Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, September 20, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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Associated Press Daily News
paper Published on the
Pacific Coast.
$3.00 a Year.
Mela. Hentk bjr MuM
Prepaid 1m Advftae.
He Papers Seat WW
Tie fa Out.
VOL. 6.
NO. 222,
.ni-i. ' "li,,"' ' " . . t
The New
State Insurance Block, 333 Com'l St.
Will save you 10 to 25 per cent, on staple goods, such as boots
and shoes of all kinds, for ladies', gents' and children's storm
rubbers and sandals ; fur, wool and crush hats, (these are very iow, quality considered.; Underwear of all kinds.
White shirts, neglige and work shirts; pants, overalls, jackets,
ribbons, laces, embroideries. Linen and Turkey red damaRk,
Linen tablecloths, towels, table oilcloths, lace curtains, tablets,
pencils and notions of all kinds.
II w so ice BE SAW?
Because all goods are bought for cash from cash houses, and
all marked at close profits for cash without calculating for
losses from bad accounts, giving the customer all the advant
age of the per centage saved, you can plainly see why we can
sell goods of good quality at low prices.
. General Insurance Agency.
Representing the following well-known and reliable Cempanies:
HTATE INSURANCE 00., .Etna Insurance Co.,
Traders' Insurance Co., Hun Insurance Co.,
National Insurance Co., Westchester Kire Ins. Co.,
iilon Fire Insurance Co., Imperial Fire Insurance Co.,
liondou g Lancashire Fire Inj. Boo., London Esurance Corporation,
Alliance Assurance Co., Norwich Union Fire Ins.Soc.
Oldest and Leading Firm in the City Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,
BAOTAftl Tailoring and Steam Dye
U5 I UN in2 Works.
Ladies' and Gent'emens' Clothing Cleaned, Dyed, Repaired and
Pressed. Work neatly done on short notice, at moderate prices.
State tit., 1 door below Smith & Steiner'a drug store, Salem. I. GOLD & CO.
Ed. C. Cross,
K. Meeker & Co,,
Hop Kxporters
OFFICE, Oberheitn Block, up stairs, Salem.
W. A. TEMPLETON, Gen'l Agent.
Lamoureux's Stables,
rigs nor poor horses- H. L. LAMOURLUX, I roprletor.
Special attention to mall orders.
803 Commercial Br.,
Insurance' - Agents,
245 Commercial Street.
American Fire Insurance Co., Pblla.
Home Insurance Co., New York.
Norwich-Union Ins. Co.. Liverpool.
Palatlue Insurance Co,. Manchester.
Over One Million Dollars Deposited With Stata Treasurer of Oregon for
Protection of Policy Holders In Oregon only.
All Losses Adjust Paid Thtoh Salem Agency on Policies Written
in Marion Polk. Yamhill and IJnn Counties.
Also Writ Life talent imunoe In Best Companies la the World.
York Backet
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Meats of allKinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
1 J.L LKJ iX.
First-class work.
Reasonable prices.
Falem, Oregon.
Western Assurance. Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire, Manchester, Eng,
Hamburg-Madeburg. Germany.
Home Mutual, Ban Francisco, CaJ,
Rebels will Fire Rio to a
Thirty Entombed in
a Cornwall
A Negro Murderer to Be Burned
at the Stake.
Final Bombarding.
London, Sept. 20. Admiral Demel
lers has sent an ultimatum to the au
thorities at Rio De Janerio, announcing
his intention to Immediately and thor
oughly bombard the city with all his
ships,unless it Is promptly surrendered.
The dispatch adds that Rio is in the
utmost consternation and dismay. Cit
izens are fleeing to the country. Mer
chants are packing goods into cellarspre
parutory to following them. Consulate
representatives of the powers are using
the utmost efforts to dissuade the rebel
commander from carrying out his
threat, but so far without avail.
A heavy pressure Is being brought to
bear on the local authorities to induce
them to surrender, as it Is considered
folly to resist. In the meautime three
rebel vessels reached Santos and after a
sharp fight succeeded In landing a
strong force of marines who are en
deavoring to take the city.
Ooal Miners Entombed.
London, Sept. 20. By the caving
in of a mine In Cornwall this morning.
