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Capital Journal Publishing Company.
KnUnd nt tl)Q.)K.Kiin- nt 8a'in,Or.,nii
ncoiidclrmiii. itc.
Hco fourth pnKO for toriiu of u..crlp-
llAnic-rll--r.i(nlK to In'iiro liiv,.l.ni (fo
'?w........V...nronlpllllli" ; of ''.':
t ..t V.V.' I .1 V., .n III e . 'f- ul f. '. P ' '
ShlfX''ll P..W lornoiumo...
OllltlllllllC .10, IX. ,.,.. lol'KVAI.
M-n nt .lie i li ,"' "IS i?.n t 1.7
ll and iifJOl. o ly "' !tU ' l ,l"
"hoI.hoi. mmilK-.H m-iiI Im-on el'l'"""
11 Olilc., corner Court mid I- be, ty HI reels
Kiimk of lli K tcni ell lei llnl
were tl I v'njr whon 0 off,'" Wi ' h
Ingtoii wnt) limiiKiiriiUil, Kill yeiii
ngo, lire not now ne.ir iih lively -
Guthrie, Oklahoma, which In not
yet two wcoUhoM.
Tin: Inventor of the iollerHkti'3
lmmmliJ $1IMM'K', iiotltlivi:ii''
uZ tlio fuel that lilt patent liml
nearly expired belons Hie value of It
was iiwerlnlnecl in the eine for
roller BlmlliPjt tlinl i-pic.iil over the
country a few yearn into.
Fiiom AprlTl, If-btl, rnilHllrenien
will 1)0 provided with eylhideiH of
oxygen under picture, to he u-ed
for the piompt it-IIuf of or-oiiH nuf
fwntliiirdurlii',' HreJ. The oxygen
will he added to the icKiilnr fiipjily
of iiiediclneniilwiiH ul hand In ea e
A iSlIMAIiKA.'..!. OAjllltfoll of II
loeoinotlvo took place at Ktioinnien,
December '22, 1WM. lly the foiee of
Iho explosion the locomotive wan
thrown upwiiidH and cap-icd, and
ciiiui) down bottom up, iiliKlitliif!
upon an adjaeeiit locomotive that
wii'm Hluiiillmr on the track.
U.vu.sH the Willamette valley
ia)erM and wine of their people ale
doing it H""'! 'I':"1 "l" bonnting with
out faelH to hack 1 hem-and we
giu-KH they are not thai part of the
Htnle It, receiving large neccusloni of
population from the Immigration
now coming to the noilhwe.st. Thai
broad and beautiful valley will
1'iwlly mippiiil twe'ity people where
It now has one, and It will eventual
ly become in leallty the garden npot
of theeountry, K.
I. jiroiiiibly no country hi the
world hitH the lelephoiie'eomo Into
more general iie than In Sweden.
Not only can .Stockholm Iio.ikI the
incwt peifeet telephonic. aruiiKe
inenlH of any capital, hi addition to
tlielurgent percentage of telephone
NiilmuilbeiH, but the east coast and
the went eo.iht will coon bo In tele
phonic communication, a 1 no be
tween Stockholm and Wotlienliurg
being In con w of eiecllm. Many
Hiuall town, arc in telephonie coin
muuleaiieu with each olhcr, and
tho nuiiiber of milieilbcrw Is con
Hl.inllylneicasln .
O.N her duath-bed the mother of
Captain Jack rawford, (he pilot
Hcoul, ealleil he." biave young miii to
her and iih he knell xhc prayed and
blessed him, and asked him to mal "
her one proinl-e before hIiu died.
Weepiiet, Jack bade her name what
Mie desired, Niylng, "1 know,
mother, that you would not ask mu
to make a promise but for my own
good." "I'lomlMt me," (die wild,
that ho loii); an (led gives you life,
you a. III never ttiwlo Intoxicating
llijnor. riuinlo mo (Tils and I
uluill die happy In the thought that
you will grow up a good, true limn,
an honor to ytuioelf and your
country." It U mvdlcv. to s.iy that
Jack promised then before his dy.
lug mother, and In the invisible
piYfcneo of his Creator, never to
touch thocup that Intoxicates, and
icllglously lias ho kept n word.
