Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, June 09, 1890, Image 2

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JOHN hughes, hellenbrand's i FOURTH OF JULY GOODS'
. rt it. .!..!.. HI.. i I' . II t i. f.,,l.r MnnilPflMnM' ! - " I
riaiiv iiv mail iwr rear - $" 0
"" r !"".vr..i..
llly Dy roan per ...uu
eitir or man
weolrir hr mall nerienr-
vlf not paid lu advance the price
rhSiOTd ft? lK WEEKLT JoOKJCA l will he
JL)pc7yrar. If pal delivered
promptly notify the office.
Dally for single week,.- 15cJ
Dallj for two weeks, .
IMUy by month, ctR-
OoilecUons will bo made on 1st nnd 15 h
of inontu. Subscribers will picnic. Inivo
SoSSr forcarrleniitt liouo or whereon t
delivered, to n to caiue no delays lu
Thk Evkkiso Capital Journal mm
larly rccelvM the afternoon associated
June 10. ilowelf Prairie Orange picnic;
Juno 18. Kupromc court meets nl Hnlcm.
July. Grandest celebration In Oregon
at Salem.
rrocccdings of Uip Annual roinmrnrp- j, j. Dairy in pie was a passenger .TORY. To Prof, nntl Mrs. T. C.
mont Exerr ses. fn- P,.rMn.i ti.t. fir.,on.,. .mry, bouhi ouiem, ouiiuuy even- ijeaier 111 urocerien, x.iiiiir, un.- o ra rv tv I 111 .iiiiiiiiiiuiui.i ,
';., , ,, ., ,' "ig, June 8th, 1890, a daughter. ' nnd Window Glass, fill I'll-
Hon. T.viln I linker, nf Portland. . . i- ..j.,ji ii.. ...it-.
lg The preset week I a great one to wn, inlhccl v on buLlnoss to-day! I Scene from Shakespeare- "As P?r nnu JO rut r, a. i. a- sMCOm"-- ,
anient, nuti equally important to the , . . ... . You Like It" to-morrow at 3 ti m '' " ""' ""," i-t hill ok i-Aim:
whole valley ami the intcres.sof the. , Jn,''C9 Smitb.of Mel.ama, came J J l ' orruw nt 3 ' " Shingles, liny, Fi;l lllicl Fl'IICC ,ceC,eem.... ----. ,; ' ft
state. Unusual lnt,r,.s. ni.,..., , down to-day to see Hint court runs , Ht UnUtn.U chapel. , Posts, GniSS Seeds, Etc. , VV' "!""--- cents
i i i k - i i mm a -- - .--- iiinnniB
1 1 1' Ml' Mil I." It YlllTIt b'lMl.'VI.U If.
the honors nnd exercises in tliu ilil'- l,rolerl3'.
fercnt depart incuts, attending the Squire Fnrrar spent Sunday here 'you want to post your friends ulioui i
graduating exiTd-, of Willamelte1 with his family and returned to I lem, the Willamette valley a.d
?T , ,. ,., ,,, , i Oregon send them the Vi;kklv
University. I'oitluiid tlilinllcrnooii. J Capital Joi'kxai., only $1.00 ,,
nkw ,ivi:i:ri-i5MKvr-
Ah the great Methodist uuiveibitv
of several conferences, It becomes
the center of educational interests
Dr. II. It. Holme.", now located In i year. It will be as good as a letter
'ortland, is here on a l)itlm-m and ' muU week, and they will alo be lu--1.....11..
..ii terested in our special wiite-up
friendly visit.
Dealers in Groceries, Crockery,
Glassware, Paints, OS's, Varnishes,
Brushes, Windowglass, Etc. Sole
Agents for Epicure Tea and Big
Can Baking Powder.
Slato Democrat before its deniUi
was very profuse in tantalising re
publicans by proclamation in its
columns that 1)111 Chamber would
land tlio live democrats into iheir
new positions in his magnlticeiil
latidaluctaud tliut JapMlnto would
ben&sigued to hnuloll'thc dead. Ah
the transportation was to bo all
gratis the result of the election hue
actually proved a hardship not in
tended or looked for by the Demo
crat, aud Dill Chambers. Wm
only carried two to their proper
places aud Jap has the balance of
the defunct democrats together with
the State Democrat to remove, lie
does it patiently and without a
mutnur; Jap is a christian of the
patriarchlcal line, he is patient aud
forbearing. Our only wish and re
quest to Jup is handle the corpse of
the Democrat lu a christian spirit
and fraternal custom.
of this religious-body of several jr,,,,. Wurren Truitt, leister if
the U. S. laud ofllec at Lakcvlow,
is in tho city to-day.
W. T. Gray came up aul spent
.Sunday witli his family, returning
to Portland this morning.
C. D. McCoy, one ol the solid
farmers of the Mehamn neighbor
hood is in the city nttendlug court.
Hev. Father Xoel, formerly ot
Guaxi) Lonou iMi:irnxn. A
week limn to-mormw, Tmlay,
June 17Ui, Ih'p grand lodge of the
Independent Order of flood Tem
plars of Oregon, will conuuiMice Its
annual mmsIoii j.i flood Teuiplars'
hall, in the 'I unit r block, (hN city.
