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ir TitHMm.Y rtMiW iirniKN rntt woickino mk.v. tiaIlks to jroftors VcchK u,arn.
vii i.ntiprn iViii Mi. mid vnif Tiiu A """dims "'lfiy Hip iir.i Agency tn ed mid Ktnrr for lliclr vnlunblc ns-
One year by mall
nix months iy iriini
If eastern people only know bo
furnish This Want. lfit,. o...l rtl,.t,...
,.. , .1 .. . . .. . . . . i ' i n"l""i
urn- 01 me most uociiii cnicrpne durluft (be mwIoii.
j fore, starting fro... I.on.c on their tb'.t could now be started in this! nolvt-,1, 'hut" our tli.mks be
y;V Jong trip neros tliu continent that Ity would 1k a building society. Ah L.xtci.ded to the Cvimtai.Joik.vai,
0 0 H e
.IrCM.Si",ftr rffS":r: ti to.f J fTt '''' !'"'" .S, T Em' i 't,! nr, for U,e 'My s"k" - "f Ur new plat ju-t put on the market Is tl.e most de-intbie nowoflered
., M ! ! S; ' rS T' . ...I.!rM,w". . 'l - ".Mri" " " i"8 i- " i.uve no equal. The whole plat is In a
h, ;, i ;i.;ymii:::::::i:::.:':" r ' ",," f ;7iL Z tho&o without canttnl to ..rocure ., ". " "UC't""4 ,l1"1 ' "" fine Btnte of cultivation, seeded In clover, with n good tnrf. Xo grubs, ...
!."". &" II'!" .!!'.'!.v."""--: ' ?! ',0 h'lI,lC1' A" lt.lH l ,cn n: l,,?I"1:i IV T. "' . . . ..' ,rU.r! tl,ost' traclien. u ho have been cu- HtumM, no rocks or trravel. soil .rood, elevated and level. l.a a line viewo
,' """ '1" '"-;;- "' "r' 7m,r ZX cZ,Xc on The ab'Cd l nUc,Kl c"sl,,crbl? the e.ty, surrounding countrj', the mountain ranges and snow-capped
r,,rn,Uor.M,tfnU,Hn,lpl;a....romco eg eat boo .In Washington tor- . I , fro s "'Jj"o ' I'""" ' time .have been great-1 peaks. Pure eold well water. Is twelve blocks south of the Chemekete
AllHu.WcriiM:n.ToT...:rA...TAUor.xAL f A' ' ,, 7 '? T '".ft'l o mi v and In E .,. hhLVniv ,y bG"-"lltf"1 "by and that we , hotel and postollice blocks. Thee lots are offered by Jones & Watson on
who ,.o not secure thc.r ,,pcr nearly ' "'" ." 8 tl.cy will. ' " " IlX ' .Z" u hvUoV0 lt l,,urt eert a 1,,,'h,' ,K"10- !ntnlln,cntef one-tenth c.u.1. and one-tenth In quarter yearly payments
will noil i .u ..mrn, viiiKi.d.lrrM.i.mi Hut Jiwt as sure as there Is a sun in ' ."rtcd to to enable the in.pecu- )ldal ,nJlucnco te a,.,looll( of -, , t , J actual y worth in rah
iho .nnitor will M.iicnm.,i iot .,.... the heavens they will nil Hnd lliclr '. " f'e then.selveH Mliron rountv. . V. 1 h . f,? L.
oili.,w,rni.r court iiixl Liberty Ktrot way back to this valley. Tliey arc I Imn tl10 burden of rent; and the j T v.Tff ..,.., AV "',,,, V i i """"-",, """, , b "' ., """";" "' " "-' '
eonilmr lm(!k now, and every day Uou.it of good it has accomplished . jjv M Tovl" , -ra lots Have aircaily been , old on which line residences will be erected,,
KA'I'UItDAY. JULY !M. 1880 r... .....u J ,.,...: ' i.r can hardlv boset down In fliriinw. Aam ji. joms, i and a number more have been optioned. If y6u want one or more lots,
7- ,,;, ' u ," T, ,; "p"!"" "',"?1',"-- ,;, m.llfvIl(; ow,ls ,.H ....... 7lollw, h. ii. Axiikhtox. rail on JONES & WATSON, win will show you the plat and the lots.
M...i u si. - .liiereis nothinirto nrevent them lno ,IUl" NU, ' 'is ins ow n nouse Tim hnv nu,i..n,.... iu.i.. i........
