Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, November 23, 1889, Image 4

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W, tsrj.i-fAMTt"v
U .-'
Ono year by mall ........ . .13 00
Mix month by nmll 2 m
Three months by mnll . 1 !i
ler week, delivered by carrier 16
Ono year by mnll . . ?1 B
Blx months by mnll 7
Ono your, If paid In advance 1 0
Hlx months, If paid In advance 6
Kor.advcrtlslng rates apply at this office
of Happiiiiings In anil
Around the City.
who do not secure their paper regularly
will notify this office, giving address, and
tho matter will bo attended to at once.
Office, comer Court I and Liberty; .Streets
A Goon Uanii. Snlem lias n
band Unit should dosurvu a good
word from ovcry person In the city,
even If nothing clc tlinn for tho
pluck and energy displayed by them,
TJiu memheis of tho hand have
clung together right along; bore
their own exp(;iiHe8, and have been
very poorly encouraged, yet, not
withstanding this fact, tho boys
meet two or tljreo evenings each
week and do some faithful practie-
Inguntll now tlioy can do dome good
playing. They leservo more en
counigenient fioin'oiir clli'.ciu, IkiMi
in a iinniiclnl wit.yt and otlienvise.
Salem should have a good baud and
if tho pn-LMitonc uiii properly en
coiir.tged it won!.! not bo lone until
tho wiplliil thy c'oulil untly fee)
proud of tho music fin iil.-l.ee!. ft is
eanii'Mily Imped 'that try- boys will
not be flr!otti'if eiitirrlyViiiriiig the
rusli and tiinimil cftliA cit.v, but
thiitgoiicroiiiind pntriiitp! citi.ens
will comu nobly to the front and
lend the boys a Helping hand. To
night tit tliu opera liouw hViiid be
fore the (ij)era uoiiinuny begin their
perrormriiice, tlfcband will dlseour.-i'
some n6w and popular iiirs; prom
inent hmong them will be "The
Sumuiit." This beautiful selection is
a iwiv prodiioiloM in tlie musical
wofld and the boys have given it
considerable attention. The band
is jiov under the nmimgenient of 11.
J. aiaze. Come out and listen to
tho music to-night.
Surprise Parties Afternoon Ten
Young Folks' Doings New
Whist Clubs.
Tho Journal desires tho pros
perity of Suloni.
Tiik Statk Exchanoi:. Tho
.State Exeliuuge that was organized
lri''BalemvHonie few weeks ago are
now.doingfomo good work. They
liltvo fully Srguni.c(l and tlie objects
as set forth by tho oxchrtngo are
meeting wltlithesupportofall.Euch
llim.of the a5yoclation.'contMbutcs
an uHultublo port'on rtf .its prolits
each month tos to tlieExcliange
and this fund so raWd is used in the
ono purpose to advertise guiem and
set fortn tho advantages to be
offered to Eastern capitalists and
persons deslrlifg a moro suitable
location thaif their present one.
Not alono does the organization pro
tiose to advertise Balem, but also to
look afterrfnd try and have thestreets
ofSiileinand the roads lending there
to put-In permanent order, and thus
promote tho growth of Sulom. The
association Is in tho interest of every
person, and will prove a grand ad
vantage to tho, city.
IlosKiiunu Pnizi:
Tho other afternoon
Koseburg, the
pride of the Unipipia, was tho scene
of a fierce slugging contest between
Al. Downey ami ynnstian uiuier,
1 CI
Eaeli declared hewas tlie better
man and to sott'o the (motion $50
was raised as a stake by either sttlo
and tho bruisers hied Ijiemselves to
tho quiet of the cemetery to try their
strength. Tho Hunt was, without
gloves and was ymiicsscd by about
llfty persons. Oibler was worsted,
but tlie referees declared the mill a
draw, liiitruports from Roseburg
are to tho Direct that principals, rel
t'lvss himI the half hundred wltnes
set have been plnccil under arrest.
Oibler claims Eugene as his home.
Tho report of tho arrest of tho parti
cipants is not continued however.
Qooi Siintimij.nt. Tho news
paper nan who penned the follow
ing knew what ho was talking
abeut: "Tlie prosperity of a town is
not graded by tho weulth of Its in
"habitants, bliUfhVMiforuiity with
which they4ull tiVjCtlier wlien any
importaut undertaking Is to be ac
complished. A map with a thou
sand dollars at his commiUid and a
lovo for his town lit his heart can
do more for the building up and im
proving of it than the millionaire
who looks up his capital and snaps
his linger at homo progress.
llo cnrofttl how you volo Tor
Couiiciliiioii, it' you waul tho
Motor lino to Sil vert on.
