Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, August 10, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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SKcte. a mestk by Mail
Prepaid la Advame
No Papers St Wk
Time Is Out.
I ha J-beot
VOIj. 6.
NO. 188.
gFr .ikW,
' ,SBL.-
fiSlWWW", . 'f,
Ts th fc the way you have been buying your goods ? We
have tried it for a year and a half in our business and it has
proved a. decided success.
Try this same method for yourself once. Buy from a cash
store. Save the usual per centage added for bad accounts at a
credit store, and you will be happily surprised at the result.
The New York Racket
Offers you genuine bargains in BOOTS and SHOES, HATS,
general line of notions.
Bring your cash and get full value for it.
itate Ins. Block.
An Anecdote of Emerion.
Tn ihe, crowd of the Philadelphia
centennial one of the queens of our
American mo uu.u iuj. xjuiurauu a
her miest at Philadelphia as ho stud
ied tho great exhibition. She also
had as guests m the elastic nospnai
ity of her charming home another
distinguished Now Englander who
had brought his two little boys to see
the Bhow. It Jiapponed that this
gentleman was suddenly called out
of the house for many hours of the
night on one of his many errands of
mnww. Alnn! one of his litto bovs
awoke in his absence frightened and
Bick, in a strange house, to find that
his father was gone. His wails of
sorrow waked his little brother, and
both then joined in the chorus.
But it was some time before these
strains reached tho distant room of
the lady of he house. When at
length she did run to the relief of the
lonely little strangers, fib-3 found that
tho great idealist was before her.
There he was, petting and soothing
and comforting those lonely children,
who were thus learning in the dim
midnight the noblest lesson of the
most divine philosophy. They were
learning it in the practical teaching
of the great idealist of the world I
Edward E. Hale's Address.
Large -Cotton Mills Re
sume Monday.
Manufacturers Must Feel As
sured of Demand
Ohio Democrats ' in Stato Con
General Insurance Agency.
Representing tke following well-known and reliable tympanies:
l?lSnKlraIn?uran?eOo. Imperial Fire Insurance Co..
Oldest and LeiSnVrmlntbe City Devoted Exclusively to Insurance.
Recovers and repairs upholstered furniture. Long Experience in the trad.
cuableYme to turn out flrs&Iass work. Samples of coverings. No trouble fc
give estimates. State Insurance block, Chemekfcta street.
Ed. C. Cross,
Wholesale ami Retail
Dealer in Fresh, Salt ami
Smoked Meats of allKindf-
OS Court and
110 State Streets.
Flying Lizards of Borneo.
According to the testimony of our
most reliable naturalists the only
genus of "flying serpent" now known
to inhabit tho earth is a family of
reptiles which make their homos in
the great forests or uornoo, men
tioned by Meek, Williams, Kinne and
others as tho "flying lizard of tho
South seas." The best known species
of this flying saurian is Draco vplens
loekii, a striped, snakeliko, lizard
about 14 or 16 inches in length when
full grown. The primary colors of
Draco are red and yellow, in bands,
dots, crescents and stripes, the red
predominating to such an extent
that the creatures appear ns a car
mine rocket when sailing through
the air. Some have declared that
his wings are "sails" like those of
the American flying squirrel, but
Meek savs "they approach true
Position of the Parties.
Vasuinciton, Aug. 10. Democrats
of the senate do not propose being
forced by Republicans Into hasty act
ion upon silver, and have resolved that
no forward stop will bo taken until
thoy have agreed among themselves
upon ft plan of action that shall Beouro
the support of a united party. It Is
hoped tho subject will be In order by
Tuesday. Tho fluauce committee
took up and discussed the propos
ition to allow national banks to Issue
circulation to face value of boudsdepos
Ited In tlto treasury. The discussion
appeared to Indicate a leaning toward
this measure by a majority of the com
mittee. Tho danger, however, lies in
an attempt to cumber the bill with
amendments that will involve the
whole silver question, and prevent dis
position of the measure on Its own
Highest of all in Leavening-Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
mm lumivi
And Severely Arraign tho Repub
lican Parly.
Mills to Start.
