Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, June 17, 1889, Image 2

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Capital Journal Publishing Company.
Kntwrcd nt (lie pfmtofllcp nt Halcm,0r.,ni!
second cine matter.
Sco fourth lingo for terms of subKcrlp-
AtUcrtlwinentu to Insure Insertion (for
tlio iwme day) should be handed In by 1
o'clock. . . ,
Correspondence coiilnlnlnc new or In
tercut and Importance In desired from nil
p.irU of the unite.
No Attention will bo i.tld to anonymous
Persons desiring the Capital Joijii.naj.
nerved nt their houses am secure It by wm
Uil card request, or by word lea nt till
olllce. . . ,,
Hficclmcn numbers sent free on nppllcn-
Olilce, corner Court nml Liberty Htrects.
MONDAY JtJNK 17J 188".
NKWfjrArilllS i.v schools.
Tlio follow'tif? quoted i:i u nihs
HUgKCDkUis excellent method for ac
quainting tlio growing American
, youth with tlio current lmicpl'i
und practical movement'! of the
time. They wl'l l-ear llioiijihi. ill
reading. Kroiu he ,.0-0011 udve'
"There In n.i uiliiilruhU' practice
which Home He'") I Icaclicrn have oi
iiivlliir; their piip"i to tjiMs '' '
count each iluv n Impo'i nt event"
inuntloncil l.i tlio iiutvnp pui'
When dictated by jtidlcloci Inslruc
oro, hiiuIi j:crc!ii'3 cannot f I' i
exert u powci til Inlluencc for good
on Youthful niliiiln. What for in
Htance, could have been more .wilt"
fill tliuu itmiuitur of an hourHpcnl
In that manner eieh morning dm in-;
tlio wok Jtwt paH ed?"
From it Now York iiowm letter:
"A faBhloiiablo nchool In this city
litis taken up tho very neimlblo plan
of having tin Intelligent teacher
read to Klrln, "S-'d from 11 to 18, nil
tlio Important uowh that apH-:iiH In
tho best dally p.ipc-H, tho book noil-
cch and tho foreign lu tcrH and d's
pateheH. When ihelr usual nchool
coiii-ho Jh eomploted, bo few K' '
know, anythliiK about cureiit IiIb
tory that thin plan ' eeomes iicccm.'
ry for tho proior aipearanco of a
lrl when HhoenterH widely, mid Kh
micccsh Ih proved by tho fact that the
irruflunlPHof tlio nchool I refer to aru
tho most Intelligent women In New
iooi lint iai:mi:i:s.
Tho governor of Minnesota Is in
favor of having binding twine uii'de
by prison labor lu (hats.ate, and has
accordingly Issued tho following
communication to tho stale hoard of
piltnn munii'iers:
"Vou aro doubtless aware that a
very Mtrongst'iit hue nt exists i hrough
o)i t tho statu lu favor of ullll.lnga
poitlou of our convict labor in the
mauufactuio of binding twluo. Thu
opinion piovnllri that without loss to
the statu tilts aillclo tun lie so pro
duced and niadu avnllablo to our
farmers nt a pi Ice materially below,
that which It now commands in thu
market. For this reason and be
cause of tho vast quantity usetl an
nually lu our wheat growing state,
(ho matter will commend It elf to
you us one deserving of tho most
thorough Invchtlaatlon. If it should
be found that such 0erutlons aro
feasible, and they will result In a
Having to those of our people en
gaged lu ngilcultural pursuits, I
heartily recommend that iirrango
meiils for tho iitiinufiieniroof this
nrtlclo bo wx Vcted as noon as posM
hie. Kindly repot t tho result of
your Inw'Htlgatloii at tho earliest
practical moment, that your delcr
termluatlou may be eomiiiuulcalcd
to the dlUeicnt oiganljtdoi.s
throughout the state wIiom members sentiences without sympathy oi le
huvo Interested theniH'lves lu aglla (course thl. Is too cold-blooded ami
ting a matter that seems to mo liiuU , despicable to be tolerated. The pro-rv-pects
iHiniiuendable." ponentsofMich a theory aio not well
1 ladvU'd. They mav bo listened to
A iu.voi.iition in nav KiAio.N. later; but not now while tho walls of
1 ho Hclentlllo American lsainhor-j anguish fiom tho pitiably stricken
Ity for the statement that a new and .survivors are tilling tho ptibllo ear
Interesting o.icrluiont in murine and touching the p'uhllo hem t.
