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Canilal Journal Publishing Company.
Knti rol nt the postofflee "t Hnlein,Or.,ns
econd-clo matter.
Krg fourth page fur term of ubcrlp-
1 Advertisements to Iniurp Insertion (for
th! nme duy) should l! handed In by 1
corre'itpondcncc cenUilnlnn: new; of III
tircst and lintiortnnia In desired rrom nil
varts of the state.
No attention will he p-ilil U anonymous
Ri"wS the CA...TAI. JOAL
served at tliclrhounen can seriiri' It by iw
1b1 card request, or hy word loR nt this
Hncclmen numbers sent free on applies-
Offlos, corner Court and Liberty Htreets.
tiXTim In nil ik'imitmentH fit
thu Htnlo fnir Itilt j cur are going to
be full and complete. From every
direction como encouraging reportH.
In ir?.ny eountii'H tine dlnilnyn are
lienitf iirruiigitl. Tliu rut-Inn will lie
better than ever Iwfore.
8emi: one Iii.h iiKulu He discovery,
or rather iniikeH the assertion, tliut
allytlwuyrt walltH upward. I ut a
fly on a window, and up he to
w.ird Iho tip: he can't be made to
walk downward. So an Inventor
has made a Hcreen divided In half.
The upper part larw over the lower,
with mi Inch apace between. Well,
as 6oon iih a lly lightfi on the Hereon,
he proceedH to travel upward, and
thus walkH Htralght out or doorn.
Hy this means, a room can be c,ulck
ly eleared of lllet".
Coincidences in inventions and
dlHCovery are the rule rather than
the exception. When any notable
advance in made In the knowledge
or tho laws of natuie. or In applying
that knowledge, old or new, to the
Hcrviceof man, It Is hardly ever one
perm)!! alone who makes tho dls
eovcry or application. Almost al
ways more than one claimant ap
pear, and frequently neveral make
good their claims to the honor of
having pursued Independently
and to valuable results the wane
Hue or thought or experiment that
has made one or their number Ta
in ms by associating his name per
manently with the great Invention
or discovery. Lu Vomer and
AdaniH almost simultaneously rea
Honed out tho existence or the planet
Neptune, and direct -mI astronomical
observers how to point their telo
BCojieH In order to find it. Professor
Morse's title to distinction as the
Idea before It occurred to him.
Half a do.on others had tolled upon
thu problem of steam navigation be
for Kulton solved It. Morton, Jack
son and Wells were experimenting
with auiesthetlcs at the same time,
and the merit or thu discovery Is
still claimed for each of them, ilcll
and Gray invented their respective
telephones almost at the Hame time.
Edison and Hughes dispute each
other's claim to priority In thu In
vention of thu microphone. In
some of these cases probably one
claimant has knowingly or un
consciously borrowed something ol
his rival; but Uiuno where two or
more persons have pursued Inde
pendently substantially thu samu
lino of research and experiment,
tending to thu same results, me
very iiumeroiu.
various unsuspected ways! Impris
onment or slavery for debt was one
means by which the power of tho
few hns been augumented. Church
and state was another. Slavery
was another. In Rome parents sold
their children Into slavery. I5y
thut means and by war the numbers
of the slaves were forever being re
cruited. In feudal Europe, land
lordism was thu institution for de
pressing the masses. In all govern
ments woman has never had
authority. In some sh has had
great influence.
In a military slate, of course, there
Is a despotic rule over the musses by
the commander ami his coudcll of
generals. In such astatethe masses
of laboring people are mere slaves.
In our Industrial commercial age
new institutions are developing to
reduce the masses under a mild
rule by the power of combinations.
Immense wealth in the bauds of u
few gives them the same power as
would the command oi armies.
Ppon a review of the whole sub
ject we find that the evils of bad
governments, the very worst even,
consist only in destroying the com
forts or the great mnsw.-s in tuking
from them the fruits of their labor
or the great masses who are women,
children and poor men. As to the
others they everywhere have been
uble to take care or themselves.
Mottling ap a "Hear."