The loving mother died anil went
tothut U'tterllfe, In the luiuo made
not by hands, and iho promise has
Urn rclis'lously kept by Jack.
A.M)i'iii:u marvelous discovery Is
rvpirtednt Philadelphia. Whether
It U h fact or a lletlon wed not
pretend to nay. It may U genuine,
and again coino excellent jieople
limy U inUtaken. At any rate It Is
Wing talked about, and we give
iiuch Information regard I u,r the
mutter in comes to our hands from !
various mmiwk. 'i hodovioo Is called turn of the opinion of leading scion
the Kulo furnaiv. Mr. Lorlu ' tUu that death was Inevitable.
Hlodgvtt of Phllndclplila, a well 'This condition of anxious mental
known writer, has been examining ' tension was protracted until tele
thls dUoovery, and m,: "U graphic news was revolved of Mr.
clearly the air that U bunusl, the pemvr's eafety.
oxygen of winnion utiuosphvrul It appears tlmt the ImIUhui ascend.
txuistUutlug the fuel. Tbot. can U. wl nt.vxV) fvvt and then began gradu
noexluuMlon of thcupply of air, ally to devnd. intimately Mr.
with Its wntalued oxygen, and, as Spencer IcapvHl from the ludliKni
noartlllclal blast orot her nieehauleal when near the earth, and found
ttgvney lsivo,ulrcdtofeelthoalr, It himself safely phuitetl In a small
ivHstlUitesuH'ir ervulwl flame. It l.l.ml,Kimo iort inlliMVomllarasut.
I only miuUUo to check the sup- 11 . eventually sucvveded with dim
plyoralrsoasto avoid cumulative oultj in obtaining shelter and food
cIRvts.otherwlM' there would clearly and was suUsspu'ntlv sotit on td
bo a teadlly Increasing draft to JliKdnulwd, situated in the cult I.
feiil tho tlame and a degree of hwit valwl p.rt or the Suudetbuuds, He
U-youd auy wjwelly to nj.ply, , had a marvelous iijv.
miKiAi. amvi:.
The fact thut many ico)le nre
burled alive it again brought to our
notice. It lias been nsbertcd, ami
after duo dclibcrntion, too, that one-
third that arc burled arc biiricdalive,
Of tho very few sieves Hint are
oiHiiicd the heavy percentage of dis
torted corpse'! found proves tins uici.
This last cas-e was in Syiacif-e, New
Edward Kalh, aGeiman laborer,
Ilvc-i alone in a helf-tumbled down
sliauiy near tho Erie f'.inal. He
had as his only companion his
fcvcntcen-year-old daughter, Emma
ii iiiiiitv ami liitellbrcntulrl. About
the middle of March Emma caujlit
a cold, which, after hjvciuI days;
settled on Her Iiiiih. On Filday
she cei'Hcd to breaihe.
Tho oody was lct for about four
lioiira, and when Mrs. Scaliler a.ui
another neighbor dressed It lor
bin Inl, they were surprised to fluil
that the body was warm. Lafer In
I he day an undertaker took charge
of the remains. Tho funeral took
place tho next Sunday a.lernoon.
Aft( r the old man's chi'dien wem
to their various homes, and he ie
ni ilued alone in the hhanty, the
Idy of his daughter boro heavily
noon the old man's mind; and he
f-pent much of Ills luisuie time ul
his nelalibir h, wluie tlie lacl ol Uie
girl's body Icing warm several
liouisaffjr lier breathing Hcenied to
ImvoceiHcd was talked over. 'I lie
possibility of the gill bcimj bulled
alive pieyed upon his mind so that
without speaking of bis Intention,
heuneoverid tho grave last week.
The rough box containing his
daughter's cnlllii was opened and
the lid taken fioni tho colli u. 'i
wmner was the glass uncovered than
thogrlof-slrlckeii father was horrified
to heo the hoily of the young girl
lvlni liirned over on ono side. He
says that her hands weie clasped
over her face and her brown hair was
tangled up over her eyes as though
it had lieeu loin in dieadfiil agony.