propulsion Is to U tried mhiii lu New -
York hailtor. We allude to the new
water Jet boat Invented by Dr. Wal -
terM. JaekMinof New York City,
Tho vowel Is 100 foot loutr. 1IX) tons
uunlcii, with a boiler Intended to
yield 1,600 li. p., used to eject umiiuII
stream of watera three quarter
liii'li Jct-fnmi the (.torn Mt, at the
keel lino. The water Is to Im.uo un
der tho enormous procure of 2,100
ll, to (ho square Inch, and a iovd
of between thirty and fmty miles an
hour U expect d by tho owncrs-a
velocity fur In excess of any other
craft nlliKtt. Tho Mom water Jet Is
ui from u faucet which takes the
phuvof a rudder. The ,"uutet H
... "" i
tipc'raiei! ny u lever lu the pilot
,uuw' iJl"wnu)vxtiiiimrom
k I . - - ! -
tho main pumt. to tlio Uw. wlu.r.. ..
.luilUr ftHuvl U liH-.it M, also iv.
mvUM Willi the pilot Iiuhh lever,
ui iiiv V.A-. IIV k II nil' iiiiiv
I11K tho lever, tho Uvtt can U In
rtautly utitrtod, turuotl.
.I.....I..I ,
backtHl or nuut.i 1.1 until ..r...... 1
uaijitMi, or iniuie to Kiiin iinunul on tin
iiillJ I,., ... , . ,,, ... .
1UHXU liken toji. All thin without
eiojijiiii uio urivilig iuuii. ojar-f,
r w, nou., .r vlbmsiuu .. felt, even
milililcluliiKMl4. Tho iimincv. It
tern arc confident tho days of com
mon marine englnea and propellers
nro numbered, and will Boon be
thrown out of all flint cluas ships n
old iron. Saving In space, greater
economy lu fuel, Increased safety,
Improved comforts for passengers,
nc mentioned ns a few of the lm
tiortant results that will attend this
outflow of high pressure water.
The water Jet, as a hydraulic sys
tem for the propulsion of ve"j,l
haw been many times tried with ex
cellent results, but has not proved
economical tw compared with the
oidinary marine engine and propeller.
On the trials of his small experi
mental boat housed a Jet only three
eighths of an inch lu diameter, witli
a water prorsurc o COO pounds to
the Inch, and obtained a speed of ten
to twelve miles per hour. Many ex
periments were then made with this
boat. The apparatus was crude and
huriledlv made, but the result
yielded much new, ins'ruciivo, and
valuable knowledge concerning the
pruct'eal propelling powers of small
Jets at high velocities; and this new
knowledge Is enibodl-d li. tho novel
crai't which Is now receiving her
finishing touches. One hundred
thousand dollars, clcn ojsh, have
been put Into the llt.lo vessel by the
coutiiliullons of a i uin'jcr of itb.c
c'tiens, who fully believe In tho cor
rectness of the calculations of the
Ingenious inventor.
With the very I'rtucooiniM of the
Ooneni.uish calai.ilty tho country
was painstakingly Informed that it
w.'s due to n "cioiit'-bursl" an In
tauoible, Indelinlte, unknown some
thing which lemovcd tho loss of life
and jiroperly l'lom the domain of
human responsibility. As the facts
became known, trid it was clearly
se 'ii that tho recklessness of a sport
ing club and thu cupidity of a rail
way company were likely to involve
tho respectlvu corporations In a ques
tion of damages, the plea was set up
that tho suflcrers alone were to
Tliey had, wo aio told, nmplo
An engineer in pay of tho club has
been found, who says ho fores-tw
thu inevitable as early as noon on
(hat black Friday, and, mounting
his hoise, gave such timely notice to
South Fork that only ouu life and
t nt needlessly was lost at that
place. Tho Infcrenea Is that tho 12,
000 or ir,,(x;0 victims at Johnstown.
.Mortclsvlllu and tlio other hamlet.,
neglected this warning and invited
their fate in a spirit of foolhardluess.
This Is a paltry subterfuge
which cannot win. It will excite
only a feeling of Indignation to be
superadded to the resent incut already
eieated by tho unchallenged fact
that tho dam was known to bo un
safe for full seven years bcfoio tho
final, piedictcd cataitrophc. livery
sprLig tlieio have been alarms which
caused the threatened inhabitants to
deseit their homes and lice to the
hillsides. For years protests luivo
been niado by proiierty-holdors anil
municipal oil leers alike, against thu
tcrilblo menace.