The present grand ollkers are, J. K.
Knox, of Alliau., grand chief;
John Kukjhl, t-'nU in, gmiid coun
cilor; C. V. Jiatemaii, Mt. Tabor,
grand hceretary; W. S. James, Port
laud, grand treauier. Tlio mem-
states. As the greatest educational
.Institution on the Xorth Pacific
coast, it' commands Universal public
interest niul respect from all deiiom
inutiousand friends of, liberal edu-
callon. The people of Salem and
vicinity- usually turn out in large
uumbeis to witness the exercises of
what they justly term "Iheir home
Sunday morning an Immense aud
ience crowded the First M. E.
church to hear the ad lrvw of Presi
dent Strnlton, or the cla9 of 1800.
He was introduced by President
Van Seoy.
Or. Strattou Is an elderly man
and qulli.1 white, digulllcd and
-cholarly in appe.iraix-e. Vir-o 4o,
41 and Jo of 10th ch ipt.r of Marl
were eh'spn as his tet, coni'hiilinv
with 'The Son oT man came not ti.
be ministered unto lull lo mlni-ter."
To be great wathi'iispiiiitlon of all
The leaders of t lie w-uld all strove
for greatness some by pliy-ieal
power and some by intellectual
strength. A limited number strii't
gled for pie-eminence in morals. It
was service not servility, that Chri-t
taught aud that the world demands
The benefactor of his race is the
ouly great man in tho world. Dr.
Si rat ton enlarged theue ideas a- ap
plied to tliu dlileruiit walks of life
in a sound and logical manner. He
showed him-elf at ea--e in the vari
ous fields of science and adalis of
the world, and thoroughly satisfied
the vast audience, composed of the
faculty aul students aud men and
women of Salem. Hi- showed him
editions that appear once a mouth.
Ordeis by mail or at olllce. next
door to the postolllce.
HoKKit Bitos., Publishers.
ip Salem wiimciy
Ja"ksonville, now of Ro-eburg, is in
fiecitv to-d iy a guest of Rev. J. S.
S. R Floed, the genius who some
times furnishes spiteful democracy
in the Rosebung Review, Is in the
city to-day.
Kx-Gov. S. F. Chadwick took the
morning train to attend Masonic
grand lodge, which meets in Port
laud Wednesday.
Stephen J. Chadwick, who is a
prominent nntl rising young lawyer
at Colfax, Wash., returned to-day
after a few days' visit at the paternal
home in llii- city.
Dr. J. C. Smith went to Portland
this afternoon toattend the Masonic
grand lodge and also the State Phar
iii iccuticul association. He will be
gone nil week.
Hon. T. McF. Patton was a pass
enger for Portland this morning to
attend the session of the Royal
Arch chapter, of which lie is a
member. It commences to-day."
Dr. T. L. G llden, high priest of
the Royal Arch chapter, went
to Portland this morning to
attend to-day's meeting of that
iiraud organization. He is also a
delegate from Multnomah chapter,
self a man of Iroail culture an i Lit u this city.
perceptions. His bran, is active, r, u A Mnk,r) ex.WOuId-be-
and his thought comes clear. There , c,mKIVhM110I1 1U1(J T f. Reams, of
was nothimr narrow or cramped in , Jneki,(,tl.c.-.au.l Rev. J. R. X. Re f
his utterances or Ids line. f j n.cbiirg. were pa.-scngers on the
thought. He spoke freely, wlihonl J m(,rnll)g lr.Ul, for lhe Masonic
noiesand without restraint or re- ,. i,..,,... -!r iv.u a1I1111i r
5" '- '- I'"
i hcie.
Iion't teed the baby on Hour milk
when ou can get fresh MVeet milk
cK)led on ice of the Capital Dairy co.
0:0 2t.
SATlMiS. Reduced to 12J cents a
yard at the Capitol Adventure Co.
Ladies lake a look at them. It w ill
pay ,ou. . o:20-tf
Men's light coals and vests, fiom
W.50 to $T. A No. 1 goods. All
styles and colors, at the Capitol
Adventure Co. If
1u Home Seekers.
The Capital City railway com
pany is prepared to tell home-seeK-era
something to their advantage.
Mr. David Simpson has taken charge
of their real estate department at 115
State street. Call'iind see him.
ill Ik- in l lie market for nil ranninz va
rieties of
Mliiok Raspberries
ami Hlackiierrit'S
.UWJiiiio Ifilh.
Fee . .y.ibie & -ivery.
Unled Hoy for Sale.
The best ,.f eire Inkcn of iratiMent -iw k
Capitol Home Addition
in foul
riHio o. soiip-- ----- is.eiitd
Hot LVIce. CotleeorTeft o-n
Hpef..oHk unit Kf? " ,p its
I'o.krliojend hyt m rents
Venison rati HgS" o-J;.;. u
S. U-HTOrlKt Ksgs 5 mum
II rarud Kc?s --,- ",St
I' eili OiKlersnuy style " ""'
25 Cent Regular Dinner Served Fromllto3 O'clock.
A ulie variety of Pgt"!b.le"'el.V-,..o,'
Alio ten, eotreo or milk with ull io cent
meals without extra charge. ,,,
Choice Cl;:ir', Imported nnd Domestic,
always on naud.
