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Capital Journal Publishing Company.
Knteied nt tlic postofllce nt Hulein,Or.,as
Hecond-cluiw matter.
See fourth page for tcriiM of HUbxcrlp-
AdvcrllKemmtH to Insure Insertion (for
the nino duy) should lio handed In by 1
o'clock. , , , ...
Uonwiiondcnoo rotitiilnlns new; or Hi
tcrott mid Importance In dealiod from nil
p.irU or the KtuU'.
No ntlontlofi will ho uld to anonymous
Communications. .......
Person dcslrlm; the Oai-itai. .Ioiiiinai.
nerved lit their Iiiiiim-h ejin ceeure It by pos
liil card rmiiiCKt, or by word lea nt thin
Hpe'cluien number cent free on nppllcu-
OMIe'o, corner Court und Llbeity Htn-ctK.
Tin: ohjeet of experiment Htutloim
of lliuniicultuiul (k'liiiilinuiit is to
experiment und leueh, to niiiko n
busliitfs of illHcovoryfilr the ma of
fnrniliiK, to promote jigrleiilture by
HClenllllc liivt'Hlinntlon and experl
riiuiit, iiml to illfl'iihu as well lift In
crcuKC tbo knowledge whfelt Im
proves farm pracllie und elevutcH
farm life.
Joaquin "Mii.i.i'h is riinilnliinj:
the New York Independent letlerw
ik-Hurlptlvo of Oregon. He denls
brlelly Willi tbe Wlllnmetlo valley
and Siilein:
"I ciiine down the great Willam
ette valley from Kngenu, 'ibe heart
of Oregon.' Anil 1 came down
through 'ine eontlmious and uninter
rupted KiU n. ThcHt! green wooiIh!
Oh, the glorious, restful green woods
and green valleyn and green hills
after the glare of the fervid Califor
nia Htm! This Is surely the most
rest ful land the truvelei ever saw.
The eyes rest, the soul and body rest;
for beauty and piosperlly po-sess
the land, look where you may. .Sa
lem, the capital of Oregon at present,
Is prosperous, very prosperous, and
very, very pietty. One thing about
theHO Oregon towns that makes
them more than ordinarily beauti
ful Is their abundant greens. Often
Home of I ho Htreels In the bent order
ed of these young towns have four
rows, of trees, as on the broad
avenues of Washington City."
The problem of air navigation Is
receiving more attention now than
ever before. Nor Is It "crunks"
only who are working It. Mechan
ical engineers of ability and reputa
tion are devoting time and thought
to Its solution. That some one will
work it out at a not very dlstimt
day Is not at a'l Impossible nor even
Improbable. It Isshnply a question
of Ineicaslng power without Incieas
lug the weight of the apparatus by
which the power Is developed, Just
how much the ratio of power to
weight must be liiciem-rd we do not
venture to say, but thcie mo no
millhtcut grounds for inciting that
Hiieh Increase Is Impracticable. The
solution of the problem may be
found in Improved engines and
boilers, or In now fuels or in storage
batteries, or In some yet unexplored
part of tho Held ol elect rlu force. It
would be i ash to predict Just how
success will bo reached, but It would
be still more rash to luslsc that it
never will be reached.
Tho successful air ship will, II is
sale (o say, be a huge structure, very
light In weight compared with Its
streng;h, lint yet many times
heavier than the air which It dis
places. Attempts to navigate the air by
means of gus-lutlated rercptaeles
have been persisted In through a
hundred ye.irs, but no real success
has been leached. Such devices are
but as leathers In the wind. All
such attempts are In the wrong di
rection. A bin! can tly not because
It Is comparatively light In weight
(for It Is not), but because It is
Mtrong. Its breast nancies, by
which Its wings are operated, are of
Immense proportionate sle, and the
rapid circulation of its -blood sup
plies these muscles with abundant
stores of energy. Of all living crea
tures tbo vital energies of the bird
are the most Intense, ami It U, there
fore, able to produce tho power re
quired to sustain Its body In and
proct It through the air.