Mr. Hath says that theie were linger
marks on her face. He says that he
was nearly paralyed with terror
and hastily leplatcd the lid, shovel
ed dirt back into the graeaii(l mu
from the place. The expeiience has
made him nearly insane.
Sr. IjOUIhIh happy. The general
railway magnate has selected that
city us the spot where he will have
elected the 11 nest depvit building in
the world. Tho Grand Central
station at New York Is not over GOO
feet long. The now station at
SI. Louis Is (o bo IL'OO feet front on
Poplar st i cot.
Perilous llallooii Ascent.
A Calcutta correspondent gives
an account of the balloon adventure
of Mr. Spencer, which lias caused so
much excitement in India recently.
Mr. Spencer's successful parachute
drop at lloiubay created a deep im
pression. Unfortunately bis llrst
attempt at Calcutta proved a falluie,
on account of his inability to till the
balloon with gas. He entered into
a fresh engagement to make a para
chute descent on the r.seo courro.
The natives were present in bun
dieds of thousands, and the large
Calcutta Maldan, or plain, of which
the race course forms a small por
tion, was densely crowded. The
Viceroy, the lieutenant-governor
and the leading members of tho
community, native anil Kuropean,
wore piesent on tho grand stand.
Mr. Spencer tookhlsne.it on tho
narrow leathern sliuir which re
places the ear used with an ordinary
balloon, and gave orders to let go
the ropes, Tho balloon, however,
refused to ilse, being overweighted
apparently by a parachute. To the
consternation of everybody he
oideied the parachute to bo un
hitched and the hallooou to bo re
leased, and the next moment he
wiled forth Into space. Sonto ten
niluules later the balloon was out of
sight. Tho crowd then began to
realle the terrible danger which
Mr. Spouoer had faced in order to
fulllll what ho Imagined to be an
obligation to the public.
The lulloou carried no halla-d or '
grappling Irons, and posos-.od no
valve. Mr. SjK'iuvr was without I
any apparatus far regulating the de-1
scout of the balloon. 1 le wasdre.v-.ed
In thin clothes, and had neither food '
norstlmulauts. As the hours passed !
by ami no news was rwvlvod the
public- excitement luetvasl, and '
this was further bttntulated net dav '
by fabe rumors and bv the nublUii
The Pivotal Question.
Hnld Joe to "am In fierce debate
Upon the woman qucsllen:
You o answered well all ntlicr points,
Sovr he e my l."t sug'.e .i en:
"When womnn yK-s t. crt' t her oie,
borne mllei away It m: y be,
Who. then, I vk, w 111 amy at home
To rock and tend the baby?
Wtll.s nco llioriicilon hreins toluin ,
On tlilHiit'in llsaslB,
Just net the one ho locked It when
.She went -o Iy her taxes! '
" scraps;
Lawyers may be poets; they write
lotsot "versus."
White Ink Is the lat-.-st craze. It
is ucd usually upon grayNh paper.
The man who marries for face,
figure or fortune, is a foil. Don't
forget this.
You are liable to be put out by a
fowl if you cat iggs at a restaurant
this time of year.
The Insurance companies are not
isuiny many accident policies to
Oklahoma boomers.
A molto on the wall or an Eng
lish anarchist meeting-room reads:
Poor man a-bllity.
itich intin no-blllty.
A cork trust Is about to be organ
ized. It will lloat until it strikes
the corkscrew tiust. (which will
pull it.
A minister in England made 5jO,
000 by inventing an odd toy that
danced by winding it witli a string.
The man who invented the return
ball, an ordinary wooden ball, with
a rubber string attached to pull it
back, made 1,000,0.)0 from it.
Oklahoma, it is slid, will furnish
within tin oo months 100 new fourth-
class po-itollices. Tins will relievo
the strain on the administration in a
slight degree.
The editor of the Home Press, of
Centervlllc, Umatilla county, has
ha 1 a guardian appointed. Ho has
been sued for libel and being under
ago this was necessary.
