Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, June 21, 1889, Image 4

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flnp i in r In mnlt
Hlx mould" ! limll
IVr wck,
Olio jwir by wall !' jjj?
Htx iniuilliH liy until , ';
One jcnr, If inilil III iidiimtc I J
Mix montliH, If jmld In advance m
I'or advertising rat-s apply nt this olllcc.
Almmt n ltnnmtnj. Circuit Court I'rorreriliigi.
A (cam belonging to David Karly KorHicr vh Geftier, settled nnd (Hb
wns ti d in (ho eastern arl of tho lulled.
city to a Hcnntllng, and in wmie way .f, II. Limn vs Victoria A. Luiin,
managed to break loo', and ctaited , aiifwor filed, given until Saturday
-jJJJ'toniri, but wuh caught before any S p. m. to reply
iiIImIj-tnnii - I ? ' riiinitigc was done. Hnrali Parker
, delivered y earner ui
Spokane FniNelnlnis a ioptilation
of 24,000.
Port Townend's motor street-car
line Ih expected to be In running
onler by tho Fonrtli of July.
All HuliscrlbT8li Till: CAi'iTAl.JoL'iiNAi
who do not xocuru their p-ipor regularly
will notify tlilx olllw, giving address, and
the matter will be attended to nt oiu
Olll eorner Court (tint Liberty Streets
-JUNK 21, 1HMI
A Talrnlrd Atlrc.
(Jeorglts WooiltliorjK.', the cliiirni
lug little nelresV, who Iiiih been de
lighting large aiiillenirs at the opera
lionxe tills week, hoiiiu yearn ago in
Mtrnclcd Madam Modjcnka, who wan
In I'orlland teceiitly. .MIm Wood
thorpe Ih an artlnl In her profecloii,
nnd hi Virginia City npont hoiiii
time dm inn Madam ModJcskaV
eai Her career in (?i inu Iter liiittrue
IIouhIii KngllHli pronuiflatiou anil
tho delineation of MoJonlm'H now
grout (liiiinWeiCiiiiilllo. Mitn Wood
thorpo has stan ed wltli Heine, VI 1 1
noii, Mayo, HiiikIcii tin n, and othei
noted ai'lowof iliincoiintry -Albany
A HiKMik 'llib P Woik
On Hatmday night a thief entei
ed the livery Htable of .1. Maeei mid
stole a coat and vent belonging t(
Albert Macey, a pair of hIioch be
longing to Kriink Hyion, u hat be
longing I" Will Dickey and a pulrol
pitiiiH belonging to Kraiik Macey.
lie also Htolu Albert Macey'H watch
ami chain. The bo.yn keep theli
good clothe In the barn, n lliey
hIccji theiu in case of lire, and on
getting up Sunday morning dlscov
eied thuloss. TliOHr.eaUliig thief u as
.bound to get a good milt of clothes,
ho ho took the best clothes belonging
to each one in the stable, and made
his disappearance to mimic unknown
place. No clue to the uiirglar can
bo found.
(limiil Aifiiliml rirc.
Salem might well piollt by Keal
(Io'h e.xpei'lcncoand have everything
in rcadincMS for a visitation of the
devouring ItamcH. Tho lire engines
are now diawn by lioinen, and It Is
po-mihlo for thu englncH to be at tho
wen oof the conflagration very noon
after the alarm Ih given. It
would now bo well to xco that the
hydrants are all In easy win Icing
order. All connections nIiouIiI be
looked to and then Salem need have
no fear fiom midden destiuction.
The lire buys aio In good trim, and
everything nccessaiy for their use
should be provided.
ii.no fur III" ISIril.
Deputy SlieiKI Frank Wrightina
is now at Harney, in Kastom Ore
gon, where lie went after Itaymond
(fribble, the man who is wanted for
horse stealing at Aurora, on April
1st. Mr. Wrlghtmnn will return In
a few days with ills man, who is in
jail at Harney.
ItHtcii .Still llrrr.
This new plat just put on .tho n.atket is the -"-tin nowoflered
J. IIC 11 ""' if -- "
VH S. I)
rainlliiiiiifl. Tliero nm more trout 111 tile Ban- , ... o..i. rnr l.iitlilliitr lnfn. Thev Have 110 cqiuu.