The doings In tho social world
have been on tho quiet order the
past six days. The main reason for
this is that the holidays are ap
proaching and tho various institu
tions In the city are preparing for
entertainments of various kinds.
This work Is almost monop
olizing the time of a great
many society ioiks and mainly on
tills ground lies the fact that the
past week has been quiet regarding
society doings. Below will be found
a synopsis of what has occurred up
to 8 o'clock this Saturday evening.
The opera house has been occupied
tho past week by tho Chicago Com
edy company who have made a de
cided hit In the city. Tlie company
is composed of ladies and gentlemen
such as arc seldom met with in a
theatrical troupe. They are far
above tho standard ,t of traveling
troupes and their 'acting Is most
cleverly done. Durlhgthp week
tho weather has been mosjt unfav
orable but notwithstanding this fact
tlie company lias played to good
houses most every night. The
change of programme each evening
has been largely instrumental In
bringing out this large attendance.
They complete their week's engage
ment at .Salem to-night with tho
production of "Everybody's Friend"
or "The Factorv Girl." The play is
a good one anu is fashioned some
what after Unit splendid play, "A
Long Strike." Miss Belle Inman
Is tlie leading lady of tho troupe,
but so well are all the parts .sup
ported that it Is a hard
matter to decide as to whom tho
glory does belong. .las A. Devlin
is the great comedian and it is large
ly through this gentleman's acting
that tho success of tho troupe belong.
Devlin is well cut out for his part
and ho could not bo replaced easily.
Val E. Love, Miss Virginia Snow
and Mrs. Anna Ininau have also
shown much ability as actors. The
return of tills troupe next season
will ho hulled with delight.
A surprise party was tendered in
honor of Misses Maud and Lou
Say re at their parents residence on
Mth street Friday evening. Tho
evening was spent in plavlug cards
and various other games. Atalato
hour a bountiful lunch was partaken
of and trio happy young folks re
tired home. This was a very pleas
ant event, and tho following young
folks were present: Miss Maud and
Lou Sayre, Miss Alice Steiner. Miss
Minnie Thatcher, Miss Ida Barker,
the Mlsies Veatch, Misses B urley,
Misses Soutliwick. Miss Maud
Itundlott, Miss Millie llodgsrs,
Misses Briggs, Miss Mary Mathows,
Miss Emma Thatcher and Miss
May Si.yro. Mr. Martin Durulii,
Mi. Cook l'atton, Mr. Ossian Shir
ley, Mr. Edgar Bird, Mr. Oswald
West, Mr. Fred Stewart, Mr. Pltzer
Chadwick, Mr. Harvey Cottle, Air.
Sam'l Graff, Mr. Frank Aral, Mr.
Albert Steiner, Mr. Ed Dlven,
Mr. Horace Willis, Mr. Chas. Gil
lingham and Mr. John Veatch.
ti:a I'AHty.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. Jos.
Baker, gave a tea party reception at
her residence corner of Liberty and
Center street which proved to bo
ono of tho most delightful social
events of tho past weeks. A large
number of Invited lady friends were
present and the afternoon pleasantly
passed In a social manner. The
handsome residence was tastily de
corated witli elioico llowei-s, and tho
latues present taiKeii over various
social matters that caused the time
to pass too switiiy uy. tiioso pres
ent Departed at a lasnlonablo time,
and experienced much pleasure in
being so fortunate to be present and
participate in the event.
A plcasantparty wasglven lastcve
nlng by Master Willie and Miss Grace
Babcock, at tho residence of their
parents at C05 Commercial street.
The evening was spent in danc
ing, and other parlor amiifcements,
and after partaking of a delectible
lunch tho happy guests departed for
their several homes, all expressing
themselves as having a most enjoy
able time. Those present were:
Miss Grace Babcock, Miss Oskie
Mathews. Miss Ethel Gray. Miss
Jennie Booth, Miss May Sayre, Miss
Nellie Smith, Miss Winnie Cher
rington. Mr. Will Babcock, Mr.
Will Tarplcy, Mr. Chester Murphy.
Mr. North Clicrrington, Mr. Louis
Cannon, Mr. Georgb Ladue, Mr.
