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R f Will
Capital journal Publishing Company,
Postofflc Block, Commercial Strict;
Dally, by carrier, per months
Dally; br" mall, per year,
Weekly, 8 pages, per year,-
fA tribute paid to Lieutenant Charles E.
Nelson, ol company -A. Klrt Infantry, OfW
"Where li Mr JtfVlson.jspsT '
Why do you dose" tbe shutters? , '
Ahl there's crape upon the door. ,,
"I jct climbed blablgh cbalr, papa.
And took Hester by tbe handA
And he ay, 'Don't bother, HonU, f
Yon're too young to uhdentssd.'
'Why are you all so buy t
That you can't attend to met
Mr. Nelson didn't act to,
lie always toel: me on his knee.
"And he'd tell me oi hlo soldiers,
AU about the mlm to fight;
And arm me with the duster,
Call me little Hildlerand say 'eyes right,'
'Papa, was Mr. Nelson naughty T
. Didn't he his duty do?
I hope you haven t locked him up,
As your papa did you."
Blowly down the lather's cheek
A single teardrop ran,
With trembling bands ho clasped him,
'Come hero, my little mldler man.
"Nelson told you to be bravo In battle, '
To always lace tbe foe;
Are you brave to bear grpat sorrow?
Shall I tell you all 1 know?"
"Not don't hold me, papa,
Let me like a soldier stand;
Just as my lieutenant placed me,
With the dnsterln my hand.
Ilarkl I hear tbe music.
And tbe soldiers' martial tread.
why do you look so solemn?
Is my good lieutenant dead?
"Let me 'break ranks,' papa.
Lilt me high upon bis chair;
Why are all the drums so m'uffledr
B5et his coma's on tho caisson there."
Blowly dropped the hand that pointed.
Brought the duster "to salute,"
Drew himself up stralghler,
And for moments be was mute,
"Lift the shutters, papa;
Take the crape from off the door;
Let me keep the duster, papa,
Be will play at soldier man no more. '
T. MtranAY Hpknckr. I
Renewed in Body and Mind, Return
ing From Oregon's Famous
People are now returning at a rapid
rata from tbeaeaaldo and mountain re
Tho red face, tbe brouzed bands and
ravenous appetites are tbe characteris
tics of many valley peoplo who, a fvy
woeka ago left their various occupa
tions with Ballow complexions and hag
gard looks to enjoy a needed rest.
There aro few if any countries whose
people relish summer outings more
than those of the Willamette valley, or
that patronize their summer resorts as
Business mon and olerlts of the East
usually take their vacation, but an out
ing, a real summer outing, suoti as en
Joyed by the hundreds In Oregon, Is
unknown to them. Hero In Oregon
with something llko SOO miles of sea
coast, with its beautiful harbors and
numerous attractions, and extending
through the stato two glorious ranges
of mountains whose forests abound In
game and streams teem with llsh, with
her gorgeous sconory aud many miner
al springs, the temptation is Irresistible
and summer outings havo become a so
oond nature to peoplo of tho Willamette
valloy. The custom has become so
flud that people havo their business so
arranged as to take a few days or weeks
annual leave without any appreciable
White the summer outing Is a luxury
It is au actual requirement that is bene
floUl to all, and Indlspenslblo to the
businessman or woman of care. To
visit a resort In Oregon Is to throw dull
oaraaway, and the change of water.
d et, atmosphere, tho completo change
of envlroutneuts.the Inspiration gather
ed rroio the scenio splendors of laud or
Bea is of Incalculable benefit. It gives
one new life, new energies, new im
pulses and the business man cornea
back to his work with a buoyanoy of
spirit, and the wire aud daughter with
brighter smiles, and life is rendered al
togeiksr mors agreeable from a sum
mer's outing.
Tbsn theeocletyof these outings is
highly desirable. There are no mora
social people to be found than Oregon
lana. They are not clannish and there
is very llttlo of the "exclusive" society
among theaa aud this Is largely due to
culture received at outings. The resorts
la summer are usually thronged with
people who meet on a common level
for a common purpose extending ac
quaintances aud enjoying the society
of nwly made friends. It Is not alone
lbs rich that eujoy tbe ocean breeze or
earan at mineral springs in Oregon.
Those) wbo don't feel able to deplete
(Mr purst) by paying nut railroad fare,
Your Liver?