I'o.ter Houe Stcilt and Kks SSS
Tender Ixiln Htenk nnd 1-ks -w -cot
Flags, Firecrackers, Bomb
, -i
Two Tlirougli Trains Iiacli Way
Roman Candles,
Whistling Bombs,
Sky Rockets,
Dflllhln U.. i
p'n Wheelj,
JaPenese Laterns
Etc., Etc,
Beat Stock in City of
lase Hal's, Hammocks, Croquet, Ammunition nil u
Brooks & Harritt
No. 94 State Street, Salem, Oreg0
l beautlfi;
or lhe Kh
power hoi
Oood so'l.
1 -n s iisi -i, i-iii. Miuttt
i .. Hue. near i'ie
ttP I l. amino teet.
T. II. MV. Ihynpr.
state Streit. -tilcin.
Daw Rl'SINKSS Circuitcourt will
convene next Monday afternoon,
'udge R. P. Poise presiding, witli a
fair sized docket before him.
Oii.niiencins Willi Sunday, .Mnreli.'nd,
hothdr'i mid secoiul-fliiss tickets will he
linnnit-d on The Limited Last Mall,
lr.it it :l nnd ). us well nlso on the "Over
hind Fl vpi s," Kos, 1 nnd '.'.
"Thp L mited liist Mall trains are
MUlpped with Pullman palace nnd coin
ntst blt-encr. dlnltiR ciir, chair cars and
rotiehc.nnd nil solid bet wren Portland
mid i lileitfo, d illv w ihout change,
Tlie-'Ovcrlaml Hei" i-nlin me equipped
with IM'Iniiin p.il -ce slcepei-s nnd conches,
lietv.-?pii Poi i! old uud I'onucil I'.lutls, nnd
Willi I'ullmiin colimHt leepei- between
l'oillinil pik! Kiiiisn- City, (tnlly. without
oiinee ,.in eie mndeat Pocntellw with
tlirnuuh trains to and fiom Suit Luke, a id
at i lietcmip with tlirougli tialns to nnd
from t'lemer. Knnsns nt nnd St Lonls.
Tlip hnn tr.iln- nllnid the oillckpst
I lime between tlie Xorlhwe-t Puclllc coast
I uud Knsicrn and ouiliern jiolnts.
Dci-iled Uiiip of t . ins, rates, through
itiekils bjgsaip checks etc., c.iii be pro
I cured upon npi-lii-.itlon loruy ngent of the.
ITnlon Pncille Sv-tei.i. f. W. LEE,
:5.7,-,t-w Oen'l Pass. . gent,
i 150ISE fc MANNIXO Aceuts, la Court
sticet, Nilem Oregon
Till. I.SA COMI.hr. t,. .l tr, . n PntiU- mwl
Monday, June Hill., lOulO a. m. , (umil'y ,ook t,le'lr (ll.pnrtuw "to.duy
After nraver and musical exercises . . i ,i... , ,.., i, r.,,.,.
hers of wildlnl lodge, this c3 , 11(,w the prize iiy contest took place. f Mr J ,L All)er, two mc9 llllove
nmnbeting loO, will make ail nece-;Pri.Vt. Van Scoy announcc.l the ! Mulmm n on 10 Llulo Xorth fork.
kiirn iifr.iiiiiniiimifu t. t l... . . t i i . '
".' !,.?, i" iviiiuu- inu nanus oi uiose who nan neiiawiiru- i.i,,. .iit i.,... .. i, iri .nmmnr
ed pri.es by theeommittie. The die'
grand ohieers and delegates from
abroad In lining style, and an In
teresting session is expected. Tills
order is doing a noble work and
should receive the encouragement of
all earnest temperance people. It
Is distinct fiom all political organi
zations, Its great watchword being
"total nbslinence."
".ii: LAST ok tin: Lot. The
two Luwdcii brothers, the last of
lhoe Implicated in tliu Gervais
(oot-raeo inuildle, wheioin six
men were acciiHcd of robbery, were
arrcated lu Portland the latter part
of the week aud weie brought to Sa
lem yesteiduy by Sheiilt'Ciolsan.
They were taken before Justice
fJoodell this inorning. where they
waived examination aud were
placed under $100 bonds each to
await tho action of tint grand jury,
which will commence its session
this afternoon. They were alho
under warraut for assault aud bat
tery, to which one of tlio boys plead
guilty and was lined $lo and costs,
which will be paid this afternoon.
Tho other plead not guilty and was
- -
That 11am: Mall Gamk. Tho
dusky sous of the foiiht taught the
Salem ball tosscrs a lesson iu play
ing buHcball Saturday afternoon.
