Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, September 23, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast.
$3.00 a Year.
25 eta. a taoRtk by Mll
Prepaid ia Advamee.
No Papers Seal Wlm
Time it Out.
j AJr 1 1 AJu
VOL. 6.,
NO. Uli5.
w-N Vfcjs. i5S3Hr'sflP v
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in and feel of em.
-- M -Sk.
General Insurance Agency.
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Traders' Insurance Co., bun Insurance Co.,
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London a Lancashire Fire Ins. Boo., London Assurance Corporation,
Alliance Assurance Co., Norwich Union Fire Ins.doc.
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nn I
He will .Be Arraigned
Before the U. S.
"Pays Your Money and Takes
Yonr Choice."
Carlisle Said to Be Negotiating a
Loan with France.
State tit
Wholesale and Retail
Denier in Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Meats of allUinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
Particulars of Yesterday's
Wreck on tko Wabash.
For Criminal Negligence, Which
Caused a Wreck.
IS. Meeker & Co.,
Hop Exporters
OFFICE, Oberheim Block, up stairs, Salem.
W. A. TEMPLETON, Gcn'l Agent,
Lamoureux's Stables,
...... ... tti TMnuj alnfk and ve
At the Commercial street bridge near w ""lrv?M rendered. No sbabbj
l. i rr rim nrr um in ninLuu bi t a v !
rigs nor poor borate.
o best service "7",' 7 . . '
H. L. LAMOUREUX, Proprietor.
The West PriDliDgCo.SS
n.,ni attention to mail orders. Firstclasa work.
203 Commercial Bt..
Reasonable prices.
t?aletn, Oregon.
Insurance - Agent,
245 Commercial Street
Will Arraign drover.
Washington, D. C, Sept 23. The
president of the United States will be
arraigned in tbo United States senate
Monday for violating the spirit of the
constitution, in endeavoring to destroy
the independence of the law rooking
branch of the government, by seeking
to coerce congress into the passage of
the repeal bill.
Notice to this effect is clearly indi
cated in a resolution presented tbis
morning by Stewart, of Nevada, upon
which he announced that he would ad
dress the senate Monday.
Tho resolution declares that thelnde
peuce ot tho co-ordinate departments of
the government must be maintained
uud the use of the power aud influence
of one department to control the actiou
of another 1b in violation of the consth The introduction of the
r.hitlon created a sensation, and the
discussion of the matter Monday will
attract great attention as indicated by
the attempt of the silver senators to ell-
vert the discussion In Hie Beuate to the
alleged attempt of the president to con-
trol congress.
The cloture resolution was theu tak
on .in. Turoie of Indlaua argued
against Its adoption.
Rio Janeino We.
Paris Sept. 23-The following
mMai Snatch has been received by
the Brazilian delegation here, uaieu
Rio De Janerio Beptember 22: Tho
city has resumed It customary aspect.
It never suffered from lack of food.
mi. -ki. nnvnr Rucceeded for an In-
liltJICUOtD ..
stant in taking possession of a single
point on the shore, neither at Nictheroy
not Santos.
Both chambers continue sitting
regularly. President Pelxoto informed
them that he deemed it needless to
nmlone the state of siege.
London, Sept. 23.-Prlvate adv.ces
rrnm Ttir, Janeiro state that the situa
tion Is still unchanged. The rebel fleet
Htill threatens bombardment. Nego
tiations are still progressing. Business
has been partially resumed In spite of
the threatening aspect, tnougu
thought possible that through the ef.
rr,nf renresentatlvea of foreign gov-
ernments, the matter may be patched
rr i. understood the terms under con
alderatlon are the resignation of Pelxo-
tr, and pardon for the rebels.
Do We Want Money?
LONDON, Sept. 23.-A dispaic. iu
the EconomlBt from Paris says: "The
,i.ti,.. with the United States to
raise a gold loan of 160,000,000 at i per
cent. baB collapsed, tbrougu iue,u
ventlon of the French government.
France wanted reductions made in the
tariff on French goods In return, for
permitting the ofllcliil listing of the
proposed bonds on the Paris Bourse.