Providence, R. I., Aug. 10. The
B. B. and R. Knight Mills, wbloh have
been idle the past week will start up
Monday. The llrm operates mills In
Pontiao, Natlck, River Point, Arctic,
Fishyille, Arkwrlght, White Rock and
this city in this state, aud at Hebron
vllle, Dolgeville, Manohaug, and Read
ville, MasB., employing between 7,000
aud 0,000.
Ohio Democrats.
CH U RCH I LLl Pttmps; Pamps,PtiniP
So 103
BURROUGHS State Street.
Lamoureiix's Stables,
At the Commercial street bridge near Wil amette Hotel. New Btoeh : and ve
hides being added constantly. Only the best 'ti nimPlTX ProDr?etor.
rigs nor poor horns. H. L. LAMOUREUX, I ropneior.
I Cincinnati, 0.,Aug. 10,-The Dera-
. . i." ji i.v niii ocratlo state convention to nominate
nrmnra nnn pnn nn iikhii iiv uliih i
saurian to guide himself at will."
Philadelphia Press.
Averase Tinman Growth Per Tear.
The averago growth of the human
species per year varies at different
ages. According to a table prepared
recently by a French scientist, tho
oxnwth diiHncr the veai" followine
birth averages 7i inches; from 2 to 3,
jt is 4 or 5 inches; from a to 4, it 13 ii
inches; from 1 to C, about 2 annual
ly; from 7 to 8, 2$ inches; from 8 to
12, 2 inches yearly; from 12 to 13, 1.8;
from 13 to 14. 21 inches; from 15 to
kl6, 2 inches; from 10 to 17, nearly 2
inches. Alter this, aitnougn growtn
continues until sometimes late in tho
twenties, it rapidly diminishes.
Now York Telegram.
Comment on a Reeent Faihlon.
A fashion paper says that dresses
are to be full this year. Wo prefer
them f ulL The idea of a dross empty
in rirtlmilrma In tho extreme. We
should like to know what satisfac
tion it would bo to a young man to
sit by tho side of an empty dross.
London Tit-Bits,
. --
111 I r JL1 f Hasjust received some
West Printing Corjstt
do better work than ever. Country orders receive prompt at
tention. 803 Commercial St., - - - ' Orejon.
Leave orders at CoiUe-rark hunt blockoom
15. aalein, Oregon.
P. J. LA.RSEN & CO.,
Manufacturer of Wagons, Car
riages, etc
Repairing a Specialty.
Shop iSBtate street,
tome good fUW. Term ytrf l 7. Ad-fW-lsHsr
On Improved Real Estate. In amount! and
UmetoaulU Nodelay In considering loans.
Hoora IX Bah Bank block. 13d
CflflS. W0LZ,
Iropr!etor of tbe
South Oomtnerci! 81-. BUImb.
All kind Krean, Bill and Smoked-MeaU
wuce peuvkhy,
Somo Vrrjr Put I'eople.
The corpulent antiquary, Grose,
was requested by a butcher, as an
advertisement, to tell all his friends
where he bought his meat. The
paviovs of Cambridge used to say of
a certain professor eminent in intel
lectual and physical bulk that ho did
their work for them, and whenever
bo walked over tho ground on which
rhnv wore endured would exclaim:
"Thank you, sirl" Dr. Reddoes was
so uncomfortably stout that a lady of
Clifton used to call him "tho walking
feather bed." Philadelphia Press.
An Euonnoui Sundial.
A curious phenomenon is reported
in the columns of a geographical pub
lication. It is a largo promontory in
the JEgean sea, known as Hayon
TWn whinhMttends 3.000 feet above
the level of tho water. As the eun
swings around, tho shadow ol tnu
mountain touches one by one a circle
of islands, separated by regular in-
tervals, which act as nour marta. iv
is the largest sundial in the world.
r -.......rTnriTrt
fered ebUd-bearis woman. I
old-wife for many year, and In each eae
oer.MoUwr, Friend'' h U "
baa aeeotnplUbed wooden and relUred muen
tutorial. It to the Uet remedy for rUUj : ef
the kreaet known, and worth the price for
ttiat alone. Mkf. M. M. Ukiwrxxn,
Sent by azprcM, chaixM prepaid, on receipt
ef piece, la it boule.
goldtymPnfUu. ATUVTOA
a state ticket assembled this morning.