I John Munch vs. V. Knit, et al ! tlam this year than known for years j fine Btate ()f cultivation, seeded In clover, with a good turf. No grubs, no
11 1 ,. i ....in T..I.. 1- i.ft.... in ...i iu.im., m n.i . . i -n ,i ..in.oii.il mill level, lias a line view ot
. continued mini Jiiiy j. uuiuiu. u iio jjw "-"'"s "- " . stumps, no roCKS or gravei, con j;u"u, -.- -.v. ,-
r -...i- fi..n..ii . n-.... i ' ,., ,t...i ..i i... .ii.. .. . ....ji.. .. i,o i.miititniii Riiiinfl and siiow-cappeu
,( iv u i-iii vii nil vm. it. i Jiaiii. ill' iiiiiiii:ii iiiiiiiniiiiii i . ii. n n mi imiii iirmiir eiiiuni v . i hi: iiiuiiiiimi' - -- --n -
I j..T.-tj" -r --. , -- ... . ! UlU tllj. OUlimttlVliUfj wt.-. ,
Frank Haven, the man arrested de(luet cxl)C1)He 0, action.
by Sheriir Crolsan, on a description 7, , T ..,.ii VH u j. Novell. .1.
telegraphed from Denver, Ih still in strickler appointed referee.
Jail here. A telegram received from J(,,t jurv excmea trom further
Hie Jienver omciais yc-icmay auei- .vj,,,, llllt jiv r,tll.
lowed until 10 a. nt. Saturday to There Is such a demand in the east peaks. Turc cold well water. Is twelve blocks soutli ot me uiumhuc
move for new trial. for California raisins that there is hotel and postofllceilocks. These lots are otTered by Jones & atson on
Florence K. McCoy vs. James X. I danger that they will bo scarce be- installments, one-tenth cash and one-tenth in quarter yearly payments
Smith, et ux, parties leave to file , fore the season is past. ' without interest until paid. These lots are now actually worth in casu
reply. The J2vuiigellc.il church of Ore- more than the prices named for them on long time wituo.r tin crest. I bev-
.1. a. foiin vs. K. P. Itv. iudL'-t i ,. i-., i.i Tor..... i if. i, .imnilv Iwn sold on w i eh fine residences will be erectcu,
mentthat S. P. be irmitted l ette, Yamhill county, to be known and a number more have been optioned. If you want one or more lots
noon rcijiicstcd that tlic man be
held a few more days until lie could
be sent after.
AhiUIiiim for Mill IN-.
Mcstrs. Wright and Ittirnett, who
rewilit'd themselves Into a connnit
tce of two for (lie purpo-e of solici
ting aid for the Seattle lite sufferers,
tills morning turned over to Mayor
Williams the result of their labors.
The amount collected was 2'ij and
this was lorwarded by (ho Mayor to
1'iof. (.latch of Seattle, to be appro
priated as might lie determined best.
I'rulmlilj ii l'lixlitr.
The- Baptist association lias jut
concluded Its iiuuual session at Am
ity. Among thine who were present
was Killer D. (J. IOllis, late of Kaunas,
who will pleach in Salem Sunday.
It is the desire of tills congicgation
to engage his services for the next
year ami committees aic now engag
ed In rahing funds for the purpose.
The Baptist church here has had
no pastor since Mr. Medhury resign
ed, but now it is proposed to (III the
Luui'i'l linn Kwr lit run.
An old river captain, whohas nav
igated all thu stieams in this dis
trict since 1810, tells a Telegiam re
poitcr that never before had he seen
the Willamette and Columbia liv
ers so low in June as they are now.
It has always been calculated by
steamboat men that during tiie
present month there would be lots
of water in tho rivers. Heretofore
at tills season tho river was always
over the lower dock at Ash street,
Portland, but it lacks over six feet
leaching It now.
Geo. A. Siiepard vs C. W. and J,
as the Lafayette seminary.
1 The advertising columns of ex
changes west of the mounUiins dis-
close the fact that the timber lands
are being rapidly taken up by Mich-.
' call on JONES & WATSON, wh j will show you the plat ami the lots.
-;" '. '"" i""" '" " ; """" Igan and MInnessota men.
