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88 eta. r meirtk h? Mall
Associated rrcss uauy News
isociaica rress uauy news- ""4
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South Commercial 8t
All ktasU Krn,iU.aa BMofced Meats
rss dxuvmxv
The Behring Sea Seal
ing Decision.
Pelagaic Sealing Practically
Fayors Continuation of
American Protectorate.
Sealing Decision.
Paius, Aug. 16. The decision fit the
Behring-sea tribunal of arbitration was
bnndedjdnwn today. Five points of
article 0 are decided against United
States. Close season is established to
begin May 1 and to continue until July
31. This close season shall be observed
both in the North Pacific- ocean and
Behring Sea. A protracted zone is es
tablished extending for sixty miles
around the island. Pelaglo sealing is
allowed outside the zone in Behring
Sea from August 1st The use of fire
arms in sealing is prohibited. Ameri
can arbitrators, have expressed their
satisfaction with the text of the depis
American arbitrators believe that the
regulations decided upon by the
tribunal mean practically the end of
pelagaic sealing and that they are bet
ter terms than were heretofore offered
to the United States by Great Britain
as a settlement of the question in
volved. ngland Satisfied.
London, Aug. 15, Gladstone, an
nounced In house of commons today
that the Behring sea declslou was sat
isfactory to British Interests with a fuw
The Pall Mall Gazette this afternoon
publishes a dispatch from Pari" saying
that on question of fact regarding seljs
ure of sealing vessels, the decision of
the Tribunal Is in favor of Great Brit
ain. That paper adds that as a natural re
sult of this decision the United States
will give Canadian sealers due compen
sation for seizures illegally made.
R gulatlona provldlng'for the close sea
son are very stringent. Prohibition of
Are arm may be found to be of serious
disadvantage by Canadian sealers.
Bight to Protect Conceded.
Washington, Aug. 15. The decls
ion of the Behring sea, .tribunal denies
to the United States the exclusive Jur
isdiction over Behring sea. The fifth
polut of controversy, on which the
United States counsel laid the greatest
stress, raised the question as to wheth
er the United Slates bad any right to
protection of property In seal frequent
ing the islands of Behring sea outaldo
of the mile, limit. The preliminary
abstract of the decision received is re
garded as Implying that the tribunal
has, to a certain extent, conceded this
World's Fair aHrixe.
Chicago, Aug. 15. Four hundred
roller chair pushers at the fair grounds
this morning, with the exception of
fifteen negroes, went on a strike for an
Increase of wages.
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aatary testkaoniak.
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Of jrrioe. LW T '
U Augu mg U - a-
,i pjHPvnpsBvwjrw 9vemev, mm n.
Favors, a Protectorate.
San-Francisco, Aug. 15. Minister
Blount arrived here this morning on
the Gaelic, from Hnnolu'u. He would
talk biit little aiiouf the Hawaiian af
fair. They were quiet when he left.
Advices from other sources are too the
effect that .Blount favors continuance
of provisional government under the
preiectlon.oMhe United States.
In Congress.
Washington, Aug: 16. Senator
Voorheee introduced a resolution ex
tending for six months bonded period
for whisky in bonded warehouses.
The silver debate absorbed the atten
tions' Of the house today. Hutchison,
Populist-Democrat of Texas being first
Hew M ukter.
Ban .Francisco, Aug. 15. Th sew
Chinese minister to the United States
arrived this morning1 on the Gaelllc1,
His party consists of 78 people, includ
ing 6 ladies.
Paper Mill J Assign.
San Faancisoo, Aug. 15. The S.
P. Taylor Paper company, one of the
largest paper houses oi tho coast, has
made -a voluntary assignment. The
Pioneer Paper mills mills belonging to
the same company alsa suspended pay
ment Liabilities
Curreacy at a Premium.
New York, Aug. 15. Currency
premiums range from to 2 per cent
today. Sterling exchange Is up one
half. 1 ,
Page Collector.
Washington, Aug. 12. The presi
dent today sent to the senate tho name
of Cutis. -A. Page, of Astoria, to bo col
lector of customs fortbo district of
Oregon. ;
Cleared Out; .
Mound Oiiy Kan., Aug, 16. Rob
ert Kancai I, presideut of the defunct
Citizen's bank, has fled the country.
In addition to the loss to the bank peo
ple, Luin county held his personal
notes for about (200,000. It will prob
ably be a total losa.
A Lift For the Banks.
Washington, Aug. 15. The seuate
ootiiraittee on finance by a practically
unanimous vote, decided this morning
to report favorably the Voorhees bill,
providing for Issuing circulating notes
to the National banks to a par value of
government bonds on deposit to secure
The Silver Debate.
