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Recital ofllie Daily Doings Compiled From
Happenings Over tlic City and
From the Country.
Three Hills City Items.
From the Albany Democrat we
glean tbe following uows items con
cerning Mills City:
If the eastern peoplo would know
Low beautiful a climate wo Lave
hero at the foot of the Cascade moun
tains, In a year's time Mills City
would have thousands of people.
Cutting railroad wood for tbeO.
P. seems to bo a good occupation up
in our country. Hundreds of. cords
are piled up along tbo track and lots
more is cut daily.
This district is making prepara
tions to build a school house. Mr.
Bice has donated them an acre of
land and tbo citizens of Mills City
are clearing the ground,
house will be erected in
A school
the near
A Good Increase.
As anticipated in the Jouhnal
eoveral days ago, the census of the
Salem school district shows a flatter
ing increase of population during
1888. The census just completed by
David Simpson, school clerk, gives
the number of voters lu the district
1690 as against 1217 last year; tbe
number of persons between tbe
ages of 4 aud J20 years, 2311, (males
1111, females 1200), as against 2006
lust year, (males 053, females 1050);
total population, 10,113, as against
8,130 last year. At this rato of in
crease it will not 'bo many years
beforo Salem Is a city of no mean
proportions. The immigration is
steady and sure, not a few coming
in every day.
Tlie Stage of Water.
Sleambouting on tlio Willamette
continues to uo carried on with dif
ficulty, tlio water being very low.
Tho Occident came down last night
.and loft this morning down tho
river. Site took down 100 tons of
lumber, rock, potatoes and oats, and
had to refuse fifty tons of flour and
aborts from tliu mill, as she could
not cross tho shallow points witli
heavier burden. Tlio customary
ruins do not appear and in conse
quence tbo water continues low.
There lu no scarcity of freight.
Hatters In Probate,
in Probate court this morning the
walo of tho Joint Hughes property
to Sophia Hefty for $1025 by the
administrator, David Simpson, was
John A. Mann was appointed
guardian of Henry, Albert, Lo"'ls,
"William and llnttlo Maun, minors.
His bond was Hied and accepted in
tbe sum of $850.
' T. A. Howard was appointed ad
ministrator of tlio estate of D. C.
Howard, deceased.
Aa Immigrant t'oaxer.
Oregon ought to have double its
present population. What has
kept it down? Certain old, slow,
pokey, conservative views of a few
old settlers; of a few, notofall, and
a natural timidity as to investments.
The same influence has kept back
News many regions, but it cannot last.
Just let Salem gird up its lions and
"pitch In." Let every householder
send newspapers to Eastern friends
and tho results will soon ho seen
and felt. We publish the Journal
especially to inducesettlement hero,
but if our people squirm and pinch
and and say "wo take one paper al
ready" what can vou expect? It
makes us fairly sick to hear men
make such excuses when we are
doing so much and hove no interest
at all compared with them. Men
owninar land In this recion are tak
ing but one copy of our paper. Five
copies of our weekly will cost but
ten cents per week to the subscriber.
Five business houses of one little
town in Kansas took five hundred
copies of a paper started there at
two dollars a year for each copy.
We do not know of a single busi
ness house in Salem taking live
copies of our dollar weekly I ! What
Is the matter ? Compare tho Jour
nal with any other papor. We
know this is not our fault. Come
in and order five copies at least to
bo sent abroad. We will see to tho
Tbe State Orange.
Salem will have tho pleasure the
latter part of May of entertaining
an honored body of guests, as tho
Oregon Stato Grange will convene
on tho fourth Tuesday of May in
Salem. California will bo represent-'
ed with a delegation of about forty
or more, of tho. wealthiest and most
influential farmers and patrons of
tlio state. These excursionists ex
pect to visit in Oregon two weeks.
Would it not bo well for the differ
ent boards of trade and immigration
to plan for their entertainment? All
should unite in these courtesies
and make jt pleasant for these visi
tors from our sister state and from
the different parts ot our own Ore
gon, and thus advertise tho wortli
and beauty of our stato.