Ebb Singleton, Mr. Jimmio Smith,
Mr. Walter Gray, Mr. Charley
Miss Mauu Jackson entertained a
few friends at the residence of her
parents, on Wednesday evening of
this week. While the number was
small, yet a most delightful even
ing was spent in various amuse
ments. The reception was not gen
eral, only being given in honor of
visiting friends from neighboring
cities. Those who were present
will long remember the pleasant
evening enjoyed.
Tho Old Folks whist club mot at
tlie handsome residence of Mr. Eu
gene Breyman on Friday evening,
and the evening spent in the usual
manner. Tlie attendance wasi the
same as usual and those present
were delighted with the evening.
The club are spendnlg some splen
did gatherings tills winter.
A social party was given in honor
of Mr. Harry Booth, at tho resi
dence of Mr. Cottle on Commercial
street, last Monday night, and a
general good time was had in play
ing various games, and at a late
hour the happy young folks retired,
much pleased with tlie event. There
were about twenty-live present, and
and all spoke of having a pleasant
A whist club lately organized, but
nameless yet, met for the first time
at tlie residence of Mr. E. M. Wniti
to licfAsr architects.
iii lurre
i in
Simply a.PruIcjliva iasnro Better F. H. BARNES, Pres.
liJUtlinsH, Grower Safety It
,lllitw Sttites
k t H. V. MATTHEWS, Treas.
W. F. SEAVER, Solicitor.' '
It m probable tll:it the next lc
isbiture of Oregon will be nstfci to'
pass ti law which shall remflre ull
urchiteets in Oregonuo nn an ex
amination aud receive alicense or
certificate which willjdTow them to
do business in the Mate, as is tho
cae with doctors and lawyers.
A JoimNAJ, reprtrter n talking to
a prominent architect tb-day asked
the gentlemari's opinion on the
subject, when he said, "I think
that suchft" law should be passed,
and It .rfndoubtedly will be before
long. Texas already has such a
law, and tho architects of New
York, Massachusetts, Illinois and
Ohio are now agitating tho ques
tion, and will rruikc an effort to have
the legislatures of their respective
states pass such a law. ,
In lexas there are three closes of
architects according to the lay.
That is, three Vrades of certrffcates.
are Issued, according to tbc kind of
examination passed byr tho appli
cant, l lie ooiect V Qcn a law Is to
The Salem Land Company,
Incorporated 1889, J I
protect tlie
lngs, mid previ
irom worKl
at tl
:om poor ouiia-
'ompelcnt men
o prole-sion.
s holdXgooo in this
place thutr annly to the examina
tions wfich doctors, lawyers and
other-ffrofc-sionul men have to pa-s.
'Wluit we want," coniiivucd the
gentleman "is to require all archi
tects to l:e able to calculate the
strength of walls, floors and posts,
and do able to construct trusses.
Salem must look to her inter
ests in the coming City election
They should be able to do all work
necessary to Insure the erection of
flrst-cluss buildings that will not en
danger the public. We would then
have better brick, better plumbing
and better plastering."
"It will be recommended that a
board of flye architeofs, who have
had six orXeight years' experience,
be appointed bv thfi crovernnr nnd
confirmed bythc legislature, to con
stitute tno examining board. The
memhfiru nt tlin Wnnrrl nliniilil hn nru
on Wednesday evening last, a most pointed for flvejVears each, and their
enjoyauio time was nail. We sunn
refer to this club again next week.
Which is situated upon high ground overlooking tho city, and only four blocks from tho elegant High School
building. The horse car hue will soon be running to the school building on their new extension up Center
street, aud are headed for this addition. The Electric line will pass within one or two blocks of it, and one or
both of these lines will eventually traverse the full breadth of Englewood. This property is selling rupidly to
a class of investors who will put In tasty, substantial improvements, which added to the building, grading and
other public improvements, which we propose to put on, will Insure to tho Investor an ample profitjf he desires
to sell again, or a tasty, handsome neighborhood if he desires to make it his home. There Is nothing in the city
that wilt equal it. Or if you desire acre property call at our office over tho Capital National Bank, and we will
show you, free of charge, the cheapest and best five and ten acre tracts in the country, tho nearest into the city
and that which will double quickest in value. We mean HAMPDEN PARK and FAIR VIEW ADDITIONS.
