Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, August 15, 1889, Image 4

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    I & jf -? t ,
Ono year by mail .....-.. ?"; M
Hlx month by infill f j
Throe tnontliH by mall . ' -
Per week, delivered by carrier 15
Otioycnr by infill . . .......51 JjO
Six months by mull
One jear, If puld In ndvnncc 1 "
Hlx months, If pnld In advance
For advertising rates apply at thin office
who do not secure their paper rcKUlarly
will notify thin olllcc, giving address, mid
the matter will be attended to al once.
Olllec, corner Court and Liberty HtrcetM
The I'rlec of Wheat.
The Alliimy Jlenilil HiiyHtliofimn
uta of Oregon lmve prosjit'ctn font fair
value for their Inborn this hviihoii.
Tlie wheal crop of the world In
Hliort, anil whllo the crop of Oregon
1m not a heavy yield per acre, the In
creased acreage will make an average
crop,or perhaps more. The price lt
Kleadlly crowing hetter, having ruin
ed toHlxly-llve cenlf, althfiigh the
market In not cl falily opened.
The demand from abroail promineH
to draw heavily upon the United
Stali'H, and the 1'acllic count will
fiimlfh her full Mittrc of wheat foi
export, an wheat now pinmb-iK 1 he
n fair price.
Illiln't Know life I'llf'1.
A goodntory Idtolil on a (ionium
who IiuhJiihL come to tills country.
A few dayHiigo it fanner drove into
the city with ten dozen chickeim foi
which" he imked &fi. The farmer
meant ?C jht doen hut the Dutch
man lulHtiudeiHlood him and wild In
would take them. Tlie farmer diovi
around to lilw hack yaid and turned
the ten dozen chicken loony when
tlie Dutchman handed the l.irmer
$.5 in full payment. Of course
tlie farmer liad the pleasure of catch
ing Ids chickens again. The Dutch
man thought chickens were cheap
in this section of tlie country hut
was Imdly fooled.
'I hi) AhIoiIii Kullnmd.
A letter from Burr I'owirs, who
Is on the force surveying the Albany
and Astoria railroad, says the work
Isllnlslied to tlie farther border of
tlie Grande Itonde reservation. The
company is within one and a half
miles of the Coast range. He says
thesummltat this point Is only 12:17
feet higher than Albany, which
shows the great feasibility of con
structing a road on this line. He
says thr-io will be far fewer and less
sharp curves on this than on the
Oregon l'aclllc. The people along
the lino are leinarkalily friendly to
I ho enterprise. Demur rat.
'I lio Hop Crop,
Already owneis of hop yards are
beginning to advertise for pickers.
Their Idea In engaging help ho early
Is to do away with Chinese pickers.
Those who huvu hops to gather are
anxious to have the work all done
by white persons and to thlacud
make their wants known early. The
hop erop this year Is going to be
rather u good one ami indications
are that prices will range up pretty
well, At least this Is the opinion of
several grower with whom the
JoUHNAli leporter has talked,
lMeklug will begin In about two
i:ii'llo To Ihn Hen,
Tho Register says the surveying
party that has been surveying the
route for a railway from lCugene to
Florence him returned. They sue.
reeded In finding u route on which
It will bo reasonably easy to build
with a maximum grade of forty
feet to the mile. One tunnel only,
of about a thousand feet in length,
will be necessary. The projectors
are well pleased witli the results of
the survey, and everybody hopes
for the building of the road at an
early day.
The Neit l.inv.
The law passed by tho leglsluturv,
to regulate the practice of medicine
and surgery will go into ollVct on
August "..'Id, that Is, on and after
that date tlie penalties provided by
thin law can be enforced. The state
board of medical examlneis had
a conference ivgimliug prosecuting
peihous practicing medicine without
a pruiKT certificate. It U proliablo
that steps will bo taken Immediate
ly after tho i!:td lust, to U'glu suits
against all pvraona praelUIng medi
cine Illegally.
lloitu la Oregon,
"Lot us go down III Oregon, God's
country, and cat red applet." Tlilu
in an old expression of the old Cali
fornia miner, it meant a great deal
In the dear old days. For It cost
more tlmu and a deal more- mnucv
to cro the huge black mountains1
tliut hung In the cloud., between!