The following Incident Is said to
have occurred on the Georgia South
ern and Elor'da railread: A gruff,
nilddle-ajcd man, much resembling
a bear, s..t on a beat in one of the
coaches. He was reading a news
paper. Iichind him sat a little man
wlih a p'llc face, who held in his
arms a baby. He evidently was not
In the habit of managing babies.
At all events ho railed signally in
this Instance. He had a bottle or
milk, which ho offered the baby
whenever ho cried, but the baby re
fused It, and only cried tho more.
Finally the bear turned in bis seat
and inquired In a loud voice If there
was no way to quiet tho baby. The
pale-faced man said he had found
no way. The baby cried all the
more, and the bear grew fierce
After telling tho pale-faced man sev
eral fines that the baby was a nui
sance, he Inquired:
"Whero In thunder Is that child's
mother? I wish she would come
and take care of it."
"Tho mother or this baby," said
the pale-raced man, "Is in a colli n in
tho front cur."
"Now, then," said a passenger,
looking at tho bear, "If you don't
hush you will bu pitched out of this
. it-
rest of
Two Pathetic and Humorous Stories Ie-
lafed by the Jloosler Poet.
Mr. Riley, who was dining nt an It 'Man
restaurant, bit the end off one of il.osc
crowbars of bread that nro served la t'. "o
caravansaries, while his listener, a rcpor cr V ..
for tho New York &'., begged him toe mi' i ,w vm ivm-W
a story. Ho Anally consented to tell this AVdYAvwL
combination or humor and pathos : i Mr rllnn V vvHV
" I was wandering up one of the principal J
streets oi jnuianapoiis ono Decoration Day,
(lOVKUNMKNTS-tiOOIt (lit !l.l.
A writer In a promtuotit mu:;u.lm
speaks nrtbo government of China
with admiiatlou and declares that
tho people of that cm pi re enjoy as
much frwdtmi and cqua'lty as do
any pcoplu on earth. This is thu cus
tomary way about nine-tenths of
our writers have of speaklnjr of the
people. If only tho "hotter'1 class
of men, thu more powerful and
wealthy aro the people, thu remark
may bo true. Hut woman Is a more
nouenlty In China: tho slave of par
tints and husband. Mouowoa t-or-vllo
obedience to their fathers so
long as they survive. The whole
government Is a horrible system of
slavery. Individuals get an Inde
pendence through combinations In
secret societies. Individual rights
are not In tho least regarded. So
far us freedom and equality aro con
cerned it rtfecmblcfl tho association ,
or a pack of wolves whero all will
fall on tho weakest and rend them
limb from limb.
Properly shaking no government
can booal'ed perfectly free and
equal until every sane adult mind
lias tho sumo jKiwer In govcmlu
thut any other mind his, .such a
government has never yet exlMcd
lit full perfection. Tho ovoruuiioit
of some few states In this Hum
approach nearer to such a form !mu
Klennlvi I i co In the prno ;
llberty. Power Is always in, b
toward tho few who are ijun- i
take ttdvautajjo and eucntini.e mi
Inclination hy laws, u stuns .(..
Institutions, How often bus pjwr
tho way, but not another
word was said by tho bear.
An Old Chestnut Revived.
An old preacher, afier services ono
Sunday, announced his reading for
tho following Sunday. During the
week some mischievous boys ob
tained h's lllblu and pasted two of
tho 'eaves together, right where he
was to lead. Sunday morning com
In j, tho aged dlvlnenpeii'Ml his book
and read as follews: "And Noah
took unto himself a wife who was"
and ho'-o ho tinned thu leaf
"foly cubits broad, ono bundled
end forty cublta long." With a
loikof astonishment liu wiped his
glasses, re-read and vcillled the pas
sago and then said: "My friends, al
though I have read tho Pilule many
times, this Is the first (time I have
overseen this puosugo, but I take It
as another ovldeni'3 of tho fact that
man Is tearfully and wonderfully
when I met a rugged old fanner from the
interior ho seemed to havo lost his way.
As ho wandered aimlessly along I
approached him and asked: 'Do ycu en
joy tho exercises of tho dayl' ''Wall,
so, so,' ho answered; 'but I ain't hero for
fun. I come up to go to tho buryin' ground
up there on tho hill. My boy's burled up
there. Ho was in tho army, you know. Ho
had to lio about his ago to get In, but tho
angels ' 11 forgivo that ono lie. Lord, how
ho did flghtl I've hearn tho other soldiers
toll about It. Wall, ho went into tho battle
o' the 'Wilderness an' got wounded awful.
