal street 80 feti tbeqce
south 25 reet: thence west N) leel tq
theplace of tieglnnlng, owned by K.
h. Dearborn, K. F, Deirborn, Ella
Dearborn, It H. Dearliorn and Ms.
II. A. Dearborn 47
Beglnnlugut the northwtwt corner of
lot 6 in hik 33,-4alem,t)r ithence north
along th. blk line 3 fee'i theoce tint
nt right angles wlb Commercial
street to the alley: thence outli a'ong
tbe alley 61 feel: tbence west to Com.
merctal ktteet: theuce north 32 reet to
the place or beginning. Owned by J.
W. 11 ntoand Jennie rhipman .. . (1 13
The south half of tbe north three.
jourllHiif iota in out i.naiem.ure
gou. Owned by Adam llsen aud
Adam llano .. 49 36
The north ha f 01 tue noith threewiuir.
ten of lot 6. In blk ttt. c Alem, Oregon,
Owned hy A. Hush. 41 8)
A trlP of land Vi feet wide ntrol the
south tde of. lot 7, In b'klJ, Halem,
Oregon. Owned by K. JfekA'lin, U 10
Lot Np. V and It S3 feet offof tbe nortn
side o' lot 7 In blk SI, Halem. Oregon.
Owned by W. Breyman ahd B.'Brryr
nmti - lt88 Oi,
Lot No. I and the north half n( the
nortn nan 01 mi no. s in m), "
lera. Or, owned by Leo Willis, K
n Willi, and K I' McVirnv: ...
317 00
Thewethsltoftot 8 Jn blkJl.lWem,
or.ownedbyl'erey Wl'lUund Leo
UI1IM. .. . .
.. 150 07
The el Hall or l-t 8 in b k 21, Halem
Ore., owned by J'erey wiiii j...
Lo'sNo. land 3 In bl ?!, Halem, Or.,
151 49
ownea oy rii'ineaeia unu.i,i
i 11 - .afUiitArfi. Or.
. 359(0
Belnnlng at the southeast corner of
t"o 4 in blk 22, Kalrin.Or.. tb'nre
nortn aiong jiio irvv w
thenoo wit 81 feet- Ibcure
south ICO feet, tn Court street, Ihence
eat81 feetlothepUee ofbedunUg,
nrniail h II. V Wurner .
19 07
Beginning la point no ib nurtb line
at Court 'f eet, Mid point being 81
ftetwrstol the southeast corner of
lot 4 In blk a, Ha fin. Or, thence
north J feet, ibeute vest 17 lti
tbence touth 100 feet, then- (
along ourt lnt 17 feet w tu-' ple
of belnnng. ownel by Geo Olims.
Besinolng al tbe. south west corner ot
Vot.4 In btk W, aln ore., ihence
north along ibe w.t Hoe of tbe lot
idbfeet, tbenee out al r'ght ani$tea
trj Jeel then sou h I0O ! UOie
ruirtbl obfJourtktreellb'BeAW'l
(7 feet to tb piece ol Ueglnnlng,
owned by Je. Utjvt- . ..- :
"Llnio .tin's" ruling Cards.
"I lmvo rt tmolcof Hilk playing crtnlg
bnt I valuo very hihly," said patri
irchal luolcing Colonel Fitzhugh of
Toxaa. "Thoy we ro given to 1110 by
.Ion. Alexander H. Stopheua of
ieoigia while ha was in congress a
srood many years ago. Ho was very
fond of playing whist and ono oven
ing had invited Sonator Fryo of
Maine, Senator David Davis of nil
nois and ex-Senator Robert Toombs
of his own state to Ins rooms for a so
cial game. The sat a good whilo,
overy member of tho quartet enjoy
ing tho pastime with keen ssost. In
tho cut for partners Mr Stephens and
Mr. Frye were pitted against tho
other pair nnd won nearly every
game, both ranking as master play
ers. I think Mr. Toombs was the
most indifferent player of tho four.
He was of too impetuous a disposi
tion to master tho science of whist.