Oregon and California then than It I
docs to make a trip to Kurom now. j
Joaquin Miller. j
Iln.kvt Mrrtlitic.
A luod.ot mcotimr will Ik held at
llojw Chapel, llvo mllert north wwl I
of Salem on Aug. 5 Service to
begin ut 10 o'clock, preaching at 11
o'clock uud 3 o'clock, Allan in. noon grunted to Anthony WeddW
ylttU, 'U4 AH'UMh C, Prtlton, ,
A do An "iOll I'lffiDC.
Jt has been reported to the Astoria
Transciipt that there is to be a go-iis-you-pkiv-e
hop, ski) and jump
race to Bah Francisco next week by
Couch Clinton, Fred Crosby, Wat
son Hinder, James Kinney and K.
M. Henry
Each man is to put up
$20. mnklng a total of $100 which
will be sent ahead and deposited
for the man who gets there first.
They arc to leave here about six
o'clock next week ntid arc not to
have a cent of money with thcin
when they start. They are to go on
the regular tramp lny out get there
the lH.-st way you can nml not pay a
cent. They are all to send some
money ahead so they can have a
hurrah time when they get to their
A I'lretiifin'ii I'lay.
"One of the Bravest," to be pre
sented in Falcm Saturday night, isn
comedy once seen never to bo forgo t
liu. The plot, Is laid In New York's
numerous docks, the denizens of
which icprceentthe "cxcluslvenefes"
of dock society. In the second act
occurs the great lire scene In which
.Mr. McCarthy as "Larry Howard"
vividly portrays the life of a fireman
engaged in his heroic work. As the
flumes leap up and around the
doomed building a Jumping net is
brought, into requisition ami the oc
cupants quickly droit from the win
dows and arc saved, while "Larry
Howard" rapidly climbs up the
building with the Pompier ladders,
mal.es a successful and dating turn
around the corner of the structure,
fastens the life line and descends to
the ground with a young lady in Ills
Apply llui I'l-titi'iiHte,
The state board of horticulture
will Issue no more bulletins until af
ter the meeting on October8th. The
bulletins Issued to dale cover the
summer remedies, and when the
leaves begin to fall a bulletin will be
Issued relative to winter remedies.
A careful observer looking at the
pears and apples Is convinced of the
necessity of action on the part of the
orchardlsts. A largo poitlon of the
fruit Is infested with worms, which
could have been avoided had the
remedies recommended by the hor
cultural board been applet! in time.
The orchardlsts who applied the
remedies report that they saved a
great deal of fruit thereby.
lloii't Smmi to Cam.
Balem t-ccms too -veil satisfied to
sit still and seu the survey for a
railroad from the yalley tv the sea
run from Albany to Astoria. Iteally,
that outlet to the sea Is something
that should deeply Interest this city.
Klio wants that railroad and ought
to have It, but falling to move in the
matter sue win lose it. II will lie a
good many years before more than
one line of rail runs to the const in
that dlrectlait and the valley city
that secures the first one is fortun
ate. This may suggest something
to Salem for Albany Is already rust
ling to try and get the road.
Al rented I'or AkkiuiU,
A. W. Ml.e, the school teacher
wlio stabbed young Matthews yes
terday morning, was arrested this
morning and arraigned before Jus
tice M. K. Goodell, charged with
having committed an assault with a
dangerous weapon. Jlo gave bond
in the sum of $100 for his appearance
at ten a. in. to-morrow, when he
will bo given a preliminary hearing.
The young man who wits stabbed Is
not injured seriously, and will soon
A l.lwly ltunuMU),
At Derry yesterday afternoon
there was a lively runaway. A lively
team from Dallas was scared by
tlie locomotive and commenced
running, The buggy tongue broke
and Mr. Hohuaii, tlie driver, Jump
ed out, letting tho team run. They
were at Independence In twenty
five minutes, where they were
Smu o( I he ltlier.