TERMS EASY. To the poor man with but a few dollars, this is a grand opening and should be Investi
gated at once, and young men should not slight It.
If this add. should happen to catch the eye ot some one at a distance, we request that you send for descrlp
tlve hand-book of "Salem and Vicinity," Salem Land Company, Salem, Oregon.
Do you want tho HJLotor lino
Mr. Whale orythc firm of WJuUo
& Gallagher, returned home to-day
from a trip up tlioroad. '
Mm. 11. W. Sayre. who liabeeu
spending a few da.v.s In tb6 coun
try, returned home Thursday.
Miss Maggie PlatiW' aud
Li! la Martin came .down
Turner on the aftenipthi train.
Superintendent MoElroy return
ed homo from1'ortlaim to-day,
whore he went oil business connect
ed with tlie scl6ol work.
Mr. Daniel Bass.tfornierly of Sa
lem, but now a rising vouug law
yer of Washington 'came up from
Portland on the morning train.
E. F. Slgworth,, wlfoL and son ar
rived to-day fromvOil Cty, Pennsyl
vania. They havo,como to find a
home In Oregon. Vor tho present
they are the guests' of Dr. Diveu.
They are much.fileased with the ap
pearance of, Oregon and tlie pros
pect of escaping a six-mouth's winter.
Does Salem desire that FOR
EIGN capital build tho Salem
and Silvortou Hailroad, or will
they drive capital away?
: --
New Town... County Surveyor
J. W. Culvereturncd this morning
from tho railruad front where he
has been sirm.iy.IrFg a new
railroad town on Vie laud formerly
belonging to DxitiXSmltli. Some
thing more Muni tw hundred lots
wero laid atitnnd ns so)ii ns tlie plat
is filed tliev will bo placvd upon the
market. Tho late rain, Mr. Culver
says, is snow a few liunured feet
above tho altitude of tho new town.
terms of office 'iurangcd so that the
term of one of fhem shall expire
every year. The lW will not pre
vent a builder fromVlrawing his own
plans or aim in anv way to hinder
a man from building us he pleases,
except that where architects are em
ployed they shall be nlade responsi
ble for.ihe work they drt. If an v ac
cidentoccurs in a building the jilans
for which have been drawn by an
architect, that architect ', alono is to
be held re-tponsible. The law, if
passed, will icqiiirc the prosecution
of tlie architect in such axcase ac
cording to law and a fine from $100
to $000 should be Imposed. The
effectNjf the law will be to protect
the public from poor buildings and
require architects to bo extremely
careful, as they should be, that con
tractors, who work under their
supervision shall perforin their work
in a faithful and competent man
ner." Muko No MIstuKe.
If you huvo made up your mind to buy
Hood's Bnrsnparllla do not. be induced to
tnke nny other. Hood's Sarsaparllla Is a
peculiar medicine, possessing, by Its pecul
inr combination, proportion and prepara
tion, curative power superior to any other
article of the kind before the people. For
all directions arising from impuro blood or
low state of tho syMem It Is uuequalled. Be
suro to get Hoods.
All may possess pearly white teeth, pure
breath and healthy gums by using
tar, prevents decay. Sold by all drugglstpl
It. C. C. O., Itcd Cross Cough Cure heals
throat'and lungs, cures aBthma and the
most obstinate coughs and colds. Try It.
Sold by all druggists.
Last Nioht. This Ih tho last
night that tho (Jhlcago Comedy
company will appfar Ju tho city.
Don't fail to bo piysent. The play
"Everybody's lrfond," is k good
ono and will delight tho audience.
The company lias done well here
and lo-ulglit will chv-o their Peek's
engagement. Go out to-night and
enjoy the closing evening with
IttVKU KlHINd.r-TllC li'OMlt IMIII
Is raising tho river very rapidly. It
Is now lour loot above low water
mark and still rising. Th boats
will be able to run witli s:rety in a
few tluys and If tile rains Von tin ue
thou (hero may be noitw possibility
lu the lumber mills obtaining lugi.
Makinci Candy, Juno & Hor
nardl are busy npiking -Mainly at
their windy laciory on Comrtit'rolul
street. Tho candy 1 well muile and
of the finest vaiiiiUcH. Tljfy will
njH'ii up tlielrsliire vfujlio'th lust.,
and you may watch out" for a grand
display of hvime-inadeaiidies.