Petitions For Some New Sewcrs-
Electric Lights.
Too lllg a Dose.
A uitl7.cn of North Salem, being a
little under tlio weather, asked a
friend what to do for himself. Tlio
friend advised him to get ton cents
wortli of poke roof and make tea of
it and use. He complied and drank
a pint of tho beverage. All night
long he was thinking of going to tho
promised land, In fact thought he
was going, but did not. Wliun ho
met Ills friend lie asked tlio size of
the doso, and was told a tablespoon
Atl three times per day.
Almost a Klre.
At noon tho fire bell was sounded
and tho department was well on Its
way to tho scene of tliu conflagra
tion when "live bells" announced
that tho lire was out. Tho fire was
at the residence of O. C. Chase, near
the Central school house. Tho
building is owned by Mrs. Leslie
and there was small damage. A
liolo was burned through tho roof.
Tie Ung KeriYil.
This lias been announced as tho
last week of tho ovangolistlo ser
vice of tho young revivalists, Studd
and Burke, who have conducted a
happy and successful dousou of meet
ings at the Presbyterian church in
Utia city, There will bo preaching
every evening this week except Sat
urday. The attendance is good and
tho interest is Increasing dally.
CiTaleeeat TlUj.
.Mlas Anna O'Douald wan taken
suddenly 111 last night, but her
many friends will be pleased to learn
that she Is recovering nicely to-day
and is on tho road to recovery.
A I'ostal Kurd.
Agent Skinner at tlio depot this
morning showed us a postal out of
his many letters of inquiry for the
prico of tickets from Salem to all
parts of tbe world. Tho card ran
as follows .
Mr. Agent Origan and slthern
Pereiflc, Salem, Origan, Dear Sir .
Pleaso tell mo what tlio "fair" is to
"norfalk," Ncbraskay or to oma
Haw, Nebray key for to emigrate
tickets from Salem by return "Male"
and oblige, M
The writing was hardly legible,
but Mr. Skinner has had it translat
ed, and informed Ills worthy inquirer
as to tho prlco of tlio tickets to "oma
The regular meeting of the city
council was conducted nt the Coun
cil Chamber last night. Tho follow
ing proceedings were read and dene:
Hlrsch moved that the matter of
a new contract for electric lights be
taken from the special committee
and placed in the hands of tho may
or; carried.
The petition from Fred Hurst and
others for a lateral sewer through
block No. 5, to tho Court street sew
er; was refered to committee on
streots and public property.
Tho petition of Wm. Brown and
twenty-one others for an ordinance
providing for the construction of a
main sewer from the Intersection of
Winter and Ferry streets, down
Ferry to the Willamette river; was
referred to the same committee.
A petition of tho property owners
in the block was presented request
ing the dismissal of the suit pending
against Geo. F. Smith, the, city to
pay tho costs. The motion was car
ried, and it was so ordered.
Thomas JSolman submitted a
proposition to'furulsh the twenty-six
arc electric street lights now run
ning, to be kept lighted from dusk
to midnight, for $0.50 per month,
for tho two years included between
January 1, 1889, and January 1,
This matter is now lu the hands of
the mayor, and tho opiniou was ex
pressed that the lights should be
run until 2 o'clock in the morning.
The city has been paying $10.50
per month for these lights, amount
ing to $273 per mouth. The new ar
rangement will make It just $20 a
montli cheaper. All additional
lights to be paid for at $9.50 per
month each.
Bush moved that the committee on
ordinances prepare an ordinance for
a city attorney; carried.
Tho following letters remain un
called for in tlio postofllce at Salem,
Mar. 5, 1889, persons calling for the
same will say "advertised:"
dum I) Wllllam-ii Adams Itev. Wm.
Amos . m
Hns.se tt Joseph
lJiuttoa A li
Hrlnt A
ISrun.t T w
Ileal Miss
Brassier Joseph
llunn Miss Mnsslco
llalrd MlssLottle-2
C'lanter Jj'rank
Carter A K
CiirrW H
Clark John
Cnvnnmich Thomas
Collins hllzcr
A ilrldge at Stayton.
