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Capital Journal Publishing Company.
Entered nt the iKtof!lrc at Balcin,Or.,a
second-class mnttiT.
Keo fourth pngo for terms of subscrlp-
AdverllnemrntK to Innurp Inwrtlon (for
. the wiine day) should bo handed In by 1
ljrreKpomlpnrc containing news f In;
trnt una Importance I desired from nil
P ao ftitlml'lnwlll ho paid to anonymous
Inl rnrd wiliest, or hy word left nt this
Hpcclincn numbers sent free on nppllca-
11 Oliiea, corner Court and Liberty Htrrcts.
V'EDN ES i) A Y.. - ..JUNK fi, 1880.
A Oomiiin Oati: gntipcr after the
liifli'ilteHlmiil has exhibited a perfect
ly trained team of llean, drawing n
miniature tally-ho coach made of
gold, with all four wheelH perfect,
each turning mi Hh nxle. ThocHto
of Ban Kriuiclfteo witnemed the pro
fesoor'H wonderful exhibition of bin
control over tliew rriwlty little jh-hib,
and all were tnutpiirliiK in tlieii
praise of the queer little team, th
profewtor and tho golden coach.
Tin: largest Inland and one fie
quently fpoUeu of aH a continent Is
Australia. Its great en t length from
eiiHt to went if 2,r,()0 mile, and from
north to nouth 1,050 mile. IIh area
In HquareJiilleH Im i!,8 1,378, or about
the name iih tliat of the United
Htatca, exeltiHlve of AIuhUii. At the
luht eeiiHUH the population of the
lHland. natives oxoluded, wan S!,i:W,-
r.l' Aimtriilla lm 7.000 llllleH of
railway, and .'ili.OOO mllea of tele
graph and telephone linen.
Bayh tho London Hpcctntnr:
"There nro children alive who will
we, or at all events may nee, the
'North American Itepubllu' with a
population of IWO.OOO.OOO and the
ineaiiH l ranting A.Riu,uuiyuu nut
ling a year; and tho Idea of Incurr
ing the enmity of such a power Is as
appalling as the Idea of lighting
HuhhIu would he, way, hy Italy or
hSpuln. America could he met only
hy a confederation of Kurope, which,
without Home great cliango of cir
cumstances, would ho iinposslhle, or
possible, only If all Kurope lelt It too
dangerous to put up with the treat
ment one power was receiving."
Hai.i:m wants a starch faciei v.
Did yotl ever stop to think thai the
consumption of this one article on
the l'aelllo coast Mas enormous?
Do you know thutthesupply Is large
ly drawn from the fur east, and alto
gether east of the rockles? Do you
know Unit It Is miiuufaetured from
potatoes that cost on an average
ilfty to nlnety-tlvu centH per I ushel
ami often uioreV Do you know that
we pay exhoibltant freight on every
pound we buy? Don't you know
that our farmers would get rich if
you would furnish them a steady
and sure market for their potatoes
ut half tho above price? Then why
not inaiiufiicturu the stiueh right
here in Biilem, for all UiIh northwest
country and create a home market
for our iMtutocs? Probably no other
enterprise would add more to the
prosperity of Salem and Its farming
community tiiaii tills "want sup
plied." Friends what do you think
iibotit It? Boiuuhody npetik out loud.
im: si.v.MiAitn in- Aiiii.rrv,
When a young iniin starts out to
learn his trade and goes Into a whop,
totally unschooled In the maiiuol
IH'rforniiiuce of his duties in the new
Held of life on which hu Is enteilng,
It Is Important that he should beai
In mind this fact, vl.: That his po
sition, so far as It relates to himself,
Is Intrinsically an educational one,
nil much mi as In the school or col
lege from hlch he may havo re
cently graduated. The simple peo
forinaneo of so many hours' woik
per day, while It has a certain tlnaii-
elul itieimiire of value to the employ
er has a value to hlnu-elf w lieu prop
cily considered that Is greater than
can bo nieahuusl hi euircuoy. As
his progtxsa and Maudlng in the
school depended on the thorough
menial uudcrMaudlug of rach pro
grtleblcp ho tisik, mi, only In a
iiioiv iimteilitl heiiis', hlsadvaiuv In
uuvliuulcal skill mid knowUslge U
impendent on his thoroughly uudtr
Ktaiidlng not only the loutlue detail
Of hi work, but the why mid where
fore of each operation. There nl-
ways has Uvti tiud proUibly always
Willi two eiiisM' of iiurhanles titer tidier an' puttln' grease Inter
those who Maud at their Univli and butter, an' workln1 right uiart o'
go through the maiitml mot ous ofleorn talks Inter loads ofeornth.it
their work llKeauioiuiitleinaehliit-ri.