Washington, Aug. 14. In the senate-
While the monotonous debate over the
nutation of free coinage or repeal U
progressing In the house with no pros
pect of a vote until two weeks from
today the Indications are that the sen
ate will direct Its first legislative ac
tion to an entirely different remedy
for the financial situation that of per
mitting- national uanim to issue cur
rency to tho par value of their United
States bonds on deposit in the treasury.
Thus the two bodies will be working;
somewhat at cross purposes and out
of the complications to ensue no one
knows what will finally happen.
Developments In the senate are de
cidedly dlscouraclnff to those who
hoped for tha unconditional repeal of
the Sherman law. The introduction by
Senator Voorhees of the Increased cur
rency bill and its reference to the com
mittee of which he Is chairman indi
cates that the finance committee will
first attempt to seek relief in recommending-
the Issue of national bank
notes to the par value of the bonds
deposited, and that 'the questions of
free colnag-e and repeal of tho Sherman
act will be relegated to the future for
more consideration. Later in the day
when Senator Vest reaffirmed alleg
iance to bimetallism and spoke against
the unconditional repeal of the Sher
man law the repealing; men found
greater cause for disappointment.
When the senate met an avalanche
of petitions was presented and re
ferred. Some prayed for the repeal of
the silver purchaatnr clause of the
riherman law, Quite as many were
against the repeal. Several were for
the free use of silver as a legal tender
In the Unltfd States and some for the
free coinage at the ratio of 18 to L
Mitchell of Oregon gave notice of
an amendment to be offered to the
Joint resolution to maintain the parity
of gold and silver. The amendment,
after a long preamble, declare it the
sense of congress that no changes be
made In tho tariff during the (3rd con
gress. Vest of Mutsourl, democrat. Intro
duced a bill for the coinage of silver
bullion In the treasury, saying It was
sent to him from New York and met
his partial approval.
Stewart sent to the clerk's desk to
fcavt rad an article from the Krw
York Recorder, adding, "Give us free
silver." After a portion of tho article
had been read objection to further
reading was made by Hoar and Hawley
and the article was ordered printed as
a document. Stewart remarking that
me itocoraer was tne nrst great paper
in tho city of New York that had said
a word against the annihilation of sil
ver and th- destruction of half tho
money of the country and that It
showed that either the sentiment of
New York on the subject of silver was
changing or the Recorder was a very
brave paper.
Hoar gave notlco that he tomorrow!
would follow up the resolution as to the
Montana senatorial case and would on
Wednesday press it to a conclusion.
Senator Palmer of Illinois introduced
a bill to provide for the erection of a
government building at Chicago on the
present postofilco site, to be finished in
eighteen months, to cost $4,000,000.
Senator Butler of South Carolina to
day introduced a bill repealing- the
tax on state bank issues.
Peflcr of Kansas introduced a bill
for the lssuo of $3,000,000 of flat money
exchangeable for government bonds at
The republican caucus was postponed
owing fo the lateness of the senate's
Leading republicans of the house an
nounce their Intention of taking little
or no part In the silver debate, on the
ground that they were refused a chance
to amend tha order regulating the de
bate. They declare that they did not
believe free silver or sliver, which are
tho only two alternatives possible in
the Blond order, were the only two
possible solutions of tho situation.
They would havo been glad to have
secured a vote on another proposition
which they believed would go further
than any other to meet and relievo
the necessities of the financial sltua
tipn. In view Of this they do not feel
called upon to take part in the debate.
It is doubtful, however, If they can
hold to the programme outlined.
Montreal, Aug. 14, The Dominion
steamer Saxnla with fifty passengers,
which left July 30th for Liverpool, was
spoken August 7th by the steamer
Rlpon City GOO miles east of New
Koundland with machlner disabled.
She refused assistance. Nothing has
since been heard of SarnUu
London, Aug. 14. William Waldorf
Astor Is not In possession ot Cliveden,
which be .bought of the Duke of West
minster. The duke Is staying there
now and each week Is entertaining
large parties. Mr. Astor Is "paying
through his nose" for a residence In
England. Even a man of his wealth
must begin to ask himself whether the
entree Into the best set In London Is
worth what it costs. He Is spending
immense sums on the Pall Mall Ga
zette! but, though- It Is 'a lemarkable
paper. It does not "catch on," It Is
estimated that hbr bill for It must be
at least $5,000 a week. The ma-razlne
is under the editorship of a young lord,
and it must be another expenslve,play-
thing. The competition between month
ly publications In England has reduced
the profits of even the successful to the
lowest point, but Mr. Astor is well in
with fashionable 000161.