The United 8tates refused to treat on
that basis. Overtures have been made
in London for raising the loan.
.. It is Denied.
Washington, Sept. 23. Secretary
Carlisle has authoilzed tbo associated
press to absolutely deny that tho gov
ernment is endeavoring to negotiate a
loan abroad, as alleged. In the dispatch
from London. The secretary at once
left for tho white house, but for what
purpose, is not known.
Mitchell-Oorbott Fight.
New York, Sept. 23.-Cbarllo Mit
chell this afternoon Blgned articles to
fight Jim Corbett at the Coney Island
club for the championship about Dec.
1Q,li Tlio nfMnloa nm in a tnkan fn
4UV... UV M...W.VU ..." ...w .w .
Asbury Park tomorrW tor 0""ST
signature. Purse $40,000.
Opium Sumggling.
Portland, Or., Sept. 23. Tho cus
toms olllcers today arrested E. Brigh
ton on charge of BUimiggllng. Soventy
two taels of opium were found in bis
Mayor of Dublin Arrives.
New York, 8ept.23. James Hanks,
Lord Mayor of Dubllu,and other'prom-
nent Irlshmon, arrived this morning,
to take part in tho Irish day, at the
world's fair.
In Congress.
Washington, Sept. 23. Nothing of
importance has transpired in tho house
In the senate Voorhces said: "I may
say that a consultation las taken pluco
this afternoon ln-n tim Crinda ami
which resulted In an agreemout as to
the hours which we will occupy In de
bate. Without going Into details I am
warranted in moving that Monday and
thereafter tbo hour of meeting shall to
11 o'clock aud adjournment shall take
place atO, where there is no objection,
aud the chair declared U so ordered."
Breckcnridge Eoplles.
Washington. tHopt. 23. Congress-
man Breckenridgo has filed a reply to
the charges In the suit for breach of
promise to marry by Madeline Pollard.
...i.. tin peiWed her. or
lie ueuico iui r .
promised to marry ber,ir Is father to
any of her four children.! He declares
that when they flrt met, ho requested
his advise as a lawyer In he matter of
a man named Rhodes, fho had be
trayed her. I
Crime in San Pralcisco.
San Francisco, Btj. 23. Mrs.
Louise Worthlugtou, Oio phot and
killed Baddelly, her parmour, was to
day sentenced to twenty! ve yeare' im
prisonment at Ban Queen.
Dr. West, accused of e murder of
Addle Gllmoure, says tl; girl was sent
to him by a woman do r, who Had
norformed a criminal o atlon on the
girl and then sent her him out of
revenge. West mill n""s tnai lie
gave Miss CMmoure'ii bo to two uicd
leal students, but refuse name them.
Western Assurance, Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire. Maucheater, Log.
Hamburg-Madeburg. Germany.
Home Mutual, Ban Francisco, Cal.
American Fire Insurance XJaJ Phlla.
Home Insurance Co, New ork.
Norwich-Unlon Ins. Co.. Wverpool.
Palatine Insurance Co.. Manchester.
,A -ami, state Treasurer of Oregon for
Over One McnPoua jypjjj. Qregon onlf.
AU Losse. Adiusted and Paid lgET
in Marlon, Polk, YMJ"Stninie. In tbe World.
Abo Write Life and Accident Insurance In Beat Compa
" Mothers
Colrla, U.. Dtc . M.
r "oTnpiPi a BEQULATOR CO..
I yoriKtjr"1w1u AtU,ufc
rouUd the rebels, who Ire retreated
m... I'renKienu'f iicrim is
exited arrive at H lap May
with lWi men. Diwrdet. finmlnent
at La I'luttK.
