Evening capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1888-1893, March 20, 1889, Image 4

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jTcciUI of tfec Daily Daioss CpHod Frtm
Various Surtes.
ippenlngOlver Hie City nn.l .News
From the Country.
Hrt fpptr li OrtRe:
lit looking over one ol our old
newspnper nic-4 n few days hIiicc, wc
found under tho dale of May, 1810,
the following notico of u newspaper
4luhlliliinciit for Orcffeii:
"The prlntiiiK I"-19 WJI,t out t0
Oregon, some time since, bus arrived
at its destination III wifely. A letter
from the mayor of Oregon City, ud
drwHt'd to the editor of the New
Vonl Commercial Advertiser,
tliaiikhiK Id'" for procuring and for
warding the press and other ma
terial, nayn-'Wu will have a meet
ing on the third of December 181.5
when the views of HiibscrilMirs will
Ikj ohtalned, and. If It I decided
that ii pniHrr Ikj Issued In Oregon, we
will wt about It at once; our list of
subscribers will lie very small anil
xH.'HMfH very heavy ul llrst. i
think It Hhould be called tho Orejjon
Commercial Advertiser, as you have
taken no much trouble- In procuring
im ho good an luwortment, and I per
irlve, made no charges for your
The paer wan Issued on thofith
of February, 1810, Col. W. O.
T'Vaiilt, editor, and John Flem
liiLMiiibllMlicr, nud was called tho
Oregon Spectator. Robert Newell,
J. K. Long and J. W. Nemnlth were
the directors.
Some Ute Xew.
Tho two or three appended Items
are from paper published a good
many years ago, and will be of Inter
est to very many. Time works
At Oysterville, Ywiulna Ray, Ogn,
rfept. 0, nt mid-day. f;y Kwijilre Sob
l)oIge, Mr. Charles D.iy. of Oyster-
wan of the Chetcoc tribe, blots
Agency. "Two hearts blended In
one." No cards.
The above Is from the Corvallis
Gazette, of September 15, 18G0. W.
JJ. Carter, editor.
Norfnlk, Va., Mav ll.-IiOto yes
terday afurn.mi. tl.egrand jury of
lllO UIIIHJU OUIlcu uuou. -----
brought in a true bill against Jeller
son Davis for treason, and the Court
adjourned to meet on the first Tues
iliivof June, at Richmond. Judge
Underwood went North last night
carrying a copy of the Indictment.
The aboyo we clip from tho State
Uights Democrat, Albany, May 19,
It is with profound sensiblliy that
we have to chronicle tho decease or
Andrew Johnson, Into President
of the United States, who died at
Greenville, Tennessee, ou Thursday,
the liJth tilt., aged GO years, ills
death at tills time is a national cal
amity and ii soro allllctlon to the
lieoplo or Tennessee, who were look
ing to him to lead tlieni from their
worse than Egyptian bondage.
Weekly Democratic Press, Salem,
March 21, 180U Rorlah Rrown editor.
T KnUrcf cil Hrk.
Beginning with next Monday the
Uvuxi.vo Jomi.NAi. will lie enlarged
to uneven column paper. This will
Ik) n great Improvement III tho
jHiper, us II will give us e(ual to one
full iMigo more matter than wo at
present oan run. Also tho Vi:i:iu,y
JouitNAl. with tlm issue of next
wrok will be enlarged and other
wise Improved. Now Is the thno to
ntlwctlbo for tho.10 editions.
Wenre forging ahead rapidly and
to-day this piix'rgow to very many
more hniiHuholds than it ever did
heroic. The Joimi.nai. is on ou the
top wave of summs mid is still
booming. We need your subscrip
tions, as wo wish to place tin- bent
paper III tho county In your homes.
Consider this, you who receive a
ropy and arc not Mihicrlhois. Mer
chants Oil n do no better than to
place their ads. with us. Let her
Loom I
A I'rcCMtlH.
Potatoes are now so cheap that a
caution needs to lw given against
feeding them in largo quantities to
ttilli.lirmvH. A few (lililV Will do
good, especially if the cow other
wise lias dry and constipating food.
