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HtfiHi Rrntntian,
SO jwevnife nt, especially among women,
wmltfl from overtaxing tlio system.
Tk MalallaMvB organs becoming do.
tanked, tbo blood grows weak and Ira.
yemfohed, and hence " that tired feel
twK" at which many complain. For all
awefe cas, there la no remedy equal to
Aft' SMTMMpet-lUa, Take no other.
'"Seme time ago I iound my aystem
eirtlrely un down, t had a leelinR of
nwwrta-at fatigue aud languor and Tery
Jtrtk. ambition for any kind of effort.
A friend adrlaed me to try Oyer's 8ara
imrilt. which I did with the bent re
nlfc, It ha done me more good than
ttH other medicines I have ever used."
- Frank Jlellowa, Chelsea, Mass.
xjFor months I was afflicted with
ery) jwostratlon. weakness, languor,
, KeJieralifeblllty, and mental depression.
Jly purifying the Wood with Ayor
fiaraanarllla, I was completely; cured."
Mrs. Mary Stevens, Lowell, Mass.
Whoa troubled withBlwlndss, Bleep
I9ew, or Bad Dreama, tako
Ayer's Strsapanilla,
rair.ir.rD ar
Dr, J. C. Ayef & Co. Lowell, Mass.
Bold by all Drug-glits sod BIrs a Kedlcln.
The' Oflgfn of Oil.
In the vcut deposit of the upper and
lowor Bllurlan formation thero nro
moro tlmn 10,000 feet of Hincatono
inado entirely of inollusk. These lm-
xnonso beds of limestone nro of vast ex
tent nnd everywhere tlioy nro amazing'
ly fosslllferpu8. Tnko 400,000 square
inllos of limestone) 10,000 feet in thick'
ne and entirely inado up of tho re
mains of animal life; add to this a sim
ilar extent of ' Dovonlnn formations
crowded with the remulns of fishes,
mollnBks and crufitaceans, and then
add to that 8,000 feet or more of car
boniferous rocka packed with tho
abundant remains of n tropical vegota
tlon, and what haw you got?
It Is cusy to conceive of an ocean of
oil coming from all tlicso thing, pro
viding they wcro woll squeazod llko
apples In some immense cider press and
tho Juices preserved. And what bettor
evidence of a pressure Hiilllcluut to no
eompllsh this Is wanted thun that whlcl
Is obtained by studying tho gigantic up
heavals and InwardHatonil crushln
convulsions that ara suggested by the
Appalachian and Rocky mountain
Here, then, woro tho materials rind
thpru wore tho forces suillclent to ao
count for tho Iminoneo deposit of oil
that huH been released by artifloial per
foratlon of tho rocks at McDonald and
other places. Pittsburg Dispatch.
A Cough
and Croup
For children a medi
cine should be abso
lutely reliable. A
mother must be able to
))iu her faith to it as to
icr Bible. It must
a contain nothing violent, uncertain,
or dangerous. It must be standard
in material and manufacture. It
must be plain and simple to ndniin
ister; easy and pleasant to take.
The child must like it. Jt must be
prompt in action, giving, immedi
ate, relief, as childrcns' troubles
come quick, grow fast, and end
fatally or otherwise in a very sljort
time. It must not only relieve quick
but bring them around quick, as
children chafe and fret and spoil
their constitutions under loiig con
finement. It must do its work in
moderate doses. A large quantity
of medicine in a child is not desira
ble. It must not interfere with the
child's spirits, appetite or gen6ral
health, These things suit old as
well as young folks, and make Uo
schee'a German Syrup the favoiite
family medicine. ( CC
,wbiihive jSiBsr
Thara Uuothlo llko the RB8TOrtATIVK
NCRVINK dUcofsrad bf ! kimI spoclilUt,
&R. MILCS), to cum U nervous dlac, m
Hdno!is, th Blues. Monrouo Prootra
Won, 8looplenoa. HournlRln.Bt. Vltuoi
Bnnqa,FltmdHyatcrtn. Mny iiir(twn
irtoUin thlr iracttf, and ar U .ilia ara
woudartul. W hT hundred vt tlittiimll
Mis () from drvnilU. "Wo hav nYr known
jwrlfclna llko IL" 6uw Co., Nxraouie, H .
