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Caplfal Journal Publishing Company.
Kntvrrd nt llio ixwIoHlcu nl 8iileiii,Or.,a
rccaml-cliiM innttiT,
fourth page for ti-niii of siiliwrlp-
AdMTllkoincnlH to Insure liiwrtlon (for
the hiiiiio Any) should Ixi liiimU-d In y 1
CDrrccponileme uiulnlnlnc news of In
t rest mill lininrlmice I" ilt-Mlml frnmiill
part of the state.
.No attention will In- paid tonnoiiyinoim
I'vrxon ilpnlrlnif the Oai'itai. Jii;iikai.
served nt their Ihiiim1 ran Hvciiro II liy "
HI enrd rdtict, or hy word left nt Mil
HpocIiiipii number cent frc.'oiiiippIW'n
tlon. Olllt-e, corner Court mid Liberty Htrw-tH.
lie road, or tlie itilillc common
Milinol. Wc pay our road and school
tn.xtH for the puiiio purpose tlmt wo
pitv our poor laxes, namely, to eti
Joy their tine when
I. ft public opinion get
and we ulinll licar no more of tuicli
-JUNK 10, 18M.
ciii-ap l.
For iiutiiy .yearn fjiiM to Ihtlit cities
hns Ix-on inadc from water. Omaha
!jj Ih lit by water jjiih at lllly couth per
f thoiiwuid ficl. KiicIIhIi eniiipniilcx
that have vnrloiw piilentri lo make
l'iih from wiitcr arc fiiriibdiliiff II at
eight cciiIh por thousand leet In winie
liiHtanceH. NotwItliHlandliif,' thin
fact iiiiiny cities arc p.ijIiiKii high
iih two dnllnin, anil in noun- cii-ih
mote forfjaH. Tile watei k Ih jusl
iih good asco,il gax, in every ten p. ct.
ami i ii v so tir
Jtcferiliin to the Ceiiimn on,
blrdn Imported and set lac in the
vicinity of I'oitliind, the Iowa llcg
iHter wiyri: "Not long ago hcveral
oigi'M of blrilM weie bioiicht from
(I riiiimy to Portland, Oiegou, and
thcto wore i-el fiee. It Ih hoped In
thin way (o introduce Into this coun
try mime of the bent of foielgn blrd.
Blnco foreign opera Hiugt ih have
claimed thu right lo comu to Amer
ica and carry oil the honoiri, why
Hhotildii't iiutiiru'H HweelcHt HiugiiH
bo given a fair chance, especially a
they do not demand high priccn for
every note they ulng, and will not
(piarrel with their maiiageiM'.' The
colony includes hoiiui of the best
voicch In thu (Jcriimn choir. Klur
lliigs, llueheH, linnclHiiud IiiiUh, that
have Hiing for ears of royally across
tliUHea, will now ciileitalu I lie free
leoplu of the new woild. Why
shouldn't birds slug belter In the
free air of u icpuhllcV Kverylhiiig
In this expanse of country which
Aiuei leans call home, Is in favor of
the singer. Thu very viihtnessnf the
great domain, with Its llmllkw
I'iingii of untiling wings, ought to In
spile tlie twectest and most Joyous
notes In tliu feathcied sougHters.
It would bo worth I he (rouble to liu
poit Hiiini) of the choicest singers
from Kngliiiul, Franco and Italy,
and let them all t n no their notes In
a glad chorus together. The United
Htates Is becoming so cosmopolitan
In Its ffuninu population, that it
might very propeily nuvko welcome
the song birds of all nations. Wo
Uilluvu they would sing better hero
than they wor did at home, when
thoy fully ivnlled what their lr,oo
dom meant."
Who am pnlnt tliu tremlile Inn wilr.
Tliefntgrnnccln n flower,
A Hllcnee, the touch of ll)n we low,
'J'ho cp.ico of one Khort hour?
Who can lend lo hue u Hwoctfr ) ft,
To Mini; n mwc cter Kounri?
Who lintli lienllni? for n broken lirwt,
Ami sorrow ncttr hiith found?