L. Parrisli, twocausoj of tills title j b
Nn' .Ni'iirl) AkkiikmI,
Tito Dallas correspondent of to
day's Oiegonlau has these hopeful
words for the new lallread: "The
railroad from Yaipilua via I.uckia
mute Falls, Dallas, Spilng valley
and Halem to a point on the pivseut
nm row gauge is now neatly an as
sured tact. This will bo a blessing
(o the country through which It Is
Intended to run, as it will traverse
some of (ho finest heat growing
some of (ho best timber bells In the
Coast range."
tin Will. Niil (.'in i j .
Iti'lll ICkIMii 'IlilliHiii'lInllH,
Dally transfers furnished to the
CacitaIi JntmxAi. by thu Union ti
tle abstract ceiniany:
J. W. and Anna Labaru
to .Mrs. Kate I.athiop, Kid
acres In Marion county. $1(100
T. Ii. and N. A. Cloldcn to
Anselm B. Brown, lots .'I
and I In hltv. Itflln North Sa
lem, loo
TheOregou land company
to Debota Otis lot 7 of I. II;. II
In Highland Add., to Sal-
lem. jtfio
Tlie Oregon laud conipany
to Sara J, Shaw, lot tin blk.
1) In Highland Add., to Sa
li'in. ;!()
Scliuiil i:iilirlnliiini'iil.
The following is the program for
the school entertainment to be given
at the opera houe to-night:
I'lium OimrU'l, Kiiuliunl K. Oiiutor
1'lnhti Hniltli, Uilii( lli'll.'nlimiiil, Miihlo
continued until July IB,
Siiulrc Farrar vs Jno.
Jury return verdict for
defendants except John Lee, Mrs.
Lee, and W. K. Ward.
State of Oregon vs Fred Fortalne
of St. Paul for selling liquor on Sun
day, lined ten dollars and costs.
Artirlrx ol Incorporation.
Articles of Incorporation were filed
with the secretary of state as follews:
Oak Plain grange building asso
ciation of Slicdd, Linn county.
Their business Is to buy and sell real
estate, buildings and rent build
ings. The capital stock is 1000 and
the amount of eacli share is $2o,
wltn J. H. Davi, Jonas Davis, and
N. B. Sprewger as incorporators.
Ill) Sing company, business to
find employment for the unemploy
ed, to assist thesick and when neces
sary to send them to China nnd to
do any and all acts of charily which
condition the members may call for.
The capital stock Invested Ih $."00
and the source of its revenue and
Income is by dues and assessments.
Million, .MiikkIo Alilorxon.
J. B. Brown escaped from the 'KiilnKiuiiiuH.Tnie iMuoation.
....I I IM I.. 1 Mil . I .. . . J. K
asylum June 17. Judge Thornbeiry
revolved a leller notifying him of
the fact and also accompanying it
was a notice of Ids dlscliaige fiom
(he asylum June 1Mb, says The
Dalles Times. The lei tor staled that
Brown was never Insane, and thoio
foru would make no ollbit at his
recapture. This was nlgnod by Hie
superintending physician.
Iliii'krd Oil tliu I'errj.
There was an accidental Hall's
ferry last evening by which old Mr.
Dove came near losing in fo by
drowning. He was tiding a young
horse, wliioh backed oil" the fetry
with him, precipitating hoie and
rider into (lie walcrs of the Wil
lamette. Mr, Dove oned for assist
alloc and was asMcd from the
water, hut It was hnisvv,lble to re
cover tho horse, which was iliown
Ml. Mr, Dove lives on the Island
near Independence.
Trouble III Clilimtiiuu.
Yesterday evening there o,uno
near being a scene among huiio of
Salem's celestials. One almond
eytnl hon of a gnu nut with a revol
ver pointed toward a retreating
tlgtnv iKiforr him. But MUsChlna
woman scaiwl him oil by loudly
blowing the jhiIIto whittle. The
trouble hoonu to have Umii over
some money put up on the ilUv
VihiiI nolo, JiiiuI'n I'IioUv,
ti' nobis
.. i ., .. , - . biii lino
l)ivliuniillon,lti'i,'iilUHto tluH'iirihaKliilans
Hivlliitlon," An Oi'iler fo'r u IMi'liiro, lUK,,
.,, -".-:-.;.-,- -Norn HriMiUh
rluiioitiicl, flnniii', . lloinuim
l.t'im lllcriind .'liiblit lliiiton
iiiikj inn hum. nun ii .iiii,i Minui rxoii'i)
.Mmy MiiUbfUinS) llcllu AltkcniU)
A. lluui'rMix.tT) Jljrllti Knlulit.
Itt'Ollatlon 'tbo l.llit KsH-rMniiKlittr,
i. , -..- ...---. - Kiln ArbeiniM
IhH'liiiiiulloii, I'olumblH,. . Halnli linker
I'IhiiomiIo, 'IVwIwI'm Miurh.
