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The Question 10 Often Asked Why the
Tb? N?u) York Racket
Has such a Hvoly trado, whllo it appears dull In many places?
Timt (iiiflNlion to omWy WinWord, Uioy buy tlioff fltiooci ffofi on of tlio frioeit rotlftbla tfftli
fihoo fwiiorfcM In Hi, mh, vayhm imi (or lliofi, fclioroby flolMritf llialr nUtek nl tlio lowest
price, Tliwi fHflHucr for wwli, liioy liftyo no allowtmcu to maIm for bud jummmIs, Tiwt ox
plfilriN why tlioy hciII iIiocin dump, f t other llfioa, fiucifi m Htla, "WJiItw HliffUi, iJIftik S1(jmi,
mid light DroHH Slilrtx, Vmim, Overall, tfiulorwoflr of all kind for Irtdloa, find tfotita lionwfy,
htuw. KmbrohhrUn, I mki OurUfiw, ftflibofiM, OIovm, Mill, Tftblo Linen, LiiiftH Trtbloalollw,
NankiriH, CJrwili, UiuiuiwqUh, JJriiwhoa mid noLfofiff of til kinds tvfilufi are ill bought lor caiih
in Now York, find following tlmt lino, (chIi) from ImUtry to (jonfiumor, thoy ctn ilford to sail
it low pricoH, 'J'lioy wk an oximlnutlon of tliolr stook and pri(M&
E. T. BARNES, State Ins. Block.
ing Pace With
Uhvo your bunlnm nocoun( kept
The rry I'ttfciil
It.isil.c, llwil urn u.rlliu nf Mix n( rillliilMl mill liritltMt lit Itld f VOT fl fllfl f ( t Of'
flpluld of th Hmifl of Orison, ninl thw urculer Mnln of Ilia iiioroliiilll men
of thoBtafo, nromiroly dmorvinu of fttrlrtl hy vrryori.
Manufactured In Orison ONLY by Tlio MBU)i)yKorl JJook Mf, Co,,
i'roprlowjrw ol
tilndora to tlio Btatfl of Orogon, L'rlntorx mid Lltliogrrtplii'M, Hnlom, Oregon
General Insurance Agency.
ItipreentlnK the following woll-known od rIUbl Oo(npnlM(
HTATK INHtlltANOK CO., Mnn InmimnM (to.,
TrderInurBncoCo Hnn JnniiranM (H.(
Nntlonnl Iiiurinc( Wetflhtilr gin fun. (to.,
linn LUaln.MMnililVl f fit nA.llU VI P I flSllMtfllUI tU.M
iiOiidoti fttiowlilro Flr In.
Alliance AnnuniDcaUa.
Oldwtnnrt ixjiMilng Klrmln tlie City
Ilooovers and repair HphoWored furnlturo. JjiMig Kxr
enables me to turn out flrnt-dit work. HttmplM of. covorlc
give entltuateH. BUUi Innuronoe block, Uliemokda utrcet.
Ed. C.
Tb undenlrned will ll kt tb tant
ldrlu( IIodm In Opm Jicm tilock, Ju
ok. July
15. iiH. Any on nsvmic ( tur U
ntinfuj togtm bttui Hl,
1UWM1 ujfevwune ucwfvimi,
, . ., EOR SALE.
On tur Urm nd ebsp. A 50 rr fired
onHUDDyri)dWo,on. luilUotjli
IIrbd U yr MfxrricsM UalalMftw
Iritekororriaca. Ter woal.
toand at WeitMott'a lUbli, or ldryM wm.
frlrat work a jxeHy.
C. H. OCKM lUf T, M8r.
lurtatnfclp iAUf eiMlag Ki
cr. W. Hiti sud P,a lrar to tfcU dy dl
olr4 by wouuj ooyUyt ! f - V. Lr fMlf'
UKtrmlin. & W. IUwU WW -U
aatiwtWMfM. fiir.W
Ihe Times,
In PliRPJJOT look, siioli are
Flnt OiM)fiiK Kookn.
lwidm AMurauo ivf wftlofl,
. . Worwleli Onln Klre Iii.o,
Movolod Kxfllnlviy w Jimurnnwir
the trade
trouble to
Spraying 'Otilfffs,
10 3
State Street.