Thirty miners were entombed. It is
believed some are still alive, and efforts
are being made to rescue them.
Reign of Terror.
New Orleans, Sept. 20. A reign of
terror exists in Jefferson Parish over
the murder of Judge Estopinal, by a
negro named Julian. The governt r
has been appealed to for troops by
negroes, reparations nave neon maue
to burn Julian at the stake and have
him tortured when captured.
Desperado Captured.
Chicago, Sept. 20. Policemen Ro
wan and Fltzrnorrls this morning at
tempted to arrest the notorious crook,
Chick McMullen, and his notorious
mistress Nellie Foley. Rowan was
shot in the groin and will probably die.
Fitzmorrls has two bullets In bis thigh
and McMullen a bullet in the back, a
fatal wound.
New Appointments.
Washington, Sept. 20. The presi
dent today appointed J. W. Nlchol, of
Indiana, deputy second comptroller
of the treasury; W. L. Chalmers, of
Alabauaa,land commlBsIoner In Sitnoa;
Q. H. Foster, postmasler of Baker City,
Or.; T. F. Meagher, at Sprague, Wn.
""pugilist Arrives.
New YoitK.Sept. 20. Charlie Mitch
ell, the English pugilist, matched to
fight Champion James Corbett, arrived
here thts morning.
Rcelver Appointed.
Wheeling, W. V., Sept. 20.-A ie
ceiver has been appointed for the
Wheeling Bridge and Terminal com
Danyfor inability to pay overdue cou
noDSontwo million dollars mortgage
bonds. The company has no other In
debtedness. N
h.r blood medicine. Hcurtaoieeaaeaoi
"" "SSdSi YJVtJC 4nl ft
JSSkrfalre.,or relief "" "
- My Mood m bdly poUoned 1
Uosed tut ytar.wnicn
diiiwi i
ot mr W yten o ' "'"."7
JooMtADt ftoaro of ,
' fliirntri
polite na
itite and
mtoflUe. Two bottle or VVH
!MreoeJrIorUoodllei- - ,,.. ,
" """"' -Jomk Oavix, Darton, 0"
T-euUe a Uood sad kla di JMttwIfr.
Opera House Fire.
Canton, Ills., Sept, 20. The only
loss of life by last night's opera house
Are was that Peter Curry, an old man,
borne down' and killed In the crush
from the gallery. The Injured will
probably all recover.
Portland Not Responsible.
Portland, Or., Sept. 20. The Com
mercial National bank of this city deny
the published statement that they are
responsible for tho suspension of Port
Townsend National bank. They state
they made no demand upon the bank
and furthermore that the Port Towns
end bank Is not Indebted to the Port
land Savings bank.
Hop Market.
New York, N. Y., Sept. 20. Tho
demand for hops continues slow, and
there Is no change in quotations.
Prizo Fighter's Sorrow.
New York, Sept. 20. Robert Fltz-
simmons, the prize flghter,today begun
suit against his wife for divorce.
Jacob Dswester has rented a farm
near Stayton, and expects to move
there in a few days.
Lee Wiseman, who has been away
the most of the summer, is back at
Marion again.
Mr. Picket and family havo lately
arrived from New Moxleo. They are
visiting at Rev. Scott's and W. J. Had
ley's. Mr. Pioket is a brother of Mrs.
Scott and Mrs. Hadley.
Mr. G. V. Eplerhas bought the Wil
lamette Poultry Farm, of Melville
Qoodmau, for $600, and Mr. Goodman
has gone to Portland to look for a loca
tion. Mr. Eplcr has also bought the
Farnham property, on which the post
office is located, aud expects to repair
the dwelling here, put new rustlo on
and paint it. He has employed A. E.
Cadwell to do the carpenter work.
J. M. WInslow has received the ap
pointment as postmaster here, vice J.
L. Farnham, resigned.
Norman Ace has rented a farm near
Mlllersburg, and expects to moye to it,
In a few days.
A man, who said his name was Clark
Smith, and that he lived In Portland,
boarded at the hotel here for nearly two
weeks, left one morning last week,
without paying his board bill.
Mies Mary Kelley, of Cbemawa, ar
rived horo last Saturday, and opened
the public Bchool on Monday morning,
with a good attendance, yet several of
the pupils are away. Some threshing
and some picking hops.
