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VOL. 5.
WO. 27.
$100.00 In Casti to be Given Away,
But a Straightforward Donation of $100.00 in Cash to our Customers.
With each Dollar's worth of goods purchased for Cash at our store, we will give a Cash Coupon, good for
Five Cents in Cash, and when One Dollar's worth, or twenty of these Coupons are presented to our store by any one
prson, we will cash them, paying One Dollar in Silver for same. We want overybody to take advantage of this
grand donation. We are headquarters for all goods in our line, and our prices are "rock bottom." Come and see us
and bring your friends and neighbors. Ask for a "Cash Coupon with your purchase.
Mens' Dress Shoes.'" 1 45
Mens' Plow Shoes 1 15
Mens' Heavy Boots 1 95
Mens' Rubber Boots 2 25
161 Commercial Street.
An Opportunity to Secure a Home.
Pleasant Home Addition to the City of Salem is Now on the
Lots sold ou the installment plan or for cash.
Buildings erected on the same to suit buyers.
Payments can be made by installments nud from one to five years'
time can be given. .
This property joins the city limits on (lie south and is beautifully situ
ated on high ground between the sired car line yhioh ruin south from
the passenger depot and the electric Una which is now beiug built on Com
mercial street.
A person living in this addition will be but a few minutes' wall; from
the postofflce, courthouse, stateliouse, depot or any business houso In
Baloin, and when desiring to ride it will cost but three cents to be taken
on the latest Improved Electric Street ours to any part of the city.
The facts about this property, which tire worth your investigation be
fore buying a home, are as follews:
It is near the business center of the city.
Prices are low.
Terms are anything to suit tbo buyer.
Sidewalks will -immediately be built throughout the property from one
street car line to the other. It is far above all high Water.
If you haven't enough money
can Have one bunt.
The title is first-class.
Each lot Is large enough for a homp.
There are two large new public school buildings near the property;) ,i
People nre looking in this direction for homes.
Buv at once before Dricea advance. Call on or address Wtn. E. Burko,
Office six doors north of Willamette
Residence Commercial street, opposite
Harritt &
At the old Stand, next
We Undertake
To say that people who patronize us save money in all
lines, but especially on
We are not in the trust and no combine makes our
prices. We buy all stock and supplies of the manufac
turies and supply work at the lowest living prices. 18
years experience
247 Commercial street, Salem.
A complete line of Stoves and Tinware. Tin rooting ana plumbing a
ity. Estimates for Tinning anu
You can get the latest
-Finest Line of Pianos, Organs, Banjos, Violins, Guitars
and Mandolins.
T. McF. PATTON, 98 State Street, Salem, Oregon.
Boots, Snoes and Rubbers.
to build a house, and want one, you
hotel, over Barr & Petzel's new store;
soutli Balein cuuren.
door to Post Office.
Plumbers and Tinners,
Garden Hose and Lawn Sprinklers.
numuing j-unusneu.
3IO Oommsrolsl Strt.
S rid tor Catalogue KRKB
Ladies' Calf Shoes
Ladies Fine Shoes
Childrens' Shoes
Misses' Shoes
H mmmw m WH Hf ra9 I " J D 1 lH
m Lwl HtaaJ Wi fH I "W W m vi
for Infants
"Castorla Is bo well adapted to children that
I recommend ltas superior to any prescription
Known to me." II. A. Ancnsn, II. D.,
Ill Bo. Oxford BL, Brooklyn, N. Y.
"The use of 'Castorla' Is so universal and
its merits so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse It. Few are the
Intelligent families who do uot keep Castorla
within easy reach."
New York City.
Lato Faster Bloomlngdalo Bef, ormed Church.
Tins Csktauh
Churchill Sash, Door & Manufacturing Co
Sash, Doors, Blinds & Mouldings, Turning & Scroll Sawing.
House Finishing made to order.
New DllY KTLN, by which we can always keep a full supply of seasoned stock of all
kinds. Agricultural Works, Corner of Trade and Hlgn streets, Salem, Oregon.