Rut potatoes do not make rich milk.
The root has no fat In it, and so
does not make butter, except that
dry, crumbly sort manufactured in
tho cow from its starch, and being
really a cow-made oleomargarine.
lulni Mill Ulr.
Tnilns are still running ou wild
time. Tills iimrnlng tho I'.ugeno
cxpross uhiiio In ou tho overland's
lime. I ho road In the mountain
divisions f coins to U In order oneo
iliuru. Tho lul accident was at Del
ta. Dill yotileitlay throe engine
and h Initio crow of workmen labor
ed nil day to gel tho engine
of Mondiiy's south-bound pus
Miiitvr tmlu on tho track. It had
loft the mils mi a curve In sight of
Delta, a quailorof a inllo north of
tho town. Tho ilvcrnt Unit point
IihiI WHshwl out tlie railroad cm.
Imikmcnt initll tlio end of tho tic
pioliMjt over the precipitous hunks of
tho river. Tlio engineer stopped the
I nil II In lislTa wr length. If the
nulnc and trMlu had tint Ihk-ii under
perfect ronlrid Un-y wmilil have
"tuuged over tho Uuk Into the
river. Tho work WHHitiiiiiunird he
evening, Hiid nil the trains arc uuu
Sam:.m, March 11), '89.
In the matter or V. A. McCaity,
respondent, vs. J. R. Wlntler, ap
IK'llaut; appeal from Multiioiniih
county, motion denied for leavo to
Ic transcript, but court further or
dered that tho mandate bo recalled
unless tho respondent should annul
(lie Item of iS'il damages previously
allowed by the court.
Salem, March ill), l&SD,
(iraut county, appellant vs. J.ake
county respondent, and Grant coun
ty, respondent vs. Lake county,
imhcllant, anneal from Klamath
county, argued and submitted C. A.
Cogswell attorney for Lake county.
Zoru Snow attorney for Grant
Kuuud buul Mall.
Wo nre now getting our California
mall by way of Ogden and the
Short Lino. This makes the mall
several days behind time but we get
11 with considerable regularity.
The route Is a round-about one hut
It accomplishes Its ohject.
Thr ,Sd I'ullrn.
Roth tho Willamette and Corval
lis government snagboats were In
tho stream at Salem tliisuiorulm..
They me working up and down t lit
river keeping the channel clcir.
The Willamette Is moving rook fi-om
the mouth of the Luckliimut
the revetment at Corvallis,
Horses for Die Mlj and Electric
Lights to Horn all Ms1'1-
The city council conducted their
regular meeting last night and much
business of ail important character
was transacted.
The committee on streets and
public property recommended the
construction of a sower through
block five.
Committee ou fire and water
favor Chas. Hellenbrand's Ice house
removal. .
Capital Engine company naked
the council to procure a team to be
ucd In cases of fire.
A proposition was read from Tiger
Engine company stating that they
would purchase n team and harness
nt their own expense, providing the
city would furnish stabling and a
mnii to take care ot tho horses.
A petition asking leave to close up
Liberty street between Trade and
Ferry was referred to the committee
nn HircetH mid nubile property.
Petition asking n sewer construct
ed through the alley In blocK iU,
referred to the committeo on streecs
and public property.
Petition for bridge across ami
creek on Mill and Church streets
referred to committee on streets and
public property.
Potiton askim: that Liberty street
between Ferry and Trade, bo order
ed opened; referred to committee ou
streets and public property.
The mayor reported having made
n contract with Thos. Holnian for
electric lights as follews: lleglu
nlnir Atirll 1. lfifiO. and ruiniliii: to
...... ..,,-.- -, --.f-j ---
Sontembcr 1, 1889,
midnight at $9.50 per month each
In the matter of building a bridge
on the extension of Center street to
Asvluin avenue, the street commis
sioner was empowered to act with
the county authorities in such con
Tkf xw Bot fr tke I'FP" P'1'"
Work on the O.K. & N.'b new
.. !. A.r ho nnner river Is oe-
Ing pushed ahead as rapidly ns It is
possible. The hull is bhiii- .