WHoICHHie MN(1 ItcUfl
Dealer Ih Vrenh, Halt and
Hniokcd MetitH f 1IN1h(Ih
Off Court and
XIO Mate Htrectn.
li & fUa r fcrM ltkt HtriiHr
K'Avftlu nd tcate." AmvMut rcrCtUrs
.-r " r - . .t . - . i - j. .
tj) W Wfttll IO iHllrlM yCH WllH thti
an llil
Patton Bros.,
0 rrAiK winr.Kr,
pinj'& wf a&rtmi of er,
3tdTt (JilOif Bervlce at 10:80
a nl. n (id fl n in, Bundity cohool nt 12.
ltov. W 14. (y'oirelaiid, pnstor fltibject
of ((.oftilng scfiiion (Tho ilenlJeBUH,"
Bubjeat of evening lecture "la Civiliza
tion of (JlifMlrtii or Moliauiedan orl
ln V"
tir I'Atil.'fl Kplsoopal, corner of
Clnirali mid Olieuieketn streets, Bor
vk'os In Die un.mlnKnt 105(1 and In the
evening nt 0 o'uloak, Services on
Thursday evening nl 100 p, ui. Every
body Invited. VV, Lund, rector.
.. m
JUVAMtlKMCAUI'renulilHg nt 10:30
n. in, nud 1'Atj p. an, at tbo W. O. T. U,
roouiD, on Court street tomorrow. Bun
day school ut 12 m,, and Y. P. 0. 13.
meeting at 040. J. lloworsox, pastor
Y. M. 0. A.-flev. M. L,' Kugg will
deliver an uddress to men at the Y. M.
0. A. tomorrow nt4 o'clock. Every
uiau should heur him. Doil't forget
lllo free lecture on Nicaragua canal
Tuesday night.
' '
1'ltiST I'itKflHVTKMlAN. Treachlng
by Itev, A. L. llutchluson. at 10:30 a.
in. Morning subject. "Christ's In
aiilturnl." Evening subectj "The
Natural Law of Neglect." Y, 1. 8. C.
15. at 7ilo p. ui.
A. M. E, North Sulem, services at
11a, m.und 710 p. to. All welcome.
O. W. While, pastor.
Bourn BAtKM. Itev. Oi-'O. W. lloork
will preach nt South Baluin M. E,
church 10:30 a. m,
CoaiiK(iATroNAL, Ilv. C. L. Dlv-
on of Olympla will preach tuornlug and
evening tomorrow.
Flue spring chickens from 25 cents
upward, at Davison's market.
Peter Powell, of Yamhill county, age
1)7 years, was today committed to the
Miss Flora Calterlln wont to Eugene
today to visit her brother's family for a
short time.
Pre, Whltaker went to Lebanon to
day Ut spend Bunday.
W. 8. Hurst, of Aurora, was In the
city today.
Henry Olesy, of Aurora, wasaBalem
visitor today.
JoMah lllggs of Tillamook and 0. F.
llrlggs of Portland,! were today ap
pointed notaries public,
Itev. P, 8. Kulght Is In Portland to
meet Mrs, Knight and daughter Lena,
who are en route home from the East.
Prof, E, 11, Anderson lias gone to
Columbia county to vWt at the homo
of hl father.
W. H, liagley U homo t rom atrlptto
the nor lb,
I eau save 20 per cent, biylng
tamps and seals from F, 8. Dearborn,
the stationer. Do not pay traveling
agent exorbitant prices.
Miss Lena Brandt, who Las for some
time bees an attendant at the asylum,
expects to go East on leave of absence
to vllt ker mother, who Is quite III.
Kd, Welter returned to New What
com, today.
Advice to the Aged
1 aa4 Irpi4 liver.
Tutt's Pills
fav nasar awappv iPfy eiwiaaiivww w1
MAiMf, JfJC(ION fU''fllMV, JlfNJd4, iMtfr
-jBetgamaiui fama;
mmi m mi
(ljtl(frt(M Hrtftfc m limmiw
feu of (Midimk mm,
UmMiotH WJtO WflrluW
ttimi Atmuiin,
l8 AtttmlkH, June 21,-Tho VM
8fde i'ftfik npenrd s doors (his morn
itltf, Tdlft t (ho flrst (it (he closed
(Milks ( fMUIfft. A feeling of foil fl
(Iffiwi lifiH rettifucd, The other bnnks
Will open Monday; tlmt Is, nil but City
Untikf which is In the hands of a ro
Jw Yonk, .tune 24 At tho sub
(ronsury It In stated nppllcrttlotis were
received tip to midday, f r transfer to
Miiii ratiolsoo Of 1386,(100 currency,
BAN FltANCIflWJ, Juno 21, There
Wbs nothing around nnyof tho banks
of the city this rMornlng (o Indicate any
excitement, A number of persons who
llad withdrawn tliutr accounts from tho
tllbernlii bank ytflirduy, vnuted to
re-doposlt (hoir inope.v loduy. but they
were refused. 11,, 11. McDonald, Jr.
slated this mo'rnliij; tlmt tlio Pacific
Unnk would openugnin soon,
WABiUKarotf,D,('.,Jiine 24. Comp
troller Eckels this (iinrnitig received n
telegram from the Ban llernnrdlno
bank asking permission to re-opon. Ho
answered that ho would consider tho
request when his examiner made a re
port, Examiner Cluro, of Taconia, has
beeu directed to Nuw Whatcom. Ap
plication has been received by the
comptroller, from all the banks In
Spokane, requesting hint to allow the
Washington National bank, of Spo
kane, to reorganize.