Miss Kelley has the reputation of be
ing a good teacher, and we hope for a
prosperous term of school.
Several of tho Jeflersonlans were at
the meeting at the Presbyterian church
last Sunday.
Rev.Stoops will have regular appoint
ments here on the 3d Sunday In each
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F.J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Wo. the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions und financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their Arm.
West & Ikuax. Wholesale Drug
gists, Toledo. O Waldino, Kinnan
& Mahvin, Wholesale Druggists, Tole
do, O.
Hall's Catarrh "ure Is taken Intern,
ally, acting directly upon tho blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials Bttnt we. Price 76a per
bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Ilunl uu lltu lla'ltlheadeil Man.
Professor Biaelde, tho Scotch philoso
pher who itceiitly celebrated his eighty
fourth birthday, is decidedly eccentric In
many reBjx'cU. and at times ho has
shown absence of mind. On one occa
sion, about 13 years ago, after he had
visited Egypt, he gave a lecture on the
subject before the Edinburgh Philosoph
ical society. Coining down from the
platform Into the body of the hall, in or
der that he might use his pointer on the
diagrams more f roely, ho proceeded with
his remarks. Roars of laughter were
heard from all parts of tiw building,
rm... -.wosi nif .wl tlif.m Imf. At nnt
."...... ,,, ..... .,,! .,.
that while he w speaking he had put
0nthU disengaged hand for something
to rMt u 0 hd had secured the top of
th8 kad of a baldheaded gentleman In
the front row. a ihi woruiwi mj uu iuu-
ject the protestor gently stroicea toe
head and presently began to pat it. Aft
er this the recipient of his attentions
hurriedly moved to another seat, and th
lecture went on without further inter-ruptlon.-Chkajro.
The Filibusters Scared by Dem
ecratic Caucuses.
And Declares Ills Action
Washington, Sept. 20. Morgan,
today presented a petition of citizens of
his state In favor of the repeal of the
Sbormanaot. He said it wasonoof
the petitions sent out by the New York
bankers, and be considered it wasa
mandate from them, not from the oeo
ple of Alabama.
Voorhees moved the repeal bill be
takeu up, after a sharp passage between
him and Piatt, of New York, who
wished to mako a motion for tho
amendment of the rules, providing for
cloture. The latter yielded to Georra
of Mississippi, who addressed the sen
ate In opposition to tho bill.
The fight continued all aftornoon.
At 4:30 o'clock apparent ond of fight
would be that federal eleotlon bill be
reported despite dilatory tactics opposi
tion. Washington, D. O., Sept. 20.- The
decree of King Caucus is all dominant
In the house today. Tho Demooratla
majority acted as a unit In ending the
filibustering which has blocked legisla
tion for weeks. When the house met
tho Democratic benches were crowded.
The committee on rules had held a
meeting at whlob, over the protest of
Republicans, tho members of the com
mittee Instructed a report on rules that
would disarm tho flllbustorers.
Soon as the Journal was read Bur
rows moved to suspend call of commit
tees for reports. Catohings from the
oommlttco on ruloa preseutod a report
providing that no othor business be In
order untfT the report of committees
wero received.
Burrows made the point order that
tho report was not in order and had
originated with the committee. After
a sharp tilt with Burrows and Reed on
one side, the speaker on the othor, the
Sneaker overruled the point of order,
holding that the committee on rules
would originate the order of business
Just as the committee on appropriation
would originate appropriations (Dem.
The speaker instructed tho clerk to
read the report of the committee. Reed
made a vehement fight against the ac
tion of the speaker, and declared the
clerk hod no right to read report, de
claring amid Democratlo cheers that
the action of the speaker was tho most
surprising In legislative history.
Washington, Sept. 20. Senator
Dolpb has introduced a bill to permit
the state of Oregon to Import Jute mill
machinery free of duty.
The house committee on Judiciary
has ordered a favorable roporton Gates'
substitute for the Tucker bill repealing
the federal election laws.
Tho beet sugar men were before the
ways and means committee yesterday
to prevent the repeal of tho sugar
Senator Squires of Washington has
Introduced a substitute repeal bill.