Kf.rr&otllaaoMtsrlBes words of pruUo," J. II,
Wolf,klUJl,llUt. TUolteller wo oror
ilia.'' WoodwortU IVi, irott.Waroo, tad.
Morvta Mill boU?r tha snylUlit w jf
a. II, f, Vjrtll., inoird. N7J1. Blal
SovUo and book c( imuoonui Vrfoatdimwuu.
Bold hy D. J, Fry, druK'it,Siiloin.
Act on a new priottpl
rreulato tbo Ihor, ouxuach
auu bowla MrevaA tA
iwrtv. Usl Wiiju' Cilu
tiuM Imt aiut coiiaiipa
tton, KrotllMt, mlfjl,
onx'tt Updoaeo.aG eta.
Bf.n(ilt (rwo at ntUifUt.
IfoWbyl), J, Vry, druiwlat, 8aU m,
MflaerM of lt stock d trait land lu
(JawMIWMlftlk WKttl. Will ll lu
,JaHfftoKll. An.u
if i
JL-IJwa! a4 UImm SMHt. 'W.
ftallitn rWilnnotil Soelety.
During m ii to the intli of Italy, ft
young BntflNhamn waa introilncoil to a
fashionable i;.uneiiiu hyn Neapolitan
rov.iHT. Willie there he had his gold
iihi!T.X)X tafeoii front lilm. Next day ha
!tra.-.t unot.ior nvenlng party, when Ut
his nnrpri he b.iw n gentleman present
take out tiiHxtoleu iiniiTbox and help
lihiiaeir lo it pliifh. Ho qnicldy strode
up tit-Ids friend mA -'M
"Tlio geutldnian ovr,yiiilor is taking
snnlT out of the wry hox- that was stolen
frnrA me yindcrday; du yon happen to
Know himy"
"Hnshr nnawerwl tlio ravaller In a
ton? 5f MTtnilng: "hods it pcrnon of high
"What Mo J cHreT'-exclahned tho Eng
Jlshmati. . "1 Wjiut Mny.'SuulTbox back,
and moan to call htm to acconntl"
.'t(Jomo, don't let ua havo a row!" gen
tly entreated his friend; "leave tho mat
ter Jtomo. I will got tho snuffbox for
At thone words tho Englishman "dim
mored down" and went' homo. On the
following day, sure enough hit friend
brought him the stolen article
"How did yon Tecbvor Iff inquired
the- Englishman.
" Nothing of tho aortr wild his frlond.
with a langh. "i wishod-to avoid a dls
turbanco, amltheroforo 1 simply stole it
back, again from hlm,"--IllastrItor Fam
lllon Kalendor.
Ilrother Jaob'a Idea.
Fair Conalii Why, this Is only your
Do Aulwr Of course: and what did
you expoct?
F. O. Why, Brother Jack said If we
visited yon you'd probably show ns y6nr
"Chamber of Horrors." From tho Gor
man. Stranco Advnnturea of a Cut.
In aoino mannor a cat found its way
Into a cyclorama building Boverol dayB
ago. Tho man In charge attempted to
chaso the trespassing folino through tho
door, but tho cat ovidently thought thero
was n bettor way of escaping tho rising
tompor of tho Irate man, It looked can
tiotiRly about, as if to avoid stepping on
tho proitrato forms of heroos slain in
mttlo. Finally ita eyes caught sight of
a tree. A projecting limb hung vory
low, and lioro tho cat thought to find a
place of safety. It gave ono loap, and
tin doubt wiu the most disgusted cat in
Portland wimu It learnod by sad experi
ence that tho troo was on tho canvas. It
niched itself up and slowly slunk through
tho door, down tho stains and out of tho
bulldlng.Portland Press.
TIiomi Torrlbla Clilltlrrn.
Georiro and his little sister woro nlav
Ing In the dining room whon a gontlo
tnmi. who wna an Intimato friend of tho
family, appeared at the door.
"What aro you doing, children?" ho
"Oh," said George. "wo havo boon
playing at tapa nud mamma."