(J. H. Baryer was chosen temporary
uhalrmati. The temporary organiza
tion was then made permanent, aftor
wblch tbe platform was read. The
platform npproves tho platform of the
national convention at Chicago, espe
cially tbe tarill and currency planks
tud congratulates tho country upon tho
rospoct of measures of relief a out
lined In the president's message. It
expresses confidence that the Demo
cratic connress vill devise wine laws to
that end, and continued as follews:
The financial situation Is the unfortu
nate legaoy of a Republican adminis
tration, It Is the natural result of the
McKlnley tarlfr. Bherman silver law,
MXtravagance of tho party lately In
power and tho creation and fostering
of trusts and corrupt combinations by
that party, all combining to shake
credit and create a distrust in the
money of the country, and paralyze its
business. We recommend that nation
nl banks be permitted to issue currency
io the amount equal to n par value of
United Blutes bonds, deposited with
the treasury 'f tho United Btates, to
the end that the volume of currency
will be Immediately Increased.
Tbe platform was adopted with a
who-jp. Then Neal, Taylor and Uakor
were put In nomination for governor,
and Neal was chosen on first ballot, a
decided triumph for free llver mon.
Col. V. A. Taylor, of Columbua was
nominated for lleu'enant-governor by
In Congress.
Washington, Aug. 10, Tbe com
mittee appointed by tbe boute tret sil
ver caucus met this morning for tbe
purpose of preparing a measure favor
able to silver. The antMlver represen
tatives In tbe house met and later on
joined the free silver people. The lat
ter submitted tbelr measure to tho op-
poelnjr forces and discussion followed.
No agreement was reached and tbe
oonfrence adjourned for an hour.
The bouse adjourned till tomorrow.
Committee on rule were appointed
follews: Crip, Cstcblngs, Outhwalte,
Reed, Burrows. Three Democrat and
.,. TUnubllcans. Tbe senate after
I twenty minutes n1oh adjourned till
i Monday.
The Silver Oonfab. "
Washington, Aug. 10. Vuen the
cnmmlttco mot this morning, tbe anti-
silver, It Is said, proposed that the
house proceed at ones to the considera
tion of a measure for the immediate
and unconditional repeal of silver pur
chasing clause of the Bherman act, and
that a voto be taken upon that measure
only. As a counter proposition, silver
men offered to introduce a bill to repeal,
coupled with a proposition for free
coinage at a ratio to be fixed by the
house. For this measure, the oppon
ents of silver might offer a substitute,
If they desired, but silver men want a
chance to vote on free coinage in some
Later on it was agreed that the de
bato should continue three weeks and
if at the end of that tlmo there were re
marks undelivered they might be
printed In the record. On this proposi
tion the anti-silver men withdrew to
consider before giving an answer.
Uow to Make Iluttonliolea.
Tn mnkn n. trnaA Imttonlinlo. ono should
have a rather short, sharp pointed nee-
uio ana tnreaa aoouc as course again as
tho fabrlo on which tho work is to bo
dore. Run a lino of small stitches on
each side of the placo whero the button
hole is to be, and of tU sumo length as
tho finished hole. This will hold tho lin
ing and outside together so that ono will
not slip away from tho otuorwiion being
worked. JMoxt eaten tno tnrcuu at eacn
end in a tiny stitch and carry it down
each aide, leaving it loose over tho row
of stitches just taken. This makes tho
rmttmiholn Htroncw. tjrevcntfl its toarinir
out sldowuys and also adds to tho looks
of tho work when complete, with sharp
pointed scissors cut smoothly and
straight between the rows of stitching,
and then overcast tho raw edges, talcing
small stitchos close to tho edgo. This is
to prevent tho fraying out of, tho edges,
but if goods aro firm it In not always neo
essory, though It will mako a strongor
and neater buttonhole.
Commenco at the back edgo of tho but
tonhole, holding tho work firmly with
the thumb and forefinger of the loft
hand. Put tho neodlo up through the
cloth, take tho thread next tho eye of the
neodlo in tho right hand, bring it up and
around the point of the needle from you,
then draw tho neodlo through the cloth,
being careful not to snarl tho thread or
tangle tho loop, which should bo drawn
snug and smooth, but not tight enough
to draw tho cloth. If properly done,
this leaves a twist or roll of the throad
on tho edgo of tho buttonholo to with
stand the wear.
