Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, June 24, 1893, Image 4

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THE PALACE andThoeTSpany
307 Commercial Street.
- if -
Vou are going to build or make any Mud of
Improvement. enll on thi underd'gned lor
niHUrlnl. We have a complete Hook, ned ntt
redjr tosupptjr any prepared contract, ewer
work, grading, etc.
Salem Imrovomont Co,
Mr. and Mm. It. B. Fleming gavo n
delightful party at their homo on Cot
tage street, Wednesday evening, In
honor of Mrs. Bum .'Mitirch of Portland
now on a visit to her parents. The
Ktiostn woro moatly close friends of Mrs.
Church oud all were glad to welcome
her back to her old home pveu for a
abort visit. Hoses wero everywhere
abundant throughout the house, and
eaoh lady woro a corBago bouquet ot
her choicest varieties. Drive whist as
of yore, then refreshments heralded by
a delicious pineapple sherbert and sup
plemented by auti-sleep cakes, plain
and fringed, berrls, coflee and choco
late with spanked cream, and. ice cream
served with a cold-chisel aud hammer
on the side. Three libelous carrlsatures
wero passed around tbo compuny, one
showing Mr. Gilbert as be looked when
his opponents won a "slam," one of
Pap Walte with his threo-ply world's
fair smile when he won his first prize,
and the other of Judge Murphy's re
ceptlou at the Mum olub. Later In the
evening the Judge was overpowered
and made an honorary member of this
During the excitement of this initia
tion in which the candidate lost his
taffy, Mr. Fleming was quietly making
way with the Ice cream, using a spoon
In size little less than that of a spade,
and Mrs. Sutherland was In the same
boat paddling along with a spoon in
each band. Dr. Richardson promptly
took their temperature with uu orna
mental thermometer snatched from the
wall, ordered Mr. Fleming's spoon re
moved, and had them blanketed forth
with, which measures no doubt saved
the cream. Mr. Wagner entertained
a group with some choice Arublan
Knights selections, taken from the Bal
timore Life aud some original Jokes
which he makes in the yard back of
bis house on North Frout street. An
acquaintance who has the run of the
bouse and always looking for some
thing new, took great pleusure iu ex
hibiting Mrs. Fleming's new JS-ist Lake
rose. JNo cuttings wero disposed of but
they can bo had by asking Mrs. Flem
ing about this new variety. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. IMemlug,
Mrs. Bam Church, of Portland, Mr.aud
Mrs. E. M. Walte, Judge and Mrs. J. J.
Murphy, Mr. aud Mrs, E. Ureymau,
Mr. and Airs. J. G. Wright, Mr. and
Mrs. D. F. Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. A.
N. Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Claud Gatch,
Judge and Mrs. GoorgoH. Burnett, Mr.
and Mrs. O. E Krausse, Mr. and Mrs.
J. D. Sutherland, Mr. aud Mrs. R. P.
Boise. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Will
man, Mrs. Monroe, Mrs. Dodd and Dr.
The Rose Tea that will be hold at the
First Congregational church Tuesday
evening, June 27th, will consist of a
flue program and refreshments. The
young people, who have it In charge
will see that every one present will
have a good time. A treat of the sea
ton la promised. Delsarte movements
will be executed by several young
ladle In costume at the entertainment.
Mr. Wlllman, the piano artist, has
kindly consented to play. The pro
ceeds wilt go towards getting a now
carpet for the parlors of the church aud
equipment of the parlors, upon which
1U0 baa been expended.
w. b. o. PICNIC.
The W, It. C. enjoyed a jdculo Wed
sesday, at Mrs. R. E. Wands, in
Hanpden Park. They wore met at
the asylum street car, and returned on
a, bay rack with feet swinging In the
air. Tu any that all enjoyed themselves
would be expressing It very mild. The
strawberry abort cake, prepared by the
hostess, was declared flit for a king,
ad all would be glad to repeat the oo
Paul I
Ob Mead aftHHoon little
mmmimfminpi '"
at Lasl !