with little iuoiveoiuvpiu.il of why
other;',!';; t m t v ,m,; ,w,a r '
Other, that vIhm of men who nmke,
.in iiumn iwmoiii hiiowuiK uiiy'Miul will have to U neouunted for."
ttiitl How nults aro obtained, audi
Till l the invclmnlral wlur.itlou
thkt count, the education that
bchooUthe mind to u clear ivinpriwi
limlouofpnu?lplw, Mjimlly with
tietuito, ami liviu unrttllingly to that
lilubwllHil where klll, .Ullgvmv,
nnd marked ability find their nat
ural level. The young man who,
on bcglnning'hls mechanical educa
tion, realizes and acts upon these
truths, will develop that ability
which is not gauged by rnero man
ual dexterity, but rather that which,
when In latter years he may be call
ed to design, lay out, and superin
tend the work of others, will enable
him hereditably till the position.
Huch positions come to those who
bring thought and brains as well as
manual dexterity to assist them in
their work. To such men we owe
the improvements of tlie age in ev
ery branch of mechunics.
It is a fact that too many me
chanics work along day after day
accomplishing their work by
"main strength and foolishness,"
which is the direct and legimate re
sult of lack of proper and thor
ough application, in their earlier
mechanical Hie. The point empha
sized is, that the mind that is able,
through careful training and appli
cation, to bring to bear a knowledge
of principles involved, as well as ex
ecution of detail In the work, is the
one that approaches that standard
of ability which should be tho aim
of every young man who U begin
ning his mechanical education his
work in the shop. When he has at
tained this, no question of wages
will ever trouble him. Buch men
are always wanted. The supply Is
ivit equal to the demand. Station
ary Engineer.
WliIIo Ktrryone KIse llocame. Awak
ened, Old All In Unconcerned.
Last fall they held a protracted
meeting at the Coon Ituti "meetiu'
house," and the result was a great
spiritual awakening throughout
Possum lUdge. Old Ah Tucker
was tlie only man in the settlement
who, in the language of Deacon
Jtuster, "remained cold an' uncoil
sarned about tlie soul's welfare."
The minister had fished for old Ah
and tlie committees had visited
him, but he lieid ofl'aud refused to
come up out of the darkness. Final
ly tho preacher went to see old Ah
"llrother Tucker," ho said, "have
you ever thought seriously of this
matter of tlie salvation of your
"Wul, I've thought of It right
smart fust an' last."
"And hasn't it ever appeared to
you that you ought to repent of
your sins and lead a better life?"
"I duniio ef It halnt at odd
"Well, then, why don't you turn
your back on tho world at once?"
"Wal, now, parson, looky here.
I duniio as I rightly iin'erstan' this
business, an' know fer shore Jest
what sin is, but betwixt yon an' me,
It don't iiear like I've been bad
cntill'to gltscalrt erbout it."
"You are a sober, honest man, no
doubt, but can't you recall little
things In your dally life that wore
"I duniio es ter thet. I traded
bosses with ole Joel Wado ono't, an1
I reckon I got her lectio ther best o'
ther swap, fer Joel's boss wus wuth
Hunipin', and mine wusu't wuth er
cuss, an' I knowed hit. Hut 1 reck
on little things like that hain't held
up orgln er feller up thar?"
"Indeed they are."
"Air, eh? Wal, I wusu't settled
in my mln' erbout thet, but I 'lowed
they didn't pay no 'tention terseeh
things es boss swoppln'. It mout
bo counted up ergln mo erbout sellin'
uv thet er dead steer to them city
folks fer beef."