Take each stitch back the same dis
tance from tbe edgo and tho same dls-
tanrn nnnrt. When finished, eachstitch
should just touch, but not crowd Its
neighbor, vo not taite a very aoop
stitch. Housskeoper.
One Big One.
Nashville, Toon., Aug. 10. Tbe
American National, one of the strong
est banks In tho city, with a capital of
a million, surplus $nu,uou, nas sus
Big Strike
Nashvillk, Tenn., Aug. 10. A
thousand millers on n strike In East
Ono man was lynched for murder of
a fcotdlur ut Ftirt Anderson.
Silver Wanted In Italy.
Rome, Aug. 10. A great want of
small Bllver In Italy has Induced a firm
In Milan to coin tokens, which are gen
erally accepted. Other merchants use
lira notes and postage stamps to remedy
tho evil. Tbe Italian Minister of fi
nance has ordered to be issued brohae
coins to amount of $2,000,000 and one
lira notes to amount of 10,000,000.
Cholera ia Maw York.
New Yobic, Aug. 10. Two new
cases of cholora was discovered ou
board quarantined vessels in tbe harbor.
One death from well defined cholera on
Bwlnburne Island last night.
Another Out.
Omaha, Aug. 10. The Union Pacific
Issued an order cutting down time of
shopmen along system, another hour
per day, making time thlrty-flvo hours
per week, seven hours per day and no
work Saturdays.
Jackson Ooaaty's Treasurer.
Jacksonville, Aug. 10. The coun
ty commissioners finished investigating
the accounts of County Treasurer
nioonier todav. Tho amount ol his de
falcation la $78C8. At the July term of
court the treasurer was found to be
short in bis accounts and was asked for
a settlement. He claimed to have the
money invested aud asked for one
month's further time.
Ho was told he had no right to Invest
the county funds and should have had
tbe money at call. The time was given
him, however, and there was nothing
said about It. He raado several collec
tions aud drew what money be had io
the Medford bank and deposited It lu
Jacksonville, and as he spoko freely ol
anticipated settlement no one thought
of his being unauie to mane it. "" uu
money Invested In I'ortlana property,
and when ble absence w noticed it
was supposed be had gone tbero to raise
The county has entered sun upon
the bonds for recovery or the money
an.i annolnted David Linn treasurer.
tii imndsmen are all well fixed fluan-
ni.iiv. und thev will uo doubt confets
Judgment aud pay the money at once.
Nothing bus been uwru oi mo omuh
lug trt-usurer, and It cannot be definite
ly ascertained In wulcuuirecuouuewu
Medford, though it U kuowu he bought
a ticket there last Saturday night. He
U a) years of age, aud hU parents, wfao
formtrly rwtdi-d lu this couuty, are
highly repectd people and uow mld
In Mulnomh county,
A Long; CruUe on a Little Vaolit.
Tho little steam yacht Niobo made fast
tn ihit Wlr in a slin at tho foot of the
Randolph street viaduct recently and
completed a cruise or over o.uuu mues.
She was built' in St. Louis and is owned
by Will D. Campbell. On board aro
rnmrlnn A. ManKnlaht. ensrincer: O. H.
Harpham, pilot; P. L. Mowdor, Allie
Cullnaino and Frank Booth, steward.
Tho Nloba ia a small boat to start on a
cruise like the ono sho has just com
pleted, being only 08 feet long and 10
feet beam. She is run by korosono, hav
ing a water tube boiler and compound
The Niobo left St. Louis last October
and started for New Orleans. Arriving
there early In tho winter, the party spont
tho entire time cruising around tho coast
and visiting the smaller lakos which
abound in Louisiana. They lived aboard
their boat all the titno and dined sump
tuously on tho game, oysters and fish
which southern Louisiana affords so
plentifully. Arriving in New Orleans
again early in May, tho Niobe was head
ed up tho Mississippi on May 11. Tho
trip up the Fathor of Waters was a lei
mirnlv miB. Every town and city on the
route was visited and thoroughly in
spected. Tho mourners of tho party
have four pneumatic bicycles aboard,
and at each stop these were brought out
and the sightseeing done with comfort.
When tho mouth of the Illinois rivor
was reached, the Nlobe was headed up
this tributary, as the party wished to
visit the World's fair. Chicago Times.
Knglnes Ilun by Compreued Air.