The club lrom the Clieinawa Indian
training school defeated tho Salem
club by a score or SO to M, the vlo
tory being the result of silent, but
united work on the part of lhe In
dlans, liesldes n thorough discipline
among them, the best of running
qualities and physical pnwois that
a ball game could not in the least
fatigue. They ninde a verv good
Ni:V liAWViiits. Tho Judges ofi 1"1 t,lw Hwnlo cais will bnu
tho fctipivino court started this after-' M,,,"K ''"' s hrUkly asever.
noon for Pendleton to finish up the I ,,..,. cot-i.-ln the matter
.... U...I ..m-e. Among inner f K ,lU, ,)f NV u 1,Uyi ,,.
iiiiiivs uviuiv iiieiu inero win no me
examination of a class of 20 or more
home iu that health-giving moun
tain U'irion.
essay read was "lllstoiical Mudi
es," liy Mr. Thompson. It was well
written and read. Mr. Xewpoit res- 0r1;uy sju-u.Mw. J. H. Pops,
ponded next with an essay n "The wiu0f uroity marshal,' is .seriously
Puritan aud Cavalier," a strongly m, ,( the many friends of the fam
writleu and well lead historical re- v ,mve hopL.s it ,8 ,y (cml.orary
veiw. The next topic written upon llI1(nhat she will soon recover.
was "American Literature, by Mr. -.
Fitgerald whbh was well received. Pi:ospi;'i'ivi: Citizkn. F. G.
Mi-s Foster was now called lo lead Mcintosh, a former subject of Queen
her biographical essay on John Victoria, to-day declared his iuten
Smitli. It was well done. Dr. Strut-jtion to transfer his allegiance to Un
ton announced (hut tho prlos were tele Sain.
awarded as follows by the committee -
at Pertland: ' Tlio, Stmuliirii.
1st. 5lf .1. J Fit.gerald. iud. l regard Hood's Sanispurilla as
$,10 X. M. Newport. 3rd. iSo J. ' having p.is.sed the grade ot what are
Thompson. Ith. Honor-Miss ?v,i commonly cateut or proprietary
1 , , , , , i medicines," said a well known phy-
iMwter. 'I lie essays showed plainly Mcian roccnlly. "It is fully entitled
that Willamette University teaches io lie coneirleied a siandard mebi
broad and sound ideas a natinoaland cine, and has won its position by Its
historic.!, questions. They were all "SffiK'V!
too long for publication or even to , Forun tihenitive and tonic it has
listen to, if time is of much value, never been equalled."
The matter was all of a high order, I
redundant of common place and ' See Hie Host.
lacking in condensation, all com- When you are in Salem you do
inon faults of similar productions not waft to put up with anything
but the best. You want to visit
tho finest slocks .Mid see the biggest
layouts. To do that iu clothing,
John-oil, lloothby A- CoV., is the
place to visit.
Wow to Cure Nervousness.
A body with a nervous tempera
ment will make known its wants
through Its natural medium the i
nervous system. If it falls to re-
ceive proper nourishment the nerves i
will be the first to cry out. Dr n, , nl L , n j
Miller's Hydrastine Restorative! Steam ailfJ rlUmber S bOOfJS,
ensures perfect neutrilion to tho-oi , , , , ..,., ,.,, ,.,,.
.,.,. i. ' i, ...,,i .,ft.,i.. ,,,. California Iron-tone Wwcr and Uro Clay
llll liliw II, IKJV1 .1 m.lltv.11, liuin-
islicd body cannot be neiv-ms. For
Th6 PlumbBfS "'),v-on I- ,- Company Line.
2l)t) Commercial St.
Dealers In
sale at D. J. Fry's.
Shout Closk Down. The Capi-1
tal City Street Hallway company
was forced this inorning, for tho,
better socially of Its properly aud
safety of lis patrons, to shut oil' the
engine and cease i mining thuir,
electile ears temporal ily. It was
found that the foundation under i
the engine hud been improperly
built and was becoming shaky,!
threatening a collup-e at any time. , See change iu date of school clcc
Tho contractors at Poitland, wlntlon.
had tlio woik done, were summoned
Pure extracts aud spices the In st
iu the market, at Furrar & Co's.
Jt'ST In. A complete new line of j
Carpets, tit Btirens. j
One of the very best Investments1
in the city fur capitalist? is that bus
iness corner of ours (V"ilK5 feet, and
one of the busiest eornei- in town
Has a fine two-story brick block of j
three store rooms 20x70 feet, with !
olllces overhead and other buildiugs i
It rents to pay 10 per cent, on thei
amount. It is tho best site in the
city for a wholesale house nus equal ,
to the best for a retail trade; las-;
bargain iu town. Salem Land Co. '
PostoilW block. dw-tf
instruments l'llnl lor Record at the
County ItctonliT's llllUe.
Tlios Hofmau to R D Le
ter, mvl of blk 50 Nortli Sa
lem. $ 2-I-3
Wintleld Cover anil wf to
io same si ne and nw,of nej
sec 22 1 8 s r 3 w. 3500
Oregon Laud Co, to Isaac
Voso and Win illackmore, It
32 Capital City fruit larm 2-30
H C Sterling to Mrs. Sarah
Young, pait of blk 57 North
Salem 500
Johu Rav Welch to the
Public, dedication of high
way in Parrish ml to Saleiii; 75
Jno H MoClaue and wf to
II C Sterllmr. s e 1 lk 57.