Professor of English I wish you
could have been pre-ent at our col
lege commencement.
Speaker of the English I was,
sir, I helped lay tho corner stone.
Gen. Kisk declares that ho will
not bo a third party man in the New
Jersey election next fall. Ho de
clares, furthermore, that ho is
through with the third paity move
ment in New Jersey.
A patent medicine company has
engaged 200 Pine ltidgo Indians to
travel for it for advertising purposes.
JSetween it and ItuHiilo Bill, Adam
Forepaugh, and a few patent medi
cine concerns this country won't
have any Indians on hand pretty
A Country of'Small Tilings.
Japan, says Frank G. Carpenter,
is a country of the little. "The
men are from live feet to live feet
live inches high, and the women
tiro smaller. Notwithstanding the
fact that they raUe themselves three
inches oil' the ground on their
wooden sandals, I am continually
looking down at them, and a fair
sized American girl towers above
them like an Amu.on. Japanese
trees are dwarfed, and in fact .all
iiatuio seems to be made on the six
by nine plan. Tho chickens are
nearly all bantams and the
eats, with their Imbtuils, look
llko kittens compared with our
American tommies, and the hordes
are ponies. Tho houses of the com
mon Hoplo are but ono story, and
tho rooms llko children's play
houses. The country, though as big
as several states, is full of pictur
esque scenery, but It is the pretty
rather than the grand, and you have
beautiful bits rather than sublime
landscapes, it Is the simo with
everything-. If I ask tor a cup of
lea at a little wayside tea house, It is
handed to uir In a little plow of a
shell-like china, no bigger than an
egg-cup, and the little JupancfO
beauty iroosdown on her knees when
she brings It."
Heap t'liiuee.
The noiisoiisc given Mow w 111 be
rendered perfectly plain If tho read
or will commence at the beginning
of thollrst line and slowly !.poll the
words and divide them propory
It 1 ii cii,.i.li...i.... r....... i i.
.....i,i...i .i..i... v ,.., ..'
....;;., ..... I11I1W,
Oho oiuoitt Hi vttt aho pll hiiic,
A mill u,a h undo i.h i'Ihs .,
Tw llroc .m oslox ivllo iiiim,
Tno nlyfoiimd llll 115H iik mid,
Kw onii't oihel ixunii il.m d,iy,
Nob.iMcio anol ewii oit'oolVm nd
Orl linliiiouihrrnctftbii.
Took the Hark Trark.
vneand dlnloi!iiu on 1 1 (M
. . "
Sildlor (o Itoeuur: Throw down
your eun. You i-.m't come in hero
with it.
lloemcr: Xo kuii?
Seldier: Xo sun. What' that In
your hip jKHikct?
DiMiuer; Snako Mis.iurillu.
Siildlcr: Throw thut awav.
ljixuner: X guu, no urxi.arIll.iY
Nildlcr: Nil.
lkwincr: Thou I tl.u't lx)l,u. in.
I k back to Kaiu, w hcrv I can
have koine fun mid enjoy life, Tn-tu,
linrklnn's Arnica Salve.
The best'salve iti the world for
r.,itc i.miou wins, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, totter chapped
hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruption", and positively cures piles
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, ormoncy
refunded. Price accents per box.
For alo 'y Daniel J. I-ry, drug
gist. The tender at drum solos are
those that have never been played.
MiiTl.TidlOr., January 12.
Having a teve.e back ache last
summer, I tried the Or-'ioii Kl.nuoy
Tea, I used one can, w deli entclcd
n rjdic.il cure. I woul(. ucommeiid
L to all who are alllictcd as an un
failing remedy. Julius Ac ii.
Sold by D. XV. Mathews.
A clock is very different from a
man. When it strikes, it keeps
right on working.
Tlltllt lit'Sl.NKSS liUOHI.MI.
Probably no one thing has caused
such a great revival of trade at Dan
iel J. Fry's Drugstore as their giving
away to their customers so many
fice "trial bottles of Dr. King's New
Discovery for Coiisump ion. Their
,-. do il simply enormous in this very
vjp l'de artiolp fioni iliefnct that it
alweys cures and never disappoints.