M. E. ('it men ijMtvii'iM'vro
morrow as iimiuI, Morning MibJct:
"Lessons From Jouuji's Flight;"
evening: "Tho DancoyJ' To-iay."
First-class music; heats free; ull welcome,
Krlduy evening tho Salem Pleas
ant Hour Society gave ono of their
pleasant dances at their hull on
State street, which was highly en
joyed by all present. Tho hall has
been beautitully decorated aud pre
sents a pleasing appearance. Good
music was furnished on the occasion
by a special orchestra. Dancing was
parcipuaicu in until i o'clock,
when a delightful supper was given
at tho Candy Kitchen. Tho organ
izers of tho club feci proud of tho
success they have with this season.
Miss Leona Willis has arnnged to
given public entertainment in the
onera house on Thanksgiving eve
ning tho proceeds to bo used for tlie
beuellt of the poor mill needy. She
will bo ably agisted in the under
taking by some of S.Uem's best
talent, such as MissJonnloM. Long,
Miss Pearl Seott, Mrs. W. S. Boggt
Prof. ',. M. Parvlu, Mr. J. 11. Ross
and others. Tlie object Is for a
worthy cauo and should receive
The Thanksgiving ball which was
to bo given at tho opera house Nov.
i!7th has been dimmed to Nov. i.tth
Geo, il, Parsons and John Itoos
havo combined their musical force
and will all come t
will make some of the
tliatbxilem ever hail. Tho event
promises to be un to the usual stand
ard and If in the proper hands of
management will prove a decided
Thanksgiving will soon bo hero
and auraud bull will bo held at the
ll.t.Mlllll.1 ,1. ..!... C2......I..JY.. I I I.. !'... till 1...
UilUVYIllA.A i-v , Wvl 1IH.TJ I UJIl-lll IIUUSUI1I i III HIT III! lllllltHlllV
nt 10:30 o'clock tim. and ItitO n. in. I ovonlnur the 1'Sth. Good muslo anil
Interesting HiihiccM) of Jbllglo Sci- good floor management. This will no
entitle Character, discussed. Sun- doubt boa very iiloasant affair and a
day school and mental philosophy! largo crowd Mill bo In attendance
VliuMUt l- o'clock ni. MiJrivlttHi. I from Saloiu mid vicinity,
Coi.IiAIt B(Vk BltOKUN. This
morning, Phillip Suell, (ugo eight
years), had tliemisfortuuo to fall
ami break his colhir borfo. He and
an older brother wf playing, and
in some way he was pushed down,
alighting on hfs collar bone. Dr. C.
IT. Hall set tho fracture, and he Is
now resting easy. N
Institute Pos'riKXNKi) . Tho
county Institute wlffoh was to bo
held at Morrow lountythis next
week has beon postponed itutll later
In December, owlntfv to tlio number
of cases of dyptherltrt - '
Don't forgot to tikotywur Thanks
giving dinner witUituc Indies of tho
M. E. church. liincr terved from
1 to 4. EverythlXt-rafrJctly llrst-
Before thanksgiving there sat,
A turkey who wtiarell and fat;
Yet this fact warnmts no presumn-
. tl0"'
Ho died next tiny of quick consump
tion. '
Cheapest, strongest and best, Wright's
Compound Kxtrnct of Harsap.irllla. lfolls,
pimples, erysipelas fleo before It. Cleanses
and enriches the blood. Sold by all drug
Wright's Cascara Constipation remedy
promotes a regular and healthy action of
the bowels, aids digestion and will uotlr
rltate tho mott sensitive stomach. Chll
dreu tako It readily. Bold by all druggists
Wright's Hop
, lnvlgi
prevents e
Sold by all druggists,
Celery and Chamomile
Invigorates the digestive oi
Hitters a rellabla tonic, appetizer and ap
u, invigorates lue aigesiive orgi
rovents dyspepslA, can be relied up
Auotner lot oi newEo
from tho East for Lphu
yesterday. They art lei
s arrived
ng every
A. Surprise
Any of the following 12 Mo's, full cloth bound, gilt sides and back,
delivered or mailed to any address for 60 cents per volume.