The suece.-sful ship will not le a
bag of gas nor an exhausted rcccl ver,
but a structure having the strength
ot steel, and carrying machinery of
comparatively little weight, but
capable of developing enormous
power. It will lift Itself fiuni the
earth am) hold a level Might through
space because of the tremendous
force with which the ulr Is beaten by
Its huge w hlrlinu. oars, or (he blades
or Its swiftly levolvlng screws. Hi
will Is able to maintain Its course
aguiiist tluc currents of the aerial
km, the winds. And It Is not un
likely thai the llit successful voy.
KM thriiuuh uper air will mail; the
f.irihe-t limit of mun's achievements
In the struggle of the ages to subdue
Hit- rv.ilin of nature unit bend to Its
mtii use its inmt untamable force.
1'litrv will then Ihi no new ilehl for
uv HHVl'wlv' vnliiwr to coiKiucr. i
The next census will dissipate
many errora that have grown out of
comparisons made between the
census of 1880 and 1870. The most
prominent misrepresentation that
will be corrected will be the one tout
asserts the phenominal growth of
tho negro population of the country
when compared wltn the whites.
The comparisons of the next census
will be made with those of 183-j, the
only approuchable correct census as
to population or anything else made
In the history of the government.
The observation of mortality tables,'
made more complete during the lust
ten years than ever before, shows
that the negro population has a far
higher death rate than the whites.
In Washington It Is nearly double
that of the whites, and yet this dis
trict has been fitly termed the para
dise of tile negro. Nowhere else In
the civilized or uncivilized world is
he as well paid for his labor, as well
clothed, as well housed, as well fed.
And yet the death rate of the ne
gro, month after month and year af
ter year, Is nearly double that of the
white man. It is so in every city of
the country, and In nearly all south
ern cities where statistics are kept
the ratio of death is larger for the
negro than In Washington. The
birth rate of the negro population is
difllcult to obtain, but it does not
greatly exceed in cities that of the
whites. From all that can be learn
froin health and mortality statistics
kept In cities It Is the best opinion
that tho negro population does not
increase proportionately with the
whiles, and that the next census
will show that in tho whole-country
the importance of the negro as a fac
tor In our population Is on the de
crease. Plenty Loft Over.
In a certain church in Ireland a
young priest wu.s detailed to prea.oh.
The occasion was Ills first appear
ance, and ho took for his text "The
1'eedlng of the multitude. Ho said:
"And they fed ten thousand people
with ten thousand loaves of bread
and ten thousand llslies." An old
Irishman said: "That's no miracle;
begorra I could do that myself,"
which the priest overheard.
The next Sunday the priest an
nounced the same text but he hud
It right this time. He wild: "And
they fed ten thousand people on
ten loaves of bread and ten fishes."
He waited a second or two and then
leaned well over the pulpit and said:
"And could you do that Mr. Mur
phy?" Mr. Murphy replied: "And sure,
your reverence, I could."
"And how could you do It, Mr.
Murphy?" said the priest.
"And sure, your reverence, I could
do it with what was left over from
last Sunday."
Aerial rii-lil.
I'Mlsou believes that the time I ,
coming when tr.uepor(a lou i
through the air will boas common
as tiTleiti.il carriage. There will be
railroad liiuslnthe sky -or steam
ship lines more properly trains of
convoy crossing the continent. He
sees but one draw-back to the adop
tion of the praetiee, and that Is the
ease It will allurd criminals toes
cape from any point where they
have committed a eilme. It will
not then be possible to Intercept
them with wires as now. He thinks
we shall then see more crime. Hut
Tom forgets that the Inventions
which we owe to him and others
enable us now to detect and prevent
crime quite as readily as when crim
inals could only escape on horse-,
back or afoot. Science keeps apace
of need and dejnund. Murder and
all other crimes "will themselves
A Model Farm.
Tho Georgia Southern railroad,
has determined to establish a model
farm on Its Hue as an advertisement
of that section's tributary resources. '
The farm Is Intended mainly to show
vhat can be done on the soil and in
the climate of that section. Hut It '
Isbxpected It will serve another pun '
pose, perhaps, more thoroughly, If
less conspicuously. It will be a '
model farm for the farmers already
living In that section, and It will
tench them new Idem, atlbrd them
new Incentives, lift them out of the
rut of one croplsiu upon the high
plane of diversification and prosper
ity. 'IV Small t'oiii'i.