Thoy telegraphtcd to me, an' I went right
down. Ho wanted to bo took home an' I
fetched him. On the way up ho grew
worse, an' ho said to mo if ho could
live td get homo an' see his ma ho
would bo satisfied. Ho kep' getting weaker
an' weaker, but ho hold on till I got
him homo. His ma tried to nu'so him
back to life, but ho kep' on runnin' down.
Ho called mo up to his bed ono night 'bout
sundown, an' said, scz he: "Pa, I wanter bo
buried up in town (meanin hero in In
gianapolis), an' I want you to keep my
gravo green."
"Hero tho old farmer wiped tho tears
from his cheeks with his big brown hand,
and then brought it down on my shoulder
in a dctormincd manner, and exclaimed:
' Ah, mister, I'm agoin' to keep that grave
green if I havo tcr paint it I "
Ono of tho most affecting stories that Mr.
IUley tolls is that which gavo him tho in
spiration for his pathetic peem: '"Causo
I've got curvature of tho spine." It voices
tho boastful, cheery sentiments of a llttlo
deformed child who glories in his deform
ity, and whoso only fcar is that his aunty
will not know him when shogets to Heaven,
whero ho is, becauso there, as sho has told
him, ho will bo erect and freo from de
formity liko tho othor angels.
" Tho idea for that poem," said Mr. Riley,
"was suggested by a rough, rugged man
that I mot on ono of my tours. I had been
lecturing in a llttlo interior town, and had
to got up at daylight ono cold morning to
rido to tho nearest railway station. Tho
man who drovo mo over was ono of thoso
rugged characters that you meet in the
rural regions ono of thoso men who deem
sentimentality a weakness and tears somo
thing to bo ashamed of. As we rodo along
over tho creaking snow ho said: 'I
hoarn you talk last night.' I remarked:
'Indeed I I hopo you enjoyed it.' 'Yes,'
said ho, ' fust rato. My llttlo girl was
thoro. Sho likes that sort o' thing. She's
great on po'try You may hov seen her.
Sho sat on tho front row. Sho's a littlo
girl, not very tall. You must a-noticed
her.' I told him that I did not recall having
scon hor, and ho centinued: 'Sho ain't
vory big. Sho don't weigh morn fifty
pounds. You seo, sho's got curv'turo of
tho spine. Her mother died when sho was
a llttlo thing, and havin' no ono to look
out for hor as a mother can, sho fell
down stnlrs ono day an' hurt herself.
Sho never got over it. I hov took
caro o' her tho best 1 know now, out slio s
nover growed. Sometimes I think she'll
never bo no bigger.' Tho tenrs welled to
his eyes as ho talked. Ho was ashamed to
show tho ovidonces of his grief, nnd turned
K.W.MV !
n-l.lr. 1,1. Iinml K
CfSTOCirTlffUy Tho moistmo from his cyc3
nun uiio oi uiu uenvy icuincr mittens that
ho woro and said: ' 1 dunno what's the rut
tor with my oyos. Ono o my bosses is
lamo, mi' I put somo liniment on his log this
mornin'. I must u' got somo of it on thin
yor mitton o' mine' "
The Chief Rt-naon for tno great ltU
cess of Hood's Sarsaparllla Is found In th4
article Itself. It Is merit that wins, and UK
tact that Hood's Sarsaparllla actually a
eompllshes what Is claimed for It, It whal
bas given to this medicine a popularity an!
ale greater than that of any other sarsapa.
Merit Wins ffiKJK
Hood's Sarsaparllla cures Scrofula, Salt
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Sick
Dcadache, Biliousness, overcomes Thai
Tired Keeling, creates an Appetite, strength
ns the Nerves, builds up the 'Whole Syste
IIooil'x Hnrnnpnrilla Is sold by all drof
rtsts. $l j six for $5. Prepared by C. I. Hoo4
1 I'm.. Apothecaries. Lowell, Mast.
The community that raises good
draft or carriage horses will be
found prosperous and progressive.