!,i(n,i wth milv the decking to be
put down. The lower walls are up
and soon the cabin will be erected.
No machinery will bo put into her
until all the wood work Is done.
As she now stands ou the ways in
the yard she resembles to a remark
able degree, so far as built, the An
nie Faxon, at present running on
the Upper Columbia aad Snake riv
..... rm, now Bti-nnior will bedoue
by the middle of April, and will at
once be put on the upper vt.u.
,te t.
I'rrhrl 'r trim.
At Drtllttsovorythliig uwvi mi
hmwI. Tli pMlliulimry cuilim
tlou o O. P. ItaMhUUty ihhim to
uiofpiw afteriMMin, and invpwtloiiii
fw It mm now umWr vy Mm,
lUwnlWy, UU wlfo, unultt her tlrvl
iWtt IMIUs IimIhv to mh him.
KJie will huiMlu for the oAmuliw
five mrii, thrwuif whom urw arinwl
Hlth WliiehtwtorH.
Mr. RetinUloy wkamvii uot night
III IllM lutUMt Of UlO JdUK.NAI hut
bfiymtliuit to Ut mute on ih. niw
JCt Of llltt fctHi lUMtlllg. lit) diHW,
nowevcr, wuwrM ipiltu favly on
oilier tophi, Imt kwiim to Ih u i4kIik1
down hyngrt tnmltlti. Coutliu.
uwnt mid MHxMy aw living ukui
him, ami he UU wmry and iorn.
IriMn ( Wmprallti, Ut,
ArtMw of lueiirpomthm vro
AW Mlthtlwmwtary of tte to
dayiw f4WM: The"DUy lIom
vt Ht PortUml. Tlw olet of the
IweorpowttoM u to twrv for 1hhiiiUm
clilWrtiH, 4. Tht iiriuoiiOd mtUw
vttl U Ih Itiut INirtUml, Hd Uw
totuiwHy UmII evw lx iwmUrki.
J. V. Knr, J hum AImmImiiw and A.
I. Kmmmu kk the ImwiHHNtoni.
(tulik Ju.llrt.
ICato Rarkcr and Pearl Dm-
inoiid, who; hang out at the Toot or
State street, were ouch fined $5 and
civ.th for their demonstrations of
puullMIc powers. Old Kuto pti,l
lier Houieiu, but the Pwil of
xrct priiv WttsglwiKjiutrici-Hiuilie
iwunty Jail until such k thm. ,,s the
tine luUht have Uvn -mrvvA out.
let HriH, Mr.Uillijkfr.
Swlem rvolestatoineu and cltUens
Kuiorttllyim(llspluyin simp In
their manner of pushing matters
tlwt U quite wttmctlvo, at loa.st to
newsptiper nien.-lKuuiH.-rut.
a niu uiy itM.
Mill City cornwDoiulmit
mo i).uiiiK'rt Niys the lmnUr shljv
ped (hHii Mill City fort he week end
ink' Friday evening, Maroli 15th, was
17 cur loads 87.1HIS fivt.
M -
nw.t su
It U reiwrtwl that u survey is U
lllC lllildtt Ittttu-iMui lr....nt ....
JuueUou aty ptvpamtory to the eot-
i:hhou of tlio Wet Side to the Ut
ter olty.
For your Paints, Oils, etc., go to
Gilbert & Patterson's. d-lm
Painless dental operations at
Dr. T. C. Smith, 92 Stale street, tf.
Wheat is only G7 cents, at Cor
vallis. Salem and Albany still
quote it at 70.
Tlio overland got in this morn-
Inirat 11:;S0. The truck is now all
right mid twins will soon he ou
time ns usual.
Two new men for the pen nre
G. Wukcfoi d and 11. A. Thompson.
Tucy are lor two yeau each and
conic from Poitland.
The six steamers of the upper
Willamette have engaged ahead for
ii period of four weeks till they can
possibly handle, says tho Telegram.
