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TUESDAY, JAN. 15, 1889.
Capital Journal Publishing Company.
' OfllceCorner Court and Mlitrty Streetf,
Ono year, by mall .-
Six months, by mail
Threo months by mr.ll
I'or wcolc delivered by currier
-3 W)
. 260
. 1 Si
. 15
Ono yenr .
Hlx montliH
Ono yenr, If paid for In advance,
tJlx months, " " "
J1 C0
1 00
FiH'ostmnstcrs aro authorised to re
ceive nubscrlitlonH.
Eler"Knlcred as second-class matter at tho
Tho veteran editor of tho Iowa
Stnlo Register relates personal ex
perienco which conveys n lesson that
ought to bo studied by every farmer
in theNorthwest. Debtisaburdcn,
sometimes a necessary ono ; but
often the necessity is imaginary, not
real. The burden and annoyance
which follow it are real, as the
debtor learns to his sorrow. "Tho
writer recollects ono year, especially
sineo he cnino to Iowa, when by tho
failure of a Cincinnati bank, early
In the spring, when ho was deprived
of all tho money he expected to use
in conducting a large farm and
clothing and feeding hands and
tamlly. Hut instead of contracting
debt wo did without sugar, tea, cof
fee and various other things which
aro too often considered indispon
slble. Our clothing for tho entire
male and femalo portion of tho fam
ily was mended, patched turned and
remodeled, until a crop was raised
by which to purchase supplies. And
.yet wo were just us happy, as heal
thy, and as much lespeotcd by our
neighbors.as if wo wore indulging iu
luxuries purchased on credit."
Oltl.fiON MUilhl.A'lUKK.
Tho fiteonth regular session of tho
Oregon legislature is fully organized
and to-day entered upon its duty of
correcting and making laws for tho
state, lion. Joseph Simon of Port
and will prcsldo over tho senate,
land Hon. K Smith of Tho Dalles
Is .Speaker of the House. Tho elec
tion of a United States senator next
Tuesday Is an Impoitant measuroas
well as railroad, laud, Agricultural
College mangement, assessment and
taxation, road, and some other miner
.public and private atlalrs, not least
among these aro tho liquor laws of
tho state. Now schemes and meas
ures will bo developed as legislation
progresses, all of which will bo duly
noted and commented on in the
CAIUTAIi Jouhnai..
Wiii.l, will surprises never eeaso ?
Hero we have been wondering and
wondering what had become of our
highly esteemed editorial friend,
Claio 11, Irvlno and wonderment
reached its.climux on receipt of tho
Capital Journal published at
Salout. Oregon, by W. H. Bynrs,
odltoc, and Claro U. Irvlno man
ager. Gracious! wo wondor now
how Clare got out so far towards tho
Jumping oil jilacc. "Well, wo wish
liliu Buooess and hope tho Jouhnal
will continue Its journeys from that
furiuray country to this section.
Cameron (Mo.) Bun.
It wu npartod a few days ago
that Senator J. N. Dolph was in
Saloin a giitwt at tho Chemoketo
hotel. It may lo seen by our dis
patches that the senator is still at
Ills post In Washington looking
after tho interests of tho state. Ore
gon has had but few, if any abler or
more faithful servants than Senator
Dolph. Madame Rumor should
have some basis on which to start
news or else keep quiet.
In the opinion of an eminent doc
tor, Mime common kinds of mould
iay give rUo to diphtheria. In
Htnneos aro given In whloh horlous
outbreaks have been traeod to the
mould develoiKkl on tho wot plaster
of UwUy walls, while old ileeivsof
wool and mouldy skins nppoar also
Jobc&ourewofdlphtherltJo Infection.
"What would lawyers think of a
law school with a board of directors
composed of three farmers to one
lawyer ? And yet some people won
der why tho Vermont Agricultural
College managed by six lawyers to
two farmers does not gain the full
confidence and sympathy of the
musses of the agricultural commu
nity. Rut this is not the worst ot
tho business. The men who put
these lawyers iu this position were
the farmers themselves, who there
fore have no just cause of complaint.
