Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, August 24, 1889, Image 4

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terms ok hoii.icniino.N.
One year by rrmll.. .t-" 00
Hlx month by mall 2 J"
Three months by tnnll 1 23
Per week, delivered by carrier.... - 15
One year by mall . .. J I 5
Hlx month bjr mnll
One year. If paid In advance..
HU months, If paid In advance
For advertising rate apply at this office
who do not secure their paper regularly
will notify thin office, giving addrctw, and
the matter will be attended to at once.
Office, corner Court and Liberty Street
Slightly Mistaken.
YcHtcrdny we Htated tliat the
board of trnde had purchased 10,000
copies of the August number of the
West Shore, mid the Oregon land
company the came number.
We are Informed that the state
ment Is, In part, incorrect'. The
board of trade have contracted for
15,000 pamphlets, specially devoted
to Salem, embracing all the litho
graphic views heretofore published
in the West Shore, together with all
the new brick blocks In course of
construction. The Oregon land
company have alo ordered one sim
ilar, but siH-'clally arranged for their
business. Neither take any copies
of the West Shore.
An Immigrant Pilot.
Prospective land buyers upon ar
rival in Salem are often .met at the
hotels by agents for some of the real
estate companies. Tlichc rustlers
whack out their cards and are eager
to show the new-comer around and
explain to him the advantages of
the countiy and the cheapness and
desirability of this or that tract,
which he has for sale. Yesterday
one of these Immigrant pilots made
Himself prcttv numerous witli the
Kov. Talmage, not knowing who he
was talking to. Hut the doctor told
him he did not wjsh to make any
puichascri at present.
Tim New Mri-nl Hallway.
There Is no room for doubt but
that a second street railway will at
ouco be incorporated in Salem, as
npoken of In last evening's Jouunai..
The route as determined upon will
bo out cither Chemekete or Center
to East Salem, when It will turn
south and follow State street to the
penitentiary, and then across to thu
"Insaiio asylum. This line is pretty
certain to bu built, and will bu a
grand aid In the development of the
capital city. It will give all of the
eastern additions close connection
with the business center.
A Knock-Down at Tiirnnr.
There was quite a llvelv light in
the neighborhood of Turner yester
day evening, Merrll AlcKlnney and
Oliver ItcuvcH being the participants.
It seems that McKlnnoy's horses
were lu the habit of breaking out
and getting Into Reeves' Held.
Heeves mentioned It several times
but nothing was done, and yester
day they were in bis Held again.
Ho hobbled them and turned
them Into their owner's pasture.
This was the cnuso of the light and
when the two men met they wont
at It, MoKlnloy Isjlugtho aggressor.
Neither was severely Injured, al
though both wear black eyes. Thu
corner of MoKlnloy'H mouth Is split
out and Heeves' thumbs arc bitten
badly as a result of the encounter.
tlilat to II" Natural.
No one could like to see building
Improvements go on lu Salem better
than the Jouiinal, but as there Is
nothing else to kick at to-day this
paper has a inlnil to object to the
continued obstruction of Commer
cial utrirt, between Stateand Court,
by building materials. If the con
tractor don't pro po-m putting the
buildings up at ouco ho should bo
made to clear the BtreoU. There
has not been a lick of work done
there for many days, still his mate
rial tills thu street. Hotter getto
work or give up. Salem needs that
ground too much to see it block
aded for sis mouths by the mater
ial of two buildings.
A I'nrllnwiit lniilry.
The Dallas IteinUerusks: "What
about that railroad from Stilem to
the tall timber along thu upper
I.ucklaiuute? Salem needs It, Dal
las needs It, Kails t'ltv needs it and
thu farmers all alone the line need
It, Then why not those multiplied
Interests combine and construct It.
It Is principally n lack of organiza
tion mid homebody to push the mat
ter. U't not the subject lie dormant,
but everybody agitato It and keep on
agitating It until It Is an luvmrvd
I All Ol PHIll,
Saturday Hud the streets of S
lem tilled with farmer who come
hero to do their trading. Teams
hii hlteho I at every conceivable
place and evcrythln.,' Is full of life
and activity.
Subject Sunday evening at tho
Christian church, "ThoHenmrkab'ol
b!i Conversion of thy Ktheoplau
Vil'irvlj." Hi K SU'ATvj:, Dantor,!
Lat Mglit's Funny Lecture to an Ap
preciative Audience.
It was a little after eight o'clock
at the opera bouM- last night when
Mr. Talmoge came forward and
took his f-ent upon the stage. The
building was comfortably filled and
when Itev. Rollins arose to intro
duce the noted divine silence reigned
Amid the clapping of hands Mr.