Is the Oriental salutation, -faiowing
that good health!
cannot exist without a
healthy Liver. "WKenflto"
Liver is torpid tho Bow
els are Bluggish and con
Btipated, the food lies
in tho etomach undi-
festcd, poisoning tho
lood; freauent headache
ensues a feeling of lassi-
tudc, despondency and?
tie whole eastern -is do-(
ranged. .SnnmorfrXiver
Regulator hair beeStha;
jneanB of reaforinexnore
oeoolo to health and
happiness by giving them
vji healthy Liver than any
agency Known on eaira.
It acts with extraor
dinary power and efficacy.
As a gsnirsl family remedy for drsptpils.
Torpid Xlrer, Constlpstlon, etc, I hardly ever
tie anything else-and bare never been die
sppolnted in tbe effect prodaeed; it seems to
be almost a perfect core for aU diseases of tbe
Btosasdksaa Bowels. "1
W. i. HcBlbot, Xacsa.G.
i '
Tbe Portland Telegram calls this s
"drunken congress," and as a Demo
cratic authority it is no doubt posted.
I ' ;
The Baker City Democrat puts it
mildly by Baying that in bis recent
speech Dave Hill
with Cleveland."
'did not wholly agree
The Dispatch says the editor of tbe
Oregonlan Is one of the directors, so It
Is said, of the Oregon National bank,
which, no doubt, in a measure,accoun(s
for the repeated notices made of tbe
condition of that bank, even if it ha
to be done at tbe expense of others.
Possessors of orchards Bhould exam
ine their apple trees now and take steps
toward tbe extermination of tbe teni
caterpillar. This is tbe proper time to
do this. Tbe eggs will be found in a
black band around tbe twigs near the
end. Each nest will hatch out next
spring into a company of caterpillars
that will weave webs or "tents"
around tbe twigs and devour the leaves.
Sometimes several rings can be found
on a single twig, and by cutting these
off now and burning them, whole
armies of prospective caterpillars will
bo destroyed.
Tbe Morning Oregonlan says: "Copies
of the Congressional Record Indicate
that nearly all tbe house speeches were
mado by the free-coinage men. Tho re
pealers didn't want to make speeches."
The explanation is plain. The silver
men had something to say; the other
fellows didn't. Tbe silver men bad ar
gument on their sldeand tbeothers had
none. The. "repealers" had" formed
their conspiracy and relied on the pur
chasing power of gold to carry their
measure. Like all conspirators, thev
wanted to suppress talk and publicity
and proceed with their organized plan
of robbery. Telegram.
The people or Oregon who have
children of school age will reoice to
learn that tho late berated legislators
passed ono law, at least, that will save
them Bomo money. Formerly the coun
ty school superintendents held an elec
tion every four years for the purpose of
deciding upon text books to bo used in
tho public schools of tho state for tbe
eusulng four years, but at the last ses
sion this law was changed so that elec
tion's for this purpose will hereafter be
hold only overy six years. There, was
to havo beou an election for this pur
pose this year but under the new law
this was changed and there will be no
selection of text books' until 1895,
Dr. Reynolds was iu these parts uu
day. Mrs, M. D. Jones' sister and daugh
ter are visiting In this vicinity.
Bruce Jones and Jay Bardenlok were
the guests of Mr. Chapman (Sunday.
Rev. Btrayer preached in the Grove
Sunday. There will be servloes eyery
two weeks.
Cba. Shelly came down with a four-
horse load of lumber.
Hey. Myers and family returned
from conference Monday after a weeks'
stay, Rav. Myers will soon leave us, he.
goes to jeuersou ror the next year.
Dr, J. A Larrabee of Salem was hero
baturday looklug for a location,
The Basinets Age.
Friend Why didn't you exhibit at the
World's fair?
Manufacturer Business, old boy, busi
ness.? 8ee?f
"Humph! I don't see."
"Yon are awayjbeb1ndthe age. By
refusinsr to exhibit I got half the papers
to denouncing me and tbe other half
to defending me, until I're had aboaT
11,000,000 worth of first class adrertis-
IrigVlnd itliasn't'cdsfme ft cent. Kew
York Weekly.
A DogFrom Kentucky.