Cou .is, Co'ds, Asth'DJ Dronehitis,
,'roup, and all iniojcnwi mug
ates (iiickly cured. You can t
tent it
befoie 'juyl.i't by eltin
i: a vital uot-
tic flee, huge size ?1.
w. riaiited.
Everv bottle
The girls who handle a pair of
oars best in a boat, are those of row-
bust figure under a gay sailor jacket.
The transition from long, lingering
nnil naiiiful sickness to lobust health
maiksan epoch in the life ofthein-
dl vt mil. sue l a romniKiiuie event
is 1 1 ensured in the memoiy and the
ii eiicy whereby the good health has
i 3 1 tutuipcd is giealiuny uiesseu.
He. co it is '.iat so much is heard in
ii,. i'e of Electric Ditle-s. So many
iel t'.iev owe their restoration to
l"a).li. to the use of the Great Al-
I -..he and 'I'on'c. If you are
. ou'j'ed with any di-ease of Kid
H2VS Liver or Stomach, of long or
short standing you will surely find
relief by use of Electric Bitters.
Sold at oOc. and 1 per bottle at Dan
iel J. Fiy's Drugstore.
The telegraph, telephone and elec
tric light companies of New Yoik
city, come down as easily as their
"When all other remedies fail, Ore
gon Kidney Tea comes to the front
lino it true, faith. ul friend. For Kid
ney and urinary tumbles, such as
pain in the back, mucous and milky
discharg's, brick dust deposit in the
urine, loss of appetite, weakness,
and general debility, Oregon Kidney
Tea has no equal. It never fails
and being of purely vegetable com
position docs not inline the .system.
Sold by D. W. Mat"hcw3.
P-robably tho most wide-awake
class of people in this country are
tho young fathers who have been
blessed with twins.
Alwajs Young.
Why Is my wlfo so pieclous in my sight?
1 It bevaue In r ejos ino always blight.
Aim kiiii'u mm mouuMY uiu in iieraiiv
Neither, believe mo. thotiiili flic's fiy fair.
hliewiys,aml vi sltwithnue.il nest dfctlen:
"This iruiwliij; old, I Unci, U nil auction,
Since loittme sent inc. Tuvoiltu I'lOscilp
tlon."' Dr. Pierce's fimous lcmedv of this lvnno
If, Indeed, a peileit upcclllc. lor "lonmlo
weak no
and Kindled ailments, lly
Cle.tncthellor, stomach, bowels and
whole (jsicm u using Dr. Pi Ice's Pellets
A disgruntled Georgian says that
with mustard plaster and two
green tiles, he can produce the cli
mate of Floilda.
A gentleman who'had sufl'ered
gicat annoyance and pain from llar
bers I teh, and who had been treated
by the best physicians, without re
lict, says that two bottles of Dutard's
Specific cured him and left his face
perfectly smooth, without a scar. It
never falls in skin diseases. Sold by
D. XV. Mathews.
The common needle-threader,
which every one has seen for sale,
and which every woman Uses, was
a boon
to needle-users. The man
who invented It has an Income of
$! 1,000 a year front bis invention.
If you are nervous or irritable, feel
languid, dispirited, or if you have
sick headache, sallow complexion,
or olleiislve breath, then votir liver
is out of oulcr mid needs rousing.
li. Henley's Dandelion Tonic rc
stoies the liver to healthy action and
l""s, P the entire system. Sold bv
I). W. Mathews.
Tho iiiilot-p.)lnteil borow has pro
thuvil niuio woaltli than most bllver
initios, and the Coiiiioolieut mini
who IIM thought of niittliiK connor
,:,. .. ,i, , , , . ,, , . ,
lips on tho toos of ohllilron's shoos.
w well ott n If ho hil inhoiltcd
i?i,,Wtfloool for thal'H tho amount hb
i iiioa n:ts roanoil tor him in oohi,
, olaiuniy i-olu,
ukak.nixs Can't iii: Ci-uku bv
Hhm nptilleatiniis, us they osumot
lvaeli the di-annl nortion of the
nir. mere i only one way to euro
ilwifnivs, tuul thut is liv eoiibtltu. '
ltd.,, i I..,. .... li... i.... , .