Who, tlm he nuiy try wlthcniity IiiiiiiIm,
(!,in reach u word once wild?
Who of nit lh.it walk the earth, win l
Forgiveness of the dead?
r,.r- ... .,, Oregon Is one of the most produo
TRADE IN PEANUTS. tive states in tho Union, JtB vwt
A Ilraneh of Commerce Very Important to mineral region t-ontalnBgoId, Silver,
southern nnner. , copper, iron, and coal. Its immense
, When wo paw a peanut stand, or sec a t meteer: grazing landft miduoh uiuu
bag of peanuts in tbo grocery store, vo do Pa'l'. pf cattlp and uhcep. " JJ
not think of peanuts as forming any im extensive agricultural regions pro
portant sharo In our commerce. Wo do not ducoall t!a cereals in riDunuance,
think that tho peanut trade is a branch of tliu yield iHjracre being, I" some ill
trade very Important to tho people in o cer- stances, the Inrgest In the woriu.
tain section of our country; that if tho crop Among the useful and valuable prod
slinulil fall It would mean auffennir and lifts of the Web Foot State IllllV Ikj
ruin to 'many people. Peanuts grow in Vir-, mentioned Oregon Kidney Tea,
ginla, Tonncsseo and Eastern North Caro- which lias proved a Iwon to thou
lina, Alabama and Mississippi, llio best tatids ufllicted with pain in the back (
grado comes from Virginia, and tney aro anil Kluncy (lililcultles. it wpurciv
known as "goubers;" in Alabama and ' of vegctab'le composition and riever
i Mississippi as "pinders." Dealers say , fails. .Sold by I). "W. Mathews.
that no improvements havo been made, in the
peanut farms; they aro just what thej Cradles are never made of cheap
wcro thirty yuars aco. nlthoueh tho peanut . leather. That Is because the cus-
trado has doubled in nlno years. Tho farms tomers demand more rocker.
aro small, nnd thu crops aro cared lor by j
nr.nn. m.A ...- . .1n.ln,t In Villa '
iiuiwo iiiu iiuio aiu fiaiibwt
The Best Residence Localities
of Pnrihiiil nml oilier prosperous towns aro those owned by men or corporations who
of Poitlaml jjj;!0y ytioii and ability to improve them.
fit tlie city
Slory of n Tour on Fool Through llio
Old World.
The following Is an abstiact from
letters of a foot passenger through
On -many, who writes of things just
as he saw them:
From Merlin to I.eips'c, via Dies
deu, Xoith (icrmaiiy is as level as
West Kansas, broken only by a few
pine groves. Wliidinlllsare so com
in m n dozen can be seen revolving
their gieat arms, fiom any point.
Tney do nearly nil the grinding.
HlacU io bread and a mug of beer
Is the meal of a (jermiiii peasant.
A man who drinks water In Kuropc
Is a curiosity. In Frame and Italy
wine, hi (ieiniiiny and Austria beer,
In Fngland everything vllo Is the
the ililuk.
The (leriiian government keeps a
register ofthi! chief events in tlie life
of every soul horn under Its mlo, no
matter where lie or she goes. To
tcit this our traveler made inquiry
a.iotif mi old friend of his who lived
In the United Klines, at the police
diieelory. After the official got on
the track of the Identical paity bear
ing the name inquired for, he took
down book after book and copied en
tiles anil dually gave to our tiaveler
a paper containing a brief hut min
ute life of the person up to the mouth
bel'oie tlie inquiry was made, even
showing to v hum his sister was mar
ried, at Lexington, .Mo., only a
in.nith bel'oie. Tyianny on pari of
government and crimes by Individ
uals, renders this system of espion
age necessary. Crime gives to rulers
tho excuse for this, and so theeiliu
lliul is the enemy of liberty.
Kunilay is almost universally a
holiday. This dls'egaidof Sunday
grew out of the teachings of tho
earlv leformers who protested
against (he observation of tho day as
sacred, hi opposition to the Catho
Ihw. The most impoilaut railway
Hues have In (icrmany added a
loin th class rail' of carriage which
Is about u half a cent per mile less.