.. ituvr r v IVOUIUtl'yiJ? MVlim IIIIUI I-
At the Inst council meeting Ihore
was presented u re.iionstra.iceiigalnst
(he granting of the prayer of the
.Marion county Improvement com
pany, asking for the right of way
for the proposed Halcni and Kilvciton
Motor line, on Cliemel cle street
from Trout slicct lo the eastern
boundary of the eily, If the .mines
iippeiidi'd to IIhiI icmoiixtrniii'i' a.e
M'lircM'litiillve iiieil of Snli'iil, I lion
one of Imi tl.lugM iiiiihI lie iid'cplod
as line. Kiliicr fulfill Is opposed ti
Iheeountiiletlou of the Motor III.)
or else llicv giiM- llieli sliintuii
without sloiijiiug to think what they
Were doing. If the leiisniisii-Hlgneo
for objecting liase jiii. force what
nverlhe.v lie wit li eiinl ciiipliaslh
agaliiHt the ui-e of eiteh and every
olherst.eel in ll..eity. Ho llnil II
the language of the icnuml i'iiiii-c Is
lo be acecpled us voicing tile senti
ments of (he lepi'esentalive inun of
Kale..., then It is evident Unit the
company made a tiiNtake when II
HiipjKHCil that any proposition lo iu
fuo new life Into the business and
enterprises of the eltv, would be .e
imTvciI ylth any degree of favor.
Ifthis view of the subject Is lo be
taken us correct, I lieu Hie only hon
orable thing left fur the company to
do is lo withdraw lis application
and apo'ogixc lo the"o representative
men for attempting to do anything i
coming, but everything to Induce
There is no valley In the world that
Is equal to the Willamette valley in
every respect. There are some who
make objections on account of the
rainy season, as It is called, but tl.e
lain "all of I his section, as compared
Willi other polnls of observation, is
smaller, according to reports given
by the United .States signal service.
In .N'j-w Voik, Mul lie .South Caro
lina, Wuiwyiviiuiu, and Ohio there
Is more riiitiff.ll than in the Willam
ette valley. And It must be borne
in mind that nearly nil the rain that
falls here Is during tl.e bill, winter
and spring. The fact of I ho matter
Is there Is scarcely any lain here
during the sun.niHr months. Farm
ers never have their crops of wheat,
oats and hay deslroyel,by wind and
lain storms, but 'who., he uutuhls
grain he merely binds It up in
sheaves, and never goes to I he trou
ble of pulling lt into siiocks. A
wagon follows along and gathers up
(he grain iintl hauls It tollie thresh
er, and that lluishes thojoli. Jfeis
Justus st.ro of his crop, If he sows it,
as he is of anything else of this
oar.lh, for crops .never fall. A Jotnt
nai. icnorlcr, In conversation with
one of the old substantial funnels
of (his section, a few days since, was
becomes a stable citizen; he is placed
In fair and equitable relations with
society; he is in no danger of being
turned out of doors In case of sick
ness or lack of en. ploy.. lent, and It
Is a sovereign cure for anarchy.
Property holders aiu also benefited
by lis operation, as building lots are
constantly in demand by stockhold
ers in mi el i an association, and t ho
means are furnished by the month
ly installments paid into Its treasury
to pay cash for the same.
Another consideration lias weight
in this connection. A manufactur
ing Industry can never be developed
and Micccsfully prosecuted in a city
thai lacks in proper facilities for the
well being of the operative class. Jt
Is an economic truism that labor is
the main element of cost In every
article wo use; hence, the local scale
of wages paid is the chief factor in
tho success of Industrial enterprise
Rival cities which succeed in nianu
faclurcs not only have the crude
material to their hands, but they
have the further advantages of an
abunoant n.a.ket, cheap homes, (if
they are not always desirable), and
the other necessaries of life simmer
ed down to the lowest cost.
Mow that Halcm Is growing in
population, Iiiih a number of in-
i Crockery and Glassware!
Willi 'prclnltlp In
J. Valerian China Tea Sets,
Frwifii Cliina Dinner Sels.