......... n.uu-,,,1-,, lA'iiiuess IB Oituscil
navea riimliliiii' Miii.nl ,r I.,,.
l'IoxhI deafness Is the nnlt, and un-
' Ul? Hiininatlou can bo taken
ii nun nils tulH. retoivd to Its nor-.
mal condit on. ln-.rln.. u-ni i.i...1
troyed forevecr; nine kks out of
ten aiv csuisotl by catarrh, which Is
miiiiiK oiii an iniinnicd ctmdition
')f the mucus nirf.uvs.
UlUcils klirfii'.iM
We Will uivoniH. I.i.lr...l .iti
iL-':s (. ToIw. O.
-.. y wnigpiHUs 76c. 1,
' y mi innaineii condition of tho niu- "0"' oaieiu; eignty acres rich land,
ens linlni ot tho eiiftnchlan tube. NJVtu ' from Salem, $l ikm
., uen uiis uuie uvts Inllanied von "l'L i uuir ntinnivii acres eleven
Matthews & Ainswdrth,
Office Over Capital National Bank,
civo ttPi-o lots iii tlic beautiful "Garden City addition to Salciii," just east of the city.
' ' m .'. K,.KZl Home sites!' Call early and get your choice, Yo will sell
city and suburban lots and farms
r J. SH AW, attorney nt lnw, S.ilcm, Ore
" con. Ulllco lip-stalls In the l'utton
"jTTtennin'c.s n. n. s.-DENTisr
OfllCOlll tlie iNC'W lilllK U1I1UK. V-"l"
cot, Snloni. Sign of
. .1. HTSTccOT
iii, has located
Squlie Knrmr'H
illbci'cs a spec
1 2-21(1 w
' t
r i ' ..ii
, ..ce ,i
1J C.
t . eml 1
ic)o :- cf
'l'OC UAlMlEIl
Co i i. Willinnko
i'iyl 13 on type
i .i- ('ono. Olllco
with I
Coliinic.cl. I St., UU
stalls, 2ve. n nlc
ALTVE1.0IK3I:n. is," I. O. (). !'.
U Iii Ot 1 .'ellm. 'if "I upstairs.
omi.i.ic . i eun l ci y
licets, oury bat-
urdrvn . J . m.
Sccictaiy. N.
New Butcher Shop
No, 216 Commercial Street
ITnvn nnpnrrl tin 1 flrst-elnss butcher shot)
at the above location, wheie they will be
pieascu to serve tno peopio wim ino
of nil kinds that tho market nlloitls.
1 o them n call and be convinced of the
superloilty of their meats.
SGooii3 dellvciedfree.
If you do, call at the
In the opera house block, where you can
get a good clean meal at any tlmool day or
this rcMnurant is miner new manage
ment and biitlsfuctlon Is gtuunnteed. Ev
erything is In llist-class shape.
Mr. mid Mrs. S. E HOWARD,
Tho New .Managers.
lly lcpiperlng and decorating your resi
dence, t'or material go toSaigeant's Va
ilety Store, who carries tho latest styles
and patterns In Wall Paper, llordeis and
Decorations, l'apcr trimmed lreo of charge.
A tine lino of
always on hand, besides a lai go assortment
of new goods too numerous to mention
Variety Stoic, Commercial St., Salem.
1(11 U(
- - 575,000
- - 10,000
Capital Paid up,
- President.
- - Cashier.
W.T.Gray, W. W. Martin. -
J. M.Marllu, U.S. Wallace.
Dr. W. A.Cuslek. J. H. Albei t.
T. McK. l'utton.
To niriners i wheat and other market
able produce, ismslsm-d or in store,
cither In nrlMitogiiixarlesor
lmbuo warehouses.