Robinson Crusoe, Arabian Nights Entertainments, Swiss Family
Robinson, Scottish Chiefs, Thaddlus of Warsaw, Children of tho Abbey,
Don Quixote, Vicar of Wakefield, Paul and Virginia, Bunyan's Pilgrim
Progress.Bunyan's Holy war, Gulliver's Travels, Child's History of Eng
land, jEsop's Fables, Baron Munchausen, Last Days of Pompeii, Ivan
hoe, Waverly, Guy Mannenng, Stories from French History, Tom
Brown's School Days at Rugby, Dog Crusoe, Gorilla Hunters, Wild Man
? i i yest Gascoyne, Freaks on the Fells, Shifting Winds, Floating
Light, Bear Hunters, Kangaroo Hunters, American Family Robinson,
Adventures in Canada. Under the Holly or Christmas at Hopeton House,
A Million Too Much. The Two Bequests, Gavroche, The Gamls of Paris,
Grimm's Popular Tales, Grimm's Household Stories, French Fairy Tales,
Standard Fairy Tales, Norshern Ligtits, Lady Green Satin aud her maid
Rosette, Picuwick Papers, Martin Chuzzlewit, Oliver Twist, David Cop
perfleld, Nicholas Nickleby, Complete Letter Writer, Prehistoric World,
History Stories, Euglish History, Ancient History, Modern History,
unBe Blossomsi Cook's Voyages Around the World, Battles of the Re-
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able Events In the World's History, Evening Amusements, Modern
Classics, Travelers in Africa, In the Arctic Seas, Children's Bible Stories.
Lady of the Lake, Memorable Scenes in French History, Frontier Life,
pairing Deeds of American Heroes, Thrilling Adventures on Land and
Sea, Modern Story Teller, Christmas Stories, Sea and Shore, Life of Na
poleon, George Washington. Daniel Boone, David Crockett, Henry Clay,
Andrew Jackson, Old Curiosity Shop and reprinted pieces, Barnaby
Itudge and Hard Times, Bleak House, Little Dorrlt, Dombey & Son, Un
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Desert of Ico, Wreckfof the Chancellor, Christmas books, uncommercial
A YinnfonnJo
Lairy Tales, Handy Andy, Three Guardsmen, Tom Brown at Oxford,
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Bede Holidays at the Grange, Tennyson's Poems, Idyls of the Kiug, Par-
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Woman, A Fallen Idol, Anne Grey, Anderson's Fairy Tales, American
Chesterfield, American Notes, As In a Looking Glass, A Trooper's Adven
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Barnaby Rudge, JJoy Conqueror, Boys' Own Book of Indoor, Boys' Own
Whmn0 wfe. rltbr Eemra!2 Poetst. Browning Mrs., ' PoeW By
VVoman's Wit, Calhoun, J. C, Life of, California History, Campbell's
Poetical Works. Carl Burtlot. a ntnrv r h0 nhi il.i.. Sti,
S..lr.. r .A -. ;;."-'"".!'.. V . "JI vumtOD UWUUU, V,UU11U
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and Lucy Temple, Creasy's Battles, Dawn, Dombey and Son ' Dlcften's
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ZZZ, T XT,V' Iii!. "a . ade, Dodd's Beauties of Shake-
,....., v,ucie,y, jiiKe-H oeofet;, jiconem cal Cook Book. Elliot
Georce. Poems. TC Wnhfifii im i?vii. qu,.i tt. i.-,. ?r,ri ' ' -L""ulf
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AVIth specialties In
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French China Dinner Sek
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u,c.cico uuu uuuinouai uuristmas stones, raieot Two cities and
Expectation, Our Mutual Friend, Edwin Drood, Sketches, Master
pureys- lUOCK. etc.. Tflree in Norwnv Jnno Turo T.nollo
, Toi
Of which we constantly keep a full line
and open stuck, enabling us to make up
Dinner nnd Tea sets or nny size, or sell by
the single piece. The finest assortment o
Ever shown In Salem.
Ot the latest itnd handsomest patterns In
W-Plenso call nnd examine our stock.
'ur ooys, iurope, Jivu uenfus, Explorations and Adventures, Fairy Bells
.TSLBT'lm0U,Ien'Fa Wonnen- Felou' Beques, Frozen Pil
rate, Favorite Poems, Flowers From Fairy Land, Footprints of Fate
Gems of Prose and Poetrv. GnetWa pho1 wn,i 3'"i.i. i,.ie'
i uuino. uumaumus poet
ical Works, Good Measure, Grade Goodwin.
Only 700 volumes in stock, very few duplicates
If your organ is out of order, re
member N. it. Gaylor repairs them
us good as now,
Ckntkk Skket Hi
iron is now being pis
tuo (jeiuer street null
will be running on
few days.