Sash. and. Door Factory
Fronri Street, Salem, Oregon.
The best class of work in our line at prices to compete
with the lowest. Only the best material used
Sinlp.m Trnftlr &. Drav fin &
Kjwivm Aiu.i11 vv xyiwi
v 11 co State St., opposite Sa
lem Iron works. Drays and trucks may be found. throughout the dav a
the corner of State and Commercial street.
B. F. DRAKE, Proprietor.
Manufactures BTEAM ENGINES. Mill Outfits, Water Wheel Governors, Krult
Drying Outfits, Traction Engines, Cresting, eto. Kuriii machinery made and repaired.
General agents and manufacturers of the celebrated Wahlatrom l'atent Middlings
Purifier and Heels. Farm machinery made and repaired.
Boots and Shoes
To the people at prices that are bound to suit. 280 Commercial Street.
Flour, Feed, Hay, Straw and Barley Chop.
Fresldent. Herretsry.
Vice President. Treasurer.
975 Commercial HtrreU
Makes the neatest and best Abstracts In
the country.
Kales, $2.50 to$5.00 iwrlkyv
a be best hotel between Portland sad Ban
Francisco. Klnt-cls In all Its appoint,
menu. 1U tables are served with tb
Choicest JTrulta
Orown n the Willamette Vidlejr,
A. I. WAGNER, Prop.
$1 15
1 45
1 00
and Children.
Castorla cures Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Plarrhcoa. Eructation,
Kills Worms, elves sleep, and promotes d
thout injurli
ous medication.
For several years I have recomraendeo
your ' Castorla, ' and Bhall always continue to
do so as It has Invariably produced beneficial
Edwin F. Paudbb, M, D.,
" The Wlnthrop," 12Jth Street and 7th Are.,
New York City.
Cowmnt, 77 Uotieay Striet, Nbw Yojmc.
always ready for orders.
and deliver wood
ji hny. coul aud lumber. Of
T. G. PERKINS, General Superintendent.
and Packer,
KtateHUan4 0onrtBt.-.Tk best meat
delivered tuull parts of the city.
!-. U.UU uvMUUi. VVM
Wbolesale and retail dealers .In
2C0 Commercial street, Te!jboo No $.
H0FER BROTHER, - - - Editors.
Caoltal Journal Publishing Company,
Offlco, Commercial Htreet, In r. O. llulliUng
entered at tho postofllco at Salem, Or., as
errond-clnts lr.atttr.
rortTLANirs wiunk.
There Las been much complaint
lately from Portland through tho
columns of Its largo uowspapers, to
l he effect that tho balanco of the
flaie expects the metropolis and Its
peonle to bear all or nearly nil, or at
least an undue proportion, of tho
financial burdens of tho common
wealth. From the incisive pen of
The Oregoulnn editor has fallen
many cutting paragraphs of sar
casm about the "cow counties"
during the past few mouths, especi
ally siuco tho agitation of tho
world's fair project nud tho equaliza
tion of the assessment of tho state
!y the board of equalization for tax
able purposes.
Let us bco if Portland Is not play
lug tho big whining baby scheme in
these matters. Let us see if sho
does not get much more of tho mut
ton than sho is called upon to pay for.
Let ui bco If sho does not keep out
an Immensely largo toll from all tho
flour sho grluds for tho remnluder
the state.
Suppose she does pay one-third
tho taxes 1 From tho daily records
of criminals, iustvuo persons, deaf
mutes, blind, and candidates for the
reform school, who are assiduously
tared for In our state penul elee
mosynary institutions, we should
Judge Unit Portland uses up her pro
Portion of tho funds allotted to
those purposes. Then, tho railroad
arrangements are such that in
transferring those classes of persons
belonging to other counties of the
state to and from their respective
local It ts, Portland gets a good slice
of tho fees that are paid out of tho
publio funds.