After tho play was ended tho host
presented me with the cards, and I
would not willingly part with them."
Washineton Post
Little Danger In Eating Fruit
There is no possibility of harm ro
Bulting from a fruit diet, unless
through carelessness or misrepresent
ation 'green fruit is eaten. Tho little
people need continual warning on
this point. As for tho man who in
his greed seeks to sell unripe fruit to
young or old, the least he deserves is
to be exposed to publio derision and
contempt. New York Commercial
Ico Water Early In the Morning.
I am always surprised whon I Bee
a man fill his stomach tho first thing
in tho morning with a glass of ice
water. The ordinary stomach is tired
anyhow, aud when, yawning, listless,
it wakes with the rest of the system,
it feels liko strotohing and resting,
folding its hands for a littlo mor?
sleep and a littlo more slumber, just
tho same ns tho rest of us feel. What,
then, must bo its surpriso to have
thrust into it, through no agency of
its own, it tho unwilling receptacle,
a torrent of its deadliest enemy, ico
water? Having swalloved a glass of
ico water, the ordinary idiot thruBta
into tho samo stomach his oatmeal,
his berries, his beefsteak nnd his pq
tatoes and his hot roll and tlion won
ders that he feels heavy.
Why, do you know what tho stom
ach is doing all this time? It is
wrestling with that ico water. Di
gestion cannot begin until tho water
is brought to its normal stomach
temporaturo, and whilo tho overbur
dened, ovenvorked, strained organ is
doing its best to warm this horrid
stuff in it flout; your steak, your ber
ries and your oatmeal, nnd there, thoy
must float until tho gastric juice and
the water aro at a common tempora
turo and tho work of assimilation
may properly begin. Howard in
Now York Recorder.
Iilk 21, Halem, Ore, owned by 1', S,
Knight 84 Si
Ileinning at a xlnt 41 2.1 foet west of thn
southern corner of lot 6, In blk 'II, Balem,
Ore.; thence west ilonu tho north line ol
Court street 14 foot thonce north 82,60 feet
thence cast 14 feeti thence south S2.TO feet
tn the place of la-gt'iinluir, owned by J, W,
Thomas 2d 41
llerlnnlnir at Ihe miuthwrsl corner of Int No.
D, In him c 22, Haleni. Ore; thonce east along
ttiu soutli line of said lot 1 10,70 feet; thtnee
north at rl.'bt angles 82.60 feet; thence west
along tho north line of wl.( ot 28,70
feet; thenco south 2S feet; thence west kt
feet, thence south alonif tho east line of
Liberty street 67 0 't to the illco'of be.
chinhir, nwned by L U Rowland , 217 96,
Ixits Ha 3 and 4, In blk St, Halem, Oroini'M
oiceritlnx a piece of land off of the est end
bounilei) at (oln. tu-wit: ItcalimlnjraLtho
southwest corner of lot"', blk 92, H-ilcni,
oreirnn j thenco north alonir tho alloy lOo
feet; thenco oast 60 feet; tbence soutli 100
feet; thenco west 60 hot to the i!aco pf be.
iriiinliiir. owned by I F Wuimer .. ,. 210 00
lleirinnlnK at the southwest comer of lot 4 in
blk 32, Halem, urei(oii;inence norm aiong
tho alley 100 feet, thenco east 60 feot; thence
south loO feet to tho north lino of Court
Street; thence sett 60 feel to the place of
beulnninj, owned by K. M Crolsan and J,
II MtNary 1 Bl
llexlnnlmr at the southeast earner of lot fi In
blk 2, Niem, tiro 1 wenco worn siainr ine
north line of Court street 2lfoot;thouce north
at right angles 70 fort; thenoo eait24foet;
thence south 70 feet to tho plico of begin
nlng, owned by I. U. Bteovei and C. V,
Sleeves. .. 00
Beginning at a iwlnt 24 foet est of the
souilieati comer 01 mi p. in oik ox, naiem,
Ore,, thenco north parallel with Com mer.