When eight or ten good teams will
bring Into a neighborhood ?3,000 to
$5,000 it helps everybody In it and
drives the wolf from many a door.
Wherever good horse3 are prosperi
ty reigns.
Many of the druggists of Portland
have adopted the plan of printing
the antidote of a poison on the label
bearing Its name, which Is put on
the bottle containing it. Iu case of
accident or overdose, a!l vou have to
do is to look at your bottle; see what
the antidote is and procure it.
An Unhappy Home.
"I wish my wife would get well
or something," said a husband who
had been sorely tried with an invalid
wife. It seems a heartless speech,
but who can tell the discomforts of
a home where the wife is always
sick. Poor food, crying children !
No wonder the man grows desper
ate. Hut if he would get Dr. Pierce's
favorite prescription for the wife, he
would find that the sunshine would
return to his home. "Favorite Pre
scription" is a positive cure for the
most complicated and obstinate
cases of leucorrhea, excessive Mow
ing, painful mcnstratlou, unnatural
suppressions, prolapsus or falling of
the womb, weak back, "female
weakness, ' nutevcrslon, retrover
sion, "bearing down!' sensations, A
i-c.lir.mui uutuuu(M-jjiu.iujitai
coinpanleil with "internal heat
The Best Residence Localities
In the city of Portland and other prosperous towns are those owned by men or corporations ttho
have tltc disposition and ability to improve them.
I 10 I li I Ll 1 I
And this Corporation is determined to
lake It
To the city of Salem. They have at this time fifteen teams employed and the contemplated improvements have
scarcely begun. It is intended to make the drive leading from Commercial street through Riverside and High
land additions and around Highland Park
Of Oregon. The Unc of the Salem Street Hallway Company runs through the middle of this addition, and no
lots will be more than two blocks distant from the line. Highland Park will in the near future be
Lois in Highland Additon are High and Dry and Well Located; Most Excellent Drainage
The soil is black and rich. From all points a fine view is obtained of the public buildings and our highest
mountain peaks. Arrangements are already being made for the location of two churches In this addition, and
a number of residences are soon to be built. Buildings only of the best class will be permitted. Residence lot
within the limits of the city of Salem are worth on an average over $1000. We can sell you better lota in High
land addition for one-third of the money, and being directly on the line of the street railway they are practi
cally not half so far from the public buildings and the business part of the town as the majority of the so
called "inside lots."
Buy a Lot in Highland Addition for Three Hundred Dollars,
And let some other fellow pay $1000 for an inferior lot not so well located. With the difference of $700 you can
build a beautiful cottage, or put It out at a rate of Interest that will buy you nearly two thousand street car
tickets every year.
In (i
A Tyrolese Custom.
In thu mountains of Tyrol, It N
the custom of the women and child
ren to come out, when it Is bedtime,
and slug their national songs until
they hear their husbands, fathers
and brot hers answer them from the
hills or on their return home. On
the shores of tho Adriatic such a
custom prevail . There the wives
of the fishermen wine down about
suiihct mid slmr a melody. After
slii'-lng the first staiuu', they listen
awhile for the answering sJralu
from ofi" the water, and contlnuo to
stnunnd listen till tho well-known
voices come Umu on the tide, toll
liUrthat tho loved ones nro utmost
How nu Adtornto Ciittcht n Vltne
Very Clowr Way.
It Is of Warren, tho mitborof "Ten Thou,
sand a Yenr," that this sharp practico in
tho examination of a man accused of swoar.
Ing falsely In a willeaso is relateil.
Tho prisoner being arraigned, mid th
formalities (jono through wj h, tho prose
cutor, pluciug his thumb over tho seal held
up tho will, and demanded of tho unsoiiLr
If ho had seen tho testator sign that Instru
ment, to which ho promptlv answered that
lio hiul.
