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Associated Press Daily News
paper 'Published on the
r TPacific Coast.
rtw$37o'0 a Year.'
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26 eta. Mestk by S
Prepaid la Advance. "
Xe Papers Seat Wtom
Tiato is Out.
VOL. 6.
NO. SJ03.
The New York Racket
Still occupies their old position in the State Insurance Block,
833 Commercial Street, and still offer
In all lines of goods which they carry. Their fine ladies and
misses Dongolia shoes, are away below what they can be
bought for generally, and every shoe of the better class war
ranted. The same can be said of the better class of men's,
boy's and children's shoes. In all lines of goods such as boy's
and men's fur and wool hats, wool, black sateen, and gents
light dress shirts, white laundried and unlaundried shuts;
Ladies, gents, and ' boys underwear; pants, overalls, jackets,
gloves, bed-spreads, lace curtains, embroideries, laces, table
linen, crash, towels, pocket knives, buggy whips, and a large
line of all kinds of notions, all sold at
We buy all our goods for caeh, at the lowest possible
prices for good material, and can afford to sell at low prices for
i -j
General Insurance-Agency.1 '
Representing the following well-known and reliable Cempanies:
STATE INSURANCE CO., Etna Insurance Co.,
Traders' Insurance Co., Sun Insurance Co..
Nattonallnsuraoce Co., Westcnester fire Ins. Co.,
lilon Klre Insurance Co., . .Imperial Fire Insurance Co.,
Londou Lancashire Fire Ins. Soc., London Vssuranoe Corporation,
Alliance Assurance Co., Norwlcn Union Fire Ins-Soo.
Oldest and Leading Firm In the City Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,
Recovers and repairs upholstered furniture. Long Experience in the trade
.'enables nie to turn out first-class work. Samples of coverings. 'No trouble to
giveeatluiates. State Insurance bjock, Cbemektta street " r
Ed. C.
r. 1 1 nun 1 1 tailor.
, Larjioureux's, Stables,
At the Commercial street bridge near Willamette Hotel. New stock and ve
hicles belqg added constantly. Ouly tbe best service rendered. No .shabby
rigs norpoSr horsta,; H. L. LAMOUREUX, Proprietor.
,. . , i . .i i - ' ' ' '
West Printing fo,gSSS2S
do better work than ever. Count-y orders receive prompt ak
203 Commercial St.
'& f T
245 Commercial Street.
American Fire Insurance Co., Pblla.
Home Insurance Co., New York.
Norwich-Union Ins. Co.. Liverpool.
Palatine Insurance Co,1. Manchester.
Over Oae Million Dollars Deposited With State Treasurer of Oregem fer
' roeetlei of Policy Holders la Oregon only.
All Losses Aejaeted v Tkrea-8le Agency on Policies Written
la Marion, Polk, Yamhill and Linn Counties.
Also Write JLife awl AeaJdeotJnaiwanoe la Beet Companies In tho World.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer iu Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Heats of all Kinds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
Ptimps, Ptimps,Ptimp
State Street.
Balem, Oregon.
, wRiMwm,
- Agent,
I Western Assurance, Toronto, Censd
Lancashire, Manchester, Eog.
Hamburg-Madeburg. Germany.
Home Mutual, Ban Francisco, Cal,
Silver Clause Repeal
Passes the House
All the Free Coinage AisciuIibcuIo
Voted Down.
Iu tho Lower House The Bill
Now Goes to tho Senate.
Tho Opening Hour.
Washington, Aug. 28. The galler
ies of the house were crowded long be
fore the time for assembling, by per
sons interested iu tbe result of the bal
loting on the silver question, after two
week's debate. When the speaker
rapped for order at noon, nearly every
seat In tbe hall was filled.
While waiting for the speaker to call
to order, Bland freely admitted tbe
claims of tbe anti-silver men of a ma
jority of fifty well founded aud might
be exceeded.
Weaver, of New York, appeared at
the bar of the house, and was sworn
iu. Then the clerk reported a resolu
tion containing tbe order of procedure
on tbe silver question, providing for a
vote first on the free coinage of silver at
a ration of 16 to 1.
Votes on Free Coinage.