The old fable says that' Jupiter re
fused to aid the tenmster stuck in
the mud until lie had put his own
shoulder to the wheel." N. E.
Farmer. Ditto, Oregon.
David Ibwin, who was acquaint
ed with President Washington, nnd
served in the war of 1812, died Thurs
day at Waseka, Minn., aged 115.
Lack of snow in the Michigan
woods has thrown hundreds of men
out of employment. Many of the
lumber camps have shut down.
W. E. Uakiiett, editor of the
Reston Advertiser and Record, is
elected Speaker of tho Massachusetts
House of Representatives.
Tm: republicans of the Maine
legislature unanimously re-nominated
tho Hon. W. P. Frye for
United States senator.
Salem, Jnn. 15, 1883.
On motion, David H. Douough
and H. P. Mapston were admitted to
practice in all the courts of this state.
James T. Rowley et al, reps. vs. T.
M. Graves,app. ; appealed from Yam
hill county ; judgment reversed and
a new trial ordered. Opinion by
Strahan J.
John Patterson rcsp.vs. ClellHay
den app.; appealed from Multnomah
county ; judgment reversed and a
new trial ordered. Opinion by
Strahan J.
Mary Davis resp. vs. S. P. Slad
den app.; appeal from Lane county;
Judgment of lower court affirmed.
Opinion by Lord J.
Thomas Monteith app. vs. T.
Edgerton Hogg, resp.; appealed
from Linn county ; affirmed. Opin
ion by Lord J.
Lucy C. Adams app. vs. C. H.
Adams and Win. Adams, resp.; ap
pealed from Marion county ; affirm
ed. Opinion by Thayer C. J.
Charles E. Dunham resp. vs. G.
Sliindlcr et al app.; appealed from
Wasco county ; judgment reversed
nnd complaint dismissed. Opinion
by Thayer C. J.
The Farmers' Congress.
Tho adjourned session of tho Ore
gon branch of tho national farmers'
congress was held yesterday after
noon in tho hall over tho Grange
store. President Wllklns wasin tho
chair. After an entliusiastio meet
ing, which was addressed by Judge
Rolse, Prof. Rork, J. P. Robertson,
Chas. Miller, and State Mastor
Hayes of tho Grange, an adjourn
ment was taken until ten o'clock
this morning, when a continuation
of tho discussion was made.
There was lack neither of fact nor
sense in several speeches, tho ouly
point of dlfierence being as to
whethor it is best to complement tho
work of tho Grange or all unite
in that order.
Dally transfers furnished tho
Journal office by tho Union Tltlo
Abssract Co., OHleo in State Insur
ance building:
R. C. Gibson to Emma Howo, lots
5 and 0, block 4, North Salem. Con
sideration, f5i25. W. D.
Mrs. M. Weathford to H. C. Tar
pley and T. R. Walt, land In South
Salem. Consideration. $250. W.D.
H. C. Tarpley toT. 11. Watt J In
terest In land in South Salem. Con
sideration, f 125. W. D.
uarklra i Aratra Saw.
Tho best nalvo lu the world fi.
nits, bruises, sores, ulcere, saltrheuiu,
lever sores, tottor, chapped hands,
chilblains, corns, and all skin erujv
tlons, and positively cures piles, or
no pay required. It la guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction, or money
refunded. Price 25 cento per box,
For sale - Dr. H. W. Cox.
btrajcj or Stolen.
From cornor of Chemoketo and
Canltal streets Sundav nlulit. a bob-
taifed sorrel mare pony, 13 hands
high, ono white stocking hind leg,
one white soek fore-leg, white stripo
on face Finder will bo llborallv re
warded on return of animal to Win.
N. Ladue, First National Rank.
A SriMiubl Hint.
Genuine now buckwheat Hour,
nnd a tine article of table syrup, al
tho Orange store, 13t State street,
Salem, tf.