Talmage bowed recognition and
brought from his coat-tall pocket a
bundle of "Ulg Blunders," which
he placed upon the speakers' stand.
After depositing his manuscript he
commenced by saying; "Ladies
and gentlemen: If we leave the
Evolutionists to guess how we
came here, and to the Theologists to
prophecy where we will go from
here, there Is still left, the interest
ing fact that we are here." He ev
idently knew, from experience, how
this little gem of richest ray bcrene
would be appreciated, and accord
ingly refrained from speaking for a
few seconds, to give theaudlenco a
chance to realize the beauty of the
clause and smile, whereupon the
lecturer proceeded to announce that
be was an optimist; that now was
the acme of history the present de
cade Itelug the best decade, the prcs
i ut year the best year, the present
month the best month, the present
week the best week, the present day
'he best day and the present even.
nig the best evening.
He said be did not believe in pro
found lectures, for two reasens: one,
that the audience did not know what
hu was talking about, and the other
that he hlmelf did not know what
l:ewastrlng to say. The people
wanted something that would make
them laugh. He referred, as a most
terrible example, to the most solemn
man ho had ever known a minis
ter, who assured him that hu had
not laughed for ten years, and who
borrowed $25 of him, and, out of
pure delicacy of feeling, never re
ferred to it again. Next followed
the old story of brethren in a
Methodist class meeting, who were
telling how they were going to
heaven aboard the good gospel ship,
each making faster time than the
other, whereupon a good sister arose
and said she had been hobbling
along trying to got to heaven afoot,
that she had had to walk seventy
years and was expecting to have to
walk the rest of the way, and closed
by telling her brethren who were
burring to heaven by steam that
they better look out or they would
bust their boilers.
The lecturer announced the sub
ject of his effort and said that while
it might not be profound, It was his
own. In Illustration of this point
(although his anecdotes were worm
eaten) hu told thu story of the slight
ly Intoxicated but well-read person
In thu church of a young preacher
who built his sermons by Judiciously
culling sections from other men, and
who, as the preacher closed one
branch of his sermon, called out the
uainu of thu author, much to the an
noyance of thu preacher, who, in
vexation, shouted, "Shut up, you old
fool, you!" To which, Instead of the
answer, "Original by ," as
given after thu stolen extracts, the
lectureralllrmed that the intoxicated
person, lepllcd: "That's your
Thu lecturer then turned his bat
teries on "Hig Hlunders," which
were divided Into four heads: mul
tiplicity of occupation, excessive
amusemuut, the formation of lucon
genial domestic tics, and general
blunders. Under thu fourth head
ing the speaker eorraled all of the
blunders that had escaped from the
three, but through It all hu would
have hi hearers look always upon
the bright side, while the advice
occasionally given when ho thrusted
out his hand suddenly toward some
position of his audience with a start
ling "Young man, beware of Etc.,
Illled lu thu tlmo while hu wandcrd
from his text to say helpful things
or tell old stories.
Much wisdom was found under
these classified teachings, and he
dwelt long and feelingly upon that
sweet word "Home" and even that
story of old times uliotit thu woman
who threw thu Hat Iron at her bus
baud's head, which msing thu mark
demoralized that beautiful motto,
"God HIcms Ourllappv Hoine,"eame
up smiling as of yoro and was greet
ed by his delighted hearers lust as
If the verso was new to them, and
when thu time drew nigh for the
lecture- to oUi thero was an evident
deliv to hear more.
About lu Jlegtn Work.
Hock Is being hauled to bo used
lit the foundation of thu Mluto A
Iowo livery stable at corner of Court
ami High strwtaand active work
will commence In a few days. This
will bo the tlncst stable on the north
west const when completed.
To-morrow morning at 10:80
will bo communion and rwvptlon of
members at tho M. K. Church. In '
the evenlnc Ho v. M. C:Vlro will
preach; subject The Spectators lii-'
tlntate of Christ This bolus tho
hut Suud.y of tho ocvbttlastlcal
year, a full HttemUiice N ileslrotl.
Morris left to-day for Ya-
quina. .
Ii. H. Uruinelle reterned home
to-day from Portland.
Itev. Howersox left this after
noon for Hubbard.
W. H. Odell took the afternoon
train for Portland.
Mrs. M. V. Itoork came down
from Mehama this morning.
Capt. F. J. Uabcock returned
home last night from Mehama.
State Librarian Putnam and
wife returned home to-day from the
S. B. Watkins retuened this
morning from a business trip to
Itev. H. A. Newell has returned
home after a fortnight spent in
Mrs. W. T. Slater and children
relumed hometo-day aftera month's
visit to Eugene.