One tiavoller disguised himself In
old clothes to travel fouilh class,
but he found many well to do people
Join neylug with him. The fouitli
class eaiM wcic full and everybody
seemed Journeying. The kind of
people who never think of going by
rati lor pleasure llll these fourth
class cars, and they are polite, clean
ly, good tempered nnd very sociable.
Our traveler protests ho was never
In butter company, never saw better
behaved people. They were mostly
taking shot I trips and as many were
continually getting on as oil. King
ing and instrumental music and
Jokes occupied the time. I.ay-overs
are allowed on all tickets.
Wooden tics are being taken out
and iron pieces laid lengthwise, and
the lulls are so braced that It is Im
possible for tlii'iu to spread. Station
buildings in even Kiuall villages aie
grand pile. The one at Frank port j
Is the Hiicst In the world and cost
foui teen million dollais,
Intpililng of fellow passenger
about wages he found tinners get jd,
stone layers jl,;u, days work ten ,
hours; hoiel porter got lll'iy cents
with his board, barbers shave fur1
two and n half cents, hair cutting (
six en u Is,
Women dotheMiuo woik as men;
.i..... ..i ...i ..i i
.... iiiiTi iiiiiu linn itiiiii. ii ill niim
VMiltirint! llfoani when tboeon. I .. ' . . . . I
---.. , .......iiv' i.nr i. . i. xi x i. ... ... . I .. .......
, UV UI I'll! IIIH' tl I .. W III lll llll'll.
At cry good hotels meals are
twelve cents each and lodging the
same with noextrh charges for lights
and fuel. This was at Frankfort,
i one of the lieluvst towns on tho
glolv. ,
in hills' It should be generally known that
Dr. Henley's Dandelion Tonic In
sures a hearty appetite and increased
digestioa, dispels nervous depression
about n foot apart, in rows about two and
one-half feet apart, and aro harvested by
nlowinir nnd turninir ovar witn Ions-handled
forks; this hake off too dirt, when the and low snirits. overcomes lack, ot
vines aro gathered and shocked about a energy mid wakefulness and will In-
polo, where they uro left to dry, tho vines iilse new life aim strength into tlie
being so placed us to protect tho nuts from ' weakest Invalid. Sold by I. W.
tho rain; mildewed nuts turn black, nnd are ! Mat hew 8.
less salable though tho nuts may bo as sweet.
A dealer snvs, in tho Now York Evening j
Post, that "tho shocks, after they havo been
built up, aro left standing for sevcrul
weeks, until tho nuts nroquito dried and
cured. They aro then stripped from the
vines by hand, packed in bugs, and carried
to tho middleman who handles them for tho
fanner. By tho middleman tho nuts nio
taken to tho top door o? u factory, and aro
scoured and polished by rubbing ag.ilnst
cuch other in n long rovolving iron cylinder.
Bpouts carry them, after cleaning, to tho
second lloor. whero they aro run through a
fanning-mill. From tho mill they aro de
livered on to an endless apron, mado of
slats hinged together, and as they travel
along on this girls sitting on each sido sort
thcrn into grades. Tho nuts uro then put
into sacks and uro ready for shipping.
They nro brought to New York mostly by
steamers, although somo como by rail.
Thoy uro sold hero as 'Wllmingtons,' 'Vir
ginians,' 'Tennessee' nnd 'Spanish.' Tho
last variety was formerly grown in Hpaln,
but Is now raised in Virginia to good ad
vantage. Tho grado uro known as 'fancy
handpicked,' 'extra handpicked,' and
'choice.' Tho screenings aro tho poorest
nuts, nnd theso uro bought by vendors at
county fairs and mixed in with a better
grudo." tr "v.- ..w
Peanuts nro shipped to all parts of this
country nnd to tho West Indids, but no
tnulo hits been developed with Europe,
Tills limited trade, however, amounts to live
million dollars per year.
The Turkish bath in the athletic
club Is intended for the ic-e of the
muscle men of the club.