LUNN-HOLMAN-At the resi
dence of tho bride's parents in Sa
lem, at 10 a. m., Monday, January
14, 1889, J. H. Lunn and Miss
Victoria A. Holman, Rev. W.
Rollins officiating.
The plain announcement in tho
Capital Journal of yesterday con
veyed to their many friends the in
telligence of tho marriage of one or
Salem's most popular gentlemen,
J. H. Lunn, and ono of the capital
city's favorite ladies, Miss Victoria
A. Holman. The marriage cere
mony was performed in the presence
of a small party of relatives and
family friends, who, with a large
circle of friends and acquaintances,
extend to them their wcrmest con
gratulations. Following the ceremony a sump
tuous feast was spread, which was
highly enjoyed by the assembled
well-wishers. The bridal party left
on yesterday afternoon's train for
Portland, en route to New York,
where they will spend several weeks
in sight seeing.
Thrco Days In u Horso's Hotly.
Capt. Grozier, a ranchman, got caught
iu the snowstorm while on his Hay from
his ranch on Diamond creek to ChlornI, a
small mining camp. He was mounted,
but soon lost his way. lie had neither h
gun with him tn (lischarie and thus attracl
attention and help, nor matches to start a
fire. All lie had wa3 a pocket Knif,
Whon he found he was fast getting be
numbed he killed his horse with the knife,
took out the entrails and crawled into ihe
warm carcass, leaving only the liver inside.
Completely covered np with snow ho re
mained inJJ'his retreat for three days cat
ing, meanwhile a portion of the horse's
livei. When he was missing a party went
out to hunt for him and was successful in
its searce. lie was taken to Kairview, a
a mining camp on the CudilloNegrocreek.
He is badly frostbitten. El Paso Herald.
What IIo Dreaded.
"You bae been a very faithlul em
ploye," said tho editor and proprietor o(
the Waybaclc Herald to his assistant;
"and now I propose rewarding your fi
delity by giving you a share in the busi
nest by admitting you to partnership."
"Oh, don't, I bef of yoal" replied the
assistant, in dismay. "Remember that I
have a family to support! Reduce my sal
ary to seven dollars a week, if necessary
but dop't make me a partner. You won't
do it, will yoi?"
An Absolute Cure,
The original Abitine Ointment is
only put up in large two-ounce tin
boxes and is an absolute cure forold
sores, burns, wounds, chapped hands
and all skin eruptions. Will posi
tively euro all kinds of piles. Ask
for the original abetlne ointmeut.
Sold by D. W. Matthows & Co. a.
25 cents per box by mail 30 cents
The Egyptian Hall in the Masonic Tem
ple at Philadelphia was formely opened
Wednesday. It is said to be the finest in
the world, and is a memorial by Wm. Kel
ley to Treasurer T. R. Patton, ol the
Pennsylvnuia Grand Lodge, A F. and A.
Nasal Catarrh Is probably ono of tho
most disagreeable ailments that a person
can bo mulcted with. It Dutard's Hpeclno
Is used with adouchoor oven tiinilcd up
tho nose, accerding: to directions, morning
and evening, u radical euro can In mosi
ciiscH bo ellected.
Bold by U. Mathews & Co.
Yon Cannot do Detter
Than call at tho Grange Store, 120
Stato street, if you want a good tea
or anything elso In tho grocery
lino. Don't fail to look at tho White
Cross Extracts, tho best in tho mar
ket, t-f
Gentlemen frequently complain of their
baiber shaving them too close, nnd the
fuco nnd neclt breaking out Into small
pimples. If Dutard's tjpccltlc is applied to
tho face Immediately niter shaving, no
matter how closo tho shave, all so ton ess
will bo prevented.
Bold by D.W. Mathews Co.
One Dolhir a Year
(Salem, Oregon.)
Is universally conceded to bo
Tlio Best Family Newspaper
Ever published at the stato capital.