Tbe late Senator Beck always stood up
for Kentucky, hd matter what the ctrenm
stances. A western senator was telling him
one day about the superiority of his pointer
dog. "That's nothing to the pointers we
have in Kentucky," said Beck. "Why. I
had a dog that one day as I was walking
along the streets of Louls-rille Iwpaa to
point at a man who was looking In at a
shop window. The canine refused to more,
and my cariosity being aroused I asked
the man his name. 'Partridge,' be replied.
I tell you Kentnc?y pointers can't be ex-celled."-St.
Louis Globe-Democrat.
TVUllcs; to Hatnor Iter.
Doctor You say yon always burn this
lamp in your room all night?
"Woman Always. I can't sleep without
a lamp.
Doctor My dear madam, I can give yon
a few simple chemicals which yon can eas
ily mix before retiring. They -will give off
just as much blood poisoning and sleep In
ducing gas as a lamp and won't be half so
muchtronble. Xetr York Weekly.
Lord Salisbury's Picture Gallery.
At Hatfield House, the residence of Lord
Salisbury, in the James II picture gallery,
there Is preserved the garden hat worn by
Qneen Elliabttb add apair of her majesty's
silken hose. The room is also remarkable
for beautiful alabaster sculptures, and It Is
tho rule for every royal visitor to leave be
hind a photograph, to which is added an
autograph of the donor. Exchange.
Sparring: For an Opening:.
Guest (after struggling valiantly but un
availing some time with fowl) Waiter,
what kind of a bird is this?
"Canvasback duck, sir."
"No Wonder I couldn't do anything with
It. Run and get me the scissors." Truth.
Tutfs Pills
will save tbe dyspeptic from cassy
days of misery, and eaable bite to esvs
whatever be. vflsbes., TticypreveBt .
Sick Headache,
eaRse tbe food t assimilate and robt
lab tto body, clve been appetite, nd
Develop Plesli
ad solid XBBscle. Elegantly sugar
eeated. Jftrlce.aflets. per box.
St. Paul, Marion County, Oregon.
Conducted by the "letere of tbe Holy Names ol
Jesus and Mary. Tbe location affords all that
nu be desired for bealtbful outdoor exercise
st. Haul can be easily reached by boats on tbe
Willamette. Tbe building ts newand supplied
with all the modfrn Improvements. The
course of Btudy Is complete.
Stenography and Typewriting Taught.
Terms moderate.
For further partlcu'ara apply to Ulster Buper
lor. 8-1-1 mdAw
Conservatory of Music.
Willamette University, Balem, Or.,
School of rnuslo for piano, organ, violin,
singing, orchestral Instruments, Harmo
ny, counterpoint, fugue, orchestration
and higher musical composition, JNo
better grade of work done west of the
Rooky mountains. Prices low. Soven
teachers. Next term begins 8epL 4th,
Bend for annual year book or address,
Z. M. Parvin, Mus. Doctor, musical
director. 8 0 2md&w
Willamette University
Oldest, Highest and Most Extended
Institution of Learning In the Pacific
81xteen coursea of Instruction, from
Grammar, through Academic and Col
lege, to Theology, Law and Medicine.
Splendid Courses for Training In
Teaching, Business, Art, Elocution
and Music. Several Post Graduate
Courses, Stronger and better than ever.
It's Woman's College affords an deal
home for young ladles with unsurpassed
ini'imiCT ior mwr oaro anu training.
The school year opens 8ept. 4, 1803.
For Year Book and all Information
relating to school management and
course of study, address,
President fJEQ, WHITAKER, D.D.
For flnanolal information, address,
Rev. J. S. KOORE, Agent,
8-22-d&w Saleai, Oregon.
Stricken Down with Heart Disease
BrM Xt&eat Co., XlkkartiXn.
Gciruxn: I feel It my duty, as well as a
.Dimu &ndi comDUeaUoBi. anmid ttulse vary-
tag fttwa M -to IM beats pe minute, thoklng; or
bexnicc serration la the wind pipe, oppression
sJoa of the heart aad below tower rib, pain In tho
tag, thortaeas of breath. sleerlefnnes, weakness
BEd reneral debility. The arteries In my neck
wonMtbsobTtalenuy.the throbbingof myhesrt
could be heard across a Urge room sad would
shake my wools body. I was so nervous that I
could not hold my band steady. JC hato oeen
un d rr th treatment cf eminent ph y Heiant,
and. have ta&rm gallon op Patent MtxHeine
Krtt&rwt fienefu. A friend recom
mended yrrar remedies, she was cored by Dr.