Visitors to tho Transportation build
ing yesterday had an opportunity of see
ing a novel sight ill the exhibition of
several great locomotives running at
full speed, yot not moving an inch from
their positions.
This exhibition, the first of its kiud,
was got up by tho Baldwin Locomotivo
works. The engiues aro raised so that
the drivers will safely clear the tracks,
end aa thev tiv around with liKUtnlnn-
express speed the sightseer has an op
portunity to stand In one spot and see a
locomotive run 60 miles per hour for a
whole hour if ho desires to do so.
The motive power U compressed air,
widen It f urnUhed from a compressor iu
Machinery hall through iron pipes.
One curious feature of the exhibition
U th steamlike appearance of the ex
haust out of the. smokestack while the
uirlnt'i nvllndara ar almost at the
f reesisg point. This phenomenon Is due '
to the fact that the compressed air as it
expands rapidly in going through the
Mmnnnnil mrllndars absorbs heat rauld-
ly, or, what Is an equivalent, generates
cold. Consequently, when tbe air U
anally exhausted, it is so much colder
than the surrounding atmosphere that it
precipitates the moisture in the Utter
and forms a mist, just as in the case of
exhaust steam, only tho conditions un
der which it i formed are exactly re
versed Is tke ca of tbe cold alr.CM
e later Oosa. ,
A Salemite Pokes" Fun at the Stay-
at Homes.
Following letter ia from an old Sa
lemite who Is inspired to write front
the seaside at Newport as follews:
I am sitting on the back steps of our
bullplno cottage this beautiful Sunday
morning, face to tbo south and the
mighty father of all watera to my right
calm and serene as eternities summer
land, all In usual health, nice cool
breeze gently stirring my crown-locks.
This Is running season here, everybody
on tho git. I rented our bullplne cot
tage of Mr. B. G. Irvine a lineman. He
has a nice home on Nye creek but he
lives, moves and has a being all along
from tbe city to said creek, ho Is swari
ter in mode-et-foriter in sea I. e,
smooth in manners and brave in deede
I have not played him that challenged '
game of croquet yot. Mrs. Byers, Mrs,
Charles Cosper and Miss Ellen Clagget
called yesterday, Mr. Wm. Waldo
called on us this morning. Everybody
Is happy aud tho big blue sea rolls
Wo bought some hay to fill our
straw ticks, and in trying to divide It X
fouud it mostly wild gourd and kelp,
so I took out tbe kelp aud gourd grass
und made us a nice hammock, by tying
the ouds to two young bull-pines. You
cau turn everything to good use here.
I went in a grocery storo to, uuy a doos
brush. I made tho careless remark
"that It almost tnado me faint to see
my feet so dusty." Tho young lady
said "It wasn't tho dust, If was because
I was so far from them." That made
me dizzy. That was the smartest thing
I 1 avo heard slnco coming here. I
laughed all tbe way to our bull-pine
cottage. That young wlfo ought to
como out and join tho Unitarian
church, It sho doesn't belong already,
too bright to track In tbe old ruts
she Is real progressive.
I think I will go over to Big creek
tomorrow and show Harry how to dig
kelp aud make hammocks. X nope
you and wife will come over for a short
visit. If you do, bring some of those
old men that cau play croquet that is
If I get left In my great contest.
I must tell you; I took a warm salt
bath; don't want any more unless
some one cau reconcile my suspicions.
I oould'nl get baou luto my olotbt
after batblng. Now, one of two things
must bavo occurred. Either I bad
grown larger or my suit less while I,
was bathing, for I had to split thorn to
get Into them. I went and weighed
aud found I had lost ia weight, but
gained lu size. I am barred for all
time unless some one can elucidate.
Cau you help me? If not, I ana a dead
man. Io basto, J. I, T.
A4j..i.ii iMm
f' """'Wf
& ' "" mtj
l. By
w am .
Whether quaffed
from a vessel of
tin. class o.- cold;
There's notlilngso ,!
pood for thu youuir
or the oiu as
Root Beer
A deliduitf. h-ltl
giving, IhJrjt-ca la
fylng beverage A
temperance drink for
temperance people.
A .... nuVinailil i inllou.
Salt ai Eijye4 Everywhere,
! m. Aiaai b
s4 -t -it '