San Francisco business men and
travelers aro becoming weary of tlio
delay In establishing double tram
service between that city and Port
land. Wilte- llo'.vcw.is released from
Jail yesterday, UU term having ex
pired. He hud gheu liquor to
minors hut s.iys liu will no so no
The cao of smallpox mi tin
ste.tiner Columbia turns out to no
dimply varioloid, and the quaran
tined p.Ksongers havo hopesof being
released the latter part of this week.
The uc.enger engines on the
MsKlyou division of the S. P. will
soon hi displaced by new ones hav
ing more power, and also larger
driving wheels, so that better time
may lo made on (he valley section
of the road.
Oregon oll'or, untold induce
ments (o the liuiiilgriinl. Tlio Wil
lamette valley Is tlio let part ot
Oregon. Of this garden spot Salem
is tho center. In Salem Is the ..m...
cry store of Souirv Knrmr wi,....
prices are always low and goods as
1rniiltH.fIi?).!lcrw' , m,lcs p-
.. . ..... ... i nn minify, i acres
it vultlni kin, Uijatuv timber, good
Ed. JouitNAM-There Is nothing
more strange and unaccountable
(!,.., tlm lilstorv of cures. Whoever
has lived and observed and remem
bers, knows this is so. "We all
i-nnw tlmt the recular school for
practitioners repudiates to-day tho
orthodox treatment oi miy j"
n Tf nnv ono doubts this just let
him take any great authority of
that 82hool, published forty years
ago, or even later, and read the
nrwfrlhpd modus operandi. It is
bleeding and calomel, more or less of
one or the other for every' ease, bo
much for that. Who does not
know of the strange and singular
remedies for diseases which often
nmvn to he a success. Forty years
ago every case of tho homoepathic
practice was the theme ol euuiess
ridicule. To-day the school of
Hahneman ranks as high as auy in
public esteem. Forty yeara ago
everv caso that uieu unuer mai
from dusk to practice was denounced us murder,
and the law was cauea ou 10 inter
fere. Not long ago a young girl was re
ported as curing Infants of diseases
after the physicians had given ud
the cases. She operated along the
streets and in the houses of the poor
in New York City, and by prayer
alone. So much was s.iid that the
N. Y. Truth, an infidel paper,
sent out reporters and agents to
watch and expose. They went to
laugh and returned to pray. They
solemnly declared that the girl with
out money cured hundreds on hun
dreds of Infants. For days they
walked with her. This was a
matter of notoriety. So many peo
ple were cured by tho touching pro
cess in Virginia by a simple old man
that Don Piatt, the famous writer
who baa sneered at it and cited it us
a proof of human folly, was convert
ed and declared publicly, "It is
time to cease laughing and to
seriously inquire how these things
are done." To the wi iter's certain
personal knowledgo nn old man In
an obscure corner has cured many
cases of cancer after they had been
abandoned by eminent physicians.
lie never takes a cent, never sees a
patient, merely exclaims on hearing
the name and one or two trilling
facts, "'loll him ho will get well
that he will suller more than oyer
for a week or two, but bo patient."
These me facts known to hundreds
in each neighborhood where the
patients have lived. Finally there
is a peculiar, very rare ease of dis
ease which causes a nervous twitch-
ng ui the muscles around the eves.
and the eyes to open and close in-
voluntarily. No remedy has ever
been found for it except to wear in
the hut. Just abovo the rim. tin.
rattles of ii rattle .simko. Who can
account for this? Jut now Chris
tian Science is the bote noir, the
abomination of the regular profes
sion. They have sworn eternal
vengeance against it and aro moving
in every state to net laws made
w men indirectly aim to put an end
Wide Avenues, Beautiful Lay of land, Full lots,
Magnificent Yiew, and Perfect Drainage.