North Salem; 1000.
P S Knight and wl to Mary
S Woodford, Its 1 and 2, bll?
4, Capital Park ad to Salem; 700
J B Woodford and wf to
Barbara J Leslie, part of lust
above; 400
Nancy Brown nnd lib to
Lucy J Kearns, Its 3 and 1,
blk 3 Whituev'sad to Stay
ton; 24
Chimney Pipe, etc.
Will buy one of the best hnir-eutlon fauns
I u Marlon county, situated near Turner,
Oregon. Terms easy.
H. C.& J. II. POBTEIt,
Rc.il estate acenN, Aunisvllle, Or. C:C-lm
Tickets for any point on this line for sale
at the depot, foot of Jeirer-on street, and tt
the II illicit cmrngo and baggage 'transfer
company's olllce. coiner Second nnd Pine
streets. 'Commutation Tickets at 2 cents
per mile.
(ienvrut oiHcmm noithwet corner Mrst
oml I-iue xlroets, Portland.
Agent for
Cyclone Separators, Russell Engines
and Saw Mill Machinery.
Ite-ldenre :v'i- onnncrclnl St,
Salem. O.e.
fi:(i Sm
You .:
: i.'ipy by buy.ng your
Jlinlc House, nidrldge lilock. Salem.
1UC s(Tl!JFWl:L,,
121 taurt St.
TIip l'ro (Mitatit p of a Terrible i)Nium.
No disorders, except tho most demlly
Farms! Farms!!
Of all sizes and prices. Fruit and
Hop farms a sptcialty. Ten, Twen
ty and Forty acre tiacts on railroad
at low prices. -o
City Property
iu and about the town of Hubbard.
Call and be shown my unrivalled
bargain, or send for circular-.
"What Is more rare than a day lu
June." Bargains in lumps like
tlio-e at.!. G. Wright's. They are
rarer than hens teeth.
licit Ti'iiiembe- it, that at a regular term
oClbe county court, of thcstnle of Or son,
for the county or.Muriou. In nrobntesiltiiiL'.
I tl.lvtllt fttft.il ll.atit lit tllU ibtlll lirhll. A l !..
- .. .i . . . uch u ii hum iiiu iii iiiv viiiiil iiuii-o in i in
ioi ins oiiuiiB uise.se. involves micu a ir.-ci,viiratcn in said county nud stnle, on
iiendous desiruc loi. of oi-gan e Ni; as M,-(m,v Uleot ,,uy of ,My A. j,., isw.'tue
those nil, ii risen iiN)n the kidneys. ' ,, helngthetlrsi Monday In sld month,
.such maladies, when I hejlH-c .me ehmulc 'mi,h,. uHie Used by law m- Imldlng n
-and none are so liable o ns-iiine that .llllir ((.,i..l --lid ef.u.t. when were pic
phase completely wreck the -jstem. o ,.,,. '
pieeiit this terrible disease, recourse n,,,, -f t- u v Indire
shoulil be had, umhi lhe ilr-t uinnitesta- I-' J 11 vll' iA K i le'rk
lion ofti-ouble.lo llostetter'sst, unwell U, t- ,V ,j t imi, i '-imrlir
ters, which experience ha- proved to be , ... " .,','
highly elleeilM. as a iiiei.n. of tiuiMrlns; , V hen, on l.ie-day the 27th duy of May
toneahd icgulnrlty lo tlio organ- iifml. A. 1). lsH). amoaw other-the lollowlng pixv
nation, us well a the ller, slouiach iit'dlngs weio Hud. t.M.lt:
anil bowels. Another iieneneuu le-till ot ' in tlie mailer oniieguuaidlun- i
l- nun
j ill tint
bhi i ijli.ii).
ton uc nuil.
4 00
5 04
5 63
iiiuit Exp
LV AM Anlil AliJM
8 00 I'ortl'ndSPCo 3 1.) 10 j
i 6i-itny's Landing. 2 S3 9 t5
10 uX. Woiiilbuin . I -10 8-19
11 -17- . silvcrton .. .12 20 7 150
5 07 li- wn-Nille . 7 -10
0 60 obuig 'I Ol
For Sale-
Ten Thousand Dollars
- worth of-
Fancy and Staple Groceries,
For price- and terms enquire of
Alilteinnil Portland ma. 1
i- AM Alt rsi
71 PmliaudrAWV. 4 V,
10 13 iMinrtt-e Junction -Oj
HO.) -herlilun 10 27
US . -Dallas s-
liVi Monmouth 7.S.-
5 55 .. Alrlie 0 !"
From Terminal or Interior Points th i
Nortlioni Pacific liailroa
Is the line to take
To all Points East and South.
It l the dining ear route. It runs through
vestibule trains c cry da... lu the year io
(No change of cars.)
Composed of diningcars unsurpassed,
Pullman drawing room sleepers
Ol latest equipment
Sleeping Cars.
Best thi't can be constructed and in which
u-comiiinduili:)B ure both Ireo and lur
nished foi lioMdreof tirst aud second-class
tickets, anil
Aeontinuoi ice coar.oMing with all
lines, all'onllug Ure- -ri uninterrupted
Pullman sl Ions can be sc
ared In ndw any ngent of
iho load.