It provides that silver bullion may
be deposited at any mint, to be formed
Into standard dollars of the present
weight and fineness (to be legal tender)
for the benefit of the owner, but there
shall only bo paid to the person depos
iting It such number of standard silver
dollars as shall equal the commercial
value of the sliver bullion deposited.
This difference, if any, between th
coin value and commercial value shall
be retained by the government m
seigniorage. The coinage shall not ex
ceed H.0O0,0U0 per month, and when
the gross amount reaches 200.000.000 It
Is to cease, the dollars thus coined to be
legal tender.
The senate has agreed to allow A. (J.
Beckwith 'JOOO. Lea Mantle $3600
and John I). Allen I2S00 m expeosA
locurrea in contesting xor ukht
In the senate.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
X .a
Premiums Awarded.
Miss M. E. J3perry, flowers from na
ture 1st and 2d.
Miss Lena Kolnht, landscape from
naturo 1st, Mrs. Claud Gatoh, d.
Mrs. Claud Gatoh, landscape 1st and
Miss Carrie L. Simpson, Albany, por
trait 1st and 2d,
Miss Ada Breyman, lnfauts shirt 2d.
Mrs. Geo. F. Smith, crib cover 2d.
Mrs. W. A. Cuslck, sofa cushion ap
plique 2d, handkerchief cauo; tray oloth
outline stitch 1st; bolting cloth scarf
tapestry stttob, sofa cushion same 2d.
Mrs. A, Jones piano coyer, tablo cov
er, foot stool, bureau scarf, sham towel,
table centre, tablo runner, pillow sham,
fancy apron, tray cloth, best display
embroidery 2d; sofa cushion, table cov
er, fire screen, portiere, splasher, table
runner, laundry bag, stocking bag, crib
cover, toilet sot, best display Kensing
ton embroidery 1st.
Miss Mamie Hogan, table cover 1st,
window lambrequin and doylle 2d.
Mrs. Claud Gatub, Infant's blanket,
toilet cushion, portiere, mantel lambre
quin 2d; scarf and sofa cushion let.
Mrs. E. U. Waters, infant's blankot
1st, stocking bag 2d.
Miss K. Oberg, Portland, sofu cush
ion, tablo center, tray oloth, sofa cush
Ion, best display silk embroidery 1st;
Qro screen 2d.
Miss Ethel Cuslok, sofa cushion aud
chair bolster 2d.
Mrs. J. Qulun, fanoy apron 1st.
MlesE. L. Farrell, Portland, table
cover 1st,
Mrs. F. M. Wllklns, Eugene, wash.
stand Bplanhor2J.
Mrs. S. C. Bcrlber, pillow sham 1st.
Mr?. M. S. Skiff, sofa cushion, mil tit el
lamherquln, bureau scarf let.
Mrs. Lois Green, Lincoln, handker
chief case 2d.
Mrs. T. W. London, Portland, foot
stool 1st, laundry bag 2d, obalr bolster
Miss Genevieve MoKinney, toilet Bet
Mrs. Frank Hughes, tray cloth 2d,
doylle 1st.
Mrs. I. L. Klmber, sham towel 1st
Miss Olga Bridges, sofa cushion 2d.
Miss Nellie Litchfield, sofa cushion
Mrs. A. L, Leach, Argentl, turklsb
rug mat 1st.
Mlsd Stella Cannon, infant's skirt, 1st.
Mrs. A. B. Buren, toilet cushion ap
plique 1st.
A Battle for Slood.
Is what Hood's Barsaparilla vigorously
fights, and it is always victorious in ex
pelling all the foul taints and giving
the vital fluid the quality and quantity
of perfect heoltb. It cures scrofula,
salt rheum, bolls and alt other troubles
caused by impure blood.
Hood's Pills cure all liver 111b. 25c.
Bent by mail ou receipt of price by O. I.
iioou & uo,, Apoiuecaries jjoweu,
Dlekena a Dandy.
I found my mother talking to a very
ypnng gentleman, with long brown hair
falling in silky masses over his temples;
with an eyo which, young as I was, at
once struck me as full of power and
strong will, and with a touching expres
sion of swoetness and kindliness ou tho
lips. There is not tho slightest reason
why I should give yon any more detailed
picture of tho countenance or the drees
of Charles Dickens. Lot it sufflco to say
that he dressed up to the very height of
the existing fashion. He is not to he
blamed, I should say, for having done
so. Ho was fesling his life in every
limb and enjoying its bright side and
its good things.