... . - . - ,- OskloMntllu'WH
uiiiUh-'ih', i.'ii)-iiir'nHiii,
,, ,-- - --- - ...Vilrliarm'lci'ii
s-nl miIo, 101110 llliillf, (liino, (Irao Kll.i
lllSMallllltlOll llillin Vl'.il.l..rAil III... ..I..
!JrK'y .. ; 'Vaiisnsatlon, Jolm A. Kmiiis
riAiiu Hurl, Mmul lllr.ibiimlJi.Ullrt.
ruiutlirnlo drill THnt-Koiir('hlldrvn
ihmiI Solo, Alialo liMir, I in rnlleil Awuv
,ii - .- .-.. Ida l'iirliu
Addri'tolliiiriiis . i. s. Knliilil
I'nooiitliii; lYrlllU-ut-M by I'lutrinuu tif
HohiHil llikirtl J. (I. Wrlcbt
j'liumouiirtii, .. .. i'iimlKrlAiul Miitvli.
ia'iiu nirr, i.iriio lloli-ioii,.NiIIU.smlili
,, , ,, and Kdmi KiiIkIiI
Niibstli'tor), I'lHlor Kill, F. O Maiibi'H
Harvey Hinkle returned home
from The Dalles to-day.
Senator J. II. Mitchell arrived
In Portland yesterday from the East.
Miss Maggie Alderson took the
afternoon train for Portland on a
short visit.
Miss Carrie Haas, who has been
visiting at Walla Walla, returned
home lids morning.
The Astoria Pioneer says that
hereafter it is proposed to charge $1
for all retractions (hat it makes.
Don't you forget that the Hon
Ton icstauraut is the only place you
can get a good squaie meal for the
small sum of twenty-live cents.
Hew I). C. Fills of Kansas will
occupy the pulpit at tho Baptist
church in this city Sunday, morn
ing and evening.
Secretary H. A. Millerof the South
ern board of agriculture is still in
Salem arranging premium lists, etc.,
for the Jacksonville fair, to bo held
the week beginning Sept. 23d, which
Is the week next succeeding the
State fair to bo held in Salem.
Painless dental operatlousat Dr.
T C. Smith's, U State street.
They aie aheady quite a euiiov
Ity, tlie.se Salvation army lads and
lasses. This morning one of the
former, in full dress, passed through
Salem, en route to Astoria or The
There is, after ail, something; in
a name, as the appointment of U. S.
Grant as postmaster of Dallas would
About the Hist week In July
Mr. Kay of the Salem woolen mills
will return, and at onee begin active
operations In the construction of a
For your moat go to I.afosr'e
to-day on State street. tf
fin. ii. . . i
i ue uues oi tne narrow gauge
are -still in a domonul.od condition
and mall and passengers have much
dltllculty hi making oIomj connec
tions for dol inatlons.
Albert Schwab, lately from
i Clay Center, Kansas, has purchased
through Duncan A Booth a farm
near Oorvals, and will poimanently
The HoM-burg Hovlewaud Her-
Pulhnan, "W. T., has within the
I oc ,. ,,i I past fortnight sunk an artesian well.
all of the Water was struck at a depth of six
ty-five feet, and the well throws
water at the rate of fifty gallons per
minute, or 730,000 per day.
Iti Wasco county and the sur
rounding country tho drought has
burned up thousands of acres of
standing crop, and fanners are
obliged to bring their stock to the
Willamette valley to save them from
Houge river salmon are now being
shipped from Gold Hill to Portland
and sold there iC a good price, re
marks the Ahlaud Tidings. They
are sold ns Columbia river fish, and
few people who buy and eat (hem
know the difference.
It-is not often that a local papc!1
concedes a falling oft" In population
locally, but this the Yreka Journal
docs, saying that the population of
that town in 1756 was 5000, while
now it is about 2000. There was a
stampede from that section in 1301-2
after the trrcat flood.