Send your orders in
T. McF. Patton,
98 State Street.
Tin: Box To.w Its no tuo to look
further, the Bou Ton Restaurant is
setting tlio best and most substan
tial mc.ils of any eating house in
tho city.
Gibus lias been cantured and has
confessed to his guilt liko a large
number are doing that havo never
traded at Gilbert & Patterson's be
fore. The Electric- Btreet ear eomnanv
ivothor which I wl" soon l,tf l,Usi' constructing their
0 best YniiHlo i jy,Ml ul .Vl''"' " rtK
nil- iiiv.imiuiu uuy yimr groceries ai
Stpilro Fiimir's.
Fish, Fish. i'he Baltimore fish
market on Court street Is the place
in get your iinii, p.Miitry anu game.
Painless dental operations at Dr
T. C. Smith's, IH) State sttwt.
Plenty of eggs at Geer & Co.'s fish
. . ."-
inarr.ei, on rourt tn?ct.
Keiul llolverwiirs "td'.M Mret
Wlv.- The
led Wiwii tor
pyJind cars
Iwno iu a
.imVHWB Bk
yAbsolutely Pur
riiupowcjcr never varies. Amarverot
riirity, Ktrtuuth and wliolexomtne-w. HoV
n.V01111Illlifll tlinn l... nnllnni-v lrln.&t..
Cilunot lie wild In oomivllllori -vltTPlha
llUlltllllllil lflnw t ahnp WAlohl nlnmn.
pluMplmto iwwden. Bold only Ju cb.
Return of tlie Favorites
Chicago Comedy Compauv
vonumli-iil than tlio onllnnrr kin
CllUnol Iih Mllil In tYminflttnn -v
muittiiutu of low test, ihort weight lum or
pluwnlinto Kowdeni. Hold only lu caBM.
In an entirely new reportolre.
Mondav irnnnA
Tuejdaj-. Lady Audley's secret
Wednesday Colleen Uawn
Thursday The Diamond Mystery
Friday Long Strike
Saturday Everybody's Friend
Matinee Kathleen
lWlar prices, at, 30 and 50c Uallery,
c.nl.ldln Onllcry. adults 30e, dowii
Box sheet now open at ration's, where
iwcmn mu can ue naa wiiuout extra
Just Received
At Charles Calvert's Millinery Itaznarone
of the rlnebt lines of Millinery Uoods ever
brought to Balem. All goods are of the
latestdeslen and have been hmnirht rilrwi
from the Millinery Emporiums of Han
'Ttn I. Jlu C-1 a ..
auu Mum ui ojueiu uuu lurrounain?
Meeks & Minton
Have received nnd answered over
One Thousand Letters of Inquiry
SINCE JUNE 17, '89
sen yoCuhrp,rleper?y.CO,n,n,ESlon' un,css
201 Commercial Street.
Salem Co-Operative Association
uiWi,fI,John'on ' AfiU,Port. couBtryarelnvUeatoculUnainipecttnU
WP'iMrsvm. I WM Of good,
Japanese and Chinese Curiosities,
xiuuin)', Une Teax, etc. Countrv n
Promptly attended 'to. Wholesaar
Choice Groceries I
Id White Granite and Decorated Ware,
Glassware, etc, 8ee our stock and prices
Has Just received a new line of the latest
btyleof hanging lumps which will be sold
nt the most reasonable rntcs. We also
carry a full line of Groceries, Feed, Cigars,
Tobacco, '
Crockery and Glassware !
Don't fail to sample our now line of con
iectlonery. No. 228 Commercial Street, Balem, Oregon,
Chas, Pugh, Proprietor.
(Successor to Bellinger Co.)
holesalo and re-
Two good upright plunos for rent. aUon
nrst elafcs organ for file cheao for eVii .
u)eluitalmcut plaA! FwFnlorJSJtlon
vatoryofmusleorKt his rw-n. fffi
f music ort his residence. J-Jm
Fanning Lnplemeiits
A complete line always in stock.
r .Mn' s,ock u bought new and for cash, af
inrdlngme the opportunity to sell at the
"""ttieasonabltprlres. ,
l no best and lutest improved machinery
always om bund.
OulCe and ktjlrAMnm.nf UlllncrAr'cold
stand on State stree I,
J 1A d", --.r'(riBa ilS .