ClfiOAdO, Ills., Juno 24. Tho Colum
bia Launch Company, au excursion
steamboat lino recently organized, with
a capital of (200,000, has gone Into the
hands of a receiver.
Pension Fraud Charged.
Washinoton, D. C, June 24. The
charge made by Itepresentative Tare
ney, of Missouri, in a speech In the
house some time ago, that a pension
has been granted fur no other cause
than baldness, had been proved true.
AccordiiiK to a publication today it ap
pears that Allen O. Peck, company H,
First IMiode Island artillery, was
grunted a pension of four dollars per
mouth, October, 1601, with arrearages
from March, 1834, no other cause being
given than "loss of hair" a result of ty
phoid feven
Agricultural Department Reforms.
Chicago, June 21. Special from
Washingten: Secretary of Agriculture
Morton's policy will reverse that of
ilusk. Morton Is trying to limit It to
strictly governmental functions. He
thinks meat Inspection does not war
rant the expense lu view of the returns,
and has out oil nearly 250 employes In
the bureau of anlnml Industry since he
took hold, saving the government
about 200,000 per annum.
Yerrlblo Coal Wreck.
West Sotkkioii, Wis., Juno 24. A
Great Northern coal train was wrecked
85 miles south of hero. Two men were
killed and forty cars wrecked and burn
ing, tbo dead ure: Engineer Robert In
gersoll, head brakesman, Mike Mo
Nanny. Stanford's Funeral.
Mknixi Paijk, Cil,, Juno 24, This
afternoon at 1 o'clock the funeral ser
vices of Senator Stanford were held in
the quudrangla of tbq university, and
the remains were laid at rest In the
family mausoleum beside those of his
Writ Befased.
Demvkk, June 24. The writ of ha
beas corpus preyed for by Dr. Thatcher
Graves, on charge of muiderofMrs,
Barnaby, of Providence, It. I,, was re
fused. Coming Up the 0ait.
Ban Fiianciuw, June 24. The coast
defense warship Monterey left for Seat
tle this morning.
Poktxand, June 24. Wheat valley,
fl.1240fl.13j, Wal'a Walla fl.02J
Han Fl(ANCiso, June 24, Wheat
weak, December 11M, seller f.3, new
Chicago, June 22. Wheat 04J.
'j .. .i a
Itlcb golden Jrey tullk Is belugtup
plled by the dairy of 8. J, Bbarj.
mm m m
('Irty nmm Mm Mi ia
(lie WIhhoc
tr.tin rr.- m
223 imilffil AM 17 H,I01I)U&
The fanrktti of Ike 0ny Awoiig
llodlng Men,
ThaOhlongo Derby.
CHICAGO, June 2l.-'l his filhedny
long ItKiked forwnhi (u nilko by (he
frtshlonablo and by (lie spotting frler
idly. It Is (hn fiimotis derby day,
Tho conditions provide absolutely for
payment of fifty thousand dollars cash
to the winner, seven thousand lo sec
ond horse, and three thousand to third.
This offer has brought out tho magnid
cent total of 22S nominations, crack
three year olds, and of this seventeen
are still eligible to start this iiiorulnv,
only payment being necessary before
mount. At noon the day gives prom
ise of glorious weather and a fnot track.
Tho great race Is third on tho day's
card, and probably not bo run till after
4 p. in. "J. R." and "Foxhnll,"
Keene'a pair, and "St. Leonard" and
"Chorister," are favorites In betting at
At half past two it seems almost cer
tarn that tho race will be run with fair
weather. At this hour the greatest
crowd Is present that has ever been
seen on tho grounds, and every train
arriving is jammed.
Bofore Judge Batchelor for Larceny
by Bailee.
The colored men mentioned in Fri
day's Journal were brought in from
Lane county on the Overland train by
Sheriff Knight this' morning and ar
raigned before Justice Batchelor, on
charge of larceny by bailee.