The national iiow-.de tiers' associ
ation has resolved to iHiltlon eon-givs-s
to re-e.stnbllsh the half-cent
coin, in order to guard rot nil news
dealers against the lo of half a
cent on many small puivha-cs from
wholesalers. This infinitesimal coin
Is not likely to lie popuhr on the
l'acltlo coast for some time, as the
em of one-vent plcoes still hesitates
about lingering oil these shores. As
the "bit," dime and nickel have
sujiemHled tho "two-bit" iuonoioly,
the American jienny will shortly
make Its way hero numerously, und
claim a place lu every till and wish
register. A wut coin la u useful
memlvr lo our decimal currency,
ami should lw enoourttgvM iw con
vvuU'Ut and. euouoDlH-ul,
We nay It ror on hour or for yen re;
We rtiy It mailing, wiy It choked with
Wo say It coldly, nay It with a lslm;
And yet we have noothcr word than this
"fl md-by. 'H
We have no dearer woid for our hcirt'o
friend. '
For him who Journeys to the uorld'B far
Andseiirx our soul with cuing; thus we
As unto him who tew but o'er the way
"Oood-by." I
Alllic to those we love and tliovewo hate,'
We nay no more In parting. At life's site,
To him who kik.uk out beyond earth's
We cry, an to the wanderer for n night
. . "Oood-by."
Knit goods Fine tooth combs.
A current remark I must make
some jelly this fall.
It is queer but u lively bolt often
results in a dead-lock.
Taken for Standing Hear a boy
arrested for bathing in the liver.
Boarding-hou'io people ought not
to expect dressed beef in hot weath
er. It is very natural for an oiliccr to
be a little peppery when he musters
his men.
Individual sugar and cream recep
tacles of cut glass are a delight
to the housekeeper's heart.
The title of "Old Maid" docs not
now attacli to a lady until she has
passed her thirtieth birthday.
Happy father Joe, old boy, give
me suitable names for my twin ba
bies. Joe Are they boys or girls?
Uirls. How will Kate and .Dupli
cate do? . ,
It Is proposed in Fremont, O., to
'establish a school in honor of the
lute Mrs. Hayes. The school is to
be given the name "Lucy Webb
Hayes Seminary."
Apollo is said to bo the llrst gentle
man wlio ever struck a lyre. If he
had only hit him a little harder we
might not have so many magnifi
cent liars at the present time.
Johnny Duinpsey (with infated
paper bag) S'li-li! See me bu' this
paper bag by grandma's ear. Grand
ma (after the explosion, placidly
laying her knitting in her lap and
idoklug toward the dor) Come lu.
II. 0. Fick, the millionaire or
Pittsburg, who virtually controls
the great coke Industry of Pennsyl
vania, was once a messenger boy.
Ho has contrived to make good
time running up the stairs of for
tune. A new work on evolution dentc
that man was evolved from the mon
key, but on tbo contrary asserts that
man and monkey both cum- from
the same parent stem. They repre
sent the two stages of development,
one upward and the ot'ier down
ward, of the buinan spvcles. He
llgures out that the prehistoric be
ing who was the fallie.1 ." the hu
man race, as well as of the mo.ikey
trite, was a Chinaman.
While trudging along one day
alone a soldier met a .Methodist eir-euit-iider,
whom lie at once recog
nised as such, but alleoted ignorance
of it. "What command lo you l,e
long to?" Inquired the preacher. "A
Texas regiment In Van DornNAriuy.
And yourself.'" 'M belong," solemly
replied the preacher, "to the army
of the Lord." "Then, my friend,'
said the.soldler, "you've got a verv
long way from headquarters."
donation as a means ol" disposal
of dead bodies is growing slowly but
surely, in popular favor, it is
among the edueited "''lassos that
the most converts are I'oujul and
this is a good sign. For the educat
ed have from time immemorial led
the ignorant by the nose. Certainly
the adherents of cremation have the
strongest argument. If It were ad
opted Instead of the present method
of burial, the ceinetcrics,tho.se breed
ing places of death titiil pestilence,
would be no more. Men would no
longer shudder at the thought of
the hideous putrefaction of their
bodies after death. The horror of
burial alive would no longer exist.
The lminen.e sums spent In funerals
would be dispensed with. The
pomp of our present funeral core
monies would give way to that sim
plicity which should go hand in
hand with death.
a manors ni.u.Mr.n.