It consists of eight well tilled and neatly
printed pajvs.
It suit alike the farmer, the merchant,
the lawyer, the gardener. Every family
circio snomu nave it.
It contains absolutely ALL THE NEW8
as well as poetry, story, correspondence,
farm, home, and mauy other special
See Our Cash Disceunts:
Dally edition js per yenr
Addrww all communications and make
all maulM payable to
Salem, Orcroa.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo "I
Lucas County, S. S. J
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is the senior partner of the firm
ofF.J. Cheney & Co. doing busi
ness in tho city of Toledo, county
and stato aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay tho sum of one hun
dred dollars for each and every case
of catarrh that cannot be cured by
the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn before me and subscribed
in my presence, this 0th day of
December, A. D. '80.
r , -, ) A. W. GLEASON
seal Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally and act" directly upon the
blood and mucus surlaccs of tho
system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo.O
SSfSold by druggists, 75 cents.
Goods in the ha'nds of a merchant
who does not advertise are like
rowboats. They have no sale.
Gardening for Ladles.
Make up your bed early in the
merning: sew buttons on ycur hus
band's shirt; do not rake up griev
ances: protect the young aru tender
branches of your family; plant
smiles of good temper, and reap a
crop of health and happ'ness; root
out the causes of nervo'is debility
and "female weakness," oy the use
of Dr.Piercc's Favorite I rescript jon
It is a favorite speclllc, and thou
sands of the fair sex b'ess tho day
tliev first heard of it. xt is the only
medicine for women, wld by drug
gists, unuer a positive guarantee,
from the manufacturers, that it will
give satisfaction In every case, or
money will be refunded. This guar
antee has been printed on tho bot
tle-wrapper, and faithfully carried
out for many years.
To cleanse the stomach, liver, and
system generally, uso Dr. Pierce's
An overproduction of grade draft
horses is not probable scarcely pos
sible in ten years to come.
Draco Up.
You are feeling depressed, your
appetite is poor, you are bothered
with Headache, you are fldgetty,
nervous, and generally out of sorts,
ana want to brace up. iirace up,
but not with stimulants, spring med
icines, or bitters, which have their
basis very cheap, bad whisky, and
wntcii inmiiate you ior an nour,
and Hun leave you in worse condi
tion than before. What you want
is an alterative that will purify your
blood, start healthy action ot Ldver
and Kidneys, restore your vitality,
give renewed health and strength.
Such a medicine you will. And in
Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a
bottio at Dr. H. W. Cox's Drug Store.
The highway of virtue is so little
frequented that collisions are rare.
Tho undersigned having b"en re
stored to health by simple means,
after sutlering several years with a
severe lung afi'ection, and that
dread disease consumption, is anx
ious to make known to his fellow
sulleicrs the means of cure. To
those who desire it, he will cheer
fully send (free of charge) a copy of
the prescription used, wliicn tuey
will And a sure cure for consump
tion, catarrh, asmatha, bronchitis'
and all throat and lung maladies.
He hopes all sufferers will try his
remedy, as it is invaluable. Those
desiring the prescription, which will
cost them nothing, nnd may prove
a blessing, will please address, Rev.
Edward A. Wilson, Kings County,
New York.
With children a Christmas pres
ent beats any Christmas past.
Their llublncss ISoomlng.
Probably no ono thing has caused
a general revival of trade at Dr. H.
W. Cox's Drug Storo as their giving
away to their customers of so maiiy
free trial bottles of Dr. King's Now
Discovery for Consumption. Their
trade is simply enormous in this
very vnluablo article from tho fact
that it always cures and never dis
appoints. Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat
and lung diseases quickly cured.
You can test It before ouyiug by get
ting a trial bottle free, largo size $1.
Every bottio warranted.
"I will insort one more Clause,"
says Santa, smiling.