"Of course." N
"Wal, I'm denied of I'da thought
It. Don't 'pear like It 'ud hurt notb
lu when none of 'em knowed the
steer died. Iteekon, niebiiy, I orten
ter Mild split algs to them folks what
got up er dinner fer ther wiv?"
"That was very wrong."
"I'd never thought of It thet nlr
way. llcgosh, I n'posu It wasn't
right proHr!u mo kivpin' ther Wid
der Huutoii'rtolc nsl barrerwhot got
In ermong my hiug?"
"Tliat was a very grave sin."
"Was, eh? Wal, I'm dinged cor
ry, fer I'd like terdo right, an I luito
ter give that barrer up. IVyer nvk
oti little thing like that 'ud count
fer very much?"
"Yes, Indeed."
"An 1 'sped they'll hev It tlgger
cd up ergln mo 'Unit feedlu' them
hogs 1 sold wheat bran ter make 'em
weijh up."
"Yes, that'n against you."
"I Mowed It mout U. I gms
workln' off cholera ehlekeiiK outer
'livvs ter markot. im nil K.s.h I....H..
thing like them I iwktm won't U
?i ! ? fT r ,,,,,,'M
"They're nil lu, Urot her Tucker,
"Wal. iKtrwin. 1 h'ihw! i-'r ihviI
iiplu M-ch niatlen, an' know how
ther Ian' by, but I Uvn er gtlu'
erlottg thliikln' that all them lovlle
(huiB wouldn't erniount lu bhucks,
an I fell like c If I wiwii'tgoln' ter
lmeuolu ter iu
iAer fer. . I
wn't kil none. Hut ef mv), . B
trlflln', inslgnlfcrcant things is goiu',
ter be held upergin me then I'm er
"Oh, no, brother; you have but to
repent and forgiveness will fellow"
"I'll be all right then, will I?"
"An kin go right on jest es I liev
an' won't be counted?"
"Oh, no. You must repent and
reform. Leavo off your bad habits
and lead a dlflerent life."
"Uh huh. That's what I was
erferred uv. Seems like glttin' re
ligion comes down pretty hard on a
feller. I'd like ter join yer, parson,
an' go erlong er ther rest, but it 'ud
be a leetle.grulii to strainin' on me,
I reckon- I don't mln' ther repen
tin', but ther itrfher part sticks me,
fer I've cakilated on doln er heap o'
boss swiippip' this winter." Thom
as' P. Mohlfort.
Witsliintrin as a Poet.
A young lady upon whom the great
Washington In Ills youth looked with
somewhat tender npprowil wiw Miss Cory.
To her ho wrote his only poem, the MS. o
which now repose hi the state department
nt Washington. The follow fug Is nn4ex
nctcopy of thin jOTfin, punctuation, capi
tal, and all:
Oh yo Oodswhy'should my l'oor Itestleis
HfJuid to npprovc thy Might and Power
At last surrender to Cupids feathered Dart
And now lays bleeding every Hour
For her Hint's Pytllcss of my grief nnd
, AM will not on mc pity Inko
He slddr) arriong my ntosl Im eterate Foes
And wHh'gladiicss lievcrwlsh to wake
In deldillngsiccp'tngs let my Eyelids 1oho
That In an enraptured Dream I may
In soft lulling Hlc-j) and gentle repono
1'uto.cm Uioho Joj'H denied by Day,
Supe (to stage manager)--"Sav,
Oovenirtr, havcyoti got a life pie
server?" Manager "No; what's tho
matter?" Bupe"The Itoinan Glen
eral fell overboard into the tank
witli his liclmit on, and he's lloating
'round head down."
The most extensive and curious of
all tho deserts on the face of tho
earth is tliat of the Sahara. This is
a vaut area of unproductive soil ex
tending from e.ist to west nearly
tic ross the continent of Africa at its
widest point, and having an average
width of l.L'OO to 1,500 miles.
Indianapolis tailor I lave you any
further suggestions, sir, about your
trousers? Indian man (thoughtfully)
Yes. Yu d better fortify the seats
with some extra cloth. I expect to
go on to Washington in a day or
two to see tho president. Boston
"It Is funny," said he, "that they
should cull a nian-of-war she, isn't
it?" "I don't know," she replied,
with drooping eyelids; "it may be
because- they have mj ninny trials
before they are accepted." Her
trials came to an end in that self
same hour.