Washington, Aug. 28. Bland's
proposition in amendment to tbe Will-
son bill, 16 to 1 Free Coinage was de
feated by 123 to 225.
The proposition of Free Coinage 17 to
1 amendment was defeated 100 to 240.
Tbe 18 to 1 amendment was rejected
by 102 to 239.
Tbe other amendments by Bland
were voted down aa follews: 10 to 1 re
jected by 105 to 237; 20 to 1 amendment
rejected by 119 to 222.
On tbe amendment for 10 to lr one
hundred Democrats, thirteen Republi
cans, and eleven Populists voted yea.
Among tbe Republicans were Bweet of
Idaho, Doollttle aud WUson, of Wash
ington. Ellis and Herman, of Oregon,
voted with tbo nays against tbe amend
After all tbe Blaud free coinage
amendments were voted down there
peal to the clause of the Bherman law
requiring the government to purchase
four aud a half ounces of sliver each
month, was passed by a vote of 238 to
The Wilson Bill.
Wabhinqbon, Aug, 2S.Tben the
Wilson bill, repealing the silver pur
chase clause of tbe Bherman act. was
read aud Blaud offered his first amend
ment far free coinage at tbe ratio of 10
to 1, which was defeated by 123 to 220,
amid great applause from tbe autl-all-
ver men, who did not expect bo large a
Immediately after the passage of the
Wilson bill it will be reported to the
senate and If the usual course Is pursued
it will be referred to the committee ou
finance of that body. It U expected
tbe policy of tbe senate will be to let It
lumber there while all the efforts of
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Imporluc In lh .jriUio, tbu producing mac
tklrrwiM inri uflrtJg. Thereto, W
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MedrenlwBlefTeeefc peaenl IWfi
troubles, una aaro mm tt
teed a remedy wblea
3DaMBrMUapHWIH. . .
TmtUe on blood end efcte 4eeM neJUd free.
""" wiJT nwecurw CO, At, .
the upper.chamber are directed to so
curing tbo-adoption of tbe repealing
bill now pending Iu that body. The
reason for tbis is that the repealing bill
reported by tho senate committee on fi
nanco Is believed to be be superior to
tbe hoiiBO bill, because it coptalns a
declaration originated by Beuator Hill
pledging the government to the policy
of bimetallism. It Is quite certain no
bill can pass the senate without a dec
laration indorsing tho polloy of bimet
allism, and if no declaration is explicit
ly made In the Wilson bill, the pro
gram w ill be to pass tbe sonate bill and
send it to the bouse for concurrence.
Of course the effect of this will bo to re
vive tbe whole question In the house,
but It is not thought any considerable
time will be consumed by the bouse in
patslng upon, tho question second time.
Conatderabte speculation Is being in-
dulged in a' to tbo next step to be
takon in financial legislation after the
passage of the bill repealing the Bher
man law. The committee on coinage,
under the leadership of Chairman
Bland, will, it is expected, roport a free
coinage bill in due time and Chairman
Springer's committee on banking and
currency is expeeted to preaout several
relief measures to tbe house. Congress
man McCreary of Kentucky, one of
tbe delegates on thq part of the United
States to the recent international mone
tary conference at Brussels, has pro
pared a Joint resolution for introduction
in the house next week. The resolu
tion provides .for the appointment of a
commission of three senators, an equal
number of representatives, with three
experts to be selected by the president,
who shall inquire into tbe whole finan
cial question In its broadest phases, not
as to blmetallsm alone but also as to
tbe reorganization of tbe banking sys
tem. Means of promoting international
blmetallsm will also be a subject for tbe
commission to consider. It Is provided
that tbe report of tbe commission shall
be presented to the teuate and house
not later than January 1, 1804.
Analysis of Vote.
. Washington, Aug. 28. The nay
vote composed one hundred and eight
Republicans aud one hundred and
eighteen Democrats. Great surprise at
majority against free coinage, it being
nearly double the largest estimate made
by tbe untl-sllver committee. Bland,
from his seat at the extreme left of the
speaker, smiled grimly as he- heard
result of vote on quotation of free coin
age at ratio of 17 to 1, resulted, yeas
100; nays 240. Ou this vote besides lose'
of Populist voles wero several negative
yotes from those who voted in favor of
ratio 10 to 1.