They are the Jones brothers, aud Earl
and Starkey, who have had Fred Dlm
ler's hack for Borne time without pay
ing or returning thesame, aud be swore
they took it from bis place against bis
order. The three first named were dis
charged. Tho last was being tried this
After hearing defendant was dis
charged, agreeing to return back and
make good all due Mr. Dlmler. There
was no evidence of criminal intention.
Saleu, June 23.
Geo. H. Burnett, judge.
Circuit court was in session Friday
up to 8:30 p. m., when an adjournment
was taken until Saturday at 1 o'plock.
E. J. Harding vs. B. J. Grim, action
for money; motion for rehearing over
ruled. Madge Ragsdale vs. T. J, Ragsdale,
divorce; findings and decree dismissing
tho suit.
Southern Paclflo Co. Ye. W. E.
Loughmiller, action for money; judg
ment for plaintiff on the findings.
A. R. Rlckard vs. James Neal, in-
Jounctlon; argued and submitted and
taken under advisement.
Robert L. Toplitz vs. Olive A. Veatcb
action for money; default and order
to sell attached property.
Llllle 8. Sargeaut vs. Qeo. J. Bar
geant, divorce; suit beard by court.
This was a new suit begun yesterday in
the circuit court.
State vs. A. S. Huntly; motion for
new trial argued and submitted and
same taken under advisement.
P. H. Eastou, insolvent; continued.
Julia M. Forrest vs. J. P. Hntton et
al., partition; sale confirmed.
junk 24.
Lillle L. Sargeant was dented her ap
plication for divorce.
Ed. Huntley waa denied new trial,
aud sentenced to Ave years at the pen
for breaking Into room of Inmate at the
In appeal of Fleming et al, to remove
Beth It. Hammer as administrator of
estate Henry C. Sterling, decision of
Probato court sustaining Hammer
EJ A troublesome skin disease caused
me to scratch for ten months, and wax
cured by a few days' use of anaaixasj
Upper MuNwro, Md.
I ww en red o me
oof White flwetUaff
roiuun or n
n( br &m s
turn of tb iUs-
M. Mjumt pronloeut pbtleUii Ui
ae n4 failed, bat 8. B. 8. did U work.
ileUa tUod4
Tnuh M BIm4 4 Ski iImm rutU4 !,
. awirrarBCtnuCOMVAVT.
rtltwtii fill
m'1'O-UA' KJilW VO-liAVi"
Comparative Tests,
pyal Baking Powder
Purest and Strongest.
PETER COLLIER, latd Clicmlst.ln.Chlcf of
the Department of Agriculture, Washington,
D, C, having analyzed the chief brands of
baking powder,
Reports the Royal Baking Powder
the greatest in leavening strength,
Yielding over 27 per cent, more gas than
the average of the others tested. Dr. Collier
adds: "I have made many analyses of various
brands of baking powders and
"I have always found the Royal
composed of pure0 and wholesome
" Peter Collier, M. D., Ph. D."
"Aprils, 1892.""
The Warship Victoria Sunk in
tho Mediterranean
Greatest Naval Disaster in Over
One Hundred Years.
London, June 24. As anon as the
oHlcers of the Victoria saw tut ship
floundering, orders were glvon t c ose
the collision bulkheads to keep Uie
water in the compartment lu which
the Camperdown shoved her ram.
The sailors tried to obey the order, but
tho ship was making water too fast to
allow' closing of the bulkheads, and
while tho men were still trying to shut
them the vessel with her Immense guns
and heavy topbampor turned ovor and
carried them down.
The Vlotoria carried 000, officers and
men. The ofllcera drowned in addition
to Tyrnn include: Chaplain Morris,
Lieutenant Munro, Fleet Paymaster
Rlokford, Fleet Engineor Foreman,
Engineer Harding. Assistant Engineers
Deadman, Hatterly and Beaton, Gun
ner Howell, Boatswain Barnard, Car
penter Beall, Midshipmen Inglls,
Grieve, Fawkes, Henley, Gambler,
Scralett, Cadet Stooks, Clerks Aklen
ana savage.
The duke of Edlnburg has received a
dispatch from Emperor William ex
DreeslnR the deepest sympathy and sav
ing that all vessels In tho German navy
will publish tomorrow a special letter
or condolence with tborurallles umlcted
by the disaster.
A dispatch received at 2 o'clock this
morning from Boyroot says the collis
ion occurred at 6 o'clock yesterday
about seven miles from Tripoli. The
vessels were almost at right angles
when tbo Victoria was struck. The
Camperdown was severely damaged
forward in tho collision. Temporary
repairs will ho made and she will then
start for home.
It Is said here that several times the
Victoria has shown sluns of weaknees
in her steering gear. Ono theory is
that on account of this weakness she
became unmanageable and could not
be got out of the Campordown's way.
