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Prepaid la Advance.
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NO. 200.
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The New York Racket
Still occupies their old position in the State Insurance Block,
333 Conimeicial Street, and still offer
I" all lines of goods which they carry. Their fine ladies and
misses Dongolia shoes; are away below what they can be
bought for generally, and every shoe of the better class war
ranted. The same can be said of the better class of men's,
boy's and children's shoes. In all lines of goods such as boy's
and men's fur and wool hats, wool, black satpen, and gents
light dress shirts, white laundried and unlaundried shirts;
Ladies, gents, and boys underwear; pants, overalls, jackets,
glove5", bed-spreads, lace curtains, " embroideries, laces, table
linen, crash, towels, pocket knives, buggy whips, and a large
line of all kinds of notions, all sold at
We buy all our goods for cash, at the lowest possible
prices for good material, and can afford to sell at low prices for
. '; H. W. COTTLE & CO.,
'General Insurance Agency.
Representing the following well-known and reliable Cempanies:
STATE INSURANCE CO., jKtna Insurance Co..
Traders' Insurance Co., Hun Insurance Co..
National Insurance Co., . Westchester Klre Ins. Co.,
Lion Klre Insurance Co., Imperial Fire Insurance Co.,
.London Lancashire Klre Ins. Soc., London Assurance Corporation,
Alliance Assurance Co., Norwich Union Fire Ins. Soc.
Oldest and Leading Firm In the City Devoted Exclusively to Insurance,
Recovers and renairs unholatered furniture. I.ODC Experlenoe In the trade
enables me to turnout first-class work.
give estimates. State Insurance block,
Ed. C.
SB 103
BURROUGHS State Street.
Lamoureux's Stables,
Aaot Printinrr
If VOl. 1 f BiIlflllCL
do better work than ever. Count'-y orders receive prompt at
tention. t
803 Commercial tt f T"t
245 Commercial Street.
American Fire Insurance Co., Phlla.
Home Insurance Co., New York.
Norwicb-Unlon Id. Co.. Liverpool.
Palatine Inburauce Co,. Manchester.
Over One Million Dollars Deposited With State Treasurer of Oregon r
Protection of Policy Holders In Oregon only.
All Lowa AijBUd 4 ? Taroagh BdemAgency cl" WrittB
1m Marion Flk. Yamhill Wnn Counties.
Abo Writ. Lift iDd Aocfeint Inauranoe in Best Company In the World.
Samples, of coverings. No trouble to
Cbemekeja street ' r
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and
Smoked Meats of allKInds
95 Court and
110 State Streets.
C.n Jffi
Has just received some
latest taees ot jod
vvij, an -1B prepared to
3 "'.
Balem, Oregon.
- Agents,
Western Assurance, Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire, Manchester, Eog.
Hamburg-Madeburg. Germany.
Home Mutual, Ban Francisco, Cal.
Big Fight for Kittson's
Defies a Ruling of the Vice-President.
Oilier Important Tolegrauis of the
Biff Will Fight.
St. Paul, Aug. In the fight -for
53,000,000 left by the late Commodore
Norman Kittson, the Kittson beim
created another sensation by filing a
statement in tho probate court charg
ing J as. J. Hill, president of the G. N.
Ry. Co., and other members of the St.
Paul Trust Co., with purposely delay,
log the settlement of the famous Far
ley railway suit in order to reap large
profits by way of execution of fees and
large interest on the money of the es
tate'. The heirs made affidavit that
execution fees alone amounted to 511,
000. Tiie heirs state that they believe
the trust has by misuse of the Kittson
funds pocketed not less than one hun
dred thousand.
Affairs In Congress.
Washington, Aug. 24. In tho
bouse the five minute debate on the
Wilson bill, began this morning, with
a speech by Waugb. for repeal, as in
the Interest of bimetallism.
In tuo senate the vice presidont an
nounced to the senate today the ap
pointment of a committee on com mem-
ration of the hundredth anniversary of
laying the corner stone of the capitol.