"And how did you do that?"
"Oh, easy enough. 1 Hat down at thia
end of tho table and said, 'This beef
steak Is not- lit to eat.' Thun Altco
answered, 'It's good enough for you.'
Thon I hwoi'o a lot and she throw a
napkin on the Uoor and wont up stairs.
That's how,'' Now York Herald.
A t'livvarful IMnyer.
"That Is Orpheus," said tho young
man; "ho was a wonderful- musician.
Uc was mich a forcivf ul playor as to
move troon and stonoH."
"8o?" replied tho old gontloinan, look
lug at tho statue in it contomplativo
mood, "not ho bad, hut you never hoard
that cousin of yours play, Hho's only a
puny little thing, but thuy do say she's
made no low than twenty whole fami-
Ilea move, nud I guoss it a no more u the
truth."-uoiton Transcript.
Out ii f I'.'vll Omul Muy Come.
Wife Did you mall that letter 1 gave
yon tills morning?
Himlwiid Hy Goovgo, Emily, 1 was
do busy today that 1 forgot all about
that lotter. It's lu uiy ovurcuat Kckot
now. 1 aiwuro you, I -
Wife You uoodn't npologUo, George.
I'm glad you didn't mall it, becauso I've
Jiiat thought of anothtir postscript I wau
to add. yoiuorvlllo Journal,
A Syiiiitlellc l'itruii,
"WHiat sort of a pruaohar Is Parson
Surplus Eel?" tuked a newly arrived
Ktntuger hi it Taxaa town.
OH, ha U a very fivir proacher."
"la ho a aympitthotio preaoher?"
"You hot he is. Ho uevurattompU
to preach without oxcltiug gonontl aym-
u:hy it'a nioh hard work' for him to
do lt."-Texoa aiftlugs.
ll Waa.
Citizeu (to ono eyed man) My friend,
aro you one of tho vlctlnu of the vmall
lKiy with tho air guu?
One Eyed Maul itm, air,
"I should think you would bo on the
watch for hint hereafter,"
"Yes. 1 am keonlntr an eve out for
him." Cldcngo Tribune,
Tlio Kama Itvtutl.
TUU youth yuu tbluk lliny, pcrhaiw.
Hut III Ktroar that hU atata of eollapao
Wliuro fruot bait after ttro
Until flvo ho won tho only man lu the
room und hnd to discnta Browning and
ibacu wltli twouty-threo ladla of assort
cd qgoa. Ilttj vqrA Lampoon.
haw a Bear and an Trtihman ttitA Con
clusion In Stlclilgan.
It was the dinner hour in one of Har
lem's progressive neighborhoods. Ryan's
men had ceased bloating operations on
tho excavation of a ten Btory flat, and
were sitting around on piles of rock
after finishing the contents of their
dinner cons. It was ono of tho first
fine days since the cold snap, and old
Brady had listened attentively to a
number of stories of surprisingly cold
weather told by his companions. The
oldTiuau has a broad, Ingenuous face,
with an eipnwlon of innocence that
might deceive a Chinaman. When ho
cleared his throat, ovidently under tlio
influence of an Inspiration, tho others
drew a little closer.
"I mind tho thno well, boys," he be
gan ; "that tho cowldest weather lver
known to man kem near beln tho ind
o' mo."
"Arrah, whin wuz that, Bradyf
asked ono, with a wink.
"It wuz before some o' ye wot born,"
continued tho old man. "I wuz in
Michigan thin, dlggln goold out of tho
mines for amusement. The weather
kem on bo cowld I stopped tho fun and
thought I'd go out and shoot a bear for
brck'ust. Well, before shtartln I got a
quart o' tho besht Canady phwlshky I
cud find to keep tho cockles roun me
heart warruiu, an throwln mo gun over
me showlder I wlnt into the brish."
"Dlvll n much yo'vo mended since,"
put In one of tho listeners.
"Bo quiet," said Brady. "I wuz a
young man thin an a fine bit of a boy
nt that. But to go on wid the shtory.
I wuzzen't long out when a cracklln
Just at me heels made tho hair o' mo
head stan up sthrait.
