Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, August 22, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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ssociated Press Daily News- g"A
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Pacific Coast.
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A ' -s -.1
Our shelves are blockaded with goods thatliliist be'
We put the pi ices so low that they will
Prices are Nothing! Cash is Everything!
You needent call on England,
- Although we haye.English Goods,
You needent call on France," '
Although we have French Goods.
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General Insurance SAgeiicy, :
Representing tke following well-known and reliable Cempanies:
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U0SSnuSS2.Uw Flrelni-Soo.. "n Anoe Corpora tlon.
a niiinra Amuunro Co.. ' Norwich union Klre ins.soc.
Oldest andadlng Firm mthVSity Devoted Exelnslvely to Insurance,
The Town of Winlock, Wash.,
Wiped Ont.
Presidpnt Cleveland Orders the
Cherokee Strip Opened.
j. . I..1.I...J ,.niiM.n T.nn "C.Tnprlpnnn In the trade
10 No trouble to
Kive estluiatea. State Insurance block, Chemeketn street.
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Smoked Meats of allKiuds
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fblcles being added constantly. Only the best .T.VtMot
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do better work than ever. Uountry orders receive prompt at
203 Commercial St.,
Falem, Oregon..
Insurance - Agents,
Blot in Pennsylvana.
Mahoney City, Aug. 22. Last
night the citizens of Gllberton tore up
the track of the Schuylkill Traction
Company because the company failed
to comply with an ordinance. The at
tempt, of the company to relay tracks
with an armed force this morning
brought on the conflict with citizens,
resulting in the death of James Tarfltt
and Wm. Hughes, oi.izens, and Injury
of Eyan Davis and Rlohard Amour, as
sistant superintendent of the company.
Will Connor was also shot In the hand
and foot and others are reported In
jured. The wildest excitement pre
vails. -
Yellow Fever.
Brunswick, Ga., Aug. 22. B. B.
Harris is 111 with yellow fever. The
place has been quarantined and the
authorities are urging the people to
leave the city. Three thousand people
are expected to get away.
Cherokee Strip.
Washington, Aug. 22. The presi
dent has issued bis proclamation open
ing the Cherokee strip to settlement, at
the hour of 12 o'clock at noon, central
staudard tlmo, Saturday, the ICth of
She Winlock Fire
Winlock, Aug. 22 Fire broke out
last night In the baok room of the re
ception saloon,and before it was checked
destroyed the Traders' bank. Whistler
& Phillips' jewelry store and cigars,
Whistler's barber shop, Dr. Whiteside's
office, J. F. Fowler's general merchan
dise store and residence, Winlock hotel,
Reception saloon, Eddy'B drug store,
Central hotel. Hadley Ic Griffith, gen
oral merchandise, H. C. Griffith's meat
market; Dr. Wood's oflice.
No hotel Is left In town, Tuore was
but very little Insurance. The Are Is
supposed to be of Incendiary origin.
The total-loss is estimated at (23,000.
Insurance $5000. Heaviest losers are
Hadley and Griffith hotel and grocery.
Their loss Is (8000, covered by (2000 In
s trance.
Clothing House.
New York, Aug. 22. 8. 8ykes &
Co., wboln ale clothiers, faled. Lia
bilities (3C0.OO0. ABJeta. 1400,000.
Hep'pner. Or- Aug. 22. Frank
Sloan, a very promlneut stockman, ac
companied by J. A. Tnompiou, nwB
slstant, left Heppner for Butter creek,
about 25 miles from Heppner, to pay
for and nceive cattle. When about
n,rM mttea out two masked men held
thra up and relieved them of (185 and
a koM watch, The siierm ana posee
are out after them now.
Bread and Work.
Milwaukee, Aug. 22. A mob
cf unemployed laborers marched to
the city hall this morning, and called
out the mayor, who was greeted wllb
cries of "bread" and "work." The
mayor advised them to return home,
assured them the city would soon have
money to prosecute publlo Improve
ments and give many men work. Then
the mob dispersed.