Then after the prisoners are
landed at tho penitentiary, Port
laud capltul steps in and demands
tho ueo of every able-bodied man
it cau ueo, paying 40 cents per day
for ills services aud realizing $2 on
his work in competition with free
labor of the state. It is also barely
possible that in tho list of stato em
ployees Portland has its full share;
also lu tho trado derived from all
the stato Institutions in fact in tho
distribution of publio funds it is
moro than probable that Portland
absorbs tho largest portion. Forest
Grove Times.
It Is tho duty of all citizens to lake
hold of the primaries. That is tho
first recourse of thoso who desire
good government and n peoples gov
ernment. Good work at the prima,
rles la half tho hattlo won. It is not
nil, because if good men aro nomi
nated their election Is still to bo
secured. Unless good work at t!o
caucus of tho party is bioked up by
good work at tho polls for tho party
thero is only fireat loss. Tho good
done at tho primaries loaves only
ohagrlu at the result at tho polls and
voters loso confidence in our political
methods. This is especially the caso
with tho farmers. They outnumber
the town politicians ut tho polls, hut
not at the primaries, nnd aro often
dissatisfied at tho outcomo because
they let slip the vital opportunity to
achieve good results by not attending
tho party primaries that make tho
nominations. It is only in extra
ordinary cases that majorities are
overcome after the purty tickets aro
put in tho Held and party alignment
tako place. Tho whole tendenoy
then is to carry tiie parly ticket in
nfuo cases out of ten. This is some
times overcome whuu glaringly im
proper nominations uro mado and
an extraordinary eflort Is made to
defeat such. But it will not do to
depend upon the ballot to ovt-rcoinu
tho evils of the cancus. It cannot
bo relledupou to afford relief from
bosslsm, but moro often fails.
The farmers and independent
citizens can literally tako possession
of the primaries aud conventions of
Marion cunly. Thoy uro not
obliged to do tills hut it is plutnly
their duty so tu do. Not to run any
party us a fanners' party exclublvely,
or to control Its actions by mug
wumps, but to assert tho rights of
tho taxpayer and disinterested
citizen us uguiiiBt tho ringster and
politician for revenue only. Men
who believe In u people's govern
ment nhould get out nnd work for It
once In a whlloanil not allow u (tw
professional politicians to inako all
tbo display of political patriotism.
The people urn entitled to greater
not result from political contests
nnd yet too often J hey ro them
ftelvfs to blame for not achieving
more. Higher idtil aud better
results demand creator zeal aud de
votion to tho public weal ou the
part of the pure minded yoemen
who pay the (axes aud who alone
can place a check ujkw corrupt
A part that muny play, or are
piayeJ, but no one evtr admit
that of sucker.
n:aK-nr.t. romtKNT.
As there Is t be ho war with
Chili, it in time there were a round
between Portland politicians.
Thk CautaIi JourtNAXi is not
ambitious to bo nu organ In any
souso of tho word. It is desirous to bo
of Bervleo to tho masses of tho people.
Another spilt is nunounced in tho
Alliance. A split peems to bo desira
ble all the year around except on
election day.
The tnlk about Judge Thurston,
of Omaha, for vice president on the
Republican ticket Is nouseuse. As
well propose Jay Gould.
Another election of a few more
asses to the head of tho Oregon
Editorial association nud that body
will ho as. defunct ns tho aforesaid
asses themselves.
Dan Voorhees, of Indiana, who
tinted Lincoln, has Introduced n bill
appropriating $15,000 for tho pur
chaso of a picture of Abraham Lin
coin, to adorn the capltol building.
Speaking of criminals being
brought beforo tho bars of justice,
reminds one of tho fact that tho bars
aro often let down, or aro so wide
apart tlmt moro got through than
nre stopped by them.
Bend on your dispatches of nil tho
good things you can promise tho
people, Mr. Hermann. They
bo published in The Oregonian
duly swallowed by thoso who
bellovo in your buncombe.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox suys that If
she were asked to dcfluo the mean
ing nfn successful innn she would
say, "A mnn who has mado a happy
home for his wife and children."