Tho Democrat says: Alox Down
ing of Linn county, opposite Stay
ton, is lu Albany with a petition for
a bridge across tho Santiain at that
place to be built jointly by Marion
and Linn counties. About four
hundred have already signed tho
petition. Tills section of tho country
is building up very rapidly and a
bridge is said to bo needed there
badly. Llun county must bo liberal
in its appropriations for bridges
Woolen Mill Meeting.
At a mooting of tho subscribers to
I ho woolen mill Btibsldy it was decid
ed to hold a meeting to-night at the
council chanibor at 7:30 o'clock for
the purposo of selecting a board of
trustees to tako charge of the funds,
etc. It Is urged that there bo a good
attendance as business of the great
est importance Is to be transacted.
A good, live set of tru itees should bo
chosen, as upon them much de
ponds. Free Dure More.
Tho two woiuen who hired a
livery rig and took a run to Dallas,
demolishing the buggy In a run
away, were acquitted. The Justice
nearu mo evidence lu tlio case,
gazed on their court plastered faces
and discharged them, no evidence
having been produced to satisfy tho
court that a crime had been commit
ted or Intended.
Adams W H
Armstro a Vu
Host Joseph
ltuu o Mrs
lloiitlcrMi-Hl.l7.zle F
liugley Kenton
llazzeli Frank Ij
IlurB Joha
lloynton U O
Drown Willis
llnrdon Geo 1
Cliantell Louis
Chittenden John II
Cosper Jno
Clark MI-8 Jessie- K
C.UIn.'jiiivnn I I
Carson Mrs K
Caldwell U II
Crolt Will
Decker II Iss Kvu
Decor " "
Klleghor Mr
1'VesuUco W
Furry Samuel
Gilliam Miss Alice
Greer James
Garrison F M
Uurthofuer Kinll
lluirnii D W
llniTlinrton A U
lluimil .MrsStorlu
Harvard I M
Hasu Nauollan
llllStlll'.'H Ia'U
llojan M F
UiMiulngs John
Jacobs lid
Jones Mattlo
Jones Kva
Kumoy I M
I. ivo Fanny M
Mnvwoll J
M.k'ioit j r.
Murphy Kllnn
" 'i'liomtts K
" lion
McGcoico It
Mi'Cnry M K
Norwood Mrs Jane
Nujh Anchle M
1'renty 1 D
l'mlln Miss
Sml h Charllo
Cupp Geo
uiutk jko '
DoVlon John
Draheln Frud
Kcklpvprccr Chas
Fuller J VV
Gentry Mrs L E
Gustofsau C F
Grunt Geo
Glusom W M
If inner Dr
Hamilton Mrs Era
a m
Ifartman Jennie
Hfobort Geo
Ilitmphtey Maaijle K
J tubb.ii i) GeoM
For your Paints, Oils, etc., go to
Gilbert & Patterson's. d-lm
For Sale A good riding pony.
Call at this ofllce. tf.
Painless dental operations at
Dr. T. C. Smith, 02 State street, tf.
Merchants are placing thelrbusl
ness advertisements in the street
cars to-day.
A nicely furnished house to
rent. Inquire at Mrs. H. Diamond,
247, Front street.
There were nine overland immi
grants arrived in tho city on the
noon train to-day. ,
B. S. Cook, manager of the Or
egon Laud Co., is in Marlon to-day
in the interest of his company.
Real estate men are doing con
siderable sight showing to-day, and
Bome heavy transactions may be
looked for.
Albany la beginning to realize
that tramps are a nuisance and the
officers are devising a means of deal
ing with them.
Mrs. Phcebe Metteer an old
pioneer of Oregon, died at her home
near Turner on Tuesday, at tho ripe
age of eighty-one.
We do wish some such
actors as Fltz Emmott or Lydia
Thompson troupe could be had hero
as well as at such towns as Pendle
ton and Baker City.
A number of foreign freight cars
em be seen passing through here
daily. This shows that a vast
amount of eastern freight is being
shipped to this part of the globe.