" 'Phat tho dlvil's in itr says I to
uiescl', when turnln roun me hat
bobbed Into tho noso uv a thremlnjus
big bear that kem out to ato me. I
wuz that frlckened I forgot about mo
gun beln loaded, an ran to a three an
up I wlnt, afthor shtanin tho gun agin
the thrunk. I forgot to tako it up wid
"Well, If ye'll bolnvo It, boys, tho
turrlblo crathor sat down contintediy
enough waltln fur mo to dhrop, for ho
know very well I couldn't howld on
long wfd tho cowld. There wo wor, ho
lookln up to mo an I lookin down at
him, till mo blood ecemed to bo ficczln
In mo veins.
"Jlst whin I'd a'most given inesolf
up for a deud man, a wuudherful thing
kem into mo mind. Tho barrel o' tho
gun wuz plntin up nifl cud luk down
into it. Tnkin out mo quart o' fine
Canady phwlshky, I balancod It ovor
tho gun and let tho llkkcr dhrap into
it. Tho barrel filled up to tho jnuzzlilo
an 'twas that cowld it frozho still. I
kop' an dhrnppln careful llko an tho
Iclclo kep' growln. Tho bear fctud
watchin, not knowin phat I wuz up to.
Well, boys, tho long stlm o' ico kem up
to mo an' I reached down on pulled it
up tindhor as n kitten, an boforo tho
hairy monsthor knew whero ho wuz, I
lovoled tho gun nn shot him dend.
Thero wuz cowld weather for ye."
New York Recorder.
I eea her In the near light, la Hie far light.
At dawn when non-era are fragrant with the
At twilight when the shimmer of tho starlight
The tangle of the vines codes peeping
Her eye, aa In the fair and far away time,
i Are Deauuiai aaii tender, and ber cheer
( la rosy with the rlchnous of the May lime.
But tho loving lips are silent when I apeak.
Perhaps the woven love worda that I bring her
, She treasures in aweet silence little worth.
Hhe'd rather beartheaangstbenngeb) tlngher,
. Than listen to the lowlier aonga of earth.
Vet. wherefore from tho seraph guarded por
tal, I Beyond whero glooms tho dark, dividing sea.
, wnoeo water lave Uiesblnlngslioro Immortal,
in ngnt ana nignt comes back my child to
' FoTover comes! O doubting heart, no heaven,
j Ilowo'er Ita walls may tower, tho stars above,
I With catcs that look down on the unforglven,
Can stay tho hands that lovo holds out to
Frank L. Stanton In Atlanta Constitution.
TVliy Metals Ittiat.
Gold does not tarnish' like other met
als because It Is not actod upon by oxy-
' gen or water. It is tho moisturo in tho
atmosphero which causes other metals
to tarnish, owing to their oxidation.
Wntcr contains a largo proportion of
oxygen, and it Is tho oxygen in th
moist air combining with the surface of
tho metals that covers them with tar
nish. Platinum, like gold, resists the
Influence of oxygen and moisturo and
when puro neither rusts nor tarnishes.
Aluminum nlso does not rust, neither
. hot nor cold water liavlng any action
upon It. Tho sulphureted hydrogen of
tho atmosphere, which so readily tar
nishes silver, has no effect upon alumi
num, which under ordinary circum
stances preserves its appearanco as
perfectly as gold does. Silver tarnishes
1 on exposure to the air, tho agent pro
ducing this effect being the sulphur.
Iron is tho motal which tarnishes and
rusts most easily, Its oxidization pro
ceeding until tho metal Is completely
eaten or burnt away with, tho rust.
Brooklyn Englo.
Why Ileda Are Thrown Out In Time uf Fire.
In ono respect tho old feather bed
beats all improvements, nud that i.i its
capacity for taking caro of money and
valuables. "Bedtlok banks," as thoy
oro called, aro very numerous in South
St, Iiouis, and thoy consist of nothing
but Btoaldngs and leather bags contain
ing tho financial wonlth of the house
hoW hidden nway among their feathers.
A hair mattress won't aimwer tho pur
pose as readily, and it is seldom used
for tho purpose, and that Is why, per
haps, those who havo no confidence in
banks do not tako to harder beds.