"And did yon sign it nt his request us
subscribing witness!" "I did." "Was li
sealed with red or black wax I" " With red
wax." "Did you seo him seal it with red
wax!" "I did." "Whero was tho testator
when ho signed nnd sealed this will!" " In
his bed." "Pray, how long a piece of wax
did house!" "About three or four inches
long." "Who gave-tho testator this piece
of wax!" "I did." "Whoro did you get
I. Ill .IT. .!- . mi. . "
in- -Tjvui mo iiruwcr oi nts ucsl:
"Jtow- UIU tio
"With a candle,
of caudlo como
iuiuu-iru hi ins mum." now long was
that pieco of candlol" "Ferunps four or
flvo inches loug." "Who Ut thai
pieco of candlol" "I lit it." "What
with!" "With a match." "Whoro did
you get that match!" "On the
maatol sholf in tho room." Hero Warren
paused, nnd nxing his large, deep blue
eves uixm tho prisouer ho hold tho will up
bovo his head, his thumb still resting upon
tho seal, nnd said, In a solemn, measured
tone: Not, sir, upon your solemn ruth
you saw tho testator sign that will: ho
signed it in his bed; nt his request yon
signed tt, as n subscribing wiraoss; you
aw him seal it; It was with red wax ho
scaled It; a pieco of one, two, threo or four
inches long; he tit tho wax with a pieco of
candle, which you procured for him from a
cupboard; you Ut that candlo by a match
which you found ou tho mantel shelf !' i
dM." "Onco more, sir; upou your oath
u dU" ." X JUl" Reuvlng tho thumb
and exhibiting tho seal) "ilylord. It's a
wafer." ..
There is a man living in Petosl
Mich., who served during the war
for tho Union under peculiar cir
cumstances. His besv friend had
enlisted, but as his wife was very
sick the Petoskey man took his
place in the ranks, served faithfully
under tho name of his aflllcted
friend and was hororably d'scharged.
It Is said that rats aro so fond of
sunflower seeds that they will, if!
plenty, Hock Into the wlroc.130 kind
of a trap in such quantity as to
nearly 1111 it. But they should be
led awhile on the seed before Intro
ducing the trap.
"Another wonderful discovery ha
been made and that too by a lady In
this country. Dlseaso fastened Its
clutches upon her and for seven
years she withstood Its severst tests,
hut her vital organs vnre unilni.
mined and death seemed imminent.
For three months sho coughed inces-
Niimy nuu count not sleep. She
ions, A p I 1 r
key, U
Twenty-ninth nnnunl exhibition nt Snlem,
Commencing Monday, Sept. 16,
Continuing one week under the manage
ment of the Oiegon State Hoard
of Agriculture.
In r.ocili PiiAiiiinmci
OVER $1,500
Offered for agricultural stock, dairy and
inechnnlcnl exhibits, for works of urt.
fancy work, and for trlnls of speed.
Running and Trolling Races
W. S. MOTT. M. D.
-t -Tr-w-T-im.iiiisjrrovcl 111.7
Ofllce for the present nt
No. 470 Commercial Street!
.-tl"ivlt!0 uu tt uuiesaie dealers in
M and Walker St. John Ffstratton-i
Calls In the city or from the country
promptly responded to. 8-16dw2m
smith, nus removed his shop to
the corner of Commercial and Chemekete
streets, where he Is ready ,to serve the
public. He Is now prepared better than
ever to do all kinds or neon and can-lace
miiklmrand retuilrlnv nil trin.ia rr hinnb-
smlthlng nnd repairing, nnd a general
horse fthnpfnir huainM. u.i.n..ni.i.j.
of shoes,steel,trott!ng, hand made, etc., and
I flla t hnn. In c..Ia...I. .- ' ..
v .. . " .-:uiiuu nmuuer. special
attention given to the construction of wag
ons and carriages. Remember the plac?
opposite State Insurance building.
liMit ii-i i. ... "v "'"' coiiih uot seep, sue
o?- WherS M K "B" f us u bottle of Dr. King's
from I" "io TitauVnfn NT "IMS-very for Consumption
Important Improvements
niado In the premium list.
linve been
Our Guarantee If a dealer recsIvM
complaint, (which he believes to be honest)
from any musician to whom be has sold
S?yff 'n"1 fringe, he is anthorued by
us to give him another strlnr without
charge, and all such loss wiU be made good
UL11?.10 n,r customers, without qulbbla or
question. Rnromnl Imltotln-f rvl.
wllipieasesend lor descriptive catalogue.
Tradj supplied at lowest price.