In the Senate.
Washington, Aug. 22. Senator
Voorhees addressed the senate this
morulng at length on behalf of his
motion, repealing parchise clause of
theBuermtn not.
Successful Stake.
Kansas City, .Aug. 22. Swift's
Faoklng house . Is closed today on ac
count of butchers' strike.
What Mosey is Worth.
New Yobk, Aug!.. 22? The premium
on currency today is lower, with quo
tations at 1 aud 2 psr cent. Spot gold
is 1. '
In tike Hewe.
The house passed senate bill, adopt
ing tree of duty all articles intended for
exhibition at California Mid-Winter
Fair. Johnson's bill to permit ex
change of United. States bonds for treas
ury notes was introduced and referred
to committee ou banking aud currency.
The silver debate was resumed and
Buckuer, (Dem.) -addressed the house
in favor of repeal of purchasing clause.
Soma Silver Eacts..
Washington, Hugl22. In response
to a resolution of inquiry on subject of
silver purchase, under act of 1600, Sec
retary Carlisle sent to House of Rrepre-
sentatives today a letter Betting forth
following facts: From Aug. la 1890 to
Aug. 16 1803 tho department has pur
chased 101,622,000 fine ounces costing
(150,609,459. Treasury notes to amoonl
of (150,115,985 have been Issued in pay
ment of silver bulliou, of which (714,
630 have been redeemed in standard
silver dollars aud retired.
Since August 31, 1892, up to August
1, 1893, (40,134,100 treasury notes been
redeemed in gold, 80,067,185 standard
dollars have bsen coined from bullion
If Any Passes Ceigresa At All
Details of Debate and Other Wash
ington New
Washington, Aug. 22. The Im
pression Is growing about the capital
the nreeent extraordinary session of
congress may come to an end about the
middle of September. This appears to
be based upon confidence In the possi
bilities of a comnromlso being entered
jnto within that period upon the finan
cial question. Nearly all the important
legislation accomplished In recent yean
has been tho result or compromise, ana
tho outcome of a conference of commit
tffl. Thoao nersona who hold to tut
opinion that an adjournment is possible
next montb sav mat Mr. vesrs pro
position to provide for free coinage of
silver at a ratio of 20 to 1 will be passed
by tho senate, and ultimately win Be
come part of the bill for unconditional
repeal, which, it Is expected, will bt
passed by tho house. The likelihood
of a veto by President Cleveland , ot
Buch a measure has been soouted by be
llevera In the reported early adjourn
ment. They argue It would be impos
sible to rally a two-thirds vote In either
house to pass it over his veto, and that
nothing could be accomplished so fax
as the financial situation Is concerned
by congress remaining in session afUr
such a veto had been received. Mori
experienced watchers of political event
place no confidence in these early ad
journment theories.
In the house interest in the flnancla
discussion was dwarfed today in tht
greater interest everyone felt in tho an
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
m&ms iwwuvi
It has been practically decided by
the leaders of the silver forces in the
house to aak the houso to amend tho
terms of the order under whloh tho
pending dt-bale is being conducted.
Owing to the demand upon tho speaker
for time to spoak under the rule for
general debate, it was suggested that
the five-minuto debates to whloh tho
last three days of the week had been
assigned should bo curtailed one day,
and that tho time be added to tho
perlodB set for the general discussion.
Should the houso agree to tho change
agreed upon by the leaders, Thursday
and Friday will be devoted to talk un
der the five-minute rule, and on Satur
day the debate will be olosod under tho
general rule. This will alvo tho lead
lug speakers an opportunity to speak
tt length when interest in tua aeuatc
will be at the climax, and add thereby
to tho favoring circumstances so eager
ly sought and thoroughly appreciated
by the average publlo speaker.
