Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1893-1895, July 25, 1893, DAILY EDITION, Image 2

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Vi5MJNl uAl'I'PAts (lOUitKALf MOKDAY, JtXiTf U4, IbtfB.
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Capital Journal Publishing Company.
itOfflt Own fMJ .
WMkfv.l MfM. tser tear... ... '
Tbl clijr i udumIIjt juW, bot tlw
financial crista bat not .true It. Tbe
batiks are all open, aud ibcm who bare
plenty of mean are tint cramped for
luo(tyy,y Tbe f'slonoftbe present
floaodal CTli'ls h fweu thoroughly In
esilgalevl by our citizen, aud several
of litem know tbe r-xacl caoee, bat
uow of tbem are o plain f n tbelr rea
aons, as" o'ur worthy Macktmitb, aDd
bla reclpo Is hIwi plainly stated, tIi:
Free coinage of fllveffrte-liide, gar
ernment coot Vol of railroads and tbt"
telgrapb, government loans of money
to farmers on tbelr land and produce
st 2 per cent, loterest, lo fact a general
turn over of tbe affair of tbe country.
Everything I wrong at present.
'Gold bogs" rule tbe country, and be
wind up by Baying: "What we want
is more money." Now, llr. .Editor,
you can't deny thai. Would not a few
thousand divided between you and I,
be a good thing lor u, why not for
other? lam srry to confess that 1
don't know how this can be done, bat
I hope our worthy blacksmith may
succeed in influencing tbe government
and the "gold bug" to "whack" up,
but I am awfully afraid that we will
have to earn all the raeeey that we
ever get.
A fsw weeks .;? Mr. JE&iycaxd struck
aa he Xhoagbt, a. guni ttlnj, and bo
confident was be " faaztdale wealth
that be wasted to give away bla old
clothes, tot I goem tbe "crisis" has
struck hftn, Car be still needs them bim
Mr. Cole has stocked up in binding
twice, and he allows no village like 6a-.
leaa to undersell him.
Miss Dell 8m! th bad a narrow ecape
from being badly bnrt, and nothing
but her great presence of mind saved
her. Tbo horse before a buggy in
which she was riding became frighten
ed and at tbe first jump broke the ton
gue, she asked her companion what she
should do. He said jump, she carefully
dreW her skirts around her and jumped
from tbe swiftly going buggy without
receiving any Injury, her companion
also got out safely, but tbe buggy was
smashed to pieces.
The harvest machines have started,
and in a few days will be in full blast
Several of our people have gone to
Chicago, among them Sirs. E. J. Wil
llama. We shall miss her very much,
we wish her a pleasant time and a safe
The Union Pacific now leads with re
doced rates to eastern points, and their
through car arrangements, mairnlfio
ently equipped Pullman and Tourist
sleepers, free reclining chair car and
fast time, make it tbe best time to trav
el. Two trains leave from I'ortlana
dally at 8:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The
rates are now within reach of all. and
everybody should take advantage of
them to visit me world's fair ana tneir
friends In tbe east Bend for rates and
schedules of trains, and do not purchase
tickets until after conMiltlng Boise 4
Barker, agents, Balem, Or.
W. II. Hcrlbuiit,
Ass't Gcn'l Rma. Ageut, U. P.,
Portland, Or.
"We always
fry our5 ip
Our Meat, Fish, Oysters,
Saratoga Chips, Eggs,
Doughnuts, Vegetables, etc.
Like most other people,
our folks formerly used lard
forall such purposes. When
it disagreed with any of the
family (which it often did,)
we said it was " too rich."
Wc finally tried
and not one of us has had
an attack of "richness"
since- We further found
tiiat, unlike lard, Cottolcne
had .no unpleasant r odor
when cooking, jtind Jastly
Mauler's favorite and con?
servatiye cooking authority
came out and gave it a big
recommendation which
clinched the matter. So
that's' why wtf always fry
1 11. ... i-
pure in Cottoleac.