Buckingham Pattern
informed by him that ho had livotl t I"trIul estivbliHlniients on the way,
here Ihlrly-fotir years, and he had
that might In the least disturb f licit i during all thai lime never known a
falluie of the crops. Win n he Hist
came heio lie ion led a farm; he now
owns a half doeu farms and a vast
amount of city properly. There is
no use in denying the fact, those
fellows who live up In the Sound
country, hi tho brush and fog and
those benighted individuals who
ineiely exist on tho hot sandy des
erts ( Hoiil hern Cldifornia, will all
bo, wending their way to the valley
of the Willamette, where peace and
happiness reigns, where everything
that grows Is plentiful, and where
tho climate Is mild and healthful;
wlieie lliero ale no storms, no real
cold wcatiieraiid wheioonecaugo to
bed at night and gel a refieshlng
sleep without jbelng roasted alive
with the intolerable heat that Is so
pioduclivo of unrest in many plan's
in tho Tnltcd .States.
The Willamette valley Is open for
all. The.e aic many uncultivated
acres of ground the ilcheht Mill in
the in. tvee waiting for someone
to till it, and the time is pot far oil'
when every tillable spot will be
taken up, and the owner can ask his
own price for It ami get It.
I'll,- t tin. WillaiiiKllo IIiIiIki'.
A small llii was dlscoveicd in the
Willamette bildgo yesterday lint
was extinguished before any dam
age was done. In so. no way lire
caught In the crack between two
planks, burning a hole about one
and one half feet In length and about
four luetics In width. A cigar
stump must have been thrown on
the bridge, causing (ho lire to catch.
Persons should take warning and
be sure (hat the elgiir and elgaietto
stumps are extinguished or it tiro
might occur from the carelessness
of smokers. Them s more danger
at this swiMinof tho year from llro
than at any other time, owing to
the dryness of all things somhtistl
and Is possessed of the laudaible am
bition to keep up with the woild's
progress, In order to secure the suc
cessor this movement, we must also
make adequate provision for the
prospuiity and well being of our
working class. Xexl ton cheap and
well supplied home market, which
we already poe.-s, suitable homes
me the desideratum. The cry Is
already heard that there is an in
siilllclenl supply of such abodes,
and property holders show unwill
ingness to build low pirced cottages
for rent as such an outlay of capital
Is not leinuneratlve. The roort
then is to one or more building so
cieties. The amount nalil montblv
.... oi,...-., i... ii... .(.,,. t.i. .,i.i.... i ... , with a (llliet effectiveness and lTucrv !
v.ii minim .t) iiiu null IVIIllllll I 19 IIU , r-t --. i
A1 fuo Altll'iilll l.it Lit ....... ...I ..il.wl . "
....-i ........... ....I,,, .Tll.Mlp-llllll.ll 1,
-MNs Agues Kthel, u clever child,
iniously adopted by tho-e in attend-,
ance, work was again resumed.
Rupt. Yoder, busily engaged in
discoursing upon and illustrating
the principals of penmanship, was
broken in upon by I'rof. J. J5. T,eith-
erman of Woodburn, who, villi j
seeming impudence, excepting an i
exceedingly smiling countenance, i
considered It a fitting opportunity
to "cano" tho superintendent. Ac-,
con.panied with a few spicy re
marks, this necessary article to t lie
propelling of the average man,
was presented to tbesuperintcndcnt t
on behalf of the members of the
iiifitltiite through their regard fori
him. '
Prof. Yoder was taken complete
ly by surprise and replied in a short
appropriate speech.
The day passed on without further
oxcitcmeut and at 3:30 p. m. the
institute was adjourned.
Arch jtr-et Tlicutre "I'utliorlmiil."
Clias. A, Gardner appeared last
night at the Arch Street Theatre for
the first time in this city in his new
play, written by fc'idney It. Ellis
and himself, and entitled "Father
land." Mr. Gardner's powers prov
ed quite entertaining in his most
ambitious effort. The audience, a
large one in view of the storm and
the inaugural exodus, was moved to
lieurtv nniilnimn frcriiifmtl v ilurliify
the performance, and recalled Mr.
Gardner at the close of each act I
twice ufter the third curtain. Tho
plot enables Mr. Gardner, as Her
man Leopold, the hero, to sing
catchy songs, dance with nimble
ncssand grace, and say many amus
ing tilings while ballling the wrong
doers mul winning the heroine. In
cidentally there areseveral choruses
and pictures of homo life in Hie
Tyrol, in which tho scenes move;
and to a large elaes of theatre-goers
"Katlierlaiid" will prove an agree
able entertainment. Miss Eva
Hymn, u- Ithoda, the heroine, acted
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem.
Of which wc constantly keep n full line
anil open stock, cnnliling us to make up
Dinner nml Tea et of nny size, or sell hv
tliPxinele piece. The finest assortment (it
i:ver shown In Salem.