Hut It was thu old story icpcated.
Thu cry of "Wolf, wolf 1" finally lost
Its slgnlllcanee; and, oven if it hail
been uttered upon this occasion of
which there Is not yet tho faintest
scintilla of proof It might naturally
have been regarded as only another
harmless scare.
Thlsellbrt to divert tho blanio and
the rcpousihlllty from tho proper;
shoulders to convict the unburled
dead of a willful recklessness which I
Invited their icrrlhlu fate to secure
a veidiet (hut they had had ample
"inning iuhi suouiii (alio (lie con
I A Hemarkuble Urcam. ,
j The New York World's prlro for
(the most remarkable dream was"
awardotl to J. li lluokl v .if I 'iii.il..,.. I
laud. Mil., who sworn In Hi.. f,.lln--
.-..- -l
Injf "I dreamed one night hist ,
summer that 1 mot a man of small
statt'tv, dark ooniple.lonod, black'
hair, anil heavy black moustache, (
fashionably dressed, on tho writer
of Center and Baltimore streets in.
this lty Somo quarrel uiwo and I
shot him lu the nock. Somo of his '
blood hpurtcd on my whlto vent.
Tho next morning uUuit 10 nVlock,
its 1 was lurnlnj the comer nlwvo
mentioned, 1 mot tho dream man.
ho sprati;; Imck with a cry, covered
hUnock with his hands and Ntlds
- - - --"
(tod's sake don't mIhwii
We werx, Ml. ,00 much slnvkinl to
apeak for soino montents. Kxida-
'divaniisl tln Ntinc
lllllMr 11,1,11,.
eiioiiL - li. In l.wiLlin. nt mi' v.wt ,r..n.
V....K.1 1 r. 1 ;
T.'l ---" ..-. j ..t'. I1lll-
1111111 a iiiiiiiii 1 Riiiivir an uiMiiiiiiiiiii ...
1. 1 . "'""h
It nlioiit tlui .!. nf ni.ii-i..
I.,, , , , , -, ,'." -i"...
UiUliml Uvu txtiiivalvtl by my ctvtt
wu iraiw 111 itie
f ,u v",l;o ", V a I 'k I i
wn Iiiiiimii Mnotl.,,
Don't wy "1 told you so." Two
to one vou never said a word about
Don't linger where "your love lies
dreaming." Wake her up and tell
her to get the breakfast.
A game of jmker, lasting eighteen
hours, was played In Glenwood
Springs, Col., the other day. It be
gan with an ante of $0 60, rising
gradually till several times there
were from ?COO0 to 520,000 on the
board at a line.
A New York court has decided
that a stable, however well kept, i a
nnUnnen 111 tho nciirllborliood of
handsome houses. Just how hand
some a house must be to entitle the
noses of Its occupants to the protec
tion of the law docs not appear.
One of the most pleaant remind
ers of the civil war was the presenta
tion of a flag, a few days ago, to sur
vivors of Pickett's division by the
Philadelphia brigade. These organ
izations met in bloody encounter on
the fluids of Gettysburg.
Speaking of the raising of flax, the
statement that a mill in Indianap
olis lias converted 230,000 bushels of
flaxseed into oil unci "meal in the last
year would seem to indicate that a
considerable quantity of tho plant
was already raised by somebody.
Hop men say that hop growers
should in i be la a hi rry to contiact
their crops. ) t is rcnortcd that frost
has bully damaged the crop In New
Yoik end It is thought they will
command a good price this fall.
Duyersarc in the valley now trying
to conduct for this year's crops.
There Is scarcely a position In
which any man can find himself
where lie cannot discover some
necessity for an invcntiblu Improve
ment. In our homes, our stores, our
streets, our parks, our carriages; In
all places where we work or recreate
there are conditions or things that
need Improvements.
Fond Mother "Oh dear, doctor!
T am so troubled about my baby
being left-handed. What shall I do
with him?"
Family physician (seriously)
"You might mako a base-ball player
of him, mitdain. Left-ha'idcd bat
ters and pitchers nrc always in de
mand." Tho returns from Salldu. Colorado,
where a young woman undercharge
of Christian scientists has just died
from' tho ellects of typhoid fever,
confirm the osltlon that tho so-called
Christtu't science should bo con
lined to colds in the head, or warts,
or corns, or mild cases of constipa
tion. Thoy have a great unknown In the
St Joseph Mo., work house, lie
was run in as a vug and is doing
time on thu rock pile, lie is way up
in tho law, medicine, literature, poli
tics, theology and science, but is
coi.i.ilotely mum as regards himself.