Blight gains made on higher ratios
not unexpected by some of (he leaders,
was the Impression that a ratio of 90 to
1 wjuld poll the largest vote recorded
in favor of free coinage. Result of tbe
call, yeas 117, nays 222.
Rejected Senators.
Wasiiinoton, Aug. 28. Tbe senate
by vote of 32 to 29 declared Leo Mantle
and J. B. Alien, uot entitled to a seat.
Dropped Dead.
San Fjiancisco, Cal., Aug. 28. H,
A. Cummlngs, assUtant treasurer of
tbe Southern Pacific railroad, dropped
dead this morning.
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Ban Francisco, An 28, Wheat,
December, f 1.131-
Ciiioaoo, Aug. 28. Caeh, 02; Sep
tember 021,
Portland. Aug. 28. Wheat valley,
02J; Walla Walla 82.
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ver Regulator cures,
Interesting Gathering of Bayers, Fac
tors and Moseyed Men.
Thicker than flies Ubout a sugar bar
rel tbe bop buyers clustered amuud
tbo office and lobbies of Hotel Willam
ette. It was known that Eera Meeker,
the Paclfio Hop King, had arrived on
Saturday night ou the overland tralm
Ezra Meeker of Puyallup, owns sev
eral hundred aores of hops, one of fifty
acres adjoining the city of Seattle, with
sidewalks around it. Hois a man who
has credit for a million In his own
name, has shiploads of hop supplies,
like bagging and quassia chips con
signed direct to him from India, and
bandies half tbe bop crop of western
Oregon and Washington. He make
an annual visit to tbe Willamette val
ley and meets his agents and establlBben
his depots for distributing funds. The
way money is looked up this year tblt
is very important. The fact that the
Meekers have $350,000 la gold Juet from
England makes his visit most Interest
ing to Salem bankers, hop buyers and
growers. An office Is to be -established
at Balem at oaee. '
T. D. Linton of Eugene, who has rep
resented Meeker in Lane county for
several years, is in the city. He is one
of tbe leading hop buyers la the state,
raising 100 acres, handling thousands
of bales annually, aad with twenty
years experience, be Is well posted in
tbe business.
W. A. Templeton, a son-in-law, ac
compaluied Mr. Meeker, Br. He will
remain at Balem und will oonduot a
branch house with All the powers oi
the main firm. This will be a great
gain to Salem asa-bop center and of
much value to producers.
At one o'clook over fifty grower
met In tbe Willamette reading rooms
to hear Mr.Meeker'a remarks and prop
ositions. He proved to be a pleasant
Hpeakor aqd expressed his gratitude ai
being met by so fine a representation
of tbe producers. He stated that al
though producers of all kinds were so
badly off this year, owing to the finan
cial conditions, he considered that the
hop growers were best off of all. Hl
bouse proposed to open an offleelB'Sa
lem to handle the crop hereabouts.
Utated that be was not a speculator,
but that be simply bought and sold on
a margin. He stated that he had been
able to secure money to supply grower
for picking, and could advance about
11 cents per pound. He said he had
filled all orders received up to date at
17 to 18 cents, but knew nothing notb
tng as to future prices.
Mr, Meeker will advance $30 per bale
on goed hops, and will after Oct. 1st
offer for tbe same tbn market price
every 15 days, and If same are not sold
by Nov. 15 he will tell at market price.
charging usual commission and lnttr-
est for money advanced. On this ha
uls be Is propared to advance to the
growers from 1200,000 to 81,200,000.
This proposition will give tbe grower
an opportunity to speculate on bis crop
fur 00 days if he wishes.
He advised all growers that for tbe
Euglleh market hops should be allowed
to ripen fully, and should be baled not
to keep out all possible moisture. The
speaker requested any present to ask
questions, and urged a discussion of all
He thought well cured hops slightly
broken were worth more than whole
bops not so well cured.
Were hope thoroughly ripe, slightly
red as valuable aa those not quite ripe
when picked? Yes. What Is the beet
size for a bale ? Not over I80 pounds.