Any member of tho tire department
knows how tho family feather bod is
rovoroncod, nnd when ono is hurled out
of tho window during a lira to a mem
ber of tho fuiuily below all understand
why an oilort Is mado to save It In pref
erence to apparently mora valuable
articles. Money in banks of this kind
Is nearly always In tho shapo of gold,
and whon ourronoy Is rooolved it Is gen
erally changed Into gold before depos
ited. Intorvlow In St. Louis Globe-
Substances In the Air,
Not only mineral substances, but
largo quantities of vegetable mntorial
likewise aro always floating in tlio air.
Astrononiors havo frequently mlstakon
such organlo bodies lor meteorites as
thoy passed aoross tho Hold of the tela
scopo. They wero finally discovered
to bo mostly tho feathered seeds of
planta carried by tho breeze. Having
been tho first to find tills out, W. R.
Dawes, of tho Royal Astronomical so
ciety, adjusted tho focus of his instru
ment so as to examine tlio soeds, which
ho found belong to many different kinds
of plants, Hiioh as thistle, dandelions
and willows. Washington Star.
Mutter 31 ad a lu Two Waya.
ResulU nt tho Texas experiment sta'
tlon concerning the value of cotton
teed meal lu the dairy ration show that
whon tho cream Is extracted by tho
centrifugal method a much larger
amount of the butter fat is extracted,
and In the gravity method the cliarao-
tor of food plays n very Important part
on tho amount of butter that can be
obtained from tho milk. Now York
ByrUu llospltaltty.
In Syria there la a certain religious
eect tho members of which aro forbid
den to drink from a veasel that has
touched tho lips of a stranger. In
fiplto of tills, they never refuse a driiiE
of water to tho thirsty traveler, al
though thoy must immediately destroy
the cup which he has used. Exchange,
How Clove Trees Are Raised.
I Zanzibar Is the principal source of the
world's clovo supply. The seeds oro
planted In long trenches and kept well
watered, and In tho course of forty days
tho shoots nppear nbovo ground. Thoy
aro carefully watered nnd looked after
for two years, when thoy should be
about three feet high. Then they nro
transplanted about thirty feet apart
and woll watered until they become
rooted. From that thno they require
only ordinary caro.
In live or six years thoy como Into
bearing, when thoy aro of the size of
ordinary pear trees and very shapely.
Then tlio young plantation Is a pretty
night. Tho leaves of various shades of
green tinged witli rod serve to set off
tho clusters of dull red clovo buds.
! Snd I'rrdlcmnent.
i Ton-yenr-old 'William is a chronic
grumbler; nothing has ovor been known
to meet with his unqualified approval.
Not long ago a new suit came from
tho tailor's. Tho cutter, knowing how
j fastidious was his young customer, had
exercised tho utmost caro.
William donned tho new clothes and
walked up and down tho room several
times. Ho was strangely silent, but
his face soon assumed a serious aspect.
"Why, Wlllio," flnnlly asked his
mother, "what is tho matter?"
"Woll," ho replied, almost ready to
cry from disappointment and vexation,
"these clothes aro either too loose or
too tight, and I can't tell which."
Youth's Companion.
I'lireunloglcnl Item.
Mrs. Randall Bragg is not tho best
educated woman, but tlint-doed not In
tho least hinder her from expressing
herself fully on any topic, no matter
what It may be. She was having her
head examined by a phrenologist.
"You havo philoprogonitlvoness
strongly dovoloped."
"You bet I havo I Nobody ever said
anything monn about mo but I was
sure to got oven with them sooner or
later. That's just tho kind of a woman
I am. You've hit it first pop." Texas
riow Mil Author Felt Toward tlio ltUliup.
One day Henry Luttrell, receiving a
verbal invitation to dinner, asked :
"Who Is going to dine thero?"
"I really don't know, but I belle vo
tho Bishop of , for ono?"
"The Bishop of 1" exclaimed
Luttrell. "Mercy upon inol I don't
mix well with the dean, nnd I shall
positively effervesce with tho bishop."
All the Year Round.