Mold Wflleli mill Jlfniillfdl set t)t
Johnson entertained it score of his
young friend, In honor ofhln filth
tin diversity, nt the family home on
(Ugh street. Mrs, U. W. Johnson, as
sisted by Miss Lulu, nud Mrs. 11, A.
Johnson, Jr., served n delicious lunch
for the party of youngsters, who were
nearly all kindergarten class-mates of
Paul, nud assisted them In their Juven
ile plays. All had a delightful time,
and will long remember the event
Those present were: Paul nud Crotn
Johnson, Ruth nud Karl Gubrlelson,
Allcln and Lillian McElroy, Bcott and
Ella May Webb, Ivan and Murgerlte
Putnam, Edna and Luclle Davis, Olive
and Lulu Thompson, Weller and Hoi
lister Cbamherllu, Rex and Joy Turn
er, Orrnond Bean, Mario Hofer, Corlnne
Riely and Ama Strong,
Pay Day Among Employes at the
State Fair Grounds.
Hecrotary J. T. Gregg, of tbo State
Agricultural Society, arrived iu the city
this morning aud at once proceeded to
tbo State Fulr Grounds office to receive
the pay rolls from Supt. J. Q. Wilson.
The bunds have not been paid since
tno work begun. All will be paid ofl
tonight and there will be several thou
sand dollars seeking the tills ofBalem
business men. This money will be
paid out of the funds of the State Ag
rlcultural Society and not out of the
(11,000 special appropriation by the
Inst legislature.
For the July meeting of the Oregon
Breeding & Speed Association the fol
lowing trotting, pacing and running
races have tilled:
No. 1, seven-eighths mile dash
Black Alder entered by R. R. Hays,
Bilva S entered by G. V. Robbins,
Nipper entered by W. H. Humphrey,
Seretta entered by A. M. Alleu, Undine
entered by J. B. Kays, Paddy Ryan
entered by H. Tartar, and Ruby en
tered by Thomas J. Strickland, Sun
day Lewis entered by Jas. Phillips.
No. 2, pony ruuuiug 300-, ard dush
Nellie S. entered by Frauk Snyder,
Birday entered by Charles Matthews,
Jet F entered, by J. H. Ford, Snow
Fit-ke entered by E. L Burnett, Thom
as entered oy I. B. Heury, Digger en
tered by H. Clurk.
No. 3. trot 2:4.5 claos, 2 in 3 Multno
mah entered by Burrows Bros., Delia
A entered by Robt. Breeze, Alta A en
tered by E. House, Malheur entered by
J. B. Smith, HbamrocK entered by
Vau Do Lushmutt, Cazmo entered by
Kenwood stables, Black Diamond en
tered by R. D. Cooper, Plato entered
by J. t. Mosher.
No. 5, pacing, 2:23 class, 2 In 3 Lit
tle Muld entered by J. E. Kirklaud,
Del Norte entered Barrows Bros., Due
Sperry entered by Sum Casto, Rocket
entered by O. W. Gill.
No. 7, i nillo aud repeat Robin H
entered by R. R. Hays, Nipper entered
by W. Humphrey, Lancer entered by
Will J. Garrison, Rockland Boy enter
ed by A. M. Alleu, Paddy Ryan enter
ed by H. Tartar.Ruby entered byThos.
J. Strickland, Billy Ay res entered by
J.A.Foster, Uudlne entered by J. B.
Kays, East Lynne entered by J. H,
No. 8t trot, 235 class, 2 In 3 Tyball
eutered by Oscar Willis, Tyee entered
by Robt. Breeze, Desota entered by J.