The new game law passed at the
last legislature provides that it shall
be unlawful to hunt, pursue or kill
any deer or elk between November
I, and August 1, thus leaving only
the months of August, September
and October In which deer can be
killed, and they cannot be killed at
any time fur their hides.
Corner State and Liberty Streets, Salem.
Specialties in Table Luxuries,
Fine Tea, and Coffee, Creamery
Butter, Cream Cheese, etc.
Remember the Place and Call.
m ii
lMfr. "I don't know where, I can't tell
when, I don't sco how .something of great
value to me, and for thoieturn of which I
Hhnll bo truly thankful, vlx.: a good nppo
tlle." oitnii. "Health and stiength, pure
blood, an appetite lllte that o a wolf, regu
lar digestion, all by taking that popular
I want ererybodyto try it thlsseason." It
Isholdbyallduiggists. Onehundrcd doses
one dollar.
Crockery and Giant!
With specialties In
Valerian China Tea Sets,
s French China Dinner Seb.
Buckingham Pattern;
Of which we constantly keen a full It.
and open stock, enabling us to make I
Dinner nnd Tea sets of any size, or seU b?
the single piece. Tho finest assortment of
Ever shown In Halem.
Ot the latest and handsomest patterns In
3-llease oalt and cxnmlno our stock.
201 Commercial Street,
n mi
Success In Business requires preparation ! Therefore, thoroughly master
Commercial Arithmetic, Business Penmanship anil Business Correspon
dence, Book-keeping by both Single and Double Entry, the nature nnd
correct use of Commercial Papers, Commercial Law and Business practice.
Learn, also, Shorthand and Type-writing, Manifold, and Dictation work.
All these are needed in business, and are thoroughly taught by exper
ienced teachers nt flio SALEM BUSINESS COLLEGE
Griswold's Bloek, Salem, Oregon.
To thu true-born Westerner, in
whom the instinct of moving onto
find a more desirable country never
dies, not even on the Pacific ocean
can be a barrier. A man of this
class, who had lived successively in
it number of states nnd territories be
tween his native Ohio nnd his pres
ent home in California, ono day had
a revival of his migratory longing.
He miiHt "pack his grip" and "go
west." "But how can you get any
farther west than California?" he
was asked. "Pshaw!" he answered.
"There's plenty of west left, all down
through Mexican California and
Soutli America. There's Peru, now.
I'd givo a good deal to seo tho mines
down there. I (ell you, sir," he
cried, warming with his subject,
"it must bo real good and westy
uown in rem!"
Tho terriblo disaster when the
Bradlleld reservoir embankment
near Shelllelcl, Eng., gave way on
March 11, 1S(14, was scoured endur
ing memory by Charles Itcadc's
wonderful description in his nevel:
"Put Yourself in His, Place." About
250 lives were lost, and the damage
amounted to$l,(!(X),000.
Salem, Oregon, have received direct
n n i nil
from mm
Tho Finest Line of
which will be sold at
Prices and Terms to Suit All!
to Forty ire,
One Mile from Aumsville and Ten Miles from Salem.
Several fruit crowers from tho east have donlnnvl ilmir tnfnnti, f
locate with us and there is room for several more. Sample No. 1 "0 acres
more or n-ss, uign uiiiti genuy roiuug, oeep ncii red soil, all under nlow
sufficient fence. Price tf-10. Sample No. 2, 20 acres, more or less partly
under plow, partly covered with willows, gently inclining and level land,
both red aim black soil. Price S21 to $30. '
These goods 'are first-class and as their
stodk is very largo a person can find what
they may wfsh. Their warehouse on Btate
stieet is completely filled, and they have
another ear lpad en route now. Jjookout
for them: something fine
(Irorto tlnliiuou la Hupp,
II will Ihi romcniU'ivd that several
months iiko a slick foivorv was
worked tm George W. JoIhimiii nfl "11 have eoiiMilldated.Eai'h formerly
this city, by which the forger got ''lmiHl u circulation ranging all the
Purchasers can pay 8 per cent, interest on half for flvo to seven years
in Salem take train to Turner and thence to Aumsville on Thomas
i hack line, and call on the owner. Mr. Wm. Rimw mm in ..u
ot depot, or for Anther paiticulars address
J. J. HARDEN, Stayton, Oregon.
away u It Ik a lino suit of clothes and
ubout KSO In money, leaving as pay
ment a lorgcil olieek on a Sllvorton
way from l.MX) to 1SO0 and now the
lxut Is that tho combined circular
turn will bo nearly 2000. Now tho
linn. A few days after thU a ' "" nmI t,,p 1,,ml which heretofore
The following method of Jilling
up nail Holes In wood is not only
simple, but said to be ellectual: Take
lino sawdust and mix into a thick
paste with glue, pound It Into the
hole, and when dry, it will mnke
tlio wood a-s good as new.