This tragedy Is not equalled Iti fatal
results since the slnklmrof the Royal
Georae In 1782, when GOO souls found
their shroud in tho ocean wuvre. News
of the disaster Is meagre and responsi
blllty for the woeful loan of life has not
been fixed. The loss of this ship with
the attending terrible sacrifices or life Is
looked upon as confirming the opinion
of many naval officers concerning mon
sters warship of the present day. Na
val engineering, tbey point out, baa
not progressed as rapidly an naval arch
itecture and the stupendous mass of a
10.000 ton warship cannot be controlled
with ease. Taking It altogether the
disaster Is regarded by naval people w
a severe lewon to the navies of the
Id dlecusdng the- disaster last even
ing, Lord Ilrawey, sometime secretary
of admiralty, said the sinking of the
Victoria supplied a strong argument
against building more big men-of-war
"It Is evident," be said, "that the Vic
toria's armor atlorued her no protection
from the Camperdown 'a ram." While
not convinced that smaller vessels are
wtfertban larger ones, be thought it
waa wler to dkrtrlbute the country'
naval strength among leas pretentious
men-of-war. rather than among the lew
monster battleships.
The Victoria waa a twin-screw battle
ablp of 10,470 tons and 14,000 horse
power. Hhe mounted fifteen guns,
TIm Canperdewu la also a flrM-ola
tf 0 148,
twln-sorew battle ship, 10,000 tons and
11,500 horsepower, and carries ten guus.
Admiral Sir George Tryon was com
mander ln-chlef of Mediterranean
As soon as tho news of the disaster
became known in London, the Duke
of Edlnburg. lately promoted to the
position of admiral of tho fleet, visited
the admiralty and conferred with the
officials. The meeting of the admiralty
board was held and a telegram of In
structions was eut to Rear-Admiral
Markham. .The news of the oalaralty
caused the most Intense excitement
not only among those who bad friends
on board the Ill-fated ablp, but among
all classes of the population. '80 deoee
was the throng In the vicinity thut the
admiralty was compelled to summon"
the police to restrain the crowd. Glad
stono was greatly shocked when in
formed of the facts. He Informed the
house of commons of the accident, and
paid a most glowing tribute to' the
worth of Vloe-Admlral Tryon, who, be
said was ono of the highest, ablest,
and most esteemed ofllcera in the ser
vice Gladstone said there was 611
officers, seamen and boys, and 107 ma
rines, 011 board. It waa feared of this
total of 718 souls. 430 had been lost.
He waa sure the deepest sympathy of
tho house would be felt for the brave
men who found an early grave In the
service of their country, and that It
would be extended to their relatives
and friends.
Washinoton, D. D. Juno 24. Tlie
following cablegram' has been sent;
"Bayard, Ambassador, London. Con
vey to her majesty an expression of the
heurtfelt sorrow of the president and
peoplo of the United States by reason of
the appallng catastrophe to the Victor
was given Friday afternoon at the re
sidence of Mrs. J. M. Martin by Mrs.
Martin and Mrs, E. C. Small. Nearly
two hundred guests were present. The
dining room decorations consisted, of
strawberry plants with berries and red
roses in the parlor, balls and dining
rooms with sweet briar and wild roses.
A lunch waa served and those In at
tendance comprised the elite of the
O. N. G. Inspection. An inspection
of all companies will be made at the
armory, Tuesday, June 27th, at 8 o'clock
p. m.
Jas. W. Jory, of East Salem, is build
ing a neat dwell ng bouse on his farm
two and a half miles east of Salem, that
he recently purchased of G. W. John
eon. Rev. Wm. Lund of St. Paul's Episco
pal church returned last night from a
visit to Lieut. Sydenham at Fort
Miss Mlunlo p. Miller returned from
her visit to relatives lu Oregon. City
yesterday. Her sister, Mrs. A, Meade,
accompanied her home to visit her, sick
G. Taranttno, Ilallano, waa fined by
Recorder Edes this afternoon for pen
tiling without license.
The Southern Pad Ho railroad ofllcca
were oloswl at 1 p. m. today In honor
of President Leland Stanford's funeral.
Tho Independence club play Port
land nt Oregon City today. They have
lost but one game and Prest. Collet
says the league Is making money.
Railroad Commissioner Macrutn
went to Portiaud this morning.
Miss Emma Whitney, who haa been
the guest or A. O. Coudit, returned to
Wood burn today.
Mrs. Prest. Bechlbrede of the Turner
missionary convention chaperoned a
party of young ladles to the capital etty
John Confer and daughter of If leaeti
rlbave bees the guests of Dr. Bra
ibaw for tevr ral day.
. I