R. Sawyer, Belle B entered by C. W.
Hawks, Anita eutered by M, E. Welch,
Hamrock eutered by E. De Lasbmutt
No. 0, trot, 224 class, '-' mile beats
Lady Mao entered by Robt. Breeze,
Pearl Fisher entered by J. A. Beach,
Bishop Hero entered by E. Rothobild,
Blondle 12741 entered by Van De Lasb
mutt No. 10, running, three-eighth mile
dash Black Alder entered by R. R.
Hays, Lancer entered by Will J. Gar
rison, Roanoake entered by H. B. An
derson, innocence Abroad eutered by
H. Tartar, Black Prince entered by Z.
Craven, Arago entered by W. R. An
derson, Viola entered by J, H. Strlok
land, Bleepy Dave entered by J. B.
Kays, Beu entered by J. H. Byerly.
No. 11. runnlntr. 1 mlledasb NlDDer
entered by W.H. Humphrey, Silya 8 J
iWJIHIXrt OAPfTfi JOtfffKAIi, A'JPWUAY, iHWfl 4, 1WW,
pfifofwl fy A W All, (ffli1ifi0tH
oN!iy,l II, Nam
Nth tt.Ubt, tfilffftln-Mffllii -i'llf
ffiofiL lor Nilrfrd hy i, v. (julmfiy,
FMfik O'WMI eriieml ly M itolli
cifiHd, Kfllle Ijm enured fy 'f W. lint
tU, Yfnmt mweu ly Khmh M
Mr Vainibtn eilwtl liy 'f'lii it, Toll'
WW, AiiIa eiilefed ly M W VftMi,
tin, , nvUK ti fMUiUU, illffl lirrtl,
AIM WWtl etHcred tijf Attlh Vntktf,
itutm entered by.fi, W.'illdeii,
Ada it entered by Kenwood steMe,
Ahllifl entered (y J, U, Molief
No, H, (iiinliiK iillfl dli-l'st
Murphy entered by 0. Wi itobblne,
ItonfiuHke entered by It, H, Ahdefcon,
Hleepy Dnve entered by J. IU lUyn,
lllnfik l'f lues entered by Tli A, Htfloh
Jrttid, Lldft St enleredy Craven, Arugo
entered by W. it. Anderson, Viola en
(ercd by J. it, Hlrfoklnhd, Jlotl entered
by J, if Dyerly.
tio, 17, Indies 0 tnllo rilntiliig-lly
Miss l)aiy Ulernnd Mtes Uorllin Price
Entries to thlo race to not close until
Ilia night before the rnco
At meeting oftlio board held Juno
20, 1603, the following specials wero or
A free for nil trot, 8 In f Amount of
purse to bo named Inter. "
2-yenr-old trot, 2 best In 8 Five to
outer, three to start, purse, (200,
Five-eighth tnllo running dnsh Flvo
to enter, three to start, purse (ICO,
Gentlemen's roadster race, purso
Qompllod From tho Recorder's Minuto
Book of Proceedings.
Bai.km, Or., Juno 23.
Council mot in adjourned sossou,
mayor and all members presout.
Report of city hall building commit
tee read, It appears elsewhere
W. D. Pugh, architect, appended fol
lowing statement to tho committee re
pert: "As tho bids recently opened for
tho erection of the proposed city ball
somewhat exceed tbo amount washed
to be expended, I herewith submit an
itemized statement of several altera
tions wbloh can bo made without in
any way impairing tho strength, dur
ability or design of the building. The
same having been submitted to the
lowest bidder for an estimate which is
submitted herewith: Tewlt:
1. 50,000 common brick omitted in
east and west walls.
2. Lower frieze of cornice omitted
on south and west walls.
3. Plastering omitted in apparatus
4. Truss timbers in roof reduced in
size from 12x10 in. to 10x16.
5. Second story unfinished (and first
floor laid partitions being run), except
firomen's quarters und water closets
which will be finished.
6. Two main flights of stairs (inside)
in building omitted.
7. Plain wainscotting on ground
floor throughout.