Through tickets to nud from all points
In America, Unglaiid and Kurope can be
purchu.-ed at any ticket otlice ol this com
puny. Full Information concerning rate, time
of tralin.routes nnd other details furnished
on application to any agent or
Assist ini licneral Pass, nicer Agent, No.
121 Klr-I si' "el, cor. Wiisliington l'iit
I i'i I tircg in.
i-..wly X".
2L)l Commercial St.
)HkjSGooiIs delivered free to all parts of the city.Bj
'i lius, Guitars, Mandolins, Banjo,,
, .. .; '!. and all kinds nf Mu.icii Merchand!eji
t a in
Eldridge block, Commercial St
this medicine, uatunilly consequent iip.i'1
Its dluivtlc act Ion. Is the elimination fiom
shlpol U.inkl Clark, h minur. j
by telegraph and will at once pro-!
li.VlUKb A'lTK.NTlOX. Sll 111 111 er
millu build ii good and sulUeicut hallles at tho Capitol Adventure!
toundullmi. In the meantime '.. fur 7 i-buiyiml. Allshadcsai.il, ,t0
mi nnni nmiiim iiiimiahi
V ...... ... .1.1 1..,. .u....u II. ...t. u.ll. 1 Ul I I III If I I I I t . . 1 I .
maladies lly Tncrcaslng tho aellvlty of J'" rU;j " ft f"1";' ! ,,V. .' re!S.n u' .' U,,?n"
Xuwvihlfwm auoiderliudm..,'. o- t'JI'mrt. iViulioH. An" VT?.'" Tmm Wy
ii ll ti nl ...iil. Tt.r e.V . . ,.i s,..-h Vm. "'S'. cmp.m, , ., and ,l,i. e m Her t.. sell tcui.ishii lln. 22. mites shorter, 20 houis
,,,li.. ' ..a all the rlKln. title uud Interest of -utd le. time thau by any otiini .oute. Su-st
luiniiis. etui ,,ni,i.ir i,t iil i,. ih. !.iii..uin.r a...,., .i...,i eliiss Ihruuifh misneiiger hii.I fi-elirhl line
The Walter A. Wood's Binders!
and Mowers.
Bis Stock Binding Twine!:
Combination Fence Maker, Hay Rakes, Cedar and Oak Posts.
Farmers will do well to give me a call.
258 Commercial St , Salem, Ore,
law Htudouts from all parts of the
..! clati ti.u it
sure Cure fur Piles lhe we-l hiilf.u ttiedotm inn land cliim,
liltu- I'lW me kiiim-n bv ninlaiui' of laulel I talk and wile. KlUl doiiulmii
,,,,.,. hiatlei'llS. Call and sit) them If I Hue peisplratlon, causing Intense llehlng land claim being pail of I-, sss ot It 8 W.,
I temporary engine Is being put III , I"11" MIS- a ami see uum. ll I ,U.M W1r 'nilH form as well n Hllu.t andinrtofseetTonlMiiT SMI. -J W. in
i .. .. " "" -K . itiivftiiltt. .itt.l itMitri nl I ti. .iilil ul oiiiui t. Mil rin n iNllltlt . tjil4 nt 1 lit7iii. niul ntti-
L.vnil. You llUVo Ik'OU oleanlnur ' Dr, lUKva.ki IMle ltiieity. which eu talnlnc lu hv ulmle donmhtu lioid clnlin
uirecny on me wriH iiuccm-ii. uusnros in- -vsnv ,,,..,..., n--.-- .viPi.uTtuii.iii;
mom, alia) UchlUK aril elltvts a peruiau- at lhe northwest corner ol lhe said luuiel
ent cure. 61 cents Druggist or ninll: l lar and woo dnnuliiat laud elaini, noil
tret We tree. Ir, Ihvsuiko, I'lqaa, O, sold thtnl.iu No ti;, eluiin No. .'il, uud running
by Hmtth&htcluer. thenre south along lhe west line of said
tUmullou land claim si) chains more or
less to the Miulh west corner uf s.ild tlmm-
. -. . rr t O 'r tienelulin: iheuee west l .a chains more
IX J. X 1 . or Its to t lie quurler sect Ion post on line
Instruction bIych In Cm von Portrw t hetwtsai set-iums-jj Hii.lai Iiit.Ss. ii. 3 w.
Water Color nnd Oil IMIntlng. Plrtures of lie .lUmet.o uituiduui: iliems. uortn
madetonrtter. istudlolnCherlnKlon'siirt, follow tn the quarter -s-tl.iii i Hue io the
rtxims. 1-Udrldge Hiilldlng. satem quarter section tMriit-r . u line U-tunn
i m i IvIIfV wiim ii iiiiu h hi.-s a a w ilieucv
.. i .ti loo . 'vi .-. Ht I chain un.ni or l.- i. the place ..f
Will lie i ; r; tiKiniiiuve.iiiniiiing.-iacii-s moiv or less.