The river Is very low at this period
and the boat cannot make tlie trip
from Salem to Portland in one day,
Tho Modoo will wine up from Port-
laud this evening ami will return
to-morrow at eight o'clock. The
Three Sisters will also arrive to
night and start back to Portland
to-morrow noon.
Ilia Kf llltli'Uol.
A. V, MUe, ono of tho jKirtlo
l:uiU In tho htabblug aft ray south
ofSah'in yesterday morning, camo
to Kaloni this morning to give him
oolf up to tho authorities. Ills eye.s
are In deep mourning aud it U evi
dent ho U not tho only ono of tho
boyn that was engaged In the light.
tii county .vtiimu.
Marlon county has io vend Indies
who nerve as school clerks, and In
this connection It may bo mentioned
that (hey perform their work well.
In till county thorv atv 73.M child
ren Mwien tho ages o( four uud
tw,,,J' J-
A Mauimimui lum.
A umrrjago IIivum) was this after-
A. I. Moorcs left this morning
for Portland.
Ed Weller and wife left this
morning for Newport.
Frank C. Haker left this morn-
lng for a trip up the road.
Mrs. h
Wain left
, H. Fullerton and A. T.
to-day for an. eastern
Win. Dumars and family re
turned home from Newport on the
afternoon train.
Mr. (Jeo. Jackson is in the city.
Mr. Jackson wasatone time warden
of the penitentiary.
Albert Smith, Mrs. K. 11. Cutter
lin, Miss Floda Catterlin and Ern
est Catterlin returned home lufrt
night from HlgNestucea.
Jacob Arbcgastof Hcllcfontninc,
Ohio, and a resident of Oregon dur
ing tlie "fifties," is a visitor in Sa
lem. Mrs. Wood in of Tat'oma and
Miss Martin of Albany, who have
been visiting at tlie residence of Mrs.
Miller of South Salem, left this af
ternoon for Vancouver.
At Astoria a case of leprosy
reported in Chinatown.
Painless dental operations at Dr.
T. 0. Smith's, 1)2 State street.
Epicurean lea, paints, oils,
varnish, window glass and u fine
lino of general groceries at Gilbert
& Patterson's. tf.
Work is rapidly progressing
where the Salem water company
take water from tlie river. The pile
driver is at work driving piles
around the suction.
H. J. Sharp of Salem was one of
the two men who held the flint pro
hibition convention in Washington
The Capita i, Joint.ww. will make
every effort during the state fair to
fully report the proceedings. The
evening paper will contain a full re
port of the day's races and other
A competent and experienced
btitfer-niaker has been secured and
the McMirnvllle creamery will
start tip again September 1st.
"Ono of the Bravest" has gained,
by Its merits, a place at the topmost
round of popularity and success.
There is not one dull moment from
the beginning to the end, and the
realism of tlie great lire scene is tlie
talk of the world.
On tho Program.
At tlie Northwestern f lien icn's as
sociation to be held at Taeonia, W.
F. Dtigan of this city Is on tho pro
gram for a paper on tho subject ot
fire lioso and its durability.
Poor I'lrklng,
A gentleman who is canvassing
Salem in the interest of subscription
books reports poor picking. He re
ports, having visited over fiOO houses
without taking one comer, ile finds
tho field thoroughly gone over before
Among The Mel;.
Dr. Reynolds Is bet tor to-day than
lie has been, for some time past.
Mr. A. M. Thompson Is also re
ported better. His wife, who Is also
sick, Is better to-day.
Postmaster Dearborn Is very sick,
being worse this afternoon than lie
was yesterday.
A Good Appetite.
t hi ii.Kiiiill.il ... ,.,.,. I I, .,l, 1, I,,,, ... ,1.1..
.n . r, ... ,,. ... Kin'M .,,-..,.., lit, I I,. .Ill
eimon It Is oftenloHt, owing to tho imverty
or Impurity of the. blood, derangement of
me uigeitiivo m-guiix. anil tho wcuKculng
ellivt of tho changing season. Hood's
Snrt-npaillla Is u woniVrful medicine for
creating ttu appetite, toning tho illgcMlon,
ami Klwntr strength to tho whole system.