1 M
. 1 1 1 J
ojAl TT 1 IIT' I
PM Pi i V
u Villi ILL VI i..
rooi.isii I'lini.io oi'imon.
Public opinion Is to bliimo for the
111 treatment of those who arc In the
public, asylum for Insane and inllrm.
Why? UecaUhc public opinion io
gards (hem with contempt, miscalls
them paupers and Heats them with
neglect, No one ever hears of the
Inmates of homes and let reals pro
vided by pr'vate contract being thus
mlstieated, Hero Is the case In a
nutshell as It really stands: pilvate
companies are fonned uinler such
names as 1. 0. 0. F., A. O. I'. W
New Yoik life Insurance company,
etc., and the members ta (him
selves during a few years and when
Unstipulated contingency nilscsof
death or lullnully or any uilsfoi tune,
as the case may be, the benellclaiies
enter Into full possession of all the
beuellts contracted I'm and they and
the public congratulate together and
no disgrace uttiulics, but honor
rather; on the other hand public
conipauleH orgauUe as states, cities,
counties and the memb,'is tax them
llugeney nil sen of inllrmlly oi other
misfortune the benellciaiU aiv cull
ed imuKrs, mv looked on with con
tempt and hustled awuv to ho III
treated and de-spUcd, w Idle relatives
and friend am made ashamed. One
limit Incomes a member of a isuu
lan,v, p.,h (KThaps a few dollars)
down, dlcn or meets w lib some acel-!
dent and forthw ith he or his t.uully '
nwlvw thouauds of dollars, or is
pmvhUsl tor life wlih a inngnlllivnt
liouiej another kisiuuv. a inviiiU'r
responded tho
How Itottnn V.kr Arn Utlllznil liy llio t'ou
fntlonuis or tho Uuh.
Thoy mu8tutlllzopictty nearly every thing
in llostou, nccirding to tho following aneo
iloto by tho correspondent from that city to
tho 8t. Louis (llobo-IJcmocrat. Ho says:
Every thine; in this world, thoy say, has1
somo use. Even rotten eggs nro sold horo
at three or four cents a dozen to Hebrews
of tho lowest class, who npproclato their
gamey iluvor. Tills is not tho only employ
ment, howovor, that has been found in .Bos
ton for Imck-numbor products of tlio barn
yard. Only a few days ago a friend of the
writer ch.uiccd to seo a greengrocer In the
act of (lumping a -barrelful of eggs from
a city wharl.into jrassachusetts Bay. While
in tho very not tho tradesman was hast Un
interrupted by u jvcll-drossed pnsHcr-by
who exclaimed : '
l"3ty dear sir, what aro you doing?'
' "Dumping bad eggs," respondci
grocoryniah, briutly.
"Aro thoy hopelessly bad I"
" Chlrpl"
" Past that."
'tOivo you a dollar for tho lot,
" Done," suld tho grocerymnn. "Hut nmj
I nsk you whut you want them fori"
" Crcni(i pulls," auswored tho stranger.
"Dad eggs aro us good as frostt ones for
inakiug.thcui, with a fow chemicals thrown
in. Pay J ou a dollar u barrel for nil you'll,
scud tuo. PmucoufccUonor."
Thuro aro grc.tt cold-storago houses in
llostou, by tho way, which uro tilled every
summer with millions of eggs, to bo taken
out nt this season uud sold for "strictly
fresh' ut fabulous prices. Thoy tnsto very
well, too, notwithstanding so many months
of keeping, but set bad almost immediato
y. People (,'onorally aro not uwuro that
many of tho egus they buy nro brought
all tho way from China, whoro u whole tui
tion has been in tho ioultry business for
seven thousand yours.
It was just an ordinary scrap of
writing paper, but it saved her life.
Siie was in the last stages of con
sumption, tout liv nlivsiciaus mat
she was incurable and could live on
ly a short time; she weighed less
than seventy pounds. On n piece
of wrapping paper she read oi Dr.