A Lady Xenrly l'roMmteil by n
l'nlciil Jti'dlrlno.
A Udjr vrrUAnown In the Western Addition
lias Uh'ii u groat suuVrvr tor yt-ms Hit tudl
i:i'sttimiuidd)tio4l&. Httuckwlih Ihotosli
iuouliUsimtIlugJt)'' Vegetable &irKi)varllltt.
Uo ki-iii for n Imllliv The drxigcl.t, not hav
lus It, talkixlthvm into taking auolhcrtsitM
lrlll4. A the K-ttdltii Siraiirillai nw
lutnond liltxxl jmrlCou, tho etlXft ut tbo
rwpt) tug et Iodide ut ltain Into a stasuacU
ulrx'ttdy lUsirvuiugty dulIratoMat iUtatrwm,
Ktmrat iMtratiu( her be(on tho mWtaio whs
rwtlflod. Bho thou calltM ujurn Mrs. l"uwkr,
tt K!7 lUUs ttrwl, whoso uaiuo tat auwuj;
IImwo i-urvtl I'jr A)J Vm(M lslialHlkt.
Ml. I'ovt Wr said It vr into that 11 had outv.1
hor. Ayalu rvttivd. tho ootaUo ram
lund vt wut (or nud svttrn. Tho gullo
ttttton ol Its xefvtaUo stliuulaats uj.ut tho
llvr, llducys tutvt 0Ivtho orjius, ud Its
Matui .lomach tnuks, wvro Ibo crj- Ihlujr
needed, nd sho U-aa Imi'Mtiiuj and was
hcruM sv.t vruhlu a (ortutsht. This sounds
Jlko fiction, but tho psuns iuU glwa it
uett4rr,-Sjj fYt i toMr,
The Chlrf Ilcnaon for mo great 8H
cess of Hood's Sarsaparllla is found In thl
article ItseU. It Is merit that wins, and tht
act that Hood's Sarsaparllla actually ao
eompllslies what Is claimed for it, is what
has given to this medlcino a popularity and
ale greater than that of any other sarsapa-
Merit WinS nerbeforo the public.
Hood's Sarsaparllla cures Scrofula, Bait
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Sick
Headache, lilllousncss, overcomes That
Tired reeling, creates an Appetite, strength
ins the Ncrvei, builds up tho Whole System
IIooiI'h MnrNnpurilla is sold byall drug
Ists. $l;slfor$3. Prepared by C. I. Hoo
v 0.. Apothecaries. Lowell, Mass.
It may grieve many to know
"First in war, llrst in peace and llrst
in the hearts of his countrymen" is
a misquotation. The correct words,
"First in war, first in pou.ee and llrst
in tho hearts of his fellow citizens."
aie from a set of resolutions on tho
death of Washington, prepared by
General Lee and adopted by Con
gress. Sitting on the Safety Valve.
Many are they who have laughed
at the story of tho green steamboat
fireman who sat on the safety valve
to prevent it leaking. Yes thousands
are repeating his folly every day.
They are troubled Avith blotches,
pimples, eruptions, salt rheum, boils
earijiineies, uieersnnu oki sores, aim
are contenting themselves with sup
pressing the symptoms without re
moving tho cniiie. They bit on
these safety valves uy -which nature
is driving out blood inpurities, In
stead of using Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medie.il Discovery, which cures by
removing the cause, which is in the
blood. J t Is a wonderful blood pu
rifier and invigorating tonic.
Do you think tho proprietors of
Dr. Si'go'B Catarrh Itemeiiv would
oiler, as they have done for many
years, a standing reward of ?500 for
a ease of catarrh which they cannot
cure, if they did not positively know
that the remedy will absolutely and
permanently euro catarrh. Sold by
diuggistsat only 50 cents.
"Well, Mr. Assessor, what are
you going to make out of your boy?"
"I think lie will do font policeman,
bcciusj 1 cm never find lihu when.
1 want him."