Iiebu the laud oiieycU lo Haulel ll iru
by dull iisMiVt in reiirtW of detsln .if
ceased, Lavena Patty is appointed
admlulstnitrix and lilcshci bond iu
tlio sum of $700. A. M. Clough, A.
Ll.it.i ...I.- I tW c
., i, no nave nquesieu an oppar- u Vtt,Uip ,, ,, , Somhwlck are
tunlty to lie examined at this time,! lllllllli .,..,..., ,i j. it.
a to iivold tho delay belwiHU. , , w, n, '.J,. SwiW Hlul Krw,
t.n.i1 n.i.l II. .v ....&.. ....... ... l. . v
...... ...... lu 11UAi iuriu m t-aicni.
hou-e. liny a nice pair of lace cur
tains for a dollar, at the Capitol
Adventiiie Co. On the line of the
electric railway. tf
Unusually interesting program
to-moirow at University chapel at
3 o'clock.
HeineutlK'r our collector
-, i -t.- i
Smith miv appointed nppialsern for around on the 15th. In the mean ,.,,lf.x1,(,V .'' .. . .V
' " . . T . TATII 'l' li huKiltv tlt.itti I It til tlio iMimili
A.! vr " ." " .v "''J
aftk . ..... . . . l I V 4It-I'J ! 1 III) ti'MM'J
AI.wavh Aciiviu KlatoHiinerlii. loiK iiiuuty piiivriy. iu ue mui-1 time square up voiiraecounts ror the l court ot Marlon county, Oreipm. hu Marion .-ouuij. in.nt.ii ..n )..- Tin .m ii.'i..V '
..- ... .. ... . ... .i.i ........ . .i.n. ..ii ii i . i... . . lliUilav nln-)llllfit the underslirii.st vx.ss uooK n. i F.P.V!,U""- ::-.:
leuiiuut .MCKiroy started today rorl,ur,,, me w.une oi ii.iuouti uugs, jiicunai. io June im. iitfu .ifihV.s.tieof lien.) I ...ivs.m. Ami Ii apienrln liiIwimuii imm Kiid ,l," Miy
tho Fourth Judicial district, which hhimhI, I. V. NisHlha.n, adm.uls ''""'lAar.iTI.V.''r: ImiiIu' iV.. vi-:::::
i.i.il.nifMt l..ril.....i .....i tititnr im ur-ntiil un nriler for the I n.icriUAli xksts. ,... . ...,..i.. ,..... u. .... ... a.... surv ilinl lh ival esUite ihe.viu da.-rili a Tli eoHiuauy rerv t
"-' .niiiimimiiii .."- ,- -- ":r'.,,V,V..,,r...,..i'..7,;"V:r": slmuhl Ik M.ld. ln theni...eilil.S.us:i e!mu'i.lllnrdl.w-Ulout
wuniy.lntl.e'Uitnrvi.tuflhestuteiin.l sale or Kqonai propeiiy. am At..iii.i.inB oaer-Hoiu or ma ;,h VirotiV CiiV rtt r i i.U" n.. t.4- b ine,s,urtii..i..u mou.t.y me Tiu day v ii.-;wMt ftwii i'
til . .. ... ! ! . in,. ..i. r- t a n... t. ..... ... (i . .- i iiuftiiati Bftifta- muiiiii
-- .--.-. II1J1. im'. - j - --- . ., . . . t. , wa - r i
from I'orlmud uud all poiut- In the Wtl
lamette .ellcv to and Iro i. siii S'mnois.s,
TiVt SCHEDULE, iKMcptisiiiioajs)
I-mivo AitMiiy liGJPAl
Leuve Corvullis 1:10 P SI
Vrrlve Yaquiua 5:30 PM
lAMve Ytiquina SliAM
Inve Corxallls lOJBAM
Vrrlve Albau) 11:10 AM
O. c. trolns wmuect at Albany and
TheHlM.eintlBs connect at VAQUIN'A
Will, tll Ortf..ll l)AVam.ti,nnt ..V I In.
i.siv)-.isiiiii. iHiwwn vWiuina and .san i sidered. All Invited
rroactscv Commercial street.
- i .. .i J tKa.
FirHlUm April 2
WllluinetW Valley May
Pan.Uoii . ... ." v,
WilUiiieM VhII.v, j'
1-arullou tn at hu new quartirs, Snd door south of Hush's Bank, now bus a
3lh..Mie, I SIMI a. 1'K.V.NCIsm
t- if AAr i-T p i-s-w Have Ju-t received another bP
R. IVI. WADL&CO. J invoice of
Spring Wagons and Flacks
ndurd makes. Prices aro the lowest, Quality
1 to call and exanlne them at 2S2-2S and .
Of the be-t stai
t auai aA. rK.rtuiMXi toT
":.v::;:;::;;;;;iHy'1: Larger stoclcof Furniture than evex
AUo full line of UnderWher's flood, lie sure aud examlue this stock bK"
" v
" 14
lie neht to
mi tie. ' -
'.irtlsiul mid all
pui'li.-un elewheiv
.i iw" avo you money.