In Shakespere and thu Ulblo tho
strange being Is stdd to be a giant.
Missionary letter to tho nntl-Slavcs
association say the Multilists have
made western Abyssinia a desert.
Wholo flocks and herds have been
destroyed and thousands of Chris
llann thrown into slavery, wh'llo
thouHands have been butchered.
Hundreds of tho noblest Inhabitants
have been taken to Mecca as slaves,
lu violation of tho treaties.
Tho announceddlscoveryof a new
method of treating flax in retting
and tho Invention of Improved ma
chinery, which will enable manu
facturers in this country to comiicte
with tho cheap-labor linen of Ku
rope, aro calculated to engender tho
most Kingulne expectations of a pro
lltablo industry. y the now pro
cess tif retting no injurious chemicals
are used, only a preparation of lln-1
seed oil, which Is taken up by tho
fiber, and the fiber Is fieod from gum
and woody niatterand left tine, soft
ttud white.
The t'fclrf Hi-hion for tno treat iuo-
eta o HiHHt'i SarupirllU It found In th
artlclo utt. It It me tit that wtni. and tha
'" H-, surllU m
M, IV U 'ST ,or ,!,1 whli
any oilier urup.
. ...... .111. n. 1.1.1 .....1 ..
lYieru wins ;;rbe Zn ssz
fler before the public.
iiwit atrtartu
... ..
cures Scrofula, Salt
itneum W all JlunioM, IjftwraU, Sick
ii..i..i. i., '.'''..'-..
MKiuini', iHiiuusiiru, gumiun iuai
Ttrd ivilng, create an Aiitlte,ttrsU.
nitne.cne,buUit up tha Whole System.
Hd NarMtiitirllU f toldbyalldrat.
tin. l in tor J. I'leparedtytil. U00J
Vl.tHt)ietite, Lentil, Vlua.
i Tlilaivmpftv is Iwvnmlntr SO Well
known and so popular as to need no
, special mention. All wholiavc used
I 11 .a.. f,Iiln. ..!... Alan (HimA 0111(7
nt nrnlaoA nnrnr mpflleine dOCS
I not exist and it is guaranteed to do
all that Is claimed. Electric Bitters
will cure all diseases of the liver ana
kidneys, will remove pimples, boils,
salt rheum' and other affections
caused by impure blood. Will drive
malaria from thesystem and prevent
as well as cure all mularlal fevers.
For cure of headache, constipation
and indigestion try Electric Hitters
Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded. Price 60cts. and
51.00 per bottle at Dan'l J. Fry's
drug store.
It makes a lover feci like ordering
pistols and coffee for one when he
sees his hated rival camly ordering a
minister and marriage license for
Oregon Is one of the most produc
tive states in the Union. Its vast
mineral regions contains gold, silver,
copper, Iron, and coal. Its immense
tracts of grazing lands support thou
sands of cattle and sheep, and its
extensive agricultural regions pro
duce all the cereals in abundance,
the yield tier acre belngt in some in
stances, the largest in tho world.
Among the useful and valuable prod
ucts of the Web Foot State may be
mentioned Oregon Kidney Tea,
which has proved a boon to thou
sands afflicted with pain In the back
and kidney difllcultics. It is purclv
of vegetable composition and never
fails. Sold by D. "W. Mathews.
Tlio peopl9 of Sable island have
sent to Halifax for a shipload of cats
to kill tho rabbits which aro over
running the island and burrowing
the ground so that cattle and horses
are killed by stepping in tho holes.
It should be generally known that
Dr. Henley's Dandelion Tonic in
sures a hearty appetite and increased
digestion, dispels nevous depression
nml low spirits, overcomes lack of
energy and waketulnessnud will in
fuse new life and strensth into the
weakest invalid. Sold by J). W.
Tlio Canadian legislature has
struck a vein of economy. It has
discharged a chaplain whose sa'ary
is $100 per year, but reso'utely
maintains its dignity Ijy ielinlug
an usher of tho Black Hod at fj ISO.
This looks like a case ofspase tho
rod and spoil the chaplain.