Specialties in Table Luciiries,
Fine Tea, and Coffee, Creamery
Butter, Cream Cheese, etc'
01 thulntest !nd handsomest patterns lu
9lleaseT.'ill and e.Mimlne our stock.
201 Commercial Street,
Remember the Place and Call.
: Mil li K 1 1 it ii SflRlRRR A PHOTS
1 IN I1U! -1U UUVUUUkl i "mum,, . UuUU
gienter than he, would pay to his
landlord for rent; but tbero is this
dillcrcncc In the outlay, that in the
termer case ho purchases a home In
about six years, while the money
paid Tor lent procures him merely
a temporary shelter.
Small savings by tho piudent
woiKingmaii may eiianie mm to
purchase an iucqicnsivo lot to build
on, but the erection of a houwo there
on Is beyond his means. He cannot
and others contributed to the gen
eral cflectivcnctisoftho peiforn.ance.
"Fatherland" Is on for the week,
with matinees n- usual. Philadel
phia Lodger, .March .", 18S9.
F" B'
quiel repose. This Is a glorious ell
male In which to sleep, and surely
no one should Interpose any objec
tions lo such as desire the opportun
ity to quietly snoo.e away the pass
ing hours.
Hut this view of the temper of the
icprcsc. .(alive men of Kale... can not
ho accepted, Hiileui Is not asleep, Sa
lem Is not "niossluekcd," but on
the contrary is wide uwuke and
icady ami eager to welcome any
and every enterpilse looking lo the
developiiient of our fair city, ami It
Is very apparent that the tiioposltlou
lo coustitictji molor lino from Sa
lem toHllverlon Is 'looked upon ns a
step In tbu right direction, and the
icpiesentallve nieii of Halein will
net be slow in niaiillesllng lliclr up
picclatlon or the enlerpilHe,
- -
'li'KK) Tl.iieil lit hi'.
This morning A. W. Dinger was
coming down Ktato slice! and when
In the square w here Stale and Coin
meiclal streets meet, a gentleman
dilvlngtwo horses to a back ran
into Mr. Drager's buggy, tlp;:lng It
over, hut as the horwj wasgetille It
stood still mid Mr. Dinger got out of
the buggy ami u Ith some help lifted
lt up again. Il was not oaiolessuo-s
III either geiilleinaii as theoue on
t'ommeiclal stieet could not see the
buggy until they mil together,
. - - - -
('.Uiili'ltra HiiIhimI,
-Monday morning the pi Ice of
cigarettes will bo raised to 10 cents
a package. This was the legular
price a few years ago but In sonic
way they icsolved to sell them at A
cents a package. This is a good
move as It will prevent many young
boys from buying them. At live
cents a package many a Utile shaver
could Indulge in the luxury, but
now that the price has risen the
small boy will not smoke quite no
I 'I'liti MiiLUm.
The Albany mining company has
received a lot of deli ore, cays the
Albany Herald, from their minus
up the Santlain, where a force of
men are now at woik. l-'roni the
tunnel In the ".Mornlnc star" ledne
" . nHwnitf, mv iviiouii-hl ita i (llUtf tintU'lt rmtu IliillnhmmlV mil I i . . ...
they received a quantity of 'MeuP , I'lay-goors are always Umklng lor, u, llrl ,,,.,, at ,,.,,,., .. No. ' eilt ctIW mx.plm.,, u oll0 of ,. . f hIP!l I ni'flPl' Kritinl illo
.' "... ..... -.. 'lUllllUILItl. I Jill, I 111 I . kll:llllllllll.
t' " '
Salem, Oregon, have received direct
.Success in Uusiness reipi ires preparation ! Tlieiefore, thoroughly master
Commercial Arithmetic, Business Penmanship ami JJusiness Correspon
dence, Jtook-keeping by borli Single and Double Entrv, the nature and
correct use of Commercial Papers, Commercial Law anil JJusiness practice.
Learn, also, Shorthand and Type-writing. Manifold, and Dictation work.
All these are needed in business, and are thoroiiKhlv taught by exper
ienced teachers at the SAl.KMUURINli&SCOrjLECJE
(iriswobl's Hbick, Salem, Oregon.
J(UHW 11 id
The Finest Line of
DOG CAltTS and
which will be sold at
Prices and Terms to Suit All !
Ni'Ms nf tin' Ither.