Stewart, representative of Nevada, took
the floor to address the senale.but it was
claimed by Peffer, Populist of Kansas,
After some colloquy the president ruled,
that having recognized the senator
from Nevada, he wa& now the painful
necessity of giving him the floor. This
ruling was not acquiesced in by the
Kansas senator, who insisted upon bis
own right.
Stewart, after having carried his
point yielded to Peltier, who addressed
tho senate.
The 'Frisco Fair.
Ban Fbancisoo, Aug. 21. At 2
o'clock this afternoon the first spadeful
of earth was turned for the Mid-Win
ter Fair in Golden Gate Park. Thou
sands of people were present, aad busi
ness was suspended in town, the schools
closed, aud the national guard paraded,
A salute was fired by the U. 8. artillery
and speeches were made by prominent
citizens. Shipping in tho harbor was
profusely decorated with bunting and
the afternoon was a general holiday.
Five hundred thousand dollars, the
guaranteed fund, has been nearly all
subscribed, This afternoon Director
General de Young took the first spade
ful of earth which was put in a silver
casket and sold at auctiou to the high
est bidder. Five hundred men com
menced work Immediately on excava
tions for the site.
The fair will be opened Jan. lt, 1801,
and will continue hIx mouths to June
Schooner Wrecked.
.....,., Oiiitr TJ. J . Auir. 4. The
fishing schooner Mary F. Kelly, of
New York, was wrecaeu iu wuiuiug.
Four of the crew were drowned.
inKMi FmmH BtttUHr
Krery ingrwlUnt foutut ioperb Tonic
propcrttM l ru awoadirfoj Influence
In toning op and ttrcBgUxnlac br jtum
j driTln tfcroogn tb proper channel! all
tojwuiti. Health aad f triBftn awwu1
to iMeJf (roa 114 iw.
My wife, who wj todrldiUa for fjlhtMU
toaMfct, arter tutec Jlunniui'i F,"
IUOCLATOB for two inontM, J Rettlne veil.
J. X. JCMMay, Htirtiu, Arte
B&unxu nsatna tea Oa AtSaaU. Oa.
old Vy PruUU at 148 per UtO.
VANrX)CVKK, Wash., Aug. 24. A
man named Boyes was literally torn to
pieces this afternoon while at work
three mites above Vaucouver blowing
out stumps. 'He died within an hour
after the accident. Boyes came here
from Woodland, Oregon. A daughter
lives in Portland,
Pan Francisco, Aug. 24. R. W.
Parker, who was arrested hero at the
request of the Chicago police who ac
cuse him of obtaining (3000 under false
pretenses, shot aud fa ally wounded
himself in th presence of bis wife,
Parker -is sad to be the son of a
prominent Philadelphia olergymau
aud was disowned by his father when
he married ah actress. He was at one
time member of the boards of trade In
New York aad Chicago.
independence, Or., Aug. 24. Tho
government enag boat stopped on the
rapids just above town and set a blast
in a huge snag in the river. A farmer
named Johnson came drlvlngalong the
bank and When the charge exploded
was about 800, feet away, A piece of
timber a foo long struck his wagon,
badly wrecking It, aud scaring his team
so it ran uway. It was a narrow es
John Quick, snn of D. O. Qufok of
Suver, while working on a thresher,
cleaning out the cylinder, had his foot
caught in it and cut offjust above tho
San Jose, Cal., Aug. 24. The sheriffs
office was notified that a gang of tramps
were organizing ueur Los Uatos with
the avowed intention of raiding Humes'
orchard tonight and driving away forty
Chinese employed there. Many men
composing thl.i gangof tramps are of a
lawless element, nud have given theofi.
cere trouble bcfore.uud it is feared that if
the raid is made the Chinese will have
roughtreatment. Officers will go out this
afternoon to Humes' place and prepare
for an attack. Sheriff Bollinger is de
termined to see that no violation of the
law occurs, and will exhaust every
means to prevent it.
Albany, Or., Aug. 24. The confer
ence of theMithodlst Episcopal oburcb
is In session here. Rev, John Parsons,
tho secretary, called the session to order
and Bishop Goodwill presided. Most of
the members answered to the roll call
J. A. Deunlson, D. 1)., was elected sec
retary and Ruy. E. A. Starr, treasurer.