Tlie largest anvil is Hint used in
the Woolwich Arsenal, England.
It weighs sixty tons. Tho anvil
block upon which it rests weighs 1011
tons. Altogether GOO tons of Iron
worn used in thoaiivll, tho block and
the foundation work. It is said to
havo been six mouths cooling before
It was Biillleiontly hard to stand tho
shock of the immense hammer.
A kind word, a pleasant smile, a
cheerful greeting, a genial pressure
of the hand, or a familiar nod as you
pass on the street that's all; but,
you havo sent a my of sunshine Into
some sorrowful heart, and touched
that Impalpable chord of human
syniiiathy, which trembles In sad
ness, or vibrates with Joy. It costs
hut little, and carries with It to
many blessings, the value of which
we have no means tit estimating.
At a recent Inquiry into tho sanity
of a young man of large property,
witnesses were called to prove that
hu was unlit to nianiige his uttairs.
A curious slip was made byuschojl
master when asked If he had formed
any opinion as to the state of mind
of the alleged lunatic. "Oh, yes,"
ho replied; "I can certify that ho is
an Idiot. Ho wiusoneof my favorite
The art of manipulating type
writers, mainly lu the hands of
young girls, had dovetoped so re
markably that It Is now possible
to "dictate to tho machine" ns the
phrase go.s. In any one of the type
writing K'hools, and In hundreds of
metropolitan otUees, there are young
women who have abandoned theuse
of shorthand and write out their
copy as tho words of It fall from the
lips of whoever dictates to them.
My wlfo hit Uya under phylcUu cure lor
two year, for what they railed "liver com
plaint.'" She would sl wiue relief whllo
taklm: prewrlptlout, but touM ooa fall
lr Into the tatue drovrty, liuctlv ttat.
'VubU srarrim. it did her
health aud plrtt. and I. uow a. well u eve?
ti" wnrat h derived, I uted It fot
ineumatnuj witn the rwuit that I au now
eullrety free from the dUeaw with which I
cWzrVt-- J
T Turk tret, Sa FrauelKw
L8an Prauelsv ,
'"dn.u ,w "'u'-
Ilncklen's Arnlfn Salve.
The best salve in the world for
cms, onuses, sorus, uh.c.d, .- -
hands, chilblains,' corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, ormouey
refunded. Trice 25 cents per box.
For sale by Daniel J. ry, drug
gist. rncum, lever sores, ieuw uiniii
The largest school in the world is
the Jews, free school of Spltalstjeld,
Eugland, which has a daily atten
dance of 3,800 pupils.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to need no
special mention. All who have used
Electric Dlttcrs sing the same song
of praise. A purer medicine does
not c;:ist and i is guaranteed to do
all thn. is claimed. Electric Bitters
wilt cure eJUUbcnieso" the liver and
kidneys, w'll remove pimples, boils,
salt rheum aul other eflcctions
caused by impure blood. Will drive
malaria from theyseni and prevent
as well as ce c all malarial fevers.
For cure of headache, constipation
and indigestion try Electric Bitters
Entire satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded. Price 60cts. and
$1.00 per bottle at Dau'l J. Fry's
drug store.
"I have met this man," said a
lawyer with extreme severity,. "In a
good many places where I would be
ashamed to be seen my self," and
then lie paused and looked with as
tonishment at the smiling court and
u ry.
soliloquized the melancholy Dane.
A sea of troubles opposed. He
shrank before them; ambition lay
dead. Life, as he viewed it, rested
under a yellow cloud, tinged with
green. Hamlet, to my mind, was bil
ious. The blood, diseased, carried
through the natural gates and alleys
of the body, made life a burden; and
the ills of tiio body magnified in a
tenfold degree his other ills. Purify
tho blood, give new life and action
to the system, take Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, and your
drowsiness, lack of a'ipetite, chilly
sensations, yellow skin, bad breath.
will all depart, as ilic morning mists
are dispelled by the rising sun.