The inimctlaresvmji:ojns of Dys
oi'iiri.i. or 111' lines. i.n. a'-e a ili-t res-
si ii.; seiiM of Mcighr, oppression am J
luiliieij lo tlie htomaeii, iieannurii
I.wh i" s.ii'jK-tlte, foul ureuth, Uich
Inj', 'laiiie'icy, iiame:: pains in th
siiouldiiN ami breast. Dr. ITenley'n
Dandelion Toni.j promotes he.illhj
iligc-tion and moves all uuualtb
symptom, l-sild by i. W. Mathew k
The most niiglii.il h windier of I he
day is the one who has ln'pn tolling
the colored people of Georgia ibul
the world will conn to mi end Aug
ust luth, and has sold loll pairs of
"angel wings" at ?10 a pair.
You have heard your friends ami
neighbors talking about jt. You
may yourself be one of the many
who know from personal experience
just how gioda thing it is. If you
have ever tried it, you are ono of Its
stauueh friends, because the won
dcrlul thine; about It Is, that when
once given a trial, Dr. Klng'ri New
Discovery eveu after holds a place in
thehou-o. If you have never tisod
it and Nhould be alllieted with a
cough, cold or any Throat, lainy or
t'hest trouble, secure a bottle at
oiu'e.and give It a trial. ItisKimmii
tcctl every time, or money refunded.
Trial Hollies Kivo at D.uileJ. Fry's
This Is the latest in tho way of
prehistoric llud in Nebraska: Tho
petrillcd arm )f a pivhistorle
giant was uncartlied recently on tho
farm of. J. H. Male, near Kearney,
Neb. The hand was tightly clasped.
A young son of Mr. Male, while '
playing with the eurhv-lty, broke oif
the lingers of the hand nml nine
lai-fe'e dlainuiids fell out. Mr. Male
will exhume the remainder of the
giant's body.
K. ltalnbrldge, Mtinday E-q.,
Count v Alt v., Clay Co., Tex. kivs:
"Have Used Klcetrle Hitters with
must happy rediilU. My brother
was aUo very low with Malarial,
Fever and Jaundice, but was eurxnl
by timely use of this medicine. Am ,
satislletl Mlcetrie Hitters kivihI has
Mi. D. r. AVlleoxsou of Horse t
Cnxe, Kv., adds t like testimony,,
mying: He positively 'IhiIIows he
woutl nave died, had it not- boon (
for KltH-trie Hitter..
Thisjitvat remedy will ward oil, i
tw well a eutv all .Nlalarial l)lt.-.i-es,
Mini tor .ill Kidney, Liver and Stoin
m'.i DlM.irdft. standti uniiiitletl.
l'i Uv .-.tiv- uu.l j'l. at Ddiilel J. Fry'a
.t'li'w.M Ldtli-livnler rvfii'xxl to
tt.tt .t iii.iii Air dyspasia Ikiiiumj ho
w 'III 1 1. it pickks. ,
lu pu . hk, nsr-fU'io eitleing ,
utuie, Wil.i lu iSwiiitMl of AUe-
B'lvfiy l it,, i'a. iitw uiaiw wnuuw
asii eoutr.ictor,
ft raesi
In the city of Fortland anil other prosneroiis ton ns arc JJjMicd Jg mcn or
have the disposition and ability to impioc tncni.
ale It
m .., . f bi, TimvlvivPfit Hit's time fifteen teams employed and the contemplated improvements iliaye
ESSn?" iTii inSled to make "he'd rive leading froi.iCommcrcial street through Riverside and High
land additions and around Highland Park
Che linaof the Salem Street Railway Company runs through the middle of this addition,
ro t art two blocks distant from the- line. Highland Park will In the near future be
nr Orivrnn. T
lots will be more than two blocks
Lois in Highland Ailtliton arc High and Dry and Well Located; Most Excellent Drainage
mi rail" o Sdenra nw soon to be built. Rulldings only of the best class will be permitted Residence lots
wi thin till hiiits of the City of Salem are worth on an average over 1000. We can sell you better lots in High
H i -ul dltl on for one- bird of the money, and being directly on the line of the street railway they are practl
eally iiotlmlf so .for from the publie buildings and the business part of the town as the majority of the so
pnlleri "inside lots."
Buy a Lot in Highland Addition for Three Hundred Dollars,
And let .some other fellow pay 5.1000 for an inferior lot not so well located. With the dlllereiicc of $700 you can
l mild a beiuitlful cottage, or put it out at a rate of interest that will buy you nearly two thousand street car
tickets every year.