Dr. Spencer, of Philadelphia was pres
ent representing the Methodist beard
of church extension, of which he is
secretary. D . Hammond of Ban Fran
cisco, represented a Methodist book con
cern, which contributes over f GOO to
this conference. Dr. Houghton, form
erly of Graoe church, Portland, was
transferred to the Central New York
conference with a pastorato at Albany
in that state.
The Folly of Golnr to lied Early.
It seems that the general, with a numer
ous company of embassador and consul,
had been to a grand dinner at Naples. The
flow of wine had been quite as noticeable
as that of tbe itoul, hut the general and his
friend were moderate in their libations, and
left early, intending to take a slight walk
before going to bod. Arm in arm tbey wan
dered tranquilly along until they came to
the principal wjunre of the city, Now, in
this square woa an obcIUk, planted, as the
general knew, very llnnly upon 1U base.
But, mlrablle dictul as he entered the
square be distinctly aaw the obelisk wav
ering from side to Hide.
"Did you co tnatr' aaiceu the general,
grasping hi companion conYUhdrely.
"Yei," answered the latter.
"Well, what do you think about itf"ald
tbe general.
"Well, I tbink the uooner we get home
and to bed tbe better. Consider the dis
grace to our reopectlve foreign offices If we
were found hi tbe streets of Naples in this
So, with due regard to their supposed
condition, the general and his friend care
fully felt tbelr way along, holding on to
the railings. Tbey arrived safely at tbelr
hotel, tumbled Into bed, and as In duty
bound slept late the next morning. When
they came sheepishly down to breakfast,
the buttling waiter's greeting carried with
it both PIn nJ I'leasiirn
"Did tb noble fcoytk-iutn feel the earth
quake last night" Norton Budget.
Cr.ral I'roiu Italy.
Much of the coitly red, white and pink
coral uwJ for ornamental purpose m ob
tained from the coant of Italy, Men go out
In boats nud dmg tbe rocky bottom of
streams with itoodru frame or nets, in
which tbe coral lx-comc entangled, bat tbe
delicate branches are crushed in this way,
Tbe finest coral Is obtained by dirlng.
Philadelphia ledger,
A KmJy Vot Sk Hit.
A remedy for rattlesnake Lite employed
Sr the superstitious of tbe mountain re
ons of middle and eastern Pennsylvania U
to cut a live chicken In two and to place
the warm, raw surfaca of half of it upon
the part bittw by thoanakeScience.
Sit Had Notlc!,
Milkman-I 'pose you. pfttlce I am leavin
warm milk rerr maruln. routa.
Jloawikwp'' Yt. and considering the
pumberof dUease flying around, I think
it's real thoughtful ox you to boll the water,
-New York Weekly.
East Iadiaa Terror on the
Atlastic Oast.
Cities Under Water and Fariotig
Destruction at Soa.
New York, Aug.24. A West Indian
oyolone, which swept over this part of
the Atlantic coast and this morning,
on its way to tbe New England coast,
left Its marks over tho region around
New York, wKh a sweep of fully 1000
miles. Rainfall measuring 3.82 inches
during tho last twelvo hours
Is the 8overeot that has evor been
recorded by local service. Many ships
are waiting outside for the wind to sub
side. Through dragging of anchors of
escaping ships In the bay and North
river, more than fifty cables of West
ern Union Telegraph Co. are now lying
useless at the bottom of tho river. The
ravages ot the storm are no less severe
on land. Of 75 wires to Washington
only 13 are standing. Railroad travel
is seriously interrupted. Bummer re
sorts sufiered severely from high seas.
In Brooklyn nearly every street in the
olty is .covered with debris from
trees. The police report at least
10 houses unroofed. During bight of
tbe storm a policeman found tbe body
of a dead man lying In a peddler's
wagon on Whipple street, the wagon
filled with water and the man was
floating arouud. In New Jersey the
storm was most severely fait and re
ports of damage more or less serious
aro coming in, They are meagre on
accou nt of prostration of wires. Streets
at Ellsabetbport are under water to a
depth of two or three feet and people
float about on rafts to get to work.