dal street 70 feet, Ihence west 22 feot;
thenco south 70 foet. thence eatt 22 feel to
tlietla-e of beginning', owned by Wni,
Kniian.l 3d 08
Ik-ginning at the southeast corner of lot Sin
blk 31, tuioin, ore , mihim can aiong III
south line of said lot, 110 feet; theni
north parallel with Commercial trjil70
foet; thence west SI M feet; thence south
4 42 feot; theuce otat f ttt; thenco south
23 feet, thenco west 71 foet to the west
lino of said lot. Iliento south along the said
west lino 42 feet to the plsct bl beginning,
owned br It 11 Wade
219 60
Ilcginnlng at tbo northwest corner of Jot J. In
bill St, Halem, Ore- thenuu oast parallel to
UiUtl nrecv fnipvv (iienuvwMiiiis.poibcv
thtnee cast 0 40 feet thenoo south 23 S3
feot; tbenco nest rallel with Court street
76 feet, thenoo north 40 feet to the place of
Uirlnnlrof. owned by Win, Kngland
05 46
Ilcginnlng st a point 82 74 feot south of tho
nonnwesi cunicr ,n o u 111 oik l D4ICIH.
Ore , thence east farallel with Court street
101 feot to tho alley, thenco south siong
tho alley 13 foot nd 9 Intlies, thonce West
parallel with Court ttrost ItM foot; tlioace
north 40 loot and 9 Inohee tho plaeeof
beginning, owned by It M . Wado
Hcrlnnmg at tlie northwest crnor of lot S, In
blk 32. Kalsm, Ore , tbenca Mat along the
north line of said lot Lo tho noflbeast tur
ner Iherw, thenco sooth alotur tlie aast
lino S2 76 feet, thorm west parallel to
Court street, 160 I'M to Hut wmt liuo nl
aald lot. Ihtnes north along said west line feot to tbo pbwo cf twglaiiing, owwal
by W. r IWrfhbr
lfA 7 and 8 in Uoek H, Salem, Oregon, tho
owner Is unknown
Lot No. t. In Uk 11, Halcui, Orovon, owned
byK V IVlj
LotNo, dlu Uk II. Kslen, Oro,, owned fay
I, uiirulre atvic liwruir
Lot No 7, In Uk II, fiilwu, Ore, owntd by J.
W. Crawford
Lot No- 2. hi Uk CI, Salooi, Ore., owuwl by
CarrWM Ogle -.
70 K
207 II
162 IS
IIS 47
UstNo 1 la Uk CI, BsJem, Ore., ownod by
Mrs C W Cross, Mrs. Ilslta M. Jordan,
Mrs. iooepblM lUrnelds, Mrs. Amelia
gtrangoby, A K Mran. Anna II. Hun
ier, A 0 Hdiwatka aJ Ow. WIIIUum.
IU 6 ul C la Uk 30. fsalcsn. Ore., Owuod by
H llruifl
U I al 4 le Uk to, Silirni, Ore., owuod by
JotMi Majers .";.'..
Lot Id Uk U, Mtn, Ort, vtraod If II. M.
Wtdo . ,
Lot 7 Ui blk !, Or., vwiml by K. M.
7 M
7 it
I, atxttuakbhslrs -
V. II WX"J,U Btal.'s sjmI twIJ
What Is tho condition ef youra? Is your hair dry, 5'
Iiarali, brlttio? solft at the enda? Haslt n
j: ft
5s hXhuijsh
nicies oppcarnnco r
-, .
brushed? Is It full of dandruff ? Docs your scalp itch ?
Is it dry or In a heated condition ? If theso aro some of
yoursymptomsbo warned in time oryou will becomo bald.
SkookumRoot Hair Grower!