Sold by all grocers.
u Tiii 11 Bgf-
U CftIM tin "Fnlhcr f Dig."
It li cam Hi bf ft Torpid Mrer
and ligenerallr wxywnjwnlwlwHh
loss of appetite,
sick headache,
To ireal constipation aaccwrfniiy
It is a jnifsflsStf Trjibcta. tonic to
lie aig0f0T taking
Bimmon3 iaTeTRe5atoiuyoa
promote digestion, firing ozaPreg
nlar habit o body and prevent
Biliousness and Indigestion.
"Mrnle nt KrrJr fixnnrf rirh Ceotija
tfea aarf cost&ug. fctWrf wak ISeedizg FUrs.
After foer Beetas aw of Saaoeaa lira Regslstor
ie abaatt manly rdlertd, puiwnnstA
lad fcV." W. B. Lcanca, Ddsvarv, (&&
I ban bmxI SxtBCat Lhrar Rrsluof-far
Cccs&puxa oT B7 Borl. caasel by lesrpcnrf
dcrafnsxst cli Um, sd atnjt wtth 1
cuicd btorft.- Huunc Wuni, Utt CLiU
Ecoexe, July 25. Tbe hops are com
leg on nicely and tbe lice are not num
erous eno gb to came any alarm yet;
some yards are being sprayed but gen-
etally not. Nothing has happeued-in
tbe market here, there still remain over
400 bales of 9Za in Eugene.
Accounts from K. y. stale are en
ooaratdnir tbey will not have tbe quan
tity they did last year but under pres
ent conditions tbe quality will be fine,
the market there Is sllnlnc l torn me
old crop and 20 cents is being offered
for S3 bops and a good many are being
contracted at that figure.
Puyallup Citizen: Offers are freely
made to contract the coming crop at
IS cents.
No hops shipped this week. About
40 bales etored but uncertain when thej
will be shipped.
But two-thirda of a crop can be rea
sonably expected in this state from tbe
present outlook.
Lice cut but Utile figure. Spraying
is being generally done. It has been
noticed that lice do not multiply on or
nBmental ylnes that have not been
sprayed and that in many instances
they have disappeared.
Some of tbo yards are so far backward
that tbey caunot catch up, but In most
of them tbe bot weather has developed
long arms, and tbe vines are in blos
som. In yards where the soil Is apt to
bake tbe want of rain is visible, as the
vines are slightly yellowing.
Tbe Otsego Republican says.
JLast year's boivs In hands of grower
materially lessening every week. Since
last report dealers of UiIb village report
purchases of C72 bales at 17) to 21i
Yards looking well, generally, and Ju
dications are that crop will be fair, and
If nothing unforeseen B3ta in to damage
It, there will be a floe quality.
Several dealers In tbe couuty have
been trying to contract new crops al
twenty cents,, and in a few Instances a
little better, but so far we have heard
of only one sale, and that Jalho Oliver
Wood lot luMlddleueld.
Joseph R. Dickenson returned yes
terday to Turner to look after bla hop
farm. He has Just returned from a trip
through Washlugton and reports tbe
hop fields In excellent condition, there
being but a few lice as yet.
Summer Weakness
And that tired feeling, loss of apnetlU'
and nervous prostration are driven
away by Hood's Sarnanartlla. like mini
before the morhinghun. To reahza tbe
beuetlt of this great medicine, give ft' a
trial ana you wiiijoiutneariny or en
thuMastic admirers of Hood' Bursa fi
Mum -t1IMonf enai'-TTruvfa Pill. TdJi.
should lie In every traveller's crip and
every family medlclue chest. :&) a box.
Before Going to the WwJd'a Talr
Enquire About
The Limited Espresa trains of the Chi
cago, Milwaukee A St. Paul Railway
between St. Paul and Chicago and
Omaha aud Chicago.