8. Vault omitted in second floor.
0. Stonework In towor and south
entrance changed from range work to
random ashlar, 8 and 12 inches thick
backed with brick.
10. Inside walls of tower changed
from stone to brick work.
11. All but two main partitions on
second floor changed from 3x8 to 2x8
12. Omit iron guards in sub basement
windows and reduce trues rods as fig
ured in section.
13. Batter footings of foundation
walls instead of square set-offs.
14. Radiators omitted on second
story except in firemen's bed and sit
ting roomB and firemen's quarters.
15. Reduction of 4 inches in thick
ness of concrete walls, tower walls ex
10. Electric wiring changed to con
form with rules and regulations of Sa
lem Light & Power Co.
Following Is attached and signed by
the coutractors,Hutohlns & Soulhwick;
"In consequence of certulu proposed
specified list of changes which may be
mado In the plans and specifications of
the new city hall, by which certain
portions of the iuterior may be left un
finished, we will make a reduction of
All the above was read and adopted.
Hunt moved to adopt report.
Albert moved to amend report to In
clude changes recommended by the ar
chitect and council and be resubmitted
for Lids.
Vote on Albert amendment: Ayes
Smith, Albeit, 2; noes Hunt, Lufore,
Cross, Olmstead, Gray, Klein, 0. Lost.
Cross moved to ameud by striking
out changes recommended by commit
tee and receiving bids aocording to
original plane.
Vote on Cross amendment. Ayes
Smith, Cross, Olmsted, Albert, 4; noes
Hunt, Laforo, Gray, Klein, 4.
Tlie mayor voted no. Lost.
The question recurring on motion to
adopt report, ayes Hunt, Lufore, Olm
sted, Gray.KIeln, 6; noes Cross, Smith,
Albert, 3. Carried.
Recorder was instructed to return all
certified checks except that of Hutch
ins South Wick,
The motion to establish a new grade
ob state street was reconsidered ; street
oemmittee to prepare plan for lmprov
fH((fhfl(fef,nfit. (tnfifdf ttflll Kfel
fnilfoml COfllpUiy flbolll lilOYlrlK Hllf
riirildi mwvftl (tat Hie" btoyolfl w
tfftUoii ba ftffihlfted Ut bill qiisftef
mllft (WMiOrW twit In Wllion jmrk
Hfidef (. tfolofi of the lfeel tmmU
slorief. AUtl fnomi Ut Amend lMt
(Ion o dial n eoiiiinlllM cofi'Mlii of
Klein, Mmllli and Vtt, should net
tbe ninltefi (tarried,
iteoorder w Instrueted (o pubilsii
nolle of lb liriproveihoiit of ifllli
street from fatty Cohtef, ! Incite
of ((ravel to be tined, eld,
mht, BUILD A 01TY UAhh,
Keport of flttlldltirf Commlttes Adopt
ed frlday lit enlng by the
To tbo tunyor and common council of
the oily of Bnlefri, Gentleineul-'
We, your committed on ootistrtiotfoti
of the city bull, to whom wns referred
tho bids for tho construction of same,
beg lenvo to report, Hint we linvo litul
tho nme Under consideration, nud reo
l'lrflt-'Ilmttho bid of Hutchlns A
HoutliWlok, for tho construction of tho
ofty hnll, nccordlng to tho plans nnd
specifications, ns adopted by tho conn
oil, wlthstenm heating, to-wltjtho sum
of (53,870, Is $8,325 lower than tho next
lowest old or the bid of G. A. Stephens
which was (50,195,
Second Whereas tho bid of Hutch
Ins & Bouthwlck ((53,870) Is higher
than tho, estimated cost of tho building
and after carefully considering tho
plans nnd specifications, nnd upon the
recommondatlou of Architect W.JJ
Pugh, we reccommond sundry changes
in the details of tho work, which will
not Impair the strength or appcarnnco
of tho building in any sense but will
save to the city, the sum of (4, 253 00,
an Itemized statement of said changes
being iiereto attached, and that said
sum of (4, 253 bo deducted from the bid
of said Hutchlns & Southwlck.reducing
said bid to the sum of (40,017.