Corner Lots unly $30(
Inside Lots Only $20(
These nre positively the best lots for tho money that can be bought J
. . .. ii.. .n.. .v.ifa tIia tnie.t hns been nlatted and ti.o ...
joining ie cii.j' uiiiiK.. --- - - - ... ure
choice lots. Anticipate the coming Doom vim a
By Buying Lols.In The
Represented By
They Also Have a
Not advertised, which they ofler at the very lowest prices, and ltd
.... 1.nal.n iMnwAwJ-v frit nnln n a wi 11 I
every one na nig jnujn.-ii.j' iui buiu uuu uu
Office in Armory Building, State
lllilv fttll
111 Xorlli
limiui ut inn
OlirifulllS nut inn
anumi uii
W.L1.IS ATtiii
Two wirner lo'ts
near tho
list Of
W, Stuto St.
Nfr NtiirlH.
Comiuissloiwof notary public vt
.j ,.,, ijouiiT..Miinorand
(WrseL. IWokol, Portland; Georw
ICaot I'ortland. '
1 !wi.iU, Hill,
utmuino new
nd n tint- urtMt r tnufe ynip, t
W'-l..' i x.
ia. 1AJ
kixxl tl
tru- Kxlnw.-, the bet In the u
- t-f
TCSVIi l SHI'S HKuUliJ iil"C??J ,Ji"0-. SUIHHM-
...... 1'iiu tin UHU
to the i.r.alice. The wise old regn
lar kiitinx that there isno infallible
practice; and that eccentric cures
are often made. Iu fllct ,e tmws
from all xyMeins. Cure is his object.
He also knows tlmt thisfoohsh light
is the very making of the practice
it Is made atiilnst, tho hot adver
tisement In the world.
For himself the wrltor f...i n...i
when ill nothing helps hh,i but
brandy, iiulnlne, opium, blister and
freely blood luttiiiL'. But h h,,
kuow tnuie are iieoplomore ethereal
whom one doso for himself would
kill. Let them Ihj cured by lmpr.
Blon, by iutlnlteslmal doses, by
miiRiietlo currents. One man's
meat Is another's poison,
by all drugsUtx.
r-n MMiHMiMkw nn be pnrfd
1100 Excellent vacant lot one-half block from Capitol building.
$2100170 feet frontage on Center Street near East Salem scha
This week only.
?1000 Corner lot on Center street, near East Bohool.
i?l(500 Quarter block on Chemokete street. Centrally located.
Lots In jriLL ADDITION: on Commercial and Front StwJ
Only six blocks from tho Dank Block. Prices very low for a few
Street Hallway construction on North Commercial street to be
once, which will pass throuch Mill Addition. An Tm factory hi'
located near this addition honn. finmi wnim- Umnfo nn two si
Natural drainage. Choice building sites. Ask for prices.
A 1 vm l r-.ua C?. . .. .. ll.-l ..ln.
......,.,i.-iui-.. coiras; sireec railway line; exceneui vicn, -
lots; central location; High and dry, and in every way choice LulM
property. 150 to 500 per lot, and liberal rebate on completion off
iiciice ouiiuiug.
I.A. MANNING, Real Estate And Insurance Bn
Successor to MOORES & MANNIO,
317 Commercial Street, Salem, Oregoii.
for oS&i10"80 a,nd lot ou Commercial St., tacin; Marlon Bq
not i2L??2B?.pn lot n Church St. A more desirable locaUoa (
,lVV, ,uvwij- xiuru iinisu inrougnout.
.i.iJTporoerloU in North Salem. npr linn nf Street Hall
o. duc ioia io. '
Wrk'lit'a Ciimviiin.( v.... . .. S7'2.VI Ji i.i i ...... . li
T.r. h'.KJSSSf Sffi-s, 3"wn
., vi, ironi me it blotch or lu'n ana tlnegarden lnnd
Pimple to th.taW.iWoMouilOK, W500-1V f! rr" ? .,.!...
- - . vli n iii'iii h an a.. Aiiiniitinn b-mii iou c '
-""v uluCKIini nmmapnnl 2t Bnnlh NOIPTT1.
5s00 Quarter block m Rnnn, at... A.i i... wh .rd and'
barn?7l3iaere30nHowenPnUrlollraes from town- jjj
barn and orchard. No flner garden land around Salem than this