Iirst (Ke that she slent all nliriit
and with ono bottle has been miracu
lously cured. Her name Is Mrs.
iitiiner l.." Thus write V. V,
Hamrlek & Co., of Shelby, N. C.
Get a freo trial bottle ut Daniel
Fry's druc store.
A Georgia Duel Pop, pop, pop,
pop, )op, pop! Shake!
Whatever ele may Iks said of the
nlekel-lu-the-siot machine, It Is
strictly honest. If the charge for
working tho charm is a nickel it
won't budge for a dlmo any more
than It will for a enuy, but it al
ways keeps the dime nevertheless.
It Is not geneially known that
Mr. GUdstouo has only threo flugeis
on his left hand. Tho Index finger
was shot oil", forty-seven years ago
by an i.ceMcnt In thu huullug-field.
A pnxv.s b;,s ks:n invented by
itie.uise: whl.U photographs can bo.
imiiicu inmost as iai as a new
Reduced rates for fares and freichU on
all transporUUIon lines to and from tho
.Men's day llcket.
Woiuen's diiy ticket-
Men's season ticket..
Women's Maxm ticket
-.-. 25
5.' SO
1 10
DR. JORDAN &. Co.'s
751 Market st. San Francisco
Admission 23 cents.
Go and learn how to avoid
disease. Consultation and
treatment personally or by
letter, on spermaterrhoea
orgenltal wenkness, and all
dlseasse of men. Send for a
book. lrlvntA ntHM Oil
Ueary street. Consultation free.
Boys and Girls.
The school will open on the 34th
of September. Thorough Instruc
tion in the primary and
English Branches.
In course.
TlAVA sti1Aj4 n Mt . in n..
Send to thCMvrclnryntRilemfora pre- where they are now ready for work All
mliim IM. j. T. A ITKUSON.' " our old patrons WWW friers are Invited to
in our new location. We
J. T. ORKan, Secretary.
ItvmitrLable Coincidence
Iu tSM two boys entered the examination
for admission to Williams Collojje, One of
them cams from a town In tho interior ot
New York, tho other from Western Slassa-
each other before, but In iho itotnent S ' ?. ' n ,W,m,Yt l,l,"
coUego rooms wert) throtvn together as M.' ' 'l,l,,U,,8,l, n?lley Urv llM to
chums. Tbey occupied the saVo Voom '' ,4,t lXm ''"""
through their onUro collcg cour and HtKIT WINS.
aft.r L-.i.liii.tl..,-..n ik- . .. V. m.a.
m aiSsrt; k r'" "n. .. WeUIro to taY to our citizens
,-... ..... 7 - . . i.lll,lk.,i.. .o T . "."."" "I'
-mj uii muui, i ncwrnvr jo'i uva,a,i "-wun. m uio, wuen mere
oll,aud)ouweroKijvitl.r1tn.vM JM eaUeJ In tho United States Scnat
"Vcs. doctor. Jor's Vl-..(m.. n...n thess tvo boys stood un toirether y
U the jrandett thluis In the world fur run. f wor,? ln Senators. Ono was John James
"u 0,000.000 tifi ti" than
Ferry's Seeds
cknowtoJcMl to U th
jest Sedtmi)
n the world.
D ILrnnlDoi
For 1889
ITUI mni rmrr
t U ipptiewta.
call and see us
are Miter prepared for work now than
.hi unimj Kturcu mure room. JM-U.
i wrMi
lwwww v mr. - rw mm mumm
IuUmI Oultsnnr
i nut lorycan wo iinvo ixhii kHIiut
lir. Kind's .New Discovery for Cou'
. Miniptlon, Dr. King's Xew J.lfo Pills, '
iiu-Kicu's Arniai NiivoanU KUvtrio
D. . FEHBY CO.. tMnH.
K0ly Genetae Sjttem of Memory Tralnlsr
Fosr Books Lernti Is ens rsiJIsr.
Mind winderinj cursi.
Every child and adult greatly benefited.
Clis5 ,ndunenu to correspondence
l"ropectus, with opinions of Dr. Win. A.
i..?rtii.iI8 Sd ft'rtner InrormaUon may Do
had on application to
Cor. Chemekeu and HUM HU.
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