It what yen need. Iu production it notanaccldrat,btit the rwnlt of sdentlflo I
research. Knowledea of tho diseases of the hair and ccalo Inl to tha dlsoo 1
ery ot how to treat ibem.
unotaiiro.Lutadeiiiibtrciircooiinjr ana rttrrinmr Tonic itriimuitin
the f oUlclea, 44 (font falHno
v f"Eee;
atfal ttti-tt
U your drudrlit ctanot turply ron nd dtreet to va, tnd wo will fonmrd ',
fmoAlii. on reMlDtof Drlce. Grower. L0O d botlla i forUVQEL &oD.fiOa. ,
1 "., s ss UM' "
i por jmx 1 9 jw &vtt
"5.!Jius. 07 BoBth
r" tnyisiafmiw J
. ifWsWTO Iff A I
c , vi) if y jj!
wvyvyvrVos wwvywwvwvwvvyvvv
Natural Wood Finishing,
Cor, 30th and Chemeketa Street.
Geo. Fendrich,
Ileal meat and free delivery.
136 State Street.
D'AltOY 4 DINOHAM, Attorneys at Law,
lionms 1. 2 and s, li'Arcy Kulldina;, 144
diabn street. Special attention Rlvon to bunl
ne In the suDreme and circuit courts nr the
state. 2 11
RP, UOISB. Attornty at law, Halem, Oro
. Ron, Ofllco U74 Commercial street.
T1LMON FOBD, Attorney nt law, Balem,
Oregon, unice up stnlrs in IMtton block
J. DIQQBK, Attorney at lnw.Balem, Ore.
gon. Ufiloo over Hush's bank.
rj . Attorneys nt law. Offlce over Capital
National bank, Knlem, Oregnn.
TIIIIM A flAltanPJ Allnm.0 al Inw wwm.
K and 4, Bush bank building, Halem,Ur.
BUN HAM & HO I. MRS, Attorneys at law
Ofllco In Bush Mock, between Stale and
Uourt, on Ootnmerclol street.
I tVilleo Ions rnnd4iu,d promptly remitted.
tr,,..u I.I.I.I, , 'nH u.. nn iuiM....uii
jA,,,,u ui'ivai ui nuu UMIJllllUIOlIll
streets, Hnlom, Oregon. 0-M-lf,
7tro. KNIUIITON-Arohlteut aud surerin-
Vt leudent. onice, rooms
aud B Bush-
Breyman hlnok.
Tl tf W IViniTII? Ulunnal-un,n nnA IH ma.
. writest Ilest equipped typewriting or-
flnn hut nnn In DrAirnn. llvnr Iln.h'a Imnk
U.I.M OpA-nM
lwriM - '.
oommcrclnl stenography, room It, CI ray
r irsu-cmsa worx.
Ilaies reasonable
Dlt. A. DAVIS, Late I'ost Qraduate of New
York, elves special attention lo the dls
cuses of women and children, pose, throat,
lungs, kidneys, skin diseases and surgery.
Ofllco at nIdence, lol (ilnte street. Consulta
tion from ntn2 a. m and2t)jp m. 7-1 -Dm
Office aiot'oinmerrliil streeUlu Kldrldge block.
Il'-sinence 470 (nmme'Plni Hirwt.
liUOWKlH, M. Ll., .'hysiulauuiidi-iur.
coon. Olflce. Mumhy bleck: realdonoe.
45, i 'o
ommrrolal street.
T.U HMiril. Dentist. 62 Btule street
BhIciii, Oregon. Klulsbed dental opera,
of every description, rainless lonera-
tTon-i i
tlnns a specialty. .
DH CLAItA M. DWIIMON, grsdunto or
Woman's MedlnHl Collwo, of 1'cnnsyl
vania ofllco. Hush lirrvimn Mllock. Halem,
WD. I'UUIl, Architect, plans, sjhscIUch
. lions and superintendence for ah
classes ol buildings. Otllco 290 Commercial
slreot, upstairs.
PltOTKOl'IONllUaKO. 2 A.O.U. W.
Meets In their hull In Htate Insurance
building, every Wednesday evening.
i. yv. ui'.nfiio, si, w.
J, A. BBLWOOI), Kecorder.
1 DAYS to
Hours Q"01" t0 Oro?11 m& an"
Through Pullman and TourUt Slefpen, Free
Reclining Chair Cart, Dining Cart,
for rales and general information call on
or sddrtsu,
W. H. HUHLBUrtT, AMI, 0. 1'. A
VA Washington Bl . VorM
To Trade for Qoods.