Smaller still would be belter, except In
tbe matter of transportation.
Three samples will Le required this
year, one for tbs Salem office, one for
Puyallup and another to submit to the
London buyers. It requires only 15
days to hear from a sample sent to Lon
don, Samples should be taken oaly
from tbe pressed bales. In England
bops are all Judged by the cut edge.
Tbe speaker said ne uees 100 pounds of
crude sulphur to tbe ton of hops. Bah!
It added nothing to tbe value of tbe
bop except In appearance, aad acted as
a preservative. Crude sulphur was the
best beeause tbe cheapest. Mr. Meek
er never wets bops wbWe drying.
Among tbe growers present were tbe
following free PoWc county.
F. J Yokuaa, It, B, Plumber, J. F.
Grove, Horatio Morritee, Taos. Mor
rison, Dr. J. F. Mason, O. Morrison, F,
K. Hubbard, Dee Wl Mr. Haling,
BtutesmaH Harris, Mr. Keardeley,
Mr, Dove, also Mark BklW, W. H. Eg
so, Louis Pettyjohn, W. II. Holmes
and others of tWs county.
BeMtf that you "can't be cured" lea
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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Tho theatrical sonson may bo said to
have fairly oponod all over tho country.
American "artists" seem to have littlo
ahow just now in tho Now York musio
and variety halls.
The latest song which threatens to
become tho rago deals with "Tho Worn
aa Who Broke tho Man Who Broko tho
Bank at Mouto Carlo."
W. A. Bolasco, tho yonnger brother of
the well known author, David Bolasco,
has been ongagod for tho part of tho Good
Old Slave in "Tho Irish Corporal."
It la about decided that Margaret Reed
will replace Camlllo D'Arvillo in "Robin
Hood." Sho was soon In grand opera at
the last season of tho Metropolitan Opera
Edward E. Rice la dovotiug his leisure
momenta to composing tho musio for
"Tobasco," n burlesquo opora In two acts,
written for him by R. A. Barnot, tho au
thor of "1493."
Mario Collins, a slstor of "Ta-ra-rn-Boom-de-ay"
Lottie Collins, has mado a
big hit singing new English songs at a
Now York musio hall. She has been en
gaged for 10 weeks.
Mrs. Henry O. do Mille, widow of tho
lato dramatio author, has opened a pre
paratory boarding school for boys and
girls at Pompton, N. J., where Mr, Do
Mille purchased a fine estate
Tho big minstrol shows this season
will bo fow"and far between. George
Wilson, one of tho old timers, aa ho is
one of the best, is said to havo retired
permanently from straight minstrelsy.
Loulso Natal! will star during tho com
ing season at tho head of her own com
pany, which will give grand opora as
well as some of tho heavier "comio"
works, like "Bohomlan Girl," "PraDlav
ola," etc.
Tho aultan of Turkey has tho richest
collection of goina and regalia in the
Tho Duchess of York lius takcu u uni
versity extension courso in Elizabethan
Mrs. Piorpont Morgan, tho Now York
banker's wife, is & skillful Nvhip and
frequently holds tho roins behind a spir
ited pair of bays.
Editor Drono of tho Now York Herald
Is 67 years old, tall, Blender and erect,
with a dark mustachonnd grizzlod, dark
hair. Ho is a native of Vermont.
Tho fair sex can claim another adven
turous traveler. Sho 1b JInio. Paul Bon
netain, who rocontly reached tho bankf
of tho Niger after a solitary and danger
ous rido through tho African bush.
Charles Gounod is a whlto haired,
stoop shouldered man, with soft smiling
bluo eyes and a full beard of old gold
copiously streaked with gray, and Is
much addicted to a sealskin cap and a
hugo fur collar.
Asa Hefner, a farmer residing near
Bykesville, Md gave a dinner to his
neighbors duringthe summer at 8 o'clock
on a Friday evening composed of wheat
bread that was made from grain gath
ered on his farm at 11 o'clock that morn
ing. The Duohcsd, who writes stories of
people who spend their whole tlmo In
visiting each other's country houses, is
Mrs, Margaret Uungerford. Sho has a
husband of the big, delightful, out of
door type, upon whom her heroes are
modeled, six children and a big place in
County Cork.