Rev. T. D. Talmage of Brook
lyn, N. Y., went from Salem to
Portland to-day.
Mrs. Eugene Bristo and her
mother, Mrs. l'ugh. came up from
Portland this morning.
Somcsortof a mueum "has its
tent pitched on the vacant grouud
at corner of Court and High.
Placidlus Fuerst, a native of
Germany, to-day was granted pa
pers admitting him to full' citizen
ship. Mrs. Clara Abcrgast and daugh
ter Ella icturned home this after
noon from their week's visit at Jef
ferson. O. A. Krausse returned Uome to
day from Lower Soda. Mr. Krausse
started to Upper Soda but sickness
caused him to return home. The
rest of the hunting party are killing
lots of game.
Cal. Morgan, wife and child re
turned home to-day from their visit
toShedd. Mr. Morgan's daughter
has been sick for some time with In
llammatory rheumatism but It is
thought the trip did her some good.
Holiness meeting will be con
ducted at 115 High street, Sunday
afternoon at three o'clock.
Thero will be meeting in Marion
Square on Sunday at three o'clock
p. m.
Hov. Caldcr of Turner will
preach at the Hope Chapel church
Sunday. This may be Mr. Caloer's
last sermon In this church as con
ference is near at hand and it is not
known whel her he will remain at
Turner or not. A basket dinner
will be held.
Foit Salk. The now cottage on
Church street opposite M. E. church,
nicely furnished, hydrant water In
the house and gas in all the rooms.
For terms call at the house.
Farmers are busy hauling wheat.
Tho warehouse is now receiving
about 10,000 bushels per day.
A Wisconsin man wants to learn
what inducements Salem can ofler
for the location of a wagon and car
riage manufactory here.
Painless dental operations at Dr.
T. C. Smith's. 02 State street.
The body of Miss Minnie Luok
oy of Eugene was found lloating in
tho water about 400 yards above tho
scene of the drowning hi the Siu
slaw Wednesday morning in a bad
condition from Its long stay in the
The total receipts at the Tal
mage lecture last night were $511.
Of this sum the church realized $33.
Grasshoppers arc so plentiful in
Pendleton that lawn-mowers are not
needed. They connuenco in a circle
on the outside of the patch and
gradually narrow its limits until the
whole Is razed to tho grouud.
Epicurean tea, paints, oils,
varnish, window glass and a lino
lino of general groceries at Gilbert
A Patterson's. tf.
A few petty burglaries are re
ported around town, John Dins
more, was tho lox?r of $-10 the other
evening, stolen from his pockets
while he was asleep lu his room.
The Salem street cur Hue now
runs to the fair ground. This will
bo a bonanza for tho company fait
week and U a matter of great inter
est to the largo public that have
been annully tleecetl by unconclon
ablo hack drivers. Albany Demo
crat .
Tho annual conference of the
M. E. church South, will bo held
lu Dallas Wednesday next.
Threo car loads of lumber himv
already arrived for the new woolen
mills and In a few days the wood
work will commence. The stono i
work Is now under headway and lu
a short time the mill will bo built.
Miss Frances P. Jones has rc-
klgiunl as one. of the the teachers lu
the couH-rv.itory of mualo and will
bach lu Portland. MU Lcoua Wll-
IN, r graduate of the Hntoti ixiiwr.
vutory, bus been cho-ctt to fill the;
vacuuey ooctilonel by tho rvflgna-,
tion of Unjoin.
The Congregational church of
this city at present Is without a
paftor, but the pulpit will not long
remain unoccupied. As soon as the
right man can be found he will be
called to the charge.
Fair time is coming and while
everybody is preparing for a grand
week, none should forget that the
place to buy groceries is ut the
corner grocery store of Squire Farrar
& Co., where all kinds of groceries
and seasonable fruits and vegetables
are to be found.
Hev. C. E. Clapp, Home Mis
sionary for Congregational churches
of Oregon, will preach at the Con
gregational church in Salem on
Sunday, Sept 1st.
Filthy and Crazy.
Yesterday James Shorten, a pa
tient in the Good Samaritan hos
pital, was brought here to the r.sy-J
luni. He is unable to give auy ,
account of himself, and could nntt
even tell his age. Shorten is one of'
the filthiest patients that lias ever
been examined in Portland.
An Important Element
Of the success of Hood's Sarsaparllla is ,
the fact that every purchaser receive, a
fair equivalent for his money. The fumll-1
lar headline "100 Doses One Dollar," stolen i
by Imitators, Is original with and true only I
oi uooo. s Barsapnniia. inis can easay uu
proven by any one who desires to test the
matter. For real economy, buy only
Hood's 8araparllla. Sold by all druggists.