JuamarjaTalrrrTn .a.M.KMMgmmimgiMiaiJ
of I largest and most reliable bouse, and they use
Ferry's Seeds
. l'l.UKi X liu. are
knowledffed to be tbe
Largest Seedsmen
in tne wona.
D M.FehbyACo'
UTe ana rncea
For 1889
Will be mailed TRCr
to all BDDlicants. r
to last rear's custom
wltbout orderinsr it. in wi -
CauUlowir Quen. Field or Flower Seeds
1 . ezltUstt. lahouldsendxorlt. Address
i n. HI. FEHRY& CO.. P' Volt. Mic..
"Who is H. H. Wnrnor, of Rocho
tor, N. Y., whoso Safo Remedies, es
pecially Warner's Safo Cure, havo at
tainod such success and celebrity ct
homo and abroad?"
Tho question is inspired as much by
affoction as curiosity, sinco through
his Instrumentality hundreds of thou
sands, in both hemispheres, have
been rostorod to health and happi
ness. Hon. H. II. Warner, then, is a
leadinc and honored resident oi
Rochester, not only, but a prominent
j and influential citizen of the United
States. On several occasions chosen
by his party as a National delegate to
nominate a President of the Republic,
ho has boon a mombor of tho Kepub
cun Stato Committeo and of its Exe
cutive Committeo. Ho is a member
of the American Institution for the
Advancement of Scienco; President
of tho Rochester Chamber of Cora
morce; a successful and upright busi
ness man. Ho lias piven away for
tunes in charities. The celebrated
and costly Warner Observatory ol
Rochester 'wrh conceived, endowed,
and is maintained by him. His
munificent prizes for tho discovery of
comets has uoen at once tho wonder
und delight of tho scientific world.
The yellow fever pcouraga in tho
South, tho Ohio floods, the fire dis
asters of Rochester and other cities
awakened his profouudest sympathies
and in each instance his check for
from $500 to $5,000 swelled the save nil
relief funds. Where other wealthy
men give tens and hundreds, he gives
hundreds and thousands.
Ilia charities are as ready and
magnificent as his enterprises and
public spirit are boundless.
Tho world has need of more such
aii incident led him into the manu
facture ot medicine. Seized somo
twelve years ago with what the ablest
physicians termed fatal kidney dis
ease, he was miraculously restored to
health by what is now known as
Warner's Safe Cure. At once be re
poked to make known the merits of so
1 potent a remedy, and the consequence
1 is that to-day he has immense labora
tories and warehouses in the United
Mates, Canada, England, Germany,
Austria, Australia and liurmah. Sales
of his Safe Remedies are enormous,
and their power over disease simply
Tho merit of a production is in ex
act keeping with the character ot ltd
' producer. An honest and reliable
, wan himself, Mr. Warner inakia
honest and reliable medicines a fact
abundantly attoted by their phono-
i winai tsicacy ana popuianur.
I AlkilltiKKS &c
-WTr .C 11 M
r srtC4f"'?ZiTsy2 V7Kv
J&5S?r -s
AV .-.l s,'.VUJ
this Corporation is determined
If there is anyone in the whole state j
of On-jjon who w.intii to return
to the east he should read
this advertisement:
-To Exchange for-
43-Kor iut!culnr call at this nfflcc.
iJ 10 $3l) working for u. A;mo
I'li-iiirvu utio can furnish .. iiur nd
Kite their uiiuletlmo totbobtuiiu-M. sivtu-ituuu-uumj)
tKjpronmbly nui..i,u.u..
A K-ur .unnc.os In towns itud clu. U Jr"
J. tillatn A(l , llMI Slain t . Hi. iiUniUtl,
N 1 -I .ni kUtte nvtaud b. .ii.i . I
l.rtuiv. cvr mlud about sending
-is owned in
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us to give him another string without
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by u- to our customer, without quibble or
question. (Uewnruot imitation.) Dealers
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Trad j supplied at lowestprice.
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Northern Pacific Railroad.
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The Northern Paclnc railroad Is tbe only
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- ee that your ticket read via the Northern
l'aclrtc railroad and avoid the
change of curs.
le Portland at 8 a. m.and & p. m.
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