Private Coinage t tme.
nM.fAM.TKXAH.Bepr. A eyndl
-, inpindliii! promlneii en of Tex
VW - - ,
as, Colorado, au""
being formed to emu mi
,.MiiH hexairon shape
inn nnn tr month or mo
...... ot the sUtH
.nii viln leual leader It
in.iivldual or corporalU fr.jtn rollJlUKn
illn. nr.iueii nif l i iucu
lllkC MJt -
i... unfit the auiean it oroolne
fJUlUVt" - --
.....1 l.v the unite" Koveni
ment. CMuMot Call I a Uiued a
bexagon tfO gold lle I e Wa aud
Ktnsaa is
4ito dollar
the rule of
If the leg-
Ill declare
tlalmed no
au be pro
uto stand-
Tho Indiana Wreck.
Peru, Ind. Sept. 23. Nearly all of
tho injured iu yesterday's wreck on the
Wabash road are better. Win. Hog
kins, ono of the boys from London, 1b
dying. F. P. Dow, of Washington, Is
in quite a serious condition, suffering
Kingsrurg, Ind., Sept. 23. Tho
wreck on tho Wabash read yesterday
resulted In tho doatb of ten persons,
The calamity Is directly attributed to
Brakoman Herbert Thompson's caro
lessuees. He disappeared aud all ef
forts to find him haye thus far been in
valu. Thestory of tho wreck Is as fol
lews: The vestlbuled limited train No.
65 from Detroit to Chicago was running
in two sections and duo to pass this
station at 4:40 a. m. Fust freight No.
02 was on the siding waiting here to let
66 pass. -The first section of 65 passed
at 6:15 a. m. aud by wblatlo called tbe
attentlou of tho freight crow to tho sec
ond section. The freight engineer re
plied but it seems that Brakemau
Thompson did not notice tbo signal
and went ahead to open the switch for
02 to leave. Ho had hardly douo this
before tho second section of 66 was seen
bearing down. Thompson Beemedto
be paralyzed. Swerving to tne loft tin
ponderous mass of steel lunged into the
waiting freight train with a horrible
crash. The soene that onBUod was aw
ful TJoarlu all naanngnrn wnre asleep
Criminal Carelessness.
Kanakke. Tils. Sept. 23. The coron
er's Jury has rendered a verdict finding
Enirlueor Thomas Amos, of the second
section and Orvlllo Duncan, flagman of
tbo second section, guilty of criminal
carelessness in causing tho wreck at
Manteno on Bept 18th and holding
them to tho grand Jury. Tho Jury also
found Conducror W. B. Tyueo. and
Engineer Win. Samsell, of tho first sec
tion, guilty of gross carolessnesa. The
verdict cencludes: "Wo further believe
tbe Illinois Central railroad company
guilty of gross negligence in not provid
ing proper signals and telegraph S'atlons
for locating passenger trains while run
ning between Homewood and Kankakee.
A Prlzo Fighter's Sorrow,
Nkw York, Sept. 22. Mrs. Boh
Fltzslmmons doesn't rest quietly under
her husband's charges lu bis divorce
suit. At her borne, 46 East Nineteenth
street, she said that eho was aware of
her husband's infatuation for Rose
J ullen, a handsome blonde of 23 years,
who as La Belle earns money on the
stage by tying her shapely limbs into
strange knots In company with her
brother, Martin Julien, the contortion
ist, who was Bob's manager.aud whom
be has named as co-respondent.
"Ho wants mo out of his way bo that
ho can marry Rose," said Mrs. Fltzslm
mons. "but be will find bo will not
have aa easy a thing of It aa bo faucles.
Tbe trouble with Bob is that bis bead
Is swelled, and be wants to get rid of
me because I helped him to cam a liv
ing when be was only a blacksmith
and not a prlzefllgbter. Bob says be
has lavished diamonds on mo. Tbe
only diamonds bo ever gave me are In
this horsey pin. If be was bo angry at
why did he live at his houMt
The ArgentiuelTar
Buenos AYRf-H, Bepti.-The pres-
i,it 1h Inclined to resIL Much uu
. ..i. ia Mi In ofllclnllrcles at Ihe
eaB,"" ". ... ....... i .. Julien.
turn awulrs nave ,.,.- - fa - q tranInK for hIa 0 wlth
Republic. The govtruooi Santiago IIIckBV a, Newark about threo weeks
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Hlckev at Newark about threo weeks
ago? I kuow what he watits."