Includes the great temperance drink
II III s Been
tee New Life to the Old Polks, ,
rtessare to ia rarcaw,
HwJtu to the Children.
,ee4IWAM-e4 AM tfc . A
l. A tl set k(HVe Fl j
MaaufeetunK of Wagons, Car
riage, eta
Mepolrtna Spolwlty,
Public aad Private Iwpreve
seils Being Poshed.
Expressed by tko EmrIojmetof
However much out of harmony with
the Universally dull times maybe the
ring of the builder's hammer just now
that cheerful sound Is heard la the city
of Salem from morninir till niohran
buildings In various portions of the elty
aro hurried to comnletlon ere.tha mlrm
of winter begin to fall.
A t the present rate of building Salem
Is marching admirably forward furnish.
Ing work to a fair share of her laborers.
Of course It Is not nomlbln tn lv
employment to tho hordes that are
leaving Portland and coming this way,
but the laborers ofihln nirv uitMn.
irratulate themselves tFiat their lot Is no
worse toan it is and that their lot is
oast In a city whose future Js so bright.
The buildings uow in course of con
Uruotion will distribute In useful chan
nels some $100,000 that will dlreotly
benefit tbe working class.
On Commercial street is fast aanun:
mg form and within five weeks will
aavo fulfilled the design, mapped out by
Architect Pugli,
Tbeso two buildings will bo of oxaot
ly tbe same size, 02x24 tot, two story
brick with a stairway entrance between
vhen completed, Mr, JJurrowa will oo
upy tho first floor of his building with
lis stock ot groceries that are now kept
in tho Bush building and Mr. Oberbeira
vlll rent the lower department of bis
"or some mercantile purpose. Over tbe
wo business bouses constituting the
lock will be about eleven office rooms
ittedupfor rent. Tbo frout of this
wilding will pre nt a very handsome
ippearance, being laid by P. GUI with
lurton Bros,, presided brick and cut
tone from tbe Pioneer quarry prepared
y Henry Olemau. Iu about three
weeks.tbo contractor, PJummer & Ault,
xpect tbo walla to bo ready for tbo
plastering which will bo put on by that
nlght of the trowel, Mr. Hanson. Tho
jompletlon of this block will give a
narked improvement of appearance to
hat part of Commercial street between
tho Willamette hotel and tho Ladd A
Bush bank.
That magnificent three-story struct
ure on the corner of State and Liberty
streets Is now noariug completion, bav.
ing kept employed from five to twenty
men niuce April 18th.
H. Snooks, tho brluk mason, baa coin.
pleted his work of brick lavln? ami
cementing the outside; Ed. Sawder,
witu nts trowel brigade, has fairly
transformed tbo walls of tbe first floor
Into mirrors, havo almost completed
meir wora in tne second story and are
tlll going heavenward; Vau Patton la
putting In the shelves nud counters fur
tbo buslui'tis bouses below nud gjWug a
finishing touch to tlm woodwork gen
erally aud tho painter, Mr, Krcsa, will
ioiiow wiin me artist's brush In a few
This block w)ll lmvtt three room fer
mercantile purposes below. The corner
one, 60x21 feet, will be used by Mr,
Brooks, the drugglet, tbe adjacent wm
ott the east, 70x25, will be occupied by
the grocery Ursa of Stelaer JeMumm-
Boau who now have their stock tempo
rarily lu the corner store. Tberaotu
fronting on Liberty street, 70x1 fsei,
Hyeirorreui Tiie secouti story wblefa
will be reached by a stairway hnitlne;
up from betwvea tbe two stares front-,
log on State street wilt be parUctoaed
ort Into olllce rocKiw.U ta a)l,wib will
be for rent. The third trtorywUlba
one large baH aud not out up Into
roonw H-ahios sows renter imitm It paf
UtlttetHHt for sow spaeisj warp i.
This bulW4g Vs a wode) structure da
elgaed by Architect rsb, aad towr-
(tlMW!)U4 0 ftHtrtkB,)