Now Is tho tlmo to take It. Ho sure to get
limit's Su rttiurllla,
A (1001) CUP 01-' COi-TKH.
Is a Krcat attraction for a restaurant.
The eotlVo ilrnwn from llellentiniml's Pat
eat Cutlet! rooeptaelo Is ono of tlu many
(treat Attractions of his eating lurlors.
Tluiiis-tmlsof ouwnr his excellent ootiVe
lire sola c ci y week. And s for oysters
mid meals ho cannot ho equaled In tho
slate. if.
lYeatotl a Commotion.
young man created a sensation
at a hotel in St. Louis a few days
ago. Ho had been out reeonuolter
lug through tho town ami returned
about twelve o'clock In the night.
Desirous to ha von conversation with
a boll boy alniut tho merits of kv
water, ho laid his finger with deli
cate gentleness upon a button near
by. Very soon no heard a commo
tion Mow, hut did not associate it
with his action. Tho noUo camo
nearer, till suddenly his room w
Invaded by a dozen or nioiv holmetod
gentlemen upon whox shirts was the
Information that they ere nuiubors
of the lire department. Thoy bore
tho nozxlo of a htv-o from whloh a
stream of water wa allowed to em
anate as tho door of tho young
man oiHiuod. Tho hero ruhcd out
j .till tint llltill llllil ItlWtalll llfttlfskil i
' iiiimliv.1 nr miiiv airtlv utilr.xl.8ku wrltluc. luwr liangliig ami
-" -!-', ' ', ? '''SlSSed'haS
Tho next day the clerk of tho hotel y
Mid to the young man, "Wv won't ' '
vliargo yiu unyiuuu iwr- lime
you have boon hero if y ou w ill leave"
The youug iu.ui look tlKnigKvtlon
aud left,
After tho North Pole. j
An expedition with the purpose'
I of finding the north polo will set out
from Norway next jear. There isi
j plenty of money behind tlie cuter-1
jtcrprioc. Mr. Ouruel, the merchant
, who fitted out the little party which I
crossed Greenland last summer tin-1
tier Dr. Nasen, is Its chief capitalist.
About 10,000 has been subscribed
and more can be hud if needful.
Dr. Nn-sen has accepted the com
mand and for the next few months
he will be a busy young man. He
has to write a book on his adven
tures in Greenland, to be published
in Europe and this country. He
has to superintend building a stout
little vessel for the north pole.
Dr. Nasen says there Is only one
route by whicb the north pole c;a
be reached and that route he in
tends to take; but for tlie present he
declines to speal: more presibuly on
mis important iuesl ion. it is
learned from other soureen, however,
that lie hopes to reach a higher
point on the east coast of Greenland
than that attained by the German
expedition, and then advance along
the coast to Lockwood's farthest
point, practically completing the
mapping of Greenland's coast line
and thence finally start over the
frozen sea to the pole.
Many expeditions to the white
north have spent about as much en
ergy in securing their retreat as In
diminishing the distance between
themselves and the pole. ItisNa
sen's idea that the only way to get
to the pole Is to go there or perish in
the attempt. He says he will waste
no time in securing his retreat. An
old Noiso proverb, "There is before
us only heaven or hell," is his mot
to. Ho will establish no base of
operations, but push for tho pole.
He remarked in London the other
day that ho expected It would be
"the north polo or death," but he
added incidentally that it might be
the west coast of Greenland. It is
quite certain that after his northern
explorations lie hopes to cross Green
land in its broadest part to the west
coast settlements, having learned in
his recent trip that the difficulties of
this ice-bound country can be over
come by skill and determination.
He docs not expect to land on the
east coast till autumn nextyear, and
the following season will bo spent
in explorations.