It is to bo presumed sho will allow
of tho same definition for n success
ful woman.
Tub Jouhnatj Is uot booming nny
of the numerous candidates for
oftlco on tho Republican tioket. If
names aro put on tho ticket that wo
hnvogood reason to bellovo nro of
fensive to tho people nud liablo to
work permanent detriment to Re
publicanism in this county, wo
shall not hesitate to say bo.
Tho Charleston News nnd Courier
persists in its ns&ortion that D. B.
Hill is persona non grata to the
Southern Demooruoy. Tho News
and Courier says:
Thero Is uot a Democrntlo news
paper of nny circulation or lnflueuce
lit tho south, from Maryland to
Mexico, that Is fuvorablo to his
nomination or that believes ho could
bo elected If he should bo nominated.
Mr. Hernmnn Is telegraphing hore
for information about tho Willa
mette river nud iti volume of com
merce that ought to bo familiar to
ovry Bchool boy. What we need
In congress is n mnn who Is familiar
with tho business of tho only largo
navigable river lu his district and
prepared to mako a vigorous fight
for it at a moment's notlco nnd nil
tho time.
Arlington Recerd: A woll attend
ed meeting of farmers' nlllanco was
held nt Union this weak, nt which
they unanimously passed tho follow
ing resolutien: Resolved, That wo
us un nlllanco are not- a political
parly, hut us free citlzons of Ameri
ca will support thoso men who favor
tho demands of tho national furmcrs'
alliance und industrial union, sev
erally, according to our judgment,
tilxty thousund dollars Is being
spent upon the doino of tho cuplto
ut Balem, whilo tho Columbia river
remains unopened for lack of
money. Sixty thousand dollars for
show und trimmings, and usoless,
too, but nut n cent for greater pros
perity and relief from monopoly's
clutch! East Oregonian. Tho East
Oregonian should Join In with Tjih
JouitNAhand securo nu appropria
tion from the stute legislation in
time to build n portage railway to
handle tho crop of 1802. Stop talk
Ing nnd go to work.
Tho Roseburg Plulndculer is D. 8.
1C Ilulck's paper. Mr, JJulok has
lately been appointed consul to
Sonneberg, Germany. Mr. IJulok
"throw" the Republican ticket lu
Douglas county only a few years
ugo, nud went oil' nfler the prohibi
tion theory; and the Republican
party wus ho fearful of Mr. Ihilck's
"treachery" to his party that the
managers hired Hnn. G. W. Col
bury to conduct tho PJuIndealer dur
ing the ensuing campaign, Those
nre nald to be facta, and yet the
Plalndenler has the audacity to
lecture other men for being disloyal
to party,
"I thlnkltnarMiTaiilis, of Toxas,
has been misunderstood and under
rated by his party associates." Bays
ex-3peuker Rctd, "an a matter of
fact, Mr, Mills la the only leading
Democrat In the present house who
lias the courage of his convictions.
He believes lu free trade, and be
lieves In it as thoroughly as did the
framera of the constitutions of the
federate states. His party U com
mltted to that doctrine, and Mr,
Mills has been the champion of that
cause. He alone, It appears, stand
by his colors aud will uot bow to
the new I'hwoau who knows not
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworh'a
great story, "The Hnuntod Homo
stead, or tho Brldo'a Ghost," has
Just been published by T. B. Peter
sou & Brothers, Philadelphia, in
their popular "Now twenty-five
cent8orle8," nnd ns it has always
been one dollar nnd fifty cents it
will havo n vory largo sale. Mrs.
Southworth's books take the front
placo In American literature of their
class, as they have great merits ns
fiction; for sho has written nothing
but good novels for tho fireside nnd
furnished nn amazing fund of puro
nnd hcnlthy outertnlumcut to
thousands of renders. This populnr
series of cholco fiction now number
one hundted volumes nnd a com
pie to list of them will bo sent to
any address, and when not to bo
had of your bookseller, copies will
bo sent by mall, on receipt of retail
price by tho publishers, T. B. Peter
son Ss Brothers, Philadelphia, Pa.