Surprising as the statement mny
appear, it Is asserted on good author
ity that the coast lino of Alaska ex
ceeds that of the United States.
and Its territory Includes eleven
tiuimrcu islands, some of them of
considerable size. It's an empire
In extent, with a vast Interiorrvglon
untouched by the foot of civilized
hre! rire! university
Only Genuine System of Memory Training,
Four Books Learned In one reidlng.
Mind wandering cured.
Every child and adult greatly benefited.
Great Inducements to correspondence
Prospectus, with opinions of Vr. Wm. A.
Hammond, tho world-fumed Specialist in
Mind Discuses. Daniel Qreenleaf Thomp
son, tho great 1'sychologlst, J. M, Bucitly
D. D., editor of tho Christlnn Advocate
N. v., Richard Proitor, the scientist, Hons.
V. V. Astor, Judah P. Bcnjaman, nnd
others, sent post freo by
Prof. A. tOISETTK, 837 Fifty Ave., NT
Je-lWt9. dw
Ixxik out for lon;by Klre during the hot
Insure Against L
young man named Frank Kenyon.l ,mvo Uv" 0"' H'paratoly will Ho' 's which Is guaranteed to bring
who has a dozen aliases, was nP. '"" together. vou KitNractory results, or in ease
: .! ?!. ; ,. irr ih i. i &' !& a teas
... ii fiiiiiiiu uiuiiu wioro, mo is " "" -"" w. rii'inrs our aiivcrtUiMi An
still held there
hriTkl , lt.t. ..
r . . . . ' nm ..II il... .. !.... I. ... .'11. I !..... . .;." .' "
ir mat utul """ k"i m,iwuii, iinvatxi ' ' .nigs ,mw iiutvcrv for Con
gimio, fciienit rroK'iti Is in rwelpt i"iMHJnascsii i,o round at Spilro B","i""- " is guar.iutixHl to bring
"Tt -' ; ' f iv letter rrotn Hlierltr ,'"nrr,r (,'i- ' always in do- ,1. ,V..?ii,ry "J'.'. w,lcn .UMHl for
Mr. DuStUitof f J.ll.lnflW,,r stalhlg .l- Krus,usoa:nil every- c 2EZ$RJ?
mlVwSVlSotLrt, 7tjl and brought hero for v ,7 txTiK VW&
whero Ihoywlll make their l.uniV ,ri,l' Mr-Cr,' '' riusl tho ' aum.ttm. rtmun,,. ivmlnl u.x.n. Trial bottle Ct
"tnattorovorlo tlio ulty olllolaN, In "-dm a from IWlonuwna . l-wi
rle.1 ludiuens of lrtton.1. l"? hU ' hlsar- T ItZ CK
Hut then nuoli news iu thu U
i... .. . . H..... .. .. . .... HiiiuMit-ii iiir
IIuihIuhU ami hundrvd. of msmlo I nY,t U!ls wt hl thoy will lay for TiMHiMiUeurvuMorhU wnlkut nim ? Wutatiiy ,j -tu ZrSS2$r 8S
I iikvvrt.1 .i.Milni. llitlri tho kjkiiwt iit.m lx-.m.i ntrtMilarwr' u.,ir An.i - i ....... . " Wi rusu
' 'V""'l-'l- '"" -" " " -. iij '1'KI
liavo their liwuj tnrpisl
Daniel J. Vrv's ilrm tim.
.Wii1,! ? "' '" Curo unciualt tor
-.idmcoinno, b. w 'sfflMfrM
"i"i " rr u. lt h' 1 dpiil
In the IJiicldoof iv.rihuni, Qnevn of Llv.
(iniduates Students In
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Steam Printer Salem Oregon.
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Salem, Oreffon.
Have moved to il and 49 State street,
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