,..G LEAN!
If you would be clean and hayo jourclothoa done up
iu tho.uuatistnud dr(wet manner, take thorn to tho
wharo all work ia done by white labor and In tlio. most
iwyinpi manner, COLONED J, OLMSTED.
1 LiWty Street
Duuieatic Ulrclrlo rump.
Ail English electrical firm is intro
ducing a small pump, suitable for sup
plying tho house tanks hi country dis
tricts where thero Is neither Milllcient
fall nor machinery for pumping. It
consists of a rotary pump, driven by
ccruw gearing direct from an eloctrw
motor, which Is Influenced by A primary
battery placed in thocellar. Now York
Two gentlemen, walking along a
country road during a kuowbtorm, saw
what cemcd to be n glimmer coming
out of the new fallen snow. It was
presently dUcavervd that tho light en
veloped the Iron cap on tho end of the
cane carried by one of tho pedestrians.
Whon ho raked tho cane in the air lit
tle sparks seemed to dance forth from
Tho manufacture of bottles for per
fumery gives employment to hundreds
of persons. All but tho very fancy
oties are made In this country. A few
come from Franco and Belgium. The
kid ttopper aro idl Imported In a crude
lhape, but are finished hero.
Ask for Hurst's
Or whole Wheat Flour, healthiest
nud beat tatting brad. Also the
Famous Pure Aurora Buck
wheat Flour,
-Hunt's bt Pull Hollar rroceaa tTonr,"
A1? our pura lly flour. Ask your dealt
for tbeaa f ooda and tako no aoUUtuta.
J. D, HUK3T k BON, Aurora.
Telephonic Ci.npl-tlons.
One of the yonng Indies at the tele
phone central office has a singularly
pleasing voice and It is Inst possible
that her featorefl match it It Is Justoa
weU right here to give the reader to un
derstand that no names oro to bo nicn
., i i,n,t mvioiinnrwiwlln the In-
IIUIHJU -mo; .uu-,.j. -
J terest of a gentleman who holds a puo-
1t fn.t n.l wna TnlKPfl CJ1 li;r imjwi
His clerk, who usually did tho telc-j
I phoning, never spoke to mo cemnn uj
I nee girl witnout a term ux cuui--
n,o ,itopnR.?ni over the wires generally
began with, "Is that you, dcarr and
.,....wi r. urttti "ClnnAbv. darllndt"
In tho absence of the clerk tho dis
tinguished man went to tho telcpnono
in person. Central promptly answered,
and failing to recognize tho voice asked,
"Is that you, dcarr "No, darling,"
responded tho distinguished public man,
"it's tne otner lcuow.
It is tho good fortune of some wives
to make their nppearanco Just In tho
nick of the most exasperating time.
That is what happened iathls instance.
13elilnd tho distinguished public man
when he said "No, darling, it's the
other fellow," stood his wife, who had
concluded to visit her husband that
morning. She startled him by exclaim
ing, "Well, I like that!" Did sho?
Brooklyn Life.
American I-ore of Natural lteauty.
In spite of tho alleged materialism of
our people, it is plain that the love of
natural beauty Is stronger in the more
Ignorant classes than is common In the
European nations. It Is rare in Scot
land, in Switzerland, in the Tyrol, to
see the natives of tho region on tho
mountains except for what may be
called business purposes that Is, as
hunters or as guides. Thoy do not
tako their families and go up for a pic
nic simply for the pleasure of the thing,
whereas the city visitor can hardly
ascend an American mountain without
finding a party of simple country peo
ple thero boforo him.
Grant that their demeanor is not
wholly msthetic that thoy may carry a
hammer and chisel to carve initials on
tho rocks, that thoy leave aardino boxes
about, that thoy even play a gome of
cards on the very summit no matter;
thoy are thero. The chances aro that
tho expedition was proposed by the
wife or daughter of the fanner or me
chanic who nominally heads it. She
has u firm conviction, brought from
Bomo earlier trip, that the top of tho
mountain Is "a sightly place," and she
is ready enough to contribute her best
doughnuts and mince pies for tho colla
tion. T. W. Iligginson in Harper's
A New York Miser.