King's New Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; it heleil her, she
bought a large bottle, it helped her
more, bought another and grew bet
ter fast, continued its use and is now
strong, healthy, rosy, plump, weigh
ing 1-10 pounds. For fuller particu
lars sent! stamp to W. If. Cole,
Druirgist, Fort Smith. Trial bottle
of this wonderful discovery free at
Dan'l J. Fry's drug store.
The sugar trust has had tho cfl'ect
of greatly stimulating thu manufac
ture of beet-root sugar at the West,
At Fort Scott, Kan., the manufac
ture is being carried on a large scale,
tlie capital coming from Boston.
This is the season of tho year
when the raw, cold winds create sad
havoc with the hands and complex
ion. Soft white hands and a clear
"pouchy" complexion can be us
suiedly preserved by the frequent
application of Dutard's Spccillc. If
rubbed Into the skin well it leaves
no greasy surface. The skin
absorbs It. Sold by I). W. Matnews.
Svmpathiing friend: Weren't
you awfully reared when you saw
that fellow had you covered with a
pistol? Hardware man: I was at
llrst, until I recognized the gun as
one I had sold him tlie day before
for l..r)l). Then I sailed in and lick
ed tho shilling out of him.
And this Corporation is determined to
III the year IsmJ a mechanic by ;
tho iiameof (ioldlo living al .Inline-,
town Now York, constructed a nilii-'
latiiiv locomotive, (Mii'vot in all Its'
parts, which weighed but one
pound and a half, A circular track
l'xrfoot DntPlopment Doiiiniula That
Nliniilil Not llo Too Tight.
Much is sold In theso days concerning tho
rights of children, but thoro Is cortniuly no
right to which every child is more surolj
entitled than that ot irood, sound physictd
health. One of tho llrst rciiulivments of
healthful clothing is that it allow unre
strained notion of ovory organ of tho body
This is absolutely essential for perfect de
velopment so long as tho body is undergo
ing tho process of growth. According t
Dicss, mothers often unwittingly viola
this principle in tho dressing of their cli
dicn by compelling them to wear clothim,
which they havo 'uirtially outgrown, but
which is not sufficiently worn to bo dis
carded. Tight sleeves, tight bands, tight
waists, etc., which havo become such from
tho child's Increased alio, uro eortninl.
ipnto us huriiiful as nro those purpo-.-ly m
constructed inut added to this Utlioinet
that tho bono and muscles of tho tender lit
tlo ones uro far more susceptible to tho eon
fttrlcilou of tight clothing than uro those o
IK'rson of older growth.
The clothing of children should idwavs be
so made that it can readily bo uuiurgcd to
accommodate tho growing form, uud
novor tit so snugly not to allow perfect
freedom of movement to every organ
Whatever garments aro worn nbout th.
chest nml waist should uiwnjs permit of in,
unrestrained, full inspiration, uud It wouul
do ua excellent plan if mothers would fiv
inioutiy tost tho cuiid'lirejthiui; cunuclu
by piaoiug u tape nieionirTT atvuud Its wals
whoa In its night clothing, nnd ullowing I
to take u full InspiniUou, uotlug the num
wtui iiiviu' uAiMiisiou, una tuen mijintiii(.
Ihukh'ii's Ariiiru'Snlre.
The best salvo in the world for
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter chapped
hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles
or no "pay requited. It Is gparunteed
to give perfect satisfaction, brmoney
refunded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Daniel J. Fry, drug-
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
special mention. All who have used
.riiceiriu jiuerssnig too same song
of praise. A purer medicine does
not exist and It Is guaranteed to do
all that is claimed. Electric Hitters
will cure all diseases of tho liver and
kidneys, will remove pimples, bolls,
salt rheum and other ttilectlons
caused by impure blood. "Will drive
malaria from the system urn! proveut
as well as cure all malarial fevers.
For cure of headache, constipation
and Indigestion try Electric .Hitters
Fntire satisfaction guurauteed, or
money refunded. Price 50cts. and
$1.1)0 per hot tlo at Dan'l J. Fry's
soliloquized the melancholy Dane.