Orders have been issued by the treas
ury department to all sub-treasury to
pay out gold over thocountero tho same
as other classes of money. The efteot
of this 1b practically to. place the gold
reserve among tho available treas
ury cash assets. As a reoult the
oId balance Is Bomowhat reduced bo
ng slightly below (100,000,000, The
net treasury balance is (11,750,000.
I nnnnrwmnnt of standing committees to
iV , HWMHWVW--. - -- t, V
purchased under the act of 1890. Oa 1 speaker Crisp. No one was preparer
the 14th instant the government owned
of silver purchased under act of 1890
183,101,375 ounces.
Portland Savings.
Portland, Aug. 22. On petition of
Receiver Thompson, In the circuit court
today an order was issued making the
the Western National and Chemical
National bankB of Nuw York, preferred
creditors of Portland Savings bank.
1'be banks are creditors to the amount
of (25,000 each.
In Love With a WklU.
New York, Aug. 22. Ah Bow, a
Chinamen, committed suicide at No. 0
Chatam square by banging. Ho was
a clerk in a Cblneee grocery store at
that address. He killed himself be
cause a white girl, known as Nellie Lee
bad deserted him for another China
man. The Chinaman who discovered
the body did not report the matter to
the police and it was merely by cbauoe
that tbey learned of the. case. The
body was removed to an undertaking
establishment. It rests next to the
corpse of Chong Poy Sing, who died
four weeks ago. Bing's uoay wm oe
shipped to China.
The pacor Mascot, 2:01, la foundered.
A statute of Abraham Lincoln ww
unveiled at Edlnburg Monday.
mi.. -Krn..v.ol l,nn1 at Phnnnv. Wn..
can get no funds from that state, owing 63d congress.
for the radical changes made In tbt
personnel of some of the Important
committees. Springer of Illinois give
way to Wilson of West Virginia ae
chairman of the ways and means com
mlttee and Illinois Is gtven the chair
manship of the committee on banking
and currency. Holmsn of Indiana,
the venerable "watchdog" of the treas
ury, was deposed from the committee
on appropriations in favor of Bay era of
Texas and given the neau or tne com
mittee on Indian affairs.
Bland of Missouri was retai ned as the
bead of the committee on coinage, but
the free coinage people were disap
pointed in the committee being changed
so as to leave much doubt whether tbt
fi-ee coinage people are In the minority
and whether the Dnanolal nolioy of the
administration may not And a majority
In the committee. Congressman Tracy
of New York, who was an administra
tion man and second on the committee,
claims the speaker deferred to the re
pealing element to suob an extent as to
make the committee "mildly free coin
age" instead of "radically free coinage,"
and Insists upon counting Kllgoreol
Texas a free coinage mau. The com
mittee will stand nine to eight for free
coinage. The committee on banking
and currency la said to be opposed to
free coinage eleven to six. Thoremov.
alofHolman from the bead of the ap
propriations committee Is Interpreted
by some to mean that the speaker fa
vors more liberal appropriations in tne
The removal or springer
A, Good Kxciifte.
Father I guess you'll have to wear
this blue flannel suit of inlue, I can't
afford to get you another new one.
Son But it doesn't fit mo.
Father That's ull right. Say it was
mado In London. Clothier and Fur
nisher. A Nice I'alr.
Foreigner (on a suburban train) Who
is that distinguished looking gentleman
showing so much attention to that ordi
nary looking woman bosido him?
Mnthor Oh, that Is Do Fitz-Smlth ro
tsming from town with a new cook.
Anil Itenult Ho Hd til Walt Another
Tho Columbian guard thought he must
bo crazy, nnd possibly tho Columbian
cuard was justified in so thinking. Ho
had lonir chin whiskers nnd a Bmooth
shaven upper lip. His eyes woro appar
ently ilxod on something above ono of
tho buildings, ancr In Ids hand ho held an
enormous silver watch.
"What aro you trying to do?" a3ked
tho guard.
"You 'tend to your business, an I'll
'tend to mine," was tho prompt response.