Montreal, Quebec, Aug. 14. A de
tachment of royal marine artillery of
England, comprising fourteen privates
and throe non-commlssloned officers,
arrived there last night, and left by
tho Canadian Paclflo railroad for the
Pacific coast. The marines, who are
under the command of Lieutenants
Barnes and Temple, will be stationed
on Esquimau fortifications. The Ca-
Jnadlon. parliament voted $700,000 to
ward the building of formications on
the understanding that the imperial
government would man thorn. The
present detachment is the first of a
force of 100 men that will be placed
upon the fortifications.
Buda Pesth, Hungary, Aug. 14.
Floods are prevailing in Oallcla and
Northern Hungary. The counties of
Saroa and Ungh, which border dallcla
on the south, are devastated. Many
persons were killed by falling buildings
or drowned in the floods. Tho river
Dnieper and Its affluents ere over,
flowed. The town of Turke in CJallcla
is partially destroyed and twenty per
sons were drowned.
The damage caused In Oallcla and
Northern Hungary amounts to many
mllltors of florins. In many districts
the peasantry are begarded. Thou
sands of small land owners lost sheds
and crops. Many have been killed by
lightning and hall. At Vorasco a work
shop was swept away and fourteen
employes were drowned. Sixty persons
were drowned at Ilamanow, Oallcl.
Paris, Aug. 14. The Behring sea trib
unal of arbitration will meet tomorrow
morning, to make the final revision of
Its report, Th text of the decision
may be given out tomorrow noon.
London, Aur. 14 The reatta of the
Iloyal Albert Yacht club of South Sea,
of which the Duke of Bainbur Is com.
modore, was held toy. The Albert
cup was the prize for yachts above the
49 rating. The Navahoe, Britannia,
Satanlta and Calluna were the boats in
this class that started. The course was
from a mark boat off South sea to and
around Nab beacon, then to and around
the west middle buoy and back to the
mark boat. The course sailed over
twice. There was a good sall-kig breeze.
The Satanlta. was the first away, fol
lowed by the Navahoe, Calluna and
Britannia In the order named. When
Nab beacon was rounded the yachts
set their spinnakers, and the Britan
nia soon took the lead, with the Nav
ahoe foUowla & fcM4 ktft
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
For tke Nertkeri Pacific Rail
To Be Rcstoreti ToPrlcea Prevail
is Before Cuts.
JHorta Pacific Receiver.
New York, Aug. 16. Thomas F.
Oakee, of New York, W. H. Payneof
Milwaukee, and Henry Crouse, presi
dent of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas
Railroad Co., were this afteruoou ap
pointed receivers of the Northern Pad
fio Railroad, in the United Btatea com t
of this city. The northern Pacific and
Great Northern Co., have decided to
restore freight and passedger rates to
basis prevailing last February, to go ir
to effect as soon as practicable. Other
transcontinental lines are expected to
follow the example of the two compa
nies mentioned.
These receivers are the samu as those
appointed in Wisconsin. They gave
bonds of $500,000 each, in the United
States court there, and are ordered to
give a bond 6rj0,09Ojrjere; 'Appilc
Hon was made with the censent: of the
railroad company.
Better Outlook.
Pittsburg, Aug. 14.-The outlook In
the Iron and steel trade Is brighter to
night than for some time. Several de
partments of Jones & Lnughlln's resumed-
operations today and a number
of other mills have given notlco of
starting up. They will give employ
ment to upwards of 15,000 hands.
Portland, Aug. 14. D. P. Thompson,
receiver of tho suspended Portland
Savings bank, filed Ids Inventory In
circuit court this afternoon. The In
ventory shows the total assets to be
$2,014,340.69; liabilities $2,476,148.31. Re
ceiver Thompson states that If not
Crowded by creditors the bank will be
able to pay dollar for dollar In a short
The latest ginger ale receivers nro leaf
shaped in frosted metal.
Old fashioned low candlesticks with
extinguishers are seen. Tho style be
longs to tho fluted designs of the Queen
Anne period.
There is endless variety in corkscrews.
The greater number are horn with sil
ver notuats. But ivory is (a large use
aad often prettily carved.
Ice palls for champagne have tho fa
vorite broken raised odgo, and aro Laud
ed with two lastrons lines. Other ice
pails have raised bands of ornaments on
dull metal.
Meerschaum pipes mounted in raised
silver work and with amber mouth
pieces are gravely aad severely sumptu
ous. These aro luxuriously incased in
satin and skins, Jewelers' Circular.