Are We to have Another WrT
Home political phrophets nver that wo
shall, lie that as It may, tho battle waged
by medical science against disease will
nover ceaso until we arrive at that Utopian
epoch when the human family shall cease
to bo afflicted with bodily ailments. Ono
of the most potent weapon which tho
nrmory of medicine furnishes, is Hostett
er's Stomach Hitters, which Is of special
utility as u family remedy, as It Is adapted
to Immedlato relict and ultimate cure of
those, disorders or the stomach, liver nnd
bowoU which are of commonest occur
rence. Indigestion, bllllousnes and con
stipation are Inseparable companions, and
thosoiillmcnU are completely eradicated
by tho Hitters. Hut tho remedial scope of
this superlatively wholesome nnd genial
medicine lakes in also nervous ailments,
rheumatism and k.duey troubles; iu
action in these, as in the other com
plaints, being characterited by unequnlcd
Liquor bills are often paid at tho
lunatic asylum.
Al AbsoWte Care.
OINTMENT is only put up lu lar-two-ouneo
tin boxes, aud U nn
absolute euro for old sores, hums,
wounds, chapped hands, aud all
skin eruptions. Will positively
cure all kinds of piles. Ask for the
MENT. Kola byD.W. Matthews
& Co., IOC Stato street, Salem, at 25
eeuta per box by mU 80 cents.
The Capitol Adventure Co. was
incorporated in March, 1880. Their
principal business house and office
aro in the Opera House, double cor
ner on Court and Liberty streets,
Salem. They do a genen I merchan
dise business, aud in connection do
an auctioneering and commission
business, buy and sell real estate,
cattle, horses and also act as ap
praisers, administrators, assignees
and accountants. They have ex
perienced help that aro competent
to act in all the above capacities on
short notice, The best of references
can be giveD as required, nnd bonds
to any nmount necessary. They have
given the best of satisfaction as ap
praisers and assignees.
The Capitol Adventure Co. have,
for th'e short time they have been
in business, shown to tho public that
they are doing a legitimate business,
worthy of their patronage. Among
their patrons you will find the best
farmers, who exchange their pro
ducts to them for their wares; the
mechanics and laborers, who know
the value of a dollar, and where to
invest it; also the refined and tal
ented people go there for their
elegant wares. The immigrants soon
find themselves to homo at the
opera house corner, for the reason
that the Capitol Adventure Co. sell
from ten to twenty-five per cent,
cheaper than any other house in the
Leather and Findings!
Wools, Hides, Pelts and Fur?
231 Commercial St., Salem, Of
Jry ? t tit mi
I njg&- .flaaami,d J)
Big Bargains
; i
Finest Stock in the City!
Furs, Handkerchiefs, Silk Hose,
.Silk Mitts, Cloaks, Dry Goods,
Ladies Hand Purses Etc.
239Cor. State and Commercial St
state, for the following reasens:
First, They buy from first hands
In largo quantities. They save the
profits of tho middle men. They
save in freight. They also have the
advantage of buying bankrupt
stocks, and also very often reliable
merchants who are pushed forfunds
sell them the best of gooih at t .venty
to thirty per cent, discount for cash.
Second, They have leased the
elegant Opera House building for a
long time for almost nominal rent.
They have the most commodious
and best lighted store rooms in the
city. They carry a full and com
plete stock of dry goods, clothing,
hats, boots and shoes, ladies' and
gents, furnishing goods, jewelry and
silverware, notions, stationery and
cutlery, groceries, in fact a general
variety such as are usually kept in a
first class store. The Capitol Ad
venture Co. is about the only firm
in Salem that tries to command the
farmers' trade by buying all their
merchantable products, and they re
tail the farmers' products the same
prices they pay, thus saving to
tho mechanics and laborers from
ten to twenty percent, for tho real
necessaries of life. Therefore the
Capitol Adventure Co. asks for the
continuance of tho public's patron
age. You will find them at the
Opera House corner, Court and
Liberty streets, Salem, Oregon.
Eugene Willis, S. Friedman,
Secretary. Manager.
O 0
,' '