The north pole quest is a mania
that will will .probably aflllct dar
ing young spirits, eager for Arctic
laurels, intil tho goal has been
reached and photographed. If it is
over attained It will probably be by
a small expedition of picked men in
charge of a leader like Nasen, who
has plenty of cash, vigor, strength
and intelligent'. If next year proves
to be an unfavorable ice year the
expedition may return to await a
more hopeful occasion; butif Nasen,
finely equipped, has such a chance
to steam as far as Leigh Smith en
joyed on some of his trips to Franz
Josef's land ho will bo likely to
make a notablo Arctic journey,
whether ho fetches tho pole or not
An exchange remarks: "It takes
a minister two or three minutes to
perforin a marriage ceremony. He
makes no charge, but Is generally
handed a o bill, sometimes ten and
a good supper besides. The list of
presents is sent to tho editor aud re
quires two or tlireo hours hard work
to put in type. Ho makes no char
ges and gets no $5. Perhaps ho gets
some pieces of dry, broken cako and
sells an extra copy of his paper for a
nicklc, but Just as probable tho par
ties are not even subscribers to his
paper aud beg a paper from a neigh
bor to cut tho list of presents."
Proposals Invited.
f II 1 1 K llonnl of Trusteesof tho Orrgoti State
1 liiMmo .Uylum hereby InvltobCiled pro
IhvmiIs for thu building of a wing to the
Slato Innnue Asylum pursuuut to pinna
and siKvliUiitlons to bo seen at tho ollloo of
l A. Itobert, architect, snlctn Oregon. The
right to reject any aud all bids is reered.
lltils will bo opened at two o'clock, p. in.,
m .Monday, September 2, ISM).
(Iko M. MellltlDK,
M, . Kim,
Hoard of Trustees.
Wm. A. Moni.kv. Clerk of Hoard.
Gaines Fisher, Proprietor.
fomer Kerry anil Liberty treU, X. K. cor
from Chemeketo hotel, Salem, Or.
(liMd aiwuunioil.Ulons for rommercliil
lr.i elers. Klrt-ols rlca always ou hand
Chiiruiw reaootmbla.
Paint Shop
Xn.&tl Commercial St.
It. . - .tat.l iVtilu,.l lltllllf tllf
uuviiuuieu uuimiiwi kiiipiujvu
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Cull and mo m More jpu kt your .
Salem, for building lots, have no equal. Tlie whole plat Is in a fine
state of cultivation, seeded In clover, with a good turf. No grubs, no
stumps, no rocks or gravel, soil good, elevated and level, has a fine viewof
the city, surrounding country, the mountain ranges aud snow-capped
peaks. Pure cold well water. Is twelve blocks south of tho Chemekete
hotel and postoffice blocks, on Commercial and Liberty streets These
lots are offered by Jones & AVatsou on installments, without interest
until paid. They are now actually worth In cash more than the prices
named for them on long time without interest. Several lots have been
Bold on which fine residences will be erected. If you want one or more
lots call on J0NES & WATSON, win will show you the plat and the lots.
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem.
Specialties in Table Luxuries,
Kine Tea, and Coffee, Creamery
J3u.tter, Cream Cheese, etc.
Remember trie
Just received tlie finest line of Shotguns, Rifles and Pistols from
Chicago and more coming. Wo will sell lower than any other house in
Salem. We defy all competition, Portland not excepted. Also keep
The Best Sewing Machines
In the market from :i" to $40 cash, and in connection will run the best
Gun Shop in tlie state. Come and see us before buying elsewhere.
Success in Business requires preparation ! Therefore, thoroughly master
Commercial Arithmetic, Business Penmanship aud Business Correspon
dence, HooK-Kceplnp; by both blngle and Double Entry, the nature and
correct use of Commercial Papers, Commercial LawandBusiness practice.
Learn, also, Shorthand and Type-writing, Manifold, and Dictation work.
All these are needed in business, and are thoroughly taught by exper
ienced teachers at the SALEM BUSINESS COLLEGE
Griswold's Block, Salem, Oregon.
Real Estate
Iliivlin; removed my otlleo to IIS Stjito
ktreet, 1 11 m now better prepared I hun ever
to do a rushing
Ileal Estate Business
Fire and Accident Insurance
Written In the best companies dnlnjj busW
ues lu Oregon. Call ou mo nt once.
Isaac t. Manning,
SKi State Street.