Fred Hooper, 2;23, is an instance of
longevity and usefulness of the trotting
horse, altboagh 80 years old be ii still do
ing good service on tho Philadelphia
A. J, Caasett declares that when a
chestnut stallion is bred to a chestnut
ware the produce almost invariably a
Is the French art section of the World'
Mr there U a feroase statuette, by Wal
ter Wisaas, of a trotter being speeded to
a saHry, the first time each a subject has
bees attempted in sculpture.
For Use fret four months of 1894J
Qreat Britain exported only 113 stallloM
aad W7 snares. Fifty-one of tfee etalUoae
west to the United States aad Ave to
Canada. Of the wares 1M went to the
United State.
A 84er of KatltMhlp.
Lieatenast NUon, who designed the
craleer New York, which beat all reo
a4e the other day, is a graduate of the
Aaaapolls academy, but left the aavyto
eater the eltieyari of the Cramps. The
baUletUpe Indiana and ACaeMcUaeetts
are bete bll from kk deeUrns, Lies
teeuwt Niua was eeevtta Ksglaad to
tAa-Lg&jsj aajliaiiui tbtlfc aaauaa u
sej!BBjy tm f fsm gsipWBSrww f ejr m ej wmttm se
LauA aAaaA sssssl daQSM
Jeesl eeTIW'eei ess teVVFsseeVe
Mme, Renon is to receive $1,300 a year
from tho French government.
Thomas A. Edison recently said that
ho qever owned a watch in his life. "I
never want to know what time it is," so
ho says.
Oscar D. Wotheroll, the new comp
troller of Chicago, Is n native of New
England and 03 years old. He is presi
dent of tho Globe National bank and a
Republican in politics.
Dr. Naville, tho explorer, has discov
ered tho burial chamber of Thothmes I,
eighteenth dynasty, at Tliobes, with a
massivo altar nt tho cntrance.thought to
have been erected by his daughter, the ,
famous Queen Hatasu,.
In Virginia, where heretofore only one
Woman (white) hud been admitted to
practice medicine, Sarah Q. Jones, a
mulatto of Richmond, haB been licensed.
It is said she will practice exclusively
among peoplo of color.
The new EaTl of Derby, formerlv
known as Lord Stanley of Preston, is a
popular and easy going nobleman, a type
of the "jolly good fellow." While gov
ernor general of Canada ho was dis
tinguished chiofly for his loveof outdoor
Sir Julian Pauncofoto's salary has bedn
Increased from $80,000 to $35,000 in con
sequenco of his promotion to tho rank of
an embassador to this country. This
makes his compensation oxactly double
that paid to our embassador to the court
of St. James,
Mrs. Christina Ladd Franklin is one
of the few women who hnvo won well
deserved reputations as scientific think
ers and writers. Sho is an American by
bfctb -attcLrtite wifo pf an American sa
va&t, and her name ia frequently found
la German periodicals.
, Mrs. A. M. Munkly has bequeathed to
the city of Washington a largo sum of
money for the erection and maintenance
of a homo for destitnto women as a me
morial to hor mother. In inomory of
her husband sho has willed to the Chil
dren's Aid society $80,000 for the erec
tion of a home.
Aa ico cavo is n natural curioetty at
Vergy, Savoy,
Ninoty per cent of tho Boston Brown
ing society aro women.
In England no town is technically a
city unless it is tho Beat of a bishop's see.
During tho last CO years more than
9,000,000 peoplo havo emigrated from
England, of whom 10 per cent have re
turned. About 5,00O,CO0 ounces of quinine are
produced annually. There are 17 quinine
factories in tho world, and 6 ot these are
ia Germany.
The cellular prison system in Holland,
where the offenders are completely iso
lated, is asserted to be most effectual ia
repressing crlmo and reforming crin.
The suit of Taploy versus Abe McPikVs
estate, which is still on trial in the courts
of Pike county, Mo., was originally dock
eted in 1650. Tho action was brought to
recover the valuo of soino negro slaves
that McPiko had taken south and sold.
Heel and toe tips of piorcedand chased
gold are now worn ou soino satin house
slippers. The metal ornaments cost
from $30 to $100 per set and the shoes,
from $10 to $20 ier pair, so that shoe
and ornaments may cost as much as $190.
A professional acrobat finds employ,
meat at tho duo minoa ia Ogdensburg,
N. J, His services aro required in get
ting out snarls and removing obstruc
tions from the cables aad eiectrio wires
used about the ore cars, which are ru
oct steep grades, ne can walk on a tight
rope when necessary.
IjvjelAak . AUlAistsfe. BmA lit flak wigjf ttssJaeBsUsala
em, esi essswi sssna est v BsSfssisjas
lal bM feMsssWeUttsM M 14 tel sbAHsMbVsbVW mfetf ftm