Tiiese trams are vestluuled. electric
lluhted aud steam heated, with the tlu.
est 1)1 11 lug and Sleeping Car Service lu
1 110 woriu,
The Electrlo readlug light tn each
berth la the successful novelty of this
nroumalve aire, and is hlnlil v annivclat-
el by all regular patrous of this Hue.
e wish otiiera to Know its merlin. a
the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Hall
way Is the nuly line In the wwt enjoy
ing the exclusive use of this latent,
for runner Information apply la
uearest coupon ticket agent, or addres
C J. honv, Ueueral Agent,
j. w. UA8UY, 1 rav. rasa. Aut.
225 Stark St., Portland, Or.p tf
On Improved Ural KiUU, tn amounlt and
Umsloiutt, HoiteUr la ront(Jertajf louu.
Boom U. Both Hank bloek. SIM
3 Vf rnrMMf. a tmitttl f Ixtfl-
rUti ftiffi tttrweA Miunu. TH
4MnWki! Ml ft) Mi4kw hk
MKf, a r i'JMigfr. "in m prow
Wrtfio Awt wfc kmiwn Mawip
writer that i(Slh tJlectka wan gro-
bltio It woW bo WortB H.ww.wo,
fhn (irtvtAe retirrMtit 'VWVkoWn
tamp atnl were tmtfb hi oMevii'tOB
WnlfiH iir. riuner psBtaaurea'uanrnj
his 83 yeare' experionco m a collector
To collect the 70.000 forged stamps
tooV almost 80 yearn. To make wall
paper out or ttietn Kept tour pairs w
band busy tor thretfrnontlia. They
are pasted upon canraa. so mat in
order to retnore the stamps it will
not be necessary to remove the bouV
Paste, not gmn, has been used, of
gum discolors stamps. Having been
fastened to the canvas, tho stamp
were treated-to a coat of shellac and
were then Tarnished. In tho "Cham
ber of PbUatelical Horrors," as Mr.
Palmer calls it is a flat topped deck.
Instead of leather, tho top fa inlaid
with poetago stamps. These are gen
uine, and they number 1,440. Near
the desk stands a screen. It is about
5 feet high and 0-feet long. Both
sides are covered with stamps. The
most valuable among the lorgenesjs
a Brattleboro, an American stamp of
th face value 01 a cents, u it were
cennine it would bo worth ?1.250. A
genuine, Brattleboro was sold by Mr.
Palmer lor that amount. .ran aiau
Squire Abingdon's Good Deed.
Some years ago a letter was hand
ed to Mr. Baird written by the wife
of a former Inenu. intniatne iauy
informed him that her husband was
dangerously ill in Paris, and that
they had unfortunately reached the
end of their resources. Under these
circumstances she ventured to ask
for assistance. 'Without a moment's
hesitation Mr. Baird summoned the
most eminent physician of the day,
and having stated the drcumstancea
he handed hi a blank check, with
orders to proceed forthwith to Paris,
and at whatever cost to bring"the in
valid man back to England com
pletely cured.
His orders were carried out to the
letter, and three weeks later his
friend returned to London accompa
nied by the doctor, snatched literally
from the grave by Abingdon Baird's
millions, and, what is immeasurably
more creditable, by Abingdon Baird's
generous impulse and genuine kind
heartedness. After this let the over
righteous stop their cackling criti
cisms concerning tho poor lad who,
Tvhilo he befriended many, was his
own worst enemy. London Truth.
The F&ithfnlnei or Doc.
The historic dogs of Franco were
no time servers. They took little
heed of reverse of fortune or change
of dynasty, well content if allowed
to attend their owners in prison or
palace, to the throne or the scaffold.
Lord Bacon says, "Take an example
of a dog and mark what a generosity
and courage he will put on when ho
finds himself maintained by a man
who to him is in the stead of a god."
A dog has no wish to command.
'Ich then' is their motto, and more
willing, easily remunerated servants
it is impossible to find. Their fidelity
is proverbial; their constancy is not
to be bought. If there is a life be
yond this for them as well as their
masters, they will not only love them
"to tho death" here, but "out beyond
into the dream to -come," Art
Sudtrlch Island Print.