An interesting specimen Is an old fel
low whom I got to kn'ow while making
notes in tho Astor library. He earned
crusts of bread in his pocket and nte
them hit by bit, as he huddled over his
book all day long. His miserable dress,
his haggard faco and wasted figure in
spired mo with pity, and I opened an
acquaintanceship with him. When I
worked all day I was in tho habit of
lunching in n convenient beer shop of
Bohemian renown, and once I invited
him to join me. Thereafter he did it
daily without invitation. When my
work nt tho library was finished he got
to haunting my house. Every evening
ho would lio in wait for mo and levy
toll to tho sum of a dime, for his dm
ner, as lie said.
One night n prominent real estate
agent camo up as I was making this
contribution and greeted my pensioner
by name. When he had shuffled off
tho agont laughed at mo for my mod
est liberality. I learned from him
that my haggard friend was a retired
real estate speculator and worth at
least half a million in property. Now
York Cor. Pittsburg Bulletin.
All Sizes of Shoes.
. CD
A third of on inch gives us a full size
In length of shoo; a sixth furnishes. the
intonnediato point between two slfcos,
tho saving of which is desirable if not
practicable; a small fraction of breadth
goes a good way in securing oomfort,
and in girth of ball or instep an infini
tesimal part of nn Inch is sometimes nn
ell of freedom; a quarter of an Inch is
a good deal of lotting down or elevat
ing at tho heel, and tho difference of a
sixteenth Is really perceptible at then
For these reasons sudden and extremo-t
cnanges in sizo or weight of shoes are'
Injudicious. Even the "paper solo"
(which ought never to bo worn in. any
place) should bo replaced by one-only a
llttlo thicker at first After tile sum
mer shoe tho proper thing is one of me
dium wolght boforo the winter article
U In order, and oven that doesn't now
mean a thick, cumbersome shoe, aa It
onco did. Shoo nud Leather Reporter.
A lloca Maeuet.
According to investigations of Pro
fessor Frank II. Blgelow, tho vast field
of sunlight through which tho earth
careers in its annual motion around the
centor of the solar system Is also a field
of magnetic force radiated from the
sun, and tho effects arising from the
motion of tho earth through it sufllco
to account not only or tho variations
of the magnetic needle, but nlso for the
permanent magnetic condition of tho
globe. Exchange.
Attempting Iiunositbllltles.
Femalo Emancipator With nil our
work, the cause of woman does not
progress. Why is it I
Malo Philosopher The trouble Is
that the pretty girls spend all theli
thno trying to bo brainy, and tho
brainy girls cpend all their time trying
to look pretty. New York Weekly.
Capital City Restaurant
Jas. Batchelor, Prop'r,
WarmMeal al All flours of ibeDay
M&hlSlnr" UbM " " ta lb"
eIaitsiJiaUUaU1 W1 k' ln 6ni-TwnV-avt
cants par ratal
'''tfoToWSr? H0UM "
The Queen City,
Tlie Bouquet City,
The Capital City
1 ,
i ' .
DAILY $6 00 per year.
WEEKLY 1 50 per year.
The Weekly contains all the news and volumes of
valuable information concerning this wonderful country.
Statistics and statements of fact about the climate, pro
ductiveness of the soil, crops and agricultural resources ', re
published in such shape as to give the stranger a com or
hensive idea of our growing country. If you wish to post
your friends send them the Capital Journal.
It is a Paper of the People.
It is progressive and discusses all liye issues on their merits
Salem, Oregon.
Those Afflicted
Willi tho habit ol using to exceN,
Can obtain a
Forest Grove, Or., Call write, strictly
Stcniner Ehvood.
Leaving time nt Hope's wharf, lutein,
uiul AhU strtet dock l'ertlaud:
Monday, 6 a.m. Tutsdity. Ba. m.
eduibday, ' ihursdny,
rrlday, " Satmuuy, "
Offlce ftiato street and at V harf.
Southern Pacific Routt
Shasta Line
0CP-m. Lv. l'ortlui.d
Whp.ui. Lv. tialtm
&1S a.m. Ar. Bin Fran.