Wiles' remedies Ihavetaken , inrn
ihrea boUles of your KewCilJRC.IJ
Nervine, t pnlse tsJionnU. I tuwsfao-saer)
violent throbbing or ins neon, i ihawiu man.
I sincerely recommend every ono with symptoms
of Heart DUes8 to take Xr. Mile' Setter
Hr Rm4tt ond be cured.
Gypsum City, Kans. L. L. Cuum.
Jold by D. J. Fry, druggist, Saleml
Baby cried,
Mother sighed,
Doctor prescribed : Castoria
Prices Current by Telegraph Local
and Portland Quotations.
Salkm, August 81, 4 p. m.Ofllce
Daily Capital Journal. Quota
tions for day and up to hour of going to
press were as follews:
Apples 75o to $1.00 a bushel.
Blackberries wild oOcts. a gallon;
tamo 5 eta. a box.
Peaches 85c to $1.00 a box.
Veals dressed 6 cts.
Hogs dressed 6J to 6.
Live cattle 2 to 2.
Sheep alive $1.50 to $2.00.
Spring lambs $1.60 to $2.00.
Salem Milling Co. quetes: Flour,
in wholesale lots $3.20. Retail $3.60.'
Bran $17 bulk, $18 sacked. Shorts $19
and $20. Chop feed $19 and $20.
Old wheat on storage 48 cents. New
wheat 60 cents.
Oats old, 38'to 40c, new 30c.
Hay Baled, new $8 to$12: old S10 to
$14. Wild In bulk, $0 to $8.
Barley Brewing, at Salem. No. 1,
95 to $1.00 per owt. No. 2, 70 to 85 cts.
Peas and beans-8 to 10 cents a gallon.
Wool Best. 10c.
Hops Small sale, 16J to 17c.
Eegs Cash, 20 cents.
Butter Best dairy, 25; fancy
creamery, 80.
Cheese 12 to 15 cts.
Farm smoked meats Bacon 12;
hams, 13; shoulders, 10.
Potatoes new, 50o. to GOc.
Onions 1 J to 2 cents.
Beeswax 34c. Caraway seed. 18c
Anise seed, 26c Ginseng, $1.40,
Green, 2 els; drv 4 cts; sheep pelts,
75 cts to $1.25. No quotations on furs.
Chickens 8 to 10 cts; broilers lOtc-12;
ducks, 12; turkeys, slow sale, choice,
10 cts; geese alow.
Grain, Feed, etc.
Flour Standard, $3.40; Walla Walla,
$3.40; graham, $3.00; superfine, $2.50
per barrel,
Oats Old white,40o per bu.j grey, S6e:
U..I.W, iu m(,o, v.wu,uu, WUIOU,
tvj)Va); cases, o to.
Hay Best, $1015 per ton.
Wool valley, 10 to 12c
Mlllstufls Bran, $18.00; shorts, $21;
ground barley, $2223; chop feed, $18
per ton; whole feed, barley, 8085 per
cental; middling, $2328 perton; brow.
ing barley, uocguoo per cental: onlckea
wheat. $1.251.25 per cental.
Hops--Old, 10 to )6c, new 15 to 17.
Hoots and Shoes.
Boots are supposed to have been the In
vention of the Carlnns. They were men
tioned by Homer, 907 B. O. Grecian wom
en possessed 23 kinds of footgear, which
may bo classed as those which cover all the
foot up to the ankle and those which sim
ply tied on the top of the foot with wide
ribbons or straps. The practice -of shoe
and sandal wearing can be traced back for
some thousands of years and is probably of
eastern origin. Frequent mention is made
of the shoe in the Bible, from the book of
Exodus to the Acts, and there is mention
mode of a shoo latchet as early as the time
of Abraham. Washington Star.
Indulging; a Genius.
Onr ancestors were more indulgent and
respectful to the eccentricities of men of
genius than aro the present generation.
Byron was accepted and patiently tolerated
when he chose to sit in moody silence
throughout a dinner party given in his
honor, scowling contemptuously at the dt
licious plats before him, while he sipped
vinegar and munched a cracker. Youth's
The Cheapest Form of Traetlon.