"You'll loso that eight day clock,"
suggested tho guard fncotiously.
"Well, that's notuin to you," roioneu
the old man, dually bringing Ids eyes
down to earth and looking at tho guard.
I'm moro'n 21, an i icnow wiuw in
"You don't act liko it," said tho gnord.
"I think I'd better take you in anyway
for a lunatic."
"You nin't Binart enough. One of
them three card Monto Carlo men tried
to tako mo in an got fooled. But secin
ns yOu'ro bo all fired smart I'll jest tell
you what I'm doln, an thou you can
mosey along. I told tho old woman bo
foro I loft Willow Patch down near Kan
kakee that I'd bring hor homo the cor
rect time. Sho ain't got no confidence
In the town clock an wanted tho tlmo
right from this horo timoball on the
World's fair grounds, an Pvo boon slttin
hero nigh onto half an hour so's not to
miss it when it drops. When it goes,
I'll just sot tho old watch im go homo
to" no looked up again and saw that
H.i. 1,M liiul nlromlv filllon. Uo'Startod
for tho Columbian guard, but. thought
better of it. "That'H the Bccond time
some darn fool has como aloiig an got
mo talklu an tho ball's got away from
me.""ho said. "Now I'vo got to stay
ovor another day an try it again. I'll
bo hore tomorrow 'bout tho samotlmo,
lookin tho samo way, with tho old sllvor
watch in my hand, an if you seo me
you'd bettor go round tho othor aide of
tho building, 'cause I'm goin to got that
tlmo tomorrow if I have to llok every
guard on tho grounds." Chicago Trip
uno. .
S!ieCo!llmtita Him.
Fweddy Mis Walkah paid mo
agweeable compliment last night,
m,nilvTOht was it. deah bov?
Fweddy I ahaked her if she would.
dawnso With me, ana sue saiu sue mkou
my faceChicago Tribune.
Beared Tbeia Oft
"Do yon over havo any rats on your
boat, Mr. Jigger' asked Miss Bmythsr.
"Never," returned Jlggs. "They're
afraid of my boat. It's a catboat."
Harper's Bazar.
Might U Won.
215 Commercial Street.
American Fire Insurance Co., Phila.
:iome Insurance uo., new or.
norwicu-union ins. VO.. jjivcijw.
Palatine Insurance Co,. Manchester.
Western Assurance. Toronto, Canada.
Lancashire, Manchester, tog.
Hambnrg-Madebure. Germany.
Home Mutual, Ban Francisco, CaL
over On. Mill. 9dta Dodte Witt Wato '0B for
fretaeura ofFojiey omw w w. --
All Lc MlMtai Fa Tkrwk WmAcy on Policies Written
Alo Write Life and AecMeut Inauranc. in Bt Companies in the World.
if oitd tir WKM
about to txvtrUaca
tbe painful rdl
attendant nion
CblM-t-lrth, Jne
the torture of epn-
' to both aertlMr and
r ttt.rrt llmnfl. I
At PitUbure. 12,000 to 16,000 were
employed by resumption Of iron works.
The federal circuit court has held the
state dispensary liquor law of South
Carolina luvalld and It will belppeald
to the supremo court of the United
a mmmlttee who have Investigated
report 100,000 ou the verge of starva
tion In New York city. There are nun-
ArrAn of thousands of others but a
short dlstanco from want and Its at
tendanU, sufferlug, misery and crime.
Tbe committee calls upon tbe JNew
York aldermen to convene In special
session and devise ways and means for
employment of the unemployed direct
ly and calls upon all to contribute
funds for the unemployed wuo seeic
work In vain.
X4 fc. all rffuHilL
F"-w !-uis.Kra
:" a-feysA
Are Yon Nervotu.
Are you all tired out. do you hava that
can be relieved of all these symptoms
bV taking MOOO'S rvarapiiii, which
kIvm nerve, mental and bodily strength
and purifies the blood. It aho creates
a good appewiv. .wwfjrewwwi
heartburn and dyPPla.