Slate and Couulv W.i ,,i($ BooM at 1'ar.
niM!0un,lHl nt rea!'
iisonnblo rates, limns
unmu uireci oil ie
KmneNcw, Poniami.
ow ioik,Clilcai:o,.san
, London, Parls.llerllu."
llong Kong and Cilcutto.
In North Salem
,r , . .
, ,UsU ,uul ,ot corner Marion and
I.ltli blisi.11 i nfi. r... .,.
;"" v' i "imwrai t'luiu llll es
WK' l'ursaloby '
- -""i-iNfc,
ft J.H c
aUU "
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"&itX by n w MaUig
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of all descriptions.
Tho Salem 1!)
Have removed to building adjoining
Thompson' jewelry store on
Commercial street.
Titles Investigated.
Money to Loan.
Land for Sale.
Houses for Rent
Paint Shop
No. '2oi J Commercial, St.
House and Carriage Painting,
Sign writing, Paper hanging and
decorating, Wall tinting and kal
somining executed in tlie latest
Experienced Workmen Employed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Call and see us before you let your
A Bargain For Somebody!!
-To Exclriingo for-
S-For particulars call at this ofllce.
The Whlttaker Store
properly. Call on
for sale. Good
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nThi?,l&V.l.!..e.l ,he bot rpS "
SllYJ C"ruer b, nd Commercial
P. L,
Real Estate Agents.
Oregon House!
Corner Mill and Summer Sts.,
The building formcily occupied by the
IlojV Hoarding Hull has been thoroughly
renovated iind lelltted and Is now opened
to tho general public:
Board per meal g
Ilonultiml lodging per day jiu)
Hoard and lodging per week 100
Fico transportation of passengers and
tinncrnirc to and from denot.
oo-o- ,. -r .,..-,. , .
II. J.
E9iiA.nr, t-roprietor.
B oarderSI
i nVono
to board at a quiet
A and cozy place, will And the object ol
"clr search, at
Cor. Chemckcto and Liberty Sts., Balem,
Where a lew select boarders can secure
Northern Pacific
And nil points East via
The Northern l'ncinc railroad Is the only
lino running Passenger trains, Second claa
sleepeis (lreo of charge) Luxuriom Dar
coaches, j'ullmnu Palace Sleeping Can,
Palaco Dining Cars, (meals 75c) from Port
land to tho eubt.
See that your ticket read via the Northern
Paelllo railroad and avoid the
chango of cars.
Leavo Portland at 8 a. m.and &J.
daily arrive ut Minneapolis or St. Paul ai
0.05 p.m. .
rAciFjc division.' rrnins ieav ri"j
...... vjr niii-fi uuiiv ill li.tx, ... j"i -.
I). Ill Arrlvnnt Tni-oinunt 7:10 p ma
n.nl 1 n.HAn. r1r.ll.. r. I I R? n TYI
1:0 a in ai rivo Seattlo 0:25a m and9:33'
rri,innfrii iiiiii.i..n liiiinm Kinpnlni! Cars,
elegiuuday coacnes, flneht palace dlolnc
cai-h between Portland, Tncoma and bcauw
dliect. Daily service. A. D. OHAIUiTOS
Ahht. Gen'l hiss. Agent, 121 First St., cor.
Washington St., Portland, Oregon.
Depot Corner First undQ Streets. ,
Ono hundred acres of extra clear land,flJ
lor dividing up into small tracts, U oniJ
three fouiths of a, mile from balem po"
olllce. Prlco $85 per acre. . ,,,.,P
For Bargains
Family Groceries Provisions, Fruits
Commerolul Street, SaleiWi01"'
, Country produce of all kinds alway
liund.- If you hnvonot traded with 2
foie.I respectfully solicit o trial bele"
I can hult you both in prices and quaw
lllacksmlih nnd Wagon maKer. -Knight
is now fully cublU.usdat " "Ja
A"""? " ''uc"y. P"?u."i" ,nkket
Liberty Htreet. lie ur,
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nut. I,, iiu nrt and in
spi-c-lalty of dUKiMH of horde's feet.
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Kruulc Lynch luu charge of 'nerSS
Mt.rliuent and iloe a :euenl rp!3
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