It is said that tho Kahunas were
wild and weird in their methods,
their gesticulations and howling
when an extra healthy victim did not
take kindly to tho scheme of pray
ing him into tho grave being some
thing terrible Co witness and hear.
Tho most recent victim of frenzy and
fanaticism on the part of tho Kahuna
isonoin connection with a double
murder on tho island of Lanal about
a year ago- One of them was fairly
clubbed to deatli by an aged beldame,
the other being burned alive in a
building. So great was the influence,
of tho hag that thejterrified Kanakas
who witnessed her acts were afraid to
interfere to save tho lives of tho vic
tims. Honolulu Cor. Chicago Trib
une. Two Vlw or City Lire.
Suburban Visitor should think
you'd die hero in tho city. There's
absolutely nothing to see but bricks
and mortar. 8Out of town, now,
there's Buch a lovely view that onoV
never lonesome
City Friend Ah I but you cannot
imagine how blissful it is to sit here
and tlunk, as tho electrics go by, that
you aro far above tho reach of their
grinding wheels. Boston Transcript.
rutie In Winter.
Unless thoy aro disturbed I doubt
if sonio of tho hllwrnating fishes
inovo so much 'as a fin during tho
winter, A frog will remain for four
months, looking apparently into tho
heavens with wide opened eyes, with
out onco moving them or any other
portion of his body. Crar Animal
Ah Inseuuou EktUrOOVrlus.
Alittlo child laboriously nreuaml
an Easter gift for her saintly grand
mother. It was a cardboard motto
selected by herself and bore tho
words in scarlet worsted. "Oo ami
Hood' Cu foe
f -3imWlP
2tr. T. A. Whrelrr
DUriner the War
2 wt Uktaal with iptaaf ditcase and rota
staUim. Wsen I cam betse 107 trouU
a sua with me, sod 1 m eeoS&fd to my
bed, acable to help arrwU, er 33 moaUu.
JLnerUU&oereq bottle oj Hoofs 8rsa
p&ruU I wu well, bar cot txea troubled
with my old eonptxtnU. tr wUe was In til
health. tuSnlnx wtth headache, dlulnesi
sad dyspepsia Shs took two bottles of
Hood's Sarsapariila
sad feels like' irmti." J. A.
V tu 1900 IHrtslon St- Baltimore.
H2d' PHtS l emlrvret prompUT
sad-eocienUj', oa tho llrer and bowels,
WoRi,Dfi Fair, Chicago.
OthBMt Arsat tad Sth Etrwt.
m nxeprooli Ml
moet: near Fetr
Orauniii bull on trtrr ttoor.
- ' wA ITn - iei 11 lilint
XTOTICE 1 hereby trlven that br litne ol
XS an eaecpUon Unix luued oat of tbeClr
..ait Conn ol ice Stale ol Oregon for tbe Conn.
iy oriianon ana tome directed onuioraiu
darcf Judc, 1S9J. upon a Judgment duly en
n.lled ana docketed In the clerks omesof tald
Circuit CrmrVonlbBrjtn day or June .Wilna
cert-in ull whcrln The J 003 Peel Co.. cor
poraiion was puiotirr and wsi. lienderanut
waa defendant in fvoror plalntinandfcelDsi
Jtfeodant by whlen eaecafon I am coaj-
maoded taat oat or the Deraonal Drocxrtrol
aid defendantor ITsamcient cannot be found
then ont ol the real property ol aald deiend-
jniimtaia coaniy on or alter tne 22a aay oi
Mat 1KB, toeatUiy thesamol fbrty-tbreeand
s5-100 oolUra dne on aald ludrment. with In
terest thereon, at tbe rate of 8 per cent, per
annum, iroxu w zza oaj ui jiitjr ,csuu
MU and ezpensea ol raid execution. I nave
levied njon and will on
Satnrday, tbe 2Gtb dar of Aopisl, 1893,
t the hour of lo'cioct p. m of said day, a1
...a ..M. w mf . k .. .......t.. .in .. hrR ,,.