Thousands ofcures follow tlie use
of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, 50
A Smart Girl.
Expectant Old Gentleman: My
daughter said you wished to see me.
Mystified Yeuth: She did? Why,
she told me you wished to seo me!
A SCIUI' 0K I'APfclt SAVES llfclt LIFE.
It was just an ordinary scrap of
writing paper, but it saved her life.
She was in tho last stages of con
sumption, told by physicians that
she was incurable and could live on
ly a short thno; she weighed less
than bevwity pounds. On a piece
of whipping paper she read nf'Dr,
King's New Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; it helped her, she
bought a large bottle, it helped her
more, bought another and grow bet
ter fast, continued itti use and is now
strong, healthy, rosy, plump, weigh
ing 1 10 pounds. For fuller particu
lars send stainj) to W. II. Cole,
Druirglst, Fort Smith. Trial bottle
of tills woiulei ful discovery free at
Dan'l J. Fry's drug store.
"I beg your pardon, madam, but
you are sitting on my hat," ex
claimed a gentleman. "Oh, pray
excuse me, I thought it was my
husband's," was tho unexpected reply-
This Is tho season of the year
when the raw, cold winds createsad
luivoe with tho hands and complex
ion. Soft white hands and a clear
"peachy" complexion can bo as
suredly preserved by tho frequent
application of Dutard's Specillc. If
rubbed into the skin well it leaves
no greasy surface. The skin
absorbs it. Sold by D. W. Mathews.
A physlcan walking with a friend
said to him: "Let us avoid that pret
ty little woman you seo over there on
the left. She knows me and casts
upon mo looks of indignation. I at
tended her husband." "All! I un
derstand. You had tho misfortune
to dispatch him," was the remark
that slipped out. "On tho contrary,"
replied tho doctor, "I &aved him."
Tho immediate symptoms of Dys
pepsia, or Indigestion, are a distres
sing sene of weight, oppression and
fullness in the stomach, heartburn,
loss of appetite, foul breath, belch
ing, llatuleitcv, uaiisea pains In the
shoulders mid breast. Dr. Henlev's
Dandelion Tonic promotes healthy
digestion and removes all unhealthy
symptoms. Sold by D. W. Mathews.
llrown "our teacher can't be
such a mean man as you make him
out. I notice his son has all the toys
ho can pevssibly need." Little- John
nie "Why,dad, thoso are what his
rather takes away from tho other t
Oregon i. one of the most produc
tive slates in the Union. Its vast
mineral regions contains gold, Mlver,
copper, Iron, and coal, Itslinineiiso
tracts of iinuillir laiuls sinuutrr Mmn.
Kinds of eat tie tuul sheep, and Its
agricultural regions pro-
"" m vxrv.tjs in iiuutuiaucc,
tho yield jeracre being, lu some In
Biauw-s, me largest in tlie
Among the useful und valuable nml.
i-'t! of the Web Kool State mav bo
!ffiT .imvSl" ? JViX
ffiS,A ..vs
" KMwy Hlfflculilw. ltlpurvlv
"" oouiipoMiiou aim never I
" J"1" '.' " " -iauiew. '
it Oi.ml.i iv..". ...."Ti ", .. '
nl $" A?""1
"wrvsa hearty appetite and lncreaxd '
l""."""'x"K'a ,rvoil ueillVss.Wn I
; nun tow nunia. overtonift, lack of
vm-rg UIIU WUKellllllexiniUl Will lll-
fu .new lfeatUlrxnKth Into the
'"iSl1"1, S,UI bv " w
The Best Residence Localities
In . ci,.v or ffigszzRfi& t's;r!.!s:,m - to,'poratio"s ,v"
'Me l
To the city of Salem. They have at this time fifteen teams employed and the contemplated improvements have
scarcely begun. It is intended to make the drive leading from Commercial street through Riverside and High
land additions and around Highland Park
Of Oregon. The line of the Salem Street Railway Company runs through the middle of this addition, and no
lots will be more than two blocks distant from the line. Highland Park will in the near future be
Lots in Highland Anion are High and Dry and Well Located; Most Excellent Drainage.