Third We reccomend that the city
enter into a contract with Hutchlns &
Bouthwlck, for tho construction of the
city hall, in accordance with the plans
and specifications as amended, for the
sum of (40,017.
Fourth We further recommend,
that the list of changes, as hereby rec
ommended, the same having been
agreed to by said Hutchlns & South
wick, be made and attached to the
specifications, so as to be a part of the
specifications and contraot.
Fifth That the city attorney be in
structed to prepare contract and bond
in accordance herewith, which when
properly signed by the contractors, to-
getner witn good ana sumclent sure
ties, in the sum of (50,000 and approved
by the mayor, shall be the contract
governing the construction of the city
Sixth We further advise, owing to
the lack of funds in the hands of the
treasurer, for use In constructing this
building, that the terms of payment
and time of contract be referred to the
building committee, for an arrango
ment with the contractors, the whole
to be finally approved by the mayor.
Seventh We further recommend,
that Pioneer stone and Burton Bros.
pressed brick, be used in the construc
tion of the building.
M. W. Hunt,
Geo. W. Gray,
A. Klein,
E. M. La fore,
Committee on construction of city
The question now was on tbo original
motion of Hunt to adopt the report.
This was carried, Smith, Albert and
Cross voting No.
Notice. Tuesday will bo the first
day of the State Bportsmens' tourna
ment at MorningBide. The shooting for
prizes will begin at 0 o'clock, and it will
be one of tho best days of the season.
The people of Salem should remember
that these exhibitions are free, and
that the Motor company will run trail
ers aud furnish the best accomodation
for the comfort of all visitors. This 1b
not a mouey-making enterprise, but
conducted for the pleasure of the visi
tors as well as the people of this city.
Picnics. 8alem has had scores of
picnics this season, and many a good
time has been had out at MorntngHde.
The beautiful high grounds, the run
ning streams and springs, as well as
the shady groves, make it the most de
sirable place about the city, not to
mention the great convenience of get
ting baok and forth on the motor cars.
Things are lively out there now, as
many new homes are going up, and
dozens of Salem's best families arrang
ing to move out there.
. fflflKSB
VA im MilUoM f H(Mt-4o Ynx. SuZLt
ifiWiiWfwrff'lfJ?l3l!lIgfTl v'nf'!!lJ'JSJl? "' "y-H'Twwqy!wPPWffPW!B?g!g!gg
It UiHt iillscf cxlieftod wlitm
fitiddefily inndfl Atfifa Ihftfc Joti
jiosseM rt dlftbollcnl fiffnfltjfcfiiciii
oitlled sloinnolu Mo Iwd ttysjieif
iM lirtVd Hie SrtMd Jifcdofiiliinul
ajfiiifitoiiisj Imt wlirttoY6f foftfi
(tysiioiislrt takes'
H1i6 UiittertytHtf twt 4t
And otia liiiftg Is certain t6 one
will rortirttn n dyBboplId -who will
II itllt eerree
I AsUt lilcettltm
land at tho tame
Start tha
Liver working nnd
all boditu
will mtitppcar.
"For mot ltin llife
eurt 1 luffetKl with
DnrMl In Hi wetii
AririnA. bill the nffof dd flO ftlf. Al I Ml I If IM
refit form. 1 mn MYtm
filmmom Urttd Kepilitof, which tureJ me In a
ihort tlm, 11 1 Reed medlcliw, I would not
t wllhoul It' jAMi A, KoAH, PhlUd", l'.