,4jW !, UUU , UB VUlitJ wl. w, ,u
-kalem, Marlon county, Oregon, sell at public
luctloa to .he higoit bidder for ca-h In band,
ju tbe day of sale, all the right, title, lutrrest.
ana estate wiuco saia aeieuaaai, win. uen
denbot had on or after tbe 13d day of May,
A. 1L. ism. In or to tbe fnUowlne described
real property, to-wiu AU tbe following;
bounded and described real property, situated
lu the coaniy of Marion and state ol Oregon,
.ill of lets one (I ) two (O, tnree (3; and fear U)
in section twenty-one ruj a lowrsnip ioui
l.) soalh of range one II) west nf tbe WUla
mtte meridian conlalni cSKJIOO acres roort
or leu. together wltbailandslacularthe tene
ments, ncreaiuraeuis ana uppnnenantw
tbereanto, belonging or in anywise appertaln-
' Dated at Salem, this list day of July. 1830.
' Pheriff of Marlon County.
By F. T. WRIOHl'MAN, Deputy.
7-7J ww
Smith Premier Typewriter.
Bold on easy payments. For Rent.
W. I. STALEY, Agent, Salem.
U.N..BOKPEK,Gen'lArent, 101 Third St.
PortUsd. Bend for catalogue.
FAEaM eoe, sale.
A BA.Iia.UN16oftcrea with Improvements
over haif undr cultivation, rest pasture and
some good Umber. Terms very easy. Ad
6-77-lm-dw Wheatland, Or.
The Yaquina Route.
And Orernn IVivclonment comMDT'l steam'
hip line. 23 miles snorter. SO hoars le
tine than by any other route. First cUa
throueb caaaenrer and frelsht line from
Portland and all joints In the Willamette
vauev 10 ana iromiwa rnmoKu.
T1MK BCUtDULE, (Except Sunday.)
Lr Albany 1.03 pmlLv Uorratlls 1:10 p m
Ar Yaaulna&O pmlLv Yaquina &iS a m
L,v OarraUls. ilka am I Ar Albany IklOa m
ttiO, trains connect at Albany and Oor
Tallls. The above trains connect at Yaquina with
laeurrgonueveK pineal ixvs line onioun
era between Yinnln, and Han Francisco
N. U.Huumrrm from IKrtland and all
vVlilameite valley points can make close con,
occtlon with the trains of tbe Yaquina Route
at Albany or OonraUls and u eatinea te saa
KraucUoo. should arrange to arrive at Vaqalna
the ATnlnr brtftin, Mtnf AalliDSf.
faweseer and Freight Ualea always the
lowest ror inrormation appiy to Messrs.
HULUAN a Oj, Freight and Ticket Agent
juu ana 3Q3 Kroot street, i-oruana. ur or
U C. UOO UE, Aot Oen'l FU a Fas. AgU
ur. ivciao iLituo. uorraiu, ur.
C. H. UASWKtXs Jr, Qen't Freight and
l"aa. Agt, Ore levelopment Oo..
SX Montgomery Bt
Leave orders at UotUe-Farkhurst blodMvxim
U,rAalem, Oregon.
Manufacturer of Walrus, Cui
rtigtw, etc
RepolririB Spooialty
, Shop tSBUU street.