Wm. Brown, ofthoflrmofLunn
& Brown, remains a very sick man.
He is troubled with a rising in his
ear. Yesterday ho was improving
nicely but this morning his other
oar shows signs of rising also.
We are celebrating tho great
inauguration this weJlc by offering
special bargains ia farm and
city property. BettrttU in the
procession while fthe ,Tpicnic"
lasts. Duncan, IfeLis Booth,
09 State St.
Oregon offers untold' induce
ments to the immigrant. The Wil
lamette valley is tho best part of
Oregon. Of this garden spot Salem
is tho center. In Salem is the groc
ery store of Squire Farrar, whore
prices are always low and goods as
represented. tf.
That is a terrible habit some
newspapers have fillen Into that of
publishing some Article, seemingly
news, buNyhich winds up as an ad
vertisementVvTne readers would
llko it much jj&tor if tho papers
would make tlie plain announce
ment that "(ilierrlugtohdoes flue
photograph wrk. New Bank block,
up stairs."
Wide Avenues, Beautiful Lay of land, Full lots,
Magnificent View, and Perfect Drainage
Corner Lots Only
Inside Lots Only
These are positively the best lots for the money that can be bought ao
joining the city limits. Tho tract has been platted and there are 184
choice lots. Anticipate the coming boom with a
By Buying Lots In The
Represented By
- They Also Have a
large list of real estate
Notidvertised, which they offer at tho very lowest prices, and invite
every one having property for sale and all
Office in Armory Building, State St.,
"Wylie A. Tvloores,
Successor to MOC-BS & MANNING.
Real Estate Broker.
" DiiIhv
" D W
HjuuildlllK II II
irmphreys R
Whitney J II
Word Klla
Wllshcre VA
Thompson T C
.Tnhea Mrs May
Johimmiue John
l'inc"S'imucl li
Knlccr I'rnnklo
loioncy V A
M usher Jntn M
.Mlllor Miiry II
My res Bert
Moorhead c V
McCliiro Miss. Nornh
MoKnrlnnd Mrs J J
.Newton I. Li
Putty li K
I'errygorla David
Much Albert
Potter Minnie
Kilver Dolos
Stone W II
Huttchnto It Ij M
riynui Minute
Williamson F L
Workman A 3
Wtihstcr Munch
Volumo Mr
'r-liomni J A 2
Circuit Court.
This seems to be the long term of
circult.court, as it has already ex
tended well Into the fourth week.
In the caso of A. J. Busoy vs.
Amelia Basey a decree of divorce
lias been granted.
Commissioners' Court.
Tbo county commissioners' court
is in session this afternoon for tho
transaction of what business may
regularly como oefore them. Their
session will cover two or three days.
317 Commercial Street, Salem, Oregon. 4
A lld Cap vf CuflVe
Is a great attraction for a restau
rant. Tho cofleo drawn from Hel
lonbraud's Patent Coffee receptacle
is one of tho many Great Attrac
tions of his eating parlors. Thous
ands of cups of his excellent cofleo
are sold every week. And as for
oysters and meals he cannot bo
equaled In tho state. tf.
Wrluht'n Hop, Celery una Chamomile
Hitter U vrhrtljou tire looklnc tor If you
vruul a prupttrutlon that will tone up your
KVntom, elo you u appetite, unit Improve
the Uliroatlve onrnu. bold by 11. W. Cox
B. B. Bookman, a graduate of the
Yulu law school, was admitted upon
a certificate of the supremo court, to
practice in all the courts of tho state.
Hi the caso of A. C. Bllou et al.,
respondent, vs. Frank Paisley, ap
pellant, on appeal from Crook coun
ty, tho Judgment of tho lower court
was atllrmed. Opinion by Tlmyor,
chief justice, Strahan, justice, con
Tho caso of I. It. Dnwuon, re
spondent, vs. Charles NIokell and
M. E. Poguo, appellauts, on appeal
from Jackson county (re-hearing);
argued and submitted.
Edward P. "Wright and Delia A.