Aftsr an unhappy childhood and a la
borious and, comparatively speaking,
Indigent youth he had suddenly,
through Ids own wonderful genius,
wholly unaided and unpatrontzed by
the noble or tho wealthy, turned the
corner to find himself pacing the high
way of roses, and with Old Time trudg
isg by his side, looking kindly on the
youthful traveler and gently holding
tkeltourglau, which was in truth laer
iUblo, hut la which, to ,Bo,M the sands
were as diamond dust that sparkled a
they pasted, Everything stalled wpoa
him, O, A. 81 w London Telegraph.
Of course, The Journal la pleased
over thoBupreme court deolslou revers
ing Judge Burnett aud upholding the
validity of all tho street Improvement
made In Salem last year. The Jour
nal fought hard to break the Ice and
pave the way for any street improve
ments whatever. It had no pet theory
as to any purttcufur kind of pavement,
but wanted the Capital City to get
started out of the old ruts und mud-
holea wbero mosabaoktsm and conser
vatism had been wallowtug In its pen-uy-wlse
economy and pound-foolish in
dlffercuce. Arrayed on the side of this
elemont that Is found In every progres
sive community were Mayor D'Arcy,
Judge Burnett and the leading attor-
joys and bankers and a large number
of wealthy property owners. Totba
oredltof Mayor D'Arcy be it said, that
when ho found the objecting nronerty
ownero going to the length of beta
willing to have the improvements made
and yet trying to throw the expense In
curred thereby, which was entirely for
their benefit, upon the entire commun
ity, he withdrew his support and
fought valiantly on tho other side.
The Journal wishes to congratulate
Attorneys Bingham and D'Arcy for the
clfy. and Judge Shaw who assisted
them (ufcounsel before the suprem
court, on their victory.
They won a significant battle for pro
gress for the whole state. These gen
tleman deeervo public thanks for secur
ing from our highest court so clear and
strong a decision as that handed down
In this case by Judgo Bean, who has
also done himself great credit as a pro
gressiva Jurist. For ourselves wear
glad to express our gratitude to these
gentlemen, not only for personal reas
ons, but becauso tbey were on the right
side, and the Issues Involved were vital
to the future development of every city
la Oregon,
Died Today, Mrs. U. W. Irwin, at
the family home In Yew Park.
Don't Buffer from dyspepsia, Take
Simmons Liver Regulator. Ie always
Hetcl Monterey.
Newport, " - Orgt.
Located on the Beach. two miles north
of Newport on Cave Cove, a beautifully
sheltered snot, wonderful scenery, am
bathing, fine drives to Cape Foulweath-'
er lighthouse. House new, rooms large
and airy. Finest resort for families or
Invalids. Open all winter. Terms
moderate by day or week. Intending
visitors can drop a postal card to New
port aud be met by hack.
John Fitsspatkick,
d-2 m Proprietor.
Conservatory of Music,
Willamette University, Baleen, Or.,
School of muslo for piano, organ, violin,
singing, orchestral Instruments, nariuo
uy, counterpoint, fugue, orcbeetratlon
ana higher musical composition, JNo
better grade of work done west of the
Rocky mountains. Prices low. Seven
teachers. Next term begins Sept. 4th.
Bend for annual year book or address,
Z. M. Parvla, Mus. Doctor, inimical
8-9-SomMiW I
St. Paul, Mariftn Oeaatr, Oregek.
Uoudnoled by the 'Uteri of tho Holy NOM of
Jeeua ana Mary. Tlie location aeMweeiu that
cm If declred tot healthful ouUteer mmmhm.
hi. I'aul can be ttully reach by bo oa th
Willamette, Thebuildln; UnewaaetMiptf!
wit a all the moirru lmpruvemsnta. The
eou re ot etudy la oomptote.
feeaegnifky KaATyyewHetef Teach.
Terma moderate.
XoriurtborjxtUlcu are ay ply m algf M
goaUi UomwereieJ m..
AU kinds r?h,BaHsa4
rmw 9KdYitW