A sea of troubles opposed. lie
shrank before them; ambition lay"
dead. Life, as he viewed It, rested
under a yellow cloud, tinged with
giecn. Ilaiiilet.toinyiulnd, was bil
ious. The blood, diseased, carried
through the natural gates and alleys
of the body, made lltoa huidontuid
the Ills of tlie body inagidtled in a
tenfold degree his other ills. Purify
tho blood, give new life and actloi.
to the sNskni, take Dr. Pierce's
Ooldeii Medical Discovery, and vour
drowsiness, lack of nppelltu, chilly,
sensations, yellow skin, bad bieath,,,
will all depart, us thu morning mists,
u rv dispelled by the rising sun.
Thousands orcures follow the nso
of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Hemcdv, fiO '
The immediate xviiintonw nf IKu. '
H!ln, or Indigestfon, are a dlsttxs,
slng; MMlsi" of w eltrht. onore.ion anil
silou .1 1 rull,H '" ,ho "tomach, heartburn,
... ... ..mvnn-, i. mi invaiu, neicii-
Ing, tlatulcucv, nausea pains in tho
shoulders and breast. Dr. HeulevV
Dandelion Tonb promotes healtliv
digestion and removes nil unhealthy
symptoms. .o(l liy . w.Mutlii'Wh.
To the citv of Sinem. Thcv have at this time fifteen teams employed and the contemplated Improvements i have
scarcely begun. It is intoinled to make the drive leading from Commercial street through Riverside and High
land additions and around Highland Park
Of Oregon. The line of the Salem Street Hallway Company runs through the middle of this additlpn, and no
lots will be inore than two blocks distant from the line. Highland Park will in the war tuture ba
Lois in Highland Addiloii arc High and Dry mid Well Located; Most Excellent Drainage
Tlie soil is black nnd rich. From all points a Hue view is obtained of the public buildings and our highest
mountain peaks. Arrangements are already being made for tho location of two churches in this addition, and
a numbcrof residences aro soon to bo built. Uuildiugs only of the best class will be permitted. Residence lots
within the limits of tlie city of Salem aro worth on an average over $1000. We can sell you better lots in High
land addition for one-third of tlie money, and being directly on the line of the street rallwiy they are practi
cally not half so far from the public buildings and the business part of the town as tho majority of the so
called "inside lots."
Buy a Lot in Highland Addition for Three Hundred Dollars;
And let some other fellow pay $1000 for an inferior lot not so well located. With the difference of $700 you can
build a beautiful cottage, or put it out at a rate of interest that will buy you nearly' two thousand street-car
tickets everv vear. ' , s ' . . ' j
i i 6
Paint Shop
No. WtU Commercial SI.
Ilouse and Carriage J'aintiiiL',
Sign writing. Paper hanging and
decorating, Wall tinting and kal
Bominitig executed in tho latest
Experienced Workmen Employed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Call and see us before you let your
gg-OTta. B.OOO.ODO peopla believe that It
"- u,uuu,uuu patubwttp bar Seed
w uwimwiaamownmmooujMauiey
Ferry's Seeds
ns j "th vrm i mwb
I Hk.i.vVi iAi
I. M, FERUY OO. in
ctnowiMfed to b tc
largest Seedsmen
in tno world.
D M-FiEnTlOo'i
utb miia rncea
For inno
Will be mailed FREC
to all flnnHrAnta unA
P7 to Lut reue co.tomert
muioatnrderinvlt Immtu.
U txliUac. S , i' ? "5 . or Slower 8eed
O. M. FERRY CO., Detroit, Mich.
I? n 111 ii rt n v .
JU fliALAlU&?
JOS, AlillKUT, Attenl, - . .Sitlem, Oregon
If there is anyone In the whole stale
of Oregon win wants to return
. to tho east ho should read
this advertisement:
A Bargain For Somebody!!