"Will you light tbe case?"
"Indeed 1 wIlL I will bring a simi
lar actiou for divorce, and I will have
no difficulty In proving that Bob's rela
tions with at leait six different women
whom I can name entltlen tne to a sep
aration. I don't want alimony. I
only want to bo free from hi in. I want
to say that MIm Julien will not be on
my list. Bob wants to msry her. Alj
I've got to say 1b that Mr. Julien waa
not more attentive to me than Bob was
to but Bister,1'
Heavy Hatter.
London, Bept, 23. A severe snow
storm swept over Northern England,
following an unnatural spell of warm
weather. Dispatcbea from Itally aay
the Appenluea are covered wltb snow
An unusually bard winter Is expected'
A Bad Man.
Portland, Or., Sept. 23. Mounted
Police Officer Foley iiadoagood haul
yesterday by arresting a boisterously
drunken man who gavo his uame as
At 6 o'otook Sheriff Massle, of Co
lumbia county, called at the police eta
tlon, asking that Chief Hunt co-oper
ate with him in tbo apprehension of
ono William Graham, a desporate char
actor, who made an effort to put to
death an old man and his wife, uamed
McDonald, living near the Goble, last
Tuosday night. Tho chief believed
that he bad a man looked up answor
ing to tbo sheriff's description of the
person wanted, and that Individual
proved to be McDonald,
Tbo sheriff stated that Graham Is a
son-in-law of his Intended victims, but
tht his wife, with her 7-ycar-old boy
separated from him, taking up her res
sldenoo wltb her paronts. Graham
had threatened his wife's life as well as
her parents; but tbe night of the as
sault Mrs. Graham, fortuutely enough,
was away from home.
Tho wretch wont about his work In
imothodlcal mauiior. Ho first looked
bis little son in a room, and returning
be began carrying out his fiendish
work. Ho struok Mrs. McDonald over
tbo head with a piece of rubber hose,
knocking her down, but continued
beating hor until tho appoaranoo of bor
husband, whom bo treated In a similar
manner till he believed him dead.
luKunham rhnn nwnnOv tlw! h two
sacked tho bouso, robbing it of ?S5 in
money, a gold watch and a rifle.
The McDonalds are about seventy
years old, and it Is a wonder that they
survived tho treatment to which they
were subjected.
Mrs. Graham waa married to tho
bruto in Nebraska several years ago,but
-separated from him there, coming to
Oregon wltb her paronts, whlthor Gra
ham soon followed, making much
trouble for them after their arrival
Graham is thirty yoars of ago, but
looks much older by reason of tbo large
quantity of liquor be consumes, aud
wuicu renuors mm brutal. At ono
tlmo be drove an express wagon in this
Sheriff Massle left wltb his man for
St. Helens at 0 o'clock,
The Minister Guilty.
Grafton, W. Va., Sept. 23. The
trial of Rev. J. Chenoweth beforo tho
Motbodlst conference on charges of im
morality, closed euddonly. Chenoweth
counsel announced in open conference
that their client desired to withdraw
all defense and be allowed to withdraw
from tho ministry and ruumbejshsp of
tho Methodise church. This was
granted. Chenoweth was formerly a
presiding elder of the church, and was
one of tho most eloquent and distin
guished ministers in this part of the
country, ne was charged wltb sustain.
Jnglmpropor relations with MUs Jennie
Crops in Washington.
Olymtia, Sept. 22. From reports re
ceived at the central oflloo of tbo
Washington weather service it is stated
the late rains have considerably de
layed harvesting and threshing operat
ions, but here hop-ploktog Is now lb
full blast In many fields of Western
Washington. There is an abundance
of white and Iudlan pickers to take
care of Ibo crops, which this year will
be heavier than that of last year,
though even yet a little short of a full
yield in most casee. In Baa Juan
county tbe bop crop promises to be the
largest In mauy years.