Oil. JORDAN 4 Co.'$
751 Market nUSan Fninclxx)
Animation cents,
Gouud leurn bow to avoid
dlMM.e. Consultation uud
t rvit inent pervonally or by
letter, on kpermatcrrhoen
ortvnllal weaklier, and all
UUm9 of men. fcend for a
book. 1'riVHte olttct) 211
Consultation fnv.
Henry utrwt.
n.. t it..... - .. .. . ..
tM imij iiti-i, iicniu ine nnuge lo
.Alum wiicm, .u kiuiu otuiwu kept oo
tund. jtf
t ..
It hiU bei'u proven that Wriihi'i'H!
Cni Cough Cure curt thmut and Iug
hmuUm or iooi ktanding, vticu ait other
Place and Call.
(IraauatesStudenU In
Classical, Literary, Scientific,
Normal, Business, Law,
It U the oldet, largest and least expen
lye Institution of learning in tho North-
School opens nn.t .Monday in September
Send for catalogue to
... President.
" balem, Oregon.
Co m p a n .
Mre and ila
rlne. .Salem, Oregon
JOS. ALHKKT. Agent, .
For Bargains
Fjuily Groceries Provkioas, Fruits Etc.,
. , u.,
Comm.rolul Strut, Sulem.Or
. Country produce of all kinds alii -
naaoj u miuw not traded w 1th me be.
pit, I respectfully wllcit a trial bliii,St
a n yw botb in w ad oniut; ,
nH omuv?l
Crockery and Glassware!
With specialties In
Valerian China Tea Sets,
Freneli China Dinner Sets.
Buckingham Pattern
Of which we constantly keep a full line
and open stock, enabling uh to make up
Dinner mid Tea sets of any Bize, or sell by
the single piece. The finest assortment ot
Kver shown In Salem.
Ot thelatest pnd handsomest patterns In
-83-Plense call and examine our stock.
201 Commercial Street.
Sfilem, Oregon, have received direct.
From Eastern Factories
The Finest Line of
which will bo sold at
Prices and Terms fo Suit AM
These goods Tare tlrst-class and as thellr
stock Is very largo u person can find what
they may w sh. Their warehouse on State
street Is completely tilled, and they have
another car load en route now. lookout
for them; something lino
Only Genuine System of Memory Training
Four Books Learned In one reading.
Mind wandering cured.
Every child and adult greatly benefited.
Great Inducements to correspondence
Prospectus, with opinions of Dr. Wm. A.
Ji?n!nJ!Snd' tne world-famed Specialist In
Mind Diseases, Daniel Grecnleaf Thorap.
son, tho great Psychologist, J. M. Buckly
t?'5'',.e.JLtor.r ,ue Christian Advocate
tf; ;i"lohard Proctor, thesclentist, Mons.
w.W.Astor, Judah l. llenlaman, and
others, sent post free by
Prof. A. LOISETTK, 237 Fifty Ave., NY
Je-lS9. dw
Ktflf O Taiwan no than
Uments in the State,
Portland. IjitvoRt. strvir rm,i mnba in
tue State, ti'd biggest discount. SendfJf
t sto
price list or job printing, nnd catalogue of
irB.u uinnKS. e. m. WAITE,
Steam Printer Sa'em Oregon,
lh25,J2QVed to n nnd i9 8lJta treel,
n,!lJ?i,heTure now "y ror work. All
ourold patrons and friends are Invited to
call and beo a In our now location. We
25L i Ue.r Prcnare f"r work now than
e er having secured more room. 10-1-tf.
.i, sm'th, has removed his shop to
;..V?ne.r,of Commercial and Chemekete.
vitHiIei.u. .ntiw PrePared better than,
J eloao "Uklndsofuagon and carriages
inukluirand nrii.i oil Jl".. i.it-
lf.wlthln.S and repulri'ng. aud a renere
uore fcuoeing buIne, lleluuaC
ESi'1?" 'SSSMaasft -feaa
attention given to the construction of wag-
1) kind
SS5,a S?f!?R. J!fiue.m.. " p-
. . .. tuiuiiuici uuuuing.
" - ZiZiiXZi 'u,
Inn. i ..d PJ4.
iMUaf-hu to
Here Tliey 1 re
SCRM & Fill,
o nrkiiTTo
i mhh