The Rustler food Saw
.' w I
And he doesn't barn QP half yoarroo4. hi
fuitl.wueube saws it. Uaka your contract
Willi nlin cemanallr orlnn Drain at Vanxrrn
lsr atom I ei bom's bcktk uorSLMi Mommw
I what TfaablH Wm,
I VWn nvw tmtmn wHtMtin who
tad jtMt hhwtVI a rowtaf wir ven9 np'
1 fftortM t an lax-r'! imn1 rrtrjr
; 4is, M itfutf iit m t In tewiff
kptttn . nn.1 I wnt iMftnl
wt ii ikM r -wettc tntjin nflkfcil
!9rtia thmMaail tMHiMtt a &er"
S)yi. V hl"i HtO llN) tlWHght.
ancriWf yonr wife Md rattm twrr-
feySa tfefnk ft pxfraViiwrlTP'"
"It hi net that." rettirol br hosbatid
diowly. "1 was womlerlnjt wlwt 1 ghoakl
do with tlw other 500 of my salary ."
Tlt'Bita, L ,
Thlr !.
She Whatever poes5ed yoo to get
one of t!ii9 vide hrira hsh?
He So that folks can't see what eoea
on the other side of it. Truth.
Trying It on Jennie.
A son of tho soil who was as crafty as
ho was free with his relatives approached
tho ticket office of the elevator leading to
the roof of the Manufactures bnilding
the- pther day and Ea(d to the lady ticket
"Bo yon sore these elevators air safef
"Oh, perfectly," the lady ticket seller
said without missing a chew of her
tntti fruttl,
"Well, I dnnnolxratit," he said, step
ping hack and looking up the web of
light ironwork thromrh which the eleva
tors were noiselessly gliding, "It looks
pretty flimsy. Do yon want to try itr
he asked his wife, a plain looking woman
of evident rural antecedents. .
She, having the boldness bred of igno
rance, expressed a desire to try it, when
he again approached the window and
"How many'a been killedpn these ma
chines bo far?" "
"Oh, they are perfectly safe, not a
single accident yet."
"Well, I dtumo," he doubtfully mus6d,
with another look upward. "Do yon
want to try it, Jennier"
She said she did.
"What'a it cost, miss?"
"Ronnd trip 25 centa."
"Looks to me like a perpendicular
trip," ho chuckled.
But the ticket seller only frowned and
impatiently tapped the desk with a pack
ago of tickets.
"Other people waiting behind you,
sir," she said, as the man hesitated.
"Is it 23 centa for one?" -
"Well, Jennie, perhaps you'd better
go, and if yon like it you come back and
tell me, and 111 go."
Jennie wen$, while her weak, unde
cided husband stood with open mouth
and staring eyea and watched thoele
Tator waft her to the dizzy heights
above. Chicago Tribune.
lie "Weakened.
Tppnoddy made up his mind that he
was not going to bo trampled oa any
longer by his wife, so when he went
home at noon he called ont imperieusly:
"Mrs, Topnoddyl Mrs. Topnoddyl"
Mrs. Topnoddy came out of the kitch
en with a drop of perspiration on her
noee, her sleeves turned up, a dishrag in
one hand and a rolling pin in the other.
"Well, sir," she said, "what'll ye
Topnoddy staggered, but braced up.
"Mrs. Topnoddy, I want you to under
stand, madam," and ho tapped his breast
dramatically, "I am the engineer of this
"Oh, you are, aro yert Well, Mr. Top
noddy, I want you to understand that
I," and she looked dangerous, "I am the
biler that'll blow up and fling the engi
neer over into tho next garden. Do yer
'ear tho steam escaping, Topnoddy?"
"Yes," said Topnoddy meekly. And
then ho inquired if there was any assist
ance ho could render in the housework.
New York Mercury.
A Growing UablU
She (on the train) When wa were on
our wedding tour three months ago, you
sat by my side during the whole journey,
bntanow the moment we are seated you
want to rush off to the smoking car.
He Well er -the smoking habit
grows as one grows older. New York
. .
Enfant Terrible.
Littlo Annie Please tell me, mamma,
why yon have bought a rubber ring for
the baby? .
Mother So that he may cet teeth.
Littlo Annie Oh, if that's the case I
think you ought to give our old Aunt
Mary a ring also. Schalk.