From coast news is particularly vague.
Burf k high during fury of the gales
and stories from out at sea are yet to be
Shot for a Bird.
Junction City, Aug. 14, A young
er brother of Conductor Guthrie, aged
eleyen, was shot by another brother,
aged seventeen, while pheasant bunt
ing. He was alive at 2 a. m. this morning
The Jugular vein was nearly severed,
tbe entire charge entering the neck
The Workmen flaw'Motbtajr.
How much thero is in association! The
workmen were tearing up the carpets in
the big courtroom for tbe regular summer
cleaning. The table upon which tbe law
yers had spread their papers papers that
were to do much In deciding tbe fate of a
human life was tilted up on end in one
corner of the room. The end whereon bad
rested the murdered man's garments, all
stained with blood and gasbod, was toward
the floor. The chairs In which tbe 13 men
bad sat and listened to tho story that was
to result in either life or death for one hu
man lielnir were nlled and strewn about.
The one from which tbe weeping mother
bad watched tbe sod proceedings that were
to rob her of her son, no matter how bod
be seemed in tbe eyes of tbe world, that
was turned upsldo down on one of the
And the prisoner's chair the one in which
be sat guarded by the officers of the law
while tbe people of tbe great state ot New
York wound tbelr web of conviction about
blm that was perched upon the clerk's
desk, the very desk to which tbe prisoner
bad cone to be sworn to the truth, the
whole truth and nothing but tho truth.
And the bench Itself where tbe learned
Judge hod given forth the law and then hod
flztd a season for tbe ending of a human
life In place of the gavel there was a car
pet layer's hammer, iu place of pens a yard
stick aud In place of Inkstand a cuspidor.
These men who were at work knew not tbe
place by association with its former uses.
Tbey hod not seen the weeping mother, tbe
guilty son, tbe 13 just men, tbe learned
court, tbe faithful lawyers and the blood
stained clothes, All tbey saw was a dirty
carpet and 13 a day for their work. Brook
lyn Katda.
Cases of deafness should not be allowed
to go without treatment. Kvcn the seem
ingly hopeless cases should he sent to tbe
auritt for an opinion aa to a likelihood cf
improvement under treatment.
No fewer then "derelicts," or abas
doned vessels, some half sunken, are Boat
lag In the currents of tbe Atlantic oS the
American coast, between Maluo and 8a van
nah, to tbe peril of navigation.
Tbe annual manufacture in Europe at
the present time, according to the latest
statistic, Is something like l.SM.oeOsqua
yards of looking gbuuk
The Japanese, whose floral taste U
knewUded to he singularly pu,aeTrsslx
different varieties of flowers la oae
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S.Govt Report
Meeker & Go.'s Circular Advising
Interesting &w Important In
formation for All.
Puyallup, Aug. 24. As thoBoaeoa
for tbe hop harvest approaouoa, it is
well to review tbe situation, to "put
our bouses in order" for tbe Inevitable
struggle coming to save the crop, and
take into account tho factors governing
the markets and honce the final remit.
Statistically the situation is very
strong, and so It was last year, and yet
tbe market "slumped" and growers
wondered why, and blamed buyers for
tbe drop In prices. Tho cause for this
decline Is not difficult to find.
1st. Tbe quality was defective,
caused by early picking and the rav
ages of lice.
2d. Large blocks of tbe crop of the
Pacific slope were consigned by growers
to be sold on commission in London
which depressed tbe price, and always
-will, "wlieBTHCh business J done. If
thero is anything an Englishman exeels
In, commercially, it Is in shrewd buy
ing. Let him know by the cablo that
bops sufficient are consigned, from
which to purchase bis supplies, he sim
ply awaits tbelr arrival, knowing full
well that such are well nut of the way
of a competing market and will have
to be sold at substautiully his own
price, buob was tbe situation last year
and we warn tbe bop growers of tbe
Paolflo coast that such will Le the case
for this or any future year If a similar
policy ia pursued.