It was just an ordinary scrap of
writing paper, but it saved her life.
She was in the last stages of con
sumption, told by physicians that
she was incurable and could live on
ly a short time; she weighed less
than seventy pounds. On a piece
of wrapping paper she read of Dr.
King's New Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; It helped her, sirs
bought a largo bottle, It helped her
more, bought another and grew bet
ter fast, continued It'i use and is now
btrong, healthy, rosy, plump, weigh
ing 140 pounds. For fuller particu
lars send stump to W. H. Cole.
Drmrglst, Fort bmlth. Trial bottle
of this wonderful discovery free at
Pan'l J. Fry's drug store.
Don't mourn over financial griev
ances. Bide your time nn'd real sor
row will conic,
This is tho scvmmi of tho yeur
when the raw, cold wi.ids creatosad
havoc with the hands and complex
Ion. Soil white hands and a cienr
"peachy" coni'ilexlon can bo as
suredly preserved by tho frequent
application of Dutnrd'a Specific if
rubbed lino the skin well it leaves
no greasy surface. The skin
absorbs it. Sold by D. W. Mutlwws.
liueklen's Arnica Salve.
Tho best salvo in tlio World for
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever cores, tetter chapped
hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles
or no pay required. It is gunniutccd
togivo perfect satisfaction, ornioney
refunded. Price 2o cents per box.
I'or sale by Daniel J. Fry, drug-
Don't fret and scold. You will
grow old soon enough without It.
"Miss llrtitui ttoulil bo u I'lmriuliig ulrl,"
I heart! u young man -ny,
"IfMiulMiiluguotl complexion and thoo
pota would, go nvviiy;
tun iiu,V8xiii hor look completely." If
Ml llrown would only tnke
lir. I'lcrca'a Uoldon Medical Discovery
vrh.it u Imppy chuugo 'twould make.
It Mould drive, out til) the humors from
her hlootl ttud nuike It pure,
And tlio blemMics complained of dlMip.
lottr, ho very mire.
TliU medicine Is the great purifier of the
blood, and tlUtlgurlng eruptions and
blotches villi mmh vunUh when It la ued.
There aro people who pray so himl
that they have no breath left for
active well-doing.
The immediate symptoms of Dys-
, i't.-iiii, tt iiuiigesnou, aro a ciistrcs.
slug honso of weight, oppression and
, fullness lu tho stomach, heartburn.
i nss of appetite, foul breath, beleh
fng, flatulency, nausea pains in the
shoti clers anil breast. Dr. Henley's
Dandelion Toulo promotes healthy
J digestion and removes all unhealthy
( symptoms. Sold by I). W. Mathews.
ioo khVABoi ioo.
Tha readers or the Jouknal will be
Iplea.tHl to letirmhat there It stle-iit one
dreaded Ul.eiue that belence has been able
to cure In aU Its htagi aud that U catarrh.
iiausoitarruh aire U the only polthe
NM,w - mutioni tmmneut. itX
7'-" "" " tuucu nr-
r: "' ." .? xhh- '
1K3IUUUUAIUW01 tn itueuMi, nnd glvltix
thepiitleut .treugth, by building up the
I ruiutltutlon nml uI.tlng nature lu doing
Its vnirk. The proprietor hve o much
tutu lu lUctiruttve power, that thvy otrvr
One Hundred IVlUr for any c.v that II
tilUtocuN, ,sud forlUtof iMImonUts.
Addn-M V J.CHKNKY JtCO,Tol.Mrt,0.
Milby lruUt,TJe.
The Best Residence Localities
1 iT
To the city of Salem. They have at this time fifteen teams employed and the contemplated improvements ihave
scarcely begun? It is intended to make the drive leading from Commercial street through Riverside and High
laud additions and around Highland Park
Of Oregon. The line of the Salem Street Railway Company runs through the middle of this addition, and no
lots will be more than two blocks distant from the line. Highland Park will in the near luture be
Lofs in Highland Additon arc High and Dry and Well Located; Most Excellent Drainage
The soil is black and rich. From all points a fine view is obtained of the public buildings aud our highest
mountuin peaks. Arrangements are already being made for the location of two churches in this addition, and
a numberof residences are soon to bo built. Buildings only of the best class will be permitted. Residence lots
within the limits of the city of Salem are worth on an average over 1000. We can sell you better lota In High
land addition for one-third of the money, and being directly on the Hue of tho street railway they are practi
cally not half so far from the public buildings and the businpss part of the town as the majority of the so
called "inside lots."