Valuable tiuitier nod farnilnit IaikIh
In LIiiooIij county In tracts of 10 to 100
acre. Will trade for fteiieru! nierchao
diMJ. A'ldreaa, Vkkk. &. liVHHKLh,
Ofilm . Yaquina, ort-Kon.
Hotel JHeHtercy.
Newport, Ore0B.
Tr-aud nn (hellcacli.two miles noitli
of Newiort on Cve Cov, a beautifully
elielterwl mxit, wonderful noenery, aa
batlilotf, flue drive to Cape Coulweatli'
r llilittioua. House new, rooms large
and airy. Pineat retort for families) or
Invalid. Open all winter. Turuaa
tuoderate by day or week. Intending
vUltora cau drop a postal card to New.
port and U met by hack,
d-2 m Proprietor.
sIL Hi -g-y
". M mm .. . . 'k .
uocs it lau out wnen comnea or
"Skookum "contains nslther minerals nor oils. It i
hair, cures dondrvir and erows Aair on bati,'
en tbe scalp clean, healthy, and free from Irritating ernntlont. by
Stookum iStin Soap. It destroys jxmuuto iruccti, fthiek lad ci I
; (A olr. .
' - - " - srw
ftli Avesne, Kew Xeik, K-Tr.
J. E. MUKl?IsX
-Brick and Tilo
Take It! '
Only 2 cents st day delivered at
your door;
and t'Hti(llr)s.
P. O. Bloolc.
J. H. HMS,
B2I5S Commialil St., StUm, Orsgon. '
(Next door to Klein's.)
Specialty of Spectacles,- and repnlrlnc Clocks,
Watches and Jewflry,
Smith Premier Typewriter,
Sold on caiy payment. For Bent
W. I. STALEY, Agent, Salemr
H,N.BUlU,KE,aeilMAgent, 101 Third HI.
Cortland, Bend forlcalatngue.
S3 SHOE soTOr.
Do you wear them? When next In need try a pir
Beat In the world.
ron boys
If vnuwint att nttrSS SHflFi muU In 1Kb tabu!
itvl.f. ilea't nav iS (a fl. trv mv 13. $3.50. $4.00 or
$5 Shoe, the nt equil to Cutfom made and look and
weir ti well, I f yoa with la economUe Is your mlvttf,
do to by purchulnc Wi Li Oouxlti Shosi, Nm and
price stamped on the bottom, lock for It tshtnyou buy
W. X UODOLAS, Ilrockton, Mass. SolTby
KllAUBSB linos.
vOOuuOuOUUuO ouOUiuiw jO J OjuaU
Hair Death.
Inftlnnflv rsmnvMsnlt rnravurilftatrnvanb.
'jecilonable hair, whether upon tbe handii
moe arms or neck, without dlscntnrntlon
or Injury to the most delicate skid. II
iraa uir niLV Tssri ilia acrDL 'iiriuu'isi.j
Krssmus Wilson, acknowledged hy rhysl
clans as the highest authority undlur
most eminent urniaioiogtsi anit tmtr spa
clallst that ever lived, During his prlvutl
uractionni . iirs-iuns aruonir tne uoni ill
ind ariaticrary of Knrope he p cs!rlbe0
ibis recipe, t'rice, It ny tii'iil, se'-urci
incked, t'orTespoudeureconndeutlul Hoi
tgenls for America, Adilreas
lepU 11. MKonlh Killh A venue.New Vork
fnnonfyiiiniiwiiwi' -t hw, .hhk..h.
From Tcnuicil or Interior Folati li
Is the Hue to take
To all Points East and Soutb.
Itlsthedlnlngoar route, ltrutis through
voalibule trains, every day In the year to
;(No change of cars.)
Composed of dlnlngcars unsurpassed,
fuUrnan drawing room sleepefa
Of 1st est uipmciit
Sleeping Cars.