One of tho best of American
femalo uutuors was Mrs. Ann 8.
Stephens, tho wide scopo of whoso
powerful writings havo earned for
her tho tltlo of tho "Walter Scott of
America," and her publishers have
Just issued her celebrated novel,
"Tho Heiress of Greenhurst, or tho
Gypsy Girl or Grenndu," In "Peter
sons' new twenty-flvo cent series"
of choice fiction, which numbers
ono hundred volumes nnd n com
plete list of them will bo sent to nny
address, nud when not to bo hud of
your bookseller, copies will ho Bent
by mail, on receipt of rctuil prlco by
T. B. Petorson & Brothers, Phila
delphia, Pa.
A notnblo lssuols tho Mngazlno of
American History for February.
Its frontispiece is a copy of tho
famous hlstorlo painting of the
United States Eleotoral Commission
of 1877, the portraits of tho distin
guished persons represented iu it
being lu ovory Instance from llfo sit
tings. Tho key to this remarkable
picture nppenrs In tho opening
papor of tho number, and ono need
only glauco over tho list of names to
uppreclnto tho valuo of tho artist's
work. This Magazine is always in
touch with tho times while bringing
tho most desirable nnd authentic
matters of history to Its readers,
something fresh and striking from
neld9 of research not oYortroddon.
Its contributors represent tho most
eminent historians nud tho cleverest
writers ou this continent, It Is n
magazlno that is deservedly popular,
aud its handsome printing is attract
ing nttenllou from nil parts of tho
world. Published nt 743 Broadway,
Now York City.
Common sonse nud good judg
ment uro tho qualities for which our
Amcricau ladles are noted. When
thoy find any article which will add
to tho comfort of tholr homes or to
their personal uppearanco they
Bpcedlly ndopt It, being quick to
discover tho superiority of tho now
over the old. It Is to this trait that
tho 11 rm of A. McDowell Ss Co.
owes tho wonderful success of their
French Fashion Journals among
American women, It is desirable
to hand In your subscriptions thro'
local uows dealers; but If nny t i 111
culty is experienced In obtaining the
Joumals,Boud direct to A. McDowell
& Co., 4 West 14th street, New
Tho Febunry Forum completes its
twelfth volume, und Is progressing
towards a great publication..
Character rendlug from photographs
by Nelson Llzor,Fowlor & Wells Co.,
Now York.
Tho catalogs of tho Venn Publish
Ing Co., Philadelphia, coutalug lists
of books und ueurly all (he acting
plays, comedies nnd farces for amn
tour nud prosecutorial elate perform
In the Fobrunry number of Baby,
hood Dr. Win. II. Flint discusses
tuo uiHiiices or children to certain
articles or rood and the means of
overcoming such antipathies. Of
equui vuiue to mothers Is an urtlole
on "Colic," 12 per year. Address for
sample copies the liuuyhood Publish
ing Co., 6 BeokmanStNew York,
La Urlppe.
Tho tendency of this disease to
ward pneumonia is what makes It
dangerous, La Grlppo requires pre
cisely the same Ircutmontasawvere
cold, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
to famous for 1(h curea of bovere colds.
This remedy effectually counter
acts the teudonoy of tho disease to
I result in pneumonia, provided that
proper care be taken to avoid ex
poaure wheu recovering from tho at
tack, Careful Inquiry among the
many thousands who havo ued this
remedy during the epidemic of th
past two years has fulled to discover
u, single ca0 that ha not recovered
or that baa resulted In pneumoata,
CO cent and fl bottles for satoby
G. E, Good, tlruggltt,
Latest U. S. Gov't Food Report.
Associated Press Reptrt and
Digests ef all Important
News ei Te-Day.