Buy a Lot in Highland Addition for Three Hundred Dollars,
And let some other fellow pay 1000 for an inferior lot not so well located. With the difference of $700 you can
build a beautiful cottage, or put It out at a rate of interest that will buy you neatly two thousand street car
tickets every year.
Paint Shop
No. 254 Commercial St.
House and Carriage Painting.
Sign Wi'iliu c, Pcpji hanging and
dccorailii'j, Wall iinting antl kal
sonnnlng executed In the latest
Experienced Workmen Employed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Call and see' us before you let your
rf-OTXB fi.OOO.OOO people beliere that It
i iow aim aq mow iumi aontt, win tney nao
Ferry's Seeds
tcKnowladcad to ba w
largest Seedsmen
In tha world.
D M.FxusT&Oo'f
tintndPrioed SEEO ANNUAL
For 1880
to. .11 anntfoint. .nil
r.to lut TMri cnitomen
Without IWlljlrinv It faMfu
lullut Oailltnnt
U txlltuc
oW la qfl. ETerrpsnoa obIm
Guden,lWd or Flower Seed!
boaldundfwlL AAA
D. M. FERRY CO., Datroit, Mleli.
Oom na nr .
Klre and Mr.
JOS. ALBEHT, Agent. . . Salem. Oregon
751 Market t San FmncUco
Go and learn how to avoid
dlsra&e.ahd how wonderful
ly you are made. Con.ulta
tlon and treat ment person
ally or by letter or weak
nrmies and all dlceasse o
men. Send for book.
!H Ueary street.
t'rh te ottlce
For Bargains
Family Groceries Provisions, Fruits Etc.,
Commercial Street, Sulm. Or
.H?Vn'JT Produce of ail kinds always on
hand, IryomunenottradeawtthinBuI
nre,l t.peclfully ollca tSlVeviM
Icaukultyoubotnln pOxl4 ualfyr
v ' Ti" r.
this Corporation is determined
If there is anyoiie in the whole state
of Oregon who wants to return
to the east he should read
this advertisement:
A Bargain For Somebody ! !
To.'Exchange for-
in 1
-For particulars call at this offlce.
' t
SriiJ,Dr,JU,rorkln?toru- Agents
ui.7? uo f fumlA hor.e and
ghe their whole time to the business. Spare
A few acuncles In towns and cltlea 11. k
Johnson 4 Co., 1M Main 8t" lUchmond;
nnd Wholesale dealers in
i J1 nml JWnllrnfbt :lAhn T? UtHittin'a
Celebrated Hit slan Out Violin strings, the
Finest In the World.
Our Guarantee If a dealer receives a
complaint, (which he believes to be honest)
from any musician to whom he has sola
any of these strings, he Is authorized by
us to give him another string without
charge, and all such loss will be made good
by us to our customers, without quibble or
question. (IJowaroot imitation.) Dealers
will please send lor descriptive catalogue.
Trauj supplied at lowest price.
Boys and Girls.
squooi will open
on the 24th
of September. Thorough instruc
tion in tueprimaraauu
English Branches.
-In course.-
TEKMS and further Information may be
bad on application to
KEV. K. n. POST,
Cor. Cuemeketa and Htate BU.
Northern , Pacific Railroad,
And all points East via
The Northern Pacific railroad la the only
line running Passenger trains, Second clas
sleepers (free of charge) Luxurious Day
coaches, Pullman Palace Weeping Cars.
Palace Dining Cars, (meal 75c) from Port
land to the east.
fee that your ticket read via the Northern
i-ncinc railroad and avoid me
change of car.
, 1-cavo Portland at 8 a. m. and & W p m.
dally arrive atMlnneapolU or BU Paul at
&05 ji, ni.
PACino Djvisiox. Trains leave Front
andO stnet dally at 115 a. m, and &J
p. m Arrive at Tacoma at 7:10 p m and
W a m urrie. -little rJ0a in aud9J6p.m
Through I'ullman Ialace Hleeplng Cars,
elegant day co.iclieH, tlneat palace dining
cars between Portland, Tacoma and Healtle
dlrecu D-illy er'U. A- D. CHARLTON
Ami. ut-n't hi, Agent, 131 Klrt tst Cor.
n.hlngtou Mm IHirttand, Oregon,
ix-jwl vXmier Pint andU HtrwU.
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