Ar. 7:31 u. in
Lv. 6:It)a. m
Lv. 7:00 p. m
. . Abov trains btoponh hi lullowlni? mu
.1 ULctkmjaty, 1 rvllg and?u'gen"rl,,buri
KOrtClU.'llQ JIAM, DAI,. V,
iwaia.iu Lv Ha em Lv. I Hfc r. m'
5..juUroseburKLv. aa)Pa. a'
Mbany LocalT utty (Except Sunday.
.lKkl ii ii.
-- r. ....
72 p.m.
.. in
6."U) a. in.
And Oretjou Development company's
steaniBhin Hue. 125 miles shorter, 20 hours
Wot time than by any otnei joutc. First
cuisa thiough passenger and freight lint
irom Portland nnd all points ln theWU
lamette vallev to and liom Ban Franclscc
TIME SCHEDULE. (JSxcept Bundaysj.
Leave AlDany ........ 1:001 m
LeavoCoivaUls 1:40 PM
Arrive Yaqnlija 6:S0PM
Leave Vaqulna 6:45 AM
Leave Corvallls 10:85 A M
Arrive Albany lfciOAM
O. it O. trains connect at Albany and
The above trains connect at YAQUINA
with the Oregon Development CVa Lin
;;atej)insiiinn between Vaouina and Ba
Francisco. '
Jarallon, Friday,. June K'
Willamette Valley, Tuesday July
l'arallon, Sunday...
Willamette Valley, Thurkday ' t
Farallon, Tuesday . l
Willamette Valley, Friday Juno 27
Farallon, Tuesdayn July I
Willamette Valley, ganday " 8
Farallon. Thursday " 10
Willamette Valley, Tuesday " 16
This company reserves the right tc
chance sailing dates without notice,
nm'i "-passengers lrom Portland and all
W illamette Valley points can make close
v??!1 ,w.,th tne drains of the
V A$yiNA. KOUTE at Albany or Corvallls
and If destihed to Ban Francisco, should
arrange to arrive at Yaquina the evening
before date of sailing.
Always tit
to Mecsrs
Aot;tUi: v Freight and TlcKei
Agenta 200 aud 202 Front sC7 Portland, Orj
CC. HOGUK Ao't Oon'l Krt. A
Pass. Agu, Oregon Pacini! IL IL Co.,
O H.HASWKLL,Jr.Gen?Frt?&,0r
ruts. AgL Oregon Development
Co., 804 Montgomery bL:
before date of sailing.
. rasMfigiT and Frtlght Katrs Alw
!??,?': Aprlnfonnatlen apply to
UULMAN A Co., Freight and
From Terminal or Inferior Points tho
For accoinmodHtini. .
to Side Division, Between Portland
and ftirvaili?'
bragaffiffl 8"
wrsTST,,,,.- .
Through Tickets
"- all wuiKu
"TO all TNAlltav
btW tlakal. j ....
&$&?& t.F,iKlP,,Ac-
la the line to take
To all Points East and South,
. it.!StVe?ln!nK ronte. It runs through
estiDule trains every day ln the year to-
(No change of cars.)
Composed of dlnlngcara nnmrpassed,
Pullman drawing room aleepera
Of latest equlpmenl
Sleeping Cars-
lint that can be constructed and In whlch-wjxninodHtlena-
are both tree and rur-
J.'f3ie,d for holders of rlrst and second-claai
ii ooniinuot no conneeting; with aijc
"nea.anordlnj dlrert nd unlnterniptwl
nSil,?anJlU ' ' '" lonacanbes
"urtd in advi n aent oF
the road.
.-TJrouBh tlckeu to and from all polnta'
T,Vr. "V."I1na ana turope can
purchMedatany Uciet omce oltbU com'
imS.1! ,nftwatlon concernina; rate. Um
SJ, IStJ5?rW,e wmctherdetaiU fnmUbtd
on applicaUon to any a rent or
a...., . A D- CHARLTON. rf
iSi tK5. G5nl Paasenger Agent Ko.
iTlf1!? Uet, cor. Waahlnaton; Po:t
" Jaacftr
df swpMiymiirtsMpw
- ,-