The Three Sisters camo up from j
Portland Inst night bringing about
thirty tons of general freight for
this eltv and sliu made verv eood
piocuieaccoiiii.i.Hiaiionai iiieiiai.K, ( time considering tho low water,
because he has no security to give, ; she went on up the river this morn-
mm inn ma oneirism providing tor Hm-. All of the O. J', boats arc, do-1
the future comfort ami security ot Ing good work on tho river tills vear
his laniliy are apt to bo lutlle. Uut , as they can travel when the water
loil nut ftir lsH,;iiyi Klre tlnrlntf the hot
went her.
Insiire tainst Loss
Then .n depressed lanenld feeling, los
ot nppetllo mul complexion. Xnw testor
ed to perfect health mid Igor liy Wrlulit's
Hop Celery and Chamomile Hlltei-s. Sold
by II. Y. Cox.
A Life I'reserer Wright's lllncljberry I
I Cordial. Keep it In the house for cholera I
infantum, djentery nnd siunmrr disease, I
Sold by nil rtriin;lstH. j
"or Bargains
is very low and make very good j
the building society advances
money to the shareholder without
I'IhI;. tiikvl in fur liintorlnlij tin TtiMtti
,, , , , , On" for the Miiiiiilnlns.
wm.uK., ... i ui pay- Mj, c,t0i Wniiains, (our moyor)
Ing thg wages ol tho working men lIU, fnm ,, Dr lx0mtd8On3m
as heir services i rcndcivd. A full turted U9 ,)ori f()r n
buld.ngco.n.nteeselectedfroiiithe threoor ,.)llr woc,.s, h m
llttest and most discreet of Us liiein- iM Pr.i, ....n., t. 7..u..!
ivbii v. .(rit wt iv.l ill IK n i
Others will follow ,
ISAAC A; MANNING, Family Rroecrics Piyvfsions, Fruits Ktc,
00 TO
1 llkKJ .1.111 I II..I .v I 1 . t .1 . . . . . . ...1 ... 1 I
..w.n i... ... mi uisuu wmei.is, mm ,...,, m..Ii,.ih..
a mortgage taken upon the property , j,, rt ,-uvv ,lay
of every iKirrowersccuies thosoclety ' ll
twin po.-slble loss.
'Wo make this suugestlon as rele
vant lit the time and occasion, .and
believing It will be of Use to our
Km l (liuilni'i-
Vigor And Vitality.
Atv quickly islven to every part of tho
body by Hood's S.iriMivirtltu. That tlivd
feellni: Is entirely oven-ome. The blood Is
luirllled. enriched mul vltnllznl. nml ivir.
I rxwiers, propose to dwell ft., tiler Oil f rles health Instead ofdUeas,. to eery or
thesllbject. ' ' mm. The ktoninpli Is toned nml Mrensth-
eued.the iippelltu restoi-ed. Tho kidneys
In the l'aellleof Hulland, Queen ofl.lv
erxkl, .Norlhein of Umdnn, the fiermn
nlu or tho Ilntnburg-. dRdelmr); flro In
suniiui'minuinles, repieNentin millions
of ilollnrs paid up capital.
Commercial Street. Saloni, Or
toun.ry produce of ml kinds alwnvx on
band. If jou have not traded with iiie be
fore, I respectfully solicit u trial belltmnc
I can suli you both In prices and quality
These goods Tare first-class mid ns their
stock Is very liircreti person can rind what
they may sh. Their u arehouso on State
street Is completely tilled, and they have
another ear Igad en route now. Look out
for them: soniethinstlne
Only Genuine System of Memory Training
Four Books Learned In one reading,
Mind wandering cured.
Every child and adult greatly benefited.
Great inducements to correspondence
Prospectus, with opinions of Dr. AVm. A.
"nniniond, the world-famed Wpeclnlist In
r: .iT l'.. ul!111 ureeniem inomp.
son, tho crcat 1't.yclioIogUt, J. it, Huckly
v i)-',,c.a!,orJof the Christian Advocate
S." X.. ItlCllIira l'mitnr llinLnlunllE.1 TIn
Denjtimnu, and
W. W. Ahlor. .Imlnli l
others, sent post nee by
lrof. ArLOISKTTK. S37 Fifty Ave, NY
Jc-139. dw
19 U II n I W IB HI B m
Charles A. (birdner will indent ,.. "''' - "'. ,mut liver n nnmnsl and iiivitorauti
to-nlghlilt the iiiiem house for the ", """w ' Jnmi: jtIio limlii Is refieshM. the mind made
,1,.,,...,: .'...... I.'.,,,.. ' . l,, ,,,,al "liwHlHWU of teachers, clear and n,,dy for work. Try It.