Electric traction is cheaper than any
form of steam propulsion or the uso of
horses, and theru is little doubt that th
passenger traffic of the Bteam roods will
ultimately be largely diverted to the electric
roads for short distance travel in all parts t
of the country. New York Telegram.
Not a Good Plan.
One Rich Father I think it is the best
plan for your son to marry my daughter,
and in that way we can keep the money in'
the family.
The Other It. F. My dear friend, you
don't know my son. Detroit Free Press.
When Queen VJctoria travels by rail, she
pays the companies 7s. Cd. per mile for her
ftelf and first class fare for every one else in
the royal train. This Is supposed to make
good the loss entailed by the temporary
stoppage of traffic.
A man was seen loafing about a building
that was being painted at Belfast, Me.
When asked it he wanted a job, he said
that he was orfly waiting for the men to be
paid off, as be wanted to borrow a dollar.
On the plantation of Nicholas Colvin,
near Halsellvllle, Chester county, S. C,
there is a hole 10 Inches in diameter and of
unknown depth from which smoke con
stantly arises.
The annual agricultural product of the
world is valued at $30,000,000,000. It repre
sents a capital of $234,000,000,000 and occu
pies the attention of 280,000,000 men.
A father's aims should be bigger in the
eyes of the boj s than the home. Their con
fidence Bhould bo in that place of refuge.
Hood's Cures
Mr. J. A. Wheeler
During the War
I was taken ill with spinal disease and rheu
matism. When I came home my trouble
was sUll with me. and I was eonnned to my
bed, unable to help myself, for 22 months.
After taking seven bottles of Hood's Sana,
parllla I was well, have not been troubled
with my old complaints. My wife was In 111
health, sufferlnc with headache, dizziness
and dyspepsia. She took two bottles of
Hood's Sarsaparlila
and feels like si new wemsn." J. A.
Wheeler, 1000 Division BL. Baltimore!
Hood's. Pills act easily, yet promptly
and efficiently, on the Uver and bowels.
Before Going to the Woild's Pair
Enquire About
The Limited Express trains of the Chi
cago, Milwaukee & Bt. Paul Railway
between Bt. Paul and Chicago and
Omaha and Chicago.
These trains are vestlbuled. electric
lighted and steam heated, with the flu
eat Dining and Sleeping Car Service In
the world,
Tbe Electric reading light in each
berth Is the successful novelty of this
progressive ace. and Is hitrhlv nnnnlnf.
ed by all regular patrons of thin line.
We wish others to kuow its merits, as
the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way Is the onlv line in the wpst nnlnv.
Inp tho exclusive use of this patent.
For further Information apply to
nearest coupon ticket agent, or address
C. J. EDDY. General Aeent.
J. W. OABEY.Trav.Pass. Agt.
225 Stark Bt,, Portland, Or. tf
?' -r tt m
for Infants and Children.
"CaaterUIssoven adapted to chBdrea that
I recommend Has superior to anyprescrietlon
known Wine.'44 tt At Akanta, fcrJ., "
MIR Oxford St,Brcoaya,K.-T.
"The use of 'Outerta' Is so universal and
IU merits so well knows thutlt seems al work
of sirpereroraUon to endorse It Few are the
intelligent families who do not keep Costorl
within easyreaoh."
Cablos Hiimt, D.D ,
New York City,
Late Pastor Bloomlpgdalo Bef onsfed Church.
Cast aria enrsa OoHo. rvutfi
rectictt.ei n - t
"Wl-Aoul lfisTM taedleaUoa,
W J m - U
" lor srrcral rears I hua
ToarJ Castoria. and shall always
inwnf V f .
J MTrjavlntta,"tth8tretn4TAl
Ts CerrAca CoKT-urr, 77 Uukbav tSmjcsr, Hsv To I
i Tal
i': I it
It H ' I'
v-.s..vwmpMuiwuj w nam uu UUOluiAJCJ. XlUlrjra UUttrUM QY Q4V W i
ov iEuubuio piiws. kh'p a iuu line of ituckb, Airays and Eib
meet all demands. " Also bceb1 tbe' finest Staillntfs'Itf thlcouHi. mJl
Bam and residence 2 block south of postofllce. ' ' RYAl'A M
If you would-be clean and Have your clothes donet
tne neatest and dressiest manner, take them to the
where all work is done by white labor and, in the most pre
Liberty Stra
n 1" , m
Repeiyiog all the.