,.uttltt.tl 4.1...... . I...... I
..,... vMuci.iiuiiai nsiioeiaiioiis. i.. i......... i
Jiiat lieertilso the iif.if.i.s,,r l,,w l,.u.,, ' " '" ! -h 8u 1 rauclteo jmpen ot recent dt
, , " . "" lTsur has biifn u ,vwv,.d h, Uie elly or the dwdh eouuln-lih. fotlow tin Wor. -
eleettHln third lime It U not goli.K r Mr. NY. U itillit wholuld the yli
tomako hm relax his Inters... l4lfc,lloll uf fUrn.orut the Chei.u.wa irt&'KKS'.t.t'jt
In It ( heart aud w.ul anil during the wllu lUuil ,,, Washington 1). C. WgS ?Sill2-?',,,u ",mU
uoxt four year Oregon - public Jmu)SJmU u WIH ,,1, tlu gov- XZX5xu,
school yttiu will U.ar iho mark- OTIlllWMl vmvoy. eta t iu. Wmsi, .h.t u,ny .ccvVtd.
of his envrgy and mlvunml thought. I .., -- - - ' anj ih leit ot the ittiM. uctb U oj
.,.,., ,, -.- , .... i H.NSU RAM. MltltT'lMi. - At U Mihow itHMi.l.l, are vlr
UUrrtNCl WoUbK. Mt. J. M. l.j, u,u il,li..v.oiluir tluuo will l ii i ConlnHuK ttctt,n that ny leiusdr
Itiulru itlaa IT W It 1 ll
TltUSs.1! l--.iv wild ! Ill litis court in I lie nmn ruoui ." ... l (mm- of the. n 11 I tlllllU
KxwutrU of lhe e-ute of Henry Kin. llwrwif In Hi is.uul wnnt b.ue lu lhe -Vi ',A "OtHhat A bun, .rCorvullW -""" "v.uv . .. it. .un run
itectwswd. i4w- y f S.Uem. ll the ivmnty of MHrton aud ! " " Jtd to sn rr.pcisco. sjumld '
-- Ul.irfiimtou.u Use.! - lhe ,,u aU rrif to ". 1quuw IU enli ..,i..,, ,,-,
. , ,. . rt rsi-.ii . ... I'l.isjAMrisiviringuBj aud ll obJlu.ns to ' beftire date of sAltlnc. "OVKRUAN U ROUTE "
IAP X I 11 il K I I ll lUesmnliiisiif sai.l ..id.r and l.vus. of . frftr i Frtlrkl Kal. ly the
JMll V I 0""Vj J ll l Ll IN sM'ouud llt.lttcutiyof tnti i.WIhi served lj.rM. .r.viufortiiiiToaauiJy to 2rs.
... .............f . ... ... ... .... ... .. i . .. . ..-...... . ...... ....... . i .. .. .. .. ...
hwhi in,- nri m s.ia u sniu imuur, mui ( - ..-...- "'-. . i.s... hh iic&ei innaHiiiriuv e-- i.m
liy law Mid.t, l.j iubUcMltoo ibeiMtf w , ,, ,,.,. . prinrtl 1-iluU In n CnlKs VH
WflMiri TmkI ('oWHIIIl unuu ll htu lmenlel lu salt! cute Auvuts avmudaM Knwt st IWtland. Ur. HiinndiO piu dull,
w I . In (lu. VV..UL .. I ...,... .....u. . A...W. .
Pa. Agi.. Orvvm PaeUte It. It. C
Kb kave the Exclusive Controlol
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Uxuu iiiouti- ou lituiroe.l ruu at a
low I uiV . f luVrlt No delV 1,1 iiim-mU .Mid sutm-lxe u evk wior lo
Kj ihi i wmi'M nSSil PH?f M:jHl. M CAITTAI. KJl. Join-
is? ' siyKrinTi-iianKw!-.rtA. f&sMssr' ciu-
IUMH.lxis:uKr. Ofllw with Hunt A lw... ,Mm ,u ",a V! .'" iu '?. S
------ . . at .-.,. wstMHl iJIWJift,
John, tt fonner rtthleulur thU ally ', UUHiK IimW tt. l0 Ull KnuiulH hi ' .i!. I"' w,ow,nfUnTOao1
!?! TT, lwlwniouihin.go, vjls4m'mmnot..rth pui, or , . .utjee mi... iniMta
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(eulioii. I. now vvry low ,ut luir' ,iUw1whVh. .nL, SWiir. fej
death U viiiwideaHl only a,iuattur of - - - rHt. h4 Uv.wtii s-r Uuctii iwm
llMHIaldfl., tsAlem.
Tho Flno lmiHirtetl rorcluutm,
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h ivwIvh every , Y. a T. J.- -1 ho r.uW uwUiik ftSarr35 ftiXr
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I Kill. Ill fAll l 111. Hit -ffta.il ----.. U. V.iftI-Mv t...i..4u. WJU(J
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I. h . J. IkaWsHik, CMutij ctark trfMarb.n
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irolusltause 4iltfriK ksw court, Imu
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prinriiMl i-iiuu In in. CnlKs --VH
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lStSSS5tlt-iS. ""' tay . k family Mtit Ohw run throurh
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