,V"-S,. ' ... . " i during the two weeks' session Is
l.lllll. I ill'
nlsliesthe "
Unients u the htate. Ixiwer rntes than
1 ortland. Largest stock Leeal Illnnlm iu
Co ntj. nny. " 'tn te , n -d blnrcst discount. Send fot
I Klre ifnil .via- ll'I?.,,1t9f Jol prlntiuir. and catalogue ol
rlne. 'fCTl blanks. p.. n. AVAITJS
JDS ALI1EUT. Aeent, - Knlem, OreRoti
Steam Printer Riiem Orreo'n.
rvstntimut. I
brand's llit
plot Of tills play fill-- M,vtv and tliisiin.rliii..iii'l.......l A K)) I'l'P OK COKI'KK
Miniulliliiir new" that ' 7 , ' "'"lyUUemleiitiuid , u Kroa ,,,inirt,on mr
,s li L 1 m. ! Uw,,M,w- W Wtlsllcd With this, The ,mv dmn from llellenlmu
v iiiwiiis iwking lor,tl0 ,)rs( atU.,n,,t at holding a Nor- ti''"'mx-piaeu u ouo of tin
lies a nicilluin for the mill liiHtltntn In MnrL.n .w.m..i.. Oreiit Attraction of his eatlnir
K per ton In sliver. nu!l,,,'vor ,uln'' wmwlluit, I'lius. A. Tll0 wf,rk imsKVI1 ii,ru..i,,.,11,i ,''"'" r f"! or hu Mwltent coUK''
ylm.r,,.,kr .,,,a.,l.,,. nnlpr.lo Ills xJ,t Z?ZXZ ,7! TZ I
.Nteuslvoat.dla.Mig,nlnlug;"'-l"l-t won .hit a name and ,,, Uwlll thewlhtni. The .m-' '" ir! I
tlnutimtosSludeuls In
..i . i i. . ii .1
Kineiia ou vmiicii iixsii.vh not (M "uu u uiiiusiies n meuiiiui ior tnc mal institute In Marlon itiunlv.
iiiau iiti per ton in sliver,
lug an e.
biislncM there, ami the results of
their work thus far coitalnlv hi
I'ur Vuiiiim,
sonieuiouoy, and his mends dlNJlWlHl,SM lmv ,wl, mi;nMy ,, ,ltp.
iijI (it wif lllttl III Litlltt ill li. L..ii... .. I .
Xni'iiuil, Kusint'ss. Iiinv.
m i in mv nun in miiiu tiling ncner, a h,!,,
.I....1M.. .!... I . ...w.it.l.. I t.. 1.1. It l t'
iiennv unit is nuiuiuil 111 I'ttllier-
liiud." There Is a pIctui,MiuciH'ss
S. 1-nrrar, Mrs. .1. Wurar, ii. 'wt the Tvrolean civstunns, and ii
(iovomor Moody, Mi-s. J. 't,a.
initt, Mrs. Mary Jones. Mm. tl.
That Muni lauwiilil lin'liojr mmns that J
our ) .loin l inn slitlotn Invito iIIscum',
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DR. JORDAN & Co.'s
"il Market st.San Kninelsco
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tiarduer's binglug is umniualiHl, Ills tin-xprcNS our gratitude lu the the Mititirn"
"Lilac" nnd "Shut Your Kves '"'lllligriolutlons, i.wlt: ' z 1 '
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npiiliiUM. The Introduction of the
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Pdint Shop
No. liS U Commercial St.
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attention eiven to the construction oFwa"-'
opposite Mute Imurance building.
Jttl.Vi.17. ISSlt. ot III,, ntiliuin' of' U WXuld nitum
the bride's iwrents, by I lev. I. S. uiuieyiil w hsAi wmiafiv.- jr1 JIoiis nnd f-.rrih ..
Knight, Ml- Mablo Willis and lnwnvMax, . Sl"i wrIHn" iwT llUlttnS,
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nduoting our institute and in . lady wits bor,, she?! KS iS.lllZgZZ" " "" I ExPe"enced Workmen Employed, C"TJmi
wnientiK'nu iHiiheryouiiv'fiintiHil,Vv . ,r",,M" snmrtitorsrthf oausmciion uuaranteed, ri-yiC riu-uiaiSSi
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