Portland, Or., Feb. 1. Today
Portland people cau for the first tiro
scoposltlvo evidence that the Ore
gon coast la to be protected.
Tho two largo eight-ton riflo pieces
for Fort Can by will then arrive la
Portland at 5 o'clock, from Bandy
Hook, N. J. Thoy will be transferred
on the 5th to a steamer which will
take them down the river.
These guns left the east January
4th, and were given over to the
Union Pacific at Omaha Jan. 26th. .
Tho run from Omaha has taken Av0
days. Tho general freight office re
ceived a dispatch saying that the '
guns hud passed Huntington yester
day morning.
They will probably bo taken to the
yards In, Aibina, where they wljl re
main for Bovoral days or till everjv
thing Is in readiness for trausfer
to the Bteamor.
The caunon each weigh J5,090
pounds, the two of them 31,080, and
ono box of trunnion rings weighing
226 pouuds,-making tho whole load
82,205 pounds, or over sixteen tons.
They nro 'Muzzlo Loading Convert
ed Rifles, Mould 1834, Weal Point;
Foundry." They wore originally
ton-Inch guns, but a tube has been
placed In the barrel, making the
boro eight Inches In diameter, with
several grooves cut In It, each prob
ably an Inch wide and three-tenths
luches deep.
Theguns shoot a, projectile made
of chilled steel, 170 pounds In'1
weight. It has a conical shape, and
fits snugly In the bore. The shot to
fired with a charge of powder '
weighing forty pounds.
Captain C. A. H. McCautey, the ,
present depot quartermaster, la
awaiting bids for a steamer to take
theso pieces down. They will be
opened on the morning of the 4th,
and the contract will be awarded.
They can bo transferred onto the
wharf boat at Alblna, and then put
aboard a steamer,
Tho present artillery at Fort Caih
by will bo materially strengthened
by tho addition of these pieces.
Fort Cnnby is splendidly altu
nted as n fort. It to ou a bluff 200
feet above the sea, on the uortu,,
point formed by tho ocean and the
Columbia river. The cliff to almost
straight up and down. There are a
largo number of pieces mouuted
thero now, but they are old, of a
vory old style, They are muizle
loadors, manufactured in 1884, and
are the best that were madln those
Tho fort to In command of Cap
tain Benjamin K. Roberts, of the
Fifth artillery. Ho has two bat
teries numbering 120 msn. At tb
extreme end of the cape to the wtt
battery, one fifteen-Inch gun, two
one hundred-pounders rifled Parrot
guns and six eight-inch smooth
bores. About fifty yards east to
another battery.
London, Feb, 2. Diepatetwa wen
received this morning from tb
slgual station at St, Catherine
point, in tho southern extremity of
tho Islo of Wight, stating thai ti
North Gorman Lloyds steamer
Elder from New York, January 28,
for Bremen, was stranded near that
point last night. Th North Ger
man Lloyd's agent at Southampton
dispatched three tugs from that
place to takeoff the Eidec'p paawin.
grs. Government tugs have atoo
been sent by the admiral from Pork
mouth, and they will endeavor to
get tho steadier ofl. AfQt of tbt
company here tat that the Eidtr
Is lying lu an eey position, and no
damage to reported. Tbay tt
that there to no eauM toe alarm ei
ther for the safety of Um inaungeri
or the vessel. Fifty-aaveu, bate of
cotton, Jotted la an aUuptto&t
her, have been saved. Twelve pt
cengera have been lauded by a lite
boat. Two other lifeboat iMrtfaed
the stranded aUamerawi war giv
ing all the aM peattWs, Obi than a
rocket apparatus wa tnadtfttriMw
In tk evnt of It bomlug mow.
mry in taka tb pjumnfttra oil and
the eew by mmm ef a brewbasi
buoy. The paemwM wbo airwtdy
reaefced U abo report tnKidr
ma swrtawd no Mutg,
Tfce (tup Wave rafad tba KlUr.
but m attempt wilt be made to get
.... i .Jt'- -