Where Sarah Was.
A farmer had some wheat stolen
a few nights since, and he was so
sure that he knew who the thief
was that he came into town and se
cured a warrant for a certain young
man living near him. When the
case came up for trial the defendant
said he would prove an alibi. In or
der to do this he had brought in "his
girl" a buxom lass of twenty-two.
She took the stand and swore that
lie sat up with her from seven in
the evening until broad daylight
the next morninz.
"People can be very easily mis
taken," observed the plautifPs law
yer. "I don't care I know he was
there," she leplied.
"What did you talk ubout?"
"Love!" she promptly answered.
"What time did the old folks go
to bed?"
"I gave 'em the wink about ten.'
"Sure he was there at midnight,
are you?"
"Yes, sir."
"Why are you sure?"
She blushed, looked to her lover
and laughed, and, getting a nod to
go ahead, she said:
"Well, sir, just as the clock struck
twelve the old man jumped out of
bed up-stairs and hollered down
'Sarah, yer mar wants some o' that
catnip tea,' and we got such a start
we broke the back of tho rocking
chair and went over backward ker
plunk!" "Then the jury must understand
that you were seated on Samuel's
"I object!" put in Samuel's law
yer aud his honor remembered the
day of his youth and sustained the
We hear strange things from the
deep sea, but the strangest one is
that of tho steamer Hawkhurst
which sailed 2,300 miles in her hist
voyage to Brazil with fire all the
while smouldering lu her hold. Her
cargo was oil, tow and tar. Tho
crew very naturally wanted to de
sert the ship but the captain in the
face of so much danger of a most
dreadful death kept his control over
tho men aud kept them to the ship.
The ship landed at New York City,
July !Kd. Had they abandoned tho
ship in mid ocean the probabilities
are fow if any would over have
reached shore.
la a final attraction for a restaurant.
The coffee drawn from Hellenorond's Put
eut Coffee receptacle U one of the many
Great Attractions of hW eating parlor.
Thousands of cups of his excellent codee
aresola every week. And n for oysters
unit meals bo mnuot bo equaled In the
state. tf.
m -
With fatal sped Impure blood courses
through tho system wlthdrutb lults wake.
Wright's Compound Kxtruol of S.trsapa
rllla cures all blood dUeases. Sold by
11. V. Cox and D.J. Fry.
Disturbances ol the peaceful summer
such as Diarrhoea, d) entery and cholera
Infantum, promptly evicted br Wright's
blackberry cordial. Sold by all druggist.
I'uttoKllght Xcrvousncs and Indiges
tion by Wright's Hop Celery nnd Chamo
mile Hitters. A healthful stimulus, and
strengthening and lutgorut:ng. Sold by
It. W.Cox.
CLAGG1CTT. At her home In Sa
lem, on the evening of Friday,
August 23, lSS'J, Airs. Charles
Claggett.aged aeveutytdx years.
The deceased was boru at Elktou,
Kentucky, April 1, 1S13. and made
the trip across the phdus to Oregon ,
in 1S52, settling upou their arrival
hero ou the Clagget homestead, '
four tulles north of Salem. Iu July, '
1S32, she was married to Charles ,
Claggett, who turvlves her.
The fuueral will be couducted to
morrow at ten a. in., from the fam-'
lly resldeuco, the remains Uing in
terred in the family burying ground
north of the city.
Salem, for building lots, have no equal. The whole plat is in a fine
state of cultivation, seeded in clover, with a good turf. No grubs, no
stumps, no rocks or gravel, soil good, elevatedandlevel, has a fine viewof
the city, surrounding country, the mountain ranges and snow-capped
peaks. Pure cold well water. Is twelve blocks south of the Chemekete
hotel and postofflce blocks, on Commercial and Liberty streets These
lots are dflered by Jones & Watson on Installments, without 'interest
until paid. They are now actually worth in cash more than the prices
named for them on long time without interest. Several lots have been
sold on which fine residences will be erected. If you want one or more
lots call on J8NES & WATSON, whs will show you the plat and the lots.
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem.
Specialties in Table Luxuries,
Kine Tea, and Coffee, Creamery
Butter, Cream Cheese, etc.
Remember trie
Just received the finest Hue of Shotguns, Rifles aud Pistols from
Chicago and more coming. We will sell lower than any other house in
Salem. We defy all competition, Portland not excepted. Also keep
The Best Sewing Machines
In the market from $33 to $40 cash, and In connection will run the best
Gun Shop in the state. Come and see us before buying elsewhere.