How Tl Knew,
Blind Beggar (to old lady) You aren't
tbe land to pass a poor blind fellow on
the street and not give him nothin.
Old Lady How do you know?
Blind Beggar I can tell by lookin in
your sweet, pretty face, ma'am. Har
pec's Bazar.
A Doubting Thomas.
Mrs. lAdow The naner sava U11
rain tomorrow.
Farmer Meadow It does, eh? Well.
I hain't much faith in thM noB-nuBu.
rlssifclilssssft-aeMssassaairsssssss-SMSMS, , t
jflk HV a K sbsb Dm rlsU .aQ sssT A TmS
B .SBSSSSTa IbsVbBSSwj asM BKl VaB 11 - BSn BWj
for Infant
"Cas ort a Is to wB adapted to children thai
t iw:otiuue.ttd ft as superior to any prescription
ksowntome." fL. A. AacHza, If. IX.
ill So, Oxford EC, Srcti,,H. T.
"The 4 of 'Catnrla'is'Br universal end
Its nvrltt so well known that It seemsawcrk
of scpererorstlca to endorse It. Few ervtbe
tBtelligeot families who do not keep Castoria
within easy reach."
Clixos Xivrnr, D.D-
Hew York City.
Late Pastor Bloccnlnrdalo Befonned Church.
Tea CWrxcsi
Completed and ready to wait oa customers. Horses boarded by day or wctk
at reaaoosble prices. We' Keep a full line of Truck", Draa and Express to
meet all demands, f Also keep tbe finest 8talllnns in tbia county. rnr-rvlee.
Bam and "residence 2 block south of poslnftlce. RYAN t CO.
If you would be clean an'd havej'our clothes done up in
the neatest and dressiest manner, take them to the
where all work is done by white labor and in the most prompt
Liberty Street.
Skin Food.
l-adies wbo Mirier
from Cutting Win 1s
and ncorching t-an
M. Harrison's
Lola Montez Crcme
The hln Iood.
Th .bet- remedy for.
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and free fn-ra Irrita
tion, as it soolbs and,
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restorative and 'pre
servative. I a lltt'e ifontez C erne is nibbed
la the f Kin and thoroughly wiped off oealn,
jat before applying powder, th complexion
will be sorter, and the powder will ren ain
loncer. desldes prevenllrg tbe powder from
clfgelng the pores of tbe sKln- Prii e 75 cents.
For sals by Fit ED LEGO, nrngglst, Patton
uiocK, coifim, ure.
Foraty or complicated blemish of
iacc ur iurm, wnw
America's BrAtmr Doctor,
16 Geary SU "an FrancUco. Cal
Saperflaous Hair Permanently Removed.
SALEM, - - Or(jon
Private work a specialty.
C B. CLEM EST. Manager.
The House tyover.
451 MarioH Street.
ilaa tbe best facilitiea tor moving' and Fals
ing booses. Leave orders al uray Bros., or
address Salem, Oregon.
Frw Terminal or Interior Points liie
Is the line to take .
To all Points East and Sooth.
It Is the dining ear ronie. Itrnns throes u
vestlbole trains, every day in they oar to
(No change of ears.)
Composed of dining cam unsurpassed.
Pullman drawing room sleepers
';OI latest eqalpmen'
Sleeping Cars .
Best that can be constructed and In which
aooommodatlena are both tree and tar
nlshed for holders of first and second-das
tickets, and
A. con tinners line, eoatMaiagc with 'all
lines. aQordlnr direct and uninterrupted
service. r
Pullman sli eper reserratlons can be se
cured In adTLLC tiKw.gU any agent of
the road.
Through tidbits to and from ail points
In America, England and Europe can be
purchased at any ticket omce of this com.
Full information eenoerniug rates, time"
oftralnajoateaandotherdetallsrumlahed ;
on &;nlleaUon to any arent or .
Aaaltutnt Operal PassinvaTActol o.
W First street, or. Waahlngten: 1-ort.