Ileal that ean bet constructed and in which
aocominodatlwas are both tree and fur
nished (nr lioldsrs of llrsl and eeound-fJa"
tickets, audi
mm. m
Acontlnnocs line omneetltig with all
Hosts. aOordlox d'reot "1 untuUmipted
fullraan sli-;' - - vn I Ions cau lie se
cured In advtf'i- -u any agent nf
the road.
Through tickets to and from all points
In Arnerlc, Kogland and Kuropa ca be
pnrehaaed al auy iloketomaeothfsootii.
Kulllnforraalloaeoneernltvs rates, lime
of t rains, nmtej and other deUlUfurnlibel
on aullullon lo any aueol or
A. D. aHAlUiTON,
AaaUtant Oanoral faaaem.'M Agent. rn,
m tnrst street, oof, WaslilBitiw, iorl.
BUAW k Dowsixa, Amenta.
asiasai'l, mrt
iltj wu.'iBar!,1-
Eleetuic Lights
On Meter System
Theen(em Light (did Power Company t
eet fiipene linve equipped their Klcctne
Light p'.aptvlth the ronet modern nupnmtne
nod fni.wch!e o ofler Ihe pnhl'n a better
ilrhi ihitn i-oy svem end, at a rate lower
thiin Uii? rily on thp cost,
4iv u;tl ImnndcsccHt Light;
iiit;. I loc.ric Motors lorftU
pun?s whqrp power is re
r.iv-Ueuccacan be wired fbr aa many llfhia
m rtuslred una the consumers pay for only
laninnxpreuBoa, i ni oeins regwteceu
nueoirio acwr.
179 Commercial St.
The Upholsterer,
Remodels, re-oovrs and rejwjrn
upholstered furniture. FlrtU
olam work. Ohemeketa street,
Btate Insnranoe block.
David HcKillsp,
Steam food Sai
Leave; orders at Balem lot
provement Co., 95 Btate street.
Mia" ANNIE THORNTON, Oonservntory
ol Music, Dresden, Germany. Vocnl
Instrnmental muslo. InsiructorofFrench
nnd'arman at Willamette Unlvorslty.
llooms 6-7, Bank Ilulldlng, 0-1-tf.
E. V. HADLEY, Receiver
tfCuycs ?nn Kianclsco, Oct. 7th, 17th and Tih.
Of uycs Vaqulna.Oct, 2d, lathHd and NovHth
For freight and paisenger rates apply to any
tutu tor purser of this company.
It. B-M ULiOA dY, Qse'l Stijat.
Q. M. 1'OWKUH, Agent, Blom iolc
East and South
Southern Pacific Company.
oAuroitMiA xxrncsa ti(aiM nun nAixr be-
TWKEM POllTllAlfl) AVTt B. V.
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9XM p. ro.
Hal oro
Ban Krnn.
8:20 a, ju
C:80 a. m
7.-00 p. M
Above trains stop at all stttlons from
Portland to Albany Inclusive; also ut Tafnt
Hhrdd, Halsey, llarrlsburg, Junction Gift,
irving, uuirrue aun an siuuonsirom noweuort
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11:17 a. ui
M p. m.
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hv.i 1:40 i. m.
I lose burg tiv, 7.-09 a.
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Second Class Sleeping Cars-
Attached to all through trains.
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aad Cwvailis:
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YM a. ax.'
IJilft p. m.
5:aS p. in.
10 p. Hi,
At Albany and Oorvallls connect
Iraius of Oregon laMBo Kallroevd.
"ietTp. m.Ev.
7iOr. m. I Ar.
To all tmlnts In tha Kastrru Btates. Csuutda
ipdi Europe can be obtained at loweet ratea
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(Norths Pacific R. R, Co.( Leute.)
Two Throvgh Trains Dally.
I 4Jutn
7:14 tun
I Hll'aul.a
I, Ashland, a
7 8t.S
Tickets sold and baggage checked through
to all points In the United BUtej and Osuaada,
I Close connection wade la Chicago wlln all
I trains groins; blast and Bouth.
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ticket agent or JAS, O. itlMD.
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