"A a general ftmll remedy for tyiepl,
Torpid IJyef, Coiwtlpitlon, etc., f hardly rret
me anything ehe, and lure never been dip
pointed In the effect pfoduced. It eem lo m
altnott a perfect cure for all dlteate of the btomacb
and lloweli." W J, McElhoy, Macon, Oa
Tho proceedings of tbo city council
In nwnrdlng the city ball contraot are
pullsbed In full in Tiik Journal as
they appear on tho recorder's books.
From tho record It appears that n
long list of alterations and omissions
are mado in tho contract and specifica
tions which appear to amount fo (4263.
Other bidders knew nothing of tho
Assuming that (4253 is tho truo value
of tho work uud matcrlul omitted from
the contract, the question arises has
the council the right to leuso even that
amount to tbo Judgment of any single
bidder, but should It not have let all
bidders know of the intended changes?
The list of changes is long nnd mate
rial, aflectlng tho construction of the
entire building, and there is room for
great difference in the estimated de
ductions that should be made on uc
count of such changes. The city
should have bad tbo benefit of open
competition from all the builders on the
revised specifications and if the changes
were deemed necessary the original
bids should not have been made public.
No detailed statement of cost in
volved in these changes was required
to be submitted to the council by the
architect, and there is no evidence In
their report that any such estimate was
laid before the committee or was ever
These facts are submitted to the peo
ple without comment. Wruld any
member of the council make such a
contract if acting for himself?
A Bia Bun Has been made on The
Fruit Palace for tboso mammoth goose
berries and strawberries for canning
and fumilv use. All demands have
been met, however, and the actual re
serve Is known4obo ample. Mr. Bine
man commands great many acres,
aud takes only the choicest plckiugs.
Get your fruit now, while it is in prime
and remember the FrUlt Palace, at 132
State St.
Few Hop Lice J. M. Settle.of Leb
anou, reports hop prospects in that part
of Linn county as fine, but says a few
lice are showing up. Henry Glesy says
the crop about Auroraand in the north
ern part of Marion county was never
better, and that no lice have shown up
as yet.
Money. A banker says there Is
more in Balem banks than ever be
fore. Loans are not being made ex
cept at regular ten per cent rates and
only "for love and aQection" as one
banker puts It. Coin is held back until
confidence is restored.
Times Good Tho way Lockwood
messengers are flying about town is ev
idence of good times. At any rate peo
ple appreciate a public convenience.
Notice. Members of the Salem Rod
anujuun club are requested to meet
this Saturday evening, at 8 p. m. at
Brooks & Salisbury's store, to elect
three delegates to the state Tourna
ment. Rare Offer. Buren & Bon have a
rew good second-hand carpets which
can be bad at a bargain.
m i
Good new house to rent, six blocks
from post office. Inquire of Geo. M.
Beeler. 6 20-tf
OND Otf OUll
ALL wool suits
For One Week.
French Chip, Tuscan Braid, English Milans, all colors, includ
ing a line of pretty plaques, every one cheap a $4.50,
will be sold for
New lot, summer styles, elegant shapes, beautifully
,, and artistically trimmed, cheap at $3.00,
will be sold for
New and stylish, just the thing for summer wear, assorted
colors, pretty and daintily trimmed, every one cheap
for $1.50, will be sold for
50 cents 50 cents 50 cents
25 doasen Ladles', Misses' and Children's fine untrlmmed hats,
25 cents 25
25 dozen Children's
za cents 25
10 dozen Ladles' Bun Hats,
zo cents .. 25
6 dozen only Ladles' Rough and Beady White Sailors,
15 cents 15 cents 15 cents
Real, genuine, big-hearted, bankable values; just what the
people want, and to be appreciated must be seen.
265 Commercial Street.
Call and examine our well assorted stock of Carpets, Oil Cloths, Linoleums and
MattingsPrices the lowest.
eyjfTf,g;gfy;fc werkL AtserU fifteen"
cents 25
Trimmed Bailors,
cents 25
assorted colors, cheap for $1.00,
cents - 25
& CO.
W D !