Fruit has not made much progress
during the week, Apples and plums,
wltb the exception of a few favored
localities, will be a short crop. Past
ures have been Immensely benefited by
the rains of tbe past two weeks.
most to a crlmo has been committed in
aclinic, and by Its-seeds baa sown jvbat
may yet bear a disasterous crop.
The list of today's victims Is beaded
by two young doctors. It was their
coming down with the disease In one
day, within a few hours of each other,
that exposed the blunder. Vanderbllt
ollulo in West Fifty-ninth Rtreet, was
tho scone of it.
On September 4, James McGowen, a
laborer, weut to the dispensary aud
naked to ha eximinod. Suspicious
blotches covered hi akin. Auoxpeit
iu sktu diseases attached to tho ollulo
aw uhu, uul couotuled tint he had
before him a flnu otso of ohtukenpox.
Ho did not miUo it his business to
Uud out that tho hmuo from which Mc
Gowen came had been tho Bcene of per
sistent cases of smullpox, with which
(ho health olllcers aro still struggling.
He took tho man In before tbe ollnlo
of young doctors aud paraded him as a
typical case of chlokeopax. The doc
tors were interested. They looked at
the blotches on tho man's skin aud felt
of them, listening to the experls's expo
sition of tbo difference between tbe
shot-like feeling of smallpox pustula
under the skin and tbemore solid touch
of tho harmless ohlckenpox.
It was very instructive and altogehir
a raro obance. Thero were 20 or 80
dootors, and they all took ther turn t
the fine exhibition. Among them
were Drs. Rloharde aud Norrls. These
two are lying ill with smallpox; that
was what the exhibit turned out to be
health officers. How many more of
tho young dootors will follow these is
no tolling.
San Francisco, Sept. 23. Wheat,
December (1,151.
Ohioaoo, Sept. 23. Caiii, 08J; De
cember 70.
Portland, Bept, 23. Wheat valley,
$.07J; Walla Walla .87.
School begins on tbe 26th with E. B.
Fletcher as teacher.
John Johnson has moved into bis
now residence, which presents an at
tractive appearance.
Ernest WIsuer left homo on the 17th
to take charge of a school near Silver
Creek Falls.
Win. VanCloavo began picking hope
on tbe 21st and is drying thorn on a
drier near Parkersyillo.
Tbe pleasant weather will be welcom
ed by a few In this vicinity who have
not finished threshing. Several field
of late oats are still out.
T. F. Royal has been appointed by
the M. E. conference as pastor of the
Brooks and North Howell charge. He
was pastor here for soino time several
years ago and has many friends who
will be glad to see him returned.
Mrs. Ruth Lerwlll, who died at
Urownsvlllo on the 10th from a stroke
of paralysis, was buried iu tbe cemetery
near Parkersville Sunday, tho 18tb.
Mrs. Lerwlll waa a daughter of B. F,
Fletcher of this place and tier funeral
was largely attended by frlende from
Brooks ana Howell. Rev, Wolf, pator
of tho M. E. church of which she waa
a member, waa present and conducted
the fuueral exercises. She leave a
husband and eight children who will
mourn her absence la tbe hosie, of
which he was tbo light aud Joy.
How Smallpox is Hpread.
New York, Bept, 23. Eleven cases
of awallpox were reported to the health
officer from various parts of tbe city
yesterday. A blunder (bat amounts al-
How's TaUl
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars re
ward for any caso of Catarrh that eaa
unt be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J, Ohbukv A Co., .Toledo, O.
We. the uuderelined. have known F.
J. Cheney fur tbe Uit 15 yearo, and be
lieve hum periuouy nouorawe iu ail
business timisuotlou uud HnaucWly
able to carry out any obligation hum!
by their firm.
West H 'Ihijax. Wholesale Df
jrUld, Toledo, O Vvauuno. Kinkax
& Marvin, Wholesale PruggleU, Tole
do, O.
Hall's Catarrh "ure Id taken talent-
ally, actluK directly upon ttt
and nauootw wtfcm it Mm
Tetlnion4Ui awt free. Prtee:
loi lIa Bold hir mM TTrn fifiWI
BJlfcT-.. itfcu -U.