Wright appellants vs Gabriel Shlu
dler respondent, appeal from Mult
nomah Co., argued aud submitted.
Iluvtus tried tho effects of the concen
trated extract of Qretrou Kidney Tea, we
cheerfully bear vrltneas to its benenclul
agency lunribctlonof the digestive orsuns,
It is simply, safe and sure; It Is cosily
taken fend restores healthy vitality to tho
onrans It l intendfed toonerute uiwrn with
Some one has wittily said ot mar
rlege: "Sheckles with shackles that
are misfits are worse than poverty
worse oven than charity. On the
other hand, shackles without sheck-
els are equally uneudurablo."
Edtor (to gentleman just arrived):
"Wo don't want any poetry." ..
Gentleman: "No?"
Editer: "Nor prose."
Gentleman: "No?"
Editer: "Nor blank verse."
Gentleman: "How would a two
dollar bill suit you for a year's sub
scription iu advance?"
'Editer: "Why, my dear sir, why
didn't you say so at flrst?J' (To of
fice boy) "James, glvo this geutlo
nirtii couple of chairs and the floor
for his tobacco juice."
AN eminent physician says: A
healthy liver secretes ?from two to
three pounds of bile1 every twenty-
four hours and disposes of this se
cretion where it will do tho most
good. Bome of the people we have
met lately evidently do the secretive
act, but fall to got rid ot the surplus,
and when ltaccumulatcs thoy aro
likely to write us something like
this: "Stop my paper. You didn't
mention my sow having pigs last
week. I will pay the Ave years'
subscription I owo when I prove up
on my timber claim." Ex.
2100 Good house, and lot on Commercial St., facing Marion Square,
for only a short time only.
$2500 House and lot on Church St. A more desirable location can
not be found In tho city. Hard finish throughout.
$200 Corner lots In North Salem, near line of Street Eailway. In
side lots $150.-
$7250 4J blocks adjoining tho Woolen Mill site. Good house and
barn, houso has eight hard finished rooms. Good well of water. Well
set to fruit and fine garden land.
$4500 Ten acres on Howell Pralre road adjoining Parrish's addition
to Salem. Good house and barn and large orchard, small truit etc.
$1750 Five acres on John Baker road.
$550 Quarter block on Commercial St., South Salem.
$800 Quarter block ir. South Salem, good house, orchard aud barn.
$425013 acres on Howell Prairie road IJ miles from town. House,
barn and orchard. No finer garden land around Salem than this place.
Formerly of Moores &
Up Stairs Over T. Holverson's Store,
Owlnc to this changeable climate, tt Is
difficult to preserve a fair complexion and
$12000. Thirty-seven acres choice
land i mile from Salem; for .a few
days only. ,
$0250. Quarter block on Com
mercial'street, for fifteen days only.
On one of the beat corners on Com
mercial street.
$1650. Two acres, well improved
with house, fruit, one thousand
strawberry plants, etc. Fine bargain
$7500. Forty acres best vacant
laud near Salem. Adjoins land
held at $300 per acr. This week
$750 Vacant lot 50x165. feet on
State street, near tho railroad. Fine
Lots in Queen Anne addition, the
best property around Salem.
Safe investment. Desirable
homes. See it and be con
vinced. $200 to $500 Each.
Ail largo lots.
our fair sisters are annoyed by rourm
f tbe skin, rhsps, rd no, tie.
I. A MAN N I NG Rea' Estat0 nd 'nsuraic.e Broker
Bank Block:, Up Stiiw, Salem, Or.
Wright's lied Crotm Cough Curo will
corn UmjkIm, Cold, llonrroness, tnuof
Volce,and all Inflamed ooudltlons of tit
lung. Hold by all druggist.
DuUvrd's Hnoclae Is applied to the face and
nanus night and morning, a clear and
assured success.
Kdltor Cat hollo Sentinel.
Sold by D.W. MutuovmA Oo,
Wealthy complexion can be preserved,
lirtlaml, Oregon March 33.
Sold by D. W. Mathews a Co.
i. jffeuli - .