Importers nnd Whofesale dealers ,ln
it nnd 4.3 Wulker St. John F. Btratton'a
Celebrated Uu'sl.in Gut Violin strings, the
Finest In the World. .i
To Exchange for
II ?$$$$ ?
i 2 l?' ft n
vrjj i9uhwi ' jfi
Our Guarantee If a dealer receives a
complaint, (which he believes to ba honest)
from nny musician to 'Whom he hai, sola,,
any of these strings, he 1b authorized oy
us to give him another string without
charge, and all such loss will be made good
by us to our customers, without .quibble or
question. (Beware ot imltatlool) Sealers
will please Bend lor descrlptl?ecata!6giie.
Trad) supplied at lowest price.
I'bercU more catarrh In this ec
tlou of the country than till other
dUa.es put together, and until tho
lat tew years UAMimwv-wl tiuiii.
....n.l.l.. !.-. .. . .
viiitii.iv, riu
ywintlfrlMMlMtiixulliiKtlifvwiltli; the inventor, mIiim Uiiiu imut have nvo more for Krolvtl K c'"e,,K,,0, land .in4criKHl UKa ivinedles, and
out of which ho or other iy an. Iiuiik liwivllv on his hands and ,7- rrr, by con-tantly falllnj; to cure with
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men, fH'lul for Ixmlr.
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For Bargains
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cortUquake deetroyod uuIj wussittiitowu Tolcilo, Ohio, i, the onlv eintltii.
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our iiioiieru iiiutual imnciU syteiii Inick it wuiHmiKvdof ihitt i.i.h-... .1-...1, V.-.T. ..-1.... .ri..:.;..:'i . 7" ' "', "i uc uukhi nnu imiotu
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Jiowml Utev atx trvciicd like dot;, havo worketl upju his utivlcl tltuiui; In tVutrul .Via this soldier was on d
Why hi? Hiujdy UwuH'tliepublio tiUhUsp.irxatiiiBftirovoroluhtveaiv, Military Tnvury. Altliousl
Utblt..nK'rl., Al and wrulllllu As It sto, ilnM.tHl n,uly for the feul J!
Fiinily liroff ries Provisions, Fruils Elf.,
00 to
-K.ir particular- call at thU ontce.
FOB y. ''.
Boys ancfi
The school will open Von i'
of September. ThorouobM
tlon In the primnjj' at,(
English Bfawps,
in course. " ,, m
TEHMs'and further Jnformationnajr b
bad on application to
11EV. V. H. P08T.
Cor. ChemeketA nnd HtotcBis.
UA. If
Northern Pacific Railroadi
And all points East-via
The,Northern Pacific railroad Is the only
line running; fassencer trains, Second olsM
sleepers (free of charge) Luxurious Day
coaches iullman lalaee Hlecpin Cars,
lhilace Dining Cars, (meals 75c) from Fork
land to the east.
l-'ee that your ticket read via the Northern
IMcinc railroad and avoid th
change of can.
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hta u . hi. pel, which he dU right 'Vlf .liJiftftfe
f "TV '
U-ave I'ortUnrtati'a.m.and &) p. m.
dally nrrle nt Minneapolis or BL Iaul al
b.1 p. m.
I'ACIKf DrVTRTn'T .Trains Vivo Front
UOrklnEf fair ll Am.ni. 'Utld'd StrAt AaIiv . 1.. u m Anil fr40.
l.rMrH.. .. ... - '. --M. -- mms WW WW. ... .... w.. T -
ComnwruiMi s,.. ... . .ViriV.'.-.r."1? "" urnl.ti .hore and P-m-: ...., .1 alTaeomaat 7:W p him
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momenUiuaybeprotltnblyeninluvrttiTIn 1 Throueh llilhnn ivi... hi.bIb? Air.
'Johni4JnVrw.,SuV!n.,"I,a "' U. K. ' ''""V " ". ilnrst palace dlnlrx
Johnson ALU, le Main u Itichmond. between FortUad,Teoaad -.
a ' . dlrAi rv... .AM,i. , .u.di.'huj
Country imklureor.ii v-in.i- ..... , Jounson it
.'""U.- ' . '" ..""l" wim .: tx" N. 11im. .... ' I dlJ5 Pu Lrvie. A. D, VUAJCVTO!
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