.'i ' i
(Nsftiisrs Pacrle R. R. C, ItneeO
Two Through Trains Daily.
tt5pm3pmHillnnal fctttml SciSpm
L3pm T:lipm 1 HtPanl,..a Jun fcWpm
.OcJQam 4Spm 1 Dulatba 11.10am T.aipin
1 5P TjBipm i Ashland, a tukm ASm
7JSam ltaai aChlogol a.Qipm Hj
Tickets told and hacgage checked throuab
to all polns tn the Dmted Klatea and tit4
Cloae oossctloa soade la rtilr o with all
tralas golac KaM aad MMath.
and Children.
Caaiorf a cure Coftc, OoBxtfpaUVa,
Pour Stomach, Diarrhoea. Lructation,
KllWorma, grege sleep, and,, promotes d
For several years I have reoornmertv.
your Castoria and shall always cooUnoe m
dti so as It has) Invariably produced beoeflOU
Etnriv F. Paum. M. D,
"Tbe Wlmhrop," UJth Street and Tth Are,
New Tork City
Ckncnurr, 77 Jfcaaar Btuzt, Kit Toax.
W. L,
S3 SHOE no'Wtp.
Do ym vht tsa? Wbea wxt la need try t pair.
est In the world.
Ifyeawaat a Cite DRESS SHOE, made lattotitet
trrles, doa't piv $6 to $3, try my $3, $3 JO, $4.00 er
$5 Shea. Ttsy fit eqsil to nttsm made sad lock ltd
wtaruwtlL Ifyoawlihtoeccaorakslnyourfootwuf,
da to by perekulsg W. L Dosgtu Sbset. Nirai ud
fries stamped oa the bottom, lock for It when yo bey
W.XIXTJGlAS,BroclEton,Xass. Soli by
Kkait&or Hhi8
A New Remedy
A true Specific a pomive aad permanent cEmini&a
cfaS pouoa hca tbe blood, and a restoration of htiltif
vigor to the txssoes u odcrad tosuflercrsfbrthefint uas
ia a nady which bal ban endcrgoing the mast ttrcn
Txfnte upRUmu ar the put thrrc years. It his not
yet tiBid. sad it wia not Uh. u a U True Specific
tor SrphiUic pouoa aad an blood dbcues. IX yoa be
EcTCitl Sena ior full parucaUrs sad Froof free. ,Sop.
GUsg 'year tyaesi with mercury and other pouocs.
This retaedy wSS cur yoa tn 30 to 00 dayi withoat Ui.
f"e rnarmatee m care or refund the money.
1TO Tint Street
l4UTiMup, jSokktloft,'
nty ComplalntSf
Lame bgk9 c
lust funuriUrt himauiu I
ITffl ears wuhbat ntddM all Knbai reeaaiac freer
ejcUoa. u aeiioQi aVbttity. wrual. turw.
p bMU health, et; Thi eleetno Belt eosttaa
Wi lii 1 fui l.i.natJii over all other. Correal if
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S2S? tf tLS alsea or rio rr. o
SJSf.WIt fcwo o1 by this iwkiiiJiiTttOai
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OwTrfia Imfnnt lUCTUC STJSrXXMIT. the
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Mee Bodrcrliral PajpKt,milJ.eW,re
The LINE That
xll others
s 1 ( liMih
1 DAYS to
Hftiiw the Quickest to Chicago ari
m the East.
Djaw Quicktf to Omaha and Kan
IIi,Ri sas City.
Puliffian and Touritt Slw-pcfS, Free Fm&
hg Chair Cart, D.n ng Cars.
Kornuea aad ocseral lnaim.atKn call ea.
oradArasa, ,
$4.Mm: ik
2.51 MPI
FOR .ofEnBbC
predktloa. What dots the r'-irrn
Ma No How."-ifw York Time
street, or addres i bfaiall, -tt-Ul
V, . HPRI BUKT, Ant, u. r.
wmr AS. ST. rwiMS,, in
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