The remedy lies primarily in tho pro
duction of a better quality. Relatively,
last year California stood at the head of
the lists as to quality. Oregon next, and
Washington laat.but neither of the two
latter states produced tbo quality equal
to their best and may uever reasonably
expect a high price with inferior quali
It lies with tbe growers themselves
to govern the question of quality,
1st. Let your bops mature before
2.1. Pick them clean.
3d. Cure thorn at a low temperature
and thorough, and
4tb. Bale at once before the bops
have4!mo to tako In moisture (toughen)
and bate them whole; this last cannot
be done where tho hopi aro trampei
into tbe bale.
Keep your hops within reach of tbe
competition of both markets; that of
tbe United Btatee as well as of Eng
land aud buyers will come to you, If
you don't rush out after them. This'
firm never speculates in bops and never
consigns upon their own acceunt, but
always sell by samples, twfore th bops
are shipped.
NotwlthUaAlg the uafedented
drouth in EBglaad aad lb early seyen
attack of vermis, the cb! from our
own correspondent reports tbe estimate
of the wop at 260,000 old duty, or sub
stantially tbe same as last year,
CtMS. Whitehead's estimate is 30,000
old duty less thin tbe femtstof, The
production last ytr w 2jp,w oiu
Germany has fared worse, and report
from many districts are to the effect
that tbe crop Is almost a total failure.
Nevertheless, i u others it k good. Con
servative estimates place the crop 60 per
cent of that of last year, which will
bring the crop below the average, and
with but fow If any hops to spare for
the English market.
Now York will produce less bops than
last year probably 80 per cent, of last
year's crop. This shortage will be sub
stantially made up by the Increased
yield of the PaclQo slope from last year's
acreage first coming into full bearing
and new hops planted the present year.
Bo, upon the whole, tho situation, aa
we have said, statistically is a very
strong nne. Let not growers, from that
known fuot, deceive themselves into
the expectation of very high priees, or
allow others to deceive them. Our Mrs
E. Meeker, who is now In the East,
has met many in tbe trade who firmly
believe that the fluanclal.dletreee is cer
tain to force bops. to a low price (as it
baa already forced other produce down),
particularly at harvest time, when the
grower Is in need of harvest funds. Tbe
same factor, on tbe other side, prevents
free optMtlons of dealers or free pur
chases from consumers, hence a re
stricted, slow oomestio trado is ex
England will want a large block of
our bops, if suited to tbelr wants, var.
lously estimated from sixty to one hun
dred thousand bales. Tbe English buy
er will wait for samples, or for arrived
bops, knowing full well from all past
experlence;tbat bis sovereigns will fetch
them sooner or later ono way or anoth
er. It rests with the grower to say
whether bis bops shall bo sold at homo
and the monoy paid blm at home, or in
a foreign country by parties whom be
cannot know or control aud who, how
ever honest are, subject to the 'aws of
trado, that bo who ruus after a buyer
must need suffer in price.
E. Mkeiceb, & Co.
Cleveland All Right.
Washington, Aug. 24. Private
Secretary Thurter and Co1. Lamont
have Just returned from Buzzard's Bay
and thoy report President Cleveland in
gord health and say stories to tbe con
trary are false.
Ban Fiiancibco, Aug 24. Wbwt,
December, $1.12.
Cjiioaqo, Aug. 24. Cash, 00jj Sep
tember 01J,
PnimAND. Auk. 24. Wbeat valley.
07J 1.00, Walla Walla 87J 00; Dec.
Notice to Farmers.
Please take notice that tbe Batom
Flouring Mills Co., are prepared to fur-
ulsii sacks tuis eeaeon as naa oeentneir
custom Iu past years.
tfrtioui flouring Mum yjo.
II. B. Holland, manager.
8-1 d w.
b the rie&t tuna
for everybody to I
A temperance; drink.
A home-made drink.
A HeaHfe-givkuf drink.
A tblrt-fluckTnK drink.
A drink that k popatar everywhere.
DcllclMM, J
. .. . ...L... .O. . uEvu Jt lUl
d.HUou. Uvut i. Uoa'l U d.c.5Y J Ka j,r'
I (at lU uki of Uiur Moftt. Ma yeu
' sUdl"JiutMeooa'r,MV 1
i b m com a lU manias Wiase.