The soil is black and rich. From all points a fine view is obtained of the public buildings and our highest
mountain peaks. Arrangements are already being made for the location of two churches in this addition, and
a numberof residences are soon to be built. Buildings only of the beat class will be permitted. Residence lots
within the limits of the city of Salem are worth on an average over $1000. We can sell you better lots in High
land addition for one-third of tho money, and being directly on the line of the street railway they are practi
cally not half so far from the public buildings and the business part of the town as tho majority of the so
called "inside lots."
Buy a Lot in Highland Addition for Three Hundred Dollars,'
And let some other fellow pay ?1000 for an inferior lot not so well located. With the difference of $700 you can
build a beautiful cottage, or put it out at a rate of. interest tliat will buy you nearly two thousand street car
tickets every year. v
Paint Shop
No. U54J Commercial St.
House and Carriago Painting,
Sign writing. Paper hanging anil
decorating, Wall tinting and kal
sonnning executed In the latest
Experienced Workmen Employed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Call and seo us before you let your
aOTXB B.OOO.OQO people bollere tblt It
et taUfgMtadinoetrlilJhoundttiyMo
Ferry's Seeds
acknowledged to be UK
Largest Seedsmen
in tna world.
D M.FraBTiOo'i
For 1880
ETUI hA tnfiiiiui rnrr
to ill annlle&nts. anil
ItHoat orderin it. hmly.
to lut TAri rmtwnH
"""" 'hooUwmdfor it Addren
D. M. FERRY CO., DatreH, Mich.
Fire and Ma
rine, Salem, Oregon
751 Market tt San KntncUco
Oonnd learn how to avoid
dlkrase.ahd how wonderful
ly you aro made. Contullu
lion and treatment person
ally or by letter or weak
urM.cs nua an disease, o
men. bend ror lnnlr.
I'rhato offlco 211 Deary street
For Bargains
Family Groceries Provisions, Fruits Etc.,
Commorolul S.--,
. -.-.... vr
hand. If jouho not traded with uie be.
fore, I respectfully solicit a trial tSlleviM
I can suit you boia la price and uilltyl
JOS, AL.BEHT. Atent.
! SL
Aud this Corporation is determined
If there is anyone in the whole state
of Oregon win wants to return
to tlie east he should read
tilts advertisement:
A Bargain For Somebody ! !
-To Exchange for-
9-Vor particular call at this office.
S75 til SJPRO AM,.NTH can bemade
nlirSLzt Vt JU working for us. Agenu '
preferred who can furnish - i,n2fc..J
ilothMrwiniiT.7.. .'.,,,J .uoree ud
n,..?,,-.1!??1.6 """ 1 he huslness. Stxire
John ?ie.!n,"VTn.i,ndc'".e- K. .
.uiiuai ua unuiini VfrnnUvl ..!. I
ya i i lucuiuoua,
Deri,rv LlU!!.a?and b"le ex
.umpfoVre-pfy." a rffi.ttXSSSS,
Importers and Wholesales dealers In
I 1 nnd 45 Wnlkbr St. John F. Btratton's
Celebrated Hu slan Gut Violin strings, tho"
Klnet in the World.
Our Guarantee If a dealer receives a
complaint, (which ho believes to be honest)
from any musician to whom he has sold
anyoftheso strings, he Is authorized by
us to give him another string without
charge, and all such loss will be made good ,
by us to our customers, without quibble or
question. (Iiewaiool imitation.) Dealers
will please send lor descriptive catalogue.
Tradj supplied at lowest price.
ST. PAUL'S sceooi
Boys and Girls.
Tho school will open on the 21th
of September. Thorough Instruc
tion In the primary nnd
English Jfranches.
-In course.-
TERMS and further Information may be
1'ua on application to
Cor. Chemeketa and State Sis.
8-20-tf .
Northern Pacific Railroad
- And all points East via
The Northern Pacific roHroad Is the only
line running Passenger trains, Second clats
sleepers (free of charge) Luxurious Day
coaches, Pullman Palace. Sleeping Cats.
l"olace Dining Cars, (meals 75c) from Port
land to the eat.
fc'eo that your ticket read via the Northern
rucinc railroad and avoid tue
chance of cars.
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