' T
Success in Business requires preparation I Therefore, thoroughly master
Commercial Arithmetic, Business Penmanship and Business Correspon
dence, Book-keeping by both Single aud Double Entry, the nature aud
correct use of Commercial Papers, Commercial Law andBuslness practice.
Learn, also, Shorthand and Type-writing, Manifold, and Dictation work.
All these are needed in business, and are thoroughly taught by exper
ienced teachers at the SALEM BUSINESS COLLEGE
Griswold's Block, Salem, Oregon.
Real Estate
Having removed my office to fti suite
street, I um now better prepared than ever
to do a rushlnz
Fire and Accident Insurance
Written In the best companies doing busi
ness In Oregon. Call on me at once.
Isaac A. Manning,
93 State Street.
751 Market U.San Francisco
Admission S cents.
Ooand learn how to mold
disease. Coniult&tlou and
treatment personally or by
letter, on spermaterrhoea
or genital weuknna, and all
dUeasAe of men. bend for a
book. lrtvata oltlce 511
Consultation free.
ifeary street.
liberty street, arrows
tho bridle In
North NUem.
,u auuos ol
of meat kept oo
It has been proven that Wright's lied
Cross Cough Curs cure throat and lung
trouble of long standing, vrhca nil other
rmle mil! Said hy U drw;.t.
Estate Business
111 L. I
Place and. Call.
Clrnauates Students in
Classical, Literary, Scientific,
Normal, Business, Law,
It U the oldest. lAnre&t nnrt 1nat t-mn.
slve Institution of learning In the North,
School opens first Monday In September
Send for catalogue to
Salem. Oregon.
Fire and Ma
rine, JOS. ALBERT. Agent, - - Salem, Oregon
For Bargains
Family Groceries Provisions, Fruits Etc.,
Commrolul Stroot, Sulom, Or
Country produoa of all kinds always on
hand. If you nave not traded with me be-
?;,.Ar??e1y.,JL t0"1! trU1 "lvinif
I tn mttou both In prtew nnd qswiuj
ra !
Crockery and Glassware!
With specialties In
Valerian China Tea Sets,
French China Dinner Seb.
Buckingham Pattern
Of which we constantly keep a full une
nnd open stock, enabling us to make bd
Dinner nnd Tea sets of any size, or fell bj
the single piece. The finest assortment ol
Ever shown In Salem.
Ol thelate't snd handromest patterns In
a3-I'lie call ana examine our stock.
201 Commercial Street
Salem, Oregon, have received direct
Fin Eastern Factories
The Finest Line of
which will be sold at
Prices and Terms to Suit Hi!
These goods 'are fint-class nnd as their
stock Is very large a persdn can find what
they may wfsh. Their warehouse on State
street Is completely tilled, nnd they have
another car load en route now. Lookout
for them: something fine
Only Genuine System of Memory Training
Four Books Learned In one reading.
Mind wandering cured.
Every child and adult greatly benefited.
Great Inducements to correspondence
Prospectus, with opinions of Ur-TTsA.
Hammond, the world-famcd SpecinE ta
Sllnd Diseases, Daniel Greenleaf Ttinnp-
son, the great Psychologist, J. SI. Eorily
D. I)., editor of the Christian Advocate
N. Y., Richard Pro-tor. the scientist, HonJ.
W. W. Astor. Judah P. Benlaman. anil
others, sent post free by
Prof. A. I.OISETTE, 237 riftyAve,ST
Je-lS9. dw
ments In the State. Lower rates than
Portland. Largest stock Legal Blanks hi
the State, n-d biggest discount. SeadfJi
price list of Job printing, and catalogue ol
legal blanks. L M. WAITE,
Steam Printer Salem Oregon.
111 &
Have moved to 47 and 49 State street,
where they are now ready for work. All
our old patrons and friends are Invited to
call and see us in our new location, w t
are better prepared for work now than
ever having secured mure room. IM-tt
smith, has removed tils shop w
the corner of Commercial and Cbemekew
streets, where be is ready to serve tM
public He Is now prepared better than
evertodo ull kinds of nngon andcarrtaf
muklng and repairing; all kinds of h!
smithing and repairing, and a S1J1rJ
horse khoelng bulnes. He has all kuw
ortboes.Mecl.trottlng, hand made, etc
tits them In a sclentiflo manner. Hpea
mention given to the construction of w
onaand carriages. Remember the pUe
opposite State Insurance building.
Lial Y.1L.W . - - . MlBAl'1fM
lUlri, wuik. U rr.i-..l i''S
aTntlh fr-. I lhUM,THtkrint frr&SZSU
MBffi t POER
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nrUailU&Outniaad Unci 422
J U AZj.,r ..VtuumIiOU-I