0 Hood'a Pilla are easy to take, In
notion anl aura In effect. eta. m box.
from the ways aud means committee
gives this most Important ctiairmaa
ship or tbe bouse to tbe South, but It to
said that aside from this the make-up
of tho committee on ways and means
does not Indicate any essential cbaage
from tbe policy of the last congress.
When askei for a statement aa to tbe
reasons which Impelled tbe speaker to
depose him from the chairmanship of
the wavs and means committee Con
greseman Springer said:
i'Tn aav I am surnrlsed at my deposi
tion from the chairmanship of the ways
and means powmlttee and appointment
as chairman of the committee on bask
ing and currency, to ouly feeble ex
presstoa of the truth. IbadnoiBtlma
Una whatever, from tbe speaker as to
hi failure to reappoint or a to hto In
tention to make me cairmB orawxu-j-Vmumittaa.
I iro from work which
I have given the best study of my life
to a committee to tbe buetneae of which
I have glyen but little attention hereto
foM. I know notulutf of tbe motives of
th antakar or of the oblect be bad In
v!r. He has assured me be desired to
do that wblcb be thought was best for
ih vuintrv aad the Democrrtlo party
I hope be to not mistakes, but oplskwa
may d4er,"
TjS WSSll HA aaaKiflaiaV'fSI
Mr Hnnnv Sho is OUCMKed to Cliolly
and myself. Don't you think that's bad?
She Oh, I don't know. She doesn't
have to marry either of you. Brooklyn
Life. ...
I'leajautlr I'recUe.
Minnie Did he kiss you when ha pro
posed? May Certainly. I wouldn't considsr
any but seeled proposals. Vogne.
At three of tho large London railway
stations Charing Cross, Cannon ntreet
and London bridge as many as 113,000
movements for signal and point levers
turn) to be made every 24 hours, quite
span from the teiegrapmu operations.
' ' "
Tfiej- Kajr Never Karry.
One reason why the Russian cxaro
wits can never marry the Princess Vlo-
rj w.Im with whose name tho
gossips have connected his, is that they
are first cousins, au iho juii
fett cousins la strictly prohibited uy ina
-... ii. nrw.w hnrnh. The heir
ot the emperor of all the Russlas could
tot possibly ignore tneae tawan -
sfoed to do so. The young princewas at
one time, it is said, deeply In lovo with
the Aaaglttsr of the Greek king, and It
i was ouij mew p.iiui.... v.u
revstttsi their marriage. New York
Ai Well a Not.
An Impaasablo gulf yawned between
their hearts. She Bat in alowwiokor
chair by tho window, whilo ho leaned
moodily against tho mantol. It was not
a largo apartmont, but tho gulf between
their lioarta could not havo been loss
than 14 feot in width, as tho crow flies.
Thero were tears in his voice as he
"I can never"
By a supromo oxerciso of muscular
activity ho swallowed a fow sobs,
"lovo anothor." j
"Thon" '
Her hands woro twined tightly together.
"lr you speau iruiy, j. uuu nm
that yon. liavo auy further nso for thla
largo diamond ring."
After the intorchango of tho conven
tional civilities usual upon such occa
sions, ho withdrew. Detroit Tribune.
Juit the Man.
Tailor (to applicant for a job) "Wo
want a good cutter. Havo you had much
experiouce in tailoring?
Applicant (with a confident smile) I
never had a suit of clothes ready whon I
said I would sinco I hayo been in tho
Tailor You'll do. xoa must uoan
old hand. Tit-Blta ,
llt . (i f i""'IIIIIIIIM
Whether quaffed
from a vessel of
tin, glass ot gold;
There's no thing so
trood for the young
or the oldas
A delicious, health
civlnir. thirst-satis-
fyjng beverage. A
temperance drink for
tMTt ordtrs at (XHns-farktMwat btsek.Vesw
". 1
r. .i
. .w'tt-.- .