Associated, Press
a .Double Newspaper
Oregon State Fair
Butter Oregon fancy creamerv.221ra
26c; fanoy dairy. aft'2Jc: fair to Vood.
1 ne social given by the ladles of the Tbe Union Paelfla now 1p.,ia in,
- -. fi I T ---. wm SJ-
oi., r,. ouuroo, proved to be uot only i uuoea niwa 10 eastern points, and tbelr
very pleasant but profitable as well. !"?? g" ,,frLr,rnri!S?"eu' Jn!IS?',5
J. W. SIiaQer came In on tbe 8:30 sleeiHsrs. free rccllnlnir chair or .,h
train Monday nlgUU f 't time, make It tbe Best time to trav-
Mis, Rose Dlanton Is sick with iung ' .'a.lyYtUTm.S Tn. ST
)Ven iratetiare now within reach of all, and
Geo, Massev. II. W. Jaum nA t ur ! everybody should take &tlvantm nf
Shatter atteuded lodgo at Gervala '' them to v,sIt tue world's fair and their
Thursday eveulno. t friends In tbo east. &nd for hi and
MImTC riiiakiiaii t Q..i ...... I schedules of trains, and do not nnrrii.
iwwr puraa uy paying out rauroau rare, .,Vir7.rr...r .:.".". "?,cui vwiea- tikt until rtF ,n.,,iii;,b.,"7
. ; .., ,,. .i.. .,, j I wm ujciiuh n mis vioiuuv a ruw riava i.r. - .w,.,u uunn es
swuwni imsuj nun iuo wuuiv inuiiiyoaui i. week -k-j jurar, asenw. oaiem. Kit.
j ... I I ' srp -
fo w m woutuaiM or seaside and live
rly m ciw ply m at homn,
E. K. Bhaw bad a team awamr
tlM Jake Baturday. '
la I
W. iL HnHr.BriB-r
Asa't Gen'lRM. Ajreot, U. P.,
JPartkaJ, Or,
lnftlTio Mn.An UtnlRn.. ..n.l.
u.u, vunwvD A AW fJi w, vail
forula. 35fSl44o per roll.
Cheeso Oregon, 12; Eastern
twins, 16c; Young American, 14o put
per pound; California flats, Ho.
liggs Oregon. 15 to 100 per doseo.
Poultry Chlckeus,old,f4.00; brollera,
lane, f2003.0u; ducks, old, H60
8 00; young, f2i04.00; geese, 8.oq
turkeys, live, 14o.
Woel: Oregon Eastern choice, 10a
10c; do Inferior, 89c; do valley, 12
Hops 1821o.
Potatoes Enrly Rose. 30&). Bur.
oanss, s. 407So per cental.
Onions 7685o per cental for i&L
and t.6O0OOoTor sllversklns.
Barley IVed, 70o per cental
for good quality andSUo lor cfeotee:
0W-kiLllB, ILdOLS).
Under tbe management of the State
xsoara or Agriculture, on Mm Htnta
Fair Grouuds near 8alem, commeno
IngBeptember 11th, 1893, and con
tinuing one week.
Will be paid as prennnms for Ploor, Pttaltrr.
Snj Aerlouiiural ProdaoU, FrulU. NsUve
Woods, iltneraU. Works -f Art and Fmct
Work, .nd for ttUls or speed.
Seduced Kate of Tare and Frelgfatf
ob AU Transportatloa Unaa.
PA VIlil1 'N ODen tour nmilnn itnrin.ii..
week, with Koodmuslo In attendanoe.
IteculaUon Traos; am nn..nni1rl in h. .-
the most oomlorUb e and Uie best on tbe Pa.
Jsy.Th'rels enteied rurjbeee oonteetatbe
hurt KaU t .1 in . . .i . l . .....
. UW, mu jW iuu m, Deeaoa
U kronads ror many sMns,
VjiljjaWefcad Lnaom8 (mproTesatnU
StthttjSS"1 PWT4to the credit
Kntrtes lor Premlams close atSpm. the
rst day orihe Fair, and Exhibits must be la
ptaostjrlOp.m.orsaldUy uiia
PRIOPJJ (9 Itmiccinv
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Editorial comment is feariess and independent.
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25 Cents a IVTomti. $1,00 for A Montj